Animated Videos To End Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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  • Haroula

    Hii think that is really good tacticks it’s a matter of putting it into practice and sticking to it and reprogramming your mind to think this way so thank you I’ll definitely try it. Thanks again

  • becky

    I have found every single aspect of this so helpful, i have felt reassured at a very difficult time and will practice it as much as i can and hopefuuly i will reprogramme my brain. Thankyou

  • Mary

    Watched the videos just now, and they rang so many bells with my feelings.
    Will definitely remember them when another attack starts, although I feel this may be enough for me not to react as I used to. No one had ever suggested this kind of approach and it was always assumed that there was a trigger when I had a bad flight and that the bad feelings were a fear of flying, but deep down I knew there was more to it than that one experience. Just calling it a Panic Attach has helped.
    Your newsletters and videos have been SUCH a help, I have found someone/something that at last has come up with an explanation of why I have felt panic sensations since I was 17; I am now 57.
    Can’t thank you enough.

  • Jose

    Im on medication now (LEXAPRO) I dont know if it’s working or it’s just me interacting with people more. What i do know is that im tired of living like this for more than 30 years off and on. I find your information helpfull. Im goin to try some the methods on your videos. Thank you so much.

  • michael

    found the videos very good and most helpful and I hope i can use some of the good information in dealing with the general anxiety that comes over me
    thank you

  • Yvonne

    Saw all the videos, see myself in all of them. I have the dizziness and the feeling like I am going to fall, or am off balance. I hate being duzzy ALL OF THE TIME

  • natividad

    i found the videos very goog, but i thinks is very important to have a diaryabout things what gave you panic attacks and see how you follows every day, for me the diary is vital, i see my progression during months, and also, you can see how you act in differents situations, i thinks your videos are fantastic, but i think the diary every day and brathing exercices is vital

  • Trudi

    Hi – All your advice does make sense but I guess it’s not going to stop immediately.
    It took a long time to get into this state and it will take a while to get out of it. All
    your suggestions are comforting and helping and I hope I will be one of your successes…

  • leland

    iv been getting messages from you and iv been trying to use them and they have rilly helpt me through these stupid feelings im only 16 so i hope to get rid of them soon but i know they need a bit of time to heal and get better but my panic is worse when im alone not in crowds

  • vicki

    Your website has helped me so much i felt like no one could help me untill i saw this and the daily emails are great i look forward to each one everyday, you have helped me so much i cant thank you enough

  • ylli

    I saw 6 parts of panic away videos which are a mirackle for me.I am suffering from stress and anxiety 3 years and I have been on XANAX,STILNOKS and LORAM but I feel very few released. Now I have stopped these drugs
    and I am trying to get rid the stress and anxiety practising fisical exercises as well as yoga 20 minutes thrice a day. I think your videos and advices will be very helpful for me on my attemps to get rid the stress and anxety which are causing me headache,stoumach pain,muscles and joint pains.
    Thank you ever so much

    God bless You


  • sandra

    i just bought your on line book , and i have to say that it started working in a couple days i now understand
    what it is that i’m having . no one told me anything about this,even though i have been to see different dr.s
    when i think about it ,i belive i have been getting
    panic attacks for a long time (3 years) as i watched your videos i felt that it was me there . i want to thank you sooo much i am now starting to feel like my old self

    thank you again

  • jean

    I am slowly taking it on board.,what does not help me is that I have a phobia of medication so anything take is follwed by a day of anxiety an fear.the videos are helping me becaus I can see and relate what happens. thank you

  • michael

    Hi Barry
    I have been using your methods and slowely I can see the change coming and its the acceptance of the sensations whichc are uncomfortable and asking for more that is reducing the fear.
    Many many thanks to you for this work

  • Melanie

    I was on Xanax, for my panic attacks, for 3 years and decided that I could do wothout it. I was ok for a few more years, but my panic attacks started back up about a month ago. My first instinct was to take a Xanax, but I didn’t.. I really don’t want to be a slave to a pill again. So I just tried to fight the attacks, to no avail. I was a mess for 2 weeks. I was in a constant state of panic! It was awful! One night I was fed up and just Googled “How do I stop my Panic Attacks?” This site was the first thing to pop up. I was very skeptical at first, but this is amazing. I still feel alittle bit anxious at times, but all in all, I feel normal again. I want to thank you SO MUCH for bringing me back to life!

  • Dennis

    Thank you soooo much, although my panic attacks are there still and my general anxiety level is still high i still feel that i will recover because of the tools i now have.

  • michael

    i like what you wrote. i,am going to try using it . I tried something like this before and it seem to work. you our right about us creating this in our own thoughts. the panic comes because of us trying to control it.

  • christine

    I love these videos because they are very easy to understand, thank’s for the help I will keep these exercises in practice for sure…. because I don’t want to continue with medications I belive I am getting adicted and that I do not want. Thank’s for your help and I will keep intouch.

  • Jeanie

    I am grateful to see visual videos of panic and GAD as I have suffered with this for over 30 years and probably back as far as my childhood. It is very difficult to accept the feelings of anxiety in the pit of my stomach especially for no reason and out of no where and the hope it does not grow into full panic attack. Of course I want to control what my body and mind is feeling so intensely but watching these videos brought tears to me as I realize I can start to slowly accept what my body/mind is creating and to ask for more?? What a concept! I could so relate to each and every video in this segment. I think I also have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder which can heighten my sense of anxiety when I feel triggered by past events. I also googled “Letting go of an panic attack” and your site looked interesting as I am glad I got you. The daily reminders and tips are wonderful and I feel I am not alone with this nervous suffering. I just wish there was a group in my area that deals with this as it is hard for people to talk about as we don’t want anyone to think we are crazy. Sometimes just talking about it can bring on a sense of anxiety but also relief and the only way through this is to accept it as it is and move forward. I have alot of support from family and friends but your videos say it all. Thank you again and bless you for all your insight to help those of us that deal with this on and day to day basis.

