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Don't "Manage" Your Anxiety any Longer!

Discover How THE DARE TOOLKIT is Helping to End Anxiety for Thousands of People Worldwide.

Do You Fear Normal Situations? Are You Trapped in Daily Anxiety?

If fear, panic and anxiety is a continuous struggle then you are stuck in the "Anxiety Trap". 

You can use the DARE Toolkit NOW to spring you from this trap and give yourself a sense of IMMEDIATE relief.

Don't Just "Manage" Your Anxiety!
Go for a Full and Proper Recovery! 

DARE is the highest rated book for treating anxiety on amazon.com

Now we are offering people a comprehensive toolkit to speed up the recovery process even more.

The DARE Toolkit is an immersion program designed to trigger a fast recovery from anxiety using powerful text, audio and video.

Anxiety is not something you should have to manage the rest of your life. This program is different in that it is designed to enable a full recovery from anxiety.

No matter how busy you are, you can now quickly master what you need to learn to treat your particular anxiety issue. The DARE Toolkit covers everything from panic attacks, fear of driving and flying, general anxiety, intrusive thoughts  and depersonalization all the way to getting a good night's sleep.

Meet the Creator of DARE

Barry McDonagh is a best-selling author and creator of the DARE program. To date, he has helped over 200,000 people free themselves from anxiety and panic attacks through his work and training.

His first book Panic Away (2001) sold 80, 000 copies. His second, DARE (2015) has sold more than 200,000 copies and remains the highest rated book on Amazon and Goodreads for helping people overcome anxiety.

His work has been featured in Huffington Post, VICE and GQ, and he has appeared on numerous TV programs in the USA, Australia and the UK, including the BBC documentary Anxiety and Me.

His wealth of knowledge about helping people with anxiety comes from his own personal journey overcome his own anxiety disorder and from teaching thousands of others going through similar experiences.

Barry McDonagh has a BA from University College Dublin and an HDip in psychology from the Open University. 

Barry McDonagh

Author of DARE and Panic Away

The DARE ToolKit is Like a “Kill Switch” for Anxiety...

Forget about deep breathing and distraction that never worked to end a panic attack. 

You need to learn a counterintuitive approach that goes straight to the heart of the problem, ending the fear of fear. 

The great news is that you can use DARE  in any situation you feel anxiety or panic. 

What people say about DARE

"I drive places and go places I NEVER in my life thought I’d be again."

In 6 months of my recovery, I’ve gotten engaged, I just got married 5 weeks ago. I drive places and go places I NEVER in my life thought I’d be again. Please trust these people, and LISTEN! Save your own life! If I can do this, you CAN!!!! I promise!


"I did a TEDx Talk!"

I did a TEDx Talk about my journey with anxiety and the tools I used to recover, DARE being one of them. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Go out there and LIVE FEARLESSLY! This is a beautiful world so let’s honor this life and embrace it!


“Every time I felt my anxiety was different and special, I was reminded it’s not.”

The way Barry explains it and helps take the fear away from such a distressing sensation was an immediate relief.  I got back to hangout with family and friends. Everyday I find more and more of the old me.


Imagine for a moment…

… not fearing the next panic attack.

… effortlessly reaching a deep state of relaxation.

… traveling with ease and not worrying about upcoming trips.

… letting go of unwanted worries and intrusive thoughts.

… feeling so confident again that you no longer need a ‘safe person’.

What You'll Learn

Achieve a Full Recovery from Anxiety 

We don’t teach you how to "manage" your anxiety. We show you exactly how to achieve a full recovery. You deserve nothing less for your life. This is what makes DARE stand out from anything else you might have tried before. We aim for the finish line with a method that truly works! 

Learn the Right Response

Learn a unique way to feel empowered when facing anxious situations that scare you e.g. driving, flying, shopping or just going out without your safe person. The DARE Toolkit  shows you how to strip away the fear of anxious sensations enabling you to feel safe regardless where you find yourself. This is where you learn to become your own "safe person" again. The result is a MUCH more confident, free and happy you!

New Confidence in Yourself

Experience that carefree feeling you once had before anxiety was an issue in your life. It does not matter if that carefree person was from 20 or 30 years ago. DARE will show you how to handle any anxious sensations so you can fully trust your ability to handle anything that comes up during the day.

Travel with Ease and Freedom 

Lean to drive or fly with ease again. Imagine taking to the open road and not worrying about where the nearest hospital might be or what you will do if you get stuck in bad traffic far from home. You can then look forward to traveling with your family and friends again. No more dreading upcoming trips or having to cancel at the last minute! This is about bringing real freedom of movement back into your life.

Deeper Sleep

Re-learn the ability to sleep effortlessly. Within you is an innate ability to sleep deeply, you just have to allow space for effortless sleep to happen. You achieve this by learning the latest in good sleep hygiene as well as the art of getting your anxious mind out of the way. No matter how long you have struggled with sleep, you can break free from insomnia and enjoy restful sleep again.

Bring Back Your Bucket List!

When you overcome your anxiety issue your dreams will start to come back to life. Allow yourself to start to dream again. What’s on your bucket list? Learn to tango in Argentina? Fly to Europe? Join a dance class or make new friends? The dreams and hopes you put on hold because of anxiety can now come back to life again. 

Feel Real Peace of Mind Again 

Allow peace of mind to return to your life. Gone are the days of constant scanning and "checking in" with your anxiety to see how you feel. Wake in the morning not dreading the day ahead. Instead get up and look forward to all the possibilities that lie before you. 

Live a Spontaneous Life Again  

Say YES to life again. Say YES to invitations you would normally turn down. Say YES to spontaneous opportunities. Have the confidence to live spontaneously again not worrying whether you can handle a situation. Feel the deep reassurance that no matter what comes your way, you can handle it. 

Trust in Yourself Again

Re-learn that you are in fact your own safe person and that you do not need any safe people or crutches for you to feel safe no matter if you are in a busy city or stuck alone on a desert island. You have all you need to support yourself right inside of you.

Here’s Exactly What You Get with the Program

The DARE Toolkit consists of 4 powerful elements.

DARE book (ebook and audiobook)

With over 2,000 five star reviews, DARE is one of the bestselling and highest rated books for overcoming anxiety. It is based on hard science and Barry’s 15 years' experience helping people overcome some of the most difficult anxiety issues. We provide the book for you here broken down into easy to digest sections and integrate it with the other elements of the DARE Toolkit for you.

DARE App (Unlocked for 6 Months)

The DARE app has an online rating of 4.8 stars placing it among the highest rated anxiety apps in the app store. Having the DARE app is like having a therapist in your pocket to call upon anytime you need them.  Almost every anxious situation is addressed including driving, flying, eating out, health anxiety, intrusive thoughts, public speaking, at the gym, at the doctor's, going on holidays and many more. The app also includes a mood tracker  and a new DARE audio everyday to help speed your recovery.  

DARE Buddy System

Ever wished you had a small private group of people to work on a similar anxiety issue as your own? Welcome to DARE Buddy Groups. These are very focused accountability groups of around five people who come together to inspire and motivate each other's recovery. People find this kind of support invaluable as it keeps you on track and really speeds up the process of helping you achieve a full recovery. 

DARE Zoom Calls

With the DARE Toolkit you get invited to join three group Zoom calls with DARE’s lead therapist Michelle Cavanaugh. These calls are an essential part of the toolkit as this is where you can ask questions and get advice on anything specific you need to know. Michelle has a real gift of identifying quickly where  a person is stuck and helping them move past that block. The Zoom calls happen once a week and should you miss a call the recording will be sent out to you.