…I found your website and was skeptical on purchasing your book

You are truly a GODSEND!! I found your website and was skeptical on purchasing your book, but I thought to myself, you already invested lots of money on other books, why not try this one. I waited one day and then went online and bought your book. It was the best thing I ever did.

I have suffered with panic attacks for 15 years and all the counseling, medication and books I have purchased within the 15 years just masked the fear, never eliminated it for good. Who would have know the "one move" eliminates the panic attacks.

Your book was amazing from the first page to the last. Your knowledge has put me at peace and your wording was clear and understanding, perfect. I am still working on my full recovery, but it won’t be long now until I am 100% confident when I drive, go on elevators and fly overseas. I prayed for your book and GOD led me to you. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and writing your book. GOD bless you, I wish you the best that life has to offer.