Courage and Panic Attacks

People who have never experienced a panic attack often judge the anxious person harshly.

The outsider has no real comprehension of what is happening to the person experiencing a panic attack and wonders why they fear to do the simplest things.

I know myself that I could not understand how overnight I went from being a confident young man to someone who became anxious of common everyday situations.

Going places took on a whole new dimension as I constantly evaluated if being there might trigger a panic attack.

I had to force myself to do very simple things like go to the cinema or drive in traffic. As a man that type of anxiety really erodes self confidence, as so much of male self esteem comes from being perceived as strong and brave.

…but here I was afraid to queue at the bank!

Today I know better. Through my own journey and all those I have worked with, I know now that anxiety disorders have nothing to do with a persons level of bravery.

I know this to be true because I have worked with many people from the ‘bravest’ professions around. Firemen, policemen, soldiers. All of them admired by others for their bravery.

Some of these individuals would actually prefer to run into a burning building than stay awake at night with a panic attack.

That sounds strange but it isn’t really. In a burning building they knew what to do and how to handle the situation. During a panic attack they felt powerless and out of control.

What you have to remember is that panic attacks and general anxiety have no relationship to the level of courage an individual has. In fact it has nothing to do with the world out there, -it is a problem born out of an internal crisis.

It is easy to feel brave and fearless in the world when your internal world feels safe but when you feel those internal walls have been breached by fear, then your confidence is rocked. The danger you fear becomes internal. Your psychic foundations feel vulnerable.

That is where the crisis originates. The doubting of your ability to handle the sensations shakes your inner confidence and that is what the fear feeds off.

It is a crisis of confidence in your body and mind’s ability to handle the stress. This crisis however does not stop the bravery.

People with anxiety actually do the bravest of things.

They get up each day and get on with life. Picking themselves up after each and every setback. It does not make headline news but it counts because it is real bravery, true courage.

To the untrained eye it does not seem like such a big deal to simply drive out of state, attend church, or go shopping. However for the person with anxiety, that experience can be a massive accomplishment, especially if they have tried and failed many times before.

The good news is:

This bravery does not go unrewarded.

Once the person has triumphed over their anxiety problem, they develop an inner strength that the average person never gets to develop.

You see, no matter how many brave things you do in the world, if you have not been challenged on an inner level, then you miss out on the opportunity to develop real inner strength.

That is the hidden opportunity anxiety presents to you. To become a bigger person than you already are. That is what you take from the challenge of anxiety.

It does not matter if you have not reached that point yet. The journey is unique to everyone so do not judge your progress against others.

The only thing that matters is that you persist.

Persistence will ensure your success.

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Kind Regards

Barry Joe McDonagh

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154 replies on “Courage and Panic Attacks

  • Vicki

    Than You so much for your Panic Away mini courses. I am finding them very encouraging. I have been suffering with chronic anxiety for over 2 years. I have never had a panic attack that made me feel like I might die or needed medical attention, but have definitely felt that I had no control over my bodily functions…ex. sweating, trembling, the fear of embarassing myself by not being able to perform simple tasks! I used to be a pretty confident person, but have had that shattered these last couple of years! I have spent literally thosands on books, doctors, medication, etc. I look forward to the day when I no longer live in fear, but live in victory! I do appreciate all of your E-mails and am trying to put everything you say into practice. Thank you again!

  • joseph

    .I’m a very succesfull person,i have suffered fr gad for about 23 years,i wish there was someone out there i could chat with who is in the same trap,i loved reading your messages every day,i am 48 and in good health,and this needs to stop!!! i take a week every 3 months and go away with my partner,tomorrow we start a riviera partner is 100% supportive,i just dont know what i would do otherwise.I also stay upbeat so it won’t show,but you know to well how i must feel on the inside!! thankx for all your great information.:) JOSEPH………..

  • Denise

    The fact that you smile through it, tricks your body into believng the panic is not as severe. Keep doing what you are doing. If we smille, think good thoughts and continue to live our lives, the panic hasn’t won, you have!
    I have suffered for years, meds don’t work, keeping your mind happy and busy does.
    It’s a challenge, but if you listen to closely to it you won’t overcome it. Laugh at it, dare it to escalate, guess what happens? Nothing.

    A survivor of panic,

  • Tammy

    Every word of this is so true. Unless one has had to experience an attack, they do not know the real fear that is endured. I never thought of myself as having courage, but afer reading this I realize I do. It does take a great deal of courage on a daily basis to make myself get in the car and drive, or to go into a crowded area, etc. Even though, I am so full of fear of the what ifs, I don’t let it stop me. I know that if I don’t and let the panic take over then it has won. I will not let it win again. This is my life and I want to live it my way, not in fear.

    Thank you for the continued newsletters and words of encouragement.


  • Tazzy

    Thanx you for all your support…being a panic disorder victim,I know just exactly how miserable life can be…your help and support are giving me a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel i have been trapped in for so long…thank u again,may God bless you.

  • Reginald85

    Thank you so much, just to know that there is someone out there like you who takes time out of your life to encourage people like me truely makes me feel better about my situation. Thank you and bless you!

  • Heather

    thanks for your emails which are helping greatly. What I would like to know can the anxiety and panic attacks harm me in any way? When I feel anxious I feel that the fear will grow and I will have a heart attacl or something else.
    Thank you,


  • connie from malta

    dearest Barry i dont know if u got my thank u as i don’t know much about pc’s. thanks a million for your letters they r helping me so so much.,i am getting better as i am trying my best .i want to show my sincere gratitude to u again connie

  • burt

    thanks for your newsletters I really apppreaciate them. I’ve been havving aolt of unexplained med problems this year and the Drs never seem to find anything . they suggested that is is my nerves or panic attacks. since receiving your newsletters I’v had a really great week . thanks alot and i feel like I’m finally on my way to victory over this.

  • irma

    your info on water was extremely interesting. a few facts I ignored and even showed us how to cope with midnight hunger .. I am so grateful to you… people like you do help others ,, . I have just lost my beloved husband and I have experienced those symptoms exactly as you have described them. I am sure that some of the burden will be easier to carry from now on thanks to you dear man

  • Hafifah

    I am 30 years old and experiences anxiety and panic attacks for 8 years. I am your freshie and keep reading your Email. i read and reread your tips on how to handle my anxiety,my panic attack ……..

    I’m crying with happy and hopes that all my suffer will go away from my life …Every single one of your words is like medicine for me…………..I feel happy when i know many people experienced the same but …now are free from all of the suffer …..i ‘ll do what you say and give all the feedback. …….

  • Calculus

    it is indeed a battle within..and every undertakings was really a matter to counts, for it is the foundation of every fallback we will have…again thank you for another powerful and meaningful teachings…

  • vicki

    Thank you so much for all of the emails. They help emencily. I have not had this much of a result with meds, hypnosis, books, and all the other products out there. Kinda weird that all you have to do is talk to yourself in a strang way and tell yourself that there is absolutly nothing to be afraid of or worry about. Kind of a comforting thought if you really think about it.

  • Marie

    I am finding such strength in receiving your emails in knowing that I am not on my own. The harsh reality when one experiences a panic attach is not to expect family and friends to fully understand.

  • tiffany

    I have been readin your letters everyday and it seems like I try to push myself 1 more step everyday. Like today I get very nervous going on hughways or far from home becuase I make myself think I won’t make it back home and I think t myslef what if I get stranded ir what if the car breaks down,just crazy things so really I was so bad to where I wouldn’t even go about 15 minutes from my house to the mall. But, today I tried to push myself I went to the mall honestly, I turned around about 100 times but, eventually I gave in and went anyways if I paniced I was just gonna panic. But, I didn’t it went away.My big test is I have a trip planned where I have to go about 3 hours from home this week hope I can do it. I believe I can only because of the letters you sent me. I am fed up so, its easy to just get mad or irritated and tell it to go ahead. I haven’t died yet and, it has been about 3-4 years if not more.thanks alot

  • katie

    I love reading the newsletters, even though I bought the whole program. I like to remind myself of the little strategies, etc. I have never felt so alone and scared as I did after my first panic attack. It happened in very elegant restaurant and I had to leave. I felt embarrased and thought that I was going to have to call 911. I am a very happy and pretty stress free person. I planned a wedding and had several family members go through minor medical issues this summer….and I think that the stress of these events triggered something. This program changed my WHOLE life, literally…overnight. The only reason that I was having additional panic attacks after the first was because of the FEAR of another one….that is it! Now, I know that I am going to come out on the other side alive and well. I have felt fine at work and in public since. I am not afraid of setbacks either. Thank you for changing my entire perspective and making me not afraid anymore!!

  • katie

    i have not yet tried any of your techniques in your emails, but reading throught them all it seems they could really help me and make alot of sense, i used to suffer with panic attacks since the age of 16, i am now 26 with 2 beautiful children but since quitting smoking 5 weeks ago it seems i have triggered anxiety to surface, i am hoping that this will dissapear the same way the panic attacks did, i rid my self of panic attacks by making myself have one 2 years ago, it was the last panic attack i have had, it is very true that if you fear the fear it makes things worse, my problem at the moment is that the anxiety seems to be taking over all my positive thoughts but with the help of your emails i think, sorry, i know i can get throught this, thank you so much xx

  • Karen


  • Guy

    Your e-mails have really helped me. These techniques have really saved me. I’m so glad I found your web-site. I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!

  • Leland

    Thank you for giving me hope back in my life I had no hope for a while there and since takeing your mini courses I made it all the way to the store and your to thank .you have given me a new life.a new begining thank you.god bless you . All the doctors have ever told me is don’t be a woss and get over it .and you tell me I have the courage to get over it and now I am .again thank you.

