Flying Keeps Getting Safer

A few years ago, there was one crash every million departures. I’ve been telling people recently that the current rate is one in five million. That was based on 2007.

The most recent stats released by the International Air Transport Association are for 2008. The figure was one crash in eight million flights.

Even so, statistics don’t make fearful fliers feel better. The problem is simple: both of those ratios include “one”, and that is the one that crashes.

The key to fixing fear of flying is to train the mind to not react when that thought of the “one” comes to mind, nor react when a thought of how that “one” crashes comes to mind, nor what it would feel like to be on that plane.

When the brain’s response to those thoughts is controlled, it is a lot easier for the fearful flier to recognize that what is feared and what is really going on during the flight are two different things.

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Capt.Tom Bunn LCSW

Licensed therapist and airline captain Tom Bunn LCSW has specialized in the treatment of fear of flying since 1980. He founded SOAR to develop methods to deal with moderate and severe cases of flight phobia.

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  • ALUN

    i am flying to bangkok on 31 of this munth from Scotland and i am determand to go i have suffered panic attackes in the past but i am going to do this and when the plane takes of i m going to celabrate and tis will change my life for good thank you for youre help in my mind panic and fear is the opesett from humer so i am going to smile all the time AND CHANGE MY LIFE FOR GOOD LOVE TO EVERYBODEY ALUN

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