“Discover How The DARE Response Can Get Rid of Your Biggest Anxiety Issue in 7-Days”

And Develop the Confidence YOU Need to Live Your Life to the Full

“After 55 Years of anxious suffering, I’m free.”
Laura Behenna, Orange County,Los Angeles USA

Dear Friend and Anxiety Sufferer,

Has anxiety robbed you of your happiness?

Studies show anxiety sufferers have a significantly lower quality of life compared to non-sufferers.

When you have social anxiety, you miss out on new relationships and experience fewer feelings of connection with your friends and family.

When you suffer from health anxiety, you work yourself up into a state and can never enjoy the good health you have.

When you suffer from intrusive thoughts, you’re always anxious and can never relax.

When you’ve a fear of feeling trapped, you can’t fly anywhere and simple things like getting a haircut or going to the dentist become a nightmare.

When you’ve driving anxiety, you no longer have the freedom to drive wherever you want.  

When you’ve anticipatory anxiety, you’re always worrying about the future and are unable to live in the present.

When you depend on crutches, you can’t go anywhere without them and gradually become a slave to them.

When you suffer from bodily symptoms, you’re never able to fully relax.

When you’re always having setbacks, you worry you’ll never reach full recovery.

However, probably the worst thing about suffering from anxiety is feeling like no one understands what you’re going through.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know something…

I’ve Walked in Your Shoes

It all started for me during a Sunday afternoon mass in a church in Dublin. I was 18 years old and had been out celebrating my final school exams the night before. So as you can imagine, I was desperately hungover.

During the mass, a series of really intense bodily sensations suddenly overcame me. My heart was pounding through my chest. I couldn't catch my breath, and pins and needles started to spread down the side of my chest and arms. It was the most alarming series of bodily sensations I had ever experienced.

My first thought was, What if I'm having a heart attack?, and my anxiety spiked into a state of panic! I left the church in a terrified state and eventually made it home. I told no one and hid in my house for days.

What followed were about 500 more days of really high general anxiety as well as additional panic attacks.

I went from being a young man who could travel the world with ease to someone who became afraid to leave his house.

I know what you’re going through.

During that period of time, I experienced just about every anxious sensation possible. It was like a crash course in anxiety disorders.

You name it, I felt it, from strange bodily sensations to intrusive thoughts and depersonalization.

So although your friends and family, your doctor and even counselors may not understand what you’re going through, I do!

I know what it’s like to find simple things incredibly difficult.

I know what it’s like when you sit behind the wheel of a car and your heart suddenly starts thumping against your chest and thoughts of being in a car crash race through your mind.

I know what it’s like to get nervous and start blushing in front of people and spend days afterwards thinking about it and cringing.

I know what it’s like to think strange physical symptoms are a sign of an underlying medical illness.

I know what it’s like to think weird thoughts which scare the hell out of you and even make you question who you are.

I know what it’s like to go for a haircut and feel trapped as you sit in the chair yet try your best to remain calm until you can leave.

I know what it’s like to always think the worst is going to happen and live with a feeling of dread about the future.

I know what it’s like to feel so weak inside you panic at the thought of not having your meds, alcohol or a loved one to help you get by.

I know what it’s like to feel trapped in your thoughts and have physical symptoms like tension, heart palpitations and a churning stomach plague your day.

I know what it’s like to have a wave of intense horrible emotions sweep over you and at the same time feel empty inside.

I know what it feels like to think you’ve finally crawled your way out of your suffering, then fall all the way back to the bottom again.

And I know what it’s like to watch the years pass and start to lose all hope you’ll ever recover.


When you overcome your biggest anxiety issue, your life will become a whole lot easier. You’ll have better relationships, perform better at your studies or work, and your general quality of life will improve.

I also know what it’s like to be able to do things I thought I’d never be able to do again.

I know what it’s like to regain my confidence, become comfortable in social situations and enjoy deep connections with people again.

I know what it’s like to enjoy driving on highways again when before I couldn’t drive to the end of my street.

I know what it’s like to no longer worry about my health when before I fretted over every little symptom I had.

I know what it’s like to be able to sit in my living room and read a book while feeling calm and at ease whereas before I was plagued by bodily symptoms and intrusive thoughts.

I know what it’s like to look to the future with optimism and confidence whereas before I felt dread and panic.

In short, I know how to come out the other side of anxiety and start to enjoy life again.

And I know how YOU can too!

How to Overcome Anxiety and Regain Your Quality of Life

I know you’ve probably tried everything you could to get better you doubt recovery is even possible.

However, you can overcome your anxiety and regain your quality of life again.

Sounds impossible? Not at all. It’s actually as simple as changing your response to it.  

Let me explain…

I remember one night I had really hit rock bottom. I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, wishing the anxiety would end, when this flash of insight came to me.