  • kim

    Wow Thank you Barry for this email…. i have never thought of myself being brave or courageous… i have always thought that i was being so stupid and pathetic and weak because i am to afraid to do things that any normal person can do. i have a family who love entertaining and going out and socializing with people .but because of my panic and anxiety i stay at home because thats where i feel safe even though i sometimes get very anxious being alone… at least nobody will see me make a fool of myself, well thats what my mind tells me. It is very hard for others who have never experienced this to really understand how we can be so fearful of such small things… for me driving alone in my car used to be a breeze but now i am so nervous to try again but i will soon . i have to. I also dont like going into shopping malls just in case i have an attack… thank you from the bottom of my heart for your emails … i wish i could afford to buy your book but i am a stay at home wife and mother and unfortunately my husband does not really understand …..
    once again thank you

  • JUNE

    thank-you very much for the free e-mail Iat one time had it all a great job money car .Then one day out of the blue the attacks I was house bound for 20years . needless to say i lost my job and friends took me to drs. only to be on meds that made me sick. i am on a med now that helps some . i have read alot about agoraphoia with panic attacks. i know from reading you e-mail that you are for real.drs do not understand unfortunately no can unless they have experiended them . i would never wish that on anyone. thank-you for helping us .i would love to be able to drive alone . so that i can help the people that have helped me for the pass 25 years. thanks again for the email

  • Ellana

    Thank you for providing an excellent program it was well worth the money. The daily emails are great, makes you feel not alone. This disorder has brought me to my knees, from being a strong independent self sufficient woman running a business to being afraid to be alone in my own home and just shopping at the supermarket. I have lost alot of precious time with my family and family events because of this and I can’t get the memories back with them. My last panic attackes were 11 years ago and I thought that was that. I never could have imagined they would happen again 11 years later. Anyway, thank you for providing a great resource for us and not leaving us out there after we paid for the program. Thank you

  • Desiree

    Sir,thanking you so mch that i come across to this topic n the google that i found out you…dn”t knw exactly what to do to lessened if not totally cured this feeling of panic attack.Somehow,for few days of reading the course you offered,feeling better now somehow and it also helped me knowing that i”m not alone experiencing this panic attack Which i don’t even know that it is a panic attack until i’ve been able to read so many experiences of different people from deferent places in your column..
    Thank you so much for sharing with us your courses..more power and GOD bless you more. Looking forward to completlely eliminate the fear of panic attack..

  • Namita

    Dear Barry,
    Thanks for ur program and mails.I really liked the way to support all the anxiety and Panic suffering persons. I am suffering from the Axiety from last 2 years. I was actually hiospitalized for the same. My BP went high, Pluse rate high , feet cold and Palpatations fast, as if i had some thing wrong wih my heart. But after spending 3 days and with all medical tests normal, Doctor said it was Axiety Attack and allowed me to go away with soem minor medicines. But after that Year , every 3 months I face the same. but now i handle it alone with my loving husband, he is too supprotive to me when i m facing the panic or axiety state. Alsoi m happy to read ur daily mails and work on the way to have mailed.
    Thanks once again for ur guidence. I m so much confident and brave in my work , but just due to one panic situation everything goes down, but now i m trying to live with it.
    I m 32 years of age and facing from last 2 years that is from 30years.

    Really thanks from my deep heart.
    Like u very much………………………..

    Ms. Namita

  • William

    Dear Barry
    Thank you for all your help as each day goes by It just gets better,I am 64 years of age
    and have had GAD for most of my life but your support and friendliness have made all the difference over the last 6 weeks ,I was always fighting anxiety now in a sense I have befriended it,Only since you have changed my perception of it,Thank you I know it will take time but I feel that with your continuing help and advice right now I feel quite confident about the future.
    Yours Sincerely
    In the UK

  • Michael

    I am 58 and when I look back, I can safely say that I have experienced GAD and panic attacks for most of my life. It really came on strongly when I was sent to boarding school at the age of 11 and any form of familial psychlogical support left me. So what? I can remain a victim, or I can choose to get on with it. Sometimes I have a lot of resolve and do get on with things, but the fears then creep back in and try and ruin things. I have been told by psychiatrists and doctors that I am not a complete nut-case; I just suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and social phobia. So, what do I do? Avoid situations that cause the symptoms. What a waste of time, energy and what a loss of opportunity! I only bought the programme 3 days ago and I already have a bit of hope. I am following the suggestions and look forward to the results. It all seems very logical to me. I have beaten alcohol, I am controlling type 2 diabetes and I am flying this coming weekend (in the path of a cyclone) – flying has always terrified me. I will use the programme. Thank you for this hope. I would be happy to correspond with probable other “ex-sufferers” if the opportunity is there.

  • William

    Hi Barry Its been 3 days of absolute Bliss now and it is all thanks to you,words cannot express my heartfelt thanks,still not perfect but every day is a bonus since I started receiving your emails and support.Thank you William U.K.

  • Madhu

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks a million for your daily mails and the hints provided in each to counter the panic attacks. I am in my mid-50s and the first time I felt this was about 6 years ago when travelling by train, in an enclosed coach. I felt I was suffocating. Claustrophobic. This feeling went away when I could sit or lie near a window. I have been managing to travel thus without major hassles. But then, recently things turned worse when I started having this at home, in my own bed.

    My wife thought I was having a heart attack or some such episode, seeing my panic and the cold sweat.. However, subsequent ECGs and Echo cardiograms reveal a strong heart. I was prescribed some calming pills, which gives me a good night’s sleep. However, being averse to medicines in general I was searching for a way out when I came across your web site a couple of weeks ago.

    I have started applying your 20 count challenge method and invite the panic methods. There has been a little relief, though its too early to tell. A walk to the kitchen for a sip of water also helps. But then, I look forward to the days when I can have a night of good sleep without medication.

    Thanks for your help and your encouraging mails. Yes, we folks who face this must be brave, indeed.

    Thanks once again.


  • Boniface Maina

    Hi Barry,
    It is one week now since i started reading your programme, i can’t believe its like a miracle i feel much better after suffering panic attack for the last 12 years. I had even quited my job coz of the repeated panic attacks. Now i feel that there is hope for my problem. I am happy coz now i know this feeling are part of our bodies and we should not fight the strange sensations. I feel that my life is even better than it was before i had a panic attack coz i’ve learnt so many things that i didn’t know through your programme. Though i am experiencing some setbacks sometimes, i know i’ll get over this as time goesby. As i read your book over and over again, i always tell God, thanks for creating Barry. Long live Barry. JAH BLESS!!

    Boniface Maina From Kenya

  • Fran

    I have enjoyed reading the e-mails. I have been dealing with aniexty for only a month (noticed). I have a new job with greater responsibilties. I have not been diagnosed with aniexty but I have the symptoms. I have been prescribed sleeping pills, due to lack of sleep. The more I think about what I am experiencing I probably need to subscribe to Panic Away, I would like to eliminate these feelings naturally.

    Thanks again for the emails

  • soyel

    Thank you so so much Barry, you really are a God send. I started having panic attacks after I had my first baby, who is now 4. I was put on medication which i was reluctant to take, and eventually stopped taking the medication (fluoxetine) 9 months on. However I during my pregnancy with my 2nd child 2 years ago I began having severe panic attacks, so intense that it was affecting my pregnancy. I was put on medication again which I took and am still taking to date. However I would like to express that reading your mails each day has proven more effective, and is helping me gain confidence and control over my body. Thank you ever so much

  • olivia

    thank u so much for helping me to understand more about this kind of is helping me to completely feel good and eventually heal.i need more information like this and the world is better with people like you who share a lot.thank you again.

  • Eliza (Singapore)

    Hi Barry,

    Been reading your mails and find them encouraging.I am most glad to know that I am not alone suffering from panic attack especially by reading commends from your readers.I could very much relate my conditions and what I suffered with all of them.Will want to order your panic away technique and try it and hope to get rid of this panic attack!! ( even though I still have doubts about how it will work for me)Thank You , your mails have been a blessing to me!!!

  • Dee

    I have enjoyed reading your newsletters and applying your program in my fight against panic attacks. I first experienced my panic attacks in 1988. I spent approx 2.5 years in a panic, took XANAX for a few months only to have the attacks escalate; I went off the meds and worked thru the attacks, using concentration techniques. Every attack manifested itself as a heart attack…difficuly breathing, slight pain in the chest, ache in left arm, but the trips to the emergency room only resulted in a diagnosis of “panic attack”. After the first 6-8months, I found that I had TMJ problems and the feelings from that (severe headaches) were what threw me into the panic attacks; I couldn’t drive or work, let alone function on a daily basis. It was difficult to even get up and feed myself. To help remedy the TMJ, I had braces put on–my headaches stopped, but it took 1.5 years for the panic attacks to stop. I had been panic-attack free until this June 2009, when I suffered a heart attack. Yes, I knew the difference–the back pain was excruciating! One stent later, I was feeling very good and went back to work in July. However, in August, the panic attacks hit full force, and I ended back in the hospital each month for an overnight stay. Eventually a second heart cath was done to ensure everything was still fine…it was! My heart was in great condition…no muscle damage…just these stupid attacks! I had one in Aug, Sep & Oct (thinking female cycle now), none in Nov (thought they were gone for good), and then 2 in Dec. I had 2 weeks vacation in Dec and really felt a mess. I went back to work in Jan, lasted two days and off the rest of the week. I then went back to work the following Monday and used your “bring it on” phrase all day. I made it thru a whole week, every day feeling much better. But I relapsed on Saturday, having an attack while walking around a home show and feeling miserable all evening, but so far the rest of the weekend has been great. I know that a heart attack can cause a woman’s hormones to rage and that the return of these panic attacks is my body’s way of telling me I’ve lost control. The doctors want me to go on Klonopin but I want to avoid it as much as possible. Unfortunately, because the panic attacks make your heart race, I have to be careful to not put that much stress on my heart. My panic attacks manifest themselves as my heart attack did–back pain (not as severe but in the same area), difficulty breathing, gloom & doom, chills in the chest, tingling up the neck–you name it, I feel it! Because I’m paying off a medical co-pay from my heart attack, I can’t afford your KIT, but your newsletters are helping me A LOT! Thank you and all those who have written about their experiences…you’re all helping me thru this difficult time!

