Use Advanced Audio Tools to Quickly Relieve Anxiety and Speed Recovery

Discover how this revolutionary program can
speed your recovery from anxiety


Do You Fear Normal Situations? Are You Trapped
in Daily Anxiety?

If fear, panic and anxiety is a continuous struggle then you are stuck in the ‘Anxiety Trap’.
You can NOW use advanced DARE audios to spring you from this trap
and give yourself a sense of IMMEDIATE relief

We’re Speeding Up Anxiety Recovery!

DARE is the highest rated book for treating anxiety on

Now we are offering people advanced tools based on Dare to speed up the recovery process even further.

  • The DARE ‘Rapid Relief Program’ is an immersion program designed to trigger an even faster recovery from anxiety through powerful audios and video.
  • This program can rapidly accelerate your recovery by delivering the key elements for anxiety relief and recovery that you can listen to for just a few minutes at a time.
  • So no matter how busy you are, you can now quickly master what you need to learn for your particular anxiety issue. It covers everything from panic attacks, fear of driving and flying, general anxiety trouble, all the way to getting a good nights sleep.

New Binaural Technology to Help You Relax Deeply

We employ binaural technology in some of the audios to help you release very deep seated tension and stress.

If you are unfamiliar with Binaural Beats, they are a safe way of playing one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear.

The result of which is a third (theta wave) frequency which promotes a meditative state of deep calm and relaxation.

The other benefits of using binaural beats are more restful sleep as well as a reduction in mental fatigue.

Use These Audios in Any Situation You
Feel Anxiety or Panic

Here’s exactly what you get
with the program

The program is broken into four sections.
In each section we have a series of audios to help you.





Deeper Release

This audio will help you to reach a very deep level of relaxation. It is a guided relaxation audio by Barry with Binaural beats technology playing subtly in the background to help you reach a VERY deep state of calm and relaxation.

7 Minute Meditation

This track will teach you a 7-minute meditation that you can use daily to help build resilience and buffer you against stress. It is a style of mediation very well suited for people who struggle with anxiety.

Deep Acceptance Video

This is an animated video that will help trigger a release of tension and show you how to move into a deep state of acceptance of nervous arousal. This is very helpful for people who struggle with the concept of acceptance.

Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave is an audio for moments of high anxiety/panic. It focuses exclusively on the 3rd step of DARE (Run towards). Use it anytime you need extra reassurance and guidance when highly anxious.

Defuse Anxious Thoughts

Play this audio to help reduce and eventually eliminate anxious or intrusive thoughts. You can use it daily if you struggle with this aspect of general anxiety.


Dare to Sleep will help you address problems with insomnia by addressing the fear of not sleeping as well as how to implement good sleep hygiene. With this audio you will be creating a new relationship with your bed and a whole new way of thinking about sleep in general.

Deeper SLEEP

Deeper Sleep is designed to help trigger a deep sleep. The first part contains affirmations to reducing the frustration of not sleeping, and the 2nd part is to trigger the sleep state. It makes use of binaural beats technology to help you fall into a deep sleep.

DARE to Drive

If driving makes you anxious play this audio while in the car or before you leave on your journey. It will help you to apply DARE while in the car and eventually give you the confidence to drive far from home without your safe person.


Dare to Fly is to be played before or while you are on board an airplane. It will teach you how to apply DARE to flying so that you can enjoy flying again.

The Specific Benefits
You’ll Enjoy From This Program

  1. Deep release of anxiety and tension

You will learn how to quickly release deep seated anxiety and tension. Two of the audios use binaural beat technology to help you relax to a much deeper level than you may have been able to reach previously because of your anxiety. The benefits of using these audios daily will be a much greater sense of calm, better sleep and a reduction in mental fatigue.

2. Renewed Confidence in Yourself

Learn to feel confident and empowered when facing into anxious situations that previously scared you. The audios in this program show you how to strip away the fear of anxious sensations enabling you to feel safe regardless where you find yourself. This is where you learn to become your own ‘safe person’ again. The result is a MUCH more confident and happy you!

3. Travel with Ease

Learn to feel confident and empowered when facing into anxious situations that previously scared you. The audios in this program show you how to strip away the fear of anxious sensations enabling you to feel safe regardless where you find yourself. This is where you learn to become your own ‘safe person’ again. The result is a MUCH more confident and happy you!

