DARE ADVANCED is an online coaching program exclusively for people who have read DARE and are familiar with Barry McDonagh's approach.

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Here's what's Included in Dare Advanced

3-5 Group calls a month calls a month with a Dare Coach

All Calls are recorded and can be replayed at a later date in the members area

Link to a Private Dare members group

Priority Support.

Dedicated members area

Bonus Content:

Access to all the Premium Audios on the DARE app

New* "Daily Dares" content sent to your phone every day

Access to over 150 Audios, Meditations

Access to a Private Facebook group

Download all of the Audios to listen offline

New features added every month

Break Free From Anxiety Together With Us. We want you to Succeed!

DARE ADVANCED is a support program for people who want to break free from the anxiety trap and find true freedom from anxiety.

Now we are offering you the opportunity to join our exclusive support community for only $29.97 a month.

Members must have already completed a Panic Away or DARE coaching program. This means everyone is intimately familiar with the correct approach for ending anxiety.

This support program can rapidly accelerate your recovery by providing motivation, advice and accountability.

You will be able to join three group calls a month with Michelle Cavanaugh and Barry McDonagh.

Clear Goals + Proven Strategies + Accountability = SUCCESS

DARE Advanced is an exclusive community of peers who all have similar goals as you. This is a group of individuals who are holding each other accountable and are striving for a greater life beyond anxiety!

Motivation is very important to get you started but you can’t rely on motivation alone.You also need daily discipline. DARE Advanced will help you become disciplined in forming new habits and making them stick.

The work you will be doing in DARE Advanced is about rewiring your brain for success. At first it's like beating a path through a thick forest but the more frequently you tread down that new path the clearer and easier it becomes. 

5 Group Video Calls

Meet the DARE Coaches