  • Rowie

    Hey Barry, have only been reading your material for one week now, but already have made great progress after suffering an anxiety attack in one of the worst possible situations — coming back into the country in the Customs Hall! Pretty awful but I’ve put much of your inspiration into pratice with excellent results. You’ve no doubt helped many people and I congratulate you on your humanity.

  • Jeff Yehia

    Hi there i am on the verge of a major breakthrough so i am close. Thanks to your course i now believe in my mind i am not afraid of panic attacks anymore and my GAD is starting to disapate. I look forward to a full recovery in the next month or so but i agree i will be a stronger person for this ordeal.


  • becky

    i have lived with panic attacks most my life.i hardly ever a prisoner of my own home.i work across the street from where i live.iam so lucky because i couldnt drive far by myself.i have lost out on so much in life.ialways say im a homebody.well now thursday i have to go to a 8 hour class,and im scared to doing alot of planning and trying to fiqure out how to get out of it,but i wont be able i will deal with it with some of the ways your lessons have taught.thank you becky

  • joseph

    Karen!!! God bless you!! it’s Joseph 🙂 i just read your letter,and im on the way out to my shrink appt,i also am on 3mg of zanax per day,what a powerful drug that is,alot of the stars in hollywood are addicted to it!! but thay have the CASH for rehab,Thank god for this site…..I’m so proud of you 🙂 we”ll get out of this mess on our own steam,and with the help of barry. GOD IS GREAT!!!!!! Keep the faith my lovely.


  • Johane

    Dear Barry,

    Thank you so much for the lessons, I feel that finally somebody understands what I am really going through. I am now gaining more confidence knowing that I am not alone and that others I have fully recovered.

  • William

    Barry you are a Diamond my friend,I had 6 terrible weeks back in October -November ,stumbled across this site and went for it,thought well things can,t be any worse,Have suffered G.A.D. on and off for 40 years ,took your advice ,haven’t had an episode for almost 3 months ,feel so much better and feel safer after following your advice to the letter,I know its still early days,but thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend.take care William

  • Emma's Mum Pam.

    Thank you for your emails, My daughter Emma is 27 and has two children, Em has suffered Panic attacks for 4years and unfortunately is in hospital at present due to unable to cope. I have printed your your advice and will take them when I visit tomorrow. You have described the experiences she has when having a panic attack and I am certain your advice will be very helpful. I am sure she will keep you informed of her progress.

    Thank you again Pam


    Thank you so much for your very helpful e-mail mini courses.I have suffered anixety to the most extreme for years now and your treatments are like none I have ever read about. I am trying them and teaching myself your tactics. I do seem to feel better as I know with more practice and information from you I WILL get rid of this from my life. My daughter is having brain surgery on the 18th of Febuary and needless to say I am dealing with alot of anixety at this time. I will continue to hope and have faith and look forward to more information from you to help me out of this dark place I keep slipping in and out of. Thank you again for your e-mails and when I can afford to get your book and cds I will as I know they Will be able to help me even more!! God Bless. Jennifer

  • cathryn

    tks barry for the emails.they r great. i feel much better in my self knowing that thats all they r (.just panic attacks.) amd u r right u cant wish one on yrself. 🙂

  • Jean

    I used to have panic attacks really badly some years ago and still have the occasional moments of fear where I think not again and get a bit depressed for a little while. Your methods make a lot of sense and do help a lot I have started to challenge the fear as you suggest and it goes away. You are spot on when you say we are brave and they do say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger..

  • Martin

    Barry, thanks for this article about courage and panic attacks.It is one of the most inspiring and encouraging I have ever read on the subject. May God bless you.

  • Carlos H.

    i just want to thank u for ur time and pattience u have… also id like to say that before getting the program i used to have the tightness on the chest and shortness of breath… now i can deal with that is not a prob the only thing is becoming hard for me to get over it is the diziness and the tremors sensations usually they appear really bad at nights before sleep time and last till i wake up an hour after i wake up ..maybe some of u have had experience the same feeling if u do…wats the trick u have in order to control them..ive been experiencing gad since last november…i also experienced some panic attacks but not anymore….if there is any advice ..will be more than welcome … and one more time thank u for all the information u post everything is very helpful

  • Carol

    Thank you for the newsletters. Your program and your newsletters are very helpful. You are so right! People who have panic attacks are some of the most courageous people! To venture out and function often takes a great deal of courage when the threat of a panic attack is lurking. How often have I been in the midst of a panic attack and just keep right on talking, teaching, participating in a meeting, singing onstage, or whatever, pretending I’m absolutely fine when this inner turmoil is occuring in my body. However, your techniques give us a great bag of tools to help us be even more courageous.

  • yashiro

    very good article. its like a part of my life ur describing…i remembered that i went out once n return home that day without a panic attack n it was like an adventure for me!! in your article was written “People who have never experienced a panic attack often judge the anxious person harshly.” totally agree koz i have been constantly being judge badly till now!
    thank u for ur support!!

  • linda

    thank you so much for the articel on courage and panic, i have found it very helpfull have panic attacks for many yrs so i cant thank you enough, linda uk .

  • Antonia

    As everyone else I also want to say Thank you! All your E-mails are so simple and yet so great and helpful. I really hope to see my self free and happy again soon.

  • Angelu

    Dearest Barry:
    you are AWESOME!!!! God bless you. I am just reading your letters, and let me tell you Barry…
    free others from pain is free yourself… I really do not know if I suffer from panic attacks, all I know last 2 years, I been feeling a lot of fear inside my heart, and I even feel physical cold inside my heart. I do not wish this to any body, and I am creating my own tecniques to help myself, and those are helping me a lot, I will like to share those with you later… for now, I just want to tell you Barry….

  • Angelu

    Thank you so much Barry (Muchas gracias) I want to share with u my own way to overcome my fears…
    God bless uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Adriana

    After i got my first panic attack i never thought i would gain my life back thank you so much from every ounce inside me i will forever be grate full for everything!


    Your this article has touched my heart as I have little bit evolved from excessive trembling & anxiety that I encountered. You show a mirror to confused people when anxiety driven. ur article motivates me a lot. Thank you!!

  • Janie

    Barry, I know when i was pregnant, twice, through out my pregnancies I felt normal. No anxiousness, no panic attacks and so full of confidence, I would love this for every day of my life. I was so happy just to live what I call normal and me.

  • Janie

    I thank you Barry for your daily support it gives me hope and courage for the day. I am a routine person and often wondered if this has lead to my panic and anxiety. Having two small children and a comfortable size home, i like to keep it as clean as possible but sometimes hard on bad days and it’s busy enough with the children. I have decided to be kind to myself and spread out my jobs and give more time to my children than what i have been each day. I wake up doing my breathing exercise then waking up early to your support before the children wake up to make this mini course work for me. I hope this will change my life to a happy and care free one.
    Thank you, God bless.

  • Pam

    This newsletter was so touching, so profound. I do believe that individuals who suffer through difficult times become stronger in the long run. I felt a sense of pride reading this, because I have suffered through this GAD for the last 6 months, but have made progress reading & practicing your course. I would be NO WHERE without it! I thank God for you & your wonderful course/newsletter.
    Thank you so much…….

  • Janie

    Thank you so much on your e-mail, your tips and support give me hope and courage on fighting panic attacks and anxiety, you are my idol.

    God Bless!

  • Andrew mc carron

    I feel reassured From your emails,,,, Thank you,,,
    I took my first panic attack 2 week,s ago i really thought i was taking a heart attack and ended up in the
    hospital twice in the one week, Ive been having mini one,s ever since still have that fear low slightly that im going to die, if i get a major attack again,

  • Jerica

    Thank you for the emails, they’re really helping me out. I’ve suffered from severe panic attacks for 3 years now. It all started after I had my first son, I got myself so nervous and stressed out and then one day the attacks started. At first I had no idea what it was, I thought I was having a heart attack, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, it was a nightmare and I felt like I had no control over anything that was happening to me. I felt completely vulnerable, and was scared for my life. I went to the ER quite a few times and each time I’d go they’d just act like I was crazy and nothing was wrong with me, so I started researching my symptoms and came across anxiety attacks, everything matched up..I decided to see a psychologist because the attacks were getting too frequent, some days I’d suffer from 10-15 attacks and some days I’d be okay and not have any..Once I started going to the doctor she put me on anxiety meds, I’m not a big medicine person but I took them for awhile and they did work, the attacks pretty much stopped.

    Last September I had my second son, I had stopped taken the anxiety meds about a year prior to having him, and I had been free from any kind of anxiety attack…until my second son was about 3 months old. I started feeling some of the symptoms coming back, the attacks weren’t as bad but they were enough to let me know “hey I’m back”. I tried to ignore it and just go about my life but as time went on they got more severe and more frequent. My son is now 6 months old and my attacks are full on. Its still a scary situation and it really upsets me because I feel like I can’t live a normal llife but I refuse to let these anxiety attacks hold me back.

