Like all your other success stories (I) was initially very skeptical but was willing to at least give it a go…..

7 years ago after starting a very stressful new job in a foreign country and undergoing a 14 month probationary period I finally succeeded in getting the job, but about 4 months later I started to suffer from anxiety although I didnt call it that at the time. It became a problem in the mornings when I would wake up, and immediately start the cycle of negative thinking which would inevitably lead me to throw up, this continued for 3 months every morning the same routine which developed into a side phobia of eating out in restaurants and worrying continuously if there was something wrong with me. I somehow overcame that period in my life but could not attribute anything in particular to my recovery, so of course the niggling worry of its imminent return was always on my mind.

Then in 2008 just after our first child was born it started again, throwing up in the mornings, feeling extremely down and a much stronger sensation of generalized anxiety had hit me hard. I went to the doctors of course and they considered that I was suffering from unipolar depression, I refused to accept the diagnosis and was determined to struggle on without drugs. I started meditating which became very helpful but as you know with meditation its a slow process, and 6 months is usually the expected time to start seeing results.

Then by pure chance I found your website and of course, like all your other success stories was initially very skeptical but was willing to at least give it a go…..

Oh my God…is all I can say Joe, you have completely turned my life around from being the mellow dramatic victim living in fear of more anxiety to being a man in complete control of his destiny and thoughts, empowered by your clear and reassuring instructions (knowing that those words also come from a past sufferer) which cut through the hocus-pokus and clearly shows the sufferer the way towards the light. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had setbacks, I have but I use them to my advantage now to learn more about myself and welcome them with open arms, in the knowledge that I have been through countless episodes before and come out the other side smiling, with no harm done.

I felt like as you say, that I had just given the class bully a good kick in the stones!

Once again Joe, I cant thank you enough, for being a beacon of light to me in my time of need, and not just throwing out some coping mechanisms but actually leading me to cure myself completely.

I will and am in the process of recommending your book to anyone who will give me a chance.

God Bless You,

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