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Have anxiety, fear, or panic attacks been stopping you from living the life you want?

You are not alone.

Millions of people experience anxiety every day — ranging from everyday worries and social anxiety to full-blown panic attacks and phobias. This includes:

Experiencing alarming physical sensations

Grappling with intrusive thoughts

Struggling with insomnia or restlessness

Fearing driving or flying

Experiencing depersonalization

Missing opportunities due to phobias

And on top of that, dealing with the fear of the next
anxious episode

Don’t ‘manage’ your anxiety.

Go For a Full Recovery.

Many programs give you tools for “dealing with” the symptoms of your anxiety, which work okay… until life throws you a big challenge, your anxiety flares up, and you’re right back where you started in the Anxiety Trap.

DARE Academy uses science-based methods and years of experience to give you tools for understanding anxiety and panic attacks and bravely facing them head-on — so you can get back to living your life to the fullest.

Use coupon code → ACADEMY50
at the checkout

Stop fearing anxiety and

Get Your Life Back.

Stop panic attacks and end
feelings of general anxiety

Travel with ease and confidence

Retrain your brain to let go of anxious or intrusive throughts

Boost your
and win
back your
sense of

Face any anxious situation you’ve been avoiding

Fall asleep faster with less anxiety

Live a more
bold and adventurous life

DARE Academy is a comprehensive program with

5 hours of video.

In this step-by-step program, you’ll start understanding you’re anxiety and learn about the brain’s stress response and the Anxiety Loop. We’ll also cover:

Physical and mental sensations experienced with anxiety

Generalized anxiety

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Situation anxiety and Phobias

Health anxiety

Intrusive thoughts and existential anxiety


Depersonalization and Derealization

What you get:

Full access to DARE Academy’s entire curriculum videos (over 5 hours in total) to help you transform how you respond to anxious thoughts and sensations.

Access to DARES’s private social networks, where you can connect, share wisdom, and grow with fellow members in your city and around the world.

Lifetime access to all DARE Academy’s future updates.

A New Way
of Overcoming Anxiety:

The DARE Response.

Based on the Bestselling DARE book and the highly-rated DARE app, DARE Academy will teach you
4-step method that can be used in ANY situation where you feel anxiety, fear, or panic.



What is DARE?

What is Anxiety?

The Stress Response and The Anxiety Loop

Physical Sensations

Mental Sensations

Panic Attacks | Panic Disorder

Generalized Anxiety

Situation Anxiety | Phobias


Health Anxiety

Intrusive Thoughts | Pure O


Recovery Stages



Run Towards


Before you start applying DARE

DARE for Physical Sensations

DARE for Generalized Anxiety

DARE for Thoughts

DARE for Situation Anxiety | Phobias

DARE for Health Anxiety

DARE for Intrusive Thoughts & Existential Anxiety

DARE for Depersonalization | Derealization

DARE for Insomnia

DARE for Family and Friends

Medication and Crutches

How to respond to check-ins

Supercharge your Recovery






Online Anxiety support. Revolutionized.

Our cutting edge platform enables your learning anywhere, anytime.
On your way to work? Just press play on your smartphone and start the program on your commute.

And when you get home, you can just as easily continue where you left off on your tablet,
laptop, or any other internet enabled device you own.

And when you enrol today, feel satisfied knowing that any moment you need it relieve
 from anxiety is there for you – at the push of a button.

Use coupon code → ACADEMY50
at the checkout

Bonus #1:

Live Webinars

3 Months Access to Our ‘LIVE’ DARE Webinars. Join our live Zoom webinars that run twice a month and you can ask us questions as well as have the potential to be invited live on Zoom to have your specific issues addressed.

Bonus #2:

Overcome Driving Anxiety with DARE 360°

DARE 360° is the world's first immersive visual experience designed to trigger an even faster recovery from driving anxiety. This training program rapidly accelerates your recovery by delivering immersive 360° videos which help re-wire your brain to be less anxious behind the wheel of a car. From the comfort of your own home, you can quickly master what you need to learn.

