Getting to Sleep and Panic Attacks at Night

As most doctors will tell you, there are two things that disturb sleep: physical pain and worry.

It’s therefore understandable that many people with anxiety report frequent sleep disturbance as a major problem.

Not being able to sleep can actually be quite traumatic for many people.

The first thing you need to understand about sleep is this: it’s not the amount of sleep you get that’s important, but rather the quality of the sleep.

Quality over quantity.

I am going to give you some quick tips to help tackle any problems you are having with sleep. Firstly, to break the insomnia cycle, begin by not presuming you will sleep! That seems like the wrong attitude, but if you approach each night as just a possible opportunity to sleep, this helps remove the pressure you are placing yourself under.

In a way, some people have performance anxiety when they think about sleeping:

“Will I be able to make myself sleep tonight?”

The answer is maybe yes, maybe no. If you’re going through a period of sleeplessness, a good night’s sleep isn’t guaranteed, for whatever reason, so you have to accept that for the moment. If you get one or two hours’ sleep, that’s well and good, and if you get nothing, then accept it and move on. Each night, as you retire, say to yourself:

“I’m preparing for bed, but I won’t try to force sleep. If it comes, it comes. If not, I won’t beat myself up over it. This is a period I’m going through, but I’ll soon return to normal sleep patterns.”

Every person goes through periods of sleeplessness from time to time. It’s very natural. You may not be aware of why you experience sleeplessness, but at the very least, you can accept it.

Let me emphasize the importance of surrendering to your inability to sleep. Surrender to whatever may or may not happen during the course of a night, and you’ll put your mind under less pressure. After a certain point, it’s really the anger and frustration that keep you awake most of the night.

Naturally the best way to get a good night’s sleep is a good physical workout each evening in the outdoors. This is very effective because the mind may try to keep you awake, but the sheer physical exhaustion brings on sleep quicker. Couple that with a willingness to accept sleeplessness, and you’ll find yourself sleeping much easier.

Remember that alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine should be avoided several hours before sleep. You may be the type who finds it initially hard to get to sleep as your mind races with anxious thoughts. Should you find your mind racing and you simply can’t achieve sleep, keep a journal beside your bed. Sit upright and start to write down how you feel:

“I’m feeling quite restless. I keep turning over and over, trying to sleep, but I have worries on my mind.” Now write down all of your worries, for example:

“Tomorrow I have to do X, and I’m afraid I won’t be well rested, etc.”

Continue to write down your worries until the exercise actually becomes quite boring. Then your body and mind will slowly want to return to sleep. Writing like this is a simple tool for preparing your mind in a linear way to wind down and return to sleep (an advanced form of counting sheep).

Don’t be afraid of writing pages and pages of nothing in particular. What you’re doing is helping the conscious mind release whatever is keeping it awake so it can stop obsessing and return to sleep.

You see, one of the reasons we can’t fall asleep is that our mind feels these worries (whatever they are) are important to analyze over and over; they need urgent attention and therefore should be thought about all night long.

The more worked up you get by the worries, the more your body gets stimulated and the harder sleep is to achieve. Writing down all your worries on paper has the effect of saying to your mind:

“Okay, mind, you think these are important. I’ve written them all down in detail. They won’t be forgotten, I promise. I can come back to them tomorrow and deal with them then-but RIGHT NOW, let’s sleep.”

The mind can be like a small child who just needs reassurance that things will be dealt with and looked after. That’s all it needs to let go of these mental worries. You then discover, in the morning, that almost all of the worries or concerns aren’t big issues. Many of our worries are the workings or an overactive imagination.

Dr. Dennis Gersten of San Diego suggests an approach that is effective for particularly restless nights. You may want to experiment with it the next time you are very restless in bed.

Try the following:

-As you lie there in bed, start by remembering a time in your life when you absolutely had to stay awake! Maybe it was an important exam you were studying for and you had to keep cramming through the night.

Maybe it was staying up all night nursing your baby to sleep. Maybe it was when you were traveling through the night on a bus and needed to stay awake in case you missed your stop.

I am sure there have been many different occasions in your life where you had to force yourself to stay awake.