  • Colette

    Thank you so much for all your emails which I find so helpful, they make sense. I have had anxiety attacks for the past 2 years and before that 7 years ago, this time I feel, no, I know I am at the end of the dark tunnel I can see the light and have more good days now than bad, it is all about confidence which gets lost along the way, but you have to trust your progress and when you do the confidence comes, and sometimes you have to regress to progress, your programme really helped me to believe in myself.
    Renewed thanks, Colette

  • jen

    It took me 10 years to finally realized what was happening to me. I guess I accepted the feeling as it come and ent. I accepted it as a part of life. Only lately I realized that I was having anxiety attacks and started fighting it. I got tired of it controlling my life. What has really helped me and I would encourage others to do the same, is prayer and meditation. I find that when I pray and read my bible it brings such inner tranquality and peace. Its hard to explain it but my faith has kept me and is helping me.

  • carol

    Thank you so much for your emails. They have been really helpful. Am starting to feel a bit stronger after suffering from terrible panic attacks for the last few weeks. They have been particularly bad at night but am beginning to sleep a bit better now. My sympathies to all fellow sufferers, especially those who have been suffering for a long time. Thanks Barry. You are a good man.

  • Sharon

    Thank you for all your input Barry, it has really helped me deal with my anxiety. It took me a few years to realize what it was, and it took me down a couple of notches when I realized I wasnt that strong person I used to be. My anxiety has been bad this past few months in which I would run to the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack. EKG’s were normal, seems my espohagus has spasms and causing burning in my chest, creating my anxiety to form, the feeling of being out of control, and driving me crazy. I am taking Ativan right now to control them, but my dr tells me to learn how to meditiate to get them to go away, or just turn it over to God and it will go away. “What if I have an attack” is always on my mind right now, and it is so disabling to me. Your mini series has helped me see that there is hope and there are ways to control it. Thank you and God bless.

  • George

    I live abroad, Central America, suferer for about 20 years, horrible. Most doctors weren’t aware about the illness here. Gone through every single med ending on “an” or “ax” or “il”, meaning benzodiazepines, sleeping pills, tricyclcic antidepressants, you name it. The Lord has been my only force and victory. Now I found Barry’s page as something I’d have found back then, 20 years before, would’d been a differente story. Great tool. Good advise, strong messages and very reliable information. Now, I only look forward to find a way to bring this great method to all the people suffering this syndrome in my countries. If there’s a way we can get together to benefit all these people down here Barry, please drop me a line. Keep on the good work.

  • George

    Hi Carlos.

    I can really hear you. 20 years I’ve been trough this, doesn’t mean you’re gonna be suffering that long, most cases just a couple of weeks (anxiety), some others months, my doctor said 14 years at the most, long time ago, almost right. Bottom line, something might be stressing you hard, the way to deal with that is just accept it, and forgive yourself for whatever, easy to say, hard to do I know, but that’s it. Then, apply lots of fun, the real one, the kind of things you really like to do and make you feel really good, if that’s making cakes or singing, then go ahead, This will re-train your mind and keep you busy the healthy way. Get rid of caffeine, sugar and alcohol for a while. Meds, men, better go the therapy way, in my experience in olny caused more problems. Whenever you feel that rapid hearbeats at night, stay still in bed and move your feet in a circular mode both ways, back and forth, you’ll feel tachicard going slow almost inmediately. Then, deep, slow air intakes, feel your lungs expanding slowly, although in the middle of a rapid heart beat, block it, keep it for 7 beats and then slowly out until you feel you stomach like touching your spine, repeat it for 7 times at least. This has helped me to fight the symptons at night for many years. On top of this, follow Barry’s great advise, think about these feelings as something that won’t last and will always fade away with no harm to you. Some people stand up in a sudden manner, that only worsen the situation, in my experience staying in bed with eyes closed like continue sleeping makes it fade away faster. In my experience, this happen when you have exposed your mind to a continuing hard thinking hammering something for a long time, that’s why fun is so important, to block it and as an antidote. I hope this will help you.

  • George

    One more thing Carlos, dizziness and tremors, they usually appear under GAD, after a panic attack first experience, the reason is very simple, you fear another attack. Follow Barry’s rule, think of it as a no harm situation for you. In other words, you experience that because you think about that, at bed time. This might be the result of the stressfull environment you might be living within, get out of it!, get rid of it! really quick. If the stressful agents disappear, anxiety disappears too. Easy to say, again, most of the times easy to do too, if you find a coach friend that can look over your shoulders and help you see the ease of what you see impossible. In my case, that friend has been Jesus.

  • laura jackett

    thanks alot for these courses great help for me knowing im not on my own with these panic attacks at one point i thought that was it they have taken over me but i love reading about how to control them on your own and other peoples comments

  • Anna Rudnicka

    My last panic attack was so severe and scary that I quit smoking being afraid that nicotine could trigger another attack. No matter how rediciulous it sounds my non smoking last five weeks and counting…I saw my doctor yesterday and ask her to stop antidepressants because I am going to help myself with Panic Away program, I am so convinced that it will work for me. My doctor is very interested in your program and she intends to inform all of her patients with GAD (so many of them) about it!!!
    Tkanks Barry, Anna

  • Natalia V.

    Wow! Thank you so much! It brings me hope! I was feeling myself a victim for 2 years and continued asking God what I did wrong, but now I know it happened in my life to make me even stronger!!! Wow again! Thank you SO MUCH, my panic!!

  • Penni

    This is so very true! It is so hard to explain to anyone the feelings you have, the inner fear. People look at me like I am crazy, and at times I thought yes I am going crazy, I must be going crazy, no one understands me, I feel so out of sorts! The strange burning sensations up my arms, the vomiting, shakes, surley I was dying or going crazy! I am new here and enjoy your emails Barry. Thank you

  • Abdul

    Hi, Barry,i’m very glad to receive your newsletters ,it give me hope and i’m stronger in my inner heart ,i feel that i’m not alone when i ready people comment ,what i can say to others ,let us be strong and patient with this situation ,The Glorys God want to give us an examination in order to see who is patient ,i believe every thing have an end ,also our affliction i believe one day it will end .Thank you Barry for your supportive programme which u are sending to us all who suffer ,May God bless you ,u are pulling us from that situation of giving up

  • Yesefa

    Hi, thanks once again for always sending these amazing articles. I consider myself blessed! It’s really difficult dealing with such a thing as a panic attack in a society that has about 90% of people who have no idea about it. It’s been really difficult for me because whenever I try to talk to someone about it they never understand, it just does not make sense to them because they expect to have a reason for my reluctance and I understand that it because society has thought us that there’s a reason for everything so it’s difficult for them to accept that I can’t really point to anything in particular as the reason behind my actions.
    Reading this gives me reassurance of hope and let’s me know that I’m not in this alone.There are probably other people here in Africa going through this same thing but don’t know exactly what it is.
    I can’t wait to take back full control of my life and help others going through the same thing!

  • christine

    I just love your mini courses…#5 really set the record straight for us brave people. Try explaining this to someone who has never had them…impossible for them to understand. I have always had anxiety attacks. First one at 30..then it went on sporadically in intervals.. Now I am 45 going thru severe perimenopause and
    I do find it is more cycle related..(2 weeks out of the month) extreme! Taking some meds for the hormonal ups and downs.
    It is aweful. I am considering buying panic away. Your words are so helpful. I am going to try some of the
    exercises when the next one arises. I really liked your bring it on concept as well, getting the frontal part of the brain to have command again.
    I feel for everyone out there with this type of disorder….and your right we are the proud and the strong.
    On this day of freedom…we all strive for it within ourselves..




  • Shirley

    Thank you for the e-mails. I have read them all with interest. I had no ida there were so many people who suffered from Panic Attacks. The person who suffers these think they are the only one and can’t understand why it happens to them. Your last e-mail about letting the attack it does work.
    I have suffered with anxiety for 38 years. I have learnt to live with it, but I never put myself in a situation if I know it could trigger a panic attack, but it does restict things you do. I will continue to read your e-mails.

  • April

    This is my third news letter, and so far my favorite no one understands what it takes to get up every morning and know what is going to happen and then being practically nonfunctioning for the fear of the next attack. Thank you for your understanding we will all be better people because of you and all your info. Thanks April Dawn

  • Pam

    April….hang in there! I DO Understand, and this program really works!!! 6 mos. ago I was a mess……now, I’m in control, and practice what I’ve learned whenever I fell GAD returning. God bless you!

  • george

    Man, I have to say, after 20 years suffering panic and anxiety as a serious impediment in life, I´ve come to the conclusion that there´re so many reasons that molded our minds for years and, therefore, our bodies to ended up turning into an anxiety driven organisms. Family, education, society, life changes and events, beliefs, training, expectations, etc. etc. Bottom line is we all have the same problem: we´ve been reprogramed. Our beliefs structure has changed and we react different to life events as compare to common people. Knowing this and “buying” the concept, makes you understand that you won´t get out until you accept it and plan for reinstalling your original “drivers”, since the ones you have now installed, are corrupted. How to do this? First, understand the fact, second, get back to the OEM (original manufacturer), reinstall the divers and retrain yourself. This means a lot of pain, and this is where Barry´s program comes in, retraining, reinstalling the drivers. To keep a diary is such a good thing since you´ll be surprised how numbers works around it, most attacks have the same duration, pretty much at the same time, caffeine effects are there but not always, fun present no attacks whatsoever, and so forth, unfortunately most of the times we don´t have the ability and time to record every single event. My conclusion is that learning to deal with an anxiety-driven life will surely makes you a stronger, much better person, and even though this makes it worthwhile, there´s no power on earth than can give such know-how, it only would come from a higher instance, the OEM, God. Please, make your own research on how to get access to the original OEM, God, because there´s a way an protocol (Jesus), and you will have the chance to reinstall your drivers. In my case, Jesus reinstalled my drivers and somehow took me to Barry´s website and articles after years of research, He said “..Now, this will help you. Call Me should you need any further help”. And so I do, whenever the first one strikes in, 10 to 11 am, most of the times, I follow Barry´s rule to “let it pass”, while I pray, immediately after, it´s just gone, gone. Worst you might say, It takes me up every single night 3 am feeling this is it..!, heart and brain like getting together to make me feel the very end, skyrocketing, and I let it pass (pain), and I pray, 5 minutes and again, it´s gone, gone… My strong belief that Jesus won´t ever fail to me and Barry´s “let it pass”, “won´t go beyond”, “learn to live with it”, etc, is what He handed to me to use as a tool. Please, do this quickly, since dealing with anxiety and panic takes most of your precious time in life, that most people around you won´t understand, while you lose money, opportunities, love, marriage and business, thus making your life an exhausting, illness-overcoming constant effort on every single day.


