Water Helps Ease General Anxiety!

Today I want to look at something so simple and yet equally powerful in alleviating the symptoms of general anxiety. This tip also helps reduce the frequency and strength of panic attacks.

Fresh Drinking Water

There is no quicker way to significantly reduce general anxiety than adopting good eating and drinking habits. One of the most easily implemented and effective additions to your diet is fresh water.

Water is a great quencher of thirst but more importantly here –a great quencher of anxiety.

Nearly every function of the body is monitored and pegged to the efficient flow of water through our system. Water transports hormones, chemical messengers, and nutrients to vital organs of the body.

When we don’t keep our bodies well hydrated, they may react with a variety of signals… some of which are symptoms, of anxiety. Here is some interesting information about water

1. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

2. In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so
weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.

3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism
as much as 3%.

4. One glass of water shut down midnight hunger pangs for
almost all of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.

5. Lack of water, is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

Regular fresh drinking water is a vital ingredient to your diet. This is something the medical profession has been telling us for years. When we are dehydrated our cells can feel this at a molecular level and communicate this to the subconscious as an underline subtle anxiety or threat to survival.

The key to re-balancing a deficit of fluids is to drink eight glasses of fresh water daily. You must spread this intake throughout the day and not drink it all in one go! Otherwise you don’t give your body a chance to absorb it.

Have you noticed the effects of dehydration on your emotions before? If you have ever suffered from a serious hangover after a night out on the town, you will understand the feeling of dehydration all too well.

Hangovers result from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the “the hangover fear”. This is a heightened sense of anxiety and jumpiness that results from the dehydration of hangover.

The surest way for someone who suffers from high anxiety to experience yet more anxiety, is to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and wait for the hangover to set in the following day.

It is important to be aware that dehydration is a factor that contributes to anxiety and nervousness. The good news is that it is easily remedied by drinking regular fluids. Personally, I have found that not only does regular intake of water ward off any subtle feelings of anxiety, but it is also incredibly useful for building stamina and avoiding fatigue. Give this some real consideration. Simply increasing the amount of fresh water you drink is a very easy step to incorporate into your daily routine. Most of us fall short of consuming the recommended amount.

Always remember that there is a lot of hope for an immediate and successful recovery from all forms of panic attacks and anxiety disorders. You can have the life of your dreams – Anxiety does not have the right to steal that hope from you.

Sometimes taking very small steps can lead to massive improvements. One of my favorite writers wrote about how everyone should approach their problems with the same philosophy as the woodpecker.

Keep chipping away at it and eventually the whole damn tree will collapse!

Barry Joe McDonagh

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  • Luke

    The Panic Away program is wonderful beyond words. I’ve suffered from terrible anxiety for 20 years (most of my life), and now I have a completely different outlook on things. I can actually see a life without panic attacks now, and I couldn’t be happier. I no longer feel like a freak, and my life has changed for the better for sure. Simply amazing! This is the real deal.

  • Evelio

    I really appreciate that you sent me all the five articles. Thank you so much for that. I kept on practicing it. I know for sure that this could help me to have a good future and free from anxiety. I kept on reading your articles.

  • Lucy

    Your emails that you keep sending me are making me realise how common panick attacks actually are. And every mail makes me feel more happier and confident! I think something so simple like drinking more water is great and will deffenatley try it out! Thanks so much for your help! Lucy.

  • sarv

    Hi, I just want to say that i’m so greatfull in finding your website when i most needed some urgent advise, I look forward to everyday day to seeing your advises on how to handle anxiety and it amazes me to know how many people suffer from this.
    I just want to say thank you for all the mini course you have sent me so far, I have read them over and over again to try to get the hang of each options you have given me and how to deal with it.
    And drinking water…I think that’s the only thing that is keeping me going as i have no appetite for food.

  • geetu

    i am surprised & thankful for your wonderful advice. i would appreciate if u guide me how to avoid negetavity. i am a very negative person. unwanted thougts keep troubling me and i not able to enjoy my present. please advice.

  • ylenne milian

    I really am new to these panic attacks and my fears grow more when away from my house i work everyday in fear that im going to have one. It is very uncomftorble at times when im busy and have to keep my mind focused at work. Im new to this site and im trying to understand the steps but my mind keeps telling me that something is wrong with my health. I have gone to the ER twice in a month thinking that im going to pass out or have a heartattack i dont know what else to do about this problem and i really dont want to rely on medication. Can you please send me some advice on what I should do in these situations please i would very much appreciate it.

  • LaDy

    tnx for the mini course uve send 2 me it helps me,but i want also 2 buy of ur panic away to be satisfied panic free,but i dont have a credit card,is there another way to buy??coz my anxiety is very worse 2 me,it attacks me evryday for almost 3 years since my 1st attack…im afraid to happen it again dats y it’s always on my mind..my anxiety always happen in shower room…pls send me more of your course,im so very thankful dat i search your website..tnx again n godbless!!!

  • doug

    Thank you sooooo much the gift of knowledge is the greatest gift one can give I feel my self returning to normal,and I have only used your free mini-course my deepest thanks.


  • Paul

    Hi! I find your Panic Away mini course useful for anxiety relief. I’ve been battling against anxiety and unreasonable fear for many years. Then I found your website and trying to follow this simple technique.I look forward for your guidance while struggling to do away with my ticklish attitude in life. I always tend to be pessimistic towards life. But, I resolve to change and make use of your discovery to relish feeling of anxiety. So, good Lord help me!


  • Lillian

    Thanks so much for the info on Anxiety/Panic attacks. I am new at this and the thought of an attack makes me crazy. Water, wow, this is great, I will start now because I am so ready to relive myself from this anxiety. I dont want to be scared anymore! I want to feel like me again. I miss me! Thank U!

  • Angie

    Hi just wanted to say thanks for the e mails i look forward to seeing what new advice you give me everyday, i drink water anyway so this should be easy for me, but the advice i like best so far is giving my brain 20 seconds to get sorted i have used this often like ten times a day and I feel it works well for me so thanks and look forward to more useful and helpful advice. I just hope someday soon I will be me again.

  • Merry

    Thank you so much for sending me the mini course. It is absolutely helping me tremendously, and I can honestly see a light at the end of the tunnel. Every day is better and better. I am going to purchase Panic Away as soon as I can.

  • bencdelacruz

    a very helpful mini-course i was able to enlightened my child to self cure his anxiety and panic disorder. thank you and i wish you long life and continues success in sending your newsletters.

  • Karen

    Such a simple tip but the description of “hangover fear” is incredibly accurate. I’m sure many of us resort to alcohol to calm our jumpy nerves without realising that it makes things worse the next day.

  • 4TH Infantry Soldier

    I picked up my panic attacks and anxety after i made it back from the Iraq War. I was always on edge and only wanted to stay in my safe zone. My attacks were so bad I couldnt even go to family functions. I found your web site and from the first lesson on , i have been improving myself and my wellbeing . Thanks for all your help.

  • Cherry

    I for one did not really realize the extent of my anxiety untill I listened and read all of your mini courses.I could not believe what an incredable impact the mind has over the body. You have hit the nail on the head in so many ways. It is amazing I am trying so hard to practice your techniques. I have always been a positive person but in the last two years I have gone from one extreme to the other and feel I just cannot get rid of the dark cloud hovering over my head and thinking negative. I hope I can be like the woodpecker and make the whole tree fall. Thank you so much for your caring of people who suffer with this dreadful happening and all your wonderful input and expertise on trying to over come this.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. P.S. Ikeep trying to tell my doctor about feeling like I had a FOG in my head and I think he thought I was a wacko. Then I started believing that I was to untill I heard from you. Once again thank you. Cherry

  • Teri

    I have only been at it a short while but I am already feeling so much better. I am very happy that I found your website.

  • Dionne

    Thank you so for sending me these information on anxiety I was so thirsty yesterday so now I have to start drinking eight glass of water starting today Thank you again and I am glad that I found you. I know I will be ok soon

  • Linda

    I just started your course, and I already feel stronger. I was beggining to feel like I was losing my mind, and not being in touch with reality. But your technique is genius. Every other book I read told me to try to distract yourself, fold laundry, but this is course helps you face the fear, and I feel great already. The hangover effect is true. That is why I shy away from parties now. Thank you so much A million times, your a gift from above… πŸ™‚

  • samantha jane gomez

    thank u for the information, i am currently taking lexapro now and rivotril for my panic attacks and agoraphobia… i feel better though but i wish i will stop taking those meds now…. ive been taking it for a week now…. thanks barry

  • Maribel

    Thank you so much for your blog and your newsletters. I am doing all that i can one step at a time i am glad i found your site.

  • John

    Thanks for the mini course it has been a blessing so far. I, like many of your subscribers, just wany to feel normal again and live life to the fullest. I lost my job last August and have been a wreck ever since, even though I have a new job and have turned down another right after taking this new one, I just cannot seem to let the previous one go because of the circumstances surrounding the “resignation” as the company framed it. These crazy thoughts just started a fewe months back and I cannot get out from under them yet. I suffere from OCD so I am sure that is not helping me either. Anyway, thanks for being out there! Great Program so far!

  • Ahmed

    I actually started to look at my panic attacks from a different positive point of view. I consider myself lucky since I found your website by accident on the net. The 4 courses you have sent me were a great deal in reducing my anxiety. I am very appreciative to you and I wish that you not to stop sending me those wonderful mini courses!!!

  • Myriam

    Hello!! thank you for this helpfull information!! I think that understanding is the best cure, in this case, understanding that thoughs and body feelings wont hurt,, hard to accept, but im working on it,, on the mini course when you said look for a panick attack,, i notice how afraid of them i am.. so i couldt do it driving or anywhere else, but yesterday i was home washing dishes and i made my self have one,, i started breething deep, then i got all the body feelings then… i got panicky,, i run to the living room, then i went back did it again, and this time i relaxed,, then the whole day, my anxiety went down,, wow, that was some great learning lesson. Thank you for the advice.

  • danny


  • Andreas

    Thank you very much for the newslatters and the wonderful advise. I feel very fortunate to have found your website as it has been very helpful. I suffer from fear of insanity, general anxiety and panic attacks and life has been very difficult for me. Your e-mails have been very enlightning and encouraging.

  • Patrick Vella

    I was weak, scared, terrified and very anxious all the time, even if i dont show it….been like this for over 20 years…your mini course and full course is so straight forward and so simple that sometimes I could not understand why could not be so rational myself….thank you so much, I am better…not cured, but much better…accepting the panic attack already kills (i would say) 70 percent of it, a balance diet helps even more…but the method of gratitude and the method of challenge the panic attacks…they are awesome…though i cannot say i am hundred percent cured, It is really helping me, especially when i go back to read it whenever it is necessary! Thanks pal…by the way I am from MALTA (MEDITERANEAN REGION) EUROPE

  • Lee

    Dear Barry

    I have been suffering from panic disorder for the last 6 years…I have always felt so alone and trying to cope with my disease and always thinking and trying to understand why IT has happened to me..With your advice I have stopped thinking why this has happened to me but instead listen to myself, my body and trying to have some things under control..Now I even think that maybe all this has happened for a good reason to introduce me to myself for a second time!Thank you for your awesome advice!

  • william

    Just started a couple of weeks ago. Great ideas. Going on a long trip to Asia in a month and starting to worry some, but using your excellent ideas.
    Frequent water idea is also helpful. Thanks

  • Emmett Wright

    I am 83 years old and have been suffering from anxiety or apprehension
    for several years. I have tried the various prescription drugs, all
    of which worked in reverse. I have just discovered your site and
    appreciate your advice. It is too soon to tell whether or not I can
    be helped, but I am grateful for your insight.

  • Rowayne

    Thank you so much for sending me the mini course. It is absolutely helping me tremendously, and I can honestly see the bright and positive side of my life. Coz its really hard for me having this feelings for two years and its really affects my job as a teacher. But thanks to God that i am still functioning my job. I actually started to look at my panic attacks from a different positive point of view. I am so lucky since I found your website by accidentaly on the net. You are so woderful. Thanks God for you are here to rescue me.The 4 courses you have sent me were a great help in reducing my anxiety. I am very thankful to you and I wish that you not to stop sending me those wonderful mini courses!!!

