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Morning Motivation

Guest Presentation on HeartMath

Patrick Touhey presents what he learned at a recent HeartMath retreat.

This will help awaken members to the process of going to their heart to develop and anchor meaningful changes in  how we responded to our body sensations and intrusive thoughts.

You will walk away with actionable techniques to help achieve that goal.

Deeper Release

This new audio will help you to reach a very deep level of relaxation.
It is a guided relaxation audio by Barry with Bi-aural music playing in the background to help you relax very deeply. To learn more about Bi-aural music visit this link: (https://www.binauralbeatsmeditation.com/the-science/)

RIDE THE WAVE! (3rd Week April)

Barry has created an audio just for the moments of high anxiety/panic. It focuses exclusively on the 3rd step of DARE (Run towards). Use it anytime you need extra reassurance and guidance when highly anxious.

Interview with Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD, (1st Week April)

Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD, is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School.
He teaches internationally about mindfulness and psychotherapy and mind–body treatment,

Deep Acceptance Training Video  (3rd Week March)

Brand NEW animation narrated by Barry
to help you deepen your ability to accept anxious sensations.

Review of the Anti-Anxiety Food Solution (click here)

Before doing the questionnaire listen to this interview first form the Anxiety Summit

Deep Acceptance

Dealing with Groundless Fears (Stoic Philosophy)

Defuse Anxious/Intrusive thoughts

Authentic Goal Setting

Barry goes through authentic goal setting for 2016

Top FAQ’s of All Time with Barry and Michelle

Barry and Michelle answer the following questions:

Acceptance is not making my anxiety go away?

But my anxiety is different than everyone else?

How do I deal with big events coming up? (anticipatory anxiety) I am having new sensations I never had before?

My progress has stalled what do I do?

Introduction to the daily 7 Minute Meditation

This week you will learn how to set yourself up for a deeps night sleep using the DARE to Sleep audio.


DARE to Sleep Deeply,

On this call you will learn:

Learn how to set yourself up for a deeps night sleep using the DARE to Sleep audio

DARE to Drive,

Learn how to Drive again with ease and overcome fears of getting stuck in traffic or driving far outside your comfort zone.