End Anxious Thoughts In 4 Easy Steps

After having visited my site I can almost imagine what your repetitive anxious thought might be.

Maybe it’s a fear of:

-a panic attack
-never being free of general anxiety
-a bodily sensation that worries you
-a fear of losing control to anxiety

My name is Barry Joe McDonagh and I have successfully taught thousands of people in over 30 different countries, how to end general anxiety and panic attacks.

Whatever your particular fear is, I want to share some tips and techniques with you over the coming days that will not only help you end these fears but also reduce your general anxiety level dramatically.

After many years of coaching people to be anxiety free, I have noticed that those who experience panic attacks or general anxiety almost always deal with the frequent occurrence of anxious thoughts.

Anxiety has a sneaky way of seeding doubt regardless of whether the fear is rational or irrational.

So what can be done for people who suffer from repetitive anxious thoughts?

To begin, lets look at how an anxious thought is powered and then I will demonstrate how to quickly eliminate the intensity of the thought.

Say for example you are going about your daily business when an anxious thought enters your mind.

Whatever the nature of the thought, the pattern that follows is usually quite predictable.

The anxious thought flashes briefly in your awareness and as it does so you immediately react with fear as you contemplate the thought. The fearful reaction you have to the thought then sends a shock-wave through your nervous system. You feel the result of that fear most intensely in your stomach (due to the amount of nerve endings located there).

Because of the intense bodily reaction to the thought you then get sucked into examining the anxious thought over and over.

The continuous fearful reaction you have to the thought, increases the intensity of the experience. The more you react, the stronger the thought rebounds again in your awareness creating more anxious shock-waves throughout your body. This is the typical cycle of anxious thoughts.

For some it feels like the anxious thoughts are hijacking their peace of mind.

Because of the reaction you are having, you may continue to spend the rest of your day thinking about the anxious thoughts you experienced.

“Why am I thinking these thoughts?” “Why can’t I shake off this eerie feeling?”

The harder you try not to think about it, the more upset you become. It is like telling someone

‘Whatever happens do not think of a pink elephant’.

Naturally enough it’s all they can think about. That’s the way our brains our wired.

So how can you eliminate these unwanted anxious thoughts?

To begin with:

-when you start to experience anxious thoughts, it is very important not to force the thoughts away.

Let the thoughts in. The more comfortable you can become with them, the better. These thoughts will never go away fully but what you can learn is to change your reaction to them.

By changing your reaction to the anxious thoughts you become free of them.

Once you establish a new way of reacting to the thoughts it does not matter if you have them or not. Your reaction is what defines the whole experience (and that applies to almost everything).

Everybody experiences fleeting thoughts that many would consider scary or crazy. The difference between most people and somebody who gets caught up in them, is that the average person sees them for exactly what they are, fleeting anxious thoughts, and casually ignores them.

The anxious person is at a disadvantage as they already have a certain level of anxiety in their system. The thoughts easily spark feelings of further anxiety which builds into a cycle of fear. You break the cycle by changing how you react to the fearful thought.

Here is an example of how to approach this:

You are enjoying the way your day is going but then all of sudden a fearful thought comes to mind.

Before you would react with anxiety to the idea and then try to force that thought out of your mind.

This time, however, say:

“That’s a fear of X. I could worry and even obsess over that but this time I’m going to do something different. I’m not going to react to it. I’m also not going to try and stop it either. I’m just going to label the thought and not react.”

Then the thought comes again with more intensity and possibly with new ‘scary’ angles you never considered. When this happens you do exactly the same. As if you were observing a cloud passing overhead, you simply

-Observe it,

-Label it (fear of whatever), then

-Watch it as it passes by with no judgment.


-Move your attention on to what you were doing.

Observe, Label, Watch, Move on

See the anxious thought for what it really is: -one of the thousands of fleeting sane and insane thoughts every one of us experiences daily.

If you are a more indoors type of person then instead of thinking of the thoughts like clouds passing in the sky, you might try imagining a large cinema screen and the anxious thoughts are projected out onto the screen in front of you. Play around with this approach. Find what works for you.

The key thing to remember is to:

Observe, Label, Watch, Move on

By practicing this approach you gradually stop reacting with fear to the thought and you learn to treat it as nothing more than an odd peculiarity.

When you are at a stage where you are comfortable doing the above exercise and you feel you are making good progress, then try this additional step:

Actually invite one of your more regular fearful thoughts in.

Call the fear to you, say you just want it to come close so you can observe it.

It may seem like the last thing you would wish to bring upon yourself, as you don’t particularly enjoy these thoughts but this approach can be very empowering. You are now calling the shots. You actually invited the issue in.

By doing this you are discharging the dense vibration of fear surrounding the anxious thought. That fear was sustaining itself on your resistance, -the idea that you could not handle these thoughts.

The fear quickly evaporates when you turn around and say “yes of course I can handle these thoughts.”

Fear intensifies when we pull away from it. Anxious thoughts become a mental tug of war if we struggle with them.

It is the mental struggle of pulling against the anxious thoughts that creates the inner psychological tension.

The inner tension is fueled by thoughts like:

“I can’t handle to think about this -please go away”

“I don’t like that thought- I want it to stop!”

Take a different stance. Invite anxious thoughts in. Willingly sit with them, label them and do your very best not to react.

Yes, it does take practice but very soon you find yourself in a unique position of control. You are no longer a victim of fearful thinking but a decision maker in what you will or will not be concerned about.

As with every technique there is always a level of practice involved in the beginning. Initially you start observing but then suddenly get anxious about the fearful thought. That’s very normal in the beginning.

Keep at it. Practice and you will quickly see how less impacting those fearful thoughts become.

Do not let your mind trick you into believing that your anxiety is something you will always have to struggle with. That is simply not true.

Not alone is it possible to control the occurrence of anxious thoughts but I can teach you how to end panic attacks and general anxiety if that is your goal.

You can have the life of your dreams. Anxiety does not have the right to steal that hope from you.

I’m going to e-mail you my mini series. It will help reduce anxiety levels significantly.

Some of this information forms a small part of the Panic Away Program. My full program eliminates panic attacks and general anxiety very quickly and has proved highly successful with both long and short term sufferers of anxiety. The results speak for themselves.

To Learn more about Panic Away visit: www.PanicAway.com

Here are some of the things you will learn from Panic Away…

-Learn how to be empowered and gain confidence by engaging a simple technique to defuse any panic attack.

-The four most powerful approaches to creating an enduring anxiety buffer zone (particularly useful for those who experience GAD).

-Learn to avoid making the one mistake almost everyone makes during a panic attack episode.

Here is a small sample of how the course has helped others:

…learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years

I must tell you that out of all the items you can purchase regarding anxiety related products on the internet, I learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years that I’ve had this condition.

I had been on Xanax and Klonopin for about 10 years, but this December, I decided to withdraw from it thinking I didn’t need the pills anymore according to some of the programs I ordered claiming “miracle cures”. That’s when all my symptoms started again. I felt as if I had wasted the past 20 years trying to get better.That’s when I started searching the web for home based “cures”. I ordered so many programs I started to get confused from too much conflicting advice. Also, I was promised support but I am still waiting replies from some of the more expensive programs!

You are a true gentleman, and I am going to post a very positive feedback on a website you might be familiar about called: Tapir?

Talk to ya, Andy








…I prayed to God to show me what to do

I experienced my first panic attack in July of this year and ended up going to the hospital by ambulance thinking I was having a stroke or heart attack! I have had a bunch of attacks since then. Monday morning I awoke to an immediate attack and prayed to God to show me what to do. To make a long story short, I was led to your website but was afraid it was like the other ones where they try to sell you their products. However, your introductory information really spoke to me and I decided to take a chance. I read your book and it gave me the tools I was searching for to deal with my attacks.