  • toni

    i am still new to this, but i am so happy that i have found you, as you truly no how it feels to have anxiety and panic attacks and i feel that you totally understand. therefor i can trust you and believe you no what is best.i am only 21 and didnt no what anxiety was up untill now, which has helped me understand my body more and how it works, i have learnt not to be scared but to keep pushing my self and try and get past this horrible time in my life, at the moment i am using the one move technique and defantly i can say this is helping me, i managed to actually go into the shops a couple days ago, which before i would walk in and straight back out, i like trying new techniques and find your mini courses a great help, i cant wait untill im back to my happy self again and enjoy all the things i have been missing out on, i cant wait, thankyou , toni

  • Glo

    Thank you so much for the newsletters following the purchase of the program. I am a newish sufferer (only a month) but it has turned my life upside down from having attacks while driving and then beginning to become agorophobic. However I actually managed to catch a bus home from work today so although only a simple thing, it made me feel so much more confident that I am hopefully on the road to recovery. Will also up my intake of drinking water and have already stopped drinking caffeinated tea & coffee. Am on medication for very high BP but together with your program maybe I can get back to normal before too long πŸ™‚

  • isam

    Dear Barry

    Your site and mini course so far helped me to understand the nature of my anxiety attacks and helped me too to to feel much better and more relaxed without any medication. I am waiting the rest of the course

    Thank you so much
    Isam – Jordan

  • Paul

    I must say I am have been fortunate to have strubled across the program when confused and hopeless.I have been struggling with anxiety disorder for the last 5 years and was beginning to believe that there is no hope. However having suscribed to your program and miniseries it now appears the solution to my condition is very simple closed. Your series and program are very down to earth, userfriendly and easy to follow. They are also very convincing, empowering and motivating as it appears to be based on actual and successful experiences and facts rather than simply theories and academia. Thanks you for using your experiences to help other.

  • Gago

    Thanks a lot…..really now am feeling free from haevy bad insult of anxiety and panic attacks I have been through during last years and for long time, I know it was not a magic but a logic and method written by clever person like you enlight the dark way of my life and many other who suffers this ugly feelings, am gonna advice all my friends visit your site specially those suffering from panic attacks like me …again thanks a lot …my god please you ….

  • Amy

    I really appreciate the mini series that are emailed to me. I have suffered from anxiety/panic attacks for about 9 years… I am only 26 and it has impacted a lot of my youth. So coming across this is better late then never, and I really believe it will help me over come all my anxiety and panic, and the best thing about it will be working through it myself and not having to increase my medication!!! I’ll keep posting my success! Thank you so much.

  • Sonal

    Thanks for the mini programs sent by you, I feel much better and confident after reading them. Keep sending us useful tips. Thanks once again.

  • Venkat

    Thanks for your mini programs. In India , already our old scripts( Thirukural ) are telling some things like this, but, it is wonderful to know structured way of doing and good reviews from these many people.

  • Tony

    Hey I just want to say thank you for the mini’s, I have been suffering off and on from anxiety for about ten years. It brings me relief to hear that I’m not crazy, and not the only one who feel’s like this. I look foward to your e-mails and Any advice you give to rid myself of any more panic attacks. I am Truely Grateful, and Thanks again….

  • John B

    I have a question? Does Vitamin water count as I drink this stuff everyday? I drink about three bottles a day, it seems as though thats all i can drink. I’m constantly craving it; is that bad? Also, I just want to let you know that I’ve been suffering from Panic disorder for 7 months now and it seems to get better each day, but I still fear that another attack will happen I just don’t know when. Your Mini’s r a great help thank you for that. One more thing my Dr. prescribed me Klonopin and Zoloft is that bad? please write back and let me know what i can expect from all this… scincerely John Buccat

  • Cherry

    This is my second comment. I read your mini series eveyday if not twice a day. Each time I read them I am able to get a better grip on things and the way I think. I have high blood pressure that seems to sky rocket when I start thinking about it and the fear that goes along
    with it. I take blood pressure medication and somedays it helps and somedays when I dwell on it I panic and up it goes. So after I read your mini series it seems to go down..Thank you so very much for everything. I also am hopeing to someday get back to normal. I so would like to order your book but I am on social security and my money is very tight. Maybe in the coming future I can order it as I know I would be able to benefit from it even more. Once again thank you. If you could ever e-mail me just to say HI I would love that. Thanks Thanks and more Thanks Cherry

  • Sundar

    You are truly among God’s very special creations. Your mini instalments do not say anything that my mind does not know but the critical point here is your expressions work on the mind like the gentle early morning radiation of the Sun which permeates and eases the fog away. I have suffered from anxiety from as long as I can remember – more than 35 years now but to know that I am not alone in this, in itself is so soothing to the mind. PLEASE keep sending me your mini series exercises…..


  • Linda


  • Jeff

    This information proves its accuracy; I’ve increased my water intake because of the hot weather here and have noticed my anxiety levels come down drastically. Keep up the great work !!


  • ann

    thanks for sending me mails on how to succeed in overcoming anxiety…step by step im beggining to understand facts on anxiety and realized that im in-charge of my life. super thanks!

  • Jeff

    There is proof in every word you say. I’ve been drinking more water due to the heat and my anxiety has decreased. Thank you for the mini series, it’s been extremely helpful.

  • Yati


  • Michelle Smith

    Your work is fantastic your emails have helped me a great deal I have suffered panick/anxiety attacks on and off for years and everything has been a struggle even picking my daughter up from nursery would bring on an attack..im so gratefull and glad to say that after reading your emails I have cancelled my appointment to get hypnotised tomorrow as I feel a million times stronger in myself …thank you ..and I hope everybody success in getting over the awfull feeling of anxiety

  • jun

    Thank you for the mini series.It really answer all my question’s about panic attack.HOPE that you keep sending me your mini series exercises.THANKS A LOT…… JUN

  • Melinda

    I appreciate your emails. The things you mention are very practical and I am beginning to use them even though I do not have general anxiety or very many panic attacks like I read that others have. I have social or performance anxiety. I have had this since I was a young child because of being teased mercilessly by my school mates due to an indescretion by one of my teachers. Ironically, I am a teacher and am teaching something I dread doing when put on the spot–Reading. I get extremely nervous and could even panic, or begin trembling. Needless to say, I do not read very much to the class. Reading one on one does not bother me as much. When I am called on to speak to a group, I’m the same. Sometimes I feel that I am such a failure and should quit my job. I have purchased several cognitive behavioral programs and I feel it has helped some. But it does not seem that anything will cure me. I would love to speak with freeness of speech in a calm & relaxed manner. I feel that I could be a good speaker and an excellent reader if I were not so nervous…..any suggestions?

  • jecisne@

    thanks for this info, so far you are 100% acurate with your program all these tips and excercises really work. thank and god bless

  • hasanriyazul

    thak you very much for ur advice and help. ur mini series rvery good may god bless u with good health happiness and success in ur task .i wnt to get rid of anxity,panic attacks and depresson i hope u will help me.
    thanking u sir.
    yours affectionaty.

  • thank you barry

    thank you very much all your comments has been very helpful,I suffered terrible GAD, still suffering , i look forward to all your response.


  • thank you barry

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for your comments, i need to get my self confidence back, please I’m looking forward fro more advise from you, water certainly does help.

    Thank you, padma

  • joyce

    Your mini course is very helpful. After the 3rd mini course, I had a wonderful day. I guess it takes time to teach an old dog new trick, because all that day I kept waiting for the anxiety to hit and it never did. I am going to purchase your program.

  • carol

    Thanks a miilion, I’m still trying to get use to the messages and working with them. Please don’t stop sending them to me. I REALLY need them, just to get through the day.

  • Giam

    For all the help and knowledge you’ve shared to help so many people out there, I pray God will bless you abundantly with good health, joy and peace. Reading your articles has helped me to understand what people go through when they are stressed and how we can manage it. Knowing first of all that it is sth so common, in fact normal, helps remove fears and gives us assurance.

    Thanks a zillion, !

  • Jay-ar

    Your such a great person, helping people like me that has anxiety problems. I tested all the mini courses that you has mailed to me and all of them were succesful, thanks.If you dont mind, I already know that water can ease panic attacks because in every time that i am panicking i drink water and it reduces my panics. It is very true that water is the equilizer of anxiety attacks.Thank you for all your help and may god bless you and your family.

  • Jay-ar

    I just wanna say thank you for all the help that you have given to me by sending the mini courses. I practiced those courses and are succesful, thank you very much sir. if you dont mind, i already know that water can reduce anxiety attacks because when im panicking i always drink water and it eases me. It is very true that water is a quencher of anxiety, and, thank you sir for that advise.Your such a great person sir.May God bless you and your family.

  • muneet

    thanks a lot for all ur advices n mini course u have sent.i am a medical student and have suffered bouts of anxiety during my exams .i hope ur advice work for me.

  • Rhonda

    Thanks for the miniseries I just began having these panic attacks recently and already I feel much stronger to be able to handle them. Immediately my doctor put me on medication and I have been taking it for seven weeks now but as of the last three days I have started cutting down my intake of the meds and have started trying to slowly wean myself off them.. Thanks so much this really shows people that you are committed to helping them and not just interested in their money… The mini series is great and you are great…Thanks so much again and God Bless..


    good to get the messages. Good also, to hear that you are not alone. This stuff is diffiult – but facing it, accepting it, welcoming it has helped. Drinking water is vital – found that out also.

    Keep up the good work. your little messages are a lifesaver .
    Another thing, that I found helped – is crying. Releasing. Also maybe holding in mind that your body is trying to heal. Just a thought.

  • rose kelly

    im 49yrs old and ive suffered panic attacks and depression since i was 22yrs old, ive always tried to cope on my own but due to grief this year its got so much worse i thankyou for my miniseries and im looking forward to your help through it to cope better in my dark world regards rosemary.

  • diane

    ….I am trying to grasp this and find if it can replace all the drugs I won’t take..You are wonderful to share with so many broken people. A God send that we are not alone. The horror of this disease has no words. With your help I WILL get over it. !!!! I am going on four years of struggles.

  • Zoe W

    Although iv only been doing these remedies for only 4 days im feeling much better, after feeling so ill for so long & thinking there was something seriousley wrong with me.Im still not 100% yet but getting there,Im still having panick attacks but not as long & not as often.Could you tell me how long it takes for people not to feel anxious n be waiting for the next panick to happen?I am def going to try to drink more water even though i hate water lol.Would flavoured water be ok? Thanks for all your help so far πŸ™‚

  • julia

    Really appreciate you sending me this mini course. It has helped me cope with the fear and panic that has suddenly started up again. It’s good to know that someone has an alternative to medication and talk therapy.
    Thankyou so much.

  • prashant

    You have done a vital job for me,i used to be a very happy person but since some time i was distracted from my life and i was experiencing excessive mental turmoil.You have given a great remedy for the people suffering from this anxiety.You are doing a great social job,god is definately going to pay you for your deeds.your formulas are so simple to implement,and can bring the bliss to the people.keep it up.might you get every thing that you desire in your life,be happy and good bye.

  • Shan

    I have been having panic attacks off and on for years. I have discovered that death is a trigger for me. It started when my mom passed away, and then it went from there. I have been panic attack free for years. I did the whole xanax and antidepressant thing and ended up in a drug rehab for the xanax. Almost to the point of overdose. When my panic attacks started this time I decided I was not going to do the drug thing this time. However I was still using the old technques of how to handle them. So, I thank you for your new insight for how to handle them. I have been agoraphobic for 6 mnths now and for the first time I got out of my safe zone yesterday without having to have someone on the phone with me. It felt great.Finding this web sight has been a god send. I am surrounded by people who dont understand what is happening. And because of that I have been pulling away from my family. They do not understand that although I am surrounded by people that I feel like im on a deserted island. So it helps to know that i am not alone. It also helps to think that the person in the car next to me is feeling the same way.

  • Shan Underwood

    Barry thank you so much for the emails. they have helped alot and just knowing that i am not alone is even greater help. I read all the comments and it in it self makes me feel calm. once again thank you

  • chris clarke

    Thank you for the e.mails you send to me. I will let you now in due course how they work for me.
    Thanks again.

  • jessika

    thank you for your help.well yestersday i had a funeral to attend,it was my grandmother.but i was afraid to go to church what if i had a pannic attack i thought.but then i started your 20 second way to get rid of a pannic attack,and each time i felt my heart started to beat at a higher speed, i started counting for 1 to 20 seconds and then take a deep breath so i stayed in there for almost 15 minutes which is preety good for me i think then i went with my friend to talk a walk in the afternnon and it is something i normally don’t do because of my fear,but i did it any way.i’m so glad.
    really thank you

  • laura@11.08am

    feelng a lot better in meself now still away to go but now im just blaming the weather winter s drawng
    in. you are so right about the water always carry a bottel of fresh water with me and not long ago i had a funny turn in a bank but soon as got out and had some water it carmed me down and was ready to take on the world. you thnk at first you are the only person in the world this happens to but readng and talkng to people im not and I do have a full tme job and the people I work with are so nice and I have found out 5 people who I work with have them to or have had them and it also puts your mind to ease that you dont have to go through it aloan x x x x

  • Myriam

    Thank you so much Mr. Barry for all the great advice you give freely. It really helps and I’m very grateful for every message I get from your web site. At first when I suscribed to get more information about anxiety and panick attacks, I thought I’d get a few tips but mostly advertising urging me to take the course right away if I wanted to know anything useful at all. I was actually surprised to find each of your letters very interesting; in fact, they have helped me a lot so far and I really appreciate receiving a new one every day. It shows not only that what you have to say is based on true research and works effectively indeed, but also that you care about the people who need to know all those things. Thanks again!

