Training Materials


  • Dare Bootcamp Evening Journal
    Dare Bootcamp Evening Journal

    On this sheet you record your daily routines

  • Dare Bootcamp Wellness Routine
    Dare Bootcamp Wellness Routine

    This is the daily checklist for the Dare Bootcamp

  • The X Effect
    The X Effect

    The main idea is to form habits overtime by doing them every day. To motivate and remind you, you prepare a card with 7 times 7 squares (7 weeks with 7 days each) and number them. Every day you can cross one day if you achieved your daily goal. If you do not achieve it, you circle the day. The only rule is to not have two circles on following days.

  • X-effect Instructions
    X-effect Instructions

    Please download these instructions for the X-effect

  •  The Dare Book
    The Dare Book

    The Dare Book can be accessed from here, you will be required to enter the password below.

    Password: dare2016

    The DARE technique can be used by everyone, regardless of age or background, to live a life free from anxiety or panic attacks.