-Remember the weariness and the effort just to keep your eyes open. Remember how your eyelids felt like lead weights and you wished you could close them, even just for a minute. At that time, you could not give in to your urge to fall asleep; you had to fight hard to stay awake. Relive those memories and really try and remember exactly what that felt like.

-Now think about right now, and how good it feels to actually be in bed with no pressing need to stay awake. Think how much you would have given to be where you are now, lying in your bed with your head resting on the pillow and the complete freedom you have to fall asleep. It feels really good to actually have full permission to fall asleep right now.

There are no demands on you to stay awake. With your eyes closed spend a few more minutes remembering that time.

-End of exercise.

Night Panic Attacks

People with anxiety disorders can sometimes be awakened at night by panic attacks. We know that most nighttime panic attacks aren’t caused by dreams. Records of sleep polysomnographia show that most panic attacks take place during the early sleep phase (phase II), not during the REM phase associated with dreams. This is different from nightmares. Nightmares happen during the second half of the night, so we’re often able to remember the content of these dreams.

It’s important not to go to bed fearing you might have a panic attack. Go to bed confident that if one should arise, you’ll successfully deal with it. That way, you don’t put yourself under pressure to NOT have a panic attack. Many panic attacks are experienced at the very moment of falling asleep.

If you wake with a panic attack, implement the One Move Technique as outlined in my course Panic Away. (See end of email)

Here’s a description a woman recently gave of her experience:

“Getting to sleep is a real problem. Just as I’m about to drop off to sleep, my body seems to jolt awake, like an electric shock, which then frightens me and keeps me awake for hours.”

This jolt is called a hypnic jerk, or hypnagogic massive jerk. A hypnic jerk usually occurs just as the person enters sleep. People often describe it as a falling sensation or an electric shock, and it’s a completely normal experience. It’s most common when we’re sleeping uncomfortably or overtired.

There’s been little research on the subject, but there are some theories as to why hypnic jerks occur. When we drift off into sleep, the body undergoes changes in temperature, breathing, and muscle relaxation. The hypnic jerk may be a result of the muscles relaxing. The brain misinterprets this as a sign of falling, and it signals our limbs to wake up, hence the jerking legs or arms.

People turn hypnic jerks into panic attacks because they already feel nervous about their condition and the jolt scares them into thinking something bad is happening. Again, it’s a fearful reaction to a sensation.

Usually when these people wake up, they gasp for air, and this can also turn into a fear of a breathing problem while sleeping. If you jolt awake with panic, then simply understanding the nature of a hypnic jerk can strip away the anxiety from the experience.

Reassure yourself that you’re safe and that the jerk isn’t something to worry about. It doesn’t disrupt your bodily functions, and it doesn’t put you in any danger.

That concludes the Anxiety Mini Series.

I hope you have been able to take something from it. I want to leave you with a few last comments. All too often people with anxiety are pressurized to end their anxiety. People pass remarks like:

“I wish you could just snap out of your anxiety”.

Although people mean well, these type of comments are not helpful. People don’t just think one thought and snap out of anxiety. There is a step by step process of removing the illusion that anxiety creates and for some this can take time where the anxiety has been present for many years.

As this is the last of the mini email series I really want to impress upon you that anxiety is curable. What you must never stop doing is searching for the right approach for you. By the way I hope I have not come across too strong in pushing my course Panic Away. I am excited by the results it gets and that is why I talked about it frequently.

After many years working in this area I am now more convinced than ever that every single person, regardless of how severe, can end their anxiety problem. If you have a thought that is telling you different then you need to lose that thought.

Never stop trying, never give up. That is the best you can do.

Best Wishes

Barry Joe McDonagh

If you want to learn more about my work then visit the following link:

All material provided in these emails are for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition

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  • heart

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  • angela

    I’ve never been a very confident person, but I had my first panic attack 3 years ago and it has ruined my life. The anxiety and fear of anxiety was so bad that I haven’t even been able to enjoy any of the good things in life. For instance, I had a book published (after years of dreaming of this) but my anxiety was so bad I couldn’t have a party to launch it or do any readings to promote it. I got married- but again, my anxiety was so high I couldn’t have a party of any kind to celebrate. Anxiety has robbed me of hope by this point, it’s become a lonely life. It is so bad now I hardly see friends or go out socially because I fear if I do I will have a panic attack and embarass myself.