  • Veronica

    You are very correct about alcohol and the hangover, its better to avoid it at once if we can. Water, 100% right, I found out that after drinking it I burb, which relieves the fullness in my stomach I always have when I’m anxious.
    Thanks and God bless!

  • Rameena

    U know what ??? the real amazing thing is your details describing the feelings involving general anxiety & panic disorder.. i ve kinda browsed all sites about it and never saw such details except here with u. i mean these details only to begin with gave me such reassuring feeling that this man knows exactly what we’re talking about here ..this alone was such a relief . i didnt buy the program yet and yet reading this made me feel lots better …these glimpses made me sure that the program works magic

  • joseph

    I’ve been suffering from anxiety & panic 4 about 25 years! no med pro has ever told me some of the things you’ve told me, i guess there just sooooo clinical, at least thay gave me the right meds ! i’ve always been an extreamly posative person,i will continue to use the tips you gave me.just last night a nasty panic attack hit me like a mac truck,i tryed despreatly to ward it off,but i had to give into the meds, (damn it) i’ve lerrned quickly to practice getting use to not having to use the meds,One attack @ a time.Stick it out everyone,we’ll get there πŸ™‚ GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!! JOSEPH……..



  • Samuel

    Thanks Mr. Barry,
    Your mini courses are just splendid! I had accepted general anxiety to be part of my personality till I read your first mail. I will like to qoute you here: “SOMETIMES TAKING VERY SMALL STEPS CAN LEAD TO MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS”
    I have seen massive improvements. Thanks.

  • JOHN

    I have been coping with panic attacks for years. It started with passing kidney stones, I kept forming and trying to pass these awful stones, much pain and much anxiety expecting the next one to come along. I have been under this scourge for years. It is dreadful. Lately any little thought gets me into a full blown attack. It’s the worst ever. It seems I’m more sensitized than ever WHY…???

    Nothing seems to work.I have triried many options, all dissapointing. I just got your book and read thru it quickly. I must say you are original in your thinking…. It has given me some early hope. I like the fact that you get right into it quickly instead of running around in circles.

    I’m going to read it again SLOWLY and try to absorb more. Will let you know of my improvement (hopefull)

  • Norway

    still reading,learning and trying out your metods against my generalized /social anxiety.it works!
    keep it up!

  • irma

    beautiful article . many facts I ignored about water but the habit has kicked in me ever since the trouble started. so true about the feeling of saciation and diet promoting properties. thank you so much for your helpful and interesting tips.

  • melissa

    thankyou barry ive suffered for 12yrs and youve given me more helpful info in 5 blogs than any doctor or book in that time. thankyou i wil be regularly checking in and practising these exercises it sounds plain and simple i’m sure i can do it thankyou thankyou thankyou

  • Linda

    Dear Joe, thank you so much for the service you are providing. I guess I’ve had these anxiety bouts in the past, but brushed them off as asthma attacks (which I do have), used my inhaler and got on with my life. That is, until recently when I felt like I had a cold, stomach acid, and a feeling of doom. My throat had a lump in it that make it hard to swallow, and I could not recall what I was thinking that could have caused it. This lasted almost a week, the most miserable week of my life I might add. I even thought I had a new strain of virus that caused all these symptoms, but my doctor said it was probably anxiety. When I asked him what I could do, he said nothing because my brain was in charge at that point. Sheesh, that wasn’t what I wanted to hear, so I came home and found your website. The minute I started reading the information at Panic Away, I could immediately feel my anxiety leaving. Remarkable! I am practicing the suggestions in the mini series and have found them most helpful. Unfortunately, my husband was just terminated from his employment and we are watching our funds, or I would have the Panic Away program downloaded by now. In the meantime, I will continue to practice your methods, and take charge of my life without drugs or therapy. Thanks so much for your valuable work.

  • Erica

    Thank you for your emails, they are giving me hope that I will be able to return to a normal life again after two years and to realise I am not alone in suffering from this hellish and debilitating condition
    Just off to start on my first of eight glasses of water!

  • vicki

    I am so thankful that I ran into your sight. I felt better today except for 2 times. the first time a coworker really irritated me so I just tryed to forget it at first and then I almost had a attack while I was driving home because the coworker made me mad and when I felt the tightening in my chest and a little bit of tingling, I just told the attack to stop and that it doesnt scare me anymore it STOPPED. even my dizzyness when away. lol I get dizzyness with mine. and then I was washing the floors in my kitchen and after I was done I was feeling a little bit anxious that could of turned into me paceing the floor but I just turned on the computer and started into my email and it went away as well as the dizzyness. Maybe it was the smell of the pinesole that made me anxious? who knows. Anyway I beleive this is part of gods plan to heal me of this miserable condition. thank you so much. Last week I couldn’t even function. I missed work due to 2 panic attacks. I am still in AWW over how well this is working. I am not 100% cured but I beleive if I just keep working at it with the lord I will be.
    may god bless you in so many ways

  • Gloria

    Thank you so much! I felt so hopeless until I discovered your site. I really didn’t know where to turn. My anxiety began while being sick with upper respiratory infection. I didn’t realize so many others were experiencing the same feelings. I tried the Belly breathing excercizes and got relief right away. I also will be drinking more water. I look forward to your emails every day.

  • vanessa

    Thank you for all your help and advice- at fifty years of age I thought I had just about been through everything that could scare me rigid – and then I “discovered” panic attacks…! Strewth! Being human really sucks sometimes doesn’t it??

    Thank God for the internet and you!

    To all my brothers and sisters out there fighting your seemingly own demons – you are not alone and you WILL survive! Fall down seven times – get up eight!
    God Bless

  • Sally

    Hi – The five articles you have sent me have been absolutely wonderful – and have helped me enormously. I cannot believe how fortunate I was to have found your website – it is truly amazing and most of all it works! I have suffered panic attacks since what seems like forever – and the leading up to them as much as experiencing them has been horrendous. I feel a different person through reading and absorbing everything you have sent – and my fears seem to have evaporated already and more than that I feel in control!!!! Your ‘Water Helps Ease General Anxiety’ comments I can attest to – as I’ve never been able to travel anywhere without a bottle in my bag – and wherever I am I always have one close to hand. I know it has always helped me.

    Thank you so much again!

  • Karen

    Thanks for the mini-series on Managing Panic. I’ve learned something valuable from each lesson. I suffer from severe Generalized Anxiety, and worry about EVERYTHING. Lots of pessimistic thinking that I can’t seem to control. I enjoy your brief lessons, and will surely be looking them over again. I especially liked today’s lesson on water-drinking. I always have a water bottle in my hand, and aside from the biological advantages of ingesting water, holding the bottle also gives me something constructive to do with my hands. Thanks for all your wise words.

  • ylli

    Thank you ever so much for the mini-series on Managing Panic.I have learned something valuable from each lesson.I enjoy your brief lessons,and will surely be looking for them over again.I especially liked today’s lesson on water-drinking.I do it every day drinking 3 litres of water a day and I feel it helps me to get rid my stress and anxiety. Thanks again for your excellent lessons.



  • Belinda

    Thanks so much for allowing yourself to be used to educate and help people like me. I have heard so much about water, but never knew dehydration is a contributing factor to anxiety and nervousness. Water indeed is a great quencher of anxiety. TRY IT AND YOU WILL SEE THE MAGIC. May God richly bless you and replenish whatever is lost in this great journey of yours.

  • whitecat3

    Thank you so much for the great advice. You make it all sound so simple and it is but your sound approach and ways of getting your advice across is what makes me believe I am on the road to recovery. I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for just over 4 months now but it feels like a lifetime . I am really positive your techniques will help me and i am really grateful for the mini course, the best knowledge i have had yet. The water idea is simple and i will certainly increase my intake now and in the future

  • kate

    Thank you SO SO MUCHHH. I feel much different. I was going to get a counselor for my anxiety…but now I don’t think I need one. I only found this website out of the blue on friday and already I feel a sense of hope. SO THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!

  • Brittney

    Hi There,
    I just wanted to let you know how greatful I am to have found your program. I’ve only suffered a few panic attacks in my life but have been dealing with the general feeling of anxiety for about 2 years. I have had panic attacks while driving and actually had one today. I pulled my car over and did the one move technique. I actually spoke out loud to myself and told the sensations to grow stronger… and they didn’t! It was like a light bulb went off and the anxiety was actually “offended” that it couldn’t get any worse. I couldn’t believe it. If there are any skeptics out there, trust me…it works! Thank you so much!

  • marcos

    u are really a gift of God.. keep it up continue sending me the program I really need it, I suffer this emotional disorder for 18 years started when I entered in a soldiery, I suffer anxiety all along if I encounter problem such volume of work load which should not be the case… by the way million tanks for the program it really works….

  • Sharon

    I agree with all the comments people have made , thanking you ,I have only read a couple of you e mails my mam has just passed away and it has effected me very badly to the point I am really feeling Iam ill , I believe reading more of your articles will help me as it does so many others , thanks again .

  • Debra

    HI!, this program is really helping me out alot. Alot of the things said on here really are helping me. I have noticed not drinking enough water effects you and your anxiety to become alot worse, so i been drinking more water and it helps. Thanks for all the helpful e mails!

  • Chaynee

    I’m finding your emails very helpful.. I have lived my life full of panic attacks. And your second email, changed it a lot. I was able to use it immediately. thank you.

  • Liza

    Thanks a lot . It helps my feelings. God bless. I like to receive your email everydat. It eases my bad feelings. Thank you so much. Liza

  • Tabitha

    Dear Mr. Barry,
    Thanks a lot for the mini course, it was a blessing. I really consider myself being very lucky as I found this web by chance, yet it brought miracles in my life. Thak you very much about the useful/helpful information. Like others I really apreciate your advice. Thank you again and may God bless you.

  • TiaGeorge

    Thank you for your web site. I only just started but really needed help badly. I think I can already feel a difference in my attitude about taking control. Thanks for all your wonderful help.

  • Gabby

    I am very thankful for the mini course that you are sending me…I feel a lot better now when I started reading your mini course. After a long years of suffering from anxiety I thougt there is no more cure but now that I found your website it really helps a lot and I am very alive. Thanks a lot and more power to your website.

  • sylvia

    I am getting a lot of great helpful info on the mini series. Thanks for all your effort in helping us all to over come anxiety. I am practicing the mini series and carry it with me where ever I go. Thanks again and God Bless.

  • Oladipo

    I thank God for people like you who care to help others that you may never meet face to face.I am greatly encouraged.will put your lessons into practice.

  • Amy

    Thank you fot the free mini series. I suffer with anxiety on a daily basis and pills nor conselling seem to work for me. I’m planning to buy the full programme if the mini sereis works for me. So… fingers crossed!!

  • Laura

    Thank you for the mini series, they are giving me hope! I look forward to the mini courses you’ve been sending me. There starting to make me see the light where i thought was not possible.
    Thank you.

  • Jay

    Hello there all..Well i am very very happy i found your site…Well i been suffering from very bad anxiety for a year and a half now, i lost my job, and it put a strain on my relationship because I did not go out much any more because i was afraid of having panic attacks. But now i see a light at the end of this dreadful tunnel. It is really a misunderstood disorder because doctors really had no good advice for me except to take pills. Now myself i do not like pills and have been looking for another way to help myself, and i think i found it. Thanks alot and God bless

  • Martie

    I second all that has been said i all the blogs! I do however need to made a point about, water. Water is excellent, but bottled water or filtered water is what everyone should be drinking. Our, especially South African, tap water is filled with so many chemicals that it (and I’d love someone to confirm this if possible) can cause cancer. I can actually taste the difference between filtered and unfiltered water.

    Thanks for all your wonderful guidance with our “disorder”, Just a pity you don’t live in South Africa. I’d be in your office everyday! I’m a great believer in communication, and that may be the source of all our problems, even from childhood, our parents didn’t communicate enough with us!

  • Isabel

    This is the first time I ever heard that drinking water can help and that there is hope from having anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you for all the advise I can not afford a doctor or anything expensive. I have already put some of these excersises into practice. I really can’t thank you enough.


    I would to thank you for sending me the mini course.I honestly started to look at my panic attack from adifferent point of view and it has been a great help in reducing my anxiety. I don’t have panic attack during the day,only occurs at night following a bad dream, mainly about close space,being shut in a small room or tunnel,unable to breathe and desperate to get out. Thank you

  • Dilip

    Thnx god ! in the course of 10 years i couldnt hav got such a useful advise,i am gradually geting release from the pressure of anxiety.I think after all it is curable and have started to dream for abroad study.
    Really this works along with it began to have Yoga also friends

  • Michael

    I think this is the only thing that I have found that seems like it could work and fast. Thankyou so much for all the mini courses, I conitnue to read and practice the techniques. I am finally starting to see that there may be an end to all of this

  • Brenda

    Like many others i am so glad that i found this site.I have been having panic attacks on and off for 16 years, they are very sporadic i can go for 2 months without one and then out of the blue WHAM .. IT COMES ON it starts with a burning in my stomach then i get very breathlesss and a dry mouth.This starts a visous circle and i know a lot of it is in my head.I FELT ONE COMING ON TONIGHT AND I HAD NOT LONG READ YOUR LETTER ABOUT COUNTING TO TWENTY I TRIED IT AND IT DID HELP, I USUALLY REACH FOR THE VALIUM AS THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT SEEMS TO NUMB MY MIND.nO VALIUM TONIGHT., my thoughts are irrational and because i get so tense i end up with a stiff neck

  • Kshitij

    Though I have just read two of your mini courses but seems it works well for reducing my stress level. These courses are working like panacea for me as I am not getting anything as reference material to understand the various dimensions of mental phenomena. I have been suffering from these mental distresses and combating to bring good moods in me and for this purpose these courses are really contributing a lot.