I could tell immediately that you have suffered from panic attacks yourself because you spoke with authority that can only have come from having dealt with the terrors yourself. I am 42 years of age and have been noticing the psychological effects of perimenopause (one of which is panic attacks in my case). Thanks again!!

Sincerely, Cynthia


To Learn more about Panic Away visit:


I encourage you to take a chance with this course. As a former sufferer I would not pretend to have a solution if I did not honestly believe it could be of great benefit to you.

Together we can get you truly back to the person you were before anxiety became an issue.

P.S. Additional bonus- I am currently offering an opportunity to have a one to one session with me so that I can ensure you get the results you need. All I ask is that should you feel the course has been of tremendous benefit to you that I add you to a database I am currently updating of success stories.

If you want to learn more about this course and how to get started right away visit:


Talk soon

Barry Joe McDonagh

All material provided in these emails are for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition

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    Has any one else had similar symptom’s if so help or advice :/ cheer’s

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    As soon as I have enough money to buy the product, I will. I have suffered for over 12 years and I am sick and tired of people and doctors telling me it’s all in my head. They obviously have never experienced a panic attack. I am physically and mentally exhausted from anxiety and I don'[t want it to rule my life anymore. I want to learn how to take control and feel “normal” again.

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    Thank you for making this free

  • Val

    This sounds like an entirely opposite approach to what I’ve been taught in the past 2 1/2 years, since I experienced my first panic attack. Most psychologists I’ve seen tried to teach me self-relaxation techniques and other ways to “distract” the mind away from the anxious thoughts (in my case, constant nausea and fear of vomiting in public). Strangely enough, I never *actually* thought of facing my fear.

    I will try this mini-course and see how I go. So far, it looks promising.

  • karen

    Hi after reading this today i feel so much better :0) i have been having panic attacks and anxiety for 10yrs and nothing has helped and the last 3days have been awful heart racing not sleeping went to the hospital last night as i thought i was going mad and die and was told it was a bad anxiety attack was sent home but told to go back if i get chest pains so of course all night and day i have been panicking about that and my heart is still racing as i speak (surely that is not normal for 3days) or is it?? But after reading the newsletter and what it has done for all of you i have hope and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day πŸ™‚
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  • Calculus

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  • caroline

    I consider myself to have “mild anxiety” (basically, I have not let panic change my every day routine). I have anxious thoughts daily, but I have days where I let it get the best of me. I started having panic attacks 3 years ago. I am 27 now. Keeping myself busy throughout the day and exercising regularly have helped immensely (running and yoga are now permanent part of my life). I have pretty much “trained” myself to deal with anxiety whether I am at work, traveling, crowds, or in front of new people. In other words, no one really knows except the ones that are close to me. My anxiety always starts with a hot or cold flash, dizziness, lack of β€œcontrol” moment, and even a quick trip to the bathroom (I compare the last one to a scared puppy). I have not been able to overcome them… Please continue the “lessons” for I am willing to try a different approach. Thanks

  • melinda

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  • Ana-Maria

    I was fighting with a seriouse series of panic attacks, when i met am indian man, showing interrest, and saying, i`m here for you. The attacks stopped, i became more relaxed. i was so relaxed for the next perioud of my life, that i wasn`t worried, not even when i lost my mother, my job, my house, and finally him. Now, without him i have again some attacks, but not that strong as before. I think, all our fears are coming from solitude, and the senzation of incapacity in handeling processes, we are afraid of. Your presented material is useful and i`m happy i got it. God bless.

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    I agree with what Caroline said , as i also tried very hard to manage my anxiety every where and every time , but always felt tired and needed something magical . having received this first newsletter , and going through the website was really relieving . am thinking of having the complete kit to really get rid of this harsh , irritating feeling….!!!!


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  • Matt

    I’ve just started this course and i’m really looking forward to overcoming this debilitating disorder. So glad i found this. Already feeling better after thinking, “Bring it on!”

  • Thought i was stuck in a rut.

    wow -well im 18 ive been having panic attacks since i was 16 when i started getting into a serious with my boyfriend, then when i thought i could never be happier than this, i started having panic attacks about do i love my boyfriend. I felt sick, i cried whenever i was on my own with my sisters or mum. I got all of them to the point of being fed up with me and they just couldnt help me. I get these attacks when i feel at my lowest in self confidence. Two years on and the feeling of splitting up because of a reason that sickens me but i can’t stop thinking about it,was just about to make me lose it all together then i read your website about Panic Attacks and i wanted to laugh with the fact that for 2 years i have felt sick, with thoughts making me think i feel different about my boyfriend, and ive spent 5 minutes reading your tips and solutions and everything seems so clearer as to why i have been worried.
    Thank You so much, I’m not saying im fully cured but when i get the thought i will do exactly as you say to do and Observe,Watch,Label and Move On.
    Thank You Again

  • Teresa

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  • Teresa

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    Thank you kindly

  • Zhana

    Thank you very much! I’ll give it a chance and try this technique. I always knew it’s something deep inside the brain that triggers the anxiety, and the medications only calm you for a while but they don’t cure the anxiety. It’s like if you have an allergy reaction to a certain food, and a doctor gives you an ointment to stop the skin rash, but you continue eating the food that’s causing the reaction – sounds similar to panic attacks and taking medications (they don’t cure the cause, they only calm you for a while, but the problem stays).

  • JLag

    I have been struggling with anxiety for three two years. It has taken over me. I started out with major panic attacks, with my husband rushing me to the emergency room because we didn’t know what was wrong. It has turned into general anxiety where I feel like something is always wrong, especially with my health. Even thought I have had many tests run and everything comes back fine, I have this underlying fear that something is wrong. I look forward to this program helping me out!!

  • jordan

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  • DEl

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    hi i read ur news letter found it very helpful im 33yrs been sufferin from anxiety for 6 years really major panic attacks i felt like i started getting control of it 12 months ago but now in the last 6months its back with stronger symptoms i dont go out much again its affected my eating and drinking i tryed medication it never helped made me worse ive been tryin to beat the panic attacks but they just seem to beat me everytime just like to say thank you

  • Rameena

    Dear Barry,
    i had my first attacks when i was about 8 . it was nothing back then but a 10 minutes difficulty in breathing. then it disappeared . after about 6 months of having my second baby , i was about 24 years old when i walk up in the middle of night with a weird nightmare and a severe panick attack. that was the first time to get the feeling that i was “dying” but i didnt have anymore attacks until about 10 stressful years later. it happened after a bad day at work and that was 9 months ago when it became regular . I made lots of internet research till i came through your site and it was the first REAL DEAL i found . i reasoned things about my attacks which eased them so much . it aslo helped me realise that i wasnt dying or anything. it changed my behaviour regarding the attacks and their reality. my deepest thanks to you πŸ™‚

  • Jamie

    I came across this website….and im really glad i did. This technique really makes sense and i have already put it to work. I panic about the fear of going crazy or something bad happening to be like death. Which has been consuming my days for a long time now . Thank you i hope it works…..

  • elpitha e

    this is my first time on here , im trying this whole idea of clouds and stuff . this website sounds good i wish the best of luck to all of us who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety ! heres to a new beggining !!

  • yared

    i am very much glad to here from u i was experienced such prob for about 6 months totally u are right and i have also experienced this methods by myself but still sometimes go to the judgement especially when i am tired in work. i hope i will have all the solutions from u . God bless u!

  • Kevin

    I suspected these were panic attacks for some time but kept saying no, it is just not having confidence or insecurity or being nervous. I loved being in front of people and the centre of attention all my life and always the funny guy doing presentations and even toastmasters/public speaking. When the attacks got more frequest and anxious feelings worse (dry mouth all the time speaking to people, rapid heart beat, sudden blood presure going up, sweats etc…)I tried becoming serious and not being myself to try and get rid of these anxious feelings and attacks. Now I find I fear being in so many situations that I avoid them altogether and even work from home more often then going into the office. I just read your newsletter about identify label, watch, move-on and will try this technique. I don’t know how that will work in a meeting when I have constant waves and have to try and stay focussed.. I will be labelling and watching so many little yellow birds in the tree it will fill every branch… but I will try it …

  • Debra

    Hi, im 16 and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. They come anytime during the day out of no where i get very scared, i am learning to help my self from this program thank you very much.

