Do you fear the arrival of another panic attack?

People who have experienced panic attacks often go around with a grave sense of unease that at any moment, they will experience a major panic attack.

It’s a fear of the ultimate panic attack that would finally push them over the edge.

This leads people to make changes to their behavior in order not to do anything that might trigger a panic episode.

When people feel this way, simple daily tasks can become big challenges. Some people start to fear driving their car in traffic. Others fear leaving their safe zone or simply any situation where they have responsibilities to perform.

This state of apprehension keeps a person’s anxiety level high, leading to feelings of general anxiety.

If you are such a person I hope to put your mind at rest. Panic attacks as well as general anxiety (even when not accompanied by panic disorder) can be eliminated in simple steps regardless of how long the anxiety has been a problem.

I am speaking not just from my own personal experience but from having worked with thousands of people right around the world.

Here is an important observation:

The key difference between someone who is cured of panic attacks and those who are not is really very simple. The one who is cured is not afraid of panic attacks. I’ll try to show you how to one of these people as well.

What if I told you the trick to ending panic attacks is to want to have one!

That sounds strange but let me explain.

A simple trick to ending panic attacks is wanting to have one because the wanting causes an immediate diffusion of the anticipatory fear.

Can you have a panic attack in this very second?

No !

You know the saying “what you resist persists.” Well that saying applies perfectly to fear. If you resist a situation out of fear, the fear around that issue will persist.

How do you stop resisting?

You move directly into the path of the anxiety; by doing so it cannot persist because you process the fear out through your emotions.

In essence what that means is that if you voluntarily seek out a panic attack you won’t have one.

Try in this very moment to have a panic attack and I will bet you cannot… Yes, I know the idea of calling on a panic attack is scary at first but play with the concept and watch what happens.

You may not realize it but you have always decided to panic. You make the choice by thinking

“This is beyond my control.”

“These scary sensations are beyond my bodies control.”

It may help if you imagine that having a panic attack is like standing on a cliff edge.

The anxiety, it seems, is pushing you closer to falling over the edge. Each time you fight back using poor coping strategies the more desperate you feel.

To be rid of the fear you must metaphorically jump. You must jump off the cliff edge and into the anxiety and fear and all the things that you fear most. How do you jump?

You jump by wanting to have a panic attack. You go about your day asking for a panic attack to appear. Your real safety is the fact that a panic attack will never harm you. That is medical fact.

You are safe, -Yes, the sensations are wild and uncomfortable, but no harm will come to you.

Your body is in a heightened state but no harm will come to you.

The jump becomes nothing more than a two inch drop! You are safe.

You always were.

Think of all the panic attacks you have had to date and come out the other end. Was there any lasting physical damage to you, other than the mounting feeling of panic?

Now you are going to approach this problem differently. You actively seek out the attack like an adventure seeker. Take the opposite approach.

YOU bring it on!!!

To Learn more about Panic Away visit:

Here are some of the things you will learn from Panic Away…

-Learn how to be empowered and gain confidence by engaging a simple technique to defuse any panic attack.

-The four most powerful approaches to creating an enduring anxiety buffer zone (particularly useful for those who experience GAD).

-Learn to avoid making the one mistake almost everyone makes during a panic attack episode.

Here is a small sample of how the course has helped others:

…learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years

I must tell you that out of all the items you can purchase regarding anxiety related products on the internet, I learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years that I’ve had this condition.

I had been on Xanax and Klonopin for about 10 years, but this December, I decided to withdraw from it thinking I didn’t need the pills anymore according to some of the programs I ordered claiming “miracle cures”. That’s when all my symptoms started again. I felt as if I had wasted the past 20 years trying to get better.That’s when I started searching the web for home based “cures”. I ordered so many programs I started to get confused from too much conflicting advice. Also, I was promised support but I am still waiting replies from some of the more expensive programs!

You are a true gentleman, and I am going to post a very positive feedback on a website you might be familiar about called: Tapir?

Talk to ya, Andy








…I prayed to God to show me what to do

I experienced my first panic attack in July of this year and ended up going to the hospital by ambulance thinking I was having a stroke or heart attack! I have had a bunch of attacks since then. Monday morning I awoke to an immediate attack and prayed to God to show me what to do. To make a long story short, I was led to your website but was afraid it was like the other ones where they try to sell you their products. However, your introductory information really spoke to me and I decided to take a chance. I read your book and it gave me the tools I was searching for to deal with my attacks.

I could tell immediately that you have suffered from panic attacks yourself because you spoke with authority that can only have come from having dealt with the terrors yourself. I am 42 years of age and have been noticing the psychological effects of perimenopause (one of which is panic attacks in my case). Thanks again!!

Sincerely, Cynthia


To Learn more about Panic Away visit:

I encourage you to take a chance with this course. As a former sufferer I would not pretend to have a solution if I did not honestly believe it could be of great benefit to you.

Together we can get you truly back to the person you were before anxiety became an issue.

P.S. Additional bonus- I am currently offering an opportunity to have a one to one session with me so that I can ensure you get the results you need. All I ask is that should you feel the course has been of tremendous benefit to you that I add you to a database I am currently updating of success stories.

If you want to learn more about this course and how to get started right away visit:

Talk soon

Barry Joe McDonagh

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248 replies on “Do you fear the arrival of another panic attack?

  • Yosef

    I don’t know how i found you but you have no idea how good i feel when i read your words, you just give me faith and energie to keep going without beeing afraid and thinking all the time about what if i got a panic attac in the middle of driving, flying, elivetor, need to be somewhere safe all the time near to a hospital or doctors…
    plz keep in touch with me

  • Tyler

    My first panic attack happened about two months ago. I seriously thought i was having a heart attack, but im only 20 years old. My chest was beating really fast, loss of breath, and i even had burning sensations in my legs. Ever since then i have been thinking im having heart problems, and every sudden pain in my chest or stomach makes me panic. I’ve wasted two ER visits just for the doctors to tell me everything is normal, and ask if i have been under alot of stress. The best advice you give is attempting to have a panic attack at your own will. It just wont happen!

  • magic

    I practiced bringing my attacks on and not being affraid. I call them my frodo fears. Now I can control them thankyou.

  • Amelia

    Well, I seem to get bad anxiety everyday, meaning I can’t sit still for very long, don’t like going out etc always fearing that I’m going to get another panic attack but after reading this, i still can’t relax properly but i also don’t seem so anxious so it’s a start….would like to thank you very much

  • jason

    Tyler, don’t waste the rest of your life in fear like me, not worth it i have had sooo many panic attacks that sent me too the hospital, pretty confident i broke records in my area but i always came out alive, but you remind me of myself i always worry something is wrong with my heart, and now i’m worried about this whole swine flu going around, i worry about EVERYTHING but continue to read Barry’s advice, i just started reading my emails tonight its 5am and i never sleep at night thats when most of my anxiety does occur, but take care nothing is wrong with you, your only 20 and have alot of life left, take care.

  • Ashok

    I have been suffering from panic attack for last 2 years – in India we dont have proper consulation for these types of problems but after reading your website i am feeling very relived now.

    Thank you .


  • katie

    your newsletters are all i can afford at the moment ,no money to buy the book and i really appreciate them, its great to think you still help even if theres no sale at the end. I got my first newsletter this morning and im already learning how to deal my anxiety, its still bad but i feel i might finally have some information that is making a slight differencece already, thank you,
    From Katie ,

  • jay

    Thanks for the tip. i too have had ER visits due to this . I am on maintenance dose and have ,adopted the ancient Indian philosophy of acceptance of all experiences with an open mind.
    At the end, life is a series of experiences, good and bad, happy and scary.The only thing to fear is fear itself.



  • Gerry

    I like Madeline have the biggest fear with panic attacks while driving. It is just like she explained. My first attack was when I was 23. I am now 55. This however led to an agrorophobia state. I was a mess just to go into a grocery store, especially standing in line. But learned to either pick up a magazine and read or talk to a customer in front or behind me. Bascially I feel a safe zone anywhere other than being out on the road. Since my second panic attack was from driving – the same spot brings on an attack. Even though I felt as if I’ve came a long way – I still seem so far behind. But, your newletters have made so much sense. We wake up with anxiety. That’s how our day is geared. We may start out with good attitude – but sometime during the day, someone or something will light that fuse. Yes, it is true what you said about being angry when attacks happens. It makes me down right ferious because it has robbed me of years and still robbing. The fear controls your life instead of you controlling the fear.

  • angelica


  • Matthew

    I have been having panic attacks for almost two years. I checked myself into a treatment center, because they said it was a ten day program, and stayed there for a month. If you really want to have a good panic attack, have someone tell you that you cant go home. You can imagine how I felt. When I got out I had to fly home, and they started all over. I learned ways to cope with the attacks, but they were still very uncomfortable. I came across this website, and decided to take a chance on it. I stayed up all night reading the book. The next morning I felt better than I have in a long time.

  • Sue

    I have read you notes with interest. Having recently had a panic attack and I tried to control it as I was driving and unfortunately unable to do so and passed out and did in fact had a road accident and hit a couple of cars. Luckily it was at slow speed and was admitted to hospital – no injuries – buy they wanted to fnd out why I ha had this black out. Although I tried to explian about my anxiety they did not really listen and convinced it was more medical. Thankfully all tests were negative and so can only put it down to anxiety etc. My fear as others have said is driving again and havong another attack this time at speed. I will try your techniques and hpe they will work.

  • vzz

    I have been having the panic attacks since July. I have the fear of driving, yet I still drive. I figure the worst that will happen is that I will have to pull my truck over for a little while and let the attack pass and then I can continue driving. But I am more afraid to be home alone at night. I think this is because I had my first attack at 2 in the morning and went to the hospital. I never have thought about actually trying to make myself have a attack. I am not sure I would want to make myself have a attack, since they are so uncomfortable and can be very frightening. But at least I know when I am having one and I can try to calm myself down. They say that Time is a great healer. Maybe with time and this program I can have at least moderate relief. Or maybe cure it all together so god help me.

  • simon

    Hi,i been suffering from panic attack for nearly 3 months,and its a terrible 3 months,i been to so many doctors in my area,all of them told me i am perfectly fine,because of the anxiety symptoms so severe,like shortness of breathe,rapid hearbeat,extreme dizziness its so hard to convinced myself its just anxiety,very hard i can tell you because these physical symptoms are really unpleasant,i also convinced i have either heartproblems,but last month i did multiple ECGs,then a Stress test threadmill and then finally a ECHOdiagram,after all this test the cardiologist and doctor told me i had an sportmans heart,because my heart were perfectly fine,then did 3 chest xrays nothing came out negative.all fine..its really suffering..imgained feeling those sensations of anxiety all day long and its also quite frustrating for others who just told us to calm down..relaz..then ur anxiety will be gone,no one understand who terrible is it untill they themself experienced this anxiety attack.

  • Calculus Davis

    Again sir thank you…another step for us to take…life is really a journey…but for us that fear almost everything…we are more than a stagnant being feel so lost…please do continue to guide us…

  • Gerry

    The best advise I can offer to others at this point is to act quickly. I’m a senior compaired to alot of you that’s been sufferers for only a short while. Even though I’ve paved my way through many moons – I’ve also developed more habits and patterns of negative thinking. If I in the very beginning would have known what to do and not try and mask my problem – I to could have had a more speedy recovery. Instead, I kept silent in hopes I could pull off having this disability and wing it. Best wishes to you all!!

  • Eric

    Guys this thoughts really works out but along with this if one can hold their Index Finger at the time of Panic Attacks & Anxiety thats a great help one can relived within secs hope this helps

  • James

    I had my first panic attack about 2 years ago. They always seem to come when I am trying to go to sleep or lying in bed trying to rest. These words do help, but there seems to be this voice that I can’t quiet that reminds me that I can always have one. I think about how I spent all night wondering the streets in the freezing rain, mind racing, stomach aching, and being so afraid of never feeling better again and going insane. My panic attacks last for days at a time. I am trying to cope with it, and thank god for such a website and people like you! It feels good to know that I am not alone, and hopefully not going insane. I’ll continue to battle, and hopefully I will defeat this war waging inside. Thank you!

  • Von

    I know how all of you feel. I started having panic attacks in my early 20’s and now at 39 I am still having them…I have generalized GAD and always worry about my health thinking this can not be anxiety rather something physical. According to the doctors stress and anxiety can manifest itself with physical symptoms. I have shortness of breath and acid reflux and chest pain that makes me feel like its shooting through my chest to my back and sometimes get a feeling of detachement and that is probably from my breathing not using my whole lungs to breath rather just the top half. I have started Yoga, and taking sometime off work due to lay-offs talk about more anxiety now that I have to spend time with just me. I just stumbled upon this web site so I am just getting my e-mails. I really hope this will help and I have to stay positive that it will. Change your thoughts from negative to positive as soon as you feel anxious keep yourself busy this is what I try to do. My anxiety is mostly at night when things are quite. I wish you all the best in your adventure and hope we can help each other along the way. We are not crazy there are many people like us.

  • Vanessa


    I feel for you deeply – as I know how horrible this can be – but you have to know this WILL pass – I thought I was heading off the planet and would never be recognised again as myself, that’s how bad it got – but thanks to Panic Away – God Bless him – and an angry stubborn will power inside I have learned to edge back into control. Yeah, I get some dodgy days when it can sneak up on me, but then I remind myself of all the things about ME that are important see, a lot of this stems from not feeling “good enough” in the world..maybe people tread on your dreams and your feelings about life in this stressful, screwed up world we have to inhabit for now . They dont mean, to but for sensitive souls this stuff of life can creep in to your mind and chatter away until you doubt yourself on every level. You begin to lose touch with WHO you are? Does that make any sense? The truth is YOU are the one you have been waiting for – find yourself James, again, love yourself and make this your finest truth about yourself…..this IS your life – we know life can and will take your very Soul and try to turn it on itself ..and your self respect …and the reality of your place in the world and what you are trying to achieve here and now becomes a blur. Find your passion and what works for you –
    The trick is to take each day at a time and live the best way you can for YOU. So many others are in the same situation. You are not alone. You are a winner!!!
    Take care

  • insecure

    I have share with you that I have only read 2 of your The Panic Away Newsletters and already I feel that I can take the bull by it’s horns…. You are so right, I have accepted the reasons for my fears and insecurities. I am one of the many in this economy that is jobless and at the rip old age of 55 have been feeling a sense of great loss.. I found that the fear of loss is what is keeping bonded to my panic attacks. I am taking baby steps to accomplish what I need to obtain for my well being.. Thank you for your advise..

  • Kevin

    I like the idea of meeting the panic attack head on by facing it and putting yourself in the path. Either my case is substantially worse or there is something else at play because I can acutally mentally put myself into a panic attack just by visualizing myself in the situations that cause the panic attacks so bringing one on even when by myself (although somewhat milder) is not an issue. Also, I never ever think or imagineI am going to be hurt physically by panic symptoms (as seems to be an underlying theme in a lot of articles I have read). My total fear comes from the panic and the physical manifestations (blood pressure, sweating, dry mouth when talking) that someone will notice I am panicing and especially in a meeting with people at work.. that is what almost causes a cirle of fear of putting myself in that situation at all. Am I in the minority of people that don’t think they will be harmed physically by having a panic attack and that my fear is totally of embarassement and fear of having an attack in front of people ?

  • connor

    I am 13 years old and have been having panic attacks. When i read this it seriously made me feel so much better. My first one was in school . i though i was going to die ! sounds pathetic now but before i read this , i thought i was going to. thank you so much for getting me through this .

  • Pam

    I had my first panic attack today. I’ve been dealing with pvc’s and am currently running the gauntlet of heart tests. Went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. Was soooo embarrased when everything was okay except for my pvc’s. It’s a scary thing and I’m hoping to get control. It’s amazing how many other people in our lives we affect because of a panic attack. I’m hoping this program will help me.

  • Elizabeth

    Holy kittens, that’s simple! I had my first panic attack when I was 9, repressed it and then had my next one about 5 years ago during an oral exam. I started shaking so hard that I fell out of my seat and lost the ability to speak. I literally thought my life was ruined and all but shut myself inside my home. Years of therapy have brought me to the point that I could fight my way through a situation that I absolutely couldn’t avoid, otherwise I’ve basically dropped out of society. After I read this newsletter, I burst out laughing from joy! I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve breathed so easily. There has never been a technique that I was introduced to that I’ve felt optimistic about until now. Thank you for giving me hope 🙂

  • vicki

    i,ve been having panic attacks for about two months they have become debilitating i,m afraid to leave the house but today i have hope i,m going to go for a drive and see if i can conquer my anxiety this trip i just want to be me again wish me luck

  • tammi

    i had my first panic attack about 3 weeks ago after drinking to many cheap energy drinks. i thought i was going to die and that it was a heart attack, and even after the paramedics and doctors reassured me it was a panic attack and i wasnt going to die i couldnt get the thought out my mind. my lifes totally changed since. i get scared and panicky when im alone and my mind races with all the bad things that could happen. the slightest twinge sets me off thinking im going to have another and i convinced myself that ive got heart problems and im going to die at any moment. but i seem to be worse at night. i try to think of something else and it seems to work but the fear is always at the back of my mind. reading these comments give me hope that it will get better and im not alone with how i feel. thank you

  • Tas

    Hi I had my first panic attack about two years ago. I suffer some agoraphobia sometimes too. I still am sufferring they are awful but I feel I am starting to cope with them better more recently. They come on all of a sudden. I too have been in and out of the Doctor’s surgery needing confirmation that they were panic attacks. As said up in other messages you feel like you are going ‘mental’ but your’e not I have read around the subject loads and am still searching for a cure. I happened accross this website so will be trying to put it into action. I too have not tried the reverse psychology of wanting one. I will now and shall let you know how I get on! I am also seeking professional help now for the first time to see if this helps too. Wish me luck!

  • danah

    hello just found this site having panic attacks since aug. live in holland went into a clinic it was a nasty place people smoking they put me on pills which also scare me lots of dizzyness have appointment for brain scan dont know if its good to do it or not. i am from canada 1st then usa now living in holland, looking for a psychiatrist. live with my husband and child. panic all the time head pressure and all the symptoms everyone else talks about. it all seems so over the top. i want to try your method and have some contact with people that understand. it is helpful to read you mails. hope we all get better. sincerely danah

  • danah

    trying the 20 second count down, dont sleep much then panic from waking moment, like i cant breath. afraid to leave the house. 20 seconds helped a bit this afternoon, still very shakey. helps to see others mail.trying to have hope, thinking about ordering program. using the computer sometimes calms me down just felt attack coming. counted to 20 and then kept typing. i’m afraid of not sleeping enough which is like being in a vicious cycle,almost had another attack this is so difficult for me . i will keep trying i want to be in control again. sincerely danah

  • Deven

    Hi, I’m Deven.. a young woman

    I cannot Thank you enough for helping me through this problem.
    My symptoms are quite severe, but with your help I can now walk in the mall, go to the fair, and dances. All because your helpful advise has helped me cope.

    I now have my life back, and I’m eternally grateful.


  • Ollie

    Hi i had my first panic attack on saturday..and felt it was a scary experience and i thought i was having a stroke due to the tingly feeling i was getting throughout my body..being only 17 years old i didnt know what to do..having been reassured by the doctor that i have been effected mentally and reading this article has helped me to feel that nothing is majorly wrong..i still have the feeling that something is stuck in my throat but now i dont have to worry as everything is ok (touch wood).. thanks again for the advise hopefully it will all take effect..ollie:)

  • Guy

    After reading this web-site and trying to bring my anxiety on, I feel less anxious. I no its a start and feel hopeful for my future. Thanks

  • Tracy

    Home and ello Everyone, I have depression and I also suffer panic attacks, My first panic attack was when i was pregnant 16 years ago, and these got worse, I got very depressed as my gran died when I was pregnant and I found it difficult to cope. I have been taking anti-depressants for depression and panic attacks for 15 years now. I was really bad, heart racing, dry mouth, nausea, shaking, feeling weak, scared to death. worrying what might happen to me. I saw an occupational therapist who taught some relaxation exercises and how to control my breathing which did help the symptoms. Out of these 15 years I would say i ve had two and a half years panic free, I started to tell the panic attacks “OK then, Come and get me” when they came on, and eventually I wasnt worried about them. They seemed to disapear and i managed to get a job and hold that job for 2 and a half years. Then my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy and my grandad died. I left my job as I found it hard to cope.This in turn with my daughters condition and my grandad passing has really knocked me and the panic attacks are back. I am now reaching out to website for help. I do believe everyone can overcome this condition because I did once, but now its back im looking for support. Good luck to everyone and take care of yourselves.