It was like seeing my thought processes from a distance. For the first time, I could clearly see how I had been fuelling my anxiety by the way I was responding to my anxious thoughts.

This one insight eventually led to the end of my panic attacks and constant anxiety. It was like a complete retooling of my thought process related to anxiety from a wrong way, to a daring, new way.

The illusion of fear the anxiety held me under was shattered, and from then on I started to win back my freedom.

How You’re Responding the Wrong Way to Your Anxiety

When you feel nervous around people, have a fear of driving, a dependence on crutches, get intrusive thoughts… or whatever your anxiety issues are… your first reaction is to fear it.

However, this releases more stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which stimulate the various organs and muscles in your body.

So your heart beats quicker, your muscles become tense and whatever other symptoms you have get worse.

However, when you no longer respond with fear, the flow of adrenaline slows down until it eventually stops and your anxiety melts away.

In short, the way you’re responding to your anxiety is keeping you stuck in the vicious cycle of anxious suffering.

So how do you respond the right way so you can overcome your anxiety issues and live a normal, happy life again?

To show you how to do this, I’ve put together my new audio course, The DARE 7-Day Challenge.

It’s been specially designed to show you how to overcome your biggest anxiety issue in 7 days.

Thousands of people around the world, ranging from soccer moms to famous celebrities, have used The DARE Response to overcome their anxiety thanks to my book DARE.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Now with The DARE 7-Day Challenge, I’m going one step further and revealing how you can use The DARE Response to overcome your biggest anxiety issue.  

This includes common anxiety issues like:

  • Health Anxiety
  • Setbacks
  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Social Anxiety
  • Feeling Trapped
  • Driving Anxiety
  • Anticipatory Anxiety
  • Safety Crutches
  • Physical Symptoms

Your Life Will Transform.

Over the course of the 7-days, you’ll experience a subtle yet significant shift inside as you’ll become your true, confident self once more.

Things which are now difficult will become easier. Until you’re suddenly doing things you thought you’d never be able to do again.

If you have social anxiety, you’ll naturally hit it off with people you meet and will get along better with your friends and family.

If you suffer from health anxiety, you’ll stop working yourself up into a nervous wreck and can enjoy the good health you have.

If you suffer from intrusive thoughts, you’ll finally get the peace of mind you’ve been craving for.

If you’ve a fear of feeling trapped, you can fly to other countries and do simple things again like getting a haircut or going to the dentist.

If you’ve driving anxiety, you’ll have the freedom to drive wherever you want.  

If you’ve anticipatory anxiety, you’ll stop worrying about the future and will start living in the present.

If you depend on crutches to feel safe, you’ll build up enough confidence inside to start depending on yourself.

If you suffer from bodily symptoms, you can finally enjoy the feeling of relaxation you’ve been looking for.

If you’re always having setbacks, you’ll discover how to deal with them and reach full recovery.

“In the last few months I’ve been able to taper off two anxiety medications with my doctor’s blessing. I exercise outside daily, meditate, and listen to relaxation audios… If I can recover after 55+ years of anxious suffering, you can too.”

– Laura Behenna, Recovered after 55 Years of Suffering


“I smile when I go on longer drives, the drives I couldn’t do and swore I wouldn’t ever do again. Suzane can attest to how severe my case was. I sobbed with her for months and months. PLEASE just TRY!

Please trust these people, and LISTEN! Save your own life! If I can do this, you CAN!!!! I promise!”

– A Former Sufferer of Driving Anxiety

“The thought of leaving the house now excites me, it still makes me a bit nervous but more excited, I still deal with intrusive thoughts and at times I still do wake up feeling sick with anxiety, but I have the tools I need.”

– A Former Sufferer of Agoraphobia


“It sounds dramatic to say it was life changing but there is no other way to describe what it has done for me… Today, I drive wherever I want to go and don’t think about it. I take the subway. I go to the dentist, get my haircut, and I’m back to traveling the world… I’m flying to Australia this fall to see my brother and his family with my most faithful and strong safe person – ME!”

– A Former Sufferer Who’s Gotten Over Her Fears of Feeling Trapped, Driving and Flying

(Please note, for confidentiality reasons, most of my clients prefer to remain anonymous.)

Stop Managing Your Anxiety and Start Healing It

Prescription drugs only mask your symptoms, so once you stop taking them, they're likely to return.

You can also become dependent on them, experience unpleasant side-effects and spend a lot of your hard-earned money buying them.

Psychotherapists treat you with outdated methods which, at the most, will only give you temporary relief.

And popular self-help approaches like yoga and meditation can only help alleviate some of your symptoms, and you have to practice them continuously to get their benefits.

This is why sufferers are, at the most, usually only able to manage their anxiety.

However, DARE takes a new approach.