  • adam

    wow i have had anxiety for 7 years and it has been concstant with the fog this site mentions and slowly but surly its goin away i though i would never be normal again thank you guys sooooooooo much

  • lutzhie

    your the answer of my prayers….a millions thanks for sending your articles….every time i read your article i feel relaxed and fearless…i do hope that ur articles help me to be happy again.godbless you!!

  • ashley

    i am 100% exstatic about your program Barry..the panic and anxiety i have had for the past 11 years is finally something i can cope with. I actually feel like there is hope. as i know it is gonna take practice, i actually cant wait until i can purchase your whole program..thank you sooo much for a new outlook and hope !!!

  • Arup

    It is wonderful. It is really helpful to reduce one’s anxiety and panic disorders. God bless you for your valuable support.



  • Ted

    thank you so much for your help I am trying to relieve my stress and depression and thanks to your aid I am hoping I will be getting on top of it regards Ted

  • Erica

    I have been suffering, and I mean SUFFERING, with anxiety and panic for over 20 years, I am only 31 years old. So, it’s been a long hard road at a very young age. I’m DONE with this life. I just got married 6 mos ago and want my LIFE back. I can no longer sit by and watch my life pass me by because I am too worried to live it. I too, need a daily reminder of staying strong and thinking good thoughts. These e-mails are wonderful as repeated GOOD thoughts are essential to my survival of this anxiety.

  • Patty

    I just started on your mini courses and I must say they have really helped!
    I have re-read the first three several times this week and I’m soooooo much better. I’m actually becoming in control of the panic attacks! Thanks so much and I will continue to welcome your advice.

  • Lanie

    I thought I was going to experience this anxiety for the rest of my life,,,, but thanks to you.!!!! I feel comfortable now…

  • maya

    Hello Barry
    Thank you so much for everything. I have been rereading the letters over and over again. I have been fallowing the advices and guess what, i’m happy to say i have had 2 days of me feeling better. Today i had kinda stressful day and not for once my heart was racing. I am so greatful, I wish i knew you for real so i could hold you real tight.
    All the best

  • Klara Hrusovsky

    Hi, Thank you for sending me the free Panic Away courses. I am glad you are dealing with everybody who is turning to you for help. I was lucky I found your website. My real problem is not with general sudden panic attacks but with trembling hands when is required to sign something in front of people (e.i.post office, banks etc.) I suffer for nearly 30 years but I believe your courses will help me a lot. Thank you and God bless you! Klara

  • Zareen

    For a long time I had these episodic feeling of unease & restlessness, waking up from sleep feeling breathless which I later came to know were panic attacks probably in its mild form. Drinking water always seemed to help me get over that. Thanks for confirming that and for all the newsletters that are invaluable for those who are looking for techniques to cope with this rather than medication.

  • David

    Thank you ever so much for being so caring and generous in sending the daily e-mails free of cost. They are very simple to follow and I’m sure will make a real difference before long

  • Pepper

    I just found this site couple of days ago and it has made a believer outta of me.So far I still have my attacks and know going to try my water attack on the panic for the first time I will let all of you Know how the water and good thoughts works Thank you very much My family and spouse deserve to have me back and living again all of us can do this I know believe.Thank you god first for leading me to this direction and thank you all for your comments here as I know im not alone!!!

  • rocco

    thank you so much for your information. im currently on ativan .05MG one in the morning and one at nite. i have taken days off of work because my doctor wants to put me on Paxil and i dont want to take more medication. im going to try to make it without Paxil and just have my ativan on the side for assurance. I love your advice and im going to drink alot of water from now on. thank you and all you people out there that are going through the same thing im going through im with you !!!!!! i know what it feels like and were going to make it!!!!!!!! god bless you and thank you for your supports!!!!!

  • rupesh

    hi there
    thanks for advising. from today onwards i m starting this drinking water exercise.
    i m sure it will work . thanks once again

  • lynn

    Thank you very much for youe newsletters they are a great help and i find that they help me a great deal
    many thanks and god bless you for taking the time to care about other sufferers

  • Marlin

    Since I got your mails I have gone a week without a panic attack. Just now I had one very big. I had to deal with insurance because they stole my laptop. (for the second time) And I actually didn’t want to deal with the guy. He gave me the impression that I let them steal in my own home. But right now I feel much better. I used the 20 seconds technique, but it was to full blown so I had to take meds. But to calm down I kept on using your methods. Thank you very much and God bless you.

  • Devon

    I don’t have to imagine what everyone on here is going through because I know first hand for the past month, I have had the multiple ER visits normal ekg, normal x-rays, doctors telling me I am fine that I just have Generalized anxiety, This has to be the most hardest thing I have been through in my 23 years of life, Thank you for giving us hope Barry, but we need to be extremely strong and fight these ill feelings. It’s all in our head and we are the ones who have control like Barry said. I am still struggling and I will not give up. because if we were normal before this, then we will be normal and happy again…..

  • Elizabeth

    A dizzy spell even a slpit second can send me into a panic attack. To think it maybe that I have not had enough water is the cause….. I knew that but never thought of it at the moment it happens. Thanks

  • Angela

    This is so true about water being the quencher for anxiety. I alwatys suspected this in my heart and it was good to have you validate this. The day I had my first and worst panic attack I had forgotten to put water in the cup holder of my car. If I had had water, I’m sure I would have been able to semi-control or at least minimize the attack and not end up in the ER. Before I ran inside the ER I managed to find a warm bottle of ginger ale in my car and gulp it down –and it offered some relief. (better than nothing). and got the trembling to subside. After I wrote my burial wishes (on a scrap of paper in strange, sloppier than usual handwriting), I managed to crawl my way into the ER. How I wished I had a nice cold drink of water with me! I am taking a class in fitness of the brain, and the teacher insists we bring water to class. He says water helps us think better too. We tend to get dehydrated, especially as we age, which can bring on memory problems. Glad to know it helps anxiety too. I’ll never be without a bottle of fresh water in my car again!

  • Pooja

    Thank you Barry for coming to my rescue just at the time when i had almost given up in life. I had become a nervous wreck always afraid of being alone at home or stepping out of the house , travel in a tube / car. Thanks to all the emails that you have sent so far. They have helped me look at my situation as something that I can deal in a better way now . I am quite hopeful of having a normal life , free of panic attacks and anxiety very soon. God bless You !!

  • crystal

    I am only 25 yrs old and have suffered from panic attacks for many years. I actually think i’m going crazy sometimes. The hangover statement is very true. I turned to alcohol for several months trying to avoid my anxiety and the next day was awful everytime so I would just drink again. It got out of control for a little while and then I got pregnant with my 2nd child. Now that I am pregnant my doctor only wants me to take lexapro and no xanax or ativan of any kind…IT IS VERY HARD TO DEAL WITH A PANIC ATTACK WITHOUT A CHILL PILL!!! But, just reading these other comments and ur mini chapters help so much and make me remember that I AM NOT CRAZY AND AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SUFFERING FROM THIS AWFUL FEAR!!! Thank u so much and I look foward to more of your emails……..,crystal

  • june

    God-sent website. I’ve been in combat for this anxious feeling for moe than two years now. It started few months after I delivered my son, and still now I always have frequent attacks. The comments and experiences I have read from this website are all so familiar to me, like the feeling of having heart attacks and other serious illnesses. I have been taking anxiolytic drugs for almost two years now, as advised by my doctor. It helped me for quite sometime. But I personally stopped taking them because I’ve been having frequent headaches for 5 months now which are most of the time not relieved by pain killers. Now I am SUFFERING from these panic attacks 4-5 times a week and I sometimes found myself taking the medication again just to help myself. The feeling is so troublesome that it really hinders my plans for my future. I want to regain my old self! I used to be a very energetic, fearless person, but I was changed since the start of my panic attacks. I’m so relieved to have read all the comments here, coz I’ve got to realize that I’m not alone in this dreaded disease and that I am still normal. Thanks so much for your website. Starting today, I will definitely take 8 glasses of water a day. I Hope that this will gradually slow down my attacks. Will keep you posted of my progress.

  • Judith

    Many thanks for the useful advice. I am usually a confident person but for the last six months have suffered stress and depression which seems to have come out of the blue. I am trying to get on top of it and find you advice extremely helpful.

  • milton

    hey. is there any possibility of getting the course in sapanish language?. I know english but I do not understand technical words.

  • Prateek

    thanks for sharing such information with me…

    I hope one day I’ll become normal again with your help…

    thanks a lot sending me the mails…

    and I am expecting more from you…

  • Eve

    I look forward to more emails from you..to say the least I am normally not a water drinker..BUT if it’ll help

    Then I am There… thank you again, God bless

  • mike z

    thank you very much im really thankful for these emails bout panic away i been feeling lot better since i heard of this thank you !!!

  • Teaze

    I can relate to the hangover feeling, as it is one that can be worse with a panic attack episode. I have been suffering from depression since 5th grade (1995) and panic attacks since 2007. It has not been an easy journey for a young person to go through as i feel i have missed out on the essence of growing up and being carefree..my introvertness was mistaken for being a respectful little girl who just liked watching tv rather than go out with friends (not that I had many). only to find a more emotionally distressed person struggling to fit in each day due to panic attacks. Alcohol abuse becomes natural as you try and take away the fear of another attack but only makes you prone to having another episode. i have really been battling with my attacks recently as i seem to be fine at home but as soon as i go to work it all starts… . I just want to thank you Barry for giving us an opportunity to share eachothers experiences as im sure most of us initially thought we were alone in this. but more importantly helping us find ways to eliminate this horrible “illness” if i may call it that.i am definately using your techniques and have also found that a good nights rest and lots of water is an excellent way to begin. I have found control in myself and have minimized the use of alcahol, so i can function healthily with the rest of the world – I AM 25YRS OLD AND IN CONTROL… !!!

  • Susan Anderson

    Hello πŸ™‚

    Im a sufferer of panic attacks which are not pleasent especially if you hangover ??
    Another word that’s used a lot is β€œI got the fear” you feel like you need to get out of that situation A.S.A.P but try relax and it will pass Remember its mind over matter.

    On the subject of water I do notice a big difference when I drink water, I’m more energetic, not as hungry, my skin has improved, my Anxiety is defiantly lowered and when it happens its not as bad. The best advice I could give someone is the make sure your well informed about anxiety and that your not alone.

  • jessica jones

    I just turned 18 when I had my first child and 2 months after that I had my first anxiety or panic attack. I thought I was having a stroke.My face went numb or at least I thought it was and I freaked out. Went to the doctor and got lots of tests done including going to a heart doctor. Everything was fine! Now five years later Im still scared. What if their wrong? What if they missed something?What if I die and my daughters have no mother? Now I have a beer when I get anxious so it doesn’t go to panic and I’m realizing thats not the solution. I have to be here for my girls,mind and body, thats why I’m here. These newsletters make me feel that I’m not alone with this.Can’t wait to read more!Thanks!

  • johnson murillo

    I been have anxiety for almost 20 years, since I read your email about water then I tryed drink
    water 6 glass a day after two days I feel good, its helpfull thank barry thank so much

  • hope

    i think its working…… o god i dont believe. i had the best presentation today. i really appreciated the art of gratitude. i think i am gaining back my confidence.

  • Janie

    Hi, drinking more water daily is a good idea and will to this. When i do feel anxious, i tend not to drink much at all that day, when the evening is almost over, i drink more then. I always have a glass of water beside me when I sleep.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Have a good day.

  • Michael

    Barry. I am not a person to make comments, but I feel that it is necessary to encourage others to keep their chin up.I am new to this anxiety thing- but it sure is real!!! Went to doctors- you will have to take medication- yes maybe the rest of your life.(I am 66) Your approach appears sound- and yes it seems to be working. I realise there is such a thing as mind over matter, but maybe this is just the problem ? The mind is what we need to strengthen?? Thanks for your input.

  • era

    thank you so much for sharing with me about panic attack. your website and your email is very helpful and informative of my situation now. please send me more email about how to conquer fear/anxiety or nervousness. GOD bless you.