  • Shan

    I myself had panick attacks when I was seventeen years old. Im not sure how they stopped but they did, for many years. I am now 33 years old and have had anxiety for many years. I get nervous to go on long trips or even small drives to the local store. I have seen this feelings starting to progress over the last year. The fears I face have gone from starting right before I have to be somewhere to now starting days before the event is actually here. I have two very small children that I stay home with everyday. Needless to say, it can be stressfull and for as much as I love my babies, everyday of their lives without a break has taken a toll on me. My son is four and my daughter is two. Until a week and a half ago, I had never had a babysitter. The reason I finally got a “break” was that I had a major panick attack and could not take care of them. I have made four trips to the e.r thinking I was having a heart attack. after four ekg’s I still wasn’t convinced it was anxiety or panick. Reading everyone’s comments has made me feel somewhat better already. I will admit, I am afraid to force myself to have A pannick attack and I am not sure I will be able to do this. My mind and body are still feeling the affects of the one that started 2 weeks ago that has not seemed to have gone completley away, keeps sneaking u on me for some time each day since. I am however glad to see I am not the only one and that our symptoms are so simulur, gives me a little peace of mind. I will continue to read the e-mails and these comments and hopfully see a change very soon. I hope and pray we are all better fast. Thank you so much for sharing these thing’s with perfect strangers. I guess most times we can be helped from people we don’t even know rather then those we trust to help us in our everyday life, again Thank you

  • Dannielle

    (sorry so long, so much to say!) I started having panic attacks almost 10 months ago. I thought it was from a condition (insulin resistance)I was diagnosed with a few months before (and that took months for them to figure out what was wrong with me, and the only symptom I really had was an absence of my menses). They put me on metformin until my periods resumed, then I stopped taking it a month later as I started not feeling good after taking it and the periods stayed steady). I was just sitting on the couch watching TV last Feb. with my husband after a day at work (I was a new tax preparer) with my computer on my lap and all of a sudden, I had a “sensation” and my heart started to beat fast and I felt detached and my legs were like jelly. I could walk ok, but felt like I shouldn’t be able to walk straight, but did, and I felt like I was talking but was not sure I was making sense (but I was). I asked for water, and my husband gave me an aspirin, too, thinking I might be having a heart attack. (this did not help…scared the crap out of me!) I thought I was having a sugar spike (I had just had a soda, and had had 2 or 3 that day, which is unusual for me, as I have been losing weight and staying away from them), but when I did not feel better, we went to the ER. But my blood sugars were fine and my ECG was fine. They gave me some IV adovan and I dozed off. When I woke up, I felt much better and went home. I made an appt with my Dr. (who looked at my blood work and didn’t find anything out of place, except my thyroid level was a bit high.) 2 weeks later, I went after work to a product party and while sitting there, I had another “sensation”. My first instinct was to ask for water and a retired nurse there took my pulse (was beating fast) and noted I was flushed looking. I opted not to go to the ER again (didn’t want to pay that large co-pay again) when they didn’t find anything wrong with me the first time. Not long after that, I had a big panic attack at night when I was trying to sleep. My husband couldn’t console me and I hadn’t been prescribed medicine yet (he tried to get me to take a Xanax his Mom had left at our house by mistake, but the thought of taking it freaked me out, because I thought I would fall asleep and not wake up, so I refused to take it). It was a very rough night. I used to look forward to late at night as it’s our quiet time after the kids are in bed. It’s me and my husband’s time together to talk or watch our favorite shows. Now I dread night time as my attacks are the worst at night.
    My Dr. finally prescribed some Xanax after a 3hr sugar test I took came back normal, and after the heart specialist he sent me to (who wasted my money on nonsensical tests that it turned out were not covered by my insurance!) basically said my heart was fine. I play softball and outside of some light-headedness, or near panic attacks after running around the bases and breathing hard (which I control by putting my head down and hands on knees and get my breathing back under control), or from nervousness the first time I pitched. But for the most part, I would take a half of my xanax and be completely fine. If I had heart problems, I think they would have cropped up during exercise, but exercise actually made me feel better.
    Anyhow, I got on thyroid meds that brought my levels back to normal and then I found a natural substitute for the meds and have regularly tested and they have been fine still, but the anxiety still persisted. I was feeling much better, with the thyroid in control and the regular exercise so, under my Dr.’s guidance, I started weaning myself off the Xanax. I still had a bad moment every so often, so I decided to start seeing my daughter’s psychologist to see if it was something psychological and not medical. That was in Sept and I’ve seen her 3 times, but after having been off Xanax and doing pretty good for 2 months, the panic attacks came back full force, usually at night. And even when I can keep my thoughts away from the scary places they go sometimes, I drift off to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night with a full blown attack. At that time of the attack I’m still not convinced somethings not wrong with my heart, or maybe I’m having a stroke, etc.. I’ve also noticed, my feet feel like they are burning, I shiver uncontrollably and I feel so much fear. And I can pee full bladderfulls like 3 or 4 times in an hour, or sometimes I have diarrhea. I know, not pleasant, but I want to share all my symptoms to see if others share exactly the same symptoms I have.
    I have started taking a quarter of my .5mg Xanax again as needed or when I feel on the verge of an attack. I hate being on the meds again, but the fear is too much to handle sometimes. Sometimes I can make myself think of other things, what I have to do today, work I can do on the computer, or some task I need to do to distract myself. The light-headedness does get annoying, but I console myself with the fact that this past year, I have not only continued to slowly lose weight (I have lost 30 lbs in the last 2 years by slowly changing my diet and exercise habits), but can play sports well still (I am 36), have never passed out or fainted or have any physical damage from these episodes, so as long as I can get thru them, I will be fine. It helps, but every so often I cannot seem to keep my mind from going to those scary places that cause my panic. (I have a wonderful life and have no desire to leave it EVER and yet I know it is inevitable, and am trying to cope with this knowledge. Sometimes I can, but sometimes it overwhelms me with stark cold fear.) My husband says he does not have these thoughts, but I have had them since I was very young, usually at night.
    I have been very healthy, even when overweight, all my life, but since my health felt threatened earlier this year, it’s been almost consuming and always trying to fight the fear of knowing someday, I will not be here, alive. I try to console myself and say chances are good I will live a long life (longevity and good health run in my family) and will die a happy old lady in my sleep with my family all around me. Then I have a twinge or even a headache and I’m terrified I am having a heart attack or stroke or that I will have a terrible accident and once again, I’m in full panic mode. (although that does not keep me from driving…I feel fine while driving, but while I’ve never had a bad incident flying and have even flown to Hawaii and Australia, twice, and several times across the country, the thought of getting on a plane again terrifies me which makes my husband sad since there are so many more places he wants to take me, and this breaks my heart, too, for him).
    It seems the only time I panic is at the thought of dying….does anyone feel this way too? And if so, how does one get past this overwhelming fear so that they can live and enjoy their lives? I have 4 children and a wonderful marriage and life. How do I get back to enjoying it and not fear it being ripped away? While I fear losing one of my children or husband (can’t imagine going on without any of them!), my fear of dying is even more strong and this is what causes my panic. Regardless of if God/Heaven exists, I am really attached to this life and the thought of leaving it…well, you get the point.
    Do people who suffer anxiety and panic attacks have these same thoughts and is this why they have them? I have noticed an increasing agoraphobia, and ironically, while I used to enjoy being home alone sometimes (while kids are in school and hubby’s at work) I have found an increasing aversion to being completely alone, too.
    I was having an anxiety/panic attack so I started searching out this place (referred by my pshychologist) and I feel better having read that others have many of the same symptoms. (I also popped a quarter of my xanax) My sister in law has suffered from anxiety attacks for 15 years but has some slightly different symptoms. I did not have chest pains like she does, but I think I am starting to get them now. It feels more like small hot prickles more then pain, and even some pressure. I have always been such a strong person and used to think, “Why is my sister in law (who has been one of my best friends since 8th grade) such a mess”? And now I can commiserate. I thought it was something she could choose to control and now I know how she feels. Talk about walking a mile in another man’s shoes!
    But I don’t want to get on anti depressants and take bigger doses of Xanax like she’s doing (as it is addictive!). I just want to get back to the happy-go-lucky, simply-enjoying-life old me that I was just a year ago….
    I hope this newlsetter will the first step in getting myself back…

  • kim

    i am 44 years old and have just started about a month ago to have panic attacks again. I used to have them about ten years ago. this time the symptoms are different ( i thought i was having a stroke.. my left arm and face felt numb… ) than the last time but i recognised what was happening straight away. I did go see my gp and he confirmed that i was starting to have the attacks again. I have realised that what has brought them on is because i am a natural worrier i worry about all sorts of things and sometimes my thoughts just get out of control. My daughter was overseas as an aupair in usa and she was so unhappy.. which obviously caused me to worry .. which was silly as there was nothing i could do as we are from South Africa… I know that this will eventually go away again… and i will be back to my normal self again. I had an attack driving about three weeks ago and i have not driven since. i am going to get back behind that steering wheel again soon… thats a promise. I just wanted to let you all know that this does go away… we just have to take control of ourselves and realise that even though the attacks are so so scary they cannot harm us at all. I am going to try and see if i can bring an attack on but i dont think it will happen as when we start taking control of it it will not manifest ….. God bless and i hope we all recover from this asap.

  • Dannielle

    I posted a long message on here last night, don’t know why it didn’t take, but I shared my experience of a sudden panic attack 10 months ago that (as I see now) started a cycle of fear, confusion, and frustration. My psychologist recommended this website and after reading the newsletter, I decided to buy the program. I am tired of being scared of my own thoughts. Logically I knew this was ridiculous, but still, they kept triggering immense fear, and then panic attacks. I felt so out of control.
    After reading the first 1/3 of the book online, I felt hopeful and even a little empowered. I started to apply some of the techniques (which are surprisingly simple) and by the time night time came, I was, for the first time in months, not afraid to go to sleep. I was actually looking forward to a panic attack so I could apply the techniques! THIS SURPRISED ME! That quiet time as you try to fall sleep is when my anxiety comes raging in. But I fell asleep peacefully. I woke up in the middle of the night, as I sometimes do, with my heart beating hard for no reason I could explain and instead of fearing it and hiding from it (as doctors tell me I’m quite healthy), I observed it, let my heart slow down to a normal pace, “looked” for the panic attack, this time NOT hiding from my scary thoughts and before I knew it, there was no further symptoms…it dissipated like a snowflake on my tongue! I went back to sleep right away and woke up feeling GOOD!
    I don’t expect this to be an overnight miracle cure, and am aware I may have set backs and I have more work to do, but for the first time since last February when I had my first attack (that I now can finally see was an actual Panic attack and not health related!), I feel some control again and hope that I can live my life with peace again!
    I can’t tell you, although I’m sure you know, how your simple techniques, and just explaining how and why it was happening to me, has helped! I feel more like me this morning already then I have in months! And my husband, with whom I shared this with, is cautiously hopeful now, too, that he may get his strong, life-loving wife back!
    THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

  • Herb

    Thank you for this website and as soon as i get enough money together i will buy this book! And with GOD and this book I know I will over come these symptoms!!! I am also glad to see I am not alone!
    Thank you all and GOD bless

  • Zhana

    I was in the market a few days ago, and started feeling anxiety, but instead of taking Xanax (which I always carry with me, 0.25 mg), I decided to tell myself, nothing is happening, and 10 min. later I started to feel relaxed without medication. But I do admit, the sensation of the anxiety is very unpleasant, especially when you feel like you’re loosing coordination, and your legs feel like they don’t belong to your body – it’s terrible! Before I used to only get difficulty breathing, but this year I noticed, I breathe easier, but I feel very weak, almost afraid to faint during a panic attack. I’ll be trying more to use these techniques, and see how gradually it reduces the fear and the symptoms as well.

    Thank you! It’s so comforting to know that you’re not alone in this world suffering from this, even though I don’t wish even to my enemy (though have none) to experience a panic attack – it’s very terrible!

  • Sammy

    Im 23 years old and Iv been having panic attacks for as long as i can remember. It started when i was 7 years old when i caught a virus and experienced palpitations at such a young age. I thought i was dying and the fear has never left me. I used to be scared of going to school to be away from my family and i kept all this to myself. This developed into severe agoraphobia… i used to dread P.E even though i was a very good runner, I would avoid any situation which would mean being in a wide open space. I was terrified to be too far away from a hospital incase i had a heart attack. This developed into an extreme fear of dying also which i still very much have. Its the fear of dying which brings on my panic attacks every day. But there is a trigger and it is the fact that i suffer from palpitations and im not convinced i dont have something wrong with my heart. Im in the process of getting this looked at and i have went to a private hospital where i will be getting an Eco and a heart monitor for a week. I have had times in my life where my panic attacks have been on a rare occasion for a couple of months at a time(which was amazing for me) and this is only happens when im feeling at my healthiest and my heart is feeling healthy. However for the last 2 weeks my life has spiralled out of control. My heart feels very weak even when i stand up… and the slightest thing triggers my panic attacks. Iv become a social recluse… im unable to leave my house… i dont even like sitting in the living room i can only bare to be in my bedroom. I have completely lost my appetite and the disgusting horrible thoughts are constantly there and never leave. I am depressed and i dont know what to do. I cant go on like this. This is literally ruining my life… i got a job as cabin crew which a couple of months ago i would have loved knowing that i could deal with any panic attacks… but now i cant bare the thought of it. I used to have my panic attacks and then they would slowly fade and i would feel back to normal again. But these days i just never feel normal… I feel like im constantly on a knife edge. When i have my panic attacks they r usually triggered by an irreglar heart beat which sometimes makes me jump… my heart races so fast and i cant breath, i get so dizzy and the fear is unbearable… i get hot flushes follwed by cold sweats, my palms get sweaty, i feel like i cant feel my legs and i would collapse if i started to walk, i feel a sense of detachment and like im not really there but in some other world where nothing makes sense and peoples voices r very far away…sometimes everything is going to fast all round about me, im jerky and completely weak and i feel like i am moments away from death. Nowhere feels safe, not even my bedroom and no1 can console me in any way. And like Danielle… i start to really need the toilet when this happens to me, even though thats the last thing on my mind! Only people who have experienced this can really know how it feels.

    I just had to write a comment to get some of this off my chest and no-one understands what im going through. Im happy to know im not alone in some aspects. All i want is to go back to my old self that i was even a couple of weeks ago.. I really hope these newsletters can help me and as soon as i can -i am going to buy the book. I hope i can get my life back. I wish everyone luck with getting theirs back too.

  • Brenda

    Just reading the short letters helped. Knowing i am not going mad,but the actual thought of trying to bring an attack on is to frightening.

  • Yolanda

    It was nice to read such a positive approach to something that can be so negative. Very interested in buying the book. Thank you.

  • lizzie

    hi everyone,im 28 and have suffered bad panic attacks for a long time though i know what started them it was the death of my second chil (just over 2 years ago) i have been left with the fear of dying and constantly have negative thoughts which trigger my panic attacks i have saw counsellors and doctors but am unable to get rid of this fear i am also reluctant to take medication as i feel this would only make things worse plus i have a 5 year old son and dont want him to see me relying on medication like others here it is good to know i am not going mad and i am not alone.i will be buying this book and pray it helps as i am struggling just now and it is getting me down.

  • Scott

    I’m 40 years old and have suffered with panic attacks for about 25 years now. I only have them when I am confronted by angry people, which is most of the time men. I can’t help but wonder if as a young child maybe I was punched or kicked or shouted at. Anyways, for years any time I have gotten into an argument with someone I suffered uncontrolled difficult breathing and tightness in my chest, fast heartbeat, shivering, flushed skin, stuttering and shaky voice as well as a feeling that I need to get away from that person or else give in to them make the fear and discomfort go away. For about 25 years I have studied martial arts and fortunately, I have not had many situations happen where there was violence. Once when I was in college me and some other guys were jumped by some fraternity guys and I just responded with self defense. I did just fine and there was literally no time to have a panic attack. Martial arts prepared me physically in the event somebody attacked me. But sometimes when I get yelled at or someone makes a threatening gesture such as when others get road rage, I can feel the feelings coming back again. About a year ago I started training in mixed martial arts and have gotten into incredible physical shape and have many years of martial arts skills to help protect me. However, recently I realized that if my mind is not trained as well, then my body can’t take care of me. I was with my family in a grocery store the other day when a rude man bumped my wife’s shoulder pretty hard which woke up our sleeping baby. I told the guy that I thought this was rude and asked him to apologize to my wife. He turned around and said something ugly at me and pointed his finger at me and said he should beat me up instead. I repeated that he had been rude and should apologize. But by that point the panic had already set in and I couldn’t control my breathing or talking. So when he replied for me to “stick it”, all I could say was to my wife that maybe we should leave if he was going to be rude. I know that this was the smart thing to do, and in the same situation I would have still remained civilized and a gentleman about what happened. But it was humiliating to get nervous and fearful and to give in without remaining calm right there in front of my wife and children. For the past few days I have beaten myself up pretty good with all the things I should have said to try and defuse the situation rather than running away like a scared child. I can tell that this has affected my wife to some degree. I know she loves me, and she’s told me several times now that it’s all right and I did the right thing. But now she has been more careful about locking the doors in the car and at the house and even asked about getting a burglar alarm for the house in case anyone tried to break in. She also has bought a can of pepper spray and put it on her keyring. I know these things are smart to do anyway, but they didn’t happen until the event above. So my panicky behavior in a confrontation has probably made her wonder if I can protect her and the baby if someone wanted to hurt us. What is difficult for me to reassure to her is that from my past experiences I know that if someone actually tried to hurt them my training would be very effective. Its just in situations like this when they happen and there’s time to think about things I tend to get fearful. I’m really hoping that this program will help me learn to get control of my fear so that I don’t have to live in fear of wondering when the next panic attack will happen. Thanks so much and I look forward to giving it a try.

  • teresa

    I just want to say a big thankyou .I read your e mail and almost immediately felt more relaxed.every symptom you describe i have.i thought i was dying .my heart has been missing a beat for thew last few days and as soon as i finished reading your article i felt a bit calmer and noticed that the arrythmia or missed heart beat was not as often as before thankyou.

  • shannon

    I too have been dealing with panic attacks for a couple of yrs now. One thing thats helped me is the simple knowledge that panic atacks will not kill you!! it took awhile to realize that but one after one i was still here still moving on with my life. Try not to take things to serious, just breathe!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    Hi Danielle,

    Oh my god reading your story is like reading about myself. I am constantly thinking about dying and what fi something bad happens how will my chidlren cope and my fiance. I started having panic/Anxiety about 7 years ago and under medication and effort from myself and managed to control them but recently thay have just popped thier ugly head up again and I fell like I am all over the place. I have had heart, brain checks, blood tests all don and all are ok. I ended up in the ER a few weeks ago convinced something serious was wrong with me, It so distressing when they say its all anxiety & panic and say you need to learn to relax yourself. God i would be rich if I got a penny for everytime I hear that. I took xanax too just for a short while and they did help me for a brief period now I dont take them at all. I have even been prescribed anti-depressants as I felt I was going into a depression with this. I was feeling am I ever going to be normal or why cant I just be like others. I have two children and I sometimes fear they will suffer because of my anxiety/panic,maybe I will pass it on to them. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. I am getting married next year and I am marrying the nicest man in the world and I just dont want to be feeling anxious or panic on the day, I want to be free from at all & thoroughly anjoy it all. I am going to start with “panic away” and see how it helps me. Its great to read so many comments and realise that I am not alone in this. Love’N’light to you all.

  • sasha

    I had my first attack after my son was born in june. i had an allergic reaction to some medication and it scared me so much i went into panic mode. i then started having attacks worrying about bad things happening to my baby, like him getting the swine flu. i told my doctor about my worrying and panic attacks and he literally yelled at me so hard and said it was my fault i was worrying because i should have gotten the flu shot…he didnt really give me any advice or sympathy, he just said ill give you some ativan ( i told him to forget it cus i wasnt taking any meds) .. i feel like the worst part of my attacks is the feeling that im going crazy and have to stay in a hospital. i still havent bought the book but reading the site alone has helped me alot already.
    thanks alot!

  • eric

    this information sounds very interesting. i have been experiencing attacks for the last few months. but it is possible that i have had them longer and was unaware of what was going on.
    reading this info for the 1st time it felt as if a light was being turned on .

  • TRU117

    Im 22 and just recently started having anxiety and panic problems. I spent all last night in the ER just for the doctor to tell me that Im fine and that my potassium was low.(now im going to get a five hundred dollar bill in the mail)( this was the secound time that this has happend to me. The first time i was driving to school and when i got on the highway i started to have this numming sensation with my hands and my fingers wanted to lock into a fist and i couldent grab the steering wheel. I was freaking out real bad and so i got off on my exit which is a block away from my school. By the time i got from my exit to my school parking lot i was feeling fine. i was a little stressed out that day because i had to give a seven minute speech in my class so i had smoked some marijuana to calm my self well i think that was what caused my anxiety but ive been smoking in for about seven years now and that was never an issue so i stoped for about a week. But now every time i smoke it triggers my anxiety and i want to stop. this was the first day since i started smoking it again and i felt like i was gonna have an anxiety attack. so i got online to find a natural way to help myself when i came across your article and signed up for it. it helped me and i feel great now. its just that no mone talked about a drug or alcohol problem( not that i have a drug or alcohol problem) so i figured i would be the first to write about it.

  • Stephanie

    I have been suffering from panic attacks for six months. I am 18 years old and I experienced my first panic attack from smoking marijuana for the third time. This must have been the first time i had ever truly gotten high and it was the worst experience of my life. However, now that I look back to my childhood I always had anxiety but not to this extent. My biggest anxiety creater was health related issues which i later came to realize that i was a hypochondriac. My mom has also suffered from panic attacks her whole life so i was also predispositioned to get an anxiety disorder. One of my biggest problems with my anxiety now is Derealization and always feeling like i am in a dream which is the feeling you get when you are high. However, after my first panic attack i felt fine and normal for about a month until I went on a Disney Cruise and saw a movie in a theater and felt trapped.

