Gratitude Lifts The Weight of Anxiety

Let me tell you why the art of gratitude is such a great tool for ending anxious thoughts.

A lot of people write telling me how their anxiety makes them feel very cut off or removed from the world around them. This sensation can be distressing as people fear that they will never be able to feel normal again.

This feeling is common and in my experience is mainly fueled by a cycle of anxious thinking.

A person with a panic disorder or a generalized anxiety disorder will spend much of their day mentally “checking in”.

Checking in is a term I use to refer to how people with anxiety constantly monitor their mind and body.

“Am I feeling ok?” “How are my thoughts ?”

“Am I feeling secure or on edge right now?”

The reason regular checking in happens is because anxiety has such a powerful effect on the mind and body.

People tell me that they can deal with the anxious bodily sensations but it is the anxious mind that causes them most distress. That is what I want to address today.

Anxiety can often feel like a thick fog has surrounded your mind. Nothing really seems enjoyable as you are always looking out at the world through this haze of anxious thoughts and feelings. This fog steals the joy out of life and can make you feel removed or cut off from the world.

The anxious thoughts act as a barrier to experiencing the world and this sensation of separation then leads to feeling even more upset as you fear losing touch with yourself.

So how do you get this anxious fog to lift from your mind?

When someone is very caught up in anxious thoughts they are top heavy so to speak. The constant mental activity they are engaged in has caused an imbalance where all of their focus is on their mental anxieties.

A powerful way to move out of this anxious mental fog is to switch your focus from your head to your heart.

By simply making a deliberate shift of attention to your heart you will find the anxious thoughts dissipate more easily and the mental fog starts to gradually clear.

You can make this switch by practicing the art of gratitude.

I am sure you have heard of people speaking about the art of gratitude and the benefits it can bring to you.

Did you know that it has now been scientifically proven that regular practice of gratitude can dramatically change your bodies chemistry giving way to a more peaceful body and mind.

The Heart Math Institute has 15 years of scientific research proving that a simple tool like the art of gratitude can dramatically reduce stress and improve performance for individuals and organizations.

Many Fortune 500 companies are now starting to use this technique to reduce work related stress.

I am going to outline the technique briefly in a very straight forward exercise so you can start practicing right now.

When you practice this exercise you will feel a lightness and greater sense of perspective on any matter that has been troubling you. This activation of your heart emotion will lift the sensation that anxious thoughts create.

This is a very simple exercise but it is really powerful. Print it off and try it someplace where you can be alone.

Are you ready?

-Begin by closing your eyes and moving your attention to your heart area.

-Imagine a feeling of warmth emanating from the center of your chest.

If appropriate place your right hand there. If you are around people or driving etc. simply imagine your right hand resting on your heart area.

Imagine this area glowing warmly for one to two minutes.

-Now, begin to focus on something in your life that you feel a genuine sense of appreciation for.

This can be one or more things that you really appreciate having in your life (e.g., family, health, friends, work, your home, a beautiful day etc).

It is important to focus on things that spark a real sense of gratitude and appreciation. If you really appreciate the thing you are thinking about, you will immediately feel a response from that area by way of a light warm sensation in your chest or an involuntary smile (remember those).

It does not really matter what you think about as long as it evokes this feeling of warm appreciation from your heart area.

Don’t struggle with this exercise. Everyone has something they can be grateful for. (Remember, the cemetery is full of people who would love to have your problems!)

Do not worry if you are thinking of your partner/family and you do not feel this. Some days it will be people close to you that will spark the heart feeling, other days it may be gratitude for very simple things like the fresh air you breath. It depends on the mood you are in, -remember it is the feeling you after.

The feeling we are looking to achieve is unmistakable, it is a positive change in your emotional state.

I say it is best to do this exercise alone because you will need to stay with this feeling for as long as you can.

Then, when you feel you have taken it as far as you can, open your eyes.

There is no time frame on this exercise, it can be a few minutes to half an hour. Again it is about establishing a heart/mind connection and getting your awareness out of the anxious thoughts and more into your body.

After a few attempts you can incorporate this into your daily routine.

Do it in the car. Do it sitting at your desk. Do it before you sleep at night.

You have to practice it frequently. Just like a muscle your heart will get more accustomed to this state and you will be able to switch into that feeling in seconds.

With practice you can also use this exercise in the middle of any stressful situation. You will be surprised at the positive outcome in terms of your own stress levels and the change in others around you.

This simple exercise can completely transform the outcome of interacting with other people, be it work or personal relationships.