Based on the positive psychology and mindfulness movement which have become popular in the last 15 years, The DARE Challenge does away with the old, ineffective models of managing and coping with anxiety and shows you how you can heal your anxiety and live a normal life again.

Plus A Whole Lot More

Here's What You Get Inside

  • 1

    Group calls with experienced Therapists

You will have three groups calls during the Challenge.

These are unique opportunities to ask questions as well as to go deeper into the work.

If you are unable to make a call you can listen back to the call recordings.

  • 2

    Daily Videos

Each day I will be sending you a audio via text email direct to your phone.

These audios are a combination of teachings and specific challenges for you to undertake during the Challenge.

All the content is short and focused on getting quick results

  • 3

    Private Facebook Group

It's an area where you will get support and encouragement to achieve the goals you set.

Accountability is the key component of this group. My previous coaching programs have attracted the very highest caliber of people.

Kind supportive people who go way beyond the call of duty to support each other. I am excited to see what long lasting friendships and support develops from this group.

  • 4

    Daily Emails

You will receive an automated email each day during the course about how to maximize the benefits, with 7 day lessons it will help you learn how to the Dare techniques that get results.

  • 5

    Members Area

With Member Area, it’s never been easier for you to access information when it suits you. By logging in, you can do things such as:

Access your daily audios
Access the Facebook group
Download Audios
Contact Support

You Are Not Your Anxiety

The science behind the Dare Challenge

The work you will be doing a Challenge is designed to challenge you in exactly the right way to help rewire your brain to have a new response to anxiety you experience.

Neuroscience shows that when we challenge ourselves in unique and novel ways we form new connections in our brain and develop new empowering behavior.

On this Challenge you will also learn to apply the latest tools in habit formation and relaxation training to bring you a deeper level of comfort and calm than you have experienced to date.

Anxiety is not who you Really Are

Who you really are has so much potential.

I bet you are a kind, sensitive, creative and intelligent person. It’s just that those qualities get turned in on themselves with anxiety.

That creative imagination of yours can become your own worst enemy. And have you considered what your ideal life might look like?

What comes to your mind?

  • More fun?
  • More travel?
  • A better career?
  • Better relationships with others?
  • More expression of your true self?

Online Anxiety support. Revolutionized.

Our cutting edge platform enables your learning anywhere, anytime. On your way to work? Just press play on your smartphone and start the program on your commute.

When you get home, you can just as easily continue where you left off on your tablet, laptop, or any other internet enabled device you own.

And when you enrol today, feel satisfied knowing that any moment you need relief from anxiety it's there for you – at the push of a button.

Chose the Challenge That Will Benefit Most

Pick 1 Challenge

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

It’s time for you to move beyond defining yourself as an ‘anxious person’ and Dare for a greater life. I am inviting you to join my DARE Challenge.

A 7 day program to change your life. The DARE Challenge is a coaching program for people who want to do focused work for 7 days and who are up for a challenge in order to finally remove the shackles of anxiety in their life.

Remember the old you before anxiety?

That person who was not afraid to do the simplest of things?
Well I intend to not only get you feeling like that again but to get you living an even more purposeful and meaningful life.

If you join the DARE Challenge, I am going to challenge you in just the right way combined with the right mix of teaching and motivation.

The time to complete your homework is very short yet it will rapidly help you to step beyond the limitations anxiety has created in your mind and get you back living life to its fullest!

BUT that’s not all DARE Challenge is.

It is also a program to help you establish a new ‘daily wellness routine’ to help you feel calmer and more relaxed in your life than ever before. By the end of the 10 days expect to feel layers of your anxiety fall away.

This Challenge does not take much of your time but it does require your effort and dedication. That is how you push for a greater life beyond anxiety!

The Dare Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are willing to do the work I guarantee you that you will get the results.This is the only live coaching program you will find that has a have a full money back guarantee.What that means is that if you do not feel you have gotten the desired result, you can get a full refund of the program.

This means you can try the program for 90 days, and if you don’t get the results you want, send us an email and we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked. No problem. No hassle.
Stop suffering and start living. Sign up for The DARE 7-Day Challenge now.

No More Sitting On The Fence

The Next Challenge Starts

Monday 17th of  May



If you’re one of the first 47 people to sign up in the next 72 hours, as a special bonus I’ll give you The DARE ‘Rapid Relief Program, valued at $67, for FREE.

This audio program uses binaural technology to put you into a meditative state of deep calm and relaxation, reduce mental fatigue and help you sleep better.

However, you must act fast!... If you’re number 48, then I’m sorry you’ll miss out.


Get the confidence to start living your life to the full again.

Take part in The DARE 7-Day Challenge now by clicking on your biggest anxiety issue from the list below:

  • Health Anxiety
  • Setbacks
  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Social Anxiety
  • Feeling Trapped
  • Driving Anxiety
  • Anticipatory Anxiety
  • Safety Crutches
  • Physical Symptoms