Virginia’s victories, from daily life to life altering changes

Virginia’s victories:

Virginia is a real Dare trooper. She is a lovely lady who has amazing grit. She will not stop and she will not be pushed around by anxiety. She can also be quite funny, I always enjoy reading her posts. Here are a few of the stories she has posted. The range from daily life to life altering changes. She also documents a lot of her progress on videos. If you want to see more of Virginia’s stories and pictures as well as other amazing member’s stories, join our community!

Facing a real medical issue..

Mental load takes up so much head space and clamours for attention all the time in the background. I had a skin cancer removed today (BCC) and while it was a bit nerve wracking during the actual surgery, I realized that the lightness that I feel is because I have been putting it off for 12 months and the worry of not knowing has been in the background of my thoughts that whole time. Now it is dealt with I don’t have those thoughts. They are gone. I feel calm and PEACEFUL. No what ifs. So it has made me aware of reducing my mental load. Stuff I don’t have to think about if I “deal” with it now.

Pushing out to do self-care…

Big high five for me! I drove solo to the hairdresser. Then I sat under the big black cape with colour goop on my hair for a couple of years, then had a big haircut. Such simple things to most people but such a massive achievement for me (and others). I played the “help I need reassurance” track and that was perfect. As I said in my video, I have been telling myself a lie that I was embracing being grey haired but the TRUTH is that I was afraid of feeling the sensations that i associate with the hairdresser.

Had no sensations today which is a huge step forward and the association is now pretty hair, fun and laughs with my stylists and a pleasant, relaxing pamper. Putting things off can mean they grow bigger, scarier and more daunting. Do it now and nip the monster in the bud!! Thank you DARE ? ? #justsayyes ❤ ? ? (and snapchat filters are awesome for making you laugh at yourself!!!)

……~ Virgina always has wonderful pictures to add to her stories~….

Facing life’s many daily challenges head on!
Wow. What a day!!! Having had a huge week ( husband away, son on camp, school presentation night, sport training for kids, son going out with mates for dinner in the city by himself, son injured after said mates rolled the shopping trolley he was in, last day of school – holidays for 8 weeks!) I was not looking forward to today.

Up at 5.30 to drive more than an hour for son’s cricket match. Drop son off.

Decided to fill the time by driving to a nearby town to go to market to buy fresh lychees. Anxious Annie along for the whole time. No worries – have a lychee! Yum. Take dog and daughter to the beach and get told off by beach patrol because we are on a no dog area – see sign – need a microscope to see THAT sign.

Visit my mother and soldier through some confrontational home truths. Anxious Annie gone to sleep (lychee coma). Cricket finished and drive back to home town to take daughter to netball team representative trials. Vote for our next political party.

Drive home finally. Unpack shopping eat some lychees have a nap.

Oh bugger time to pick up daughter. Double bugger haven’t put the dinner on! Quickly whip up curry and set rice cooker. Tell son to come with me for the drive – “Mum you have to face your fears so, no. Go by yourself “. When did 15 years olds get so wise? (Except for shopping trolley Madness…..).

Deep breath. Barry I need you!! Put on “help I need reassurance” on the car stereo …

Wow what a POWERFUL tool. Quick messages for scrambled brain to absorb.

And here I am waiting for daughter to finish. Anxious Annie must have thrown herself from my car in a symbolic act of defiance – I’m not picking her up on the way home!!!

Virginia told me that she does not feel recovered yet, but that she is doing all that she can to get there.

As you can see in her posts, she is doing exactly that! She even has her own #justsayyes, I have to do it!!!!

You see it’s very important to realize that you don’t recover fast, and that the journey is not always easy, but that it’s with those small accumulative wins that you recover! So take the first step, push out, join the community, ask for help and make it so that you have your own wonderful stories like this sooner than later!

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