  • romela

    I experienced my first panic attack about three months ago, and ever since then i have been having GAD. I was prescribed ativan, but only took it three times. I was also prescribed valium, which i didn’t even buy. I find your mini courses and the videos very helpful. First of all they assure me that my symptoms are normal for anxiety, and that I can control them. I’ve begun to accept them, no longer go into panic mode when i feel my heart racing, stomach and chest tightning up. I will keep using your methods and will do anythig to get a hanle on this thing. I think this is much better than any drug. Thank you.

  • Mariluo

    Hi, just whant to say that this is a very good and powerful tool to end panic attacks. I love the fact that you mentioned that you learned this method truth nature. I guess that we have a long way to learn what we can really accomplishe. To all of you who suffer be sure that you can overcome this. I acceptance is the key. It will be easier with time garanteed.

  • Dale

    Hello, I have been having panic attacks and had GAD since was 15. For 16 years I was always anxious and would have several panic attacks a day, ranging from in the middle of the night to right when I woke up and randomly throughout the day. I have been to doctors thinking I had a heart condition, and been prescribed depression medication and none of it worked. I have found your videos and mini course to be uplifting and empowering. I would like to send you many thanks you have made my life bearable knowing I am not alone and giving me the tools to take charge.
    Thank you

  • Vivien

    Hi, this is very helpful. Sensations of an anxiety attack can be terrifying to say the least. Like an endless cycle of fear and helplessness. I have also learned in my life to enter into anxiety. Instead of running from it.
    this year though has been especially hard because so many stressful events have occurred in a very short period of time. My nervous system is exhausted. Especially tapped is my emotional reserve. I am learning to recognize the sensations and let them pass. I would add that grieving is an incredibly essential part of healing. Grieving the hurts, the confusion, our losses in this world. Also, God says that perfect love casts out fear. Entering into our anxiety with Him, instead of running away, allows Him to heal, love and dissolve the fear. Healing my nervous system i understand also is sometimes which takes time. Rest, love, learning to love myself too. forgiving others for what they have done. Resting in God. His peace. And he has brought me someone too now, who just holds me when the anxiety comes. And it passes. This morning i made an appt with Jesus, the best physician I know and I asked Him to heal me, in all the ways He knows I need.
    Thank you for this wonderful website. All your insight. Denial is our worst enemy. So is suffering in silence wondering if you are the only one.
    Cheers, Merry Christmas,

  • Jeanie

    This video series is very good and I also feel with Cognitive Therapy to change our thought patterns based on our heredity and childhood environment, we that suffer from panic/anxiety disorder can learn to change how we think. I haved learned that having a panic or anxiety attack is “false reality” as there is no real danger or threat to us as we have irrational thoughts that create the anxiety. They are false but feel so real and that is what creates the panic or anxiety. I have learned a couple breathing techniques that lower anxiety and then I tell myself that “this will not hurt me” while lowering my anxiety levels through breathing and it works well. I wish you all the best to conquer this disorder as I have struggled with PTSD, panic and GAD for over 25 years. I feel I am finally on my way to healing a part of me that has always been scared of the world and it’s time to come out of my shell and face these issues head on instead of trying to push them to the side. It isn’t easy, takes hard work but it is worth the effort. Bless all of you, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  • Jean

    I have suffered from anxiety for many years and have tried all kinds of relaxation techniques some of which did help, it never occured to me to accept it but I can see the sense of it and am going to give it a try

  • Deven

    I bought this program after i had read your short mini-series. When I went to the hostpital they never told me that panic attacks couldn’t hurt you, or that i could control them. They just prescribed xanax, gave me a relaxer for the night and sent me home.
    I decided after two days of ABSOLUTE fear in school, that I was going to do something about it. So I did.
    I went onto Google, searched out and researched anxiety, and then came across this website. At the beginning, I thought this was just another empty, too good to be true program. But then, for my early christmas I had my father buy the program. And now after just three or so months, My heart is in a relaxed calm state, and I feel as if my healing has been taken to a new level!

    I hope to be better off in another two months or so, but all in all Anxiety has been a dreadful but beneficial learning experience.
    It has taught me not to fear anything. Your program was indeed a helpful tool when I thought all was lost.
    ~ Deven

  • Ted

    Thanks for your helpful information I am 81 years of age (31/12/09) and have been having a bit of stress trouble and anxiety but using your advice I think I am gradually getting back to my old self Still on anti depressant pills but am sure your helful hints are doing me more good Thanks again Ted

  • ann

    i love this site, it has really helped me alot, Im not afraid of the fear no more. love the videos. Exactly how I would feel, many times had to leave stores, afraid of passing out, or that i may lose control. Now I know how to get control of whats going on. Thank You!

  • jane muthoni gikonyo

    Hey Barry, Thanks for you so many advises. Av withdrawn from my xanax and able to cope with anxiety and panic attacks openly. Though they are appearing frequently, i hope to get well with your advices.

    Thank you.

  • Brenda

    WOW! I just cannot believe this is working! So far I have been trying this and it has really worked for me. I have lived in total fear of leaving my home and still having one panic attack after another at home. I have been on so many medications and still no relief. So far I have been able to make the panic stop by tellling myself to go ahead an hit me with all you got and it stops so quickly I am amazed. I just started this so I don’t know how long I will be able to control it, but so far this is the best help I have ever had. No one knows what its like to live through panic attacks unless you have them and its not a good life to live. Thank you for the help and I pray it just keeps working and I don’t lose control! God Bless you for this help!

  • linda

    This videos are great. I went to the ER just like the girl in the first videos, then went to all doctors like her, looking for a problem. Luckily I am ok. Docs just wanted to prescribe pills, but I knew better and didn’t take them. My anxiety doctor prescribed the same steps as in this video and they do work. Just watching the videos alone is soothing 🙂

  • Beatriz

    Hi Barry,
    I typed a long letter , but then I said to myself I should just be brief , So I want to tell you thank you very much I really don’t feel alone now, God bless you and I wish I could purchase your book in a library or bookstore, because I would love to have the book to read it at night when I put my kids to bed and the lighs are off and I have a little book light that would be very handy for reading your book, so please let me know if i can get your book delivered to me.
    Thanks again and God bless you

  • Ruth

    I have suffered from anxiety on and off for about 15 years but didn’t know what it was. In the last couple of years it has started getting worse and Drs have been of little assistance – they just prescribe medication which I am always loathe to take. I read your book and have started embracing and accepting the sensations and trusting that all is well. I feel my general anxiety has decreased considerably and I feel empowered. I am looking forward to trying this out while flying. Thank you Barry and God bless you.

