…I feel fantastic!!!!!!

I would like to use this opportunity to firstly thank you for "Panic Away", it is truly a book which helps people with anxiety problems. I feel fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

To update you on my progress and feedback on the course:

During weekends I managed to find a little time alone where I started reading your book. As I read through each chapter I started to see the key areas in my life where I needed to make an effort and change a habit in order to prevent it from causing me to be anxious in latter stages.

And before I knew it my anxiety started to fade away. Especially driving on the freeway. I feel great and in control over my bodily sensations and driving now is once again one of the things I feel comfortable and safe doing. Just by using the approach, I managed to be in control of my anxiety. And strangely enough, since then I have never felt so anxious whilst driving that I needed to use the "one move" technique.

Public traveling is another story…… Especially if the trains are over crowded. There were two cases where things felt a little out of control and I applied the "one move" technique which worked superbly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe, thank you once again. You’re literally a life saver. If there is anything you would like me to do/try, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please reply to me upon receiving this email, to ensure me that you have received this great news.

Kindest Regards