    But I want to thankyou for this mini series, it made me feel hopeful to read i for the first time in a long time. I’m going to practise these techniques with all my might.

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  • Francesca

    This is great so helpful.I just moved into a different state and getting adjust to everything is really worring me,the kids school and all..I feel like I am not in control of anything .Sometime I just want to stay in bad all day and sleep because I am so tired,i used to be so strong nothing would stop me ,but since 2004,during my husband deployment I ‘ve been soffering of anxiety . I can keep it well under control if I am not to too stressed,right now is too much! I am so glad to be able to have this mini courses to help.Thank you

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    I felt misunderstood and was afraid to “reveal” myself even to my husband. I had a total fear of the future and a profound sense of sadness and hopelessness. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me!

    Thanks a million!

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  • Rena Blomberg

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    I do appreciate you mini series that you share. I can relate to all of them and I’m trying very hard to put your suggestions to use.
    Thank you so much,

  • Zhana

    Barry,thank you very much for the mini course, and the advice. I’m suffering from anxiety for 4 years. I went through different levels of anxiety – starting from problems with breathing, anxious thoughts 24 hours a day, difficulty going outdoors, shopping… To be brief – everything that didn’t represent a problem to do or to go, now is an effort. I’ve had many anxious feelings during this 4 year period, and many panic attacks. It seems that I’m always worried (not a real worry, but a worried mind). I went through all kinds of blood tests, hormone tests, thyroid check with my physician – everything seems in order. The only health condition I have is – Mitral Valve Prolapse, but my doctor doesn’t know if my anxiety is really provoked by this illness.

    Thank you for your advice. I’ll try to work with myself, and see the results. It doesn’t hurt trying even if I don’t get rid of anxiety forever, since I didn’t come to a better solution yet. I really don’t want to spend all my life taking Alprazolam, or be dependent on it. Even during my worst panic attacks I never took more than .5mg a day. I myself don’t like medicines, and if possible try to stay away from them as much as I can. I believe, if it’s not anything serious, our bodies are built to heal on their own, we just have to know how.

    It’s nice to know that I’m alone suffering from anxieties and panic attacks.

    Good luck everyone! Don’t give up.

  • wanza

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  • Meghan

    Got to read the whole thing. I took some time off reading your newsletters. When I read this one I forgot how much good information you give out. I suffer from nighttime anxiety as well. My big fear is when I’m about to fall asleep. Right when I’m tired I’m afraid to fall asleep. I suffer from chronic nightmares. Every night it’s about something else that leaves me full of anxiety and in a horrid mood the first part of the day. Even though I know it’s just a dream, my anxiety doesn’t.
    That said I love the journal idea. Now when I’m afraid to fall asleep because of the dream, I will get up and write it down. Write down the dream too so I can read it and be like, “What a silly dream, that can NEVER happen!”
    Thanks again for the helpful newsletter I enjoy reading them.

  • Doreen Hutton

    Hi Barry:
    I have been reading your materials and I thank you for sending them to me. My girlfriend bouight the Panic Away program for me, and I have been listening to the CDs and reading the box. I a couple of days I will receive the book, and I am looking forward to reading it. These resources are veryhelpful, thank you.


    i am definately gonna buy this product. this has already helped tremendously just reading these mini courses. i can only imagine what the full program is like.

  • Toby

    Every single word i read in panic away course does make sense.I haven’t been able to read it all and i’m sure i have to re-read it again and again much slowly but surely.In the meantime,i do feel much better and safer but i know it will take some time before mastering the technique.
    Most sincerely,i want to thank you Barry for showing me that your main goal is to help people and not to sell your course.I really apreciate that and i feel as if i have gained a precious mentor and friend.

