DARE For More

Dare for Success has two aspects to it that work side by side.

The first aspect is to share new lessons and insights to help move you out of your anxiety problem and back into life again.

The second aspect is to help you connect with a greater vision for your life well beyond anxiety.

This is about focusing on the bigger picture. It entails helping you to see where you are right now and then helping you move towards the life you want to be living. That is why we call this section of the program DARE for More!

DARE for More ‘Preparation Work’

1 Please print off the ‘Wheel of Life’ worksheet  and fill it out. The wheel of life gives you a quick overview of where your life is at. It's an important snapshot of where things stand for you right now in key areas of your life. The reason you need to complete this first is because you need to have a clear idea of where you stand right now before you focus on where you want to go.

2  Next, listen to the ideal day audio (found here).

This exercise takes a minimum of 30 minutes to complete. It's a key exercise and must be completed for this section. You will also need to print off the Ideal Day worksheet to go with this audio and have a pen to hand

Use the DARE Morning Ritual.

You should now have a list of My Next Steps (MNS) and they will be the building blocks of your new life. Any goal you want to achieve in your life is made up of one action taken after another. These (MNS) are the tiny steps that help you achieve your goals.

For many of you these steps will become new habits that you are going to form (e.g. getting up earlier to exercise, meditate, write or plan your day).

These steps can also be a mixture of things that you want to do to overcome your anxiety, (e.g. today I will ride two floor in an elevator).

DARE Morning Ritual

Step 1: Each morning before leaving the house you will read your Ideal Day worksheet. This repetition is done to wire your brain for the direction you want to go with your life.

Step 2: Pick your MNS (My Next Step) for that day and post it in the Dare for Success private Facebook group. E.g  “MNS today is to go to the gym ” or “MNS today is to call a friend for lunch”.  Remember these steps can be things that help you achieve your life goals or things that help you overcome your anxiety.

Step 3: At the end of the day post an update if you completed it or not. Ideally with some photographic evidence! This is the accountability part.

Step 4: Celebrate your achievements! Treat yourself in some small way after you complete your MNS (no matter how small the step you took is). The reason you have to do this is wire the reward/pleasure center of your brain to your positive actions.

What you will find is that these small steps quickly become the drivers for a new and better life. They are also great confidence builders that help you move well beyond anxiety.

Ok , now get to it and we are all looking forward to encouraging you and seeing your successes in the Facebook group!


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