  • Alice Culbert

    Hi Barry
    What you are teaching me , are life time habits, and for that there is’nt enought gratitute in this world but you have mine ,im still struggling , but praticing and its hard but rewarding so thank you.
    Alice Culbert

  • Isabella

    OMG, thanks so much!!! Those videos explain everything, it was like watching a movie about myself!!! I will try those techniques of coping w/ anxiety, I want to believe they will work!!! Thanks again!

  • Lisa

    I have had panic attacks for 28 years and I can tell you that I have never had somthing work as well as this. The new knowledge I have learned from all the material has helped more then anything I have ever tried. I watch the videos and read the material over and over and every time it helps just that much more. Thanks for thinking of all the others who suffer and making it avaliable to us all. I have a new strenght with in me thank you. Lisa

  • Rob fyfe

    Thankyou so much i’ve sufferd from panic attacks scince i was 15;now with watching these tapes i find that i am in control,your a life saver i’m now 54 and so much apreciate this,i will never forget this thanks.

  • lesley holmes

    Thank you for videos and advice and comments from others suffering similair problems. Am currently on medication to aleviate the problem but will implement some of your strategies to help with recovery. It took me a long time to get this far in this state and expect will take as long to learn how to control and how to get out of it again. Thank you once again your advice is invaluable.

  • Sangita.kapoor.

    Thankyou so so much for all the videos on panick attack and anxitey,it has helped me a lot.i fear no more.and its all because of you.god bless you.

  • Amanda

    Hi Barry, I had my first Anxity attact December 19. It was the most scary thing ever. I am taking 1/4 Valiun in the morning and Zoloft 50mg at 9 – 9:30. I’m getting a lot of relief, in the afternoon I feel like myself. I don’t like to take pill but I want to feel like myself again. I am married and have two kids. Thank you for the free newsletters. When I get money I will order your book. I feel really good when I read the newsletters. Please send me more e mail. Thank you very much and GOD BLESS YOU!!

  • davey

    i been watching your video its like i am watching myself there.i am on antidepressent for 20 years.4 years i started having panic attack.i asked my Dr what the simptom call,he said that i am[phycosis]that mean for 4 years he gave me wrong medication.

  • richo

    these tools have worked very effectively for me in my plight with anxiety. i suffered my first anxious attack after a big drinking bender overseas about 3 months ago. i soon after returned to my usual surroundings but bought back panic sensations and anxiety with me. i was constantyl worried that changes in my surroundings were infact changes in me, and was able to cnvince myself i had every possible disease in the world. i lost confidence in myself which had always been at the core of my being. the major problem i had was that throughtout this process i told myself i was going to fight this with all my willpower. little did i realise this was my problem. since reading your book i have been been more settled with the feelings and while not back to my best i certaienyl feel i am well on the way. thankyou.

  • P.S.Soman

    Really I appreciate the way deal with General Anxiety and panic attack. This will surely benfit to any body who goes through your mini series.
    Thank you you for providing valuable materials.

  • lljones

    I have been receiving your news letter for a couple of weeks. I have not had a panic attack since I read the first one. Just getting a general understanding of what panic is has helped. I was on anti depressants for years, and saw a therapist for many years. The pills helped,but had so many other side effects. I spent 2 years getting off of them. I was functioning fairly well without them, but I was still having panic until I got your information. It’s actually amusing now, when I feel myself going inward I recognize it for what it is and smile. I’m no longer afraid. Honestly, I wish I had your program when I was 25. I’m now 61 and can say I finally understand panic and am able to live normally. I know it sounds weird to say to your panic ” come on bring it on..”.. but it works! Thank You

  • shailesh patel

    it’s mind blowing -it is a simple method, but it is a miracle. thank u once again.god will give long life!

  • Aimee

    Hi my name is Aimee
    i am 19 and have had Panic attacks since i was 15, i went on lovan and have decided 2 months ago to go of them as i have a full time job now and thought i would be ok, the first 4 weeks were ok but then it came back, it became hard to go to work, i threw up on the train because i was so nervous, i am ashamed but i gave up and went back on the tablets, i have been back on them for a month now but the panic attacks wont go away, i promised myself that i would not let this ruin things for me again, but i feel i am losing the battle, i have become to think i will never be normal. then i found this site, i havnt got a credit card and im too embarressed to ask my mum so i havnt been able to buy it but i have been reading the newsletters, they are a great help! I am trying to get better, im not sure if it will happen yet but i believe i have a better chance thanks to this site, it has been the only place to actually make me feel some hope.
    i am sorry for the long post, i have never done anything like this before, i just wanted whoever reads this to know that i am greatful and it was great to read these comments to know im not alone.
    Thankyou so much

  • becky

    thank you so much,i have went to so many drs.first thing i ask him is have you ever had a panic attack.and everyone of them has said no.i tell them then you will never understand what they do to you.ive been on xanax,ativan,been to many hospitals thinking im dyeing.only to be told its an anxiety attack.i now live with constant anxiety.these videos make perfect since.i need to quit worrying about everything it surely not going to stop it from happening ty

  • Silvia

    Thank you so much for your newsletter… gave me a new perspective on how to deal with my GAD and panic attacks,also the videos where very helpful because they show a rteal situation,situations that I used to fear and feel anxious around….now I feel so much freedom,I cant thank you enough!

  • Steve

    I had bought the online book last year, it took me a while to read, and after finally reading it the 3rd time, I finally started to understand what you were saying. I have suffered with GAD since my teens, always thought I would outgrow it, I never did. I visited doctors, psychiatrists, taken drugs. I knew later in life that it was all a mind thing, but could not figure out how to overcome it. Your understanding of the condition, is very
    true, and your solution does work, but you do have to work at over coming the habits . Thanks for giving me back my life. Where were you when I was in my teens?