    All the best

  • Ellen

    Barry ..I’ve been unable to identify my symptoms until now. I’m quite certain that they are from anxiety and fear (of what, I don’t know exactly)…fear of being alone?. My son lives with me now and that helps, but if and when he leaves, I’m going to have to tough it out!. You have been so generous with your insight and information and help, it’s amazing. The Lord will bless you for helping so many people. I’m sure He already has! THANK YOU!!..PS: My dream is to go to Ireland if and when I can get on a plane and especially that far!!..I’m in the US …Thank You again!, Ellen

  • stefani

    Reading this has helped me so much and it takes a load off of me knowing I am not the only one suffering so badly from this. I’ve suffered for about a month and it all started when I started a new birth control and awoke one night gasping for air. I had no idea why and I literally thought I was dying. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest and my whole body was shaking. Since that night I’ve had a terrible fear of it happening again and I fear falling asleep, so I end up forcing it upon myself so I am able to get up for school. I only pray that this goes away because i’m only 18 years old, getting ready to go off to college and this is taking over my life. I’ve missed school and I sometimes I can’t even get through class without having to run to the nurse. I think I’m going to stop my birth control and see if this goes away. Has the pill ever affected anyone in this way before?

  • Ekaterina

    I wanted to say a big thank you to Barry for such usefull and helpfull information. It helped me to realize completely what was going on with me. And his wonderful and at the same time simple methods are very helpful for me in the process of getting rid of panic attacks and general anxiety.

  • margaret

    hi there

    i cant thank you enough for the mini course have followed it step by step and it has really worked for me . i have even recomeended my doctor to put patients that visit his practise on to your site as i feel they could benifit from it.

    many thanks

  • Chris D

    Im finding the mini series of emails a huge help with my anxiety which usually leads to depression.I’m only 24 but I’ve suffered with anxtiety since i was in primary school but got worst gradually upto around 21.I used alcohol from a young age to help combat the side effects,which worked…..for a while.I have now been sober 2 and a half years and yet my anxiety has come back in the last 6months.Without been able to use drink or drugs to numb the pain slightly I’m finding it difficult to have a happy,peaceful life at the moment because the anxiety kicks my butt!i will report back with the effects of the suggestions of your programme and see how I get on.Much appreciated!!!

  • marie @ 8:48am

    Once again Barry THANK YOU VERY MUCH for these wonderful techniques from your mini course because it has helped me on finding solutions on how to control or get rid of my anxiety. I’ll try my very best to purchase your Panic Attack a soon as possible. Right after reading your techniques on sleeplessness, lastnight i slept for about 5 hours straight without waking up in the middle. Once again THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL! Please send me more informations by email. THANK YOU!

  • Louie

    Thank you. Your mini series have been incredibly enlightening and helpful. Just understanding the feelings and sensation of what I’m going through helped me fight through it, and have become more bearable and even less.
    I commend you for your help and dedication to people like me undergoing this situation. Your words are invaluable.

  • Phillip

    I thank you for this mini series, since I had open heart surgery a year ago, I have had anxiety that has gotten worse for months now and medications are not solving the problem, and cannot sleep without sleep medications. I have been to several doctors and all prescribe more medications. I want off meds and live a normal life again. Thank you again I will try what you have suggested.

  • paty

    thank you so much for this course im tryin to balance with natural supplements but till find a solution tha really works this course really comfots mi.