  • Andrew Russell - Davis

    I am not sure if it is panic attacks I experience but basically I live in an ustairs apartment in a house in a peaceful country environment .. sounds idyllic … and it is, a city lad, I much prefer life in the countryside but at night; only when those living in the downstairs apartment are home or if out I know they are coming home the same night. In the daylight hours I have no problem in being in the house alone and love going out into town alone usually riding my bicycle etc but at night like now with the people downstairs away for the weekend, I am going to stay at a friends house as to stay here is freaking me out ! It is bizarre and especially when it is only something that began affecting me out of the blue and for no reason I can think of … but I sense it is worsening, my not doing something constructive to help myself, so I am now appealing for help to get to grips with this as it is something that will otherwise mean that I will only feel comfortable to be alone in the daylight hours anywhere which is something I need to conquer as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

  • michael

    well wat can i say iv had my anxitey attack 2 months ago and have them science.iv been in a@e 4 times and all tests done and everyting came back clear.so i was checking the internet when i came across your web page and i really cant wait to start your programe , thanks

  • Jan

    I just came across this website a few days ago. I had my first panic attack 28years ago….right after the birth of my first daughter. I too thought I was going to die. Throughout the years I have suffered from many more, but most came in the first hour of my sleep. Now the last 2 have happened during the day. It is the scariest feeling in the world. I have recieved 3 news letters and cannot believe how they have helped me. At the moment I am taking Ativan, but do not want to be on it for too long. I get alot of relief reading everyone all the comments.

  • Sarah

    I have been having panick attacks for a few days now, so it’s all still very new to me. Reading what you have to say has put my mind at rest knowing i’m not the only one out there who has these. Keep up the good work

  • Terra

    i am so glad i found ur website, i have had anxiety for the past six months and it has gotten so bad that it is hard to stand up straight sometimes, i was told by a relative that anxiety was a part of life and i had to deal with it, the sad part is that i believed it, until now, me and my fiance have just found out that we are expecting our first child and i figured i needed to get my anxiety under control. i am going to try ur method and hope it works for me i will give u an update!!!!! thank u!!!!!

  • DREW


  • nichola

    hi im 30 have been suffering with anxiety/health anxiety/agrophobic for 15 yrs, i to myself for 15 years have been reserching an spending ex amount of money getting help from hypnotherapy- councelling nothing ever worked, ive 4 kids who i love to bits an they see me crying each an everyday through my anxiety, knowing im not alone in this helps but i cant seem to get over this im waiting for my money then im gonna try ur program as im so desperate to lead a normal life thank you x

  • Joe Barry

    Hi Joe

    You really should speak to your doctor – a professional medical opinion is important, and it will ease your mind once you take action to getting a diagnosis and treatment if necessary. Also read the blog post at http://www.panicaway.com/blog/social-phobias on Social Anxiety to see if the symptoms apply to you, and discuss this with your doctor.


  • eric

    just by reading the first part of the newsletter,i feel relieved already.im so excited to apply the techniques u shared.Thank you very much for being a blessing to me and to a lot of people.

  • Georgia

    I’m Georgia and i feel like my whole world has turned into one great blach whole, I fear that my panic attacks are becoming depression and it scares very much. I started having my first panic attack to weeks ago leading me to the doctor the next day. He prescribed me pills called Deanixt, I don’t know if you know them. I’m afraid that I will become addicted to this pills and that I will slowly driffet away from living. Your mini series gave me hope am till getting into it. I believe God sent you to me and I pray I recover.

    Thank you.

  • Daz

    After my fiancΓ© gave birth to our first child I fell into a depression which led to anxiety. I’m normally a very confident and out going person and couldn’t understand what was going on. After reading you advise I have found it very helpful. Thank you

  • Suzy @ 12.10pm

    So glad I found this website, I have been experiencing all sorts of weird sensations over the last 4weeks, I went through a traumatic period where I convinced myself that I was seriously ill, once I got the all clear I immediately went on to think that something else was wrong with me, I have muscle twitching. pins and needles in legs, and face and I am always feeling anxious, as soon as I awake in the morning the feelings just take over – I think I am going out of my mind at times

  • ross

    had my first panic attack a few months ago,and since then have felt as if something else was controlling me. my whole life was full of fear,but just after reading some sample emails ,things look bright again,its so simple and so effective it really does offer hope,thanks Barry!

  • Brian

    Having come accross your website, and read your newsletter and comments , I will try your suggestions , even though I don`t know how comfortable I am with them, after the Physical,Emotional and Mental turmiol that these anxieities put me through ,I am not comfortable with the idea of willingly experiencing them, but I am tired of what they put me through,and I want to live a normal life, and I want to start enjoying my life again, without fear or anxiety. I will let you know how I get on.

  • Kevin

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT ! I just read my posting from Nov 6th, just weeks ago and cannot believe that was me. Just shortly after that posting, I read through the first 5 or 6 newsletters and followed your methods. I was scheduled to go on a business trip and meet my new team face to face for the first time and I was so scared and full of fear that I would have panic attacks in these meetings. WOW .. I just got back and it was such an excellent trip. I attended tons of meetings with my team and 1:1 meetings and even 1:1 meetings with executives and meetings with lots of new people and I didn’t have one episode !!! I CAME REALLY CLOSE mind you but managed to send them packing ! I only had one slight episode in a restaurant and I was sitting on the inside of the booth with someone on the outside. I purposely put myself there so that I knew I had no where to go .. but I did have one slight episode but was able to fend it off after a few minutes. The other thing is that for some reason I am dreaming really cool full vibrant yet weird dreams every night now.. as if my brain is rewired or something.. totally cool but I don’t remember dreaming like this in a long time ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me believe again. I know I still have a ways to go but at least now I BELIEVE that it can be done !! I have another business trip planned and cannot wait as I am now excited rather than fearful !

  • Tasha

    After reading about your article, i feel a gush of happiness deep down in my heart..knowing that there is actually a cure for anxiety and panic attacks..without the need for any medications.I remember my first panic attack and it was the most frightening moment i can ever recall.That was 8 years ago..and now i have anxiety most of the time.it leads me to have u can call that crazy and fear of somethg..even when i look at a sky thats going to rain..i miss travelling and have not been doing so for the past years that i have been going through all this.And i hate being in the train when its undertunnel and crowds..And sometimes the fears and anxiety makes me feel iiritated or agitated..even with the close ones..i feel trapped.But after stumbling across ur article and reading it, i jus felt a hope of joy and i feel more relaxed and calm.I will definitely try it at the first sight of anxiety..later on..i cant wait to start a new day in life without anxiety and fears interferring in my daily life and do the things i have always wanted to do like travelling..THANK YOU..and i will update you on my first try to overcome with my daily stress..I sincerely hope you will help me to regain my freedom and help me to release me out of this..thank you so much..

  • vincenzo

    i got say i never read barry’s book but ive got a couple of mini seriers on it and i can say yes it works its all in ur head i feel the best thing for me is just like barry says observe it lable it and move on it wrks yes it does its like why worrie and think bad stuff ,sit and worrie about gd things and ur day and life will be great god bless everyone …

  • Jonathan

    I don’t know why but I feel deep inside that after six years of this general anxiety and panic in the public your wonderful lectures will help me out . I lost my courage and selfconfidence and shy away from social stuffs. Thank you kindly

  • Cathy

    If you have panic attacks, you must have this program. I had my first panic attack in July and then several later. The doctors referred me to the cardiologist who tried to convince me something was wrong with my heart even though I told her I know I’m having panic attacks. I was placed on Xanax which worked very well but wondered what would happen if I couldn’t find it when I needed it. With the Panic Away program, you don’t need any medication, just yourself. Trust yourself and Trust God to help you get through. I now call my panic attacks “welcome attacks.” I have not had a full panic attack since I purchased this program. Each time, I feel the panic settling in, I say Welcome! May God Bless Barry Joe McDonagh!