  • vivianna

    i have been suffering from panic attacks .to feel fear is such torment. i was constantly worring about how incapable i must look in front of my co workers and clients when im experiencing my anxiety my hand would be shaking , the sweating and i would be flushed .when i looked at the videoes that was me im so happy to know that someone understand how im feeling all day and they can offer me some help .i have been pratcing the steps and it has made a difference i learn to embrace me and my emotions and im doing much better thakyou so much you have made a dirrerence in my life i never enjoyed a full day until today i was alway tormented now i just focus on happiness not worry .

  • Zhana

    Thank you very much!! I’ll try and use these techniques. It’s a little bit hard to accept anxiety when it rises, because my first reaction to it is panic, but I’ll give it a try. I know it’s the thoughts that make anxiety worse when it rises, because I really get scared when my heart starts pounding fast and I get dizzy and my vision changes, like I’m not in this world, but in unreal world.

  • stephanie

    Getting onto this website has been better then seeing a doctor honestly you are wonderful and is giving thousands of people the opportunity to live again, that is massive.
    Thank youuuuu sooooo muchhhhh.

  • Nicky

    I am going to try this but not sure if it will work yet ! I have had anxiety attacks on and off since the age of 11 when I was bullied at school and started getting the attacks in class. When I went to senoir school and had new friends the situation went. I then started getting them in restaurants when it would make my mouth dry so I couldn’t swallow properly and that would bring it on worse. Then I started to fear sitting in any quiet crowded situation because when I have one my stomach starts churning noisily and I feel sick so want to get out and away from embarrassing myself! This makes me dread any meetings or cinemas or churches etc unless I can be sure of getting an end seat which helps me to relax because I know if I need to go I won’t show myself up!! I have been on anti depressants for 10 years now and they have really helped but I just want to be cured completely so here goes !!!

  • vicky

    really amazed, at the very fact hat we can actually control our negative , emotional, anxious, thoughts
    through these steps. i am sufferring from generalizedanxiety, being in a totally different enviornment,
    my. heart beat, state of mind, fear lurking me most of the time. questions arisisng, its not easy at all.i have also been on ativan xanax and citalopram.these def help for short periods then what,,,i have realized we have to deal with it without the dependence on pills. and im gonna do jst that. let the fearful thoughts attack me.i am prepared.after seeing this.thank you gbu,

  • Aaron

    Thank You. I am 16 years old, male, and have been experiencing crippling panic attacks since i was around 13… it all started when I was idiotic enough to drink an energy drink before going to sleep. I had no idea that caffeine would affect my body in the way it did, I was simply hooked on them ever since my cousins introduced me to them. I have sworn off caffeine now, taking more healthy and natural energy supplements when I need them. I still dont quite know whether it was that incident, or one that happened a few months ago, when I wasn’t watching what i ate. One loaf of Garlic bread, OVERLOADED with oil, it was frozen, not homemade. I had a dream that night that I was playing a game (yes Im a big gamer, dont judge me for playing Shooter games), and every time i reached a climactic point in my dream, I’d throw up. I eventually woke and vomited, scared my mother half to death (she had no idea about the oil, or that i ate that much), and when i was well enough to lie back down, i was unable to sleep, laying on a mattress in the living area. Ever since, i have had this extreme fear of vomiting. I cant explain it, of course its going to hurt when your stomach lurches, but its like having an iron fist crushing your stomach in one instant. Whenever i had a panic attack, I would start retching, feeling like ill vomit, and sometimes thinking if i vomit, itll go away, not a very healthy way to think.. i know… I was unsuccessful in forcing myself to vomit, and ended up shaking uncontrollably, Not just little shivers, spasdomic movements, and i’d feel like i had a veil around my eyes, making me see two different worlds at once. After a few episodes.. i came to the conclusion that, seeing as my panic attacks only happen at night when i wake up, I was having Night terrors, in which you’re still half dreaming. Conscious enough to notice you’re awake, but not enough to realize its not actually happening.. i guess you could say i was hallucinating. Well.. after that i had a fear of going to sleep before someone else in my household, for fear of being woken up and having an episode. This usually kept me up, secretly, past 12:00 am. I am only just starting to get out of that habit, after nearly 3 years of it… This video will help me alot i believe, as i had always assumed it was something like this, (you cant fear what you want, right?), but i never had the willpower to try it because i never had any indication that it had worked for someone else. I am currently cracking down hard on my body, keeping everything in line. When a panic attack starts, i forcefully remind myself that this will NOT control me. I use that adrenaline to fight back against it, subdue it, and make it nonexistent. I still have agoraphobic tendencies, i simply dont like being around anyone who has lost control, be it from alcohol or excitability, because someone who is out of control is, in my mind, unpredictable.
    I have never been to the doctor or hospital specifically for a panic attack, because we simply dont have the money, nor the time. My poor mother has more stress than I, managing a house meant for two paychecks, with only a 30k -year salary. We’re currently stuck here because we have to make a fair amount of rennovations to make it presentable for sale. Constant worry about everything..I even started homeschooling because of panic attacks. Because of that, i havent begun to learn to drive, a really big thing for me, because the only highschool in our district is one with a really really bad rep. And we dont know if theyd even take me in for just that. Another worry is that i dont see what is in the future for me, seeing as how this has forced me into an antisocial demeanor, I want to have somebody around whom i trust, and yet i dont want to have the stress of someone unpredictable, yes i know i must get over that, unpredictability is the way of life, but with all of these worries, i dont know where to start. I feel that i’ll always be stuck in this state of limbo, always fearing, never living. Thankyou for showing me, and all of these other fine people, that someone cares. I will beat this hobble, and so will all of you.

  • heather

    i will try it, every thing i have read and watched has helped me so far, so lets try and see what happens… i just started getting panic attacks a few months ago, and i do not want to take pills, they do not make me feel right.. so this is something i am willing to try! thank you so much for your help!!