  • Vishal

    Dear Sir,
    I have no words in praise for u!! this mini series convinced me exactly and I must tell you that I am a person who is not so easily convinced but the way the course goes one by one solving the problems the problems actually encounters by the sufferers & the real scientific explanation which goes with it is really convincing & not only that ……………………..AFTER READING THIS COURSE I CAN SAY IT WITH SURE CONFIDENCE THAT THE ONE WHO RESEARCHED WROTE & COMPILED THIS IS A GENIUS OF HIGH ORDER!!!
    I got all the answers I actually needed for a peaceful life ,I am a vvv optimistic person but then you need a technique, assurance, & convince ability!! to actually solve your problem. I am myself from medical field I am a physiotherapist & I have read all the cognitive technique but you know that most of them are coping methods no doubt they too work but they don’t give a permanent solution, though I am a brave man but it feels sad when people look down upon you when they come to know your problem or even if they try to be sympathetic they don’t have a solution!! because they don’t understand your problem & actually they are also not at fault because they actually never suffered from the same problem as you are undergoing !! thanks to this course this really is good because I tried twenty count & challenged the situation!! and the panic didn’t came at all!!! wonder !!! So nice after soooo long!!
    Sir with your kind permission I would like to add one more thing here that I got good results from pressing an acupressure point that is :-there is a point on forearm that is exactly three figures above the wrist crease this point when pressurized thirty times on both or one forearms gives immediate relief in ectopic beats or missing heart beats!!! one more point is good that is:- exactly at the bony junction of index and thumb!!
    I found these real good !!and really helpful I give this because I know that if this helped me it will help all those who suffer the same jumping heart & missed pulse!!
    I promise myself to buy this book as soon as possible this will be an asset to all & to me it came as a boon!!

  • David

    Dear Barry,
    I’ve been experiencing high anxiety and panic now for over half a year. It seems like yesterday that i experienced the first panic attack. It feels like that everything around me is weird and unnatural. But that feeling is slowly going away thank god, and with the help of this mini course, its somewhat helping. All the stuff you have told me has gave me confidence that this will go away, and it feels as if it is, but slowly. You see sometimes it will feel like that im having one because of my vertigo condition, that dosent really help does it ? haha. But i am glad that this is happening now at the age of 16, soon to be 17. I can only imagine what its like for others to experience at adult hood, with it interfering with their jobs, family, etc.The other night i went to my friends feeling somewhat anxious because i was afraid that i was gonna have a panic attack at his house, but i didnt, and after i got home the next day, i realized that it didnt happen, it was a different feeling, something that i havent felt in along time. It was actually a non happy anxious feeling…it made me cry, and it is kind of doing the same right now as i am thinking about it. It seems like i cant stop writing and thinking about it, but im glad that i cant. Im actually smiling right now, and it feels good that its involuntary. I cant even remember the last time that i have smiled like this….and thanks to you, you have made it happen, I honestly have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I honestly believe that when your time has come my friend, heaven will have a seat waiting for you.

  • Kimberly

    Well, today was a landmark day. After having tried about everything in the world, and having every test and scan known to mankind, having failed at my first two attempts at this program, this morning I got it. I don’t consider myself an “anxious person” nor am I prone to panic attacks. This horror can just come out of nowhere (hence all of the medical testing), and we are talking about unbelievable physical effects. I almost gave up on the program. I’m sure it’s going to take some practice to get good at it, but after about an hour, I was ok. Still a little shaky, but I’m ok. Thank you, Barry

  • Licia

    I have been reading up on the mini series and the very first day I felt a good improvement in the way I was feeling. I have a very intense fear of going crazy or something, but everytime I read over these mini series segments I know I will be fine, and this too shall pass. This anxiety disorder in a way has brought me closer to God and I’m grateful that I can just put faith in him and rely on him to see me through any obstacle I may go through. I thank u Barry and I thank God for directing me to your site.

  • katy

    Dear Barry,

    I’ve been diagnosted with GAD for more than a year. I’ve been under treatment. It was very tiring. I was depressed, I was asking questions why me, especially that I’ve been falling ill for a long time and the doctors were like this is more in your head which was not helping at all , a doctor told me to stop comming because I’m just wasting my time and money. It sounds inappropriate but knowing that there is people that suffer from the same thing as me is kind of relieving since all my surroundings and best friends never understand doesn’t matter how long you explain to them, or cry in front of them (unwillingly ofcourse) they just don’t understand. What I want to say, is those mini series are helpful and informative, so thank you barry!

  • jim

    after yet another sleepless night i switched on my computer and read your email about panic attacks at night.Already i feel more confident, especialy after reading about the hypnik jerk which some nights i can get ten times or more.