  • Esther

    It is amazing to realise so many people are suffering in the same way as me. This mini course really does disarm the anxiety and help me to realise there is hope for all us sufferers out there. I hope to return to my old self after nearly a year of wasted time feeling ill, avoiding friends and feeling like I can’t cope. I have now had a month off work because I couldn’t control the anxiety any longer and felt like I was making it worse by plodding on feeling so bad. The hints on keeping busy seem to work. It is true that the depersonalisation does diminish when you are busy and gives me hope that one day I will no longer even worry if I feel detached or if I will have an attack that day. God bless Barry and all of us anxiety sufferers. Can anyone comment on use of alcohol whilst taking Citalopram? I have totally given up alcohol but sometimes would like a glass of wine and daren’t in case it brings my anxiety back. Like Barry says, we are all very brave. It takes guts to face the world feeling like this! God bless.

  • phil

    thakyou so much for the emails you are sending. these techniqes are very helpfull and its good to hav new things to try. ive been having them now for years an stil they scare the s**t out of me. but knowing nothing isgoing to harm you is a massive weight off my sholders.
    well thanks again!!

  • Rudra Precht

    Yes, like all these other people i say thank you thank you thank you! But there is a difference for me….I actually feel better when I am around people or if I go somewhere. I feel safer where people are. I have the attacks in the evenings and nights when I feel like I am alone and no help could get to me quick in case something happens. And I for sure don’t drink much water at all. I will try! I stopped drinking drinks with caffein, does caffein make anxiety worse?? Someone told me it does, and sugar too. And yes, I do feel much more confident that there is a way out of this!!! I have children, I can laugh and play with them again without thinking about the horrible attacks anymore. Its great! I used to dread the nights for a couple of month now, I could not go to sleep. The attacks would rip me out of my sleep all the time! But it has gotten SOOO much better. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joan

    Thanks so much for the 4 mini letters. I found them to be most helpful, especially the 20 second count your fears away. I never realized there were so many others experiencing the same feelings that I am. For some strange reason it gave me confidence to know that I’m not alone, I’m not going crazy and I’m not having a heart attack. I will try drinking more water. And, I pray, with your advice I’ll overcome these fears and and these frightening feelings. Thanks again……..Joan

  • tyler

    I am 18 years old and have suffered from anxiety since three months ago when i had my first panic attack. the good thing is is that i didnt develop a panic disorder, i have them rarely, but i have terrible anxiety. Ill worry about things like my heart and in general my health. Your not supposed to worry about that when your eighteen, your supposed to be having fun, which i was until that happened three months ago. Since then, ive been in a psychiatric hospital for a week, where they balanced my meds. the meds took the edge off, but it was still there. It’s horrible when a though comes into your head like what if i go into cardiac arrest, even though thats not relevant to my age. I was diagnosed with wolff parkinson white, a heart arrhythmia, but theyre still wondering if i really have it or not, so that is adding to my anxiety, cuz one of the syptoms, though very rare, is cardiac arrest. I knew that it had an extremely small chance of happening, but for some reason i just couldnt get it out of my mind. When i read your first article, I tried it by letting that thought come into my head and labeling it like you said, and i really worked! it comes into my head every once in a while, but when it does, i do the exercise and it seems to get less and less intense every time. The only time it gets me is when it catches me off guard, and im too busy to really focus on doing that exersize, but hopefully my mind will be trained to not be afraid of this anymore. What your doing is great, and actually works, unlike those other websites that charge you and don’t give any longterm results. I really feel confident that this is working and im going to continue doing these exercises. Thank you, you’ve given me and many others hope

  • Heather

    I am one of those people that has never drank much water. I also am a bad anxiety person so I will be trying to drink more water.. Will let you know the improvements as I feel them. Thanks heaps for this tip. (I have known all along how water is important but needed this jolt I think to put it into action.)

  • wolf

    thankyou the chiping away soungs promising yust the thought makes me feel thers light at the end of the tunel

  • mayank dhir

    this step would be truly benifitial sir .. thank u so much for ur help may god give u all happiness and joys πŸ™‚

  • marie @ 8:48am

    Hi Barry
    I’ve been a victim of anxiety since the past 3 months. Like what other suffers go through, i go through that too, and it really bothers me, i went to hospital and all blood test came okay, but these feelings is just driving me insane, to the point that i will stay in bed but can’t sleep because of too much worrying and then my anxiety starts, which i get really scared because i have only one child and she’s only turning 5 yrs. old. Well, i was reading our local news online, when i got to the bottom, i saw a highlighted topic saying “NO MORE ANXIETY” so right when i clicked on that, your articles came out, i’ve been praying to GOD to help me ease these feelings, and i guess God gave me the answer to ur websites. I still have struggles sleeping at night, i get scared to go out of my house at times, i hardly visit my families, which am keeping my own (my daughter & common-law) family away from having fun because am afraid to be alone all the time. Now am practicing your steps that ur sending me through my email. PLEASE SEND ME MORE INFORMATION OR STRATEGIES ON HOW TO REALLY EASE THESE FEELING OR ILLNESS! Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us with our disorders. PLEASE HELP ME OUT because am from far far far far away, i live in the Commonweatlh of the Northern Islands called “Tinian” and we have the smallest hospital, which we go off island for serious treatment. THANK YOU & MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

  • jake

    I would like to say thanks for all the advise that you have given me. I can really feel that it is starting to make a diffrence. the 20sec count down works really well. But i would have to say that my favorite one is telling my self to have an anxiety attack, and that is probally one of the hardest things to tell myself but it seems to work. I am not a 100% cured yet but with these simple things that you have given me i have started to notice a diffrence. I to also take lexapro but have recently came off it and am trying to lead alife with out taking pills. I know in my heart that i am the one that brings this on myself,and i am the one that has to relize that it is me and not a medical condition.

    I can totally relate to the people that think that there heart is going to explode, and that is the number one thing that tips my anxiety off. Reading these responses from the other people helps me alot to know that i am ok and that my heart is not going to explode. I am only 24 but have suffered for years with all the things that the people have talked about in the letter. agian thank you and thank you to all the people that i can relate with,all the letters let me know that i am not alone and i am not the only one that battles with this horrible anxiety.

  • marie @ 8:48am

    Hi Barry,
    i really think these mini courses your sending us through email REALLY helped me to control most of my anxiety when its about to trigger again. AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH! PLEASE send me more information about anxiety and panic attacks. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

  • Ted

    Hi Barry thank you for all your helpful tips on anxiety and your panic away programme which I have found very helpful all the best regards Ted

  • Saurabh

    I love you dear author, you are simply a good man who helped me a lot and saved my life getting ruined. You , helped me to regain control over my body and mind. You are best.

    May god give you best in your life.

  • Ted

    thanks Barry for your help I am gradually getting over depression and anxiety though having job to get confidence back still I will keep on the one move technique

  • mary lou


  • Kylie

    Your emails are so helpful. I just started receiving them last week and I am already having less panic attacks. It was especially helpful to use the 20 second countdown. I will for sure try the water now. These last few days have been so much better for me then the previous two weeks. After having panic attacks for 20+ years, this is absolutely amazing and so helpful Thank you!! I look forward to receiving your next email.

  • Kojo

    I quite remember that any time i expterience these anxiety disorder i take more water eat i gain weight and live.thanks,mentioning of water been a fofm of anxiety relive. am enlighted.

  • Janie

    Barry since first reading your article on drinking more water, I have been and noticed the change too but still i have my good and bad days. I wake up feeling irritable some mornings and I feel not my self for a couple of days. I have purchased your book on line and have been very busy so I need to get back into it. I appreciate your emails, they are great keep up the good work it gives me hope and courage.

  • Jeanie

    Hi, i know i have been reading your articles for just like a week but i really do think they will help me….i thank you so so much…..God Bless

  • lhen

    i am very thankful for your advice…i will try to fight my anxiety,try to cope up and drinks lots of water..hope you will send me your next email..keep it up,god bless.

  • mita

    thank you very much for sending me the mini courses. im very grateful it has helped me because i was struggling with my anxious thoughts.since last year ive been suffering from high anxiety with physical symptoms. it is very hard on my kids as well as im a single parent. i would like to be anxiety free so i can look after my kids properly.Thanks and God Bless.

  • christine

    my son is experiencing high anxiety with symptoms, your comments and thoughts on what works is very helpful. As his mom I feel very helpless but Im learning more ways in which i can help him cope and make a difference. thanks for your emails. God Bless you and yours, christine Oh, he took a bunch of water with him to work for his 1-10 shift today..

  • Christina

    I was having a couple of panic attacks and I drank some water and now its gone and then I came to this which made me feel relieved. Ive been SUFFERING from panic attacks non stop through the day for about a month now. Reading your articles gave me more confidence. Hopefully these articles will help me get rid of these panic attacks very soon:) soon, I’ll ne back living my wonderful life in reality and forever out of my horrible life in a nightmare. Thank u so much:) God Bless You and All of Us:)

  • Abdul

    I really appreciate for your good idea ,bro may God bless you ,your wonderful person ,i understand you want to help more people out there as you can ,you have nice material in your mind ,i really pray for man .

  • Rick

    Thanks a lot. It really helps. I almost got everything solved. My Panic attacks are not a problem anymore. The only problem is that I fell that my tongue is getting sour or how to say hard to move, and that’s what causes the stress. Other than that, I have started to out with friends, in bars, do everything, Thanks again for the mini courses, it really helps. Keep it up. Rick

  • Ted

    Thanks Barry I am drinking water as you said so hope with that and breathing exercises things will come right Thanks again Ted

  • Debbie

    Barry, I’ve just signed up for your mini course last week. It has helped me little by little. I’ve had panic attacks for years and then it went away. Last year I had them only at night.. I never wanted to go to sleep. Had them every hour. I should of went to the docters, but thought I had them under control.. Yeah right!
    Then 1 month ago as I had my hourly nonturnal pantic attack, the attack lasted for 3 hours.. I went to the hospital and to find out I have anxiety and panic disorder.. Well, they told me to stop smoking, drinking caffeine and drinking alcohol.. main cuprid for the attacks.. I feared for my life so much that I stopped all three.. tough but I’m doing good.. I’m still struggling and yes I did see my docter and I’m on meds and inhalers for my astmas. I’m only 41 and wanted to just die then live this way.. It’s affected my life to the point I needed my husband home 24/7.. Well I know I’m not the only one who goes through this, and talking about it sure does help.. So Thanks Barry, for the e-mails.. I’m going to conquer this!!!!

  • Carole

    I have been suffering the panic attacks about six weeks. Every other day and loss of appetite. I am going to try the 20 second countdown and drinking 8 glasses of water. Carole i

  • Colin

    Barry, thank you so much for all your help. I greatly appreciate it, i find these exercises very helpful, I’m slowly but surely learning how to control and avoid anxious feelings. Thank you once again. Colin

  • Anuj

    Ive already experienced that water can do wonders to one’s mind-ive made it a point to have a glass of water after everymeal with one hour gap n drink lots of it in a day.Any negative state of mind water works instantly.We all must learn to drink water.

  • Thun

    Thanks Barry, you are so amazing, you are my inspiration. I’m so grateful and appreciat for you methods and techniques to handle the anxiety and panic attack and I still practicing everyday. I’ve suffer from these symptoms for more than twenty years, especially when I’m communicating or working around people, it’s embarassing and miserable, and I have tried all kind of prescribtions and supplements, but just some of them just work for temperary and I realize none of medication can be curred these type of symptoms. After I read all of your ideas, I feel getting better a little by a little….

    God bless you,

  • Isabell Green

    Hello barry
    I have been reading up on your panicaway anxiatiy and i would like to say thank you i think i still have some way to go but by trying your relaxing methods is making me alot less stressfull i am working with russell hemmings at the moment and he is rearlly helping me to drive places on my own without fearing about getting lost i have been driving for 14years but have never drove anywhere on my own before now i am still nervous but i hope by taking onboard all the knowledge from you and russell i am sure i can over come my anxiatiy i will keep reading everything you send me thank you so much.

  • Abbie

    I had post natal depression with both my children. Niether time I had treatment as I was always able to pretend their was nothinhg wrong with me! One evening while relaxing with my husband I had a pain in my head so bad I thought I was going to faint…to cut a long story short , many trips to the A7E dep and being told that panic disorder was just something I had to live with I have had to try and learn that taking medication would be the only thing that would keep this debilitating disease at bay….Not happy to stop there I scoured the internet for answers, and very quickly almost freakely quickly I found you Barry….I have only just started trying your mini series and it has seemed to help. I havent yet driven on a motorway as I’m too afraid of the feelings I get….reading all the comments have been amazing too as you do feel like you’re slightly mad sometimes!!! Thanks SO much, looking forward to recieving more of your advice! Off to drink some water!

  • Taag


    thank you for all of the information you have available to us, who are unfortunately have these panic attacks and GAD. I’ve had this for the past 4 years and thought I was the only one..amazing as it sounds, it took 2 years for me to finally find out what it was…I went to see all kinds of specialists to diagnose this. I am seeing a therapist and am not on any medication…and I would like to stay that way. Thank you again and I appreciate all that you do…it makes so much sense and your words of explaining and showing, sharing examples in partners with your audios have made me see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for all you are doing for me…I’m so glad to have found your site…Your support is most admired!