  • Elisa

    I am a teen and I couldn’t understand why I was having heart-attack like symptoms at such an early age. I would force myself awake all night and pray because I was too afraid to fall asleep. I later discovered that these were panic attacks and that they were actually triggered by severe food allergies. I searched long and hard for useful tips to help me overcome them, but with no success until I subscribed for your mini-series. Thank you so much for the life-changing tips!

  • Pam

    George…your comments are exactly what I have done. I searched and searched for help, God lead me to Barry’s program. I pray strongly every day off and on continuously thanking the good Lord. I am a stronger person because of all of this. I have to be, if I can get thru this I can do anything! 🙂

  • george

    Hi Pam, Great you found the Lord in the frist place and that He lead you to Barry´s program. Same thing happen to me. I guess Barry might have been chosen by Jesus knowing so many people praying for help. This is how He create angels, lucky Barry. Think of this, He created tomatoes and sugar cane, so we could use the intelligence He also gave to us to be able to put some Ketchup on our fries and burguers. He choose and work on people like Barry when deciding help is needed somewhere and somehow, to be able to answer prays.

  • Cristina Chang

    I sincerely thank you for sending me the e-mails as I am trying my very best to overcome the anxiety. In fact, I feltl very encouraging after reading your e-mails when the panic attacked me. I appreciate it very much!

  • santiago ramirez

    thank you for the e-mails they’re really helping me out I dont have words to thank you MUCHAS GRACIAS DIOS LOS VENDIGA.

  • Shavonna

    OMg! you’ve truly said everything dat I feel. You’re amazing and I don’t know whr I’ll be if it wasnt for me reading these emails. Man I just really hope I can get over this I wanna start living my life again. But thank you sooo much for your true, inspiring words. GOD BLESS

  • Claire

    Just reading your regular emails is comforting. I am 7 months pregnant and had my first bad panic attack out of the blue and in the middle of the night, a couple of months ago, after a break of about two years. It was just when I felt less sick so I guess it may be hormone linked. I’m now anxious about how I will be after the baby is born when my hormone level drops radically and how I will cope with being bed bound for a few days. However I have gradually managed to calm myself down at night time. I am waking at 4 a.m. every morning but most mornings now I manage to go back to bed and back to sleep quite quickly. I am also less anxious in the house during the day. I know it could happen again so am being careful to keep my little support kit nearby at night time. Paper bag, cooling gel pack, water, small soft teddy to squeeze. It’s wonderful to be able to start relaxing again. I just hope this doesn’t spoil the arrival of our very precious first baby in October.

  • nicij

    i am new to all of this, and have been dealing with anxiety for years now…. but mostly panic attacks are what i can not handle. i am so unbelievably thankful for these emails, and can honestly say i never thought the day would come where i would actually be interested, and take something serious, when everyone is very easy to dismiss me and what i am trying to tell them. i always either get made fun of, or treated like its not really a big deal. the scary thing is that i feel like i am honestly dying inside… and i cry to just think ten years into the future…. that had always just made me sick…. panic attacks are seriously the worst thing in the world to deal with, and i have restricted my life so much and so badly because everything makes me nervous and scared.. things i used to love to do or talk about, i can’t even think about now withought getting all anxious. i just wanted to say after the past wk though after getting all of these emails, and watching videos, and reading other posts, it has helped me so much!!!! i can’t believe how much i have been able to grip life a little more, and i know eventually i will kick it.. i know it… and i just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart more than anything in the world thank you so much, you have no idea how much this has all helped me!!!

  • Naval Billimoria

    Dear Barry,

    I came across your website last week. I suffer from anxiety of travel for the last 15 years. I have not taken a flight in 10 years. I had not been on an inter city fast train in 10 years. I do drive and take all local transport but somehow I had this fear of long distance transport maybe something to do with speed or being out of control. I have been off loaded from a plane beacuse I got a severe panic attack when boarding. I have been reading the emails that you sent me for controlling panic and anxiety and fear of flying. Today, after 10 years, with help from my wife, I boarded a inter city train and stayed on it for 30 minutes. I nearly did not board but finally I jumped in. The first 5 minutes were very very scary. I just stood and held onto a pole and did not look out but concentrated on your advice to tell the anxiety to increase. I had sweaty palms and my heart was racing but after 5-7 minutes I was a bit calmer and soon it subsided. On the way back it was a bit easier. I must add that I took a valium an hour before the journey.

    Thank you very much for the advice. This is the first step to conquer anxiety. I will be subscribing to your panic away program

    Thanks and regards

    Naval Billimoria

  • kel

    Thank you so much!!! Barry. Having these problems is the worst nightmare in my life.
    I lost 3 years of my youth and lost many friends. I been searching all over the net for solutions and happen to come upon this site a weeks ago. I must say you understand the most of the problems than anyone i know and any site i found! I believe you have help so many people other than those who comment here.

    God send you here to help us people with anxiety. I believe if you become a doctors, you will be able to help more people. I must say my anxiety problems has improve a lot and i feel less stress and fears. Its amazing really!

    For everyone like me who has anxiety problems, it’s scaring and felt like dying when it strikes you, but please believe us, you must not run for the first time if not it will become harder to handle.

    When it first strikes you, trust me! NOTHING will happen to you, NOTHING will happen to your family! NOTHING will happen to WHATEVER you fear will lost and gone!!! It’s only a fear for a while.

    I been having 4-6 attacks for the past 3 years and i know its not much but i have been staying at home for the past 2 years with no jobas and friends. Now, i been staying outside and starts to make some friends for the past weeks after reading this sites. This site has amazing power as i keep reminding myself that nothing will happen to what im fearing at. Those 4 attacks makes me fear and i admit, i escape from the fear. Im a coward. I dont care what people think about me being a crazy person. I just tried to focus on my own problems and solving it.

    I can’t say im fully cured from anxiety but at least i had less of it and being able to stay outside for a long period of time makes me more confident to face the future attacks. However, i believe the attacks will strikes me again but i will keep coming to this site to see those articles as it has magical power!

    It’s that powerful and im so appreciate that i wrote so much of comments just to show appreciation to Barry for helping me!

    Lastly, everyone with anxiety problems like me, dont fear. YOU are NOT alone! There is a lot of people that has the same problems as you. Don’t give up on yourself, dont think about what people thinks about you! Everyone has weakness and humans are fragile. When the attacks comes, just dont fear, if you overcome it, YOU THE MAN! YOU the HERO! You WIN! If you escape, dont worry. You are not a coward!!! We will one day win the fear! Nothing will happen to use when it strikes us! BELIEVE!!!

  • Cooper

    THis really helped me today..I felt like I was taking a huge step backwards only to realize its part of the healing process.. I dont feel like I am the only one experiencing these sensations. I know that I will get better as I had gone several years without feeling this way.. I chose to ignore that I had a problem and never really dealt with it. Now I am and I really feel better reading these posts:) I put faith in God and I know that with time I will feel better and regain my confidence..

  • Mary

    I would just like to thank you for the great help i’m getting from ur mini courses. I have been on medication for a year now to lessen my anxiety and to stop the attacks, they have eased considerably but at times i feel like they’re waiting in the wings to pounce whenever i’m not looking. Your tips and your faith in the fact that u can live a life free of panic attacks is really helping me to become more positive, and to face them head on. I am a single parent and being strong for my children has made me try to do whatever it takes to prevent panic from taking over every aspect of my life. Thank you so much and continued success with your program.

  • Anna

    I have struggled with panic and anxiety for many many years. Over the past few months it has gotten a lot worse and I turned to your program and some other sources of help. You have great insight in what it is like to have panic attacks and you are very skilled and creative in coming up with ideas as to what to do about it. But more than that, they work! Thank you so much!

  • Tessa South Africa

    I have not yet bought the program but have been receiving the emails and i already feel calmer and less panicky just knowing that there are thousand of people out there experiencing what i have been experiencing in varying degrees of severity for 20 years or more. We are not alone. And it seems there is help after all. I have avoided using drugs for the GAD and have recently been much more vigilante about what i put into my mouth. Especially alchohol/caffeine/ refined carbohydrates. They really make you feel much worse and increase panic and anxiety levels enormously.I think this is going to help me more than anything I Have tried.. Good Bye forever Panic Attacks. I am stronger and braver than you think

  • gail clemens

    hello i am too a sufferer of anxiety .i have had it happen 4 times to me and stay but leave with help of xanax and coping skills but this time it started oct28th 2005.i have had so many labs and other test done told anxiety .have been in the crazy house more then 3 times to try and control with change of med to ativan and that didnt work along with one visit there i was givin effexor with my xanax was never so sick but no one said anything .i ended up at a facility praying they would help me but ended up giving me with my xanax with lexapro dont even remember day.i cant function anymore .affects me from head to toe.breakthrough anxiety attacks ,weeping uncontrolable tremors blurry visions shakes ,numbness have agoraphobia ,heart palpatations ,dizzy spells,i am a mess and it will be 5 years the 28th of this month.i am glad to hear stories on here and for others to know what happens with the anxieties.i feel so alone cause i no longer have friends ,family ignrore me and the relationship ive had for over 10 years is a nightmare to live with all think i can deal with this alone and need no help.more to say but i can tell you thank you for the emails im trying them as well as i can .and pray i can be myself again as i was just about 5 years ago before i moved in here with him .thanks again for the emails

  • socorro salajog

    hi barry i am excited to read my email from you everyday regarding issues of panic away. i am suffering it for 15yrs & no cure permanently. i take traquilizer everytime there is unexpainable fear esp afraid of having a heart attack or stroke, this usually trigger when under stress. but now am confident that the next time it will trigger i will be courageous to face it w/out taking rivotril traquilizer. i glorify God for His goodnss that i found your website. thank you so much. by faith i feel confident i can overcome panic anxiey. i hope those people who hv this anxiety thruout the world whom you have helped healed will pray for you for truly you are God’s instrument for us, victims! God bless!