  • Dina

    thank you, thank you – for these five newsletters. i discovered your website after my doctor prescribed Lexapro for me after having told me to stop my amoxicillin which i took for lyme for the past 3 months. when I expressed that I was still having sweats and chills and was overwhelmed by anything that needed concentration, he said my body is stressed and needs an anti depressant.
    for the moment I am blaming my hot and cold temp. on menopause and taking an herb prescribed by my chiropractor called Lachesis mutus – three tiny pills to melt under the tongue three times a day for three days. she promised that the hot flashes will go away and guess what, they’re almost gone.
    I still feel hot and sweaty when I get anxious or uptight and have been thinking alot about all your advice. the art of gratitude has been especially helpful. after i finish reading the menopause book i just ordered, I would love to purchase your book and have it for future situations, should they arise. how much is the book without the entire program? thank you again, Dina

  • Sally

    awwww…..i was looking forward to these emails and now they have finsihed…i guess i will have to re-read :O)
    thank you from the bottom of my heart. x

  • Georgina

    I have just recently started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and have been really scared.
    I am so happy i found your site I have read all ur emails and am really looking forward to trying your steps.
    I will reply again soon to let you know how it works for me after.
    Thank you so much for sharing your techniques.
    I look forward to reply to you in the future.
    You are an inspiration to many and i will be sure to pass this on to friends.
    Thank you again

  • Verity Pollard

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Verity, I am 46, and I live in Australia. I am now in my 30th year of suffering panic attacks / severe agoraphobia. They started at age 16 due to a family trauma. I suffered racing heartbeat, dizziness (24/7 vertigo), hot flushes, shaking and sweating, chest tightness, the fear that I was going to faint, and absolute terror. I had eventually become ‘room-bound’ finding it very difficult to try and leave my bedroom and walk throughout the rest of my home. How crazy, eh? For about the first 14 of those years, I had no idea what was happening to me. I went through the multitude of tests: ECG, EEG, Catscans, 24xHour urine testing, blood tests, thyroid tests, and everything kept coming up as normal. I can joke at least and say that I know what’s NOT wrong with me. I stumbled across the Panic Away program by accident a few days ago, and downloaded the mini-email program. The emails have really reinforced all that I’ve learned about Panic attacks and agoraphobia over the years, but I really like the idea of the “One Move” technique – to challenge a panic attack to do its worst. At this stage, I am out and about again, I work, study, drive, do my own shopping, pay bills in person, go to social events, and only last weekend did a driving holiday some 2-1/2 hours drive away from home. I really appreciate these emails, and likewise – I wish the book was available in bookstores. Perhaps this is something that can happen so we can all go out and buy it (or have someone buy it for us.) Good luck everyone, Verity xxx

  • Tony Kwan

    I have since recovered from Anxiety Disorder ( PANIC ATTACKS ) after about 4 months. Panic Away Program was my FIRST AID and has been MY COMPANION since then.

    When I was first inflicted, I had PA Program to gave me the assurance that I will be well and recover in time. The PA Program helped me to program my mind positively inorder to recover sooner.

    The recovery period has many obstacles along the way. PA Program reassured me recovery is definite and certain.

    I wish all who may be sufferring from Anxiety Disorder to think positively that your recovery is FOR SURE it will happen. Your speed of recovery depends on your own desire to get well soon.

    Speedy recovery

  • Aaron

    I’ve been using panic away for about 2 weeks and already seeing results. In the past few days though, all my symptoms, well, SENSATIONS seem like they want to come back. but i did what you said yestdersay and today and avoided 2 massive attacks, i mean you know what i mean when you can feel it coming. I accepted the way I feel and it dropped almost right away. And I have just realized I no longer fear a panic attack! It just hit be about 20 minutes ago! It’s a work in progress but I can feel everything getting better

    Thanks Barry

  • Darlene Lundstrum

    This was wonderful and so very helpful!! I don’t usually have issues with anxiety during the day. I seem to fall asleep quite easily but I will often wake up about 60 to 90 minutes later and I don’t remember what woke me up. When I wake up I usually feel like I am really tired – much more than when I went to bed. And I will feel exhausted. Normally I will be awake until about an hour before it is time to get up.

    I work very hard to go back to sleep. Often I will get a CD with positive thoughts. Sometimes this seems to help, sometimes not.