    I also believe that God creates amazing things and reasons for events in one’s life…God bless you.

  • April

    I’ve been having panic attacks for over six months it started the night my mother passed Dec 23. I had no clue what it was, and it became more severe about a month ago I thought I was having a heart attack, and my hands drew up and in, it was the scarriest thing since…….ever. Anyway I’ve had a panic attack everyday since the first one in December, I didn’t know what they were and I was trying to fix it so, I quit smoking (thank you God), I started watching my sodium and sugar intake, and I quit drinking soda and started drinking water which I hardly ever did and my panic attacks are almost gone but if say for instance I drink a soda during the day it makes my attacks stronger.

  • Ann

    A couple of months ago I had a very bad vertigo, vomiting, atrial fibrillation attack – hospital for 3 days – and I have anxiety attacks just thinking about the vertigo coming again. I was helpless with it and had to call the ambulance which, by the way, cost over $1,000, luckily covered by Medicare and AARP supplement. Drinking water, at least 8 glasses a day, does absolutely help. I start feeling anxious, and drink another glass. I do have some Xanax on hand if things get too bad because it really helps, and I don’t take it regularly. I do take 1/2 a lexapro in the AM.
    Hoping to get off these soon but am presently concentrating on getting off the Blood Pressure meds which have such awful side effects. I still take a 325 mg coated Aspirin, and will be going down to 162 mg very soon (2 small ones, coated). Everything I have read so far is very encouraging. thanks.

  • Ann

    I’d like to follow up on my comments a few moment ago. Your advice is right on, but I must say, reading the comments of others, that one of the most important things you offer is someone to talk to about anxiety and panic. Many of us do not have that resort – friends and family often just don’t understand if they have never been through it. Just imagine having PTSD as the returning armed forces do – can’t imagine their agony with no-one to turn to. Ann

  • Ted

    Thanks Barry for your help I am getting over my depression times but still suffr with anxiety attacks so will just keep on with your helpful tips and exercises and drink plenty of water and things hopefully will come right I sleep well at night but my worst time is when I wake up in the early morning and start clock watching thinking I should be up and doing things when I should at 81 be taking life a bit easier Any way with your help I have to get my confidence back to start doing constructive things like drawing and painting which I used to do but at the present have a job getting motivated.Thanks again and all the best to other people with similar complaints and may they with your help improve thier lifestyle Regards Ted

  • Katie Brandt

    Great article – I loved all of the stats you gave and it makes complete common sense that it would help – I just never put 2 and 2 together

  • dawn

    Thank you for the practicle side to dealing with these issues. I feel like I really have a handle on this. Your e-mails have been simply written and easy to follow. Thank you for thinking of others and revealing what you have learned to us.

  • wRetch

    I can definitely back this one up. Cool water definitely helps, no matter what the situation is. I also tend to like bananas and yogurt. Somehow, they make me feel safer when I eat them.

  • darshani dissanayake

    Thanks Berry for your help.I would like to really appreciate your help.Thank you so much once again.

  • Alan Hickey

    After reading most of the comments left by people who suffer from this terrible condition it is interesting how the common theme here is that panic attacks and GAD have really stolen their life. I began feeling heavy anxiety almost three years ago and have since suffered from multiple Panic attacks and my day to day life has been like i am living in a parallel world with people who can freely communicate with people the way I used to be able to. I can relate ever so strongly to this horrible feeling that your life has been stolen from you. I have been taking Lexapro and Alprazolam daily now for the past year and I feel numb to natural pleasures and on the opposite spectrum how to deal rationally with problematic situations.
    I have only just signed up to have your hard copies sent out to me as I am a bed time reader and I am just hoping ever so much that this will in fact “give me my life back”.

  • stevexg350

    you could’nt be more right! since ive been drinking alot more water i have noticed a huge difference in being able to control my anxiety and panic! I discovered it purely by accident as i used to be a personal trainer i know the key to staying healthy is staying hydrated! keep up the good word.

  • Eric

    While going through my divorce, I was fine, I asked for it. A few days after getting the final decree, I had what I later found out to be a panic attack. I thought it was a stroke or something and went to the ER. I ignored the attack and went back to work, where I then experienced a worse panic attack in a very remote location. A helicopter had to fly me out! I now have GAD and experience depression. I was given Lexapro and Xanax. This program has given me hope to get well. The drugs only made me feel worse. I am not there yet, but this really is in our minds and the methods here make sense. Just reading through it builds confidence that instantly takes away some of the anxiety. Mahalo for everything. The program, the emails, it all helps so much.

  • Sonia

    I use the same method too it seems to work best, i was terrified the first time i asked to have a panick attack but then nothing happened and i was so relieved. My problem now is when i know a situation is coming, such as an interview this afternoon, i work myself up for hours!! so i don’t have an attack or anything i am just anxious for hours. I am not sure how the interview will go i will use the technique once i get there, but do you have any tips??

  • Sonia

    I had the same problem, the medicines made me feel worse, so now i am trying without any help and it is so scary.
    I am a very logical person, so it is so infuriating to know that this is in my head and yet there is nothing i can do about it!
    This program has been very helpful so far though.
    good luck to you!

  • cecilia

    Having read the second excert regarding anxiety, it is true that dehydration affects, even though I never new it… When I don’t drink my quota of at least three pints daily, my dizziness is worse and the anxiety takes over… Thankyou for all your valued information… I look forward to the next installment…Many thanks!

  • LeeAple

    yeh, yeh. dehydration and panic is interrelated. After beeing night out and having few drinks, I noticed next day I have panic with no visible reason. It indeed can be related with livers (this organ is responsible for feeling of security) and also that body might be affraid for survival. After good yoga lesson I feel secure, even walk can be nice adventure, world feels like home and not hostile place where to be.

  • Carlos

    Thank you so much for all these testemonies on this web site. I’m Carlos and I’m 29. I’ve been living with panic attacks for 8 years and I didn’t know what to do. Now I’m graduating at Theology and I’m too worried what is going to happen to me when I stay in front of the members of the church. I have panic attacks 2 times everyday. But I’m attending a psycotherapist friend and he has given me some technics to relax. It works!!!!!! But I add on this lots of prayers…

    Friends !’m praying for you all around America. I’m in Brazil but our prayers can touch Jesus’ heart.


  • socorro salajog

    barry thank so much i also glorify God when found your wbsite. your courses make great things for me now. when i have anxiey attack i let go the wierd feelings &tried not to take rivotril but one thing am anxious i might develop hi blood without traquilizer,pls more advice. also am drinking water with 5drops of alkaline once a day is it just ok? its a blessing i found you! God bless!

  • Marie


    I do find alot of your messages and suggestions very helpful. It is a blessing to have found you. I recently started drinking nothing but water and yes it is a great deal of help with anxiety. Thank you for all you help and may you please be so kind to keep us informed with more….THANK YOU!!

  • Lindy

    Please do everything that Barry suggests and also I’d like to suggest that you change your diet to more vegetarian based and try and get as much dairy out of it as possible (under your doctor’s supervision of course) – [Read “The Pleasure Trap” if you can get your hands on it]…. drink heaps of water… and get as many massages as you can (either by a family member or a professional). I suffered panic attacks which led to full-blown agoraphobia for 24 years and it wasn’t until a local doctor suggested I change my diet that I started to see the light.. After 24 years of hell, I’m now back out driving (albeit locally) but I am now confident that I will be able to completely get my life back. The massages have been instrumental in lowering my anxiety levels and releasing emotions and traumas that I believe my body has held on to. I hope you at least consider giving this a try. As Dr Phil says, “If what you’re doin’ ain’t work’n.. try something new”… What have you got lose? Best of luck.

  • Jean

    Water is now my drink of choice. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your helpful advice. You are providing valuable information to those of us who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.

  • Denny Bruno

    I have to admit that I blamed Alcohol for my panic-attacks. During my hangovers, it doesn’t seem that bad at all, at first, but then at the end of the day I realize that I’m developing a Panic-attack times x3! My first panic-attack was related to alcohol withdrawl. There are times when I want to drink a little, but still fear about the fact that my panic attack will come back to haunt me, but that’s okay because I quit drinking because of my panic-attacks… So should I give my panic-attacks it’s credit? lol! I have a question though, Could panic-attacks be developed from a Hangover? Or it’s just all in my head? Oh! and yes, during my hangovers I do tend to be a little jumpy that usual. haha.. I hope to hear back sometime soon. :3

  • John Tod

    My story goes all the way back to 1974 when I was stationed at a remote northern Canadian Forces Base. I was supposed to be there for 6 months. My wife (now an ex-wife) were not getting along when I left but drew closer as we exchanged mail and the odd radio-telephone call. I was approaching the mid-point of my term and I was quite depressed and I was writing a letter home when a wave of anxiety washed over me. I had never experienced one before and didn’t know what it was. I put the letter aside and went over to the mess and ordered six beer to settle me down. The barman was surprised but gave me the six beer anyway. I started drinking them down one after the other quickly to settle my nerves when another attack came out of the blue. I remember standing up and throwing my beer glass to the floor and stumbling over to the bar. A few of the guys were trying to settle me down and the base doctor was called who took me over to his office. He gave me some valium and told me to take two right away. I soon began to feel better but felt “drugged”. I was told to take the valium at regular intervals but didn’t because I didn’t like the effects so would only take them when I felt what might be an attack coming on. One weekend the doctor suggested I go with him and some other station members to a glacier that was about 10 miles from the base. I was enjoying this outing and everyone was walking to the glacier from our tracked vehicle when out of the blue I had a panic attack. I reached for my valium but didn’t have them with me which made it all the more worse. I told the doctor what had happened and we had to get back to the base right away which we did. My condition worsened to the point where I couldn’t work anymore and was in a constant state of anxiety. The plane had just came in (we got a supply every two weeks) and I was sent to see the base commander. I must have looked a wreck because he picked up the phone and told the doctor I was going back down south right away. The doctor shot me up with something that made walking difficult and I had to be assisted to get on the plane. I was okay on the trip back and was admitted to the hospital right away where I spent the night. The next day I phoned my wife and told her what had happened and was crying on the phone. She was about 3 hours away and said she would be there as soon as possible. She came down and we had a tearful reunion. We went to a motel for the night because by this time it was too late to go back. I took another panic attack in the motel and she called the hospital who told her to bring me back but I was too scared to go outside so someone came from the hospital with some valium and stayed with me until I calmed down. We left the next morning and headed home. I felt protected because I had valium on me. Everything was okay for a while. I was on a months leave. I was still nervous and took the valium when things got bad, not on a regular basis as I was supposed to. One day my wife called me from work and asked if I would like to pick her up and go out for supper. It was another town where she worked. I was on my way into town when I realized I had forgot my valium but I felt good and convinced myself I didn’t need it. I picked her up and we went for supper and it was in the back of my mind all the time that I didn’t have the valium in case something happened. I started to get really nervous and said we had to leave. On the way out of town I took another panic attack, the worse one yet. They seemed to be getting worse each time. I had to pull over and she took over the driving. I said I had to get to the hospital right away. Since I was in the military I thought I should go to the military hospital on the other side of town. It was a very scary ride. I thought I was going to go insane. I couldn’t feel my hands or my feet from all the tingling. They gave me some valium and I stayed until it took affect and then drove home. Now I was convinced I had to have the valium with me all the time. My months leave was up so I had to go back to work but had a hard time concentrating on anything thinking about what happens if I have an attack. What am I going to do. This went on for months until I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to see my psychiatrist who I had been lying to the whole time telling him I was getting better and told him I could not stand it anymore and he admitted me right away where I spent three months but nothing had really changed when I got out. Things did improve a bit but I found I couldn’t travel anywhere anymore out of fear of being out of quick reach of a hospital. The military gave me an option, resign or we’ll chuck you out with nothing. I took the deal they offered. I did end up getting another job but I was still very nervous of getting a panic attack. One thing led to another after a few years and my wife left me for another man. I felt free to not have the family responsibility and went on a three month party with some friends that I hung out with playing darts and drinking. Along the way I met a woman who was a schizophrenic but was medicated. I finally told her my problem and we agreed to stay together to help each other out. She pushed me in little steps to confront my fear and introduced me to down hill skiing. I was scared even to go to the ski hill but found I really enjoyed it once I took some lessons and started skiing. Things were a lot better after that but I only felt safe if I had my pills with me. We ended up marrying. I had been switched from valium to lorazepam which I started taking two a day. I switched jobs again and was enjoying it and things seemed to be better but I still could not travel very far and when we did I did not want to be far from my car. Skiing was helping though and we started taking short trips to other ski hills and things were getting better but the fear of a panic attack was still there and the fear of being without my pills was very strong. I never went anywhere with out them. One thing lead to another and my wife who was a chronic smoker was staying home more and more. I felt lonely and started to feel depressed. I started drinking more. I ended up leaving for another woman and my wife was forced into a nursing home and after a year and a bit died of COPD and emphesema. I lost my job because it was outsourced to India (computer phone support) and took a year off and then had a hard time finding another job. In late 2009 things took a turn for the worse. I started getting really depressed. I started drinking very heavy, like a bottle of rum a day. On January 08th 2010 I decided to end it all and bought some BBQ briquetts and made an improvised BBQ outside and then brought it into a small bathroom. I had that, my booze and my laptop and a folding chair. I was ready to go. I added some more briquettes and lighter fluid (I was pretty much out of it) and tried lighting them and there was a fire ball which almost burned down the bathroom with me in it. I called my wife at work and told her what happened. Thats the last thing I remember until I woke in an emergency room. I was admitted to a phych ward only after my wife threatened them if they released me without treatment I wasn’t going to be allowed back. I am now part of an addictions and mental health group and Alcoholics Anonymous and between the two I am doing okay. I am travelling more now but I still have the pills with me “just in case” and take two pills at bed time along with an anti-depressant in the morning. I have learned a few things over the years. A panic attack will not kill you even though it sure feels that way and the one thing that works for me is to confront your fear and tell yourself that it will be okay. That and being part of this amazing blog is doing wonders. I think I’ll be ordering that book.

