DARE 360° is an immersive visual experience to help people overcome anxiety in particular situations e.g. driving on highways, being comfortable in elevators or simply anyplace outside your comfort zone. DARE 360° will give you the ability to practice in difficult situations from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a smartphone or laptop computer. 360° video will help you re-train your brain to have the right response in these anxious situations.

How to use

360 videos are a new and innovative approach to dealing with anxiety and offers an immersion experience that we hope you will appreciate. Click the links below if you are having problems playing the videos.


Welcome to Dare 360

Preparing to Drive
Drive Your Neighbourhood
Highway Driving
Traffic Jam
Doing a School Run
Driving Over Bridges
A walk with nature (New)
Riding Elevators
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*Bonus Audios*