  • Bre

    I didnt even know until about a month ago that what these little panic attacks I would have was actually anxiety. I think I’ve always been more of a nervous person ever since I can remeber but in the last two years it has become alot worse. I tend to have them when I feel like im alone, especially when im home alone, almost like separation anxiety but I happens alot more when I feel like im always going to have it. Just by reading this first page I feel so much calmer and now I know that im not the only person who feels like this and now there is maybe a way that I can get over this. Especially since I will be going to college soon and im driving now I want to be able to do them on my own. πŸ™‚

  • tom

    I think that I am actually getting a grip on all of these overwhelming feelings that I ve been strugling with my entire life! I wasted so many years self medicating with alchohol and drugs and made a total mess of my life. you have given me hope.its comforting just knowing that im not alone in this whirlwind. thank you all for sharing your horror and most of all your hope for US! thanks again. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  • Douglas

    Barry you are the man!!! you really know what you are talking about. I really like the way you explain everything it has help me a lot. with Gods help and your help i have manage to somewhat control my panic attacks.

  • Sandra

    Wow.I’m suffering sometimesGeneral Anxiety.This is totally different to pushing or forcing anxious thoughts away.I’m tired of fighting against it,so this system sounds somehow appealing.I only tried it very very briefly ,but I feel an awkward sense of relief!maybe it does work!!

  • Yuri

    a week ago today i had my first anxiety attack while driving on a highway. i honestly thought i was having a heart attack and almost got in an accident due to blurry/ dizziness in my vision, my chest also seized up and felt like it was tightening in the heart area. i had wondered, how could such a thing happen to a 22 yr old? i was very scared, probably the most ive ever been in my life.. it was after going to the hospital that i realized it was only anxiety… my curiousness in this issue had lead me to this website. reading on got me more an more interested, and calmed me down. I am grateful for the mini series you have sent me! i think that with practice and strong positive reinforcement i can eliminate all anxiety, stresses, worries and fears, thanks to your help! Thanks again and I hope everyone can live anxiety free as well!

  • Emma

    hey ive had panic disorder for far to long now, everything u have said is just how i feels an its not nice at all. hopefully this will help me feel less anxious so i can cope with it all better. thank u … emma

  • maria

    thanks very much. by the time i read this article I take the first step and I had possitive attitude about being able to overcome anxiety. it has being in me for ages and i felt like i am a victim of the it.it affects my schooll performasnce and every thing. i hope as i read more of your articles i will overcome the situation dramatically.

    thanks very much and you are such a star,

  • angelina

    thank you very much for this information and I honestly believe that this is the only way forward.Think about it, before you suffered from anxiety, you used to think all sorts of thoughts and they wouldn’t bother you, everyone thinks frightening stuff sometimes. It’s when you start monitoring and giving too much importance to thoughts/fears that they become overwhelming and cause further anxiety which in turn keeps you in the cycle-anxiety-anxious thoughts-anxious response…etc..it seems we all know the drill.I think with practice you get into the ‘normal flow’ of thoughts again and this in turn will eliminate anxiety. Also a thought is not a fact—-a fact is a fact…good luck everyone,this will go away in time I know it. Have faith in only yourselves.

  • jane muthoni gikonyo

    Hey, This is good to know that am not suffering alone and there is a shoulder to cry on. Thanks so much for your advice, i hope to get well soon. But could you pliz tell me or let me know what causes all this; But through your advice and information, am now getting somewhere.

    Pliz promise that i will not die. These feelings are so hard to bear. Thanks for your support. I really need your advice from now and then. May Almighty God in Heaven bless you abundantly. I thought i was all alone in this darkness.

    God Bless You Barry. At least am going to have my Christmas Festives with happiness.


    God thank you after 29 years of my life,I found this website.I thought I’m just the only one suffering of this..U’r my saviuor in you i found hope that one day I’ll be normal again.I’m tired of this,that I thought,I’m losing my mind.sometimes,I said to my self,I more like to die than live with this everyday.thank u,thank you so much to you.GOD answer my prayer.more power to you and GOD BLESS…..

  • david

    thanks so much av suffered for 4 years and sometimes a can control my attacks other times i cant my job as a soldier brings alot of stress and also bring alot of attacks from beingin situations ud rather not be in ive noted what uv said and try these methods out thanks again

  • margot

    i have read your article and i am going to give it a go ive been on antidepressants and beta blockers with no success thank you for hope

  • Porto

    Thank you for getting a reasoning model of what should I do whilst in anxiety. Although I was not diagnosed with panic, I suffer from anxiety and fears, morelike in a BPD. But the four steps value gold, even like this. It is as great as simple, in fact, it is us that tend to forget reasoning and leave things to go out of hand, isn’t it? Loosing the clue that we could, with much smaller effort cntrol them, avoid them and annule them, instead of spending much more energy living them. A great lesson and reminder, also…
    I will get back with the results after practicing. It is a very beautiful thing you are doing Joe… so thank you again and good luck to all! Hope we keep up reasoning, and fighting for reasoning, learning to.

  • Jennafer

    I’ll be busy and all of a sudden I feel short of breath, like I’m breathing too slow. I’m already busy yet it still hits. I hope your advice works.

  • Fatima

    The idea of being anxiety-free is something i’ve always worked on. I always thought that waiting for this feeling to disappear was something possible, unfortunately, it grows through time. I’m sure The technique provided in this helpful link will have positive outcomes, but i definitely need to practice more.

    Thank you for your tips and techniques..

  • SpringXD

    I feel better already just reading your first news letter! I had my first panic attack in May of 2009, but the anxiety went away in a week. I had my second panic attack in Novemeber but the anxiety went away in a week too. I started getting anxiety again this last week and it was bad. But now reading this I know I can get rid of it for good! I never thought about allowing the fear to enter your thoughts! I will definitely try this method! πŸ™‚

  • Stephen

    Just reading your frist article has helped me a little too. I just recently had my frist panic attack out of nowhere. I got so scared I had to go to the hopsital and even that didn’t calm me down completely. They told me to take this drug called attivan when I felt the symptoms come back. I was fearing I would be addicted to the stuff and never be able to live like I did just three short days ago…three days ago..I was fine. I had never had a panic attack and I was fine. After having one, I am deff just making it worse by being scared they’ll come back. Reading your first article here has made me hopeful that I can cut this off before it gets too ingrained in my core. Makes me think I’m strong enough to handle this by myself…seriously …thank you.

  • amith

    I just gone throuhg the above page,the technics are practicable .definitly my confidence level is increased by reading the article.

  • lola

    I have suffered from anxiety since I was a child and I’m only 23 years old and have wasted most of my life worrying about getting anxiety attacks. I am proud to say that this program has helped me tremendously and that I recently got an anxiety attack on the day of my final and was not only able to compose myself but 3 minutes after the attack I was fine and had no fear at all. I was able to drive at night 30 miles away to take my final and I passed my neuroscience course. Thanks again!

  • Jill Ivison

    Many thanks for the information with regards to anxiety, I’m going to try the above methods before purchasing anything from the website becasue other things I have purchased havent worked before. I have hope though that the things you have said, if I put them into practice they will help me and then I will have the confidence in you to teach me more. Thank you

  • demenace

    i have been on going treatment for depression and GAD for about 3 yrs now and it really cost me a lot now. I hope this site will finally solve all my illness.