  • wolf

    Thank-you finaly somthing one can realy relat to this is devnitly the best aproch to my problem its like your aculy following your own emotion and ther by seing ther is hope and light at the end of that dark tunel thankyou again and please if ther are any up dares please send i will ecept with oppen arms
    yours wolfgang

  • Addie

    I experienced a panic attack the other day, I was doing exactly like the video says; breathing heavily, tingling in the arms and hands and a high feeling of panic. I was fighting against the thoughts..
    To bad I hadn’t watched that last video sooner 😛
    I will try and accept them..


  • Nicole

    I have been blessed with your mini series and am very close to ordering your book..I almost went into a panic attack the other day i was driving and my 4 year old was screaming int he back of the car and my husband was talking loud..I told my self to have one and it better be a big one..then I said you have 20 seconds to do what your going to do cause I dont have time for this panic attack bull crap..just like that I had control and was fine…I am using these methods daily to take control of my mind..Thank you…i hope to one day fly like I used to again!!

  • JoeAnn Crutcher

    these video are so good.–I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 14 years–been under a doctor–still trying to cope–thank you for your work–I believe this will help me.

  • Kelli

    Feel at least a little soothed by the GAD video, must say that the Irish lilt helps the relaxation process!

  • Mariana

    Oooh my God..I really never thought that anyone would actually find the right words for what I feel till I read all that you had to say. Barry, your description of this sensation is exactly what happens. reading your tips is sooo relaxing . I am flollowing every step and feeling safe and calm. I will go on practicing and working on my body and soul. you gave me hope. Thank you so much.God bless you.

  • happy

    thank u very much i m suffering from panic attack from last six months and was in fear that do i have some mental or physical problem AND U CAME LIKE ANGEL MY ATTACKS R ALMOST GONE BY KNOWING THAT ITS ALL NORMAL AND I M NOT ALONE SUFFERING FROM THIS AND NOW I M READY TO TAKE UP A JOB AGAIN ALL B’COZ OF U THANKS ALOT…i m all back to myself now and know that nothings gonna affect me now U R DOING LIKE AN ANGEL TO PEOPLE LIKE ME THANKS…MAY THE DIVINE BLESS U…HAPPY

  • marie


  • Al

    You have done for me, what no doctor could, THANK YOU. They told me it was in my head and I felt embaresed to tell people what was happening to me when I felt a panic attack coming on because my head did not tell me to have a panic attack, the panic in my head only started after I felt those dreadful sensations. Now thanks to you I can deal with them. THANK YOU AGAIN

  • Charlie

    Im really glad i found this mini series, the videos are an excellent example of how a panic attack manifests itself, and how GAD effects me each day. I am trying the acceptance route, it helps to know im not alone. Thank you 🙂

  • Jayaprakash

    I have seen the videos, bought the panic away book. I am on it now and definitely find success in managing and reducing the frequency. now feel much better. Probably i also have some sadness sometimes alongwith but subsides. Must know on how to deal with that also. so far so good.
    thank you, You must be blessed as this will provide a good solution to many.

  • Boyet Rivera

    Thank you very much! It really helped put my mind at ease knowing that there really is nothing wrong with me physically and mentally.Like many others, I’ve been struggling with my panic attacks for years. Searching for cures. But these mini series is the only one that really worked for me! Once again, thank you very much and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!

  • Bob

    I don’t know where to begin. I was a totally healthy person with fear of nothing. I was actually considered a type T personality. Rollercoasters, motorcycles, race cars. Any thrill, the worse the better. Then one day about 2 months ago I witnessed my first panic attack while at work. Well that’s not what I thought it was. I figured I was yet another statistic of a perfectly healthy fit 45 year old dying of a heart attack. I was taken out of work in an ambulance and spent a night in the hospital for tests. Nothing. I had my stomach scoped, gall bladder tested and finally an echo stress test. I found your website and signed up for your email newsletters. If you are reading this, you are suffering from the same symptoms. Sign up for the letters. Barry is a blessing. I know no more now than I did before the newsletters as to what caused this and if it will ever go away but Barry helped me find a way to deal and most important to know I am not alone or going crazy. I recommend a good cardiologist stress test where they push you as your heart is monitored. It is not comfortable. Not at all. I suffered a panic attack whilst on the treadmill but the Dr kept pushing me with the promise I would be alright. (All we want to know is are we safe?). If something were to happen, this is the place. So I pushed through an attack and completed the stress test. Once you know and I mean REALLY know your heart is sound, this gives Barry’s techniques 100% more strength. Go ahead heart… Beat… BEAT! You are doing what you are told all is good. Although you feel as if your life is falling apart around you… You are safe and this will pass. The sweat will subside, the tingling, the knot in your throat preventing you from swallowing. It will all go away. Just become an observer within your body and watch it unfold. Almost laughing at it. As if to say… What are you doing silly? What’s this about? Where are you going with this? We are not going back to the hospital so why don’t you just stop. Only when you are done so I will patiently sit and wait. I will buy your book and read it cover to cover. Everything I have read so far is spot on. We are not crazy. I am almost ready to find the tallest rollercoaster or fastest car and push it to the limit. No one may ever be able to tell us what caused this. Perhaps stress, stimulants (caffeine, energy drinks) is the culprit. All I know is once you have one, you fear the next and that is what needs to stop. Look forward to it. Barry will help us feel comfortable with that philosophy. Not sure I am there yet but I am certain I will be.

    Bless you Barry and thanks for helping us all.

  • Christine

    Dear Barry,

    I just found your website a couple of weeks ago, everything I have read so far makes a lot of sense to me. I have been dealing with anxiety since I was 30 years old, I am now 54. I have been on Paxil for several years, and for the most part it has helped control my anxiety alot. My problem is, everytime I have a lot going on in my life, the anxiety returns. I’m only taking 20mg. of Paxil. But I have 2 leaky valves in my heart, so when ever my blood pressure goes up, I have to wonder if it’s my heart or anxiety. I am checked twice a year by a heart specialist for my valves.

    Everytime I think my anxiety is acting up, my blood pressure goes up, and even with talking to myself and letting my anxiety go to where it needs to go, I can’t help but wonder if this is good for my heart as many times as the anxiety happens.. Any helpful info you could give me at this time would be very much appreciated!