This is especially true where there is conflict or misunderstanding between you and other people. Try it out, see what happens!

Be creative with it and make it your own daily ritual for yourself.

I am sure you agree that it is a worthwhile exercise to incorporate into your daily life. It is my experience that most people do not have the patience or time to make major lifestyle changes. By using this one simple exercise you can make a dramatic improvement to the quality of your life.

The simplest things in life are free and this is one of those gems.

Don’t pass it up

Kind Regards, Barry Joe McDonagh

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  • NW Rebel

    For years I thought there was something physically wrong. Then my wife was reading a magazine with an article about panic attacks and anxiety disorders in it. She said ‘read this, it sounds like what you are feeling’ and sure enough. I wasted a lot of money on Doctors that did nothing for me. This (Panic Away) has given me comfort and a sense of relief and freedom, and it only cost me my monthly internet bill.
    Thank You



  • jason

    Thank you so much, you are making a difference in my life and i now you are proud to help people and you should be, even this mini course is so wonderful and it’s great to have people like you, Ive suffered from panic attacks since i was 14, and i’m now 31 my biggest fears were going over bridges thinking they would collapse, and also obssessed over my health worrying i had illnesses when i didn’t the hospital has seen me SOOOOOO many times I am quite sure i had set records for going up there and it is a little embarrassing but ALL your info is so true, thanks a million for helping me and several other people reading your valuable info and kind words you are a true gentleman and youv’e made differnces in OUR lives ands it’s greatly appreciated.

  • Iris

    thank you so much sir,for your very wonderful topic …it helps me so much…now i feel better because of you! many thanks to you!

  • Ashok

    I can can say nothing more but only thanks to you who has given me these valuable consultation for free for a poor people like me without any money.

    Thank you very much .


  • Julie

    You are wonderful! God bless you for the work you are doing. If we all practiced gratitude the world would be a happier place. Thank you for giving us a new perspective on things.

  • AMAR





  • marine

    past 4 e-mails that u send me….really helpful 4r me….its like 80% problem solved….million thanks to u….i love u…..

  • hazel

    Thank you so much for your advice.I have been down that dark road for the last 10 days……… left your message when i couldnt get any help from my own GP…not his fault as I found out later,.my phone battery had run down so he was unable to contact me ……….so I am now going to practise gratitude for both him and yourself for being there when I needed you!

  • klio

    I have been reading your daily mail-gifts and since then, not a single thought of panic crossed my mind. They seem to work!!!! Although it is hard to believe that a 14-year torture may find its way out so easily, after I have tried everything from medicine to psychotherapy, I feel I can put my trust on this. Thank you very much. If by the end of this course I manage to go and visit my beloved son in the foreign country where he studies, I will be so grateful to you that no words will ever describe. God bless you.

  • Calculus

    It is indeed a simple yet so powerful way of putting your heart and mind at most ease…rest assure that i will definitely practice all the things you have taught us…i am feelin more safe and relax…continue to navigate us to a brighter future…thank you so much

  • Emer

    I am trying so hard but still struggling.

    Today is the first day in 16 months that I didnt take a xanax..

    Thank you ..


  • farhi

    Thanks a lot for your mails.. i know it will definitely help me in future as we all need a good and a sincere friend who helps us when we needed…so thank you for your advices…i’m highly obliged 🙂
    God bless you…
    take care

  • Steve

    Having recently been pushed to the edge of a breakdown.and knowing from past experience,how dreadful depression can be,to find someone like you giving such wonderful support and advice,and not demanding large sums of money for some “Miracle-cure” is priceless.
    Thank you so much,I will use the techniques you give me.
    In fact,Im using todays “Gratitude” tip to show my gratitude to your good self! Thank you!

  • michelle

    I just ordered panic away and praying this will work, I have been on medication for 9 years and in Febuary i was comming off it. I was down to only 5mg and doing wonderful, then suddenly alot of things in my life were changing for the worse, Mom diagnosed with breast cancer, then my husband was in a motorcycle accident,now my mom is diagnoster with uterine cancer. This all triggered my anxiety to all come back and boy am I slamed!!! I’m hoping this panic away helps. Thank you, Michelle

  • Yunie

    I just finished crying. now I am feeling better and after I read this email then practiced the gratitude, I feel like I am connected with the world again right now. I have been feeling anxious since 6-7 months ago, but over the last three weeks, the anxiety was getting worse. I thought I am going to die, as that thoughts are still in my mind these days. Seems so hard to get rid off the terrible feelings. I will have a long flight to Europe and I feel scare to fly. Of course this thought is really horrible. I just hope that I can feel better again and normal like I used to be. I want to feel the world and enjoy the life.