  • Linda

    My anxiety has gotten so bad that I am frequently self medicating with alcohol. I read Panic Away about a year ago and need to find it and re-read it. It did help with my GAD. I do not have panic attacks, but always seem to have a general sense of anxiety. I am mortified that I am so weak that I am turning to alcohol to dull the anxiety. I have not told friends or family as I could not handle the consequences and would become even more anxious. It’s a terrible vicious circle! Is anyone else dealing with this type of problem? Thanks Barry for your program. I’m sure it will help when I take the time to find the book.

  • Lori

    My anxiety seems to come in waves, months to even years apart. I am learning that just because my heart is racing I am not going to die, and if I do, it was my time according to the Lord, and had no control over it anyway. I am slowly but surely giving the Lord control over my life, so I can have control thru Him and can smile day to day.

    God Bless all of you.

  • June

    Berry I would like to thank-you for the time you take to help me and all the other people who have suffer from
    anxitety ,agoraphobia .I know that you had this because you would never be able to write about the way you do. I pray someday I will be able to overcome my fear and live my life without fear.
    May God Bless You for helping us.

  • Sian

    Hi been getting panic attacks for past 12 weeks never had one before in my life, been to hospital twice and been on medication, it’s the horriblest sensation I actually feel lime I am going to die, i have been to the docs numerous times who have told me the same thing, it is panic attacks and anxiety I worry myself sick though that there is something wrong, I am so afraid of myself or anybody I know dying. I literally feel like I could stop breathing when I have these . It’s getting md down so bad and I don’t feel anybody around me quite understands how much this affects my day to day living. I’m 23 by the way

  • Joe


    Thank you for the latest newsletter…i see you are very experienced in this area, i have a form of anxiety that seems to attack whilst i play sports. I am a keen and pretty decent football player but for the last few years whilst i am playing i am overwhelmed with shortness of breath, fast heart rate and dizziness….at times i have managed to get away with it and faked a short injury or taken ages to re-lace my boots but there is only so much i can do….I have tried hard to find any patterns that trigger these but they seem to come out of nowhere during a match, whether i am playing well or not. My heart is fine as it has been tested plus i am 21 and feel healthy. I would really appreciate if you have any ideas regarding anxiety in sport etc. Aside from this i do suffer from some panic but maybe not as excessively as some other, i have a fair bit of anxiety in certain situations but i am able to control it to some degree.

    Thanks in advance


  • Angelina Peradilla

    I experienced panic attack and anxiety last year. I thought I could no longer overcome such. I felt so hopeless especially for my family. I really submitted myself to God and read advices from those who have experienced the same thing.

    Thank you for your enlightening words. I am now fully healed. I just considered it a night mare that I don’t want to think of anymore.

  • Balwin

    I am a 36 year old mother of 6 beautiful children ages 7 to almost 16. I was raised in an abusive home .Consequently, I married an abuser. After 11 years of torture, I finally had enough guts to divorce him. Thru all of this I stayed relatively calm. I felt a sense of pride , I had gotten my children out of abuse! Seven months after everything was final , I was @ the grocery store ,and it hit me . Fortunately I had experience with panic from my mom. Here I sat in the checkout with my head between my knees. I found out first hand that when panic hits, I WILL PASS OUT. It was so humiliating! That day began my 6 year battle with anxiety. Irefuse to let it get me down . I’ve always been a survivor. I have learned to go places and do things knowing full well I will panic and pass out cold : ) I don’t let it get me down the children & my new husband don’t know I’m panicking most day. I do really well not letting it show .I tried antidepressants for two yrs ? But I am very upbeat so while they controlled the panic they also depressed me so bad I felt numb .I went off them in 2007 . I treat the panic with xanax occasionally but I hate takin meds so most of the time I deal with it . I am so tired and sincerely hope this course helps me . I read eagarly every night. This course is the only light at the end of the tunnel I have seen. Thank you so much , and keep up the good work!

  • Robert W

    This sums up exactly how I feel inside.
    I have endured these problems and all the time tried to convey to people it is not the real me and please understand.
    I lost my job trying to tell my employer this as I was being harassed by an employee of theirs and this was resulting in stress/panic attacks.
    I am a very good person and very honest. My life, work,relationships and reputation has been wrecked by these attacks coming on even though I have explained till I am blue in the face what is happening to me.
    I am such a strong person and all of this has been very hard on me and took every ounce of my courage to fight and deflect.
    Thanks for such enlightening words

  • shannon doyle

    Im 25 and have had anxiety for almost a year now as a result of being bullied in the workplace by my boss when i was pregnant, he shattered my confidence and belittled me so bad and i now dont even go out on my own and have mild panick attacks, it ruins your quality of life and has also taken away the fun of pregnancy and being able to go out with my daughter and having fun. i did get suicidal from it at one point but my daughter got me through and i now have 3 treating doctors looking after me so im lucky and reading all these stories have certainly given me hope and excitement that my life just might get back to how it was , thanks guys i wish you all the best of luck,

  • lana

    i endured the second set of horrible panic attacks/panic disorder in my life last september 2009, 3 weeks after having a multi level lumbar spine fusion surgery. i sat up in bed and i had the worst dizzy attack that literally made me fall over because i couldnt keep my head up and i didnt know i was having a vertigo attack so that started my panic attacks. I previously had panic disorder/attacks 12 years previous but got over it after 6 to 8 months. it had been so long i forgot what panic attacks were like. anyway, from september 2009 to mid november 2009 i was in different doctor’s office, emergency rooms, hospitalizations, because the panic attacks affected my gastrointenstinal system and i was vomiting and had diarehha daily, along with intense nausea and dizziness. my stomach nerves were completely shot. a few suggested anxiety in the beginning but i didnt believe them because i had so many physical symptoms, i felt like i was dying literally and like i was going mentally insane. i got this program near the end and it helped me to realize for me i needed medication to stop my panic attacks – which i was completely scared to take. after reading the program i got the courage to try anti panic anti depressent and klonopin and for me it worked. i was too far gone in physical symptoms. the anti depressant Immipramine and Klonopin stopped my panic attacks and i got finally relief. i was on the medicines for 9 months and then i tapered off myself and for 4 months now im medicine free and panic attack free thank god. i never thought i would feel “normal” again. but if god forbid it comes back again, this program does have good things to offer and i will try them before doing medicine again. it was hard to “see through the trees” during the panic disorder but i can definitely now.

  • mary

    Thank you so much for your emails which make total sense, you are so correct in saying we have great courage, it is like pushing a cart up a hill on a very wet day, and your shoes have holes in them and everytime you think you are reaching the top you slip back, it takes sheer determination to get to the top, I took your advice and do the 20 second countdown and so far it is working, also I tell myself I can have a Panic Attack I have given myself permission to have one. Again thanks for your concern and hard work on behalf of all the brave people, you are our champion.

  • Sophie

    I completely understand how you are all feeling. I started having major panic attacks and severe anxiety after having laser eye surgery in Nov 2010. It terrified the life out of me. Doctors just three antidepressants at me which made me 100 times worse. Am on very low dose of diazapam and have to take medication for acid reflux and wake up very nauseous. After ordering your programme I have found it very helpful and have not had a major panic attack for a few weeks, although have bad palpitations on and off. Your programme has inspired me and I am staying strong as I do not want to take pills that send me scatty again. Night time is worse but am learning to to try and ignore palpitations and go back to sleep. I have found doctors very unsympathetic. But after joining your programme I know I can get through this. I know there will be bad days but I am confident these will get less and less.

    You have to have hope. If you want to cry have a good cry, pick yourself up and start again, it helps.

    Thank you Barry from the bottom of my heart.

  • matei

    I enjoy reading your message. It helps me a lot. But i’m still having depression. I’m taking treatment from psychiatrist also but it helps me a little bit only. I wish i could have free from this anxiety.

  • Geoff

    I am 59 and have had anxiety and panic attacks since my 20’s. I’ve tried many programs and read countless books. Claire Weekes’ books have helped. But I am still not “cured.” I am against meds and am anxious to try your program. As a man, it is embarrassing to have this condition because we are supposed to be strong and brave. I plan to purchase the downloaded version.


