Congratulations on taking action to overcome your anxiety issue! 

As you know here at DARE we go for a full recovery from anxiety. What follows is a roadmap for you to follow so you get maximum benefit from the DARE Toolkit. 

Ready to begin your journey? 

Step 1.  Read the DARE Book

Read or listen to the DARE book in full as it is the foundation upon which your recovery is built. 

Dare Audio Book

Dare e-Book

Password: dare2016

Step 2. Download the DARE App

Having the DARE app is like having a therapist in your pocket to call upon anytime you need it.  Almost every anxious situation is addressed including driving, flying, eating out, health anxiety, intrusive thoughts, public speaking, at the gym, at the doctors, going on holidays and many more. The app also includes a mood tracker  and a new DARE audio everyday to help speed your recovery.  With the DARE toolkit you get 6 months access to the DARE app!

1. Please download and login to the DARE app. (link for iOS and Android) 

2  Then enter the email address you have used to create an account in this box below so we can unlock your account for 6 months access. It may take upto 24 hours for the app to unlock.  (If you used Facebook, Google or Apple login you need to enter the email address here that you use for those accounts) 

Step 3. Join the Weekly Zoom Calls.
(New Members only)

With the DARE Toolkit you will receive access to 3 DARE Toolkit Calls

With the DARE Toolkit you get invited to join three group Zoom calls with DARE’s lead therapist Michelle Cavanaugh. 

These calls are an essential part of the toolkit as this is where you can ask questions and get advice on anything specific you need to know. Michelle has a real gift of identifying quickly  where  a person is stuck and helping them move past that block. 

Calls Are By Weekly
Calls are Normally on a Tuesday or Thursday
You will receive a email the Day before.

You will be emailed a link to the Zoom calls 24 hours before they begin. You will be sent SMS reminder of the call with the number you purchased the the DARE Toolkit, if you want to change the number please contact support.

Step 3. Join the Buddy Group.

Welcome to DARE Buddy Groups. These are very focused accountability groups of around 5 people who come together to inspire and motivate each other's recovery. People find this kind of support invaluable as it keeps you on track and really speeds up the process of helping you achieve a full recovery. 

On the first Friday of each month we announce the creation of new DARE buddy groups in the DARE app Facebook group. If you would like a reminder of when this happens please enter your email address here and we will send you the link: 

Toolkit Bonuses

DARE 360°

DARE 360° is the world's first immersive visual experience designed to trigger an even faster recovery from driving anxiety. 

This training program rapidly accelerates your recovery by delivering immersive 360° videos which help re-wire your brain to be less anxious behind the wheel of a car. From the comfort of your own home, you can quickly master what you need to learn.

DARE 101

Michelle Cavanaugh (our lead therapist)  simplifies the whole approach of DARE in one easy to watch video. 

This video is a wonderful introduction to the method and is also a LOT OF FUN to watch as Michelle shines a light on the humorous side of anxiety and uses many visual cues to give you that ‘a-ha’ moment where it all fallis into place.  This is a must watch video!