    As I started to fear having more panic attacks, this creepy sensation of derealization came over me and controlled my life. It was also the summer before I was headed off to college four hours away from home. I was constantly nervous to the point I wanted to pull my hair out. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to move to college feeling like this. My doctor prescribed me Zoloft which I was NOT keen on at all. I did not want to go on a pill that would have to make me feel better. I also saw a psychologist all summer which truly did not help. He made it seem like i as crazy and i thought that marijuana had truly ruined my brain and my life. I got into a worry cycle thinking that it wasnt anxiety that it truly was the pot that gave me this dreamy sensation. I was afraid it was psychosis and that i truly would one day go insane. Some days i did not want to get out of bed because I did not want to deal with this dreamy feeling. The zoloft was not doing a thing. I felt worse on it. I upped it from 25 to 50 mg in one month and no difference. I could not even enjoy my first few weeks at college. I was ALWAYS on guard of having another panic attack which in the end led to fear of panic attacks and then lead to a full blown panic attack. I started to become agoraphobic and didnt want to go do normal college activities like go to parties because i would always be thinking how i wanted to go hide in my room because it was easier. I couldnt take it anymore and i called my doctor who then upped my medicine to 100 mg and i was sure it would not work. However, i started to relax and feel calm. i was also meeting with a school psychologist once a week and i was in a group therapy setting for people that struggled with anxiety. I was so worked up over this derealization that i could not even function. My psych kept reassuring me that it truly is a symptom of anxiety and depression and though its disturbing it wont be there forever like i kept assuring myself. He told me i did not permanently damage my brain from smoking pot that one time. All that day did was set off my anxiety and set me at a higher anxiety level. Once three weeks set in on my new dosage of zoloft, i started to feel more and more like my old self from before this summer. I now literally do not even think about it and the feeling dissappears. When I do think about it, it is usually when im in a store, movie theater, or truly anywhere where im outside or in bright lighting, I start to feel the derealization wash over me again. However it is only there because i am thinking about it. I have done tons of research on this awful symptom and people who say you can never get rid of it is false. im proof that you dont have to be stuck like that forever. I dont enjoy being on medicine but with such a transition in my life i wouldnt have been able to go to college and do as well as i did in school if i wasnt on the medicine. plus i am also attending sessions with a psych, group therapy, i own anxiety books i read and fill out on my own, i journal my experiences, and i do relaxation exercies. I am afraid to withdrawl from my medicine but they say that medicine combined with therapy can work.

    So I dont agree with people who say the meds are a bad way too go. Sometimes your body needs that extra boost especially depending on what is going on your life. It truly depends on the person and the situation. I just wanted to share my story. I have not had a panic attack in over two months. However, I do still fear that at any time i could have one which causes obviously some underlying anxiety. And that is why the eerie feeling of drealization still sometimes lingers. I am excited to try this program and see how to completely get rid of my fear.

    I hope some people can relate to some of what i have said. Everyday I am feeling stronger and feeling like I am getting closer to the finish line of beating this issue. I just want everyone out there to know that anxiety disorders can be very frightening but once you get over that hump, it will make you a stronger person. And I have realized over the past couple of months from my friends who kind of give me a hard time about my anxiety and dont understand what it is that i am going through and think i am faking it are not allowed to say anything about it. Because truly if you have never been through an extreme amount of stress, anxiety, or depression, you have no right to talk. I would truly not wish these feelings on my worst enemy. So I try not to listen to people who joke around like its not a big deal. I just think “you know what if they were walking in my shoes and had to deal with what i do everyday, I don’t think they would be as strong as I would.”

  • sugar

    Hi all,

    Just want to say that I have been experiencing the same symptoms for the past few mths, that many of you have mentioned above. It has totally changed my social life as the only place I feel the most comfortable at, is at home. I too have been to the ER and did a full body checkup, both of which turned out negative (i.e. no sickness diagnose). After reading all your comments, I’m positive now that my symptoms are purely due to a panic attack and it is not a heart attack or stroke. I’ve been experiencing the symptoms on a daily basis now and hopefully after reading this website and newsletters, I’ll be able to manage my attacks and get back to leaving my normal life. Hope this for all of you too as I know how awful panic attacks are.

  • jane

    Hey. I got my panic attacks first in November 14, 2009. I was so terrified that i thought i was dying.
    I have visited different hospitals and they have confirmed to me that i am not sick. Pliz try sending me more
    materials that will get me out of this pliz. Its hard to experience the attacks now and then.

    God bless you so much for your kindness.

  • kay

    hi i have suffered from anxiety attacks for seven years the smothering sensations rapid heart beats ,dizziness just ruin my life i find it hard to leave the house sometimes when the these awful feelings come, there with everyday as soon as i wake up ,reading the other comments i realize iam not the only suffering from horrible condition my heart go out to you all.

  • jesse

    Hey everyone, I started having panic attacks when i was about 14, i just assumed like most people in the begining that i was going insane of course i was wrong. the next 14 years have mostly been a battle through doctors institutions and medications that sometimes had short term benifits but ultimately did me more harm than good. I was completely agorophobic for more than 2 years stuck in a one bedroom appartment on welfare with only my cat for company i grew worse and worse. I have tried many many things over the years like i said and just reading this website and the single email i have recieved have made a substantial difference litteraly over night. thank you sir for thinking outside the box.

  • D

    Danielle – I feel like I just read a post that I wrote….every single thing you’ve said is hitting home for me. All I ever think about is dying….I started crying as I was reading because I knew I wasn’t going crazy and wasn’t alone. I’m still suffering terribly from them but just got the program so I’m diving in….wish me luck!

  • mahmoud

    i had these attacks for years while never know what is happening in fact i had a heavy wave of anxiety when i first read your email . and it perfectly worked . for this i realy want to thank u and tell u i appreciate your valuable advise .

  • Vass

    I’ve noticed that if I’m not ‘regular’ as in using the restroom, that it can have some anxiety related sensations. I’ve decided to drink prune juice and eat more fiber plus drink 8 glasses of water like I read on this site. If I had the money or when I do get the money, I’ll order the program, which will help me so much, but for now I’m finding that the emails are helping too. I come from an alcoholic home so I have the past to deal with. So, I know that dealing with some issues there and getting over it will help a lot. Im wishing everyone a great recovery. Last night i felt anxious and stuff but i started to think of how to not be afraid of one coming on and it helped, so i went back to bed. Thank you all for sharing.


  • Cathy

    If you have not purchased the Panic Away program, you need to immediately. I experienced my first panic attack in July 2009 and did not know it was a panic attack. It wasn’t until the third epsiode i realised what was happening and then it started to happen on a daily basis. I was on Xanax for about 6 weeks when I found the Panic Away program online. It took me about one month to finally withdraw from the Xanax completely. I had a panic attack recently and wanted to take a Xanax because I had an appointment and did not have the time to be delayed. However, I stopped and listened to the MP3 audio for the one move technique and it stopped the panic attack in its track. It was amazing and it took only five minutes to dissolve it. When I can’t stop the attacks on my own I listen to the audio and it really works. Also, I have been working on rebuilding myself and developing my spirituality and I believe it is my strong faith and hope that has also helped in my recovery. Thank you Barry and May God bless you for your commitment to helping people recover from anxiety.

  • rayvon

    tyler (2) i feel the same has you to a pin point, any little twinge in the chest skipped beats send me into huge attacks where i think im going to drop down dead, butterflys constantly in my stomache, and worrying all the time that i have a heart problem witch i have had checked and is normal, im a 22 yr male and have an amazing girlfriend and daughter that just makes me so proud and i feel im not enjoying enough time with them due to this feeling of being on edge all the time, EVERYBODY IN HERE CAN FIGHT THIS THING, it is hard but i no i will dto it not jst for me but for my family and and those who have lost faith! x


    I’m a 42 yr old woman who has been suffering from panic attacks since i was 27. I lived an agoraphobic state for two years. i’m now on meds that help somewhat but i would like to have my life back, i can’t afford your book , but depend alot on these news letters, and knowing other people are dealing with this helps alittle. i’m really glad your helping people like me thank u .

  • Javier

    hey thanks for the help but is this it or is there more because i cant find nothing else you have very powerfull words and i have to try it out thanks

  • krista altamimi

    hi i feel for everyone out there who is suffering i know since i read this web page that it has helped alot and with the help of God i will work on my fears and trust in God my panic attacks started when i was 17 years old because of lose of a baby and my mom did nothing to help with the panic attacks no meds for 6 weeks i suffered thinking death was the only way out but i didnot give in i belived if i could get though that i could get though anything i am 31 years old today and had a panic attack a week ago that sent me to the er i knew it was a panic attack but i had no meds at home i needed to get to sleep its sure sad something that feels so bad would make you want to go to the er just to have them tell you nothing is wrong and run up 2000 bill just so you can get the meds but something this time was different than when i was 17 years old i didinot think of death or killing my self like before belive me their is always hope in trusting God my attacks are still bad but better than when i was younger thank you sir and for stories that were shared by the people may God bless you all and help us though this time in our lives

  • Kostya

    I had a panic attack recently and wanted to take a Xanax because I had an appointment and did not have the time to be delayed. However, I stopped and listened to the MP3 audio for the one move technique and it stopped the panic attack in its track. It was amazing and it took only five minutes to dissolve it. When I can’t stop the attacks on my own I listen to the audio and it really works. Also, I have been working on rebuilding myself and developing my spirituality and I believe it is my strong faith and hope that has also helped in my recovery. Thank you Barry and May God bless you for your commitment to helping people recover from anxiety.

  • Stephen

    This particular section made me cry. I actually believe this will work and just maybe I’ll be able to be normal again. Seriously, I’m glad you wrote this. I don’t think anyone could have put it better.

  • Samara

    Bless All of You….

    I too have the PA’s….I felt alone in this fear…embarrassed when the fire dept came…..and terrified to go to bed….My first attack happened 18 months ago…I was spending the last night in my house with my just divorced (we filed that week) ex-husband. I woke up and knew I was dying….I couldn’t wake my husband because he was no longer my husband and called 911 and the fire dept came….the ambulance took me to the hospital and I lived….It lasted 2 hours….the next time two months later I was living in a tiny apartment alone…and thought I was dying again…..

    I have had 20 attacks since then…some nights I don’t some I do….I. like others stay up all night in fear….Yesterday it happened during the day….I thought I was having a stroke at 33!! The fire dept came again and did blood sugar, EKG, and blood pressure tests..all fine….I had enough! I was making an appointment at the clinic for help and medication when the attack happened….I couldn’t talk on the phone to make the appt and that’s when I called 911.

    After it was over I prayed for help….I found your site almost immediately and downloaded the lessons…..Last night I had a wild attack again…2 and one day!!! So I did your exercise I felt I was being hit by a Tsunami and instead of fighting it I rode it for 3 hours!! Honest!

    Your no nonsense approach really works…We are grateful to you….I am in tears reading the real true stories of these people here…I pray to God everyone of you is helped…Barry you should have a support group site so we can interact with each other…..Making a bond with others makes us stronger….

    God Bless All

  • Carlo Octavio

    i;m so relieved that i found this website. i still need to learn more about how to control my panic attacks because sometimes i have this feeling that my body is being paralyzed when my panic attacks tend to occur. When this happens, i became so terrified that i don’t know whether my panic attacks are triggered psychologically or physically. I need more info about my situation. Thank you very much.

  • Danny A

    ive just started reading your program and i tried the 1step about trying to have a panic attack and you can phsicaly have one which is great makes me feel alot better but i started to have panic attacks at age 18 and i still have them, but i have learnt to channel the panic attacka way and it goes straight away many thanks again. Since i have been reading the program i feel 10 times better but i still have little fear of goin out and sociallising but im sure i can over come that with your program.


    Danny A

  • Troy

    thank you guys so much for your courage, it’s really inspiring to hear of peoples recoveries and the courage you all have to battle everyday with this. I only recently started having panic attacks (2 months) and before that I was the sort of person who wasn’t afraid of anything. I honestly thought I must have a brain tumor or something because I had extreme headaches, insomnia, and extreme anxiety which lead to the panic attacks. I never though in a million years that I would be the sort of person to get an anxiety disorder, but the thing is is that there isn’t a sort of person, it could happen to anyone. We’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with us, it’s just something we have to get through. In a way I’m grateful because I never truely understood the pain that others suffer in this life, and now I’m much more compassionate and want to help others. I believe this will make me and all of you stronger in the end. My doctor recommended a book which he said helped his anxiety and insomnia (I thought it was cool that he shared his experience, he’s an MD) it’s called “Where ever you go, there you are” and it’s really cheap on amazon. I recommend it as well, it’s all about mindful meditation which might sound strange but really it’s about being able to control your thoughts and your fears, really empowering. God bless you all and thank you 🙂

  • graham

    Finding your site is like i have been half cured i thought i was loosing the plot or having a heart attack.

    my first panic attack happened when i was driving home from a short break away i was on the motorway i had to come off i did not know where i was. i felt very strange dizzey and as if my mind was some where else it realy shocked me. i never been on the motorway since. in case it happened again, i drive but i hate it. i am frightned of being stuck in traffic or at the lights in case i dont know why.

    I had one at work last week and left work,did not tell anyone and drove home 7 miles it was torcher,i felt disorientated,sick trembling and rushed home shaking when i got home i was fine, or if i have a drink alcohol im fine.


  • K

    I have the exact same thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you! And I am so grateful that you did write your story in full detail because now I comforted in knowing I am not alone and not going crazy. Thank you for sharing!

  • Dragana

    I only want top get out from my house and continue with my life without fear.
    I am scared of everything and I don’t want to spend my days living like that.
    I want to thank to all beautiful people who posted their stories.

    Thank you Barry for sharing your experience with us.

    I hope I will find the way to buy your book.

    Warm regards


  • lori

    Hi Danielle,

    I wish there were a way to contact you. You are just like me. I have been in the ER several times with the “sensation” diagnosed with depression (which I am not depressed) etc. I would love to talk and share with you. My contact is Please Please contact me.

  • Susie

    I often expereience panic attacks mostly going outdoors and enclose spaces like being on public buses with too many people and also i get a feeling of panic with outspaces as well not just close ones, as i had panic attack in town and busy markets before.

    I struggle with my thoughts everyday, i’m dreading this and dreading that first thing when i get up in the morning when i know am going out somewhere. i thought alot of times i could die from this as i thought in my head i may calolseped and make a fool of myself as i have done before.

    I just feel embarass i have to sit down even in wet horrible weather, thats why i have to put something d own so i don’t get a wet bum lol, but i feel alot of staring at me and alot of people out there don’t even care what i’m thinking, thats why i try this task to start long as i can when waiting for the bus, at least am trying my best now 🙂

    From Susie

  • cathryn

    hi there ,i have been suffering panic attacks for the past 7 yrs and like all the readers i thought i was dying too. but with going onto a low dose of pills i have been great. i am glad i,m not the only one suffering from them. tks barry . 🙂

  • Tessa

    About two months ago I suddenly felt dizzy while I was at a movie. I tried to tough it out, but was feeling so bad that I had to ask my friend to leave the movie early with me. From that night on I would get symptoms of feeling dizzy off and on, and was feeling sick overall. I went to four different doctors. They all told me that I had a sinus infection and that was causing the dizzzyness…I was still convinced that I had a brain tumor or something serious like that. Every time I would feel the slightest feeling of being dizzy, I would freak out. I am normally a very active student, and have turned into a hermit. I am fortunate that it hasnt affected my sleeping patterns, but I find it very difficult to go to class. When I am in class or church, it gives me time to concentrate on every little twitch and dizzyness that my body is doing. I am most comfortable when I am at home in my bed. I just discovered this website tonight and have already found it very comforting that I am not the only one. Thinking about ordering the book…. Good luck to all of you, I know first hand how frusterating this illness is.

  • Samantha

    I had my first panic attack about.. 3 months ago. I felt as if I was about to die. My stomach hurt, sound/noise seemed distant, chest was hurting, I was getting dizzy, and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. I kept telling myself “No, this can’t be happening. Not now. I don’t want to go.” And I began to whine to myself. I wanted to cry. I was freaking out so much, that i started breathing really fast. I passed out numerous times in a row– I hyperventilated. My mum called 911 and they said I was perfectly fine. About a month or so later, I had another one. I was scared to death and I still didn’t understand what was happening. I thought I wasn’t getting enough air. I thought I was going to die. My mum called 911 again, and they said I was fine.

    My mum finally came to the conclusion that it was panic attacks. Panic attacks run in my family. Both my sister and my mum have them. Ever since I found out what it was, I started getting them more often because, I was so scared to have one. And I still have them to this day.

    I thought that my life was ruined.. I thought that I would never live a normal life again. But, thanks to your words.. I have faith. I am willing to do this program. Just by reading it, I feel better. I know one day, I will be healed.

    Thank you so much!

  • Al

    I have experienced my panic last week, it was a feeling so bad that I through up a few times. Feeling of death accompanied by hopelessness. Tried to think my way through it but it didn’t work. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. Medication is a godsend for relief buy I’m committed to do whatever has to be done to eliminate this from my life.

  • shannon ferguson

    I just want everyone to know i suffered with panic attacks for along time!! it does get easier if you only realize your strength, you have to power to control the panic

  • salvatore

    thank you sir for your advices i’m 24 & i suffer from panic attack anxiety for about 14 months now i used a lot of medications i spent thousands of dollars from traveling outside my country to see doctors to buying a medications that have been described to me ,so i feel more conformable & confidant from reading your advices so thank you very much
    god bless you

  • Irene Gonzalez

    OMG, I just ordered this product today. I have gone with this disorder for about 4 years and it is not getting better. My doctor stated that I have depression and put me on antidepressents, this helped for a while, but did not help with my panic attacks. I too feel that this is the end of the world for me. I lose control and think about what my 3 children are going to do without me. Everything that you stated was very heartbreaking but at the same time reassured me that I am not alone. I thought that I could never find a cure for what is happening to me on an everyday basis. I need to get my life back again for my families sake and mine. I need to feel that I have all control overmyself regardless of the situation. I am going to do whatever it takes to take myself into the NORMAL STAGE that I once new. I am only hoping that this will help me so that I can pass this on to whomever feels that they have lost control of their lives and the precious things around them.

  • Dorine

    I’m so lazy to type and send my comments but now i obliged to send u my message to thank u because all u have said through email are works and u know over 23 years before, i experienced social anxiety disorder, and all people i thought they are bad and can hurt me anytime,,,im afraid to communicate and mix with them i don’t know y, only to nervous and feeling lonely thats a very embarassed moment in my life,,,but now i feel free from being nervous,,,i go to office and do my works there without any fear and confident to continue my life…now i only do is, OBSERVE TRUST and MOVE and of course BRAVE to FACE FEAR…tnx a lot without any price u never
    asked from me…GOSPEED.


  • Mandy

    I have been suffering from these attacks for over 9 years now, these attacks started after i found out that my dad was diagnoised with full blown AIDS. The attacks would come off and on but when it do come it gets me so scared i would panic and sometimes have to go in to see the doctor. When i had my first attack the doctor gave me some amytripline that use to get me wose but after reading up on it i went to another doctor who prescribed ativan. It is kinda ok because after taking it for a few days u feel so much better and can do without it but i was still reseaching about it when i came across this site, i am very much interested in this course and would like to start as soon as possible, i am up to the challenge though i am scared but after reading the stories i said why not. This is the month where i get the most attacks because it would have been his birthday on the 23rd and he died on the 31 of march he passed so around this time i get frequent attacks.I really want to over come this so please assist me and i open for any kind of encouragement from people who have overcome this problem. Thank you and i look forward to a rapid response.

  • kwan

    omg. these newsletters are great. i’m actually surprised that you can put together somehthing so logical and easy to understand. it’s kinda mesmorizing. i’m so giddy with glee.. lol. i consider myself very analytical, overattentive, an overthinker, etc. so that’s probably why i have panic and anixety attacks now. they started on valetines day this year and i had ones that felt like they last for at least 2 hours and i was just trying to calm myself down, i felt nauseated, barely sweating, dry mouth, heart racing, restless, and shakey. probably more internal problems too. i was hosptialized on the 17th and i just got out yesterday being the 26th. my appetite was gone and i felt like i could hardly use the bathroom. everything just felt off. i’m about to research my meds to see what effect they will have on me but so far so good. i think i’m really having them cause i’m 23, anxious to get my life together the way i want, tired of what people think about me, and being let down all the time, and also i’m so very very anxious to be with the girl of dreams. i want to be with her and start a life. being that i’m in new york and she’s in colorado, that’s kinda difficult not to mention, i have to get myself together first. so that’s me. please feel free to reply and give me any advice. i love intriguing conversation.

  • Tiff

    I am so happy i found this program also, one day i was sitting at work surfing the net and i was like there has to be something else out there to help, i dont want to live like this for the rest of my life, there is no reason to. Ive had on and off panic and anxiety since 2003 and I am 24 yrs old and i am determined to not only rid them completely but be happier then i was before i ever even had them. I asked god for help and this is the first site he took me to and i already have been noticing a difference and i just started reading the book. God Bless all of you and good luck to your recovery. Tell that panic and fear to BRING IT!! thats what i have been doing, and it feels very good.