    I am so thankful that I found this site, because so many people just don’t understand the words “Anxiety Attack”. Unless you haven’t been there, they just don’t get it. Right now I think I’m experiencing morning anxiety, that is if theres such a thing, it usually lasts to noon.

    Please keep doing what your doing Barry, because you are helping so many, and you do understand what some of us are going through. So to that, I say thank you again.


  • Jason

    Im 37 years old.I have dealing with panic attacks and high anxienty since i can remember.i have never been on drugs for it or to help me cope.i always knew i wanted to deal with my anxienty and never used drugs as a source to depend on.This program has been a god sent for me.Anyone out there that is going through this for there first time try to learn as much as possible about panic and a human sponge of knowledge for what you are going through.always tell yourself that its will pass and never ever give up.This program is so right,face the panic!.run towards it with open arms,embrace it.hold it as your best friend.these are just a few of the coping skills i am learning that is helping me more than anything.i can only say this now because of all the years of dealing with this have been feeling more confident then ever since i have purchased this program.To Barry,thank you for this program and to all you out there who might read my post just remember,your not alone in this.never give up and be strong.and always be true to yourself.

  • natalie

    You have saved me from myself! I cannot thank you enough, the second i started reading your program which my dad bought for me, I felt I had found the solution to my lifelong panic attacks, from which I suffered severely last year when they turned into agoraphobia. Iwish i had found your program sooner. God shall repay you immensely for doing such good with your knowledge and sharing it to help others. You are an angel as far as I’m concerned. You gave me my life back with Panic Away.

  • esperanza

    You are a BLESSING! I feel a great Relief of my anxieties and depressions. God reward you for your unselfish contributions to us anxiety sufferers. Thank you very much!

  • gloria

    hello, just wanted to tel you tank you for your support and how glad i am to know that I am not the only persone that get,s that and it is so true the way you describe it ,,,once again tank you.

  • Linda

    I think that learning to demand more has helped me some, but i still have a big problem by talking to people. My neck is getting really tense and my head start to shaking. I can handle the feelings inside, but this shaking is causing panic to meet people. I am pregnant now, and my anxiesty is getting worse now i feel. Is there anything i can do too stop this shaking??

    Thank you very much for a really good book and mails!

  • Ted

    Thank you. This is hard but it is comforting to know that there are others out there. More comforting still is that there are people who are finding peace after a long time of anxiety. It gives me hope and inspiration. Thank you for offering these exercises to us free of charge. Honestly, thank you very much. Oh, and your voice is soothing to.

  • Marion Amos

    Thank you so much for all your videos, and help and understanding. Very much appreciated. Yours Sincerely in Christ, Marion

  • Robert

    Jose, I know how you feel, believe me. At age 11 I was diagnosed as being a very nervous child. I was put on some kind of med. I use to sneak valium from my mother’s prescript. I never did well in school. I joined the Air Force at age 22 and spent 5 years active duty then 14 in the Reserves as a full time tech. I was medically disqualified from both, Civil Service and the Reserves. I’m now receiving Civil Service Disability Retirement from the job and SSDI. I’m constantly feeling the same symptoms that I don’t feel I can hold a permanent job. I’m 52 now, on 2 different anti-depressants and Xanax. Things look so sureal to me and i’m constantly feeling bewildered. It’s as if I’m in a trance, staring into space. I have to constantly look down when I’m walking to make sure my feet are reaching the ground. I know it seems odd but there’s a lot more symptoms and I’m constantly receiving counciling. Good Luck and hang in there.


  • scott

    I don’t need to embelish you with anymore positive comments as you proberbly know you got some good techniches and the fact it is freely available to everybody is great. Its a condition i wouldn’t be comforable with seeing someone about and to do this for people that suffer from this terrible condition is i think great!
    Thankyou for the effort you have put to create this program and all the best to you.

  • shadae thompson

    im 18 years old girl, who lives in jamaica. ive been on meds for some minor sickness and after i finish taken them i went into depression,, then rite after i start having panic attacks,, i tried everything, i went to everybody and they all said the same thing,, after watching this vedieo i felt relief,,, i wont be able to get the book anytime soon but ill jus keep reading other people comments on how to end it, so keep up the good work, panic away is the best

  • Elaine

    Thank you for the videos they really describe my life, and yes to hear you speak is very relaxing, I wish I could obtain either relaxing CD’s or meditation tapes with your voice, you seem to have a calming effect on me after 17years of suffering, I am still ona small dose of xanax and reading your book and newsletters and joining the forum, but not sure how I get off the tablets to challenge this problem med free

  • claire

    as a person who has a fear of flying, i will definately try this tactic instead of having a alcoholic beverage before getting on the plane. I recently started having anxiety attacks whilest stopping at stop lights in the car, i thought how stupid is this for years ive been driving and it never worried me then, but by using some of the info you have given me, is getting me there to be normal again 🙂 thank you so much

  • Lino

    Thank you. First of all it’ s nice to know that I’ m not the only one with such problems. Secondly your suggestions are very interesting and I’ ll start practising them straight away.

  • Julie

    I started having anxiety attacked just over one month ago. About two weeks ago I came accross your website and started to recieve your mini program series and videos through email. Within minutes of reading each and every one I felt a sense of relief and calm. You are a genius. I am seriously thinking to buying your book. Thankyou sooooo much and may god reward and bles you.

  • J Hunter

    Hi Barry,
    Thank you for your weekly newsletter. They have helped me with my attacks. I am still struggling to to the accepting part of it but am working on it. I am hoping to over come that soon and have a good night sleep for a change without waking up at 2.30am every morning.

    Thank you for taking the time by provding all this useful information and tips.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Jaye Hunter

  • Anna

    These videos really help me with the Panic Attacks, but my thing is the symptoms….tension, headaches, tightness around my head, dizziness, etc. I need to help making these annoying things go away. I see a lot of information on what to do when you have a panic attack, but nothing on the symptoms. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am so over feeling this way. Thanks.