  • Charlotte

    I thought that I was the only one with these problems but it seems that loads of other people have them too. Your advice seems very encouraging. thank you

  • david

    iv spent most my life suppressing my fears and trying so hard to live a normal life with this condition, at times it drains the life out of me .
    thus making liven a normal life unbearable, iv been searching for an eternity for a way to control my emotions to no effect leaving me feeling hopeless and alone in my torments, but now iv found a clever man that’s explained to me in layman’s terms a solution, that all makes sense to me, I’m slowly coming to terms with my fears , and starting to feel positive feelings just from the words that i have read here, this is the best thing since sliced bread,,
    how good to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel
    thank you for being you,
    regards Dave

  • Madi Lyn

    Hi, thank you soooo much for your help. i will try this next time i have a panic attack. i really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  • mary

    thank you for sending me this…i will try your suggestion next time i become anxious…ive always been trying to get fearful thoughts out of my head instead of letting them in and dealing with them…


    I just start works with ,but I’m sure it”s help me but I keeping going to read and understand my self geting the exorcise every day.Thanks again for helpe me and so many people as well,god bless you.

  • Tyler

    I seriously had a sigh of relief with a smile, reading your newsletter and peoples’ comments-eventhoiugh my family and friends have known about my symptoms, panic attacks and strange, irrational fears my whole life. I’ve seriously felt trapped in my own head or own dimension with whack thoughts and fears for example, from worrying about cancer to the existence of life itself, the earth and universe, the human brain, what we are, to present fears toward objects such as the feelings these particular mountains give me to the west of my city! Strange? to me hell yeah, but now I feel not so alone and better just knowing I can identify what I’m having and that we can literally fear ANY object rational or irrational, but learn to deal with it. THANKYOU, you’ve gotta be an angel.

  • Roshna

    WOW just reading all these post has lefted my spirits up again. I have had Generelise anxiety disorders for the past 6 months and its really getting the worst of out me, i dont enjoy the things i do on my daily basis anymore because of my GAD always getting in the way at all times, I’v been searching for the door to my old self again the person that i was before my GDA. But reading these posts and newsletter has given me a sense of hope that i will recovery and find the door to my old self again and that i will enjoy every bit of life again without any fear getting in the way. i cant wait to start this program god bless you Berry and i wish all the best for those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. πŸ™‚

  • Saved

    Thank You God for this site and for Barry Joe McDonagh! This article already was so so calming.
    My first and last (thanks to God) real panic attack was a year ago, I felt I was either going to die or to go insane, I choosed to live and to do everything I could ever imagine, I made hudge changes in my life and started to trust the Lord, Myself and not my anxiety….till few days ago I felt suddenly like the panic attack will come again (because of my sudden illness that keeps me at home) I now know this little panic attack-like thing of mine wanted me to remember to LIVE and not waste what God has given to me and here I’am and now I know it just can’t come, cause You Barry said so and I trust You beacuse God led me to Your page. I’m not afraid anymore. Than You so much!

  • Christine

    Hi Other Posters and Barry,
    Wow, here are people who have experienced the same physical sensations as me and my daughter, I had no-one to communicate with about the less well known side of GAD, the initial tingling, fainting a couple of times, Panic attachs, weight loss, edgeness, difficulty doing any task, most worringly the ones that pereviously the subconsious took care of, and I took for granted that I’d normally not require any effort to think about. With GAD even making sandwidges took huge concentration and will power. The constant effects of GAD when driving, affecting eyesight, hearing, breathing, stomach, and stamina was compounding. I even fought my fears with showering in the morning, that became a 3 miniute get in and get out affair. The Dr’s and specialists helped best they could with the medication & mental part, but I was feeling alone physically waging a seasaw war with it. For a year I could only sleep with a pillow over my head, I was so afraid. I didnt know what I was afraid of, and that made me afraid. Exercise, running, burning the bad adrenalin that kept poisoning my body, and getting the relief of the endorphins in return were my best result at ‘coping’. Keeping up the normal routine of life and not hiding was my last line of defence. Understand now, I was in emotional exhaustion for decades, everything poised for a shocking event to trigger the anxiety and panic onslaught. Now I am in the right place, the right time with the right friends to support what I am doing, so like they say “Bring it on”. I cant wait to greet you (fear, anxiety etc). I am my own tool box and when you show me your worst, I’ll invite you in, suck you up, wizz you up, pour your thoughts onto paper and burn them, put a notch of achievement on my belt and embrace the whole experience. I can feel again and not be afraid. Breathe, stretch, smile, relax. LIVE.

  • sally fletcher

    im so glad to hear that im not alone with these horrible and torcher feelings of anxiety i am praying to god to helpme get throught this it has affected my whole family my husband is at his wits end he does not understand what is happening to me he just keeps saying that there is nothing wrong and i need to calm down ,the headaches are awful and struggling to breath through my mouth as if my stomach is pulling when im trying to breath is very terrifiying i feel as if im going through hell doctor says ive to take paracetamol and he has put me on to diazapam 2mg to help me to calm down but still they are doing anything the headaches and the breathless continues i feel as if im going of my head im defo going to try your programe to see if it will help me i will keep u posted many thanxs xxx

  • Shirlene

    You are some kind of special person. It’s nice to know that probably most of the world can be as anxious as the rest of us-I never thought that. It’s all in how you handle it. I always thought it was how you react to it. There is a big difference there. I don’t react to stress very well. Maybe I can handle it a lot better with your help and Gods. I feel a little better after reading your first newsletter with the mini-course and I am not sure why so it has to be what you said and how you said it. I have to share. Thank you for a better day today.

  • nikh

    I’ve been suffering from fears caused due to irrational religious thoughts since last november. Though I know they are stupid, I couldnt over come them. Thanks for this article and I’m hoping to overcome this situation at the earliest.

  • hope

    i am the victim of GAD. I will be determined to apply this stuff in my life and i will let you know my feelings.

  • Von

    Ive been into a plane travel then i got a panic attack, my bp went to 190…they took me to the medical clinic and after one il be traveling again for an international flight…..and i cancelled it since im thinking that that will happen again…by reading this im practicing to be back to normal life again. ive been into a tragic situation lost my best friend and diagnosed for an uncurable ilness. thanks so much

  • Gayle

    I don’t what brought me to your site, but whenever I have surgery, I go into a sad state after. My doctor just upped my medication and I have been feeling lost these last two weeks. I think alot about my health and my families history. My heart pounds, I can hear it in my ears. I get pain in my back and in my chest. I also have made trips to the hospital thinking it was a heart attack. I will certainly try the 4 steps. I pray it will calm me down. Thanks for the information.

  • kinza

    i find it a very scientific, realistic yet a very easy to do approach. i am beginning to realize it would help. good work, keep your reseach up!

  • carolyn burns

    hi, i have been suffering with panic attack since last year, as i was getting married so i just put it down to stress. it was a horrible few months. i had dizzyness, stomach pain, back pain, head fog, feeling like i would faint, panic on trains or shopping centres, i ended up in A&E twice, and even got a scan on my stomach to see if i had cysts. i went to see so many doctors, had accupunture, went to a dietian and nobody helped, eventually i had to go on tablets… anyway after i got married the horrible feeling went away but not for good, it has come back and i dont know why.. i cant even leave the house, the knots in my stomach and the heavy head is the worst. every night when i go to bed i hope and pray to god that i will wake up feeling ok but i dont and thats soul crushing when u wake up and the pains are still there which gets you down and then everyone thinks ur depressed so its a vicous circle. im afraid of buyin this product and it doest work.. but it seems to be the more genuine on the web. i was thinking of trying yoga aswell..hope it helps… fingers crossed…
    carolyn from ireland..

  • herby

    please send me more information and what to do as i am keen to get rid of this axiety.
    thanking you,
    herby wright.