4. Deeper Sleep

This section of the program will help you re-learn the ability to sleep effortlessly. Within you is an innate ability to sleep deeply, you just have to allow space for effortless sleep to happen. You achieve this by learning the latest in good sleep hygiene as well as the art of getting your anxious mind out of the way. No matter how long you have struggled with sleep, you can break free from insomnia and enjoy restful sleep again.


… not fearing the next panic attack.
… effortlessly reaching a deep state of relaxation.
… traveling with ease and not worrying about up comingtrips.
… letting go of unwanted worries and intrusive thoughts.
… feeling so confident again that you no longer need a ‘safe person’.

Meet the Creator of DARE’s
Rapid Relief Program

My name is Barry McDonagh and I have been teaching people to end their panic and anxiety for over ten years.

I have taught everyone from top CEO’s and celebrities to police officers, soldiers and 'stay at home' moms on how to end their anxiety and panic attacks fast.

I am the author of DARE and the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program Panic Away. My work has been used by over 80,000 people worldwide

My goal is now to help you live a more fulfilled life ‘beyond anxiety’. Helping you to no longer let anxiety define who you are and what you are capable of.

Barry McDonagh

Author of D.A.R.E and Panic Away

Online Anxiety support. Revolutionized.

Our cutting edge platform enables your learning anywhere, anytime. 
On your way to work? Just press play on your smartphone and start the program on your commute.

And when you get home, you can just as easily continue where you left off on your tablet, laptop, or any other internet enabled device you own.

And when you enrol today, feel satisfied knowing that any moment you need it relieve from anxiety is there for you – at the push of a button.

Learn on a train, in a park, wherever you want.

You’re free to play or stream content directly from your iPhone, iPad or virtually any other multimedia device.

Download your content and consume it offline.

Download the program straight to your computer or multimedia device with our one-click download technology.

Works flawlessly on your mobile device.

Your content is optimized for Apple and Android so you get an elegant experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod or Android.

Help is just a click away.

Got a question? Need technical assistance? Built-in customer support gives you easy access to our friendly customer support team.

Your Triple Guarantee

Don’t Decide Now…

Take All The Time You Need And Try the “Rapid Relief Program” For A Full 90 Days.

We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason this program doesn’t live up to your expectations, drop our team an email and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 90 days from your date of purchase.


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Meet The Team

Barry McDonagh

(BA, Dip Psych ) Author of Dare

Barry McDonagh (BA, Dip Psych ) is the author of DARE and the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program Panic Away.

Michelle Cavanaugh

Licensed clinical therapist,

Michelle Cavanaugh is a licensed clinical therapist with years of experience helping people break free from anxiety.

John Quirke

IT and technical support

John looks after the website operations, technical aspects of the Dare community website and members section

Johndon Pasinabo

Head of Customer Support

John P is head of customer support and keep things running smoothly in the background.




  • q-iconI have a question that is not answered here. How can I get help?

    My customer care team is here to help, you can contact them via email (all emails sent to this address create a support ticket and will send you a receipt confirmation and ticket number) at or by phone at (716) 400-0680


  • q-iconHow is this different than your other coaching programs?

    Rapid Release is different in that it has an emphasis on triggering a release of the contracted anxious state and thereby aiding a faster recovery from anxiety. It is an audio based training program that you make a one-time payment for unlike out continuity coaching program.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund if it’s not for me?

    Yes. We’re 100% confident you will get so much value from this program. That’s why we offer a full 90-day money back guarantee. You can basically test-drive the program without any risk at all. While we are committed to getting results for you, we won’t ask any questions if you decide that it’s simply not for you.

  • q-iconCan I access the program on my Smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, all the materials are delivered on a state of the art learning platform that is compatible with almost every mobile device. This means you can access the training wherever you go 24/7!

P.S. If you have not got the book DARE you can order it here.

DARE Has Become a Global Movement

Dare launched in 2015 and is changing the way anxiety is treated.

It is now the highest rated book for anxiety on have been learning how to

Live each day without the dread of general anxiety or panic.
Fly , drive , shop or do whatever you like without worry.
Feel excitement instead of dread about the day ahead.
Reconnect with your old carefree self again
Travel with ease to places you have always wanted to go.
Feel real genuine freedom again like you did as a child.

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