  • Tony Kwan

    Speedy recovery
    I have since recovered from Anxiety Disorder ( PANIC ATTACKS ) after
    about 4 months. Panic Away Program was my FIRST AID and has been MY
    COMPANION since then. When I was first inflicted, I had PA Program to
    gave me the assurance that I will be well and recover in time. The PA
    Program helped me to program my mind positively inorder to recover
    sooner. The recovery period has many obstacles along the way. PA
    Program reassured me recovery is definite and certain. I wish all who
    may be sufferring from Anxiety Disorder to think positively that your
    recovery is FOR SURE it will happen. Your speed of recovery depends on
    your own desire to get well soon. Speedy recovery

  • Francisca

    Hi! thank you so much for the videos they really describe my situation when I was having full grown panic attacks. I still feel them, but I think I must gain control in the situation; because I can get throug it now with the relaxion excersice.
    I have been reading th ebook I bought from you and now seen the videos are very very helpull.
    thanks a million for the wonderfull help and suport you have provided to me.

  • Daniel

    Burry i am over the moon with all your mini serius i dont know what to say but am the happies man in the planet if you were a woman 100% i could marry you never mind you are the best man enjoy the rest of your life and wish you all the best

  • Aaron

    Hey I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for a year, but mostly GAD. I can deal with all the other uncomfortable sensations but what really grinded me was the heart racing, probably because it happened first. I relate it to my grandma having a seizure three months before my first panic attack. I’ve been applying this method for about 3 weeks and it’s helping DRAMATICALLY. I’ve only had 2 panic attacks in the last five days. It’s really helping a lot and myself and I know everyone else would like to thank you Barry. I have a huge opportunity in front of me career wise and I was afraid at first but now I have the attitude “I’m taking this opportunity cause it could be life changing and anxiety can’t stop me, no matter what symptom it throws at me I accept and will move on”

    Recently, every single symptom came back but I remembered the phrase “the night is darkest just before the dawn”. I think we can all learn life lessons from anxiety, it wasn’t all bad. But it is a year I’d like to move on from. Barry I can’t thank you enough though. I also noticed my GAD level was been a lottttt lower recently. Naturally, I’m a very calm person so this was strange for me but I think I come from a family of worriers. Sorry this was long, but thanks 😀

  • mark

    Like some people, I’ve just started having attacks. Don’t know where they come from, but they happen. I’ve read some of the panic attack articles and they seem to help out. I will continue reading and using the methods I’ve seen and read so far. I know there is a more calmer way to live and will do what it takes to acheive this in life. Thank you so much for your time and understanding. Mark,

  • Wanmer

    The videos are really realistic and pictures what people may feel in those situations. I can recognize the feelings. Thanks for your work and your dedication.
    But what if the source of anxiety comes only when your are around people or some of them !!!
    I understood the process and it really make sense, but it takes a certain concentration. It can be practiced when the anxiety manifest when you are alone like fear of flying.
    What if the the anxiety comes only when your are around people and is created by some of them ? Hard to focus and practice when people are around. I’m asking because I believe that we are a lot in this case. We disconnect with ourselves quite easily around people when the anxiety manifest because we are terrorized by their judgments if we lose control which makes it very hard to concentrate and practice. It’s a circle.
    Thanks again for your work and sorry for my English. I’m french speaking.

  • Jerry Johnston

    Thank you for becoming so involved with the people’s lives you have help change. It is very heartwarming to not only learn how to cope but to share in the beginning and as your going through, a deep part of yourself with someone who has been through the fear. As far a hell goes to each of us, having the feeling or to put it better, to get to a stage of panic because your afraid of being stuck with the fear of upcoming panic is as close to hell as I think one can get. In other words, once one understands what panic is, and tell me if I’m wrong, but to over think the mind to try and find the reason for ones panic is something the mind does on its own. It goes over and over the same old story of why am I feeling like this. The body is full of adrenalin because, like you’ve said if I have it right, the mind has overworked itself trying to figure out why it is so scared. Its the bodies way of coping with a stressor in a self defense mode, and in turn causes a back fire as in doing all this thinking of how to get out of fear it is just spinning its way to more fear by dumping more adrenalin as the body senses its in danger because the mind is over thinking and stressing which the body reads as a threat and dumps more adrenalin as a precaution to danger. The body is just trying to do a God given gift to survive and doing it to well and digging itself a hole in a pile of adrenalin. Now once one figures this out it seems its always aware of the slightest little bit of adrenalin in the body as the mind is now good at being aware of the feeling of what the body senses as fear, to help combat a conceived threat. So now one becomes too aware of this feeling of tension, which is just a defense, but still uncomfortable. The trick is now for me to now be overly sensitive to this fearful feeling even though its perfectly natural. Knowing its natural is no enough to stop the uncomfortableness. Knowing its just adrenalin is not enough to be uncomfortable with it. Flowing with it is still uncomfortable because thats the way the Lord intended it to be. So the answer seems to be to deal with the pain as we know what’s causing it. Can you add to all that Please. Sincerely Jerry Johnston

  • Becky

    Thanks so much for the videos, I applied the technique several times today and the symptoms went away and did not lead to panic attacks. I wished I found your website yesterday. I started teasing myself with the labelling technique and naming them out loud. Facing it works better than pushing it away. It reminds me of how I got over the fear of height by purposely looking down from high up, it was hard at the beginning then the fear went away.

  • josephine

    , im so thankful for finding this site, and for your work and energy you put into it, have been reading all the
    mails you sent to me, about panic attarcks, and to say the truth, it really helped, i followed all the steps
    even when was driving…contuned to invite it in, just by being positive and knowing that nothing is gona happen to me.. i simply presed my right hand to my heart when ever i feel any strangeness, in me..
    and just watched the videos also about flying, it really gona help me cause i also feel it when ever im going to fly…. so gona stay positive and keep in mind that everything is gona be aright…
    again thank you so much,
    god bless you.


    By watching these video it gave me a confidence that at least someone knows what actually happens with me. it is usually in the markets and air travel that i fear a panic can come any time. i ll surely practice if God forbid i get a next attack.Thanks for doing this noble job for helping people with this worst disorder.