  • Ashley

    Just stumbled upon this site tonight. I always look for anything to help with my anxiety, but when i find someone talking about it especially the tightening of the throat where you struggle to breath *or so you think you do* I start to panic. I know its in my head, but that doesn’t stop that horrible feeling of suffocation to pop in your head. Its a loophole. Just thinking about it, brings the anxiety and panic back. I have a fear of death, its called Thanatophobia, as well as suffered my first anxiety attack, in august. It was horrible, As you all know ((rather have the fear of death before i go to bed, then this anxiety and panic feeling i have constantly)) Now, Im having them in my home, the only place i feel comfortable at. After reading that if you invite one, you cant have one. I tried, and I couldn’t have one. At this moment I am absolutely calm, and feel that I will get over this. I have many fears, I dont drive *fear since i was 14* and now when I walk to work, I have to go over an overpass. As I reached the top, i started panicking and kept telling myself *keep breathing Ashley, just breath!* I felt like I was high, like I didn’t have control of my body. Once I got over the pass, I started crying. I know i am going on and on, but i know how it feels. I have been dreading walking to work tomorrow, but im going to do it, with the thought in mind, to come at me panic attack, and see what happens. First time I have felt positive about my situation. Good luck all!

  • Adriana

    This helped me so much!
    I honestly feel I’m in control now thank you so much.
    This releaved me of all my fear
    Thank you!

  • jhoanntangon

    when i was reading the stories of the people i feel blessed that i can learn more from their experiences

  • jhoanntangon

    when i was reading the stories of the people i feel blessed that i can learn more from their experiences
    thanks for sharing with me

  • Saleemi

    I am just 21 years old 🙁 and i started experiencing panic attacks since 3 months. I used to be absent on my exams so my professor asked me to visit a psychiatrist as a condition to do a makeup for the exams. I hate going to a psychiatrist 🙁 I don’t think they will help, i will manage to relax with time.

    By the way thx for the course I loved this statement: “Your real safety is the fact that a panic attack will never harm you. That is medical fact.” It made me feel better 🙂

  • steph

    I’m 21 and have had panic attacks and anxiety for almost 2 years now. At first had many a day feeling I was going to die.
    Docs said I was stressed and put me on beta blockers. Been to A&E once to be told I would be fine when I tried to come off them. Im still on them although
    I have cut my dose drastically but I’m not cured. For the past 2 days its been bad. Seems worse around that time of month for some reason.
    I read your page there and I feel like I can sleep tonight 🙂 its been a huge help. I really wanna beat this and get on with my life.

  • Janie

    I am 34yrs old and my first panic attack was over 11yrs ago. I too thought I was having a heart attack and my parents called an ambulance and was taken to emergency. Whilst waiting to see a doctor, they told me I was dehydrated, they gave me fluids and said I suffered a panic attack. From that day, I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks off and on depending on a situation. I thought it was because I was planning on getting married and change of life style was making these horrible feelings come on.

    The GP said to see a phycologist/psychiatrist and I did, I had taken Zoloft at one stage and Aropax.

    I got married, it was the best day of my life and so I thought that the anxiety and panic attacks were going to go away but they didn’t. Guilt is a feeling I get when I panic because I feel bad for my husband and family as I don’t want them seeing me like this any more. My symptoms are butterflies in the tummy, loss of appetite, vomiting, getting the runs, shaking, less sleep, fear (especially in the mornings), getting depressed and feeling like what is the purpose of living like this, it’s not fair I just want to be happy and normal.
    I am currently taking Xanax 0.5mg 1/2 a day but I recently saw another GP and he told me I should not be taking these every day as you get addicted to them and your body gets used to them and they won’t help you, you only take them as required. I was a bit angry because the GP I normally see said I can take these every day but try and ween off and do your relaxation but this is hard.

    I have two beautiful children, a boy and girl (3 1/2 and 5mths) a beautiful husband and support from the rest of my family and friends. I would like to try your program as I don’t want my family worrying about me any more especially I have to do this for myself.

    Thank you kindly, God bless.

  • Karen

    Hi Janie, I am 48 years old and I hope you get back on and read this. I have had anxiety/panic attacks for years. I will say that for you to take zoloft and what I have read the others are taking will seriously mess you up in the long run with many different various side effects. I personally have never took any of these prescribed medications that so many have. Many members of my family have been stricken with this and I see the horrific results of taking the different medications. I have researched on the internet for help and this has been so far the very best that has helped me. I was e-mailed Part 1 and never got around to taking time to open it up and read it. As I was reading it the panic and anxiety came all over me. I did as he said and I have been at the computer for about an hour now and am free from it. I will continue with this. This for me is a life saver.

  • samer

    my story with panic start from 1 month ago and i felt the same symptoms i read it before
    i went to gp and advice me to take xanax one tablet/day in a 20 days period nd then stop it to avoid addiction plus seroxate 25mg/day for 3 months i just look to the doctor and told him wut about the drug withdrwal side effects and its side effects during treatemnt course.he told me nothing will harm you and this not true !!!!
    i got the prescription and told my self zats >>> i dunn need a help from doctors any more
    i just motivate my self and your words improved me thanx for youuuuuuuuu
    i am now free from panic without any medicatin in 3 days and learn my self how to control the arrival of panic attack many thanx for GOD and a lot of regards for you

  • margaret

    Hi there

    i have just stumbled onto your site i am 42 years old and had my first panic attack 10 years ago when i was pregant with my daughter and around the same time my dad was diagnosed with cancer. at the time i did not relise what was happing when driving the car i felt i could not breath and ended up in hospital. but i coped and the panic attacks stopped then last year they returned and now i feel they are taking over my life i have been to the doctors on numerus occasions but feel i am getting brushed aside they give you tablets but this is not really the answer . like most panic attack suffers you feel embarressed and isolated as unless you have expericened an attack you really dont understand what that person is really feeling. when reading your article it all makes sense you are afraid of having an attack so you bring it on with the fear you are going to have one

  • Sereana

    I had my first panic attack 8 days ago. I have since had two more, and last night’s was so bad I went to the hospital. I now have a prescription for Klonopin. I am hopeful that it works until I decide my next course of action. Right now, I feel utterly hopeless and out of control. I am 39 and incredibly active and suddenly feel like my whole life has been ripped from me. I won’t let this get the better of me. I will figure out a way to beat/control/cope/live a full life with this. I will continue to do research on this Program and will purchase if the independent reviews continue to be positive. First, though, I have to pay an expensive ER visit.

  • damien o mahony

    hi thanks very much….i suffer from panic attacks nearly everyday i hate them i feel like i am dying i feel i want to die….i suffer from um on buses in work on the train when im wit my kids it is really horrible hopefully 1 day ill be grand thanks again

  • mo

    hi dear
    your long mail is very detailed and i really love the way you explained every single a born again christian and i believe strongly in God’s word…. fear is something we can and must control…… most times what we fear isnt real and does not exist….when we make up our minds to face that fear we most times overcome it…….another thing to note is to be consistent with our believes…….if thoughts of dying flood your mind say to yourself if i die i die…….believe me you wont die…..thouhts dont just come and go….most times they are pesistent….. so you will have to be pesistent toowith your response…..if i die i die……..finally you will see that you wll overcome it……say to youself over and over i have life and im living and will continue to live in good health……confessions are very powerful.say it to youself all the time until it becomes youe believe……fear is a mindset……so also is living in peace…….frame your mindset ard living in peace thru your confessions and see yourself being transformed….

    wish you all the best in life.

  • Becky

    I am so happy i found this program also, one day i was sitting at work surfing the net when i typed HOW TO MANAGE FEAR and came across is site…. i started reading and found out this got interesing tips in ways to help remove these panic attack i have been having 4mnts ago.had to be something else out there to help, i dont want to live like this for the rest of my life, there is no reason to. Ive had on and off panic and anxiety since november 2009 and I am 35 yrs old and i am determined to not only rid them completely but be happier then i was before i ever even had them. Everytime these feeling comes i Pray to God for help and he realy does help,,, to me he is the only one who can ease those bad feeling from within. But i find also that this information is very interesting and willing to give it a try. God Bless all of you and good luck to your recovery. Tell that panic and fear i claiming back your life,,,,,,, it’s your to leave

  • khan

    i am thinking that i should have got this sites few years ago so i could be more benefitted with it but anyhow i m still satisfied, so should be you if tried once.

  • zulkifls


    Jason is right… u better carry on your beautiful life. U still very young and lots of things can be done. Don’t worry too much dear…. I’m experience a few times of this panic attack until now.

  • Nicole

    It’s worth a shot… I’ve had anxiety for 6 yrs. It started when I go prego with my second child. Got bad after he was born the docs said it was hormones and it would fix it’s self.. 3 weeks later I’m being rushed to the hospital by amublance gasping for air and horrible chest pains.. After that I had to see a heart doc who said I had aniexty problems and gave me lexapro…. That was the solution every doc saw gave me mess of told me that it developed when i got prego so it may go away if I had another child… I had my son in 06…. Been on meds off and on and I hate them…I quit taking them completely a yr ago…. I don’t drive, leave the house, go shopping, restuaunts, movies, ect…, lost all my friends and I just had my 3rd and finally child 3 weeks ago and it’s getting worst … I’m tired of being scared to be alone…, I feel gulity that I can’t just get in the car and take my kids to the park…my kids have missed school bc I can’t drive them sometimes…. It makes me feel like a bad mother….. My life has been taken away…. My family doesn’t want to understand what I go through… If someone else tells me to just breathe and get over it I might just snap….. It’s been a long hard road…. I’m only 26 with 3 wonderful kids. And a great life and I’m ready to take it back and live it…. So j really hope this works… Can’t afford the book yet but the newslettler is very helpful it’s great to know I’m not alone…,

  • Paul

    I began experiencing anxiety attacks a few months ago. I was laid off from work in Dec 2009, right before XMas. I have a wife and 3 young girls (11, 9 and 7). I had always been the nervous type at doctors, dentists, etc. I found a job 150 miles from my home a month after I had been laid off. Once I started work again, I noticed I was having headaches, backaches, etc. I just didnt feel right. I went to the ER (I was too far from my PCP so I didnt know where else to go), and they checked me out for my back pain (kidney tests, blood work, and a CT-scan). It all came back fine, and they gave me some pain meds for my back. The next night I was driving home from work and I thought I was having a heart attack, cold sweats, dizzy, panic, heart racing. I called my wife, luckily she answered and she calmed me down. A couple days later I was diagnosed with Shingles, and I took an anti-viral for 10 days, and it slowly went away. But, at work a week or so later I had another panic attack, sweating, dizzy, nervous, racing heart. I went to the ER, my blood pressure was 200/120. They gave me 4mg of xanax to calm me down and took blood again, checked my heart and kidney functions. They suggested I have my BP looked into, and my anxiety treated. I was prescribed Lexapro 10mg, and Zestril for my bp. I feel much better (its a few weeks later) and it was hard to fight thru the side effects of Lexapro, but I did, and it seems to be working. There is an underlying fear of panic attacks that I still have, but I seem to fight them off easier now. It’s a daily battle, and I need to get better for my wife and kids, they need me. I hope that reading these lessons here will also help.
    Good Luck to all and take care.


  • hani

    I have been through anxiety and panic attacks for 3 years and to this day It’s getting worse and worse. while I read your program I think every word you’ve written is true and it works. I’m very happy to have your website and I think you’ve just shorten my way out of this. I’ve saved this page in my favorite and I’ll be back to you in the morning because it’s 4 am. Don’t go anyway pls. I stuck doing my uni works. My life is hell at the mmnt

  • big c

    ive been experiencing panic attack for a month or so. i think it started when i picked up my mom to the airport. supposed to be they will arrive like 430am and the flight was delayed. i didnt sleep that night because if i sleep im afraid im not gonna pick her.. when im already at the airport i waited there for like two hours.. im so sleepy i really wanted to go home.. after awhile i feel dizzy, the first thing i thought is that my blood pressure is getting higher, i almost fainted. then after 10mins my mom got out. i told my mom that im so freaking out. i wasnt able to drive beacause im so scared that any time i thought i was going to die and that it was a heart attack. Im a basketball player. i love playing basketball. but now im scared to play im afraid at any moment it will attack again. im kinda satisfied when i saw this site. i want to get my life back and be normal again. i wanna do all the things that ive been doing before.. thanks for this site i just found it now.. hope we all get well soon.. any replies will surely appreciated..

  • Chloe

    I have went through these panic attacks, for 5 years. It all started when I was 7. It was the worst feeling I ever felt. Since then, I’ve never tried to cure it, Until a year ago, I was told they were panic attacks, and they wouldn’t hurt me. I’ve searched high and low though google and yahoo, coming to find this…. I haven’t fully “recovered” from this small fights, but I’m sure I will soon….

  • benny

    thank you barry for your concern for others. Your site has really been helpful.I have been having this strange sensations since 2006 after my third child which was a traumatic pregnancy and delivery. I went to hospital was treated for malaria i come live in Africa where it is the only ailment you are treated for. but i knew it was not. I just had this feeling of it not being well with my soul and my spirit. Now i know it is anxiety attack i feel better knowing a lot of people have this feeling too. Would like to buy the book when i have the cash i will start saving for it. Please keep in touch and keep up the good work and God bless.

  • yency

    I began to have panic attacks, and i was very scared because it happened for the first time. I wanted to know the facts and how to prevent this attack from happening. I searched on the internet and found many websites that helped, but this one is the best! It really helped me control my thoughts and stop fearing from having an attack. Im still kind of recovering from this attacks, but this website was a lot of help! I am glad there is someone that can help you deal with this situation! thank you

  • degg10

    thanks men your site is so helpful i always thought it would never go away and live up the rest of my life like and thanks to god and ur website i think i can make it with the help of god and your well thought out info

    thanks a lot

  • maeve

    im really glad i came across this. i am becoming very desperate and my panic attacks are really ruining my life. i really hope this works. thanks 🙂

  • Dave

    I’ve been battling panic attacks for 30yrs and just the past two weeks it came back full force. I take meds. for it and thought it was under control. I was fooled again. Reading this newsletter I can’t believe how many people are just like me. I havn’t ordered the book yet but when I get the money I’m going to. I had a bad episode last night and I forced my self to sleep to just wake up with it. I preyed to God to help me and this is were I was led. I feel much better already just reading replys. We are all in this toghter, we are not alone. Thanks for helping my day and I’m sure the book is going to be my ticket to freedom.

  • LS

    I am definately going to order this program. I am 53 years old, and have recently started having very severe panic attacks. It started with a routine doctor appointment, and when she told me I may have a particular condition. I went to another doctor for a “second opinion” and everything was fine, but now I’m obsessed with the “what if’s.” My panic disorder has caused me to start having symptoms of various conditions. My stomach is in constant knots, bathroom habits are out of whack, shakes, waking up in cold sweats. And to make matters worse, I’ve been surfing the web looking up any diseases that are associated with my “symptoms.” And you’ve got….I have self diagnosed myself into total panic. It’s gotten pretty bad, and my wonderful husband can’t help me when one of these hit.
    I need some help.

  • Lesa

    I haven’t read the book, but did read the newsletter that was sent to my inbox and man, I can tell that you have been there. TOTALLY been there, not a doctor who has only learned, but you have been in the “hot seat” so to speak.

  • AnxPan Gone!!!

    I’ve had panic attacks and generalized anxiety on and off for 30+ years. About 4-6 months ago I was able to get off of anti-depressants which I thought was a good thing but the generalized anxiety slowly returned and I realized that I was not any better off of my meds. I started having panic attacks again about a week ago and thought “here we go again…”. Searching on the internet, I stumbled upon this site, purchased the product and within an hour, I was able to break the cycle of panic.

    Waking up this morning, I was still a bit anxious so I took 1/4 mg of xanax and continued to listen to the program and lo and behold, here we are almost 12 hours later and I’ve had no need for any xanax. When I feel the anxiety creeping up, I just follow the simple instructions in the program and voila! No panic attack!

    What a blessing! Thank you for putting such valuable information out at an incredibly affordable price!

  • kayle

    i have panic attacks. my first panic attack was on march 12, 2010. i was sooo scared i thought i was dying i didn’t kno wat was happening. i got panic attacks from smoking marijana because i was so scared what was happening to me and the high feeling i hated and i didnt kno what was going on. the rooms were spinning and i was having cold sweats and everything …it was horrible i smoked on november 1st and ever since i have panic attacks now ever since that day. when i had my 1st panic attack i felt like i was ot of my body and my surroundings looked weird to me and i started to forget things and my heart was beating super fast i thought i was dying but i now kno that im not alone and im not the only one that suffers from panic attacks and i thank you for your helpful information,…kayle

  • shawn

    hello my name is shawn i am 19 i have had anxiety for ten years now i dont think i have it bad as others but it is messing my life up i cant go know where to stay with out feeling one come on i am a very young person and i would have to say i have been to the er over 50 times for attacks and this letter has helped me some but i still dont think i could go stay at somebodys house with out having one i am bout to lose my girlfriend over it and i just dont know what to do it feels like i am going to have them forever

  • madison

    You are one of the most insightful people I have ever encountered. Everything you described about fear totally relates to how I feel. The problem with my anxiety however, is that it shifts from fear to fear. For awhile I was afraid to eat out, whether it was a fear of choking or food poisoning I’m not sure. Now it has shifted to sleeping. Not just sleeping, but sleeping anywhere besides my own house. I just went to a friend’s sleepover the other day, and when it came time for all of us to go to sleep, I basically lied on the floor for 4 and a half hours dealing with erratic panic attacks. I don’t want to have to deal with that kind of stress anymore. Reading your advice, however, makes me feel like I can overcome it.

  • Seb

    Hey All. I started getting chest pains around October 2009. At first I just ignored them. It wasn’t long after I heard that an old friend of mine who was a week older than me had only weeks to live with pancreatic cancer. Her Mum lives next door to mine, so I always heard how she was doing. Christmas came and went and the pains got worse and so did my friend. She died on Feb 28th aged 47 and leaving 2 kids aged 21 and 14. I was so shocked. Then on Easter Sunday I was staying with Mum and my heart suddenly went nuts. I felt completely lethargic and my left leg and left side of my face went numb (which they had been doing on and off for several weeks, but I chose to ignore it as it would only last for a few minuits.) I then started to shake uncontrollabley and Mum called an ambulance. This scared me even more. The lovely paramedics did an ECG there and then and it was clear. They said they’d never seen such a severe panic attack. They suggested I go the ER which I did (here in the UK there’s no cost.) I had another ECG and my heart still said it was fine. Since then I’ve been back and forth to my DR who can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong other than possible acid reflux, but he still hasn’t done the test. My voice suddenly becomes all froggy as if I’m breathing in dust and I have night sweats and the numbness is still happening. I cry all the time too. My heart has these strange murmurs still. I actually quit smoking 2 months ago because of it all. I’ve started meditating etc, but even tho’ I quite enjoy it, the panic has taken away all joy. I said to a friend yesterday that I can’t remember what happiness feels like and if I will ever feel happy again. I do feel a bit like Frodo from LOTR!! I have just had a chest x-ray that said everything’s fine and astomach ultrasound that said the same. I had bloods taken last month and the platelets were fine and the blood count fine. They’re doing them again and checking for vitamin deficiencies now. It’s all so crazy. I’m a musician and I can’t even find joy in the music. I’m supposed to be moving into a new flat soon as my old place is being sold, so I’m staying with good friends (who are away for 10 days) one of whom’s a Dr and her partner a vegan chef, so I’m eating healthily and can talk to them, but I don’t like to say too much. It’s just consumes all my thoughts and I can’t concentrate properly on every day conversations with them (although I’ve never been one for ordinary conversations being on the Ascension path.) So, I’m going to think about getting the Panic Away kit (finances willing) as these past 2 months in particular have been hell. I thank all of you for sharing and it’s helped me tremendously as until a couple of hours ago when I found this site, I wasn’t sure what was happening to me and I just thought I’m dying with every ache and pain in my chest and under my rib cage and the strange little electric shock/needle stabs that I get and the fact I feel like I’m going to pass out every now and then. I really don’t want to take any meds either. So, One Love in the Light to All of us and WE WILL GET THRU THIS. Thanks again Barry et All. Seb.

  • Lisa

    I was taught to think of a panic attack as a little dog barking at you. If you try to run away, it will chase you down and try to bite you (because you are allowing a fear reaction). If you look it in the face and tell it, “I know what you are – come and get me” and stand your ground, it will wander away because it has lost its power. This kept me from going through a cycle of panic attacks for almost 4 years. It has a lot of the same empowerment aspects mentioned here, which is comforting/confirming.
    Panic attacks run in my family. I watched my father having them when I was growing up, and I spent so much of my childhood in the emergency room waiting room. I learned from that that they aren’t fatal, so I have had tests, but I’ve never been to the emergency room, thankfully. Nonetheless, I’ve been having them off and on for over 25 years, and have been out of work for over a month now because the background noise (constant anxiety) is high enough that my concentration is off. My job requires focus and concentration. My hope is that I can find something through this program to help me clear out the background noise.

  • lani

    wow, all these articles of how others have been suffering is what I am going through right now. I had a major attack while at a stop light and I could not control it. I am terrified leaving my house even to go to work.Or really anywhere. I get scared I am going to have an attack and no one will know what is happening, and my sons don’t like it when I leave my house cause they know it is a possibility I could have one.