  • marco

    Hi there,
    i am new to anxiety and panic.. im expieriencing feelings of detachment and loosing control.. your site is fantastic and very supportive.. can anyone help me stay grounded despite these feelings and reassure me that with time and support these feelings will pass?

  • EFI

    THANKS GOD THAT IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! when i had these thoughts i told myself im going crazy and thats it! i thought i am abnormal person, but by reading this article and seeing you guys in here firstly i felt sad that we shouldnt get this in the first place but i also feel happy that we got each other. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAN CHANGE YOUR OWN WORLD! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. and im just going to start trying. god bless us.

  • danny

    ive found this helpful thankyou. i think my problem is thinking everything revolves around me maby paranoia which causes me too sweat via palms ans feet but im gonna try this thankyou

  • Heather

    It is almost refreshing to know I’m not alone in my stagnated litle world … Thanks so much for the information you send out. I read it over and over and am trying littlechanges at a time.

  • Ewa

    Some pressing questions about myself has been answered. All the panic that always come my ways during interview has also come to an end.Thanks so much for your wonderful advice and lectures.l

  • Kwan Yue Meng

    Just reading the comments by others does already calm me down a lot because your PANIC AWAY program worked for other and therefore should also work with me. Thank GOD for leading me to your website.Kwan

  • Kojo

    Hi bro, after reading your first newsletter i have hope i believe through U i can overcome this anxiety bluff.

  • zackery

    Nice to actually have people on line that want to cure their problems and live their lives to the fullest. I have been suffering with anxiety for nine years and have gone down all the roads for answers without a cure. My ability to live a full life of fun with action has change and this might be the best solution yet so I”ll try the complete program and let everyone know how it turns out for me.Thanks for the hope.

  • azim

    thanks..barry..i feel so fotunate that i found this page immediately..if not,my anxiety will get more worse as i’m not able to discover what sort of feeling i undergo..and now..i feel more confident and i hope i can fully convince myself for particular matters..

  • Steven Walker

    i have had an anxiety problem earlier in my life that went away for a while, but reserfaced with avengence just recently. I have very weird symptoms when it comes to my problem. My biggest problem is getting anxious about my health. I take the littlest feelings in my body and covince myself its major. I cant stop. No matter how much i tell myself iam fine my body convinces me that iam not. Example: my anxiety causes indegestion problems that give me pains in my chest and even up and down my left arm. I convince myself that i have a major health problem and then my mind takes over from there. I refuse to take medication. I would rather feel this then like a zombie. Iam interested in your program and hope it works for me. Iam going to try and “invite it in” but that sounds scary as hell.
    This is the best advice i’ve heard yet. I really need to stop this. iam loosing my mind.

    -Steven walker

  • Akram

    Well after trying this new technique I felt really better only by THINKING about it , then I tryed to pass by one of my biggest fear wich is having a simple haircut and it worked , I was smiling all along and somehow it was funny to me . . .

  • tara king

    hello well i hate going out and meeting new ppl it worries me but iv read this and im gonna try it cause i want my life bk now im gonna do it i ant gonna let it beat me….thax so much

  • BB

    I hope this works for me feeling fanit starts of my anxiety attacks and i start a new job in a week just want to be able to go to work and not worry about what if i faint …. Even being on tablets has not helped me thank you

  • Rob Foot

    In Britain [England] which is where I live these thoughts you mention are known as ‘running thoughts’ they are called this by psychiatrists and psychologists alike and are as you indicate disturbing for the sufferer. However much anxiety I find is caused by remembering things continually bringing them back into ones mind these running thoughts could be just an order of doing things or things to do such as shopping [must do that] have to buy this this this and the other your stood there in the shop wanting all these thoughts to go away , your looking for things that your disordered mind cannot now find your becoming overwraught and disfunctional the anxiety is increasing and panic setting in, the whole situation fraught, you despair …soon it will be paper bag time …

  • Michelle

    When my partner and i bought our first home in November last year I suffered with panic and anxiety. It was the worst time of my life and i thought it was never going to end, I was petrified of the thought of panicking. I couldn’t eat,or sleep and i had hot flushes and felt sick and lost so much weight. I came across this website and can safely say that it saved my life. I really thought i was going to suffer with these thoughts for ever and thanks to this page and the free mini series i signed up for i was rid of the terrors in a few days. I looked forward to receiving the free emails everyday because they helped me so much. I saved them in a folder for future reference.
    We recently booked our wedding and over the last couple of days i have been starting to feel anxious all though the wedding isn’t until next year, I had a panic attack over these thoughts in the gym this morning. I have came home and read the first email i was sent back in Novemeber and instantly feel a relief. I know that this program really works and would recommend everyone who suffers with these fearful thoughts to sign up.

    Thank You Barry, Your work is amazing x

  • shavonna

    I’m only 18 and I’ve had panic/ anxiety attacks for goin on 3 or more months! and it sucks cus I’m so younng and I love to go out:-(. But i read some of the emails Barry sent me and I feel a little relieved from them. Slowly but surely I think I can put an end to this nonsense.

  • Jasam

    Actually, Barry, you have allready helped me with this, and now I just need to keep it somwere in my inbox for luck or if I ever will need it, (not that I feel I would). I experienced my first and hopfully only panicking period of about two months. I was very annoyed with dificulty to breath properly, to do what I have to and love to and so on…This was however result of my four year anxiety and fear of future.
    When I experienced panic attacs I immedietly start looking for help. However, therapist told me I MUST take antidepresants and by no means anxiolitics. I tried, and I felt so sick that I stoped it. My other doctor said to take anxiolitics. I tried. I wasnt so sick, but my bloodpressure decresed so much I could just lie, so I quit.
    I found Barries site, I subscribed and what I got helped me in couple weeks. It made so sence, it was so smart and I was happy not only to get rid of panic and most of anxiety, but to know that in future I will be in controle because I recignize mechanism and its where it breakes:)
    Thankyou, Barry

  • paola

    I dont know who reads these but this is actually the second time i read these e-mails the first time i read them and just took in all the information but now that i read them again i want to say that this information has been very helpful. Before i read these i was so unaware of what anxiety really was. The best news ive ever got is knowing that nothing is really physically wrong with me and that im not the only one. I have reacently discovered i have had anxiety for much longer than Ive thought. I am 26 yrs old and have two amazing children and a loving husband to take care of so I have been praying to the Lord that he may take it all away. Ive struggled with my marrige because of it and one day without hessitation I found this site I am very blesses with an amazing family and I want to enjoy them to the fulest. I will definetly give the book a try and continue learning more about this condiotion and with the help of God I will overcome this because I now know that this testimony like many others can change so many peoples lives thank u for all ur e-mails and thank Jesus for me finding u guys. May God bless u and u will be hearing from me soon πŸ™‚

  • Claire

    It truly might help, better than trying any medication and relying on it, you have to conquer yourself and your thoughts to help live a better life. Very good information, I think. thanks and good luck to everyone for a happier and healthier life. We should all help each other, even in conquering our own inner fears which most people we live with won’t know about!

    xxxx TO EVERYONE SUFFERING FROM ANY FEAR xxxxx never to lose hope

  • liz

    I suffered from postpartum depression with my first child…My son is now 11 months and i fear that i’m not a good mom and i’m afraid of him getting sick….And about a month ago my hubby suffered from dehydration. He had full body spasms…I have done nothing but worry about him…thinking something serious could happen to him…I get so worn down and constantly judge myself…Am i a good mom, am i doing this or that right…then im afaid of having a terrible panic attack like when i was going through my postpartum….it sucks!! but i know that has to be away out of feeling like this…i just have to keep my head high and use this valuable information…Thank you and i wish everyone luck and happiness….God Bless!!!

