…living the teenage life i missed out on over the past few years

Hey my name is Hannah

Ever since from around the age 10, i had been suffering panick attacks, only this past year had it been getting severe. They got so bad I couldnt make it to the end of my road without constant fear of an attack.

I had to leave my part time job in the local D.I.Y store, making excuses to leave family and friend get togethers and my college work was sliding down hill.

After hours spent in front of the computer looking for different remedies, using different breathing techniques but none of these seem to have any effect what so ever.

Then i came across this website and I’ll admit I was skeptical at first glance, but I thought I had tried everything else, so I thought i would try. Within reading the first few pages i was in tears, i thought no one else would have any idea how bad this was, but this book made me aware i wasnt alone. Now only a few weeks after reading this, I am free of panick attacks and living the teenage life i missed out on over the past few years.

Thank you so much Joe your remedie is a wonder, if it wasnt for you I’d still be laying each bed of a morning dreading the thought of stepping foot outside my front door. Now im hardly ever in!

Much love
London U.K.

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