The Coffee Cup Exercise

There’s a fine line between anxiety and feelings of excitement. Instead of robbing you of your confidence and drive, anxiety can actually motivate and excite you. The following exercise demonstrates a simple way to handle the nervous energy you feel.

When you feel anxious, accept the way you are feeling in that moment. Instead of getting upset by the anxiety, decide to turn it to your advantage. You can turn your nervous energy into excitement and stimulation by pretending you have just finished a strong cup of coffee! Just like caffeine, anxiety stimulates your nervous system. Under its influence your mind is more alert and your body is primed for action, so why not take advantage of all that extra energy buzzing around your system and pretend it is simply the result of a caffeine kick?

If you wake feeling anxious don’t analyze the way you feel, rather decide to let the nervous energy become your new kick-start to the day. Feel how alive and alert your body and mind are because of the anxiety. Now make the most of that nervous energy and use it to drive your day forward.

You could go exercise, clean the house, or get that report written. Do anything at all to channel that energy into something constructive. What you must not do is turn that energy inwards and worry about it. Turing inwards and analyzing the way you feel only creates more anxiety. Instead, push the energy outwards and move with it. Work in tandem with the nervous energy and what you will find is that it quickly transforms from feelings of fear into excitement.

Why do you think Woody Allen is so creative? He puts all of his nervous energy to great use by being creative. You can, too, by turning what is normally an uncomfortable feeling into a force of motivation and action.

So the next time you feel anxious, simply pretend you have just had a big cup of coffee and then channel that nervous energy to your advantage. This exercise is another example of how a small change in perception can transform the way your anxiety feels.

Credit for the exercise goes to our Panic Away forum moderator, Kasey. It just a small sample of the wonderful inspiration and support you will find on the Panic Away Forum. Full membership to the forum comes with each purchase of Panic Away so why not join today?

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Barry Joe McDonagh

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26 replies on “The Coffee Cup Exercise

  • Angi

    You have helped me so much in your newsletters. The one you sent me about flying came the day before I had to fly.It was the best air flight I have ever had. I did the 54321 thing and it worked. I have tried to bring one on and it didn’t happen. I have suffered these for 35 yrs. Have been on Xanax for 25 yrs. I am so dependent. I count the hrs till I need another one. No one knew much about panic attacked that long ago, but the xanax has helped. I was good for many years and had a bad one about one and a half yrs ago that sent me to the ER. I knew what it was but could not handle it. Cost me alot of money with no insurance. I wish I could afford this program. But these emails really make me feel like I can beat it. You and god are getting me through my days Thank you so much

  • Caroyn Snuggs

    I am so appreciate of the ongoing newlsetter and comments. It is extremely helpful to know you are not alone and receive valuable inforamtion. Carolyn

  • Pam

    Barry, you are an amazing man! Something so simple yet so effective. This is what I find in all your newsletters and program. I am so thankful, I would be lost without it! It has allowed me to stop the Ativan that I took for 6 mos. I hate drugs, and knew there just had to be another way to cope. God bless you all!

  • Alberto Segovia

    This is great! When I first started getting this e-mails with all this wonderful information it really changed my way of dealing with my anxiety attacks. I have to say, I’m very greaful for this helpful tips they really do help.

  • Kamal

    Dear Sir

    My warm regards to you for helping me. I am taking steps to follow your instructions and to remain calm in difficult situations converting and treating them to be easy and normal.

  • Raj

    Thank you so much your methods really work but it takes time for 1st timer , since i am having this feeling on and off yet i managed to overcome it. Thank you so much Sir , i hope this is not my last mail , wish you could help me in this more . cheers

  • Connie King

    My daughter signed my up for this because I suffer from major anxiety and have been on Xanax for 4 fours now up to 1 mg 3x a day. I think the coffee cup exercise may really help me. You see I work at a fast pace Boston Market in Tampa, Florida as an hourly shift manager and have a lot of stress.. I have just been diagnosed with diverticulitus and degenerative lumbar spine arthritus and am having a horrible time just trying to walk and work but I believe in the coffee cup exercise and read your articles. They are great thank you

  • Jessie Cotty

    Barry, where do people like you come from…heaven? For 25 years I have suffered from panic attacks with agoraphobia and only now can I see a light at the end of the tunnel. God Bless you!

  • Jessie Cotty

    Barry, where do people like you come from…heaven? For 25 years I have suffered from panic attacks with agoraphobia and have been treated for depression. Only now can I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I slowly see myself improving. God Bless you!
    South Africa

  • winston ulanday

    Hi Sir!