  • Nini

    I am so grateful that there is someone like you who has the patience in taking time out of your hectic schedule to listen to us, to understand us and help us…Thanks for the free mini courses that you keep on sending. It is really a great help…It makes me feel that I am understood, I am not alone and that I can really get rid of panic attacks for good…I ended up in tears after viewing to your video for the first time, I felt that finally someone understands how I truly feel during panic attacks…Thank you so much…thank you so much for building my hopes…

  • Blair

    really don’t know where to begin with “this feeling”.it’s been going on 7 monthes now and when my first attack came,it came hard! i was at work in a remote location but with emergency medical personelle on site.this attack just about took me off my feet and was so dizzy and my heart was racing,i thought i was having a heart attack or worse.i have had a few more since but not as bad.i have been to the emergency room a “few” times and now feel that i am wasting their time.i have had 2 x-rays done,3 ekg’s,a ct scan,and 3 complete blood work and still have this feeling.have been prescribed serc,alprazolam,and now lorazapam.time to time i come to this site and feel better reading that some of these people out there have had similar stories.really want to beat this and get on with my life but seeing how people have this for years it discourages me.

  • Catherine

    I can usually get down a bottle of water a day. I’m not a water drinker. I think I’ll start, I know it works for fatigue. I’ve been sober for over 16 years, I remember the hangovers I used to get. YUK! No alcohol no hangovers.
    What I like the most is being in control of my thoughts! I didn’t think I had control over them. I’ve been really working on my anxiety and my thinking. I also like your course about gratitude and putting your hand on your heart and being grateful for something, that helps stop my thinking also. It’s a sometimes daily all day long practice but it works. I find I’ve been very sensitive about any of my physical feelings. It’s almost as though I can feel my blood moving through my veins. If I stay busy I don’t feel it.
    I’m going to drink all the water I need to today and I’ll report back.
    Thanks for helping me. I have hope today.

  • Aaron

    I have had anxiety for a little over a year. at first, I didn’t know what was happening and it was very traumatic. While my experience has not been horrible, and has come in several month periods, it was still getting in the way of things. Thank you, I’ve been practicing your technique for only about 2 or 3 days and am already seeing results. It’s not completely out of the way, and the panic is fighting for it’s life, but I’ll win, thanks to your program πŸ˜€

    I can now start living again πŸ™‚ Thankyou from the bottom of my heart

  • Heather Gentry

    This one is proven to work; I’m a first hand witness!! I drink water allllllllllll day long and it helps my anxiety and fatigue immensely!!! Also, anything like soda, coffee, or alcohol will make anxiety worse. Hugs to you all!! I know it’s hard, but we will all do it together. There is light at the end of the tunnel. exercise helps too!! Xoxo <3

  • kiran

    dear sir, i m so thankful to you that i can understand from your article that panic attacks and anxiety is a common problem for lots of people. i had think that only i have a problem of panic attacks and there is no solution for this problem. but after your articles i get moral support from you. and i got self confidence that i can heal my depression from your mini course. THANK YOU

  • Jude

    Dear Barry, honestly I am grateful to God for discovering your site.All the excerpts you have been sending me is gradually putting my anxiety to rest, and I am rediscovering myself again.Your types are few,imagine all you are doing for people you have never met or seen face to face.Keep up the good works.I can not appreciate you well enough.



    Thanks for your advise that to drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day to say good bye to general anxiety and I have started taking it from today and definitely i am going to reap the benefits out of that. I have been suffering from panic anxiety for the past a decade more severely from 2005. I seldom drink water and for some days I dont drink at all not even a glass of water. Due to my pani anxiety my eye lids are dropped and without the aid of my fingers I can not lift those eyelids besides loosing my good and smooth handwriting. I am sufferring a lot out of this panic anxiety. To my fortune I got you Sir and after following your advises meticulously I would come out of of infirmities and live like a normal man. Any how thanks very much and kindly advise me to come out of panic anixiety completely.

  • Steve

    Does anyone suffer from feelings of disassociation, referred to in the Panic Away book as feelings of depersonaliztion, as I do? If so, I would love to hear from you and how you deal with them These short but scary feelings usually surface in certain situations and I am trying to figure out what technique(s) to use? For me, there are no apparent underlying feelings of anxiety that trigger the feelings which seem to make them a little different from others but I’m not sure?

    I also have anxiety and panic attacks everytime I travel a considerable distance (50 miles) away from home. Consequently, I have developed a fear of traveling. Would be interested from hearing from anyone that has this same type of anxiety/fear when traveling that results in a panic attack and how you deal/overcome it? It’s similar to Agrophobia but a little different to clarify.

  • Joe

    I have to admit, I did not see how your aproach would be any different than the books i have read that did not help at all. I certainly see how dehydrated I am and have immediatly started taking your advise on the water uptake.
    I look forward to reading more, and when finances allow, I will certainly purchase your program.



  • Shankar

    Dear Barry,
    Thanks for your newsletters.
    Hindus worship water from time immemorial. We have a mantra for the water with which we brush our teeth. Then another mantra for taking bath; a different mantra for converting ordinary water into holy water at the time of praying ; one more mantra for the water which we drink during lunch. It is a known fact that blessed water has more radiation than ordinary water. Blessed water is used for house-warming ceremony. If you go to North India, they greet you with a glass of water – whether it is an Office or house.
    Personally, what I have found out is that drinking plenty of water not only drives away anxiety but also makes me feel calm.
    Shankar, India

  • caroline bakeri

    4 yrs ago i have the symptoms of anxiety but i did’t know what is that. This week i feel something wrong with me. So I went to the clinic & the doctor said I have anxiety / depression. I felt so sad & worried. I found your website & immediately purchased the panic away. I’am now practicing the technique. After practicing I feel I want to vomit, is it normal? My anxiety comes anytime day & night. Worse at night I can’t sleep & the doctor gave XANAX to rest. I have taken 2 tablets already. My appetite also down. I looking forward to be noraml again. THANKS YOU SOOO MUCH

  • Shantanna

    I have suffered from depression/anxiety since i was 13…about 11 years. I had my first panic attack about 6 months ago, I found out my grandpa had cancer, and immediately felt something very strange going on in my body. I was Not okay. I went to the medical clinic, thinking i was dying. My blood pressure was through the roof, my heart was beating so fast, i was shaking, my face was fuzzy and numb, my hands got wierd, felt like they were stuck, almost a paralized feeling, like a pins and needles sensation. I honestly thought i was goingto die. The nurse at the clinic scared me to death and told me to go to the hospital, as he felt i was having a heart attack and that i needed immediate medical attention. I went to the hospital and they asked me if i had been doing cocaine because with all the symptoms i was having, they thought it was drug related….i was sober. So i was at the hospital for 8 hours waiting for my heart rate and blood pressure to go down…when it did, they gave me a prescription for Effexor and Adivan and sent me on my way home. After that i was having panic attacks on a daily basis, and i mean full throttle, paralyzing attacks, once again, backto the doctors…convinced it was not anxiety and that all the doctors were quacks. So it has been months and months of upping my prescription, to the point where i was more drugged up than the junkie down the street…and then i found this website. My life has changed so much in the last 2 weeks and i am so greatful for finding this site. My grandpa actually passed away last week and with all the emotions floating around, i thought foresure i was on my way to the hospital again…instead i read the emails that Barry has been sending me, and actually listened to what he ws saying, and practicing these ways of alleviating anxiety….and have came to the conclusion that this guy knows what he’s talking about. your brain is such an amzing powerful tool, and when you put it to good use, it can do wonders for you. So, Barry i would like to thank you so much for these emails, as they have changed my life, eveyday i get a little bit stronger and seem to be able to dominate the anxiety and panic attacks. Anyone suffering from anxiety needs to know that this works and that you are not alone, after reading peoples comments, i kno that i am not a freak! I am not alone in this fight, so once again, thank you Barry, and thank you to all who respond to his emails, i read them and they truly make a difference. I am getting my life back and am so excited to get anxiety free…

  • Jayne

    We all just want control of our lives. We are scared of being scared. If someone offered me a million pounds or a cure for my anxiety I would surely take the cure, I have suffered with anxiety for years on and off and didn’t realise that it was anxiety until i got older and read about it. I just remember times when I was younger and I was lost in a shop and panicked cos I couldn’t find my mum and at school I panicked because I thought I was going to die during a chemistry class when I put my pen in my mouth which I had used to mix an experiment (all safe if course) but I ran out that class like a shot.. When I was halfway down the corridor I asked myself where was u going. ? It was only now I’m 35 I fully understand panic attacks and know I cause them with my irrational thoughts. I’m going to try drinking more water but wat works for me us writing down my anxious thoughts and “dealing” with them later. It’s a way if clearing my head and later when I read them ( if u can be bothered ) they seem mixed up and list of questioning that don’t make sense. I’ve learned to realise that we Can’t stop our anxious thoughts no matter how hard we try EVERYBODY gets them it’s how you deal with them that determines whether u get anxious or not. U always acknowledge my thoughts as “anxious ” ones and then try to let them go. If they persist I write them down and look at them later . This stops the fuzzy head, stress and unablevto concentrate. If I can answer the thought with 3 more rational thoughts I feel better . It works for me and I always push myself to go out everyday instead of staying in analysing thoughts. Knowing MY BODY will NOT kill itself helps me reduce my fear when I ask fir a panic attack to get worse- I call my anxiety Annie and tell het she can come with me anytime but if she gets too loud – I will listen for 20 secs then she needs to be quiet cos I dong need her help.

  • Jayne

    I fear being too far from home incase I get panicky feelings and also hate being alone at night incase I have a panic attack alone. However with yr 20 sec technique I feel safer and am trying to drink more water to see if that helps. I didn’t realise there were so many people Like me with anxiety but it has helped me understand this is not an illness or a disease . It’s a basic Human survival technique that we need to help us fight or run it’s just took me 25 years to realise these feelings are there to protect me not harm me I just need to learn that thinking negatively or worrying triggers this “help” and if you don’t tell it to go away it’s not needed it will keep pestering you until you either control it to ease off or fear it. But it will not harm or kill you no matter how scary it feels. !! I know literally wat to do but when yr an anxious person it takes time and bravery to confront yr own “method of attack ” and each panic attack we subside is a victory to controlling it- that’s how u look at it and wat I’m working on x

  • Jim

    OMG the hang over thing is spot on. My worst Panic Attacks all happened when I was hung over. Water, wow world class amazing idea.

    Thank You,


  • Alaina Cook

    I could not agree with you more about water. I try to drink as much a day as I possibly can and I notice it makes me feel better. I am a smoker also and get anxious at certain points of the day. I have found that everytime I take a sip of water when I have the anxious craving for a cigarette, it calms the feeling. It also helps with headaches I get in the middle of the day while at work. I have been wiening myself off of coffee, sodas and tea and trying to replace them all with water. It is not easy let me tell you. It also helps me with my appetite. When I feel anxious, I do not want to eat or I will eat excessively. It curbs that feeling either way and helps me stay calm. Oh and hangovers… haha… the first thing I do is binge on water. Sometimes it feels as if it reactivates my drunkeness from the night before.. But It definately helps with the headache.
    Thank you for all your help and encouragement.

  • ROSA

    THANKS,Im trying all my best, and hopely,Ill get trough,please dont let me along with “this”,DO YOU HAVE A AWAY DEPRESION THAT COULD HELP ME TOO? THANKS AGAIN GOD BLESS YOU

  • hetty

    i experience serious palpitation and after series of examinations, a psychologist confirmed that i was suffering from panic, anxiety and depression.i always feels i want to die but this program really is helping me,though i,m not completely cured but i believe i will be fine.tanks so much for this program i want to be updated.

