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Learn how one simple book is changing the way anxiety
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Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? 

Well, if you do, years ago I would have been the least likely person to help you with that problem,

BUT all of that changed when anxiety turned my life upside down after a build-up of stress and a particularly heavy night of drinking.

Now, years later, I’ve become THE Internet’s go- to go guy for solving anxiety. 

I have written three best sellers on the subject, and I teach around the world on how to break free from anxiety, or panic attacks.

Everyone from police officers and stay at home moms to celebrities and high-tech entrepreneurs come to me for guidance and help.

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Today I am going to send you my latest book DARE for Free.

BUT before I tell you about that…do you know that the funny thing is,

I never intended this to happen.

I never set out to become an ‘anxiety’ guru, it all happened very much by chance.

Today I am going to send you my latest book DARE for Free.

If you’ve experienced a panic attack, I bet you remember your first. Mine was on a Sunday afternoon in a church in Dublin.

I was eighteen years old and had been out  celebrating my final school exams the night before.

I was desperately hung over, sitting right there in church, when a series of really intense bodily sensations suddenly overcame me.

My heart was poundeding through my chest. I couldn’t catch my breath, and pins and needles started to spread down the side of my chest and arms.

How helpful did you find DARE?

As soon as I had that thought, my anxiety spiked into a state of panic!

The fear I felt was like an electrical shock to my stomach.

I needed to get outside…so I excused myself and rushed toward the exit at the back of the church.

Standing outside, the physical sensations lessened slightly, and I thought the worst had passed.

Then another wave of panic and fear hit me even harder.

I wanted desperately to ask someone for help… but what would I say to them?

I looked for a friendly face, but no one made eye contact.

Would asking for help just make me feel more helpless and afraid?

Would they even know what to do?

I paced up and down thinking about how far I was from the nearest hospital, when I felt the sensation lessen slightly.

I decided to try to make it home.I got my bike and walked it slowly back home carefully trying not to aggravate the sensations again.

When I eventually got home, I told no one and hid in my house for days!

That was week one.

What followed were about 500 days of really high general anxiety as well as additional panic attacks.

I went from being a young man who could travel the world with ease…to someone who became afraid to leave his house.

During that period of time,

I experienced just about every anxious sensation possible. It was like a crash course in anxiety disorders.

You name it, I felt it…from strange bodily sensations to intrusive thoughts and depersonalization.

It actually reached a stage where I feared leaving my home for fear of having a panic attack.

I thought that my life was over and that I was going to be stuck like that forever.

Anxiety can so quickly become a prison without walls.

The turning point came one evening.

I remember it clearly.

I had really hit rock bottom and was lying on the floor of my bedroom wishing the anxiety would end, when this flash of insight came to me.

It was like seeing my thought processes from a distance.

For the first time, I could clearly see how I had been approaching this all wrong.

I washad been fuelling my anxiety problem by the way I was respondeding to each and every anxious thought

that crossed my mind.

That initial insight eventually led to the end of my panic attacks and constant anxiety!

It was like a complete retooling of my thought process related to anxiety from a wrong way, to an

exciting new way!

The illusion of fear that the anxiety held me under was shattered and from that point forward…


I wanted to share this insight I had with others,  so I eventually wrote it all down and posted it online.  The response was almost immediate!

People told me they were making massive improvements with their anxiety, from the insights I shared.

Now I had validation that this same approach could work for other people too! From there I wrote my first book,

That’s when things started to get really interesting…

Panic Away, which later went on to become an
international best seller.

I started getting so many emails from people all around the world who had been suffering from  severe anxiety, telling me about amazing  transformations that were now happening in their lives because of what I shared with them.

I am not talking about mild anxiety here…

I am talking about people who were dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for  maybe  20 or 30+ years.

Suddenly, they were finding their freedom again, and the approach was so simple

yet none of their doctors or therapists had explained  anything like it to them before!

Well, I just couldn’t walk away at that stage.

There are just far too many people that who suffer from anxiety,and these people are NOT getting the right kind of help.

There are just far too many people that who suffer from anxiety,and these people are NOT getting the right kind of help.

You see, unlike the standard approaches I do things very differently.

I don’t teach people to just ‘manage’ their anxiety problem.’

-No one wants to manage this problem for the rest of their lives.

That is not living.

People need a lasting solution, and that is what I help them achieve.

I also don’t charge huge sums of money for that help.

In fact, I give most of my very best information away for free if you just prove to me that you are serious about wanting to get better.

My goal is simple.

It is to help as many people as possible to break free from their anxiety problem.

That is why I am giving my latest book DARE away for FREE. DARE has everything in it.

It’s all there!  I put everything I have

learned over the past 10 years into these 234 pages, and it contains the exact  technique

I have been teaching people all these years to getbecome anxiety- free.

No matter how long you have had your anxiety problem or how unique and strange you think your anxiety is,  you can and you will overcome it with the help of this book.

I don’t care if it’s situational anxiety like panic attacks while out shopping, driving, or flying to more general anxiety or anxious thoughts that steal your sense of well-being.

DARE solves the problem at its core, and YES, it is possible to have a full recovery from anxiety!

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I am giving this book away for free because

it is the only way to reach as wide an audience as possible.

I wanna get this book into the hands of one million people.


Because that will then create a tipping point and shift the way anxiety is treated.

The medical institutions are slow to change, and big pharma have a vested interest in the status quo.

There is so much bad advice and misinformation out there about treating anxiety.

Ideas like, The only way to treat anxiety is to be on medication all your life or that anxiety is something you will just have to cope with forever.

BUT that is simply not true, and very few people are standing up against all that.

I get treated with mistrust and scepticism because I am taking a different stance, but I am happy to put up with that if it means just one more person breaks free from anxiety.

When enough people start handing their doctors a copy of this book (as is already happening right now), the change will happen from the ground up!

You know, it’s not your fault that you are stuck with your anxiety problem.

From a recent survey of 95 DARE readers over 50% of the respondents said the book was ‘life- changing’, for them. If you knew there was a book that could have a life- changing impact on your life and it was going for free would you get it?

If not, you have to pause and seriously ask yourself, ‘Why not?’

Is it a rational decision, or could it be your anxiety preventing you from recovery.?

BUT what I will say is that time is of the essence...

Here's why...

I can only budget to give away so many of these books.

Once I have spent the budget, I remove this offer until I have enough money again.

If you are watching this, it means the offer is currently live. 

But I reserve the right to pull it down when the quota is hit.

There is really no reason in the world not to get a copy ofDARE, but if you are hesitant for any reason about spending this small  amount, I also offer a money- back guarantee on your shipping fees.