Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

If you’ve been diagnosed by your doctor with general anxiety disorder, don’t convince yourself that you have a clinical illness—you don’t. This disorder doesn’t mean that you have a physical or mental illness. Your brain is fine, and your body is fine. You’re suffering from a sensitized, anxious state.

You have probably come across this list of generalized anxiety disorder symptoms many times before.

• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Exhaustion
• Vision problems
• Cramps
• Intrusive thoughts
• Feelings of unreality and depression
• Sleep disturbance
• Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank

But what do these symptoms really mean?

When talking generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, we are really talking about fear manifesting in different forms. Fear cuts us off from life. It takes us out of our natural God given flow and into a stagnant state where we feel removed from the world around us.

Imagine life as a fast flowing river heading towards the sea. Fear is an obstruction in that river causing stagnant pools of water, where life no longer flourishes. The manifestation of that fear can be generalized anxiety disorder symptoms.

In order to end these symptoms, you need to remove those obstructions from your life and restore your natural flow.

Things that hold those obstructions in place are things like overreacting to the symptoms of anxiety. Panic Away will teach you exactly that. The more you can learn to not react to the symptoms the more you find yourself in that flow. It involves making very small changes in key areas of your life that will nudge you from fear, back into life.