  • pamela

    Regarding hydration: must it be pure water or can it be taken as herb tea? At present I drink no water as such, and not even enough fluid as herb tea, so increasing my fluid intake is definitely something I can try.

  • Tom M.

    I found your site while I was having a panic attack. I am 54 years old and have been suffering with this since my early 20’s. So far the e-mails I have received seem to calm me down a bit. I am going to purchase your program as soon as possible ( $ thing ) I can’t wait. Thanks for the self help tips.

  • Tom M.

    Thanks for all the information so far. It really is very helpful. Please send info for ordering with out credit card.
    Thanks, Tom

  • minerva

    i find your articles very interesting. thanks for the details they are realistic to me. continue doing the wonderful job that you are doing.

  • hetty

    ooh my GOD!!!!i cant believe this, for three weeks i have been myself .this water therapy thing is really helping me.i will continue to drink water till thy kingdom comes if that is what going to cure me completely from this panic thing.thank you BARRY for this tremendous change in my life.i”m gradually putting my life back on track.GOD BLESS YOU BARRY.

  • bo2011

    I wanted to say that these tips you are sharing , are indeed very useful and have helped me see these sensations on a different perspective ! i keep them in mind whenever i feel nervous. The most important thing to remember (of all i think) is to feel strong because we’ve got people who love us, no matter what.. so if this thing has to go away, let’s make it happen Now, what to wait for..!

    Thank you again..

  • charles frimpong mansoh

    i found your tips on anxiety and panic attacks very welcoming. moving into the den of anxiety is a great way of dealing with it. also i tell anxiety or panic that it can’t get any worse and this has helped me to stop worrying and to overcome fear. the tip about water makes a lot of sense judging from my experience before this tip. i am definitely going to adopt the habbit of drinking a glass of water at 2.00 am to check the dawn anxieties i have been getting.God richly bless you.

  • tonyastro

    The reason I found this site is because I noticed that every time I drink water I feel no anxiety. So I googled it and surely enough water does make you feel better! I now make sure I have at least 8 glasses a day.

  • tonyastro

    Drinking more water and avoiding coffee have healed me from anxiety almost completely and I know in the future there will be days when I won’t even think about it at all!

  • Monica

    I have suffered from panic attacks for the last 3 months and did not understand what was going on. I was admitted to A&E so many times I was told there is nothing medically wrong with you. I was sure the doctor I was seeing was overlooking something and even went on to get other opinions from other doctors but they told me the same thing…there is nothing wrong with your body, you are perfectly healthy , you are just suffering from general anxiety disorder…your mind is tricking your body to get redy to react to something that is unrealistic. My only hope was to pray to GOD for understanding & healing. I am thankful that the first time I went on the net to find some cures my God directed me to your website. The first mini-series I recieved via email and tried, it worked for me straight away. I can now walk round by myself and go to the shops without having to fear if an attack will come. I cannot thankyou enough. I am writing from Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific where education and knowledge of mental health is hard to get.

    Barry, I would like to say thankyou for the life saving work that you are doing. I wish i could meet you in person to personally thank you. May the good Lord bless you richly and give you more wisdom in this area.

  • vicky

    i had my first panic attack when i was 13 years old i thought it was because i smoked marijuana..i didnt know what it was and i was scared…thyen recently i had anither 1 and it freaked me out i really thoght i was going to die..the only way i control them is thinking that they cannot kill me but its still not a vice feeling at all..reading these comments has been a great help and has put my mind at rest..they havnt fully gone but i know now that the best way to deal with a panic attack is to want to have 1 and i thankyou very much for this

  • Amy

    Thank you for these newsletters! I was just drinking a glass of water as I was reading this, so I must be on the right track! I have noticed that inadequate sleep also stimulates my anxiety. But after a night of drinking it is also very noticeable, I never thought water had anything to do with it! Makes perfect sense though. I really appreciate these newsletters, and will definitely keep reading them! It’s is also good to know there are many people out there with my same feelings.

  • Devendra bhattarai

    thank u 4 wonderful advice. I think it will be must useful tonic 4 me because i m a health woker.I have soo many patients suffring from mental illness… Hopping ,it will be one of the best way in my treatment therapy.

  • Janice

    I was just having a terrible time of panic/nervousness. I have been told that my A1C is high and that has not helped since I had been having a hard time with hbp, which has finally come down. I thought that would make me feel better, but now to worry about the sugar and it just won’t go away. So I decided to try the water. Sometimes I can’t even make myself swallow it, but today it is working and I do believe there is something to it. Thank you for your compassion in sending these messages and trying to help. Hope it works!!



  • Junior

    I found out that the quote used at the end of this is helpful and true. The Buddha once said that a bucket of water is filled one drop at a time. So the process of recovery should be takin the same way. Anxiety can be defeated but slowly and also by taking the neccessary steps to achieve that liberation. I found Panic Away a great “medicine” because it really teaches you how to overcome anxiety by not fueling it. A fire burns only when there fuel to keep it going. Panic is fueled only when false fear and doubt is present. What has helped me cope with panic and think of it as nothing more then a transient emotion (where it is no different then happyness now) is to love myself so much and know that this fear is not to be feared because nothing will happen from it. Verily I find taking care of yourself (both mentally and physically) will make your mind and body work in unison. Protect your mind from thoughts that are not real, you have everything you need in this world and perfect already to natures and faiths degree. I see panic and all other mental defilements as a blessing because after that you find traces of honest personal strenght and enligtment, and for me it makes me have a profound and new love of life because it shows me that I can have absoluely nothing but my love for self and others and still be contented. When you realize that everything in life comes and goes you learn to love yourself become brave, determined, wise and take the steps needed to become the person you want to be. For me that is happyness and Im brave enough to say…not at this moment not in the past nor future but just say in a certain mental stand still that I am not afraid and I say this without doupt. Thanks all for your thoughts of kindness, which is greater then any material the world and universe can offer. Live your life with contentment and love for all, become wise and live worry free. πŸ˜‰

  • ankit sharma

    thank u for such an boosting ideas and methods to reduce anxiety. thanks again…god bless panic away programme..

  • Jim

    Just wanted to say that I am very lucky to have found your site. The things expressed by, not only you, but the many subscribers to your program have, in themselves help me to realize I am not alone. I cannot believe how many things mentioned I can relate too. I just read the replenish water suggestion, again right on the money. It is amazing, for example, the holidays sometimes brought a little over indulgence and the next day was terrifying. Didn’t seem worth the fun I had the night before, but have found that dehydration is a much more apparent problem than originally thought. This anxiety isn’t any fun. When I go to the doctor, I fear my BP will be high, so naturally as soon as they put that cuff on my arm, it’s off to the races. I will be getting your system soon but I want to thank you for your enlightening letters that have already, like I said, let me know I’m sure not alone.

  • algz29

    thank you so much for always updating me on how i will overcome my panic attach or nervousness it really helps me to do my best slowly but improving. more power and God bless you. please continue updating me .

  • Jim bryan

    Hey Barry first I’d like to say wow I haven’t had the chance to buy your program yet but these newsletters have been very helpfull and informative. Ive had panic attacks for about 11 years or so now everything from mild to actually fainting twice most of the time I can usually put the feeling down and move on now but I still get them all the time and still bad ones sometimes it’s nice to know that it’s possible to be rid of them forever. And this article about the water makes so much sense for one it’s a medical fact we need lots of water to be healthy and two when I thought back on the times when it was really bad I could think of quite a few times when I was probably dehydrated. thanks for the advice and help and everything

    Sincerely jim

  • vincent

    Thank you for all your wonderful advice and excerpts that i have been receiving. It has helped me on my tortuous journey of recovery and getting back my life from anxiety and panic attacks that have plaqued me for the last 2 years!
    I am happy to read about how water helps, and unknowingly i have been doing exactly that!
    Thank you so much!


    Dear barry, I prayed so much for that serious problem, which seems a minor problem for me today( I mean after I found your own method. Thank you , it really helps me.

  • Laura

    I’ve lived with anxiety since i was a teenager and a change in jobs has made it even more difficult to manage. I’m new to Panic Away and am looking forward to the information pack coming my way. Nice to get emails of different ideas to help even as simple as making sure you are driking enough water.

  • ClaireLucy

    I have found your daily e mails extremely interesting, logical, informative and most of all EFFECTIVE! I can’t believe the results that I have had from your first e mail which said something I had myself only just worked out after recurring anxiety and panic attacks over a 10 year period – It is NOT the anxiety that is the problem it’s my reaction to it. So I took your advice and instead of saying to myself “oh no here it’s happening again, oh this is awful, I can’t take any more of this, I’m not right in the head, normal people don’t get this” etc etc (I think ALL anxiety suffers will be able to add a few of their own ! ) I said to myself “okay so you’re feeling a bit anxious, come on then, bring it on, let’s have the worst anxiety ever, let’s see how much I can panic” along with “okay so there’s some anxiety, let’s acknowledge that, it’s a chemical reaction to stress, let’s label it as such and now let’s move on”.

    It has worked like a miracle. And now I realise that I RARELY drink water and that I have become shaky at times and had all the symptoms of dehydration. Thank you for some really fantastic advice !

  • Emily

    Im having a real hard time with my panic attacks. I have tried your way of thinking, like when i get anxious in front of people (all my panic attacks happen in front of somebody) I am thinking about making the panic happen, bring it on! But it is not working, now I am more stressed than ever that I will never fix myself. I am so broken.

  • Karen

    Thank you so very much for sharing the article about fresh water and its benefits and effects on significantly reducing anxiety in general. I know that I am part of the 75% of Americans that are seriously dehydrated. And, after reading your article today, I will spring into action today and making a change. I have rebuked my panic and anxiety disorder after having a terrible, horrifying one the other night right in the comfort of my bedroom and that had never happened before! Since 2004, I have “accepted” that I could not go into crowded elevators which over the past year has almost went to not riding elevators or trying to avoid them and also taking medication in order to board an airplane. My panic triggers often if its hot and I feel trapped. Over the past year I have started to have new sensations such as swollen tongue and throat and could not swallow. I now have 3 experiences associated with that where it was out of control! But, after the episode the other night… I have denounced them and following the advice I’m getting here which encourages us to “bring the panic own and tell it to do its worst” realizing I’m in no harm! I have felt the panic attacks try to creep up and I tell myself “false alarm” and thank my panic monster for trying to protect me or either to come full force in order to retrain my false alarm button! Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!

  • Rhoda

    your updates have given me a hope and a new lease of life .May God bless you with more wisdom as you continue to give us hope.



  • Deborah

    July 24, 2012: Sitting here in Brooklyn, New York at 7 am. Starting to get a Panic Attack, not pleasant…. but opened Email sent to me by Mr. McDonagh and also starting taking notes and the writing mechanism almost seemed to calm me. His words ring true and make sense. I have suffered with Panic Attacks for over 30+ years and after being in a bad car accident and having sustained numerous injuries, I do note that yes bodily sensations to include pain can trigger Panic Attacks… After reading Mr. McDonagh’s emails, It has helped me understand why I have been suffering so, needing Xanax for the past few years to just get through a day of life. I am starting to apply some of his techniques and I must say they are helping me.
    Lost my job, but when I can look forward to purchasing the whole program. Thank You Mr. McDonagh and God Bless!

  • Julie

    I have been have anxiety and panic attacks most of my life i guess I’m 39 years old and had them on and off. I never really knew what they were when I was younger. I recently (past 9 months) have been having them all the time. I feel them coming on and I just want to run and hide somehwere. I went to a Phsycologist and was prescribed xanax. I take half .25 which everyone tells me is actually hardly anything. But they are now my security blanket. I take it once a day at 4:30pm or 5:00 I will panic if I go past 5. great huh! this illness is the weirdest thing I would have ever thought I would have. My doctors say it’s stress. My sister died 2 years ago of Leukemia and I was her caregiver. I was with her everyday and was with her when she took her last breath. I endured this with my sister for 8 months. I was prepared for the heart break for when she died, but 1 year after her death I became very nervous, panicking all the time about everything, weird thoughts, and terrible anxiety. I thought I was going to die. Anyways! I want to thank you for the breathing techniques they have really helped me. The emails are awesome and I’m so glad I’m not alone. Go figure thought I was the only crazy one in the world right! hhahahahah…thanks again!

  • Karen

    Thanks alot on things that I have from got out things that you have set to read really does help out alot I’ve been struggle with anxiety attack for a while have been off from work because of them I would like to here more things about anxiety attack thank you so much that has been their

  • Dan

    I have noticed that fresh water helps me a fair old bit with my GAD. The only problem I face is constantly going to the toilet as a result!! This said, it is worth it as water really helps a lot! I found that the affects did not become apparent until a few days after I started drinking 8 glasses a day.

  • Karen

    Never would though that fresh water could to this because i don’t drink water then need to drank more water if this wll help me I will try this thanks so much I love to read new thing that will help me karen

  • Sunbun

    It truly a great and helpful piece of information. I satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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