    The other thing to is the heat, caffeinated soda, watching certain shows in intense situations, crowded places and places that do not have good ventilation trigger my attacks. I hv to have any car or room ice cold for me to be stable enough to function.

    I am moving with my cousin and I am 40 years old, because I fear being alone. I am moving across the United States just to be with someone 24/7. I am going to look into this. I have been on prescription meds and natural supplements to get a grip on this and it has been so depressing. If I sleep all day then I wont have one. It’s just been hard. Good luck to everyone and thank you for all your stories.

  • Eda

    hello.i am 21 year old. i started to have panic attack at the period that i was ill and no one of doctors could find me what i had. i cryed everyday and i thinked that my life was in danger. and now from that day have pased about 6 months that i am not well. i have find your web and i am more quiet. only the thought that there are other peoples like me makes me feel better. all the things you have sent to me are true, all the sentations you have described. before i find your web i didnt know what was happening to me, i thought i was going crazy. and i dont know where to go for a visit because i have afried to tell to others for my problem because i think that no one will understand me,this is even of my country that is not so emancipate. now i can control the panic attack but i have problems with anxiety. i am well for some days and i forgot all the bad things but anxiety comes back to me every 5 days (for example) . i want to control my anxiety. i am tired of this feeling. please help me.
    thank you

  • margaret

    hi there

    just a little update to let you know how i have been coping with my panic attacks since my previous comments left on your site on march this year. I still take panic attacks but not as much as i used to and i can keep them under control and now i have had no hospital visits either yipee feel a whole diffrent person and my life is back on track and it is all thanks to your program. i went to my doctor and told him about your site and the way it has benifited me and recommended that he lets other patients know who suffer from panic attacks about your site. I cant thank you enough for helping me get my life back on track and that there is light at the end of the tunnell so keep your good work up.

    thanks mags x

  • britneedee

    To anyone that can relate… Ok my very first panic attack was about a year ago, it was when I was driving. I started noticing that my hands were getting sweating and then all of a sudden I had to put the car in park and jump out. My whole body felt like it was collapsing.. from my head to my toes. I had no idea what was going on I, like everyone else thought I was having a heart attack or dying. It was the most terrifying thing that I have yet experienced. I was so confused, I didn’t understand why this was happening. I went to the hospital, told them what happened and they said ” yep you just experienced a panic attack.. heres some medicine that will help you.” OK? I thought there was more to it. It had to be… so I had my EKG checked that was fine… one night I had went to the ER b/c of another panic attack and I had asked them to do a cat scan b/c I thought I had tumors or something.. they said everything looked fine. Another time they checked my blood sugar… they said that was fine… I still to this day have not yet coped with this problem. Doctors have me on paxil right now.. when will it ever stop???? I just started reading Barry’s insights and I believe that they will help me. We will overcome this one day.

  • Nads

    Thank you for this programme, i actually feel relieved and positive now, i know im not the only one suffering from this. A lot of the comments have given me hope. now i can smile and have some hopes. i’m ready to conquer my fears

  • shradha

    i have been suffering from panic attacks for the past 3 years. earlier they used to be very regular and frequent andi used to havemany panic attacks in one day. It slowly reduced in frequency but the intensity has increased . I get gripped with terror and severe unbearable painful sensations. the most commom manifestation in my case is obsessive unwanted images. those images are so gory and the form they take can be so ghastly that one does not know what to do. these images can come while/after reading,singing, interacting with people. i have been following some cognitive therapy but the therapy never taught me how to face these panic attacks. But i am sure the technique ypou have mentioned above will definitely help me to overcome it one day.

  • Neil Young

    That makes so much sense, A panic attacks appears like a thief in the night.I dont remember exactly when I had my first panic attack,but I do know its logged in my brain as fear.That loop we know it so well,trying to talk your way out of dieing,what a joke.But by breaking the cycle by inducing a panic attack is genius.Im going to give it a try. My panic attacks have been triggered by a night of drinking whiskey,not vodka,now my drink of choice.Tomorrow I will drink a sufficiant amount of whiskey to trigger a panic attack.And while Im experiencing this induced panic attack I will be on line logging every feeling. NOW IME IN CONTROL

  • kian

    hi, i have been having panic attacks every day so far for the past years of what i remember, which is nothing compared to the other people on this site. I read your panic free advice just to say BRING IT ON!, at first i thourght you where crazy but as soon as i felt my heart feeling as if it was going to stop or do something that would do some damage to me, casuing me to think i am not going to live, the fear was deep and i had no one to talk to they all thourght i was going crazy i tried doctors,medication,councling and your advice, well i tell you i tried it, the next time my heart went and went into full blown panic and did what you said and i don’t fear another day going by, as if I NEVER HAD THEM!!! i really don’t know how to thank you i don’t know how long this would have been goin on without you THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!

  • April

    Hey I got my second news letter today and your words make so much sense, I’ve had panic attacks every day for 6 months they started the day my momma died, the scarriest thing I’ve ever been through and even now I’ll get a different symptom it worries me for a while, and then I hear or read about someone who has that very same symptom, I’ve read a lot of info on these things and all of it seems to help a little it’s comforting to know that your not dying and by taking a few simple steps, that you can beat panic attacks hope to purchase your book very soon, I thank God for you and all the others who help us. Thanks April Dawn

  • Georgia Dunstan

    Hey, im only a teenager but i just read your article and it makes so much sense to me. Every time i have a panic attack, it’s mostly when I leave my mum like when she goes to work of a morning and i don’t really like having sleepovers very much but i try anyway and nothing bad happens its always just me worrying that bad things are going to happen but there actually not. Like she’s going to have an accident or something. But my mum always said don’t worry till it actually happens. So i’d like to say a big thankyou for helping me out by me just reading one small article and so far it’s helped me alot.
    Cheers, georgia

  • Tanya

    Hi, I am from India, and i ve been suffering from this problem from 10 months. I was so scared of going anywhere that my whole life was on hold because of this, i could not travel and lately, I even stopped leaving my home. i was going barmy mad that something is seriously wrong with me.
    I read everything in that book (Panic Away) along with the mp3s. It was miracle. I didn’t believe the way it has worked. I am totally fine and within 2 days I am doing all the stuff i have ignored from past 10 months. Miracle. So, I couldn’t stop myself from commenting here to at least give the credit where its due, as i am not financially very strong at the moment (Docs took all my savings on God knows what tests and useless treatments). Thanks Mr. Barry Joe McDonagh. U r truly an angel for me!!

  • Taylor

    Hey this is Taylor from Toronto, Ontario, I’ve been suffering panic attacks for over 3 years now, I’m 19 of age, and ever since my first one I have always thought it was heart-related problems, so i dealt with it believing that was just not true, but then i kept getting them, over and over, so a bunch of other thoughts came over. JUST by reading your article here it has helped me alot, the past week I have suffered 4 panic attacks and tonight i couldn’t even sleep cause I was so scared that i was gonna flat-line (Even though i knew i wasn’t). I cant wait to buy this, and I cant tell you how much you’ve helped me already. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Peace be with ya always!

  • Jaime C.

    Hi…. my name is jaime chartley and i, like all of the others suffer from panic attacks. I’m in 5th grade and have been dealing with these symptoms for only 1 week. The first time i suffered of the attacks i thought it was just my sinuses acting up, then when it happened again i thought ” okay this doesn’t happen twice in 2 days”. It slowly progressed over the night until i tried to go to sleep for the first day of school. I felt short of breath. This made me panic even further until i felt my air supply was next to nothing. my mom took me to the E.R., i was extremeley scared. They hooked me up to all sorts of machines and gave me a drug called ATAVAN. The medacation they gave me made me calm down enough to tell them how i felt. They told me i had a panic attack. I didn’t believe them because the fear was so real. I returned home at 1:30 in the morning so i was unable to go to my first day of school. The next day i had a very minor attack, but it happened earlier than it had before. And today i had a slightly intense panic attack. The worst part of it all is that my BEST BEST BEST friend is coming to Florida for a very rare visit, and my family is going to gorgia the same weekend. My mom said i could stay with my other friend who lives very close to where we live if i learned to control my panic attacks. So we searched “how to control panic attacks”. i found this site and read the stories of other people and was inspired. This site stopped my panic attacks short for the first time!

  • joe

    these are fantastic comments that are inspiring and give you hope and confidence just by reading it I read them all the time thanks for them Joe MTZ

  • Valencya

    I too have had several attacks brought on by either consumption of a caffeinated beverage or an energy drink. In every scenario, I’ve HAD to take my medicine because I couldn’t calm myself down on my own. I now DO NOT drink anything containing caffeine or anything energy boosting. I have though found that exercise, eating healthy and surrounding myself with positive people and environments has helped in decreasing the odds of one occuring.

  • Hayley Loveday

    omg thats exactly what happened to me last night, I rang NHS Direct and they told me to go to A & E but as I had to leave my husband at home with the kids at 3am I felt I couldn’t of gone on my own. I’m exhausted today from lack of sleep I was restless all night until my system gave up at 6.30am! In a weird way its nice to know ure not alone. I feel ive just been working too much and having the kids off school for a ridiculous length of time in the Summer Holidays doesnt help. But I’m trying to think positive, the kids go back to School soon and I enjoy my job and am very lucky to be able to choose my hours, so I’ll cut back a bit and relax.

  • Tracy

    Hi, try not to worry about the panic attacks, although they are frigtening they cant do you any harm. i have had them for 17 years on and off, i find this website a great help, its good to know that your not alone, personally i find visualisation very comforting, i do this when feeling stressed and when not stressed, this seems to prevent mine from occuring, give it a try.

  • olivia

    HI, I had panic attacks since 2 months.. I thought i will going to dying because of my heart beat as fast.. I went to ER as 20 times… They said my heart is normal…. also I am image too much in my mind like ( what if my heart will stop? or sleep death) that what i scared of this….
    I try my best to stop panic attacks.. I knew they wont HARMFUL US.:)

  • Rebecca

    Wish I had found this sight years ago. Have found reading everyones experiences extremely helpful. Therefore I feel its only right I should share mine incase it can help someone else. I have been having panic attacks since 19. Am 32 now. Was drug raped at 19 and had “episodes” every year or couples of years usualy lasting a few weeks. To start with the attacks would be triggered by flashbacks of what happened. It was only a few years ago tho that I identified what was happening as panic attacks. It was after I had had one of the worst ever session of attacks. Long attacks repeatedly one after the other for a few days! Had to shut myself away with close family. I have had PA’S from as mild as just the th thought that im gonna have one to ones that include either all or some of: heart palpitations,dizzyness,hyperventilating,seizures,passing out, prickly feet,vomiting. The worst session of attacks I had one christmas was when I worked myself up so much i projectile vomited and was passing out for minutes at a time after fitting convincing me I had epilepsy! Even after a DR told me i didnt i didnt believe him because he couldnt offer me any alternative explanation.The worst thing though is the accompanying thoughts – being a born again christian – my beliefs tend to get turned upside down, I think the world is ending, God doesnt exist or doesnt love me and I m dying and theres nothing I can do to stop it. They can be triggered by a number of things – stress,working too much,lack of sleep,something traumatic happening ie car crash, funeral. Once a period of attacks starts tho they can happen at any time. Just standin in a supermarket my mind will wander first,then the heart palpitations. As the years have gone on I have learnt coping strategies. The only thing I will take to help calm me down are herbal alternatives to medication: Kalms and herbal nytol or valancia to help me sleep. And bach rescue flower remedies. They do actually seem to help. And failing that a shot of vodka actually does the trick temporarily. Have also learnt certain thought patterns to try and kick in before it gets to heart palpitation stage. Just simple statements like ITS NOT REAL. am going to be normal again in a few minutes and God loves me. Whatevr will mean something to you in the middle of panicing. I still get mild ones now and am quite hopeful and fairly confident that I will never have the severe ones again after learning what they are and how to cope with them. Other things I find that help are just to remove myself from whatever situation or place am in. I often find they happen in the shower as its not very mind occupying and a small space my mind can start to go so now I just jump out even if am not done and switch on the radio or something. Just a quick change of scene can help. Have had to leave a dinner in a restaurant with my husband coz i felt one coming and was just so weak and fed up from having them i couldnt stop crying. I do find though that when I get to the stage of crying about it or getting angry n throwing things that its a release and a healing process. My latest series of attacks, quite mild but still scarey was just recently after getting married. Was really stressed before the wedding and I could feel my mental state building up to it. Managed not to have any on my wedding day but soon as was on my honeymoon in Turkey a strange place with strange culture and religion they hut my. I gradually coped with the support of my husband,bach flower rescue remedies and catching up on my sleep. Swimming with dolphins actually helped a great deal! Its been about a week now since I had a wobbler as I call them and I reckon I can sit now and say Bring it on! And nothin happens. Can-t gaurantee it will never happen again but maybe one day with Gods grace I will finally be over them. God bless all you guys and I pray for quick and thorough healing for this horrible condition which no-one who hasnt experienced it can ever understand how truly awful, terrifying and debilitating it can be. Stay strong guys – you can beat it!Demand your life back!

  • Angel


    I have just discovered this website and have received my first newsletter. WOW. There are people out there that do understand.

    I have suffered from argophobia/ panic disorder for many years , I searched for help from GP’S and the like no-one knew how to treat me, sometimes I couldn’t even sit in the doctors waiting room or office, the only treatment that was given was anti depressives. When I have a panic attack it is the fear of losing control, when I take medication I feel like I have lost control , the never-ending cycle . The last few years have been horrendous, I now never leave home unless it’s with a “safe person”. I have missed out on so much life, I could never attend weddings or my kids concerts or school act-ivies, I have no problems at night in fact I feel at peace at night, mainly because I don’t have to go anywhere. ( like appointments and the like) .

    My panic attack happen when my exits are blocked I feel trapped….. I can’t stop at a red light in traffic as I feel trapped as I can’t go forward/ backward/sideways etc. cant stand in line at supermarkets, banks, movies etc….. anywhere I feel trapped.

    I am unemployed now as I feel trapped at work, every single day I sit at home alone.Too afraid to leave my safe environment. Too afraid to leave for fear of having a panic attack.

    I feel I am only existing not living, sometimes I pray I die so I don’t have to feel like this anymore.

    I want to thank each and everyone for sharing their stories as NOW I don’t feel so lost…….

  • Leticia

    Hi All,

    I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for the last 3 years, I think. But only in the last year has it got really bad. I am afraid to go up to the top level of the shopping centre fearing that I will have an attack, as I have in the past, and any really open space in shopping centres or even in the outdoors produces the same effect.

    Unfortunately, with the stress of the last few weeks (after my Dad’s accident where he fainted and fell back and hit his head) my anxiety has risen. Now I don’t have many panic attacks, but i just have a general sense of anxiety that comes and goes throughout the day. This is now preventing from getting a good night’s sleep…..and I usually don’t fall asleep until hours after being in bed, restlessly trying to find a comfortable position.

    I just hope that all of this can be over soon. I realise I need to do a lot more to overcome this, but it has been a serious problem. The worst of this is that I should be thinking about my Dad and how he is doing (he is getting better though) and I shouldn’t be stressing my Mum out.

    I pray God will help me to get over this soon….so I can get on with life.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you all get better too.


    PS It is encouraging to read how some of you are now no longer suffering from this. That’s fantastic! And I wish everyone out there the best in life! Take care 🙂

  • Darko

    I can imagine the first time i found this on the net, and was thinking that nobody knows how i feel …

    Believe or not …

    I didn’t take nothing special
    i have only read Barry’s columns, and watch the video
    it’s all in your head, when you got that you can control your anxiety
    try the example with facing the attack, and telling him to take the best shot and that it’s your turn,
    honestly it helped me very much when barry it’s saying that there is no need to panic cause the attacks are not dangerous at all…
    god bless you Barry best …thank you once more
    all the best…
    greetings from Skopje, Macedonia

  • Mary

    I suffered my first panic attack in work at a meeting with a client. I knew instantly it was a panic attack but was absolutely shocked because I didn’t realise how stressed I was at work until then. My life changed after the attack. I was no longer able to work as effectively as I was before and began to dread any sort of meeting because I was worried the attack would happen again. Eventually it began to seep into my social life and unfortunately I have had some periods of panic in that area of my life too. I went to therapy which I found exhausting but didn’t really help. At times I was so anxious that all I could think about was the next panic attack. I was so embarrassed of this ‘new unconfident me’ and I was scared anyone particularly my colleguages would find out. I began to feel better when my amazingly kind doctor listened to me and perscribed me beta blockers which helped with the shaking. Another thing I noticed that alcahol (especially) and coffee really brought on and exasperated attacks so I learned to avoid them during the week. Exercise has helped me enormously-I have been running for many miles most day which makes me feel so much more calm for the day. I have lost weight also due to the exercise so that has made me a bit more confident in social situations. I still get panic attacks but am trying all the time to deal with the problem head on by reading lots of self help books to try to make me feel more in control of my symptoms and stop it taking over my life. Reading all the comments amazes me as I had no idea that so many people suffered in the same way as I have and had. It makes me feel a lot more normal. The idea of letting myself have a panic attack is fantastic…I have been imaginging myself in meetings and trying to make myself have a panic attack but its not happening-I feel anxious but the shaking etc does not start.

    I am really pleased with the panic away site-THANK YOU!

  • Paula

    I had developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and severe anxiety about 13 years ago. It took about 2years for me to recover and that was with medication and therapy. I have been free from both for about 11 years. I went to college and got a teaching degree. About one month ago, I had two major surgeries done at the same time. One was to have my colon completely removed and the other was a total hysterictomy. The two were too big for me to handle on top of a few complications. My anxiety is back in full force and I am at a loss. My body is so unfamilar to me as are its patterns so everything scares me. Every time I move I am afraid. As I read all of the heart felt entries, I find myself wanting to reach out to you. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  • Alex

    Been having panic attacks at work only for about 4years. I hold a upper mgmt position and there is alot of situations where im in an office with clients and eventhough i seem completely fine on the outside,inside is complete turmoil. I have had many panic attacks in front of clients where my heart is racing, i get really hot and feel like i just want to run. That’s only happened once with my first panic attack, since then i still struggle but i don’t run. I just try with everything to float. I dwell and think about my anxiety a lot trying figure things out, just wannna feel like i used to. I hope your program helps me.

  • mercedes


  • Amy

    I love this site! I have suffered from depression and panic attacks for years. I am currently on Zoloft and I have .2mg of Xanax to take for emergencies only. Zoloft really helped me, but I have been on it for about 10 years now, and I have been having panic attacks again. They are worse then any I have had before and I believe it is from being laid off and off of work for over a month. I got a new job (a really good one) and I had to miss my 2nd day due to a massive panic attack. I feel like I am having to start all over again and it really does help knowing I’m not the only person out there who thinks I am going off the deep end. My depression and panic attacks before left me very afraid to leave the house, go to work, even to just go outside and I am afraid it will get like that again. My boyfriend has been really great and understanding about this, but I don’t know how much more understanding he will be if this keeps up or gets worse. It’s not fair to me or him. When I have a panic attack my heart races, I shake, I cry and cry and cry and even vomit sometimes. And yes, those dreaded runs are a given with a panic attack. I had to take a half of a Xanax last week and today just to calm down enough to make it. I love the newsletter and will keep reading them and your comments, as I can releate to alot of you. I just hope I can control this before I lose everything. God Bless.

  • Joan

    Hello Alex. Do not be afraid of having panic attacks. It happens in all situations but it is not any desease. Don’t worry about it. I’m facing this for more than 5 years and I have going and on to doctors, but oall results are OK. The firs step you have to do is accept that you feel this horrible feeling. Today I had one in class and I started to make a respiration course to relax. It’s not difficult, what you only need to do is: BREATH SLOWLY FOR TEN MINUTES. Do it! And add on it prayers to God. Let’s pray together. He will help us!!!

    P.s: Let’s keep in touch. Write to me:

  • Nads

    i started having panick attacks when i was about 14. the first time it occured i was in extreme fear i thought something was wrong with my heart cos it felt lik a heart attack. i was too scared to tell anyone so decided to keep it secret i avoided anything that could trigger them, such as sports, sum public spots, i even avoided doctors cos i always thought they might have said that i had heart problems and i wouldn’t know how to handle it cos a family member had heart prolems therefore i didnt want to be in the same situation. i spent years living with this until when i turned 21 i had major panick attacks at work that really freaked me out and i knew that i had to do something about it so i talked to a very close friend about it. she listened to me didnt judge and took me to the doctor and from the tests i did there was nothing wrong with my heart or anythin but i was still worried and had more panic attacks. i decided to do my own research on the internet then i found this website about panick attacks, i purchased it and since i started reading the panic away kit i did not have a single panick attack. it was like a miracle, i had my last panick attack on 7th july this year and it’s been 3 months now and my life has jus completely changed, it’s lik all those thoughts had been erased from my head, i never think about having panick attacks or worrying about anything, i feel a lot happier than before. Thanks a lot for the panick away kit. IT’S A LIFESAVER!!

  • Aliah

    Hi there,

    Like Katie From Ireland, your newsletters are all i can afford at the moment ,no money to buy the book and i really appreciate them, its great to think you still help even if theres no sale at the end.

    I have been on alprazolam and xanax for nearly 2 yrs now and after reading your newsletter seems to help to reduce the attacks.

    Can’t wait to stop the medication and live like normal again.

