…thank-you for enriching my life

My name is Tanya Ajayi I signed up for your course a couple of months ago and i gotta hand it to you you change my life everyday!!! Before taking your course I was drowned in general anxiety, panic attacks evey time I left my house to the point that I never wanted to leave my house.

I was irritable for months at a time. I have a 4 year old a nine month old and my anxiety was so bad that i suffered a major panic attack while delivering my nine month old. Life was seeming darker and darker by the day. I came across your course on the internet and the reason why i decided to try it was because for the first time in all my therapy my coach was also a former suffer.

So i started reading the book panic away and I could of sworn you knew me and were writing about my life!! I started reading and practicing the techniques and I have to admitt even though it all seemed to make sense I wasnt feeling like it could work of course later on i found that it not only worked but it took away all my general anxiety and panic attacks because of your program

I am a happier person a much better mom and my surroundings have changed incredibly I never want to stay home and I will never send someone else to the grocery store again

Thanks Joe for giving me my life back and my kids thank-you to