  • chelsey legg

    your advise is sort of helping at the minute, as i have only just started to read this and my anxiety is at its worse:( but i will deff keep reading all your emails as im pretty hopefull they will work


  • tyler

    i was gettin anxiety when i was reading this and i was doing the steps as i went along. it was a little verwhelming but then i just went with it. i have a lot of confidence in this already.. thank you soo much. its good to know that theres someone out there that knows what there doing.

  • lianne

    I have only recently been told by my doctor that i suffer from anxiety, i have no idea how it started but its just there, i find that my anxiety is worse at night, i literally cannot go to bed until im fallin asleep standing up because that way then i know im just gonna drop off without getting the feeling im gonna have a heart attack. i tend to suffer with the symptoms in my chest and for the last few days the feeling like my throat is closed up. How can i be a sufferer when i dont really know where and how it all started. I am a natural born worrier just never expected to feel this way. i have taken in some notes and hope that this will help me as it would be nice to get a decent nights kip πŸ™ i only came across this page as i was feeling anxious and it seemed worse than other times but now im feeling a little better.

  • lianne

    i have recently been told by my doctor i suffer with anxiety. Its only been the last few weeks that i get it everyday. Its worse at night and cannot go to bed until im literally falling asleep standing up as i get the feeling im prob not going to wake up from having a heart attack. I get these closed up feeling in my throat too which only started last week, of course i keep going to the doctors and its all down to the same thing, i feel like i want to ask them to send me for scans and xray make sure everything is fine!!i do not understand how, when and where this feeling came from, i cannot put my finger on what could’ve caused it, all i know is that i do not want to feel like this and scared anymore and to have a decent nights kip so im not a grouchy mum. after reading this i think i’ll give it a go, i feel a bit more settled and calm just by reading the top part πŸ™‚

  • pravina

    It was nice receiving your mails, it gave me the confidence that there is nothing wrong with me and there are many people like me out there. Thanks very much.

  • Ali

    There is a book called “Brain Lock” .. In Brain Lock, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz presents a simple four-step method for overcoming OCD that is so effective, it’s now used in academic treatment centers throughout the world. Proven by brain-imaging tests to actually alter the brain’s chemistry, this method doesn’t rely on psychopharmaceuticals.

    I noticed many similarities between Dr. Schwarts method and Barry Joe McDonagh method. They both use a Four Steps Method.

    I recomend that people who are suffering from anxiety resulting from OCD to read both books.

    The two books together (Panic-Away and Brain Lock) will give excellent results.


  • Dee

    OMG!! I was so skeptical when I signed up for the free mini e course but this is day 1 and just following your advice transformed me!!Today I still had those fearful, anxious thoughts but I sat back, labelled them, watched them float away like a cloud, being as neutral as I could!
    Wow! It did help!!Thank you!!! I can’t wait 4 2moro’s lesson! Guys, if in case the 4 days ecourse isnt enough for me, i will consider buying the full course…any reviews from those who bought it already??Thanx.

  • emma

    I have only started having panic attacks but I am going to use today’s step by step guide to help me eliminate the issue. I want to control it and I will!

    Look forward to tomorrows enews

  • evan

    just opening my FACEBOOK i saw your site and im so lucky coz of having information how to end MY ANXIETY..really thank you..GODBLESS

  • evan

    just opening my FACEBOOK i saw your site and im so lucky coz i have information now how to end my anxiety..really thank you…..GODBLESS

  • simonm magodi

    thank you so much really i real appriciate your ideas,contribution and humanity to help people online.actully i have cured my problem.again thank you!!

  • ravinder kumar

    o God such a relief i got after reading this stuff now i understand why should i afraid of fear or anxiety i will fight with them let them come in mind i wont spare them ……….


    Finaly I find somebody who understand whats going on when you have this “sicknes”. I read and read again and I could not belive it. “To call your fear??????” My God, in this moment I take a pils during a day Helex when I feel worried and scared and at night Fevarin. Helex is same Xanax 0,5 mg. I would realy belive its working but nobody around me understand whats going on. I dont talk too much I read a lot of boks about this and mostly I am at home. Yes my life is not nice as I wish to be , but I live and If I think better I will manage my life (husband, familly) if I am not affraid stay along (Always is on my mind I will die). I dont like to be along and if I am I keep doing something, watch TV but it is short time. I still keep thinking when I will call my fear and how I will brake that toghts. I feel very god reading your letter , thank you so much and other people who have same problem and share with as. Lets fight with this devil.

  • Judy

    It’s still so hard to believe that anxiety can make you feel like you can’t breath.I’ve went two different doctors and they’ve both said the same thing with my breathing that it’s anxiety.Can anxiety really make you feel like your smothering and your throats closing up and your lungs feel tight?That’s my biggest concern when I go out now and drive in traffic that everyone will see me not be able to breath,so I have become quite recluse.

  • Dubravka

    Dear Mr. Barry!
    After reading your e-mails and practise I do my best to “Fight with devil sickness” (I give that name because I really hate panicks and depression). I am glad to say I am felling much better and many thinks became differet in my life. I practice every day litle bit, specually when I go to sleep I relax and I follow the step from your mail. It is realy powerfull I follow sleep very easy and even I dont sleep to much prox. 5 hours I wok up fresh with god fellings. I am so happy becuse I feel different and I do so many thinks what I was afraid to do before like (drive car alone, go to shoping, stay alone at home etc..). I am doing all that now, litle by litle every day and if I feel short breath or nervious I keep myself calm and I am talking to myself “Dont worry thats nothing it will come and it will go and so many people have and they are still alive, I am not going to die I want live and I want fight!” Its working, and after that much years I find a way how to handle. All this years I was thinking different (“I dont want this, why me, I dont deserve, why I feel this, for shure I am cirious sick, I was loking in other people and think how they are happy and only me on this world suffer from panick, and I pry every day dear God I DONT WANT PANIC, I DONT WANT PANICK DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME AND REMOVE FROM MY HAD THIS FEELING”) Well, I do some change in my pry like I tell you before. I am not anymore like small kid affraid and every day thinking WHY ME. I think I am blessed because I open your mail and I learn how to deal with panic. Thank you from bothom of my hart for every each mail and every each advice Mr. Barry, you realy understan whats going on I know form the bigining that this problem can understand just someone who have this problem. (P.S. Sorry for my English).

  • Mark MacCurrie

    Thanks so much for this website. After reading the first couple of pages of the site i am already feeling more optimistic. I am seriously considering getting this course and giving it a good go.

    Thanks again

  • Kelsey

    Dear Barry,
    I have so much anxiety and worrying that to other people, when I tell them they look at me like I am some kind of insane person. I think about my fear everyday and it prevents me from doing things that before I had it I wasn’t even afaid at all to do. Panic attacks make me feel like I am the only person in the world. They make me feel unlucky in a way….like that no one has fears like mine within one million miles. But I am about to try your program. Since it has worked for so many other people like me I am very confident that it will do the same for me. Cross your fingers and thank you so much for this program.

    Thanks Again,

  • Yolanda Bermudez

    Let me start by saying that I am someone that has been on medication for the past 2 1/2 years. I actually ran out of my medication. I called my doctor and made an appointment to get a new prescription. I kept thinking and thinking and saying to myself I do not want to be on medication anymore. I called my doctor a couple of days later and cancelled my appt. I went online looking for some other options. That is when I found the program panic away. I have not yet order the program but something inside tells me that i have nothing to loose since I can always get my money back. I have read some of the reviews and comments from people and I truly do feel I should give this a try. I feel happy that I am not alone and so many people feel the same way. I always felt like there was something wrong with me and the doctors have not yet found it. I went to so many doctors and nothing was ever found. I just want to get better and not feel afraid from these anxiety attacks anymore. Thanks for your free little trial and I am hoping to order the program really soon.

  • Jose

    Barry,I really liked your first part of your mini course, I will put it to work,I’ll let you know how is it working for me, any advice on how to get rid of my cold icing hands? I feel that sometimes I just don’t want to hear from somebody” your hands are so cold”I need help with that. Thanks in advance.