    Going to the chiropractor can sometimes help quite a bit.

    I am looking forward to trying the ideas you had in this email.
    I also hope your ideas can help with restless-leg syndrum.

  • Rhiannon

    I just want to say a huge thankyou. I really thought that I was either going to die from these feelings I was experiencing, or loose my mind. My family does not tend to understand what I have been going through, and try to avoid the topic if I bring it up. I have suffered on my own for a long time. My doctor was no help at all telling me that I will get over it just stop stressing over everything. My panic attacks started in the form of dizzy spells, racing heart, feeling that i could not breath, and pins and needles in my arms so bad that they would cramp up around my chest and neck. I have now discovered { thanks to the readers comments} that the 18 months that i threw up constantly was linked to my anxiety aswell not a form of illness. My doctor had told me quote “it was all in my head and that there was nothing wrong with me”. I don’t know why I stared getting panic attacks but at least now I understand them. Your mini series has honestly changed my life. I read them everyday to remind my mind that I am going to beat this. I highly recommend your advice, and thank you for giving me a chance at a happy life again. Thankyou you are a wonderful person to provide this service for free for those like me who can’t afford you book. All the best.

  • victor

    ..sometimes i could not sleep by this feeling of anxiety..maybe i’m terribly worrying with my relationship with a woman who is a distant miles from me..turning her mind for the last 1 month,ignoring what i say..maybe i’m worried of her negative words..and her new ways there..i really am insulted and presured of what i know are true revelations from her regarding her home mates and i am in the middle of thinking that shes doing that there too when she said i must forget her, …hope to hear from you..

  • Melissa

    I am actually “blown” away by this particular program!!! I have purchased @ programs to learn how to rid myself of panic and anxiety….One US Based one. Very pricey….highly commercialized. The other program UK based,,,Lovely man , for me? I saw very little results…I went into my email last Saturday and found your link!! I had been asking for some help…I guess I was heard!! From what I am reading in these mini lessons makes perfect sense to me like no other anxiety panic program has. I had heard sayings such as “feel the fear and do it anyway” I would think (Yeah ok YOU feel my fear and do it anyway) Or the other one”You are the one causing this panic and only you” I thought? (I do this to myself?) guilt and more guilt…..When I read try to have a panic attack? I thought thats it!! I tried and ofcourse I could not!! I felt a huge feeling of “I am in control of this” not some outside force( which I know alot of sufferers think) I am thinking of the quote “What we resist persists” I will be ordering this program asap!! Thank You and God Bless

  • mat heathcock

    I’m very happy with Barry’s stuff, please have a look at this Zen teacher who teaches how to use negative emotions to return one to the Zen state of NO mind, it’s cutting edge stuff.

    The emotion used in this demonstration is anger, it is transformed into what it really is, compassion. However, the process is the same for anxiety but it is tranformed into what it really is, excitement.

    Please let me know what you think.

  • Joy

    hi – this article about sleep has been so life transforming !!
    I refer to it when needed
    thanks sooooooooo much xx

  • Linda

    I have been wanting to write you for a while now to thank you for your program. It was a Godsend. Through your book, you gave me the tools to be free of panic attacks, and others in my life.

    My cousin found and recommended your program after I was suffering from crippling anxiety attacks following a traumatic death of a friend. I found her in her home. The anxiety expressed itself in severe shaking, difficulty breathing, chest pains and claustrophobia. I was afraid to sleep, eat the wrong thing, travel in a car, a plane, to live. Absolutely everything was frightening, but especially nightfall because it was one step closer to having to go to bed where it was always the worst. I would go for long walks when everyone else was asleep to escape the bed & hypnic jerks. I spent the whole day fluctuating between severe panic attacks and fear for the next one. It was at least once an hour. IT WAS EXHAUSTING. I felt like a slave to the anxiety and a zombie from lack of sleep. My work suffered and my friendships were put on hold. It went on like this for months. My family didn’t understand what was happening to me and tried getting me to take medication, wanting me healthy again as badly as I did. I felt it would be further enslavement to the anxiety and not answer its root cause. My boyfriend didn’t understand the anxiety attacks having never had one, but had compassion for me due to their effects on me, and supported me and my efforts to face it and find a solution that didn’t involve medication. I knew there had to be one. I prayed and prayed. Then, my uncle found your program and my cousin bought it for me. I read your book in one sitting.

