I would like to start out saying "thank God for this program"

I have had anxiety/panic attacks for the last 10 years. I have three sons and I dont think my baby boy has ever seen me not sick.I have lived the last few years of my life dreading the next day. I couldn’t do anything without taking a xanax,and still most of the time that really didn’t help. I would have this awful fear come over me everytime I had to drive, I would feel like I was going to pass out,like I couldn’t breathe and it would get me to where I never wanted to leave my house.I was afraid I was going to die,and I didn’t want to leave my husband and my children.

I have spent alot of years wondering what was wrong with me, i have been to the emergency room so many times thinking i was having a heart attack. But your program has helped me so much to realize that I dont need medication, and i’m not gonna die (not from anxiety anyway).

Everything that this program tells you to do , I was doing the exact opposite. I was actually making my anxiety worse. But I would love to tell the whole world about your program,because i know that it will help anyone who trys it. If it has helped me whom i thought had no hope, it will help anyone.

Thanks for giving me my life back.


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