Join the Thousands of People Who Have
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With anxiety you have to work smarter not harder. You have to develop a rational understanding that everything is fine. Of course, you can’t just do this by talking to yourself, you have to physically do it. And by physically,



Virginia is a real Dare trooper. She is a lovely lady who has amazing grit. She will not stop and she will not be pushed around by anxiety. She can also be quite funny, I always enjoy reading her posts. Here are a few of the stories she has posted.



My first panic attack happened at work. I was in my office alone and out of the blue I felt like an elephant was on my chest.Having never felt this way before, my immediate reaction was panic.



It took a long time for me to write this as I am not sure whether it is the right time for sharing. Anyway, I decided to share with you my journey to encourage you all, the seekers of peace and joy.

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 to win back your peace of mind, your strength of will
 and your joy in life.



Use coupon code → ACADEMY50
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3 Irresistible Promises To Give You Peace Of Mind


Guarantee 1: Quality

The work we do at DARE is always about delivering the very best
materials and getting the very best results for people in the shortest time frame possible. DARE Academy is our most comprehensive training program to date!


Guarantee 2: Best in its Field

World class content presented in a way that makes learning fun and accessible. This is the program you will wish you had found years ago.


Guarantee 3: Impact

If you do not feel DARE Academy has made a significant impact in your life you can cancel at any time and get a full refund of your purchase.


We are so confident in our product that we offer a 30-day no quibble money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of receipt and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Meet Your Teacher.

DARE Academy is created by Aida Beco with contributions from
Barry McDonagh, Michelle Cavanaugh, and Dr. Harry Barry

Aida Beco  
Licensed Therapist

DARE Coach | Author of the Daily DARE | Host of DARE Advanced and DARE Webinars | Translator of DARE to German | Voice of the German DARE Audiobook the German DARE App | Creator and Director of DARE Academy

Aida Beco is a certified alternative practitioner and licensed therapist specializing in anxiety disorders. She works with acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and clinical hypnotherapy (CHT).

Aida’s vision for creating the DARE Academy was to bring all the great DARE content, as well as her clinical experience as a therapist, DARE coach, and author of the popular DAILY DARE, together in one place so that anyone struggling with anxiety can find everything they need in one convenient product.

Her wish is for DARE Academy to become the go to place for anyone looking for the right information, support and guidance to get back to living a full and carefree life, free from the shadow of anxiety and fear.

Barry McDonagh
Author and Creator of DARE

Barry McDonagh is a best-selling author and creator of the DARE program. To date, he has taught over 200,000 people how to free themselves from anxiety and panic attacks through his books and training.

His first book Panic Away (2001) sold 80,000 copies.His second, DARE (2015) has sold more than 250,000 copies and remains the highest rated book on Amazon and Good Reads for helping people overcome anxiety.

Barry McDonagh has a BA from University College Dublin and an HDip in Psychology from The Open University.

Michelle Cavanaugh  

Michelle is licensed by the state of New York as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University and her Masters of Business Administration from Iona College.

Michelle is licensed by the state of New York as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She earned her Masters Degree in Social Work from Columbia University and her Masters of Business Administration from Iona College.

Michelle has received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness Based Therapy. Her extensive training combined with her direct approach, sense of humor, and down to earth tone has helped

Dr. Harry Barry

Harry Barry is a Drogheda based practitioner who has almost 40 years’ experience as a medical doctor with most of that spent as a full time GP. He has a long-standing interest in mental health and in improving our understanding of the role of neuroscience in both the cause and indeed the treatment of the main mental health illnesses such as major depression, anxiety disorders, addiction and indeed suicide itself.

He has developed a holistic approach with an emphasis on the combination of combining Neuroscience concepts, lifestyle changes and where necessary drug therapy, with the application of simple CBT approaches to effectively manage these approaches.

Still Not Convinced? Think your Anxiety is Different or
That You Can’t Have a Full Recovery?
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The Dare Academy is different in that it is a combination of all of the best DARE tools available and explains how to interpret the book and lead to a quicker and successful outcome.

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