    The first time I implemented the One Move I was terrified to do it, but tried it anyway because I figured everything was terrifying, anyway, so why not? It was so simple and straightforward. I was in the car with my boyfriend and felt the anxiety building yet again and decided that was the time to give the One Move a shot. I let him know what I was going to do: invite the panic attack to do its worst number on me and join us on this hiking trip with us. I didn’t need him to help- it was not a battle, just my move to make. I sat with the One Move and a few minutes later I said: “oh WOW, that worked. And I did it!” My boyfriend was impressed. He noticed a relative peace and strength I thought I lost and the trip was panic free (and fun). That was the first stretch of time in months that I felt free in a very long time. I had more panic attacks after that, but those subsequent panic attacks diminished in strength and frequency over the next few weeks, and were interrupted by the One Move. 3 weeks to the day of reading your book, I had my last panic attack. It was so mild, I actually shrugged and went on with my day.

    It has been 10 months since I have had a panic attack at all. Not one. I sleep soundly again & am not a slave to anxiety anymore, all without medication and in the midst of greiving. My friendships have been restored, and my boyfriend boasts about my strength in facing the anxiety. I sometimes invite a panic attack, like you would invite an old friend to dinner that you haven’t seen in a while, but at this point it’s for the fun of it. It never shows up.

    Your book helped me understand that I should try operating from a place of faith instead of fear, which is exactly what trying to have a panic attack is all about (in the midst of a panic attack, it takes faith to understand it won’t kill you, and faith to just go with it.). It made me realize that I am bigger than the anxiety.

    I have since passed on the information to a girl I work with who would have to leave work in a state of acute anxiety. As you can imagine, this put her job in jeopardy. It would drive her to harm herself in other ways, too. Since reading your book and implementing the techniques, she hasn’t had to escape from any situation due to anxiety, much less miss work. She’s still working with me and has recently reported that a)she’s not harming herself anymore and b) she hasn’t had a panic attack in 6 months!

    Thank you so much for publishing this. It is sincerely empowering & above all else, effective.

  • wwayne brandon

    mr mcdonagh ive really have been awakened by the information and inspired by the the time you have donated to people like i shurely appreciated thank you thank you thank you i ve got ocd and have read different literature and taken assorted ssri s visited different phycs and self medicated 4 packs of cigs bad idea but the short time i ve spent reading your emails has really opened my eyes . this has been a long time coming i am 60 yrs old and thank you again


    I have got released from anxiety attack.And i am going to gradually develop.
    thank you for supporting me.

  • Shirley

    Hi Barry,
    thank you so much for your help thank you a million!!your mini series had help me alot. reading them have given me hope that one day i will overcome my anxiety…..i been having anxiety disorder for some time.keep on seeding me this mini course.

  • Linda Reierson

    Dear Barry, I ordered this program for my youngest child Larry (28 yrs old). Before giving him the book and the dvd and cds, I went through them myself and found them very helpful. We watched the DVD together and he was glad to have his symptoms verified. It made him feel hopeful again. He doesn’t live at home and works full time so this is work he will do on his own. I’m the cheer leader and supporter that he needs. Thanks, Linda.

  • mike

    Yes it is very helpful. I was waiting for one about panic attacks in my sleep. The first one I had was in my sleep and I was afraid my body was jumping because I couldn’t breath good or something. This is very helpful. Thank you!

  • Prahlad Lamsal

    Hi good Barry,
    U have been really helpful. Through ur ideas n methods i ve been able 2 reduce my panic attack to a greater extent. I would always think that another greater panic attack was alwaz waiting 4 me but after reading ur mail I ve known that panic attacks r just like a hurricane. They come n go. Really really helpful. Thanx a lot.


  • elena

    Many thanks,sleep advice was second to none(taking pressure of yourself,and acceptance),regards Elena

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