I want to update you with what is happening since receiving the gift of your programme…

The fear has gone, the fast/irregular heart beat does start up and I have numerous trips to the loo, but instead of missing out on life I carry on and more often than not the beats become regular.

I was so sure the specialist had ‘missed’ something but now I KNOW that it’s my thinking at fault and not my heart.

Just turning the computer on and reading your book has the power to stop the overbeating! I don’t dread coming events that I know will start me off again anywhere near as much and have almost made a ‘friend’ of the beats instead of dreading them.

I write music and poetry and friends tell me I have many talents but it’s only just sinking in at age 68! Self confidence had been thrashed but the Lord is restoring me. And part of that restoration is the gift you gave me. Thank you in Jesus Name. I wish I could say it went away immediately, but I can say the fear did. The best is yet to come. Thank you.

Jenny Guilder

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