    Thank you for your helping hands only god can repay you for your good intention.

  • Maria

    I have been struggling with panic attacks for years but always hid them away, when starting a new job this year I cant hide them away any longer. My problem tends to be in conferences or meetings I also visit clients at home and just that initial step of approaching the front door would send me into panic. When i go out i find it difficult to go into shops or offices. I suffer from light headidness and fear of fainting. I have been away from work for a month now but I am going to go to work tomorrow since reading this. i am going to attempt to bring on a panic attack and then applying the techniques. I hope I can control this awful feeling away. I dont want to live my life inside my house.

  • Jake

    I cant wait to try this program. Seems my life is over before it even really started. I live in a very small town, only one gas station and no general store, and have not been out of it for over a year because of my panic/anxiety issues. Im 25 and living with my parents, have had my symptoms for over 4 years, we havent had a decent paying job in about 6 months, going through an audit and not sure if we will be able to make the next months mortgage. I have no idea of when I will be able to gather up enough money to purchase this program on account of both cards being maxed out, no work in the near future, and too worried and frightened to go out of town to get work. I just hope that I can hang in there long enough to possibly round up enough cash to get this going. I am so ready to conquer this absolute life ruining horror that is called the anxiety attack!

  • proposition 19

    i started having panick attacks when i was about 14. the first time it occured i was in extreme fear i thought something was wrong with my heart cos it felt lik a heart attack. i was too scared to tell anyone so decided to keep it secret i avoided anything that could trigger them, such as sports, sum public spots, i even avoided doctors cos i always thought they might have said that i had heart problems and i wouldn’t know how to handle it cos a family member had heart prolems therefore i didnt want to be in the same situation. i spent years living with this until when i turned 21 i had major panick attacks at work that really freaked me out and i knew that i had to do something about it so i talked to a very close friend about it. she listened to me didnt judge and took me to the doctor and from the tests i did there was nothing wrong with my heart or anythin but i was still worried and had more panic attacks. i decided to do my own research on the internet then i found this website about panick attacks, i purchased it and since i started reading the panic away kit i did not have a single panick attack. it was like a miracle, i had my last panick attack on 7th july this year and it’s been 3 months now and my life has jus completely changed, it’s lik all those thoughts had been erased from my head, i never think about having panick attacks or worrying about anything, i feel a lot happier than before. Thanks a lot for the panick away kit. IT’S A LIFESAVER!!

  • Nancy

    I am seriously considering the Panic Away Program. I have been diagnosed with having GAD. Years ago when I first learned this diagnosis, I never really understood panic as a whole. In the last 16 months, I have finally discovered, more so today (11-9-10), that what I’ve experienced and what I am currently experiencing is merely anxiety and not some life-threatening problem that will end in serious consequences. My anxiety problems really took hold in July, 2009, when I began experiencing panic attacks due to symptoms of drug withdrawal. The withdrawal was from Paxil and Temazepam. It crippled me to the point where I was not sleeping at all at night for a period of 2 months. Finally, I was hospitalized and given medication to help with the terrible insomnia. Since then, as of today, I am currently off the medications I was put on in the hospital (namely Klonopin, Ambien, and once again Paxil). I was prescribed Nortriptyline in March of this year, and that medication has enabled me to discontinue all three medications. Currently, though, I am having “funny” feelings in regard to being on this medication because it can cause serious problems with the heart. I never fully realized until today that those “funny feelings” are actually my anxiety problem being in full force, even though I did not recognize that. I am experiencing dread and an overwhelming unhappiness about having to be on medication. The main reason for the medication is to help with my chronic insomnia, which I believe is anxiety-related. All of this has finally come to my attention today. I have an overwhelming sadness that I have to take a drug like Nortriptyline to solve my sleep issues (not to solve them but to manage them), and the fear that I will for the rest of my life have to do this). I want to be free, so I am going to learn all I can about the Panic Away Program before I make the commitment. I did experience a great amount of peace just listening to the presentation about the Program. I recognized Barry’s voice from the summer of 2009 when I had an email which featured a technique to relax. It involved taking deep breaths and traveling down an escalator. I have since accidentally lost this email, but when I heard Barry’s familiar voice, I was amazed.

  • Lisette

    I just had my first panic attack last year when i was on disability, thought it was a one time thing. I was wrong. apparently my stress got the best of me and manifested itself into a panic attack last tuesday, have had 2 big ones since then, plus a visit to the hospital 🙁 been feeling dizzy and out of it most of the week and the palpitations wont stop… definitely stopped the caffein! Im hoping i can beat this before it gets any further. I read these stories and cant imagine having this feeling for years! I hope all of you are getting some relief now! Im happy i stumbled on this site!

  • Nina

    Just like to start off by saying a universal Sorry to everyone! I used to think (Like a lot of people) that panic attacks and anxiety were just things suffered by slightly naturally nervous wusses! (Sorry on the spelling throughout also!) I used to think that, as a fairly strong natured, adventurous type that I’d never get anything like that… Im really sorry to all… panic attacks are really scary and if you’re anything like me then life can get a bit limited when you’ve got to plan every journey around where the nearest hospital is in case i’m really ill or something dreadful happens. Really hope Panic Away works, just reading everyone experiences has really helped. Just hoping that the next time I start to get the fear and tingly-numbness in my limbs that I can remember that some of you guys have had this for years and are still here, healthy and pretty damn brave for dealing with this stuff for so long. Cheers for listening to the rambling 😀

  • Sean

    I had my first panic attack some 6 yrs ago i never knew what its called and did not go hospital because i did not know wot was going on then. i had another one 2 yrs ago and i went to the hospital the doctors said am alright that its mare panic..i am going through terribly period now and seeing the symptoms and almost want to go hospital and i saw this website helpful that i overcomes it without even ordering the program ,but i just bought both the program and the download version. i can never have the attack again even if the syptoms comes ill overcome it within 21 sec countdown.

  • Jen V

    I have exactly the same situation as you described. My attacks are brought on by my fear of dying and leaving my family. ive been to the ER more than 12 times in the last 18 months. I see a shrink, a therapist, my medical doctor, a medical masage therapist, take yoga, meditate and am on a host of meds. Ive had a heart scan which was perfect and while the thoughts of dying dont consume me anymore the attacks bring the fear of dying back so its a vicious circle. I plan to download the program, how can I not? Ill let you know how it goes.


  • Daniel

    Hi all, i have only just been diagnosed with GAD and was given certain medications which helped to start off with as i was having problems resting, ie. sitting down, lying down, and i have cracked heels from pacing up and down all night. I cant drive at speeds over 60 km/h because i’m scared i won’t follow the road and just before i had an attack while my wife lied down for a half hour sleep and left me in charge of our infant son. I feel awkward around everyone and irritable while waiting for something. i am going to get this program because the syptoms have come back and i think it was just a placebo effect that created a short term solution. I just pray to God it works.

  • Charli

    I am 22yrs old, and i experienced my first panic attck when i was around 15, before that i had suffered with insomnia. I remember being sat at my grandmother’s house, and all of a sudden i came over all warm, and i felt so trapped, like i just needed to escape and run as far as my feet could take me, it was such a scary feeling… My grandmother phoned the ambulance and they were convinced i was having a heart attack… i found later after spending around 4 hours at the hospital, that my heart was completely normal!
    They sent out a psychologist that visited me every week, and taught me breathing techniques.. this really helped at that time.. but since then i have had panic attacks and anxiety and those techniques just don’t work anymore.
    I have for the last 3 weeks been experiencing severe anxiety brought on by reading a bio of a horror film. It may sound ridiculous, but my mind just seems to lose control and fill my head with horrible thoughts and images, and nothing i try can make them disappear, it’s also affected my eating too. I’m told i have a very sensitive nature, and need to be more selective over the things i watch/listen/read etc.
    I just wish some times that life had a rewind button, and you could undo all those situations that put you in a place of fear… i know that’s not possible, so the only solution is to deal with the problems head on…
    I cannot afford to buy the programme at the present moment, but i feel easier in the knowledge that others are experiencing the same problems as me… i’m not crazy after all! =)

  • Nabs


    I had my first panic attack 5.5 years ago. I have always been a worrier, espescially about my health. My first panic attack changed my life. I was always in a state of worry, fearing another attack. I was prescribed Zoloft by my psychiatrist and I gradually started feeling better. I began to cut down my dosage, and I still improved. On my 22nd birthday, I decided to stop my medication. I felt great for about 6 months, but in the last two months my anxious feelings have been re-appearing. Two weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart and racing thoughts that could not be slowed. Ever since then, I am anxious before going to bed and my general anxiety levels are quite high throughout the day. I have butterflies in my stomach and weird vibrating sensations in my body. I am trepadatious to do anything. The strange thing is that I should not be anxious, because I have absolutely nothing to worry about. Maybe its my idle mind…

  • shev

    I am so so grateful for for this information. I started getting these attacks two weeks ago and it is just incredible how knowing that you are not alone in this and the description of the symptoms and experiences are really soul food to recovery and an instant uplifting of one’s mood and a greater determination to fight this thing.
    God Bless you all and lets pray together for a victory.


  • mario

    hi, i believe that i suffered from a panic attack or anxiety attack about a week ago. i went to the emergency room that night thinking that i was going to die. and ever since i am constantly thinking about what happened, and i just haven’t been the same person i was. i really want to return to the person i was where i could nap whenever i wanted during the day without my heart starting to pound of the feeling of becoming dizzy. i had a blood test chest xray ekg and the doctor says nothing is wrong with me. Your words have uplifted my spirit, and to all of you that suffer from the same thing i hope everything gets better. i Just want to never feel these symptoms again, and go back to living the life i was before i suffered my first attack.

    Thank you,

  • Diane

    Thank all, for all the great informations!

    I hate to depend on meds to control my life..Its something that we need to deal with on our own and how to control your body n mind. Believing in God, pray and pray that it will get better..

  • Shirlene

    Hi Guys!

    I too like everyone else started to experience a massive panic attack (followed by more) 8 weeks ago. Just out of the blue, after starting an awesome new job and driving to work in traffic. I managed to get out of the traffic and preceeded to think that I WAS GOING TO DIE………waves of heat were coming up from my feet up my body, I couldnt breathe, felt like a huge weight was on my chest, nausea, dizzyness and felt like I was going to soil myself………I tried to breathe……and subsequently after 20 minutes drove home TO SAFETY…….I just thought that I had been overdoing it and not sleeping well……so I decided to put pjs on and go to bed…..ONLY to have more and more attacks……I WAS CONVINCED I WAS GOING TO DIE…I even had some out of body experiences. Like the rest of you I have had countless doctors visits and ECGS, blood tests etc etc….and all the results were normal (which made me breath easier)…..I opted for NO DRUGS…….and found myself after three weeks only having had 27 hours sleep….OPTING FOR DRUGS (I had tried all the natural remedies, bach flower remedies and nothing seemed to work). I was prescribed zolcopolene………VERY VERY VERY ADDICTIVE and not only I found myself having vicious nightmares and horrible thoughts……I only took half a tab for 4 days……..then I reverted back into auyrvedic Ashwaganda and Tagara ( for relaxation and sleep), also I introduced a Traumatic Stress Cd when going to bed (so my focus was on the therapist, away from thoughts of impending DOOM)……well for the last 4 weeks…….8 hrs sleep a night with NO INTERUPTION. Also I have now put more focus ON MYSELF rather than everyone elses cares and worries……..I started a healthy eating regieme (not that I was a junk foodie ever) with plenty of green vegetables and fruit and I started ZUMBA at home after one week…..5kgs lost and I am feeling better about myself……can stay at home alone and have started to drive again (ok, not far up to 7km but its a start)……I also came to the realisation and surrendered that this transient hiccup was just that transient…..and Im taking this time to take care of myself (YES even weekly manicures and pedicures homestyle). I stopped CAFFIENE IMMEDIATELY (Im italian so I would drink copious amounts of short black coffees EVERYDAY…..I know that it wont be forever…..but I decided to give my nervous system A BREAK. Dont get me wrong…….I have my good days, and I also have my Dooomy Gloom Days when I just want to hide from the world….but I started counting my good days and every week gets better. I am without a job (at present) but there is plenty to do around the house and garden and who said that it needs to be spring to spring clean??? Also I found it very therapeutic to have a clean out of the wardrobe, photo albums and anything that has been bringing me down over the years…… they say A messy (car, room, house, wardrobe) leads to a messy mind and messy thoughts. I look foward to being able to order the product but at present financially cant, so will utilize the newsletters for the time being. Rembember to deeply and consciously LOVE AND APPROVE OF YOURSELF………..putting yourself DOWN, BELITTLING YOURSELF, HAVING GRANDURE EXPECTATIONS ON YOURSELF is OF NO POSITIVE PURPOSE.

    Be gentle on yourself!!!! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And one note to finish with STOP READING ALL THE POSTINGS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE LIVED WITH THESE HICCUPS FOR MULTIPLE YEARS….what purpose is it????? Everyones situation is DIFFERENT thats why we are called individuals. Enjoy being you and know that deep within lies all the answers……….FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!!!!

    God Bless, and Merry Christmas and may 2011 BE FANTASTIC FOR EVERYONE!!!

    Love & Light


  • Laura

    I’ve often had off days where I feel unhappy but during winter 2007/8 I got really bad anxiety problems where I just felt sick and tired all of the time which led to me losing nearly a stone in weight. During spring 2008 it went away on it’s own and my moods have been fairly stable since then. However I woke up yesterday feeling awful, like nothing was real and my legs and arms were wobbly. In the end I was actually sick and have been feeling quite sick ever since. I don’t want it to last like it did that time before and I have a lot of work to do but am struggling to find the energy, I just want to sleep. I also shake quite a bit. I’ve booked a doctors appointment and hoping to learn some technique to make it all go away.

  • TOLA

    Tola Oduyale (Nigeria)

  • Dreamer

    Hello, Monday Nov 15, 2010 I decided to really get organized because I started working remotely (from home) for a pharmaceutical company. It’s very common to work from home in my position and I thought it would be perfect for my life. I could save money etc. Well, by 530pm that first evening, as the sun had already set, I reminded myself that I had not been outside all day and immediately had my first panic attack. I felt the walls of my home-office were closing in on me. My heartrate increased and I felt the need to escape. I just had to get out of the house! Get some fresh air. I changed clothes and decided to go for a run and after 2miles returned and still felt that my home was stuffy and closing in on me. I stayed up watching tv all night and had never done this before. By 5am I was able to nap for two hours. OMG! My home is the trigger? My home-office the fear??? But why??? The next day I still felt “on-edge” ALL DAY like adrenaline was rushing through my body. I got out of the house and went to wholefoods for GABA (a natural relaxing supplement), but this did not help after an hr, so I decided to go to the Emergency Room. After a fulll run of fluid tests (urine, blood) everything came back normal and I was sent to the Hospital Psychiatrist. I was told that I had a panic attack. I was prescribed .25mg of Vistaril for 2 weeks and seek counseling. It is a very low, yet effective dose, and NON HABIT FORMING. I was told to take it 3 times a day and seek Psychotherapy immediately. I have set up counseling sessions to talk about my life and even delve into my background/childhood to try to see what triggered the onset. I had increased caffeine, alcohol and junk food in the 3 weeks prior, so that could have been a culprit. Also, I normally eat healthy, but probably had not practiced that in the 2-3 weeks prior. However, this was the first day working from home doing a job i’ve been doing for years. It had to be something else. It’s been a month and I’m still on the medicine, which has been working with no side-effects. I start Physchotherapy/Counseling sessions next Monday. Please note that there are programs that provide financial assistance for the counseling sessions if you cannot afford it. It can be a sliding scale (co-payment based on your income), or you may find a free program. I live in Washington DC, and found several options. They even have programs for people with no job and no insurance, so seek it if you feel you need it and can’t afford it. This post helped to ease my anxiety as it still returns randomly with no real trigger. I hope to get it under control and being honest with the counselor about EVERYTHING in your life will bring about results. It could be stress or something your have repressed deep inside you that wants to come out and does in the form of anxiety and panic. The Pyschiatrist said that we are going to ween me off the drugs completely as I move forward with counseling (I’m seeing a Psychiatrist and counselor). I’m told to work out regularly, stay away from caffeine and alcohol and to finds ways to relax. I can incorporate a drink here and there, but initially, until I get this monster under control, I’m staying away from “triggers”. I also am convinced that I should buy this Panic Away program to see how it works. There are way too many positive posts to NOT buy it. It seems like panic away is going to help me with my anxiety and panic attacks, so I will buy it, do the program and let you know what happens. By the way I’m a 29 year old male, with no family history of panic attacks. My life is not really stressful and I’m in really good health. This just randomly happened to me about a month ago. From what I’ve read, this is something we all can control. I also have learned from a pamphlet to say “This is just an uncomfortable feeling, it will go away soon” if you feel a panic attack coming. I say EDUCATE YOURSELF about this condition, know what coping exercises work best for you. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY OR WIERD! TAKE MENTAL CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! THIS WILL NOT HARM OR KILL YOU! WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS IF WE LOOK ANXIETY AND PANIC IN THE EYE AND TAKE OUR LIVES BACK!! Good luck and have a happy and joyous holiday season! I’ll repost after I complete the program. I’ll be completely honest about it an if I recommend it. I’m going to order it this week Dec 17th, 2010 off amazon. Blessings and have NO fear! Dreamer…

  • brian

    wow… This is great and more importanty I feel great… I’m 20 yrs of age and experienced my firt panic attack roughly 5 months ago… Since then I’ve had probly around 30 panic attack and today whie I was having a conversation with a famiy member they made a comment that brought on a full blown episode and I finay had enough… My plan was to go to the doctors tomorow and get medicated anythin to stop these dreadful things… So I got onine to do more research regarding attacks and the first site I came too was this one… I instantly signed up and received the newsletter and ( I’ve been fighting attacks all day simce the triggered one early this morning) and I’m delighted to say I feel empowered and delightful now (u should see the smile on my face) and literally from reading the free newsletter and about 60 of the reveiws I can honetly say I’m not scared of having a panic attack now… I’m kinda looking forward to the possible next one so I can give it the middle finger and laugh in it’s face (quite opposite of what I’d normay do as I’m sure you all know) … I’ve never posted a review but I think everone who suffers from these needs to know about this site and these wonderful strategies… Also it was a great help learning n physica harm can come from the episodes… I was worried I’d have a stroke at the age of 20 from these… Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

  • Amy

    Laura, I know just what you are talking about. I have struggled with this diease for many years. I was doing really good until September of this year when I was let go from my job. It has been a struggle everyday for me since then. I got a new job in the beginning of October and that is when I found this site and have been using the ideas and techniques from everyone and Barry and I was finally feeling good again and the eposides were few and far between each other. Well this past weekend my boyfriend of 2 years deceided to leave me for his ex-wife. I have been having a really bad weekend and It’s Monday and I am having a really bad day. I’m shaking, tired, have no energy and just want to cry all day. I am taking Barry’s advice and trying the steps again and I instantly start to feel better by trying them and reading about so many other people that struggle with this. I don’t feel so alone anymore and I love that there are so many people who can help on this and that there are so many people out there that I can talk to. If you ever want to talk about anything I am here for you! Anytime.

  • Aileen

    After reading some of these posts I’m starting to feel a lot better knowing there are other people out there with similar symptoms. I had my first panic attack a few years ago and thought it was just from smoking weed and if i didn’t smoke weed again i wouldn’t have that panic feeling but i was wrong. I started to get them in the past year and they would come out of no where. I would “space out” and feel like i was in a dream and never would get out of it then my heart would race and get slightly light headed. I truly thought i was going insane and my life would never be the same, but know that i know there are others like this in the world it gives me hope for a life free of panic attacks.

  • cara

    hello all, i am really glad i have come across this site. it was starting to come to a point where i didnt know what to do anymore.
    i experienced my first panic attack in may 2010, but wasnt really sure what it was as i didnt have another one again until september. i booked an appointment with my doctor, but she put it down to me being a bit overweight (and my blood pressure was slightly higher than it should have been). i have carried on having attacks since then, and i was too convinced that i was having a heart attack. i am afraid of being alone and only feel comfortable in my own home, i cant even bring myself to visit friends or family anymore. but since finding this website and reading about everyone elses experiences, it has made me feel more relaxed knowing that i am not having a heart attack and there are alot of other people going through the same thing as me.
    it is a horrible and terrifying feeling and i really hope everyone gets better ASAP.
    Thank you all for sharing your experiences, you have helped me alot!

  • Kimberly

    Hi all,

    WOW! I had no idea so many people (who are NOT crazy) had this going on.

    First thing: for those of you who have not ordered the course, DO IT.

    Emphasis for me: Be grateful. Learn (and practice) how to channel this “energy” to calm yourself down. Then MOVE ON. Focus on something else beside yourself. (Not always easy when you can’t breathe or think you’re having a heart attach–BEEN THERE).

    I thought I was out of the ZONE of TERROR until yesterday. Loss of control is NOT a good look for me. I had to go back to physical therapy for a seriously broken shoulder, and on awakening, started to feel that shaking that is the “aura” of an episode (aka, attack). I got angry. Very angry. Went into another room, and shouted (quietly), “NO, NO, NO!!! You are NOT GOING TO RUIN MY LIFE! STOP IT NOW!”

