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The Dare Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are willing to do the work I guarantee you that you will get the results.This is the only live coaching program you will find that has a have a full money back guarantee.What that means is that if you do not feel you have gotten the desired result, you can get a full refund of the program.

This means you can try the program for 90 days, and if you don’t get the results you want, send us an email and we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked. No problem. No hassle.
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Included in The Dare Challenge

Here's What You Get Inside

  • 1

    Group calls with experienced Therapists

You will have three groups calls during the Challenge.

These are unique opportunities to ask questions as well as to go deeper into the work.

If you are unable to make a call you can listen back to the call recordings.

  • 2

    Daily Videos

Each day I will be sending you a audio via text email direct to your phone.

These audios are a combination of teachings and specific challenges for you to undertake during the Challenge.

All the content is short and focused on getting quick results

  • 3

    Private Facebook Group

It's an area where you will get support and encouragement to achieve the goals you set.

Accountability is the key component of this group. My previous coaching programs have attracted the very highest caliber of people.

Kind supportive people who go way beyond the call of duty to support each other. I am excited to see what long lasting friendships and support develops from this group.

  • 4

    Daily Emails

You will receive an automated email each day during the course about how to maximize the benefits, with 7 day lessons it will help you learn how to the Dare techniques that get results.

  • 5

    Members Area

With Member Area, it’s never been easier for you to access information when it suits you. By logging in, you can do things such as:

Access your daily audios
Access the Facebook group
Download Audios
Contact Support

The History Behind Dare

About Your Host Barry McDonagh

My name is Barry McDonagh and I have been teaching people to end their panic and anxiety for over ten years.

I have taught everyone from top CEO’s and celebrities to police officers, soldiers and 'stay at home' moms on how to end their anxiety and panic attacks fast.

I am the author of DARE and the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program Panic Away. My work has been used by over 80,000 people worldwide

My goal for the DARE Bootcamp is to help you live a more fulfilled life ‘beyond anxiety’. Helping you to no longer let anxiety define who you are and what you are capable of.

Barry McDonagh

Author of DARE and Panic Away

Reviews From People Who Have Tried Dare

"I came across a YouTube video that Barry did about driving anxiety. It really did fit what I was going through and just hearing his voice and how soothing it was giving me relief that it was simply anxiety. I looked more into his work and found the Dare website and read about it. It finally made sense to me…. I had anxiety and I was sensitized."

Amber Strasburg P.A.

“One of my biggest aha moment’s is when I heard Barry say, anxiety is just an emotion! That was a turning point for me. I still to this day I tell myself anxiety is just as much a blessing as happy is. What if I’m too happy!? What if I go on vacation and I’m too happy, what if I have too much fun?”

Jason San Francisco

"I can drive, I have flown on a 14 hour flight and many other flights since my fear started, I have been on the tallest building of the world the Burj Khalifa! I did a TEDx Talk about my journey with anxiety and the tools I used to recover, DARE being one of them. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Yes, I still experience anxiety and I still have some fears and things I am working on."

Mossoma New York City

“Big high five for me! I drove solo to the hairdresser. Then I sat under the big black cape with colour goop on my hair for a couple of years, then had a big haircut. Such simple things to most people but such a massive achievement for me (and others). I played the “help I need reassurance” track and that was perfect. As I said in my video, I have been telling myself a lie that I was embracing being grey haired but the TRUTH is that I was afraid of feeling the sensations that i associate with the hairdresser."

Virginia Raleigh NC

No More Sitting On The Fence

The Next Challenge Starts

Monday 18th of May

  • Q.I have a question that is not answered here. How can I get help?

    My customer care team is here to help, you can contact them via email (all emails sent to this address create a support ticket and will send you a receipt confirmation and ticket number) at

  • Q.How is this different than your other coaching programs?

    Dare challenges are different in that it has an emphasis on triggering a release of the contracted anxious state and thereby aiding a faster recovery from anxiety. It is an audio based training program that you make a one-time payment for unlike out continuity coaching program.

  • Q.Can I get a refund if it’s not for me?

    Yes. We’re 100% confident you will get so much value from this program. That’s why we offer a full 90-day money back guarantee. You can basically test-drive the program without any risk at all. While we are committed to getting results for you, we won’t ask any questions if you decide that it’s simply not for you.

  • Q.Can I access the program on my Smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, all the materials are delivered on a state of the art learning platform that is compatible with almost every mobile device. This means you can access the training wherever you go 24/7!