    This newsletters help me a lot.iv been in panic disorder on and off 8yrs from now.i guess i gotta agoraphobia like Jessie Cotty.I started having a panic disorder when i was 17yrs old and i am 25y/o now.,I felt like i cant breath because of hot weather.and i brought myself to the hospital,but there is no doctor’s findings..thats the start having a agoraphobia.When i walk i felt like im easily exhausted,i fell weak,.im scared to ride,im scared to a public places,coz im thinking i myt faint…and i dont wanna talk because i felt like im running out of air..But this time im getting recover.I could go to a public places now ,but somtyms this panic disorder comes in.wat i do is just to accept it,and continue wwat im doing.Thanks a lot Sir Barry!

    to all having a panic disorder,we can recover this kind of feeling!just pray always.

  • lance

    i have been getting better. slowly but surely. getting up in the morning and heading out to work seems to be the roughest time of the day as my thoughts are so focused on how i am FEELING and not how i am dealing . but its getting better and i always look forward to your messages as i have become to depend on your support and reassurance that i really am ok and that i let my mind wonder way to much instead of being focused on my day and what i need to accomplish . thank you

  • Renee

    Bless your heart for all you do! I wish I could afford to buy your program… but not at this time. I am reading your emails which are very helpful!! God bless!

  • Gian

    I suffered from a major anxiety for 2months and half and i was brought to ER twice and it’s the worst experienced i ever had in my entire life but when i read your newsletter and forum i felt stronger and I got my confidence back to me. my doctor told me to take xanax daily but i stoped it after reading your newsletter and it’s been 3 weeks already that i felt good and stronger well i still have GAD but i can control it unlike before that i was afraid if the moon will fall to earth and whats gonna happen to me and my love ones. its funny until i realized what you said in your newsletter.

    I really don’t know how to say thank you but i do believed that god has a plan for all of us and you are part of that plan. god sent you to help people like us I really really really Salute you and THANK YOU!

  • Belle

    I am just reading this article and i think it will work, i am so excited & thank you for this email, it helps alot. God bless you

  • hetty

    I have tried several times to turn that anxiety into an excitement or do something fruitful whenever panic/anxiety sets in but all proved futile but a miracle happened today “I DID IT”.i am picking the pieces together and putting my life back on track.i thought i would never do anything straight but today!! BARRY, my nightmares is gradually coming to an end.i really appreciate this.what can i do to thank u.THANK U GOD for this great miracle

  • achal

    i have just started following your letters, and made a world of difference to me.
    my heart was always racing, your technique to put hand over the heart and feel and then thinking of postive thinghs have stopped my heart racing.
    THANK YOU so much
    you are the best

    angels and gods come in our lives in various forms, i belive you are the one

  • Tapas sen

    Hi Barry,

    I become really inspiresd whenever i go through your newsletters! It works wonder really.
    I am planning to buy your program someday soon. These days i am running short of money, otherwise by now, i would have one.
    Thanks for the e-mail of genuine cause!

    Tapas sen

  • Linda Reierson

    Dear Barry and Panic Away Program, I bought this program for my youngest son Larry. He is taking meds. along with the program. He is so much better and not so worried. How much of the program he uses I don’t know as he doesn’t live at home now, but I know he listens to the cds and watches the dvd and uses the methods to reduce his anxiety. That is a plus and progress too. Thanks, Linda Reierson.

  • Anees

    I also tried ur knowledge of panic attack ,in interview ,i controlled mind ,understand mind,big relief ,some more i need .u deserve the congratulation.thank alot no words after it

  • Eggie Felix

    Dear Barry,
    Your program/newletters/audio everything has really helped me gain a new confidence to accept my anxiety as a good thing in my life rather that a negative, i have not mastered my powers yet but thanks to your help, i believe one day i will. sincerely, ef.

  • Stella

    I am so grateful I found your program. After dealing with this for years and going to several doctors, you have truly gotten to the root of the problem and I have felt better after just ONE DAY of Panic Away. I am so happy to have found this program. Thank you for saving my life!

  • Melissa

    Hi Barry,

    I truly believe people like you are sent from heaven to help other precious people on this planet unlearn certain faulty thinking and do away with all that hinders enjoyment of this beautiful life. I find your bring-it-on technique so effective even when I feel slightly tense or anxious. I combine this with feelings of gratitude and yes just as you say throughout your newsletters, shifting your perception of the sensation does the trick.

    Thank you soooo much. God Bless the entire team.

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