    I was pissed off, and I took control. End of session. It was over. I’m not afraid anymore. At all.

    Can’t tell you how long I’ve been dealing with this, and diagnosed during cancer, which is why it was missed. It’s really embarrassing, eh? But it’s not about drugs, unless you need a little push. Re-read Barry’s course, even if you’ve read it before. You can slow down, inside yourself.

    I’ve got it down now. Make yourself strong. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. This is NOT a “mental illness”.

    Hang in there, and thanks for writing,

  • Marilu

    I am grateful to have found this site and am thinking of ordering the program. However, I’m wondering if this program will help with anxiety and panic bronght on by the withdrawal from SSRI anti-depressants. I am in an almost constant state of panic all the time.. Comments would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • leah

    I have been suffering from panic attacks for over 2 years now. After the birth of my last child, it seemed to get worse. I dont go out, I avoid shops, driving, visiting friends, and I never use to be this way. I have seen a dr, had numerous tests, feel ill all the time in the stomach, have high bp now, that gets me even more nervous, I sometimes think Im going insane.. I read all the comments, and I think, oh my god, thats me!! Can this course help????

  • Mark


    That was such a considerate an thoughtful response that it gives me hope for a true expression of goodness in people. You are right, even if many people don’t realize it. The problem seems to seek people who feel inadequate in their responsibilities as parent, guardian, protector, boss, etc, etc, etc. There are so many jackasses who think only of themselves, what they can get for themselves, what they have etc and they never experience this type of anxiety. It’s only the empathetic, sympathetic, caring loving people who have this problem. So where does that leave us?


    Have you ever thought of the effect your attack would have on your children who are in your car, at the time, with you, during the period when you’re trying to fight it off? Yes, some of you have. That’s because you care, and that care adds to your anxiety,

    Have you ever thought, “what if I die, right now, and my family is left in this financial state without me?” Yes, some of you have. That’s because you care and that care adds to you anxiety.

    Have you ever thought, “I can’t die right now, I have to change [insert a thing] or I have to finish [insert a thing] or I couldn’t bear to think that my family would have to deal with [insert a thing] without me helping them”.

    Can you see a pattern? You’re a good person. It’s time that we good people understood something – we’re not alone. The person in the car in front of you may be experiencing the same thing. The person in the car behind you may be experiencing the same thing. The world can seem so crazy at times, but YOU are not wrong. Your thinking is right. So maybe tie up those loose ends so you don’t fear death. Maybe make sure that your family knows how you feel so you don’t fear death. But in any event, don’t fear death. That’s what really has a grip on you, not that you fear being dead, but you fear death! Once you tie up all the loose ends, you find that you don’t fear death. Then you find that you aren’t going to suddenly die. Then you can enjoy LIVING!

    So much of what we see and hear contradicts what we believe. That’s the root of the problem. Understand that YOU are right, and sometimes the WHOLE WORLD is wrong and, most importantly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. That realization in itself will give you strength, hope and peace of mind in ways that others will never understand. But they don’t have to. Only you do.

    Find the things that really matter to you. Make peace with them so that you can know that if you left this plane of existence this very second, the ones and things you love would be OK, then stop worrying about it and live, love and enjoy life. You really do deserve it, and together, we really can experience it.

  • Tiffany

    I am 22 years old soon to be 23 in June, I started having panic attacks on Dec 23rd, so scary, I actually couldn’t breath, my heart rate sped up to 160 beats per minute, I could swear there was something wrong with my heart, it’s the main thing that triggers me. Now I feel like I hear my heart all the time, even when it beats normal, I hear it in my hear all the time and my anxiety or panic attack I feel is so different from everyone else because it’s only my heart scaring me, it beats to fast which makes me so extremely scared. I have had ECK’s done, 2 to be exact, 2 chest x rays, a visit to the ER to confirm that same thing and now I will be getting an ecocardiogram, just to be sure. I just feel like it’s something more, does anyone else just have the fast, rapid heart beat? Is that considered a panic attack? Reading this newsletter really made me feel better in a good way though, I haven’t had any for the past hour, which is good in my opinion, I just keep asking it to come on and it’s not happening, so hopefully I will continue to do well and my heart will stay calm.

  • Laura

    I had my 1st one when I was about 12 and i fell to the floor thinking i was going to die, my heart as i describe it felt like it was turning inside out. I couldnt breath my chest was getting tighter and my head was dizzy. My mom rang the doctor and he said shes to young to have a panic attack or anything so drink warm milk. I couldn’t stop crying thinkin what is wrong with me and how could warm milk solve it, of course it did nothing!! I had a car crash a while before that so i thought thats what was bringing them on, i got them every few weeks from nothing. I could be in the shop and all of a sudden it comes. But i think maybe 4 years went on and i didnt get any so i thought “im over the shock of the crash im driving myself now everythings ok”.

    Then when i was 18 it happend again and it lasted an hour, it was the scariest thing ever, i was in my car in a car park at the time, i got paranoid thinkin everyones looking at me and laughing. I cant swollow properly when i am having a panic attack either. Then i didnt get another one for a few months, untill i was on holidays and i was walking down the main street and i stopped walking because i was having a panic attack, i couldnt move i had to side at the side of the road with people looking at me, and then my boyfriend not knowing how to help me. All the symptoms were happening again. The thought of goin sight seeing was so scary i didnt want to go up high or be in crowds.

    And then i had to get a flight home, i tryd to drink in the airport to calm my nerves but when we were in the air it happened again i was walking up and down and panicing and couldnt even sit still. It is the most horrible feeling in the world. I am now 20 and they come every week. Id be lucky to have a normal day without them. I havent got on a airplane since i avoid going on hols i avoid hights and crowds. I have now even found everyday i am driving home i have to go the long back roads because the main motorway gives me a panic attack. I think ” is there somewhere i can pull over “. I cry all the time thinkin it has ruined my life i cant do anything and never will AGAIN,, Please help me i dont know what to do. I cant go to a hospital beacuse guess what i have a panic attack and cant go any further.
    Sorry it is so long but iv never explained all this to anyone before.. 🙁

  • Rose


    I just read through the article. And while I liked it and it sounds helpful, I consider it only The one side of the story. What about that when you seek for reasons to panic, you will find more of thme every time? …

    I perfectly understand your point that when you consciously seek to provoque an attack you actually go face to face with your fear and you prove being the “stronger”.
    What about just redirecting our attention towards positive and pleasant things and thus eliminating from our mind and subconscious mind the reasons for these attacks? It sounds easier than it is, but is it not better to thrive with joy and happiness right now rather than first passing through hell in order to obtain this quiet state of mind?
    Thank you!!

  • Vass @ leah

    You sound a lot like me except I dont have children, but symptoms are same. I started reading a book on just how our bodies work and i learned that we need to balance our system. So, Im trying it. Im also an adult child of an alcoholic so I have PTSD. Coming from an alcoholic home, as children we dont care for us first, we care for ‘them’, whomever ‘them’ may be in our lives, we neglect ourselves. By neglect ourselves, I mean, we dont do the basic care which is, drink plenty of water, at least half gallon a day(2L). Get proper sleep at the proper time, evacuate our bowels with high fiber food(black beans are really high in fiber), writing our thoughts and worries in a journal, rest and having time for us, and above all, allow ourselves to have fun. I’m trying these things because once again they are new to me, I started very young with them but lost them along the way because of my sick abusive mom. Hope it helps. Oh..and I bought the system on this site, it gives wonderful information and support on the basics on taking care of us and how we misinterpret signals in our body. Have a nice day Leah….you will be just fine.

  • Clare

    Wow!!!! It is so unbelievable as to how many people are in the same situation. I have always been a worry wort, even as a baby I never slept and I had feelings of guilt or shame at doing something wrong that i would make myself ill. For me though the problem did not become really bad until about 6 months ago. I have had to move away from my family and friends because of my partners job and I don’t work as I stay at home with the children. I was just sat watching the TV one night when the panic attacks started I was up until 4 in the morning making myself sick because it kept the panic away and the moment I left the bathroom it started all over again. As it stands at the moment I am taking anti-depressants and have had 6 sessions of CBT. The CBT has helped and I can sort of control them if I am not tired (which is difficult when you can’t sleep). However I get up every morning with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can never seem to shift. I can’t eat properly, I no longer drink anything because I feel out of control at even a sniff of alcohol. I only go places nearby as I am always afraid I will not be able to get back home. I am now panicking about panicking, it really is a vicious cycle and it is one that I will need to break asap!!!! I can’t even go and see my family as it’s a 3 hour journey that I don’t feel I can do right now!
    I have tried to bring on a panic attack and found that I can’t which is good news! I would love to try this programme but I do not have the money to buy it right now and so will have to carry on with just the newsletters and the support I am getting elsewhere. I have to go on with life for the sake of my children and I have never felt so restricted in my 27 years!
    I am a mediumistic person anyway and so I am automatically dubious as to if this course will work or not. Can someone who has suffered and actually used the programme please tell me if it does or not? I have never heard of it before today. Please Help.
    I wish all sufferers the very best for the future and hope that each and everyone of you can overcome this!
    Many Thanks

  • Lincoln

    Thank you all for sharing. It sounds like it’s worth trying. Does anxiety not only cause you to fear overreacting, or does it cause it? I fear some situations not only becuase they scare me, but my reaction to them scares me just as bad. I also have, as I’ve learned are symptoms of anxiety, a strong sex drive, which is annoying since I’m religious and don’t believe in sleeping around. Thus I’m friendly, but don’t… you know. I’ve had people wonder if I’m a Eunich, and of course I’m not. I also have had experiences where the anxiety was so bad that I had to bite on a twig to calm myself down, and just about threw rocks somewhere to calm down. I’ve also thrown stuff around and kicked things etc. to calm down. I’ve only experienced these “panic attacks” where I fear I’m going to die, or feel like cutting myself, within the past week – at least at the level that they are happening.
    So I’m wondering if this program will solve all of these problems?

  • Shirlene

    Leah…………Im sure that the panic away course will help you… it has helped me and many many others. Take care!!!!

  • Lynda

    I have had panic attacks like for ever, mostly due to abuse, and with meditation was able to sit through them
    with a internal strenght that this to shall pass.I learnt not fight them which excits the moment. I guess by not giving the shail any recash to recall truma , that has given me so much grief, works for me..

  • mahmoud

    the first paragraph of this essay point out exactly my condition during my life with bad panic attack, on the other hand , now adays iam looking for healing to my personality . i womder how can i started with healing ? from bad experience in the past , however , healing my personality in recent time .
    iam very grateful to you

  • clemente

    hello I have been suffering form panic attacks for over 5 years now. always was a strong person I am a martial arts love to sparring and a was pretty good. them one day this panic attack happen and when to the doctor day give me medicine they control it but I was not the same always fear the is going to come back so i was feeling better so i stop the medicine for 2 years a week ago is back i really need your help here I thing living like this is no life have a beautiful family 5 kids and granddaughter and I want to enjoy them to the fullest please help I am really going insane

  • kyarri

    I have been suffering with anxiety attacks for a 3yrs. now. After having my son a couple of months ago
    it had gotten worst I start to shake sometimes. Also I started having fear of driving also and visiting people.I still drive sometimes but ill get a tight feeling in my chest and feeling like I can’t hardly breath and nervousness. I had never been this way neither and was thinking something was seriously wrong with me. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I felt they would say I was crazy. But then I came to the point I couldn’t take it no more so I told my child’s father and then my mom. I just told them about the shaking and my head bothering me sometimes and I also have stomach pain sometimes. but then I didn’t know what it was for sure until now, and I’m glad I learned this. So now when he comes home tonight I will tell him about it. Also I will be soon buying this but book and thank everyone for sharing their stories. I feel a little better already and believe I can overcome this.

  • amy

    hi all,
    let me say after reading some of your comments it has made me feel good that im not alone in all of this(i thought i was the only one in the world like this or so the attacks made me feel like that)

    I started suffering from attacks just before xmas where i will ill with a horrible sickness bug now evertime it comes to eat i feel the fear of being sick..this site has made me feel at ease hope it works and god bless that someone is willing to help us all
    attacks are holding me back and want to feel normal..i dont have the funds at the moment to buy the book but as soon as i do i will as even watching the presentation made me feel at ease


  • @LAURA

    You sound like me and let me tell you that breathing and being aware of your breathing helps. For me, I try to be gentle with myself, and make sure Im taking care of the basics like hydration and rest….send me an email if you want to share at vassarette at


  • Antoniel

    Olá galera. quero falar que esse programa está me ajudando.. apesar que me manda em inglês, só gostaria que me mandasse em português se possivel.

    muito obrigado.

  • Susan

    i too have very rapid heartbeat. I constantly check my pulse and I think that freaks me out even worse. I constantly have a lump in my throat also, and Ive noticed that having a cough drop helps the lump and to tell myself to go ahead and have a panic attack because it won’t hurt me, makes me feel better too. I have been off work for a week because of this and I don’t want to leave my house. My kids are confused and my poor husband is trying so hard to make it better for me. I think I had panic attacks as a child, but I’m not sure, I had nightmares while I was awake and weird stuff, and also had an intense fear of the end of the world and of dying. The end of the world fear still follows me around and even when I convince myself it’s all hype I can’t help but still feel that little voice telling me it’s coming. I sound crazy probably but oh well. I’m definitely not me lately and I want to get myself back. I don’t want to take pills for it if I can avoid it, so I am going to get this book asap, and just reading his little snippets and the comments here make me feel hopeful.

  • Mary

    I have been suffering Panic attacks for the past 4 months especially when driving; it is such a horrible experience – once a very competent and fast driver and now can hardly drive for fear of speed! I do appreciate the comments people have shared, as this has made me realise that I am not alone after all. I have taken the tips seriously, and believe me this morning I drove couragously to work. May GOD bless you.

  • DMJ

    Reading these testimonies was a huge relief. I used to suffer from depression and feelings of insignificance for many years. It got to the point that nothing excited me and the only thing I wanted to do was die. I convinced myself to talk to someone about it and was suggested to try medications. I thought medications were only for psychopaths which made me feel worse. After switching through all kinds of non working meds, time had passed and I started to ease up a bit. The suicidal urges went away but I was still depressed at my self image because I was too nice and let too many people take advantage of my patience and willing to give and to help. I would go to the gym trying to relieve stress but that worked for a very short time. Even though I was in good physical condition, I still wanted to shy away from confrontations. I wound up in a situation where I barely had enough money to pay the bills and buy food, and knew I would have money if the deadbeats I loaned money to would finally pay me back. I got so stressed out I felt a throbbing headache, painful heartbeat with the feeling of 20 pounds on my chest, got a choking sensation like somoene had their hand around my throat, and felt very weak and ready to pass out. I tried laying down hoping I can sleep it off but it got worse. I was scared to die. I was woried about who was going to find my stiff carcass on my sofa. There were plenty of things I wanted to do in life yet. I’m only 26 and in good health, I’m too young to die. I prayed to God that if I die please take me to heaven with him. Suddenly I thought I needed to take action. I forced myself to ride my bike (my truck was broken and couldn’t afford to fix it) to the nearest urgent care facility about 2 miles away. I figured if I dropped over outside in public, someone would see me and call for help. I could not afford an ambulance ride so I just kept peddling. I got to the urgent care and felt so weak with strong chest pains and palpitations and feeling dazed. I was certain I was having a heart attack but I didn’t know how when I have good cholesterol and low blood pressure. After the checkup everything was fine. The Dr. said I was just anxious. I was in disbelief. This is what an anxiety attack was? Can you die from it? Nope. I recieved a shot of valium and calmed down. I had felt so thankful for my life being saved. Since then I had a couple attacks and was starting one when I read this page of testimonies. I wanted to laugh at my attack and say go ahead and give me your best shot. Amazingly it went away! I hope to buy the Panic Away program for more insight and permanant relief. Thank you everybody for your honest stories.

  • Colby

    I have had anxiety almost all my life. I am 16 yrs old and just recently I have been thinking alot about it. I dont know if this is anxiety but lately I have been having a weird feeling. Its to hard to explain, but when i talk to to people I keep thinking that they sound weird , but they dont. I also think that lights are bright and I relate it to my brain. I have recently been to the doctor for this and he thought it was a synis infection, but I am still having this weird feeling and it has been 2 weeks since I have seen the doctor. My Parents said I wont die and the doctor said I should be fine. It almost like I cant live life anymore because I think im going to die. alsowhen I here noise I will ask the person in the same room “did you here that noise” nd they will say yes so I guess Im ok. even grades have dropped becaue I am constantly thinking about feeling weird and things looking wierd. can somebody plz give me some advice. and I will take a look at buying the panic away video. thank you.

  • Sharon

    I too, have had panic attacks except mine have lasted for 40 years. Some years will go by without any then they will start back up. Breathing is most important during the onset of an attack. When you feel an attack coming on, take a slow deep breath through the nose, hold, then release slowly through the mouth. You can feel your body relaxing with each exhale but make sure you blow ALL the air out during the exhale. This works wonders. You can only focus on one thing at a time and if focusing on your breathing, you cannot focus on the attack. You can actually train your body to relax by doing this. There is another little trick that I use and that is after your breathing is under control, try using the words “my mind is calm, my body relaxed”. Use this WITH the breathing exercise and you should within a few weeks eliminate the anxiety and attacks. This works because you are training your body to relax at your command. Had I continued these exercises all those years, I would have never had another full blown panic attack and quite possibly not another anxiety attack. I know and understand what you are going through but I also know it is something you can control with a little effort and willingness.

  • Justin

    I am so sorry you feel that way, your’s sound worse than mine. I got my first one a few days ago and I thought I was about to die but I pushed through it and it eventually went away but then the next day it happened again, they seem to happen at night. I understand that it is such a terrible feeling and I am very sorry this is happening to you. From reading this I guess the way to cure them is to embrace them completely and not try to fight them. You should try this, embrace the panic attack try to bring it on. When you are having one tell yourself their is nothing wrong with me. I hate it when it does happen but I know I will survive through because everytime I have one I cannot help to have the feeling of being scared to die, it really sucks. But I will get through this, you will get through it. I believe you can, if you have not already, do not resort to medication unless no matter what you try you cannot shake it. Just try to have a panic attack right now I am trying to have one and I cannot, I feel normal and you just gotta be strong, do not be scared of them, I know its hard. But we have to try, we have to try because we do not deserve this life of worry.

  • Susan Muteru

    I developed my anxiety after going through an ectopic surgery last year.My first attack was in December while at home having dinner with family.Since then I have been struggling with it but what I hate most is the derealizaion and the feeling of going insane.At first beforeI read about anxiety I thought I had gone crazy and that is the most scary thing I have experienced in my life,.
    It is comforting to know that am not alone and many people the world over suffer from anxiety.I have also read the newsletter since i dont have money to buy the book right now and already I feel much better from the content.Am hoping I will get me back again coz I dont feel like I felt before my anxiety started.I take this oppprtunity to thank you for the good work you are doing helping people the world over.

  • keith

    i have been suffering from panic attacks 4 nearly a year now i find dem very frighting and i feel so alone cause no 1 understands how i feel my heart will start 2 race i get very dizzy my chest will get tighter i feel as if im dyin i also panic at the thought of being left alone wit my 3 year old child incase i will take a panic attack and die im constantly on edge. after reading through some of these posts has made me feel a lot beter im myself 2 think dat im not alone and dat der is light at the end of the tunnel thank you

  • John

    I’m going to try this.
    Meds, counselling, self-help tapes and books, hypnotherapy and burying my head in the sand have only helped a little.
    For over 20 years I have lived inside the limits that my anxieties have made for me and convinced myself that’s all I wanted out of life anyway.
    I’ve missed out on so much, wish me luck!

  • cheryl reed

    I have had panic attacks in the past when i started the change but after much research discovered mine are brought on by aspartame toxcicity- b/c Iquit drinking diet soda * years ago and recently have been drinking one occasionally but found my panic was slowly returning- my naturepathic dr. confirmed this also

  • david

    i will try very soon panic away i have had panic attacks for last 20 years on and off but didnt know i was having panic attacks until i was taken to hospital last week after going to sleep and could not breathe and choking feeling feel like had sore throat couldnt swallow properly all tests at hospital were negative, 2 days later i had the same attack going to the hospital by bus at 6 in the morning same thing tests negative and all this brought on because i enrolled in a 6 month certificate 3 in aged care and after xmas holidays i got behind in my studies and had to catch up and started to stress out to get my papers in units i finally got my certificate and passed with competencies but then when it came to doing my workplacement 4 weeks 100 hours on my first day i was nervous by the second day had to pull out of workplacment and take 5 weeks off so then i was stressing out i have to finish this last component of my course then i decided to restart my workplace training at another nursing home on my first day i felt nervous again and panic attacks started again off and on tomorrow monday will have to face my fear full circle and deal with it once and for all sick of feeling like this want to lead a happy life it only started because i started something new the course unfamilar to me different people and enviroment same as the nursing home training each time i go there i allways try to make an excuse im sick can not come in today but this time tomorrow will face my fears and try move forward and try eliminate my attacks and anxiety i am so glad i found this site panic away will start using it maybe tomorrow wish me luck thanks for reading hope my testemonial will help and its all true an correct what happened to me regards david w

  • Summer

    If people that suffer these panic attacks would just realize that that’s all they are, focus your attention on your breathing as your having the attack, breath slow and deep and exhale long and slow, your body will relax and you WILL come out of it. I am not saying it is easy but with time and practice, you will come out of the attack faster and frequency of attacks will stop. Once you start using the breathing exercise, you can also say the affirmation, “My mind is calm, my body relaxed.” I have had panic attacks for 38 yrs and I learned on my own how to control them. They will leave for maybe 7 yrs then return but they are not as bad unless I am having stress and THEN I start the relaxation exercises. Works every time. Remember, where your attention is, that is what you create. FOCUS on your breathing, that is the main key. Keep it under control and you can control the attacks.