  • Ryan James Fox Mischaelis

    Just something I would like to say about people with anxiety and panic attacks I my self have them….“Anxiety and panic attacks” Most people that have not had a panic attack or anxiety attack don’t understand how it feels. People who have “never experienced a panic attack” often judge the “anxious person harshly”. Some people who have never experienced a panic attack or high anxiety tend to think that the people that have anxiety problems and or panic attacks that it is “all in their heads or making it up” .Well anxiety and panic attacks are real and can make one feel like they are having a heart attack and or flu like symptoms or ether health problem. Now I know that a lot of people have some form of anxiety. Like worry or stress that can make one feel sick or stressed or just worn out. Yes just about all people have some form of anxiety this I know. But some people with anxiety disorders and panic attacks have higher than your everyday anxiety. Symptoms of a Panic Attack raging heartbeat difficulty breathing, feeling as though you ‘can’t get enough air terror that is almost paralyzing nervous, shaking, stressing out, stressed heart palpitation, feeling of dread dizziness, numbness from head to toe light or heavy headedness or nausea trembling, sweating, shaking choking, chest pains, distress fear, fright, afraid, anxious, hot flashes, and or cold flashes, or sudden chills, tingling in fingers or toes, (‘pins and needles’) fearful that you’re going to go crazy or are about to die fearful to have more panic attacks. And this is just some of what a panic attack feels like. Now think of people that have ether forms of bad health such as “brain tumor” or “hart problems” or so on. Anxiety and panic attacks will feel 10 times the force with ether health problems. Anxiety can make you feel powerless and out of control and can make it hard to do very simple things like go to the cinema or drive in traffic or everyday tasks. And the fear that you will die or loss your mind and fear of more panic attacks or so on. I myself I know how it feels to have anxiety problem. I had my first panic attack at the age of 19 and it was hell. For 7 years I had to put up with panic attacks and high anxiety. Then one day it went away and I did not need to take medications for it no more. Well one day the anxiety and panic attacks came back and with 5 times the force then before and back on meds thin it went away again for 3 years. Well now it is back aging and with more force and I’m back to medications like Lorazepam for it aging. I don’t know why but sometimes is seems like the meds don’t seem to work right away or as well as they did win I first started having anxiety and panic attacks. This may just means that your doctor may need to up your medications or try something else. Win I first started to have anxiety and panic attacks it was so hard on me so now that I am 30 going on 31 years of age I find it harder to just do everyday tasks hell leaving the house is hard to do and sometimes being at home watching TV and I still get panic attacks. But every day I still fight and try to go on with my life one day at a time. I hope that one day the panic attacks and anxiety problems will go away as it did once before. So to people with anxiety problem don’t give up hope. More things you can do talk to ether peoples with anxiety talk to your doctors and try your best on getting help but keep this in mind it will pass anxiety and panic attacks will pass. I know it may seem like it will not but it will and remember this if you are in all in all good health anxiety “will not kill you”. Now think of this people like professions like Firemen, policemen, soldiers, and so on. All of them can have Anxiety as well. Some of these individuals would actually prefer to run into a burning building or into the line of gunfire than stay awake at night or the day with a panic attack. This may sounds strange but it isn’t really. In a burning building they knew what to do and how to handle the situation. During a panic attack they can feel powerless and out of control. Well one more then in a way I could see dyeing from a panic attack is if you already have a weak or bad hart then I can see it giving one a heart attack but Ether then that no. And it don’t matter what sex you are male or female or what background you came from. You can be rich well set or poor or just a everyday guy. People with anxiety to me are fighters. They get up each day and get on with life. And with each and every setback it does not make the news but it counts because it is real bravery to me. No it may not seem like a big deal to simply drive to work attend church or go shopping. However for people with anxiety and panic attacks that I my-self have the experience can be a massive accomplishment especially if they have tried and failed many times before. The only thing that matters is that you and I as well persist and Persistence will ensure your success and mine. I know that it may seem like you’re persistence will not pay off but it does. It just takes time I my-self I feel like just giving up hell just about all the time. But I don’t give up I love life and you just have one life so do your best to make it as good as you can and try to have as much fun with life as you can. Remember that yes one must still go to work pay bills and stuff like that. So just take life one day at a time. And if this helps I know this may sound odd but if it helps you to get over the anxiety and makes you happy I don’t care if it take’s dressing up like an Animal/mascot playing with toys or video games or doing silly stuff whatever helps or makes one happy to go on with life if that makes you feel better thin do it or take up art or ether hobbies that may help. One more thing just what makes someone have anxiety disorders and panic attacks disorders. Well besides everyday stress some of it doctors think is from unbalanced brain chemicals abnormal excitement in the brain or mess fires in the brains electrons and so on. And how much people have anxiety disorders and panic attacks disorders. Well that is hard to say but from what I found out from what some of my own doctors say and from online research Approximately 6.8 million are affected by Generalized Anxiety Disorder, 6 million by anxiety attacks and panic attacks, 7.7 million by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, 15 million by social anxiety disorder, 2.2 million by OCD, and 19 million by Specific Phobia. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Now I’m not a doctor but from my own self-experience and online research and talking with ether People with anxiety and panic attacks. This is a lot of people with this problem. So to people with anxiety and panic attacks you are not alone. And remember to take it one day at a time and at the same time live your life to the fullest you can.

  • Muhammad Edris M. Masorong

    I had been experiencing panic attacks for almost 3 years now and today is my worse experience of it i guess.. I’ dropped out of school due to this but the financial problems was the real cause it gave me depression and i was homebound, agoraphobia, and social anxety i guess.. but i don’t include social anxiety to my list of disorders as i can tell i have so many panic, agoraphobia, ocd?, you name it. i’ve learned so much from your program at first i was skeptical, i can’t say much right now but all i can say that you are really a godsend my GAD, hehe.. all your words are medical i never took meds only vit. b complex i was sent to a hospital a feww months ago and didn’t took the emds the doctor was ofefring even if my parents were so desperate and me too. I just know or i have this sense of feeling that this meds won’t help, “what can the doctor help me with? he asks too many questions i can’t answer that time since i got this trauma that time when i got out i was completely out of myself but still moved on and thinking yeah, i have it again.. cause i’ve already had this 2 years ago same situation dropepd again but this time it’s worse but here i am, more empowered than before i’ve never felt so much stronger and reading through your mails i think this is the only tool that can save my life back again.. and also praying to god.. i’m still on this right now but too, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that light, even if it would sometimes lose it’s power, some days or times it will come back and i believe it will never go away.. ty so much god bless you.


    My mother and father also here, at the same time, are experiecing this right now due to the times i was only in bed, like just lying there, no hope, i thoguht i was going to die and all my thoughts were to the point that is leading to , “i’m going to die.. that it..” but now i feel mroe and more like my self and yeah, it’s still some how hard cause while battling through this, i’m helpng my father and mother and using “ALL MY KNOWLEDGE that ive learned from your site and some resoureces before/expereinces and i really hope, because of ur program, i can achieve success.. persistence, courage.. i just feel so happy..

    and oh, last night, i just want to share with you, i felt freedom, like really, everything was freedom from anxiety like i’ve never felt for a long time but much stronger but it came back again but i never look back from the mistakes all i do is persist but i believe in you, it really works i just have some few problems right now cause still helping my parents.. 🙂 thank you oh so very much i wish i can meet you or just hear from you that you are a man that has helped so may people someday after i completely get my life back…

    sorry for the long post thank you oh so very much again.. i wish i could write more but it’s already too long.. hehe.. peace V

    for all the sufferers out there, i wish you will not lose hope cause hope is not lost it’s always there it will never go away.. persist and you will achieve success like Mr. Barry says..

  • Ziad

    Ver y Very nice Denice……. thanks for sharing as i am sure this will help anyone who reads it!


  • Ziad

    For every one who is going through this illness, please be sure that you are brave and can handle anything! there are times when these attacks can sweep you off your feet but you have to remember “it is just a feeling!” there is nothing true or real about it.

  • Laura from CA, U.S.

    Hello Barry, and everyone else. I have been suffering from anxiety for about 3 months now, been on an anti-depressant for about 7 weeks (first Zoloft, then Celexa, 10 mg a day) when I just couldn’t deal with the sleepless nights and constant anxious feelings anymore. The side effects can be unnerving, frightening and frustrating, but they are mild now, and certainly more “desirable” to the horrible anxiety which seems to have been helped a bit. I’ve suffered only a few panic attacks (THANK GOD), but they don’t seem to be my real problem- as I know they are only temporary and will quickly subside. I just would breathe through them and they would disappear. The worst, though, is the constant anxiety. My anxiety manifested itself through a fear of Diabetes, and now, I have developed a food phobia- strange, huh? But, I’ve made amazing progress!!!! I must say, as another poster, that God has become a HUGE part of my life now, with constant prayer and singing in my mind & out loud, and reciting promises from scripture. I also remind myself that the diet I’ve adopted (a very healthful vegan diet) is optimum for good healt & that the food I’m eating is delicious & nutritious- food God created just for me.

    I have been skeptical about your program, Barry, but the more emails I receive and the more posts I read, I am seriously considering purchasing your program. I have had some great progress- I must acknowledge that. And, for all of you out there- DO NOT allow yourself to discount any progress you’ve made, no matter how small it might seem. Every little bit is major, and one step further up on the ladder to getting you out of the hole. Expect setbacks, and tell yourself that you CAN and WILL rise above it again. You did before, you will again. I’ve experienced tremendous progress the last few weeks with changing my internal “dialogue”. You can too- as we think, we feel!

    Thank you, Barry, for your amazin encouraging, and helpful emails. They have been a help to me, and I have been passing all I’ve learned from you (and Cognitive Behavior Therapy-CBT- techniques) to my mother who has a tendency toward depression & anxiety- likely the source of my own anxieties. I know that one day I will be able to attack simple things (just like getting out of bed, cleaning my house, cooking a meal, eating a meal!), and regain my confidence in life. You are one more avenue of light down this long dark tunnel! THANK YOU!

    Laura from CA, U.S.