  • Darlene Lundstrum

    I have Multiple sclerosis and it honestly never interfered with anything in my life. In fact, I did not even know that MS existed or that I had it. The doctor found it when looking for something else. My husband went to the doctor with me to hear the results of my test. Now he constantly reminds me of all the problems I have – which I did not have until I hear it constantly.

    He has since stopped talking about it all the time. Now I have a problem getting those thoughts out of my mind. I do believe that “What you think about you bring about” and I believe that I am making my symptoms happen at a much faster rate than they would normally be.

    My husband now keeps his comments to himself but I am searching for a way to get back to being myself. It was such a relief to read what you sent me. I immediately started having much more positive thoughts and I love it! Thank you!!

  • sharon

    I have no control when I get a panic attack whilst sleeping. How do I use your techniques when I am asleep? During the day when I am awake, your techniques help alot, but my problem is when I am already asleep for an hour or two or sometimes when I am just starting to fall asleep, and I suddenly wake up breathless and my hart is pounding fast and I feel as if I am going to faint and I dont recognise the room where i am in and cannot immediatly remember who I am. It feels as if I have lost control and my mind at the same time. It is very scary.

  • Diana

    Well Barry

    I, like most everyone else found your site as I was searching for General Anxiety relief. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and it has really taken over my life.

    I really hope that the course can help me as much as possible. That would be such a great change in my life. Hope to have the posibility of purchasing the complete course.

    Thank you so much for everything…….

  • angela

    I have been searching for something like this for a long time. I just don’t want to start on anti-depressant meds. I will try your mini course nad let you know what happens. I thank God for leading me to this site.

  • Dana

    I am a life long sufferer of Severe Chronic Anxiety/PTSD/Depression/Panic and Horrible Phobias. I grew up in a dysfunctional/abusive family. It was so horrible there is not enough room here nor would I want to go into it again as I have had to SO MANY times with Psychologists, Psychiatrists and MD’s. I am now writing my Biography as I was told it is healing and I have written Poetry all my life only to look back and see how very dark most of my 1,000+ writings are. I pray to my Lord in Heaven that your program works as I have been let down so often in the past after paying $100’s…Lucinda Bassett is good but that cost me $359.00 and here I still am!! So, with an open mind and knowing I can get my money back if this doesn’t work…Here I go…Your mini course has shown me at least 1 thing I was never able to do so….maybe….Thank you Sir and I hope to be calling or emailing yelling at the top of my lungs in VICTORY!
    God Bless

  • jonathan resendez

    Dear Barty,
    Well I am 11 years old n this method work I was real anxious abut my taks test n nervous that I will fail so it would be hard to sleep because I was so scared but then I read this and I just put my scary thoughts away and my mom she said just to breath slowly through my nose so I tried it so god bless you are an angel that came here to help all of us.

  • joseph barry

    thank you dear one panic attacks started with me since lke 7 days from now !! i was struggeling from the verry biggening lost sad and verry confused with extreem insane taughs!! i even taugh that im insane!! but now that i read this tip!! im feeling changed alittle bit it helped me allot
    thank you

  • pamela

    Often I have feelings of anxiety, horrrible bodily sensations, without a concious anxious thought. It is as if a switch switches on these awful feelings, but I hope your programme is going to help me learn how it turn the switch off. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Vicki

    Hi my name is Vicki and I live in England in West Sussex. I am 68 and a full time carer for my mother who is 100 years old. Last year my problem began when my mum had some bad turns and was clinging to me saying she was dying. I felt this shock go through my body and began to tremble all over. Since then, although my mother is ok, I wake in the morning feeling ok and when I get downstairs I feel anxious and start trembling. This frightens me and sets the pattern for the day. I don’t have full blown panic attacks just the terrible trembling all over and it makes me not want to go out as it shows to other people, especially if I have to wait in a queue whilst shopping. I am hoping and praying that your newsletter will start me on the road to recovery as I haven’t seen any mention of trembling in your presentations. I am hoping to be able to order the full programme as soon as I can afford it as I need to be well to look after my mum she is everything to me and my best friend, we have been together always and I get no support from my 2 sons who are the only other family I have but then they have busy lives. Thank you so much for the newsletter I pray it helps me. Bless all of you who are suffering with anxiety.

  • jessica

    I’m 23 n I have been suffering with anxiety for 3 years. So I’m going to try it. After reading bout it it makes me feel a lil better(:

  • Simon

    I think ur technique will really work. Bt my problem is geting up to talk in public. I feel very anxious about it so dat by the time i start talking, i feel as i want to faint, my heart starts pounding, i sweat profusely on my palms, armpit and face, shortness of breath and tremor and i won’t be able to continue. Pls i wil really appreciate if u reply me explaining how i can relate ur technique with my case as i really think it wil work. God bless u

  • Ani

    Dear Barry,

    I’ve been going through this whole thing for 11 years.I was told it was my goiter/thyroid after all the examinations and blood tests and was taking medication and some other herbal pills for all these years,but it won’t stop.I had many stressfull periods(my ex-husband passed away and it was shock for me)..and most important thing is that it all started after I gave birth to my son.in a year.All these weird sensations,fears,tight throat and everything..and just now,a few months ago,I went to one of the best psychologists in my country (Georgia) and his approach is just like yours.I loved it,but it’s really expansive here,I had 15 visits and he told me that it was quite enough for me.I really feel much better but I still need more help to get.I do call him when I can’t get thru my panic attack but I’m going to get your book and CDs.I can see from your e-mails that it’ll help me a lot and I can survive.I can get back to normal life! My worry is that I constantly feel something,nothing particular,or maybe something but weird and it always needs to be connected with my throat,I constantly feel that air that i’m breathing coming in and out of my throat,I feel some unsusual itchines or spicyness(I had my tonsils out and doctor said that some of these feeling are becaus of this) ,or maybe tight throat,or as if one part of my throat gets swollen,or minty freshlikely feeling,some kind of waves in my throat…all the time..:((((and I can’t stop it.I’m not telling you about all other stuff that i feel,but now it’s much betther.panic attacks reduced but general anxiety is what I fear most right now.It seems that I won’t be able to get rid of it never-ever and i’m scared and I can’t take it anymore.As I read all of the thank you letters,I’m sure that you can halp me to deal with it and you can help me stop all this.I checked my blood tests and everything and there’s nothing wrong with me at all.it’s ideal.but I dont want to feel this feelings!I want to fully live my life.and not just exist.I guess I’ll have some money at the end of the month and i’ll definetly order your book and i’m looking forwad to it!i’m so excited!I thank my sister for finding you and your book for me!All other doctors say that I need to take some pills(anti-deppresants and stuff like that),but as I took them I got worse on the next day.It was horrible,I was out of energy,flying somewhere,my heart was beating so It was going to explode,my inner organs seemed to get bigger and I was going to die,I couldn’t breath…and it took 4 days after drinking huge amount of water and mineral water to get back to my normal anxiety.and then I was told by my psychologist that I need no medication.and I can feel myself that my body can’t take this kind of pills.It’s just not for me my body says.I need to get well.Please.I have a son.He’s 12 years old.and I got married for the second time 6 months ago and I really really want to live my beautiful life.I want to be happy with my family.I rely on you.Thank you for your great e-mails and your great advises and tutorials.Before I get your book,I’m waiting for your newsletters.I’ts so much help and releif!Thank you and talk to you soon.

  • Ameera

    Thank you so much …. After reading this article I can feel better somehow … I’ll try step by step to help myself out of these attacks ^^

  • Sunil

    Hi Nagendra,

    Have you tried Panic Away program to get rid of panic attacks ? If yes, how was the experiance ?

  • Quinn

    Dear Sir , I am 13 and have developed a fear of going to school . I hope your program will help .

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