  • eamon

    my attacks r now bad i cant go into supermarkets as i had a a panic there-that interview with a doc really helped me

  • Jordan

    Hello, I am 19 years old and I had my first panic attack while I was driving to work back in December. This resulted with me pulling over on the side of the road and my someone had to come get me. I was so incredibly dizzy and shaky that I thought I was dying and was scared I would pass out and hurt another driver. The worst part of panic attacks for me is the derealization. I start to feel that I am dreaming, or feel like I am watching my life through a movie. I had gone for almost 3 months with no attacks then had an extremely bad one which the after shocks lasted for almost 5 days. I was leaving for a concert in Dallas when I came across this site. After just watching your video I felt more like myself than I had in months. Anyone who has had a panic attack knows how horrific it is, but just remember that nothing is physically wrong with you, these can not harm you, and you are not a lone. Just reading that hundreds of people felt like me everyday put my mind at ease that I am not insane. Just remember that you are not alone in this fight, and there is hope for us.

  • leonard

    i started haven panic attacks like ten years ago ,first during my sleep then while driven ,or at work seemed like they where happen more and more but now only when i drive but i hope this works for me im tired of not being in control.

  • Adrian

    That’s exactly I feel. My first panic attack when i was in Bus! I feel Im going to die due to heart attack! that no one will help me, haha! that funny moment I remember I beg for water with the passenger near me. I panic so much that I want to go asap going home to drink supplement. Then after that everytime I eat fatty foods then suddenly I feel chest pains I thought Im going to have a heart attack. Then I avoid fatty foods eventhough I really wanted to eat SHAWARMA! Thanks joe Barry!!

  • Rosa

    Hey Colby,

    Is that weird feeling you talk about when you are talking its like your words are echoing back in your ear and you feel you voice sounds weird, also a bit like your talking and hearing the words delayed in response and when someone is talking to you they sound unclear. I have had his occur many times. I am not yet sure what it is, yet from your other experience with lights and so forth I am not sure what you know about Spirituality, yet I have had anxiety, panic attacks for 14 years and since becoming more connected with my inner and talking to my mind I have experienced what you are experiencing now. I don’t feel they have anything to do with your anxiety but more to do with your Guardian Angel letting you know they are close by and are trying to get your attention. You are so young to be dealing with anxiety and so surrounded by love, light and peace. Learn breathing techniques to slow down your breathing and breath through your nose not your mouth. Lie on your side, but can do anywhere. Breathe in through your nose for one count and exhale through your nose, then in for 2 and breathe out, continue to 10. You dont have to reach ten straight away, practice and then make it a habit to breathe through your nose. Your mouth is for eating, your nose is for breathing, this will allow your body to get the oxygen it needs which may be why you are feeling the way you do. Slow down your breathing and the above method is amazing and easy. Be Well Rosa xxx

  • mayra

    Wow it is a huge relief to know there are people out there who have the same problem I do. I always thought I was alone in this I thought there was not a cure for panic attacks but after reading all of these comments it makes me feel like I’m not alone. I have suffered with panic attacks since I was 15 now I’m 21 and these years with panic attacks have been the hardest. For the past 2 or 3 months I have been getting them constantly I can’t sit in my house and watch tv without feeling anxiety I’m just thinking when the next one is going to occur. I came across panic away a couple of days ago and immediately I knew I had to order it I knew this was my solution to getting rid of these anxiety and panic attacks. I will keep posting a comment every week to let everyone know how my progress is going.

  • Vicky

    Hi all..i had my first panick attack when i was 13 years old after smoking weed..i really thought that the weed was the only reason for making me feel like that..until recently i had the same thing happened i didnt know what it was..i thought that i was alone with it..the feeling of not knowing what it was made me even worse until i realized it was a panic attack..when people were telling me i couldnt die i didnt believe them and thought they didnt know what i was going through until i started searching the web and come across this website..just reading the posts has made me feel at ease..and i thankyou for that

  • Sylvia Fales

    Dear Barry,
    Thank you for all the help you keep sending me.I have general anxiety now, not attacks. I think it’s worse but I do my breathing and all the other procedures and it sure does help. I believe that I was born with anxiety as I can recall worrying all the time about my Mother and feeling anxious.. You have been a God sent to me and so many others. Thanks again,
    Sylvia Fales

  • Brandi

    Hey guys! I just recently started having Panic attacks about 2 weeks after my son was born, (he was born at 27 wks) and Has been in the NICU since July 29th 2011. im 19yrs old, and this is my first kid and my first time ever having these. The first time I had the ambulance come and pick me up because i thought i was dying!! and when they did blood work and everything else, they told me, I had an anxiety attack, so i didnt have another one til 2 months later and ended up back in the hospital. Its been 5 days since that ER trip and im still over thinking that trip, thinking they missed something. :/ ….
    Im really thinking about getting this!! it seems to be worth it, with all the great results!!

  • emerald

    hello I’ve had anxiety and did’y know what exactly was going on with me…
    i thought I was alone on this… Didn’t know there weere so much people with the same problems
    I thank you all for this much needed knowledge… Can you please send me the letter with how much water and magnesium can help anxiety… I accidentally deleted it… thank you all and God bless


    I have been suffering with anxiety,panic attacks, depression, bipolar, and plenty of suicide attempts. I am a mother of two they are my motivation to get better. I haven’t left my house in 3 years. I love being a mom and a housewife but, at time when going to the kids school around the corner. I can’t drive the thoughts are horrible. I went to therapy for 8 months and it just got worse I would get to my appointment and leave ASAP because I had an attack. I had phone therapy it was one step forward three steps back. Now that I think of it I’ve been suffering for 7 years after the birth of my daughter I went to the store got so dizzy I had to leave, I thought it was because I was weak from having the baby but I was well taken care of. I am sick and tired of this non life of mines. One thing I can say it’s made me stronger who in THIER right mind fights this Demond every day and wakes up to do it all over again. We are strong! I never took pills because fear of being addicted, I take all herbal l-theamine pills and they help. Thanks for giving us sufferers a place to speak!

  • Nicole

    Wow i can’t belive how many other people i can relate to.I thought i was going crazy.,i’m only 18,and had my first panic attack when i was 17 thinking i had a brain tumor.I started to shake,think about how i was going to die..i wasn’t able to sleep.After a while i was able to fall asleep & didn’t want to tell anyone what happend to me thinking that telling someone would make it reality & thought that my constant thinking about it and feeling my head for bumps would seriously make a tumor occur.My second panic attack happend 2 weeks ago,i started thinking about hear attacks,and even though i knew it was very rare for a 18 year old person to have one,i still convinced myself that something was wrong with my heart.I started to look up heart attacks on the internet which scared me even more causing me to have a panic attack where i started to tremble and was feeling my heart CONSTANTLY…when i couldn’t feel my heart beat i would freak out and start doing jumping jacks to make my hear beat faster making it easier for me to mae sure my heart was still beating. I didn’t talk to anyone about it until i couldn’t take it anymore and had a erge to make my dad take me to the doctors’ since i was terrifed of hospitals…she first asked me if i was stressed out,which i honestly wasn’t aware of but thinking about everything i realized that i most likely was stressed out. she checked everything out and said everything was fine with me but if i wished to make an EKG to reassure me for me to do so.i didn’t think it was necessary so we just went home.That night i was constantly thinking about my heart and even started to feel a pain in my chest which i obviously imagined but realistically felt. That whole week i didn;t go to school,i couldn’t sit still,my hand was constantly on my chest,i couldn’t even watch TV.I went to 2 other doctors that told me everything was fine with me and for me to see a therapist to talk to about my problems. I had to always do something with myself,i would go walking because staying in the house made me feel nervous and anxious..i would clean the house just to keep myself busy. A few days ago i signed up for pilates to calm me. All i think about it having another panic attack,when i wake up that’s the first thing on my mind and when i go to sleep i wake up a few times during the night.I’m constantly tired & i’ve been to the ER to make an EKG,the results showed that everything was fine with me,but that still didn’t make me feel better.I’ve been to a therapist which perscribed ”Helex”;i haven’t had it because i’m terrifed of taking any pills. No one really understood me when i would tell them my problem..eveyone just says that it will be okay,it will go away with time,ect.I was litterally thinking about every possible bad thing/or all the sicknesses i could get..Reading these comments from everyone definatly makes me feel better & at ease knowing that it’s curable and that i’m not alone so i thank you guys for writing down all your thoughts and feelings

  • Nicole

    i have had that feeling many times..especially during the summer.But a few weeks it occured again..the first few times it happend i didn’t think much about it reassuring myself it wasn’t anything serious and that it would pass..and it really would pass after a day or so.But this last time it happend i got scared and thought something was wrong with me & that’s when it lasted for 4 or 5 days..i guess the more you think something is wrong with you the longer it lasts id you’re constantly thinking about it.My boyfriend has had the same thing & he’s the only one who understands me because no one else i know except him has experienced it.The feeling is sort of’s like when I say something i would like ask myself ”did i just say that” or when someone would talk to me i wouldn’t understand them clearly..kind of like i was drunk 😛 I looked it up online and the closed thing i found was ”Derealization”..but don’t worry,just don;t think about it that much & it will go away & if it comes back again don’t be scared,you’ll know nothings’ wrong with you and that it’ll pass within a few days or so 🙂

  • sarah

    hi all
    i started having panic attacks when my mum was taken ill in oct for copd. i had a call late at nite which freacked me out. i was at aand e with her until 6.30 the next morning i hadnt slept for nearly 30hrs, i went home and went to bed but was woke up with a racey heart i felt like nothing on earth it carried on until nearly 4.30 in the afternoon ending up going to A&E to have ecg bloods to be told everything was normal and i was suffering for panic attacks.i then had another after about 3 weeks later when my mum was taken in a 2nd time with heart problems. my husband was due to go offshore that day and everything just got ontop of me.everything you have all discribed is what i have had all the symtoms. i fear of dying leaving my children every little ache or pain i have i make more out it.
    i am now about to purchase panic away and i will inform you all of the outcome.

  • Malaki

    I just wanted to let you know that I get nausea from my anxiety and panic attacks and ive read that other people have aswell, I have TERRIBLE panic attacks that make everyday dreadful to think of where im going to have one next. Im only 14 years old but i know exactly how everyone else feels and I myself have gone to the ER and had Ekg’s done on me yet am always told im ok . Ive been looking at anxiety and panic attack coping websites and websites referring to getting rid of them and i would have to say that this and are the best things ive read that im going to try tomorrow to help with my problems for i fear going to school, out to eat with my girlfirend, going to the movies, and many other things. I can barley go home at times because I have lots of panic attacks there so I try and stay away from there but im going home tomorrow and im going to try and have a panic attack and see how that works. Then if that doesnt help im going to try the AWARE method along with the 7:11 breathing guide. Hope this helped you!

  • Janet

    My attacks started after being beaten in Mexico. I had many wounds and had my teeth kicked out. I don’t remember anything, because I was drugged. The panic attacks have taken over my life…not being able to walk down the stairs, certainly not driving, there is no way I could have a job. I have become very reclusive, thinking something is really wrong with me. I so hope this program can help me.

  • Bryce

    Hello I am 15 years old. I have had very bad panic attacks sence I was 9. They are caused from me feeling I am trapped in or that I cant control or get out of somthing even if I wanted to. I also had bad panic attacks to being heavy chested thinking I am going to die from suficating to death. I have not yet got Panic Away but have herd good comments I just might try this hope this can stop my panic attacks for good.

  • Kerry

    I Am so glad I found this website.I have suffered severe panick attacks which turned into agrapbia and I feel like I have lost a year out my life. Only people who have been threw it no how hard it is.I tried barrys bring it on way today and picked my son up from school,I felt a little anxious,but wow it worked I even managed to talk to sum of the parents,I usually stand on my own hopeing I won’t fall down or faint. Bring it on I’m fighting the panic monster,I’m winning.thank you Barry,and thank you for all your comments they really help,knowing that I’m not alone in the world

  • shaukat

    hi ,
    i ve been suffering from GERD a stomach disease for the last 4 years and then all of a sudden started
    panic attacks, feel very scared of unknown danger and some times i know whats going on in my my mind.
    I saw a very little girl fell down from 3rd floor of my building and from that day its in my mind, cant help it.
    At the time panic attacks different things keep coming in my mind that i will die or some one is falling or even think my self felling from some where or i will face a car accident or ????????????
    too many scary things.
    On some occasions i bring my self out of this by thinking positive or start doing some exercise or a game.
    But it feels these things go on and off.Read about your program and watched makes a little bit relaxed.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Nemanja

    Thank you very much for doing this work. I have panic attacks and GAD for about 8 months now and I just run into this information yesterday. I will purchase your product because I am certain it will help me. It helps only by thinking that i want another panic attack. Once again thank your very much. Have a beautiful life.

  • Jack Storm

    I have been having panic attacks for the last 1 and a half years. Today I found PanicAway. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems to make sense…….wanting to have a panic attack so you are ready for its effects, not being afraid, taking on the panic attack directly. Instead of surrendering to your fear.

    But, that may be easy for someone with a fear of, say, driving, but it might be a bit harder for me. My panic attacks are usually of medical problems, like heart attacks, appendicitis(really seems real, since the symptoms last for HOURS, unlike most panic attacks, which last only about a half hour), incoming blindness, and brain aneurysm. Those may sound crazy fears to you if you’ve never had panic attacks, but while you’re having one, they seem completely rational.

    I hope PanicAway works for me, even though my panic attacks are not for phobias……………….

  • Angela

    This program is different. I have never heard “try and have a panic attack or want to have one.” That is an interesting way of looking at it. If you want it you end the anticipation of it. I get it….
    I have suffered from GAD, panic disorder, OCD, PTSD, and Agoraphobia off and on sence I was in my early 20’s. Yes I have it all but the bottom line all of it is anxiety. I am now 39 years old and married and I have 3 children. Having all this anxiety as a mother of 3 feels very sad. I feel guilty that I cant have fun with my kids the way I want to. I feel bad my children have never seen the beach or have been to an amusement park because of me and my fears. My 10 year old daughter is now suffering from school anxiety and I blame myself. I feel I taught her this. I have had every body symptom you can think of. From dizziness, jelly legs, off balanced, panic attacks, afraid of an illness or death, scarey thoughts, intestinal issues, tinnitis, numbess, shaking, weakness, crying, insomia, nightmares, and so on and so on. Every time I suffer from this I get new symptoms to add to the list. It drives me crazy. I have bought 2 different programs and they did help but I still suffer. Its true most programs out there teach you to cope but not illiminate. I am living proof of that. I also am in therapy because I was thinking my anxiety was coming from losing my mom last year to cancer. Yes grief is hard but it doesnt have to make you sick with anxiety. I went to therapy last night for the grief and now I have more anxiety today then ever. After finding this website today I realize maybe Panic Away program is for me. Maybe this is what I have been searching for most of my adult life. I cried listening to the testimony of the 62 year old that had suffered for 50 plus years. This program Panic Away has to be a miracle because for someone suffering for over 50 years to be anxiety free now– that is incredible. It gave me HOPE! The other 2 programs I bought have not illiminated my anxiety and going to a therapist gave me anxiety. I do have to agree with this program when it says “it doesnt matter what caused it.” It doesnt help to search for the source of what started anxiety in your life. What matters is illiminating it forever….Getting rid of anxiety would be like getting me and my children out of a prison that my fear has kept us in for so long.

  • Alexis

    Hey you guys, I am 19 years old and I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for quite a while now. I remember it staring when I was in the 8th grade when my cuz has passed….I number of visits to te hospital an doctor and let along I was sick on top of the anxiety. I just didn’t know what to do and I really felt like I was going crazy. I talked to my mom about it bcuz she told me she went through it as well but I still ha doubt in my mind that I could get to that stage of back to my old self. It went away for a while but recently came
    Back late last year when my best friend dad passed and i had the worse attack while driving…I just had this weird sensation running through my body and it just didn’t feel like myself and I became frustrated with myself because I thought for sure that I was over this and all my
    Work was going to waste and I would never know what it was like to not think negative…i have also had another really bad attack earlier this week due to my boyfriend movin and I constantly worry about him
    And let alone I’m in college I have started Readin the emails that Barry sent to me but I never really put them into action because I would have doubt in the back of my
    Mind that it was going to work. But I do believe that God will see my through this and make me a stronger individual and it literally bring tears to my eyes to see that there are other people on here who have either expierenced somethin similar to mines if not worse I just pray to see that day where anxiety won’t control my life but it is a relief to know that I am not alone and there are people willing to help

  • chrissy

    hi my name is chrissy and i’m 19 years old ive been having panic attacks since i was 12 years old, iv’e been diagnost with anxity disorder. i left school i dont leave the house anymore i live with my parent and i get really bad panic attacks if they leave lets say for the weekend or something like that, im getting really nerves becasue my parent are leaving for a week to cuba im really happy for them but at the same time i dont want them to leave also tey told me if i dont get better by april they are kicking me out of the house i really need help i feel like i’m a prisner in my own body i, i was prescribed meds but i havent taken them yet becasue im scared of how it might affect me, like side effect and stuff like that. i really want to try this programe but i just dont have the money i was hoping someone could help me by telling me what in the program and stuff like that



  • Seanero

    I had my first panic attack 4 years ago on my birthday reason to an heartbreak …at first i tot i was going to die of heart attack ,stroke and all that ..after i got to the hospital i was told its anxiety bla bla..i got this programme and i became fine ….exactly 4 yrs after i was running around to go about my birthday party plans and got my self stressed i think ..on my birthday morning i had another attack funny i knew it was a panic attack but i still got my self landed at the hospital ..after now am having the after effect symptoms …like am loosing control and all took me 4 days to remember my log in access to this website which i eventually got now ,am sure it ending now i got my keys needed ..lolz

  • Rosa

    Thank you so much for the information. I have had this condition all of my life and it has only gotten worst over the years. I’m 47 now and still am afraid of high bridges and freeways. I think that maybe the inner ear has something to do with this also, do you? I fought inner ear issues throughout my early teens and even in my early twenties. This information really does help me. I look forward to getting your Panic away information as soon as I’m able too.

    Thanks a big bunch

  • Edwin R. Villamor

    What a beautiful message you have for james..Thank you so much..I was so touched.. I have also this problem.Many thanks…

  • Jeff

    First: I’m a 46 year old male with no family health history. I consider myself to be active with an athletic build, but could stand to lose about 15-20 pounds inorder to feel a little healthier. My eating habits are okay, but not regular in regards to a balanced nutritional meal plan. I do not smoke. I drink only on occassion and not in excess. I don’t do drugs and I’ve recently divorced (2.5 years ago) and currently not in a relationship, so I’m alone a lot when I don’t have my chidlren.

    So here goes:

    I’m not 100% convinced that I have anxiety or panic attacks. I’ve talked myself into the fact that I have a medical condition, but doctor’s just can’t figure out what it is. Yes I have all the symptoms of anxiety, but I don’t allow myself to believe it. It’s got to be medical related (heart) and I won’t take no for an answer. At least that is the life I live right now and I can’t stop it. I’ve been to the ER on four occassions over the past two years, just to be sent home with anxiety paperwork. I’ve had the million dollar heart work up and NOTHING. I do have a GI issue with regards to excess gas and I belch A LOT all day long. I take over the counter medication, but nothing seems to help much.

    I get chest pains DAILY. I get what feels like air pockets or air bubbles in my upper chest which last a few seconds and causes me to get a feeling of breahlessness. When this happens my flee or flight syndrome kicks in, hands get sweaty and I want to leave the immediate area to deal with the problem. On two occassions, I drove myself to the ER because I was alone and sat in the parking lot for an hour before driving back home. Why? Because I felt at ease being near a medical facility and possible help if needed. On another episode while at home (alone) I ran downstairs to unlock the front door out of fear that the paramedics whould not be able to get to me when I dialed 911. I sleep with my phone next to me at all times in case I need to call for help. I HATE what I am feeling and going through. It has been going on since late 2007 and has gotten worst over the past few years. I fear that something will happen when my children are around me, or while driving and I crash my car and injury others, or I die while alone and nobody finds me for days. I have always been a high driven, successful, active person and now things are changing in my business and personal life. I stopped working out as much out of fear of having a heart attack (because I’m convinced that’s the problem). I’m not as energetic in my career, so it is affecting my livlihood. Every day is affected by this feeling and I don’t know what to do. Everyday I feel that it’s my time and I walk around all day wondering when the heart attack is going to hit me. I can’t get this feeling out of my head. I try to stay positive, but the minute I get the first chest pain or sweaty palms or feeling of tiredness then my whole attitude changes..uggghhhh. I’m lost!

  • bob archer

    I am suffering depression/ anxiety during past 4 years I welcome any advice to alleviate these bad feelings

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    I have been reading out many of your stories and i can state clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your site.

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