  • laura

    i really just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as you have helped me understand what im going through and that im not the only one, its helped me with my gad but now im just trying to tackle the attacks but i am going to put all your tips to great use thank you soooo much.

  • paul byrne

    Barry once again, thank you so much for your emails,,absolutely fantastic.
    i just watched the animated videos and i find it amazing how much sense they make.
    I only discovered Panic Away last week cos i am going through a setback. Already i have noticed a great difference. I have been using the Dr Claire Weekes method for years now, which is similar to yours.Finding Panic Away was just the kick i needed to get me going again.A heartfelt thanks to you.

  • Me an

    After reading your articles on your website and the emails you have sent me, i realized i have been experiencing panic attacks since 2003, which i thought was a heart condition. I have visited doctors who would always tell me that nothing is realy wrong with me except for heart burn. I even visited a psychiatrist who also told me nothing is wrong with me but never said anything about panic attacks or GAD. In 2006, i had myself admitted to the hospital after being brought at the emergency room because i could hardly breath, feeling dizzy with a heart pounding like a drum. Then i was diagnosed with hyperthyrodism and was prescribed some pills. I thought everything is going to be fine because I already know my sickness, yet, after sometime that i have not experienced the panic attack, and after having a normal TSH level, i again experienced those heart pounding experience like crazy! I then searched the internet of any article that will help me understand the symptoms of my illness..that is when i stumbled upon PANIC AWAY and i realy thank Mr. Barry, next to God, for all his efforts in helping people with panic attack and GAD.. I still experience panic attacks and still feel bad about it but not as much as i did before. I know that with all the articles sent thru my email which makes me feel better each time i read them will soon be my arm to eliminate the fear of having panic attacks.

    Again, my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Barry and all the people behind PANIC AWAY..God bless..^-*

  • Stephen

    I am from Ghana and have been suffering from intense panic attacks for the past 10years.
    Infact your guidelines and instructions has been very helpful to me. I was someone who could not read for 5 minutes due to the intensity but now I can read well over 30 minutes.

    Thanks very much and still need help because panicing is always overshadowing me.

  • Melissa

    Hi Barry,Thank you so Much I’ve tried to read your email it is true it helped me when I had Anxiety and panic attac is 5Month ego I thougth that I was going to die my mind was full of dieying but now my thought are chenging in kind of goodway.
    may God bless you.

  • michael

    The program is effective and it does work. i am so happy to find a community with common pains and concerns. thank you all

  • peter

    I have been suffering from panic attacks for about 4 years.
    I have tried many different sources to beat my anxiety disorder. I have come to learn to ’embrace’ my anxiety and I have never looked back. This program has helped me develop my confidence and I am so lucky and grateful for it.
    Thank you

  • francesco

    hi i will try this method as soon as possible i am really tired of my fear having panic attacks i would like to fly again without takes any xanax which right now i can’t and not having bad feeling,i am fighting with my anxiety for long time and when i am not understress i am kind looking for my anxiety,i am 43 right now i would like to have mi ilfe back without fear of anxiety or panic attacks and bad feeling,i will try sure it works for me too, thank you in advance francesco from italy.

  • success

    Hi readers I am 35 I can tell you one thing for sure I have been fighting with fearful thoughts,anxiety depression panic attacks because of the anxiety for over 6 months and I also started taking some anti anxiety medications which did helpp but I knew that I cant take them for ever so luckily i came across Barry’s panic away programme which I have been using for the past few weeks and yes I can say for sure it does work and it so reassuring to read the panic away book.I had all kind of doubts whether I had schizopernia like my sister inspite of 3 doctors saying i was okay and it was just anxiety, heart attacks and lot fo fearful thinking but now I am doing far far better when ever I have a bad day I read the book and practise the excercises and it does work but you have to try it with all your heart and it takes courage but you will see light. I was worried about meetings at work and I was always getting panic attacks but now I am able to manage it by demanding more.remember quiting is not an option read panic away and you will learn a lot about your condition.Thank you barry and to all readers there is hope

  • Mairead

    I realize that panic when flying is similar to my fear which is driving, but, it is not really the same. In a plane someone else is in control. Driving a car. I alone am in control. I could be in danger and perhaps through no fault of my own could be in a horrible accident. The biggest fear comes with SPEED and my heart rate goes up alarmingly with speed Please send me something which applies to that fear Mairead

  • Emily

    Thankyou for your knowledge. I am on the road to recovery after 8 years and I feel free. Thankyou


    Dear Barry

    you have got a wonderful video but all fears I have are associated with aging as I am in my mid forties.Now I am not regularly going to my college for teaching my students as I had a few attacks in college.I am taking anti anxiety drugs too-but I think life can only help anyone change physically and mentally.I have a strong opinion that most of the psychiatrists in Coimbatore are not thinking like you as they even don’t have confidence and wisdom to cure mental or behavioral illnesses.Yesterday my cousin in mid fifties died out of a heart attack- .how come life gives me always bad experiences ?so life is something which can cure any illness.

  • Jeremy P.

    Hello everyone,
    I’m 16 years old and have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety since I was about 9 years old. My symptoms are more uncommon, as my main reactions are gagging and nausea. I also have palpitations and fearful thoughts like everyone else, but the nausea is really bad for me. I’m thankful that I found this program, and I would like to sincerely thank Barry for his dedication to helping me and everyone else who suffers from these panic attacks and GAD. I’ve been able to disperse “smaller” panic attacks using the acceptance technique, however whenever I have the “really bad” panic attacks I have difficulty accepting them. I get the really bad panic attacks usually when I’m out in public at restaurants. I want to be able to be able to fully embrace the sensation, but I’m so scared of seeing my family, friends, and strangers seeing me gag and freak out in public. I think that’s my biggest problem. I’ll continue to work towards fully accepting, but right now, I’m still working on it. I pray for everyone here, whether you’ve conquered panic attacks, or are still working on it. 🙂

  • Sharon

    This is the same technique that Clair Weekes created for her patients many years ago. It actually works.

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