  • diego morales

    i am having panic attacks over a month now i am 27 years old and i just dont know what to do anymore i have read other cases of other people that are been havig this for years i am afraid of that. but i alsa want to thank panic away cause it gives me hope i dont know what else to say

  • Mary Ann Ganit

    Hi Barry, thanks for the newsletter, ive been through your site finding a solution to my problem it just started 2009 when I felt that i will fall or imbalance, i consult a lot of doctor and they told me that it’s a vertigo they give me medicine serc tab it was lost a week but after that it return. Some of my symptoms are dizziness, falling sensations and sometimes i felt that the floor that im stepping is sinking. I also felt weak legs. Im not sure if this relates also to panic attacks. I was not able to go out even in the supermarket or far places alone because Im afraid that I might fall or felt dizzy.Ther’s an instance when Im going home from office I really have to hold a bar afraid of falling. To those who have a same situation like me who find cure to this’ please help me I was not able to do my day to day activities even in the house. I know GOD has reason for everything, and I believe time will come this will end. To all of us just keep praying to our Father in heaven.
    God is good..He already knows what we are suffering right now..JUST BELIEVE.

  • Rosa

    Dear Barry, Thank You for your emails. As a victim of severe Panic Attacks, everything everyone has written I’ve experienced, except for fainting which I would pray for to block out. Along the way 15 years later I am an empowered being, a survivor. I have had an experience that has made me a better human being and more appreciative of life and how this experience has changed me and provided me life tools. I experienced anxiety from the age of 8, I am now 43 and as I grew so did the level of anxiety until my mid and body just got tired of fighting, so the fight came out in the physical and I was fighting fear. How does one fight fear, something they cant see, hear, yet feel every blow in every way. Today I say Thank You for the experience an no one will understand the strength it takes to face fear and wear it down, by using your techniques which as i read emails I realised I was doing. The more power you give something, the more power it has, you are the ENERGY to that power, place your ENERGY to love, light & peace, mind, body and soul and to every part of your being, Love yourself more and more and a step back means you have had leaps forward and instead of feeling down, appreciate and love yourself for having the will, strength to pull the plug on the power and take your energy back. God Bless Each and Every One Of You! Survivors and better humanitarians. xxx

  • nina

    when I had my first panic attack I thought that it was a sign of weakness. that I was to weak to handle the stress in my life, that I was a coward because I didn’t want to go out of my house, I was so scared of everything. Now, almost two years after that, I think I can be proud of myself! Because after the first two weeks of hiding in my house, I eventually went outside and into the world, with shaky legs and a choking sensation, but nevertheless I made that first step. And ever since I have been trying to live normal every day, like I did before, when I was not suffering from general anxiety disorder. People who have never been through this don’t know how hard it can be to do the simplest things on a daily basis, but I tried really hard, every day, and I still do.
    Today, I don’t think I’m weak or a coward. I think I have learned a lot about myself, and that I grew stronger. And getting your self-esteem back is very important if you want to fight this. Don’t let it overpower you and make a small person out of you. You need to overpower it and be an even stronger person then you are now! and when you do that, don’t forget to be proud of yourself, because you deserve it!
    good luck!

  • mel

    Hello Barry,
    Thankyou for the mini course that arrives in my mail-i look forward to it with much hope..Im struggling with copiing with Panic disorder and am slowly but surely making progress.Till i received your mail about bravery i used to call myself the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz since im a Leo:)But now i see that this is really about me coming out stronger than i was before PDA took over my life 4months ago,Thankyou Barry and God Bless you for the wonderful work youre doing.My dear husband has been a rock and pillar of support through this trying time and ofcourse the Good Lord and Mother Mary who help9 me come out of this slowly but surely!

  • Sam

    Barry I have been reading your mini courses and they have began to help me!Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!:) I just pray one day mine will be over.11 years is long enough!!!

  • Rosa

    Hey Sam! Thank You so much for your words of encouragement, they touched me in more ways than I can express. I am writing a book ‘Love Nurtures Life’ and how ‘LOVE’ has helped me to heal as have the wonderful Angels we are Blessed with in Spirit and in the Physical, such as Barry. Each day I receive more insight to LOVING myself and others and am honoured to say I receive many messages and through my journey I have grown and with me my children have grown and awareness of what many label a ‘mental disorder’ which I know to be ‘an order experienced to be the perfect being we were born to be, yet bred to forget’. Thank You for your post and allowing your time. Boundless Blessings To All. Rosa xxx

  • Chris

    Thank for the mini courses i can only hope te be a bigger person after i no longer feel this anxiety.
    Your words make me feel like i am not alone but i’m still not my old self, i dont know why this is happening to me but evrything has their reasons in life. I am only 18 years old and have been feeling this way for almost a week now ( It feels like for ever and terrible).

    so thank you for the support.

  • Roby

    I can’t believe I am writing on this wall. I am shy about this problem, and I still do feel I could just “get on with things” like normal people and my old self did. Instead anxiety has changed my life, my personality. On one side you want to shout about it, tell people you are ill, you can’t cope, to leave you alone. On the other you want to fight it, try to stay positive, be out there no matter what. I find helpful to realize that I am not alone in this battle, but also scared that so many have been battling anxiety for ten or more years. What is the cause? Why more and more people suffer from it? That’s what we should find out.

  • Vikram


    I somehow felt that physical and mental exhaustion triggered these attacks in my case as i went through very harsh times in the past ten years.I think i always had anxiety trouble but it became evident only when i recently had a series of panic attacks and the world got shaken up.

    Just the next day i bumped across your website on internet and thank god i could place damage control measures immediately which prevented any further attacks, but general anxiety continues, hope some day it shall go away.

    You have done a noble deed of helping people in distress. God bless you.

  • Devyani

    Yesterday I read your 4 newsletter and am feeling better. But the feeling of unreality thoughts come frequently. Please Barry tell me how to get rid of these thoughts. I want my life back.
    God Bless You.

  • Kerry

    Thank you so much Barry,your emails and short courses have really helped me and gave me great inner stength.I also have got hope threw reading peoples story’s.could I just say a word 4 a Ann Marie Ganit who wrote her storey on your site, to let her no her storey and symptoms are identical to mine and she not alone.your a wonderful man Barry and change people’s lives.

  • Jo

    Thankyou so very very much. I have been suffering horrendously for over 5 years with panic attacks, horrifying scary thoughts and almost constant general anxiety about almost everything! I felt awful and spent hours crying with fear and panic and wrestled with constant feelings trying to understand why I had such horrible things foating through my head. After an awful attack over Christmas that lasted weeks, I decided to search for some real answers. The information I was able to read on your site literally sent waves of relief over me as i read, and identified, with every word. The scary thoughts in particular had been traumatising to experience, with the after effects lasting weeks. Your explanation of what they are and how they work almost instantly stopped the feeling of ‘going mad’ and gave me some control over this awful symptom, I use the little mantra everyday and feel better every time I say it! :O)
    the mini serise has been excellent, Thnak you so very much, your advice has helped me focus on my real life again and not the demons of my imagination.

  • shayek chowdhury

    thank you joe for the letters i feel like i’m getting my confidence back. its been a little over 6 months since i been suffering from panic attacks. i will purchase your program once i’m financially stable..may god bless you

  • rose blaso

    i would like to start off saying to you barry,how very greatfull i am to have never given up looking and reaching out out for help,because my faith and trust in GOD led me to you,and somethng you truely know and understand what so many are induring.i have been here everday looking to see if you have left any new messages.i read everone,and some over and over,as each brings me hope and strenght in being have given me the direction i must follow to find and finally reach success.i am a woman who always took much pride in my appearence,pette,5ft 1in.125lbs(lost 12 lbs since xmas due to panic.)i am wearing a size 6 ,and still a nice looking lady.but nothing seems to matter,what you look like,material things,nothing,when a panic atrick hits you full blown.all that matters is the undiscrible fear,of dying you are experencing.lying in the er,thoughts racng through your mind,wondering are you going to make it?no matter what they have been described as,those feelings are very horrifying to you.i had experuenced anxiety when i was younger,never knowing what was happening to a thearipst and only took valium.after several years i became strong again.after i was married for a year a drunk driver hit myself and my mother.he lived,she died at 41,and i spent 1 year in a full body cast.more pain hurt ,missed my mother daily.alot more in between,but up to date,the most hurtful ,stressful,and lasting feelings of total loss was 5 years ago my little girl died ,by her dr,and the medications she had her on.i worked on this case myself for 5 years.lawyers said we cannot win this case?>i kept praying i would find a way.i wrote to th physicians board in baltimore.after 3 years,the dr was found guilty of 43 counts causing my daughters death.i was so happy i finally justified my girl’s death.but i had become so worn out ,depressed,terrible anxiety,and overwelming of never seeing chrissy again.she died 4 days before xmas.this terrible full blown panic attacks started around the same time this year.only every day.omg,i wished god would take me.i am allergic to most medications,and now i would never take them after what happened to my child.i have been searchung the computer,reading ,talking to thearipist,you name it.but when i read yours,my heart told me this was going to be what would give me my life week is my birthday,and all i want is my family to chip in and get me your course,your cure.i have not ordered it yet,and already i am greatful to have found you.may you be blessed always for the hard work and effort you have put into helping all that have waiting for the day you would come into our lives.wuth best wishes always rose,waldorf,maryland.february 28,2012

  • Priyanka

    I just cannot express how very grateful I am to receive your newsletters…I could not stop my tears today while I read it…I did not think of myself as brave or courageous until today…I will perceive myself differently from now on…STRONGER…and I thank you Sir…I am grateful in absolution…

  • Rosa

    Thank you Barry I have not tried the Panic Away yet. I have truly understood the things you are speaking about in your newsletters. Hopefully soon I can get your program and see how it will works for me. I do experience all the things you talked about and it actually does build an inner strength. Thanks so much!!

  • Umer

    Thank you Mr Barry This is a great thing I received your five E.mail and right now i am feeling very much Good once again i thank you panic away program.

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