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Here you will find advanced audio/visuals tools to quickly relieve anxiety and speed recovery.

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1.Dr Sanjay Gupta Introduction

2.Panic Attack or Heart Attack

3. Palpitations Explained

4. Can Panic Attacks Damage My Heart

5. When Are Palpitations Dangerous

6. Tips to End Palpitations

7. Breathing to End Palpitations

8. Magnesium For a Healthy Heart

9. Terms for heart flutters skipped beats etc

10. Always measuring your pulse

11. Anxious When Checking Blood Pressure

12. My Heart Rate Feels Too High for Too Long

13.Can Anxiety Cause Health Problems

14. Is My Heart Rate Too High

15. When To Go to Hospital with Palpitations

16. Worried About Low Blood Pressure

17. Fear of Fainting

18. Beta Blockers and Palpitations

19. Palpitations at Night

20. Lying Down and Palpitations

21. Summary