  • LJ

    Thanks for all the hope that i could one day feel alot better or maybe even normal again that would be really heaven.

  • abby

    i thank u so muck, im new to this, i was recently dionognosed, this is very terrible n i hate the way i feel, i am tryn my best to be normal again, thanks to you…

  • inês

    Thank you so much Barry for beeing such a kind and generous person.
    Sometimes it’s so hard to leave your old habits and try new ones.
    I’m sure the gratitude exercise will do miracles and i will have to force myself to stop a few minutes a day and feel grateful for all the wonderfull things in my life.
    God bless you for helping so many people

  • jeet

    i m really thankful. He knows everything abt how to treat internal fear. i will be really thankful to God if i can ever meet him. his tips are awesome…

  • Samson

    Thanks to you. My attitude is changing. I was almost on the edge this week. The first mini course gave me a lot of relief. I am practicing it-it works well. And I will do the same with this one.
    You are really doing an amazing job. God bless you!

  • Gail

    I had been suffering from anxious feelings for the last 3 months and my doctor recently told me I had a general anxiety disorder. She prescribed anti depresssants which made me feel really unwell. I downloaded ‘Panic Away’ 2 days ago and read it all yesterday and was ready to apply the technique of just going with my anxious feelings if they arose. Strangley, they didn’t and I feel so much better knowing that I can control how I am feeling. I am feeling more like my old self and much more positive and in control. I know it’s early days yet, but this is working for me when I thought that I would never feel back to my old self again! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to receiving the hard copy of the course and will continue to apply these principles. Thanks again

  • Jeanie

    I have suffered with PTSD since childhood and panic disorder since the early 1980’s. Over the years I have tried many things to deal with this and take medication to take the edge off which has helped greatly. About 2 years ago I started attending Al-anon which helps friends and families of alcoholics and this has saved my life as well as starting to give me the tools I need to deal with all the feelings I stuffed down as a child. It is the inner child within myself that needs the reassurance that all is ok and to incorporate her into the adult person I am today. Yes, gratitude is so important and I will use your technique and be grateful for the inner child that suffered so much growing up and put her into my heart and acknowledge how important dealing with the extreme fears of growing up in an alcholic home. Your technique is just another tool to bring those of us who suffer with anxiety “peace of mind” and body to start enjoying life and being “whole” again. Thank you for the great idea.

  • Ewa

    Hi. I started having panic attacks in my high school, just after my dear grandmother died, but I managed to overcome it. Then after my mum developed bi-polar depression I started again, but even worse. I was put on madication and was seeing school psychologist, it was very hard time form me but I eventually got over it again. Now few years later after I finished uni it started again…actually, for the last few months I felt anxious about getting a decent job and starting up my career. I developed feer of working in a professional environment, but also I started sleeping badly whenever I knew i have to wake up early to go to work.. It turned into constant fear and exhoustion of not being able to relax and sleep. I now worry about money, not being able to move on with my life and career, I also developed fear of flying (which I never had problem with before!) so I am angry at myself for my negative thouths that are constantly coming back to me. However, after discovering this web site i started believing that I can once again put an end to my suffering. Thank you for giving me a hope. I will try my best to put all your tips into practice.

  • Zhana

    This is a nice practice. I once read, that even laughing and smiling alone helps you body produce the hormone of joy that reduces stress.

  • fran

    You are really God sent….i have being praying to God to help me find information concerning my anxiety. I have gone to the doctors but they couldn’t help me, so i stopped. When things got worse i decided to committe sucide cause i have done everything in my power to help me, but nothing seems to work. Life was not worth living for me.
    Just yesterday i was crying about my problem and praying at the same time and i came on the net searching for info on anxiety cure then you just poped up so i tried the first exercise that night. It helped. Today i realized during the exercise i have lost connection to the world and it feels so scary.
    I came home crying and crying wondering if only i can find a way a method of connecting me back. But wow.. Then you poped up again as if you knew what i was thinking and going through…Now i am really going to try this new method and i know it would work.. Thanks so much, you have given me hope. I don’t have to give up on myself. You don’t know what you have done to me just now. My tears have turn into joy.You are truly God sent.THANK YOU.

  • Vincent

    I just wanted to say thanks Barry ! I’m 40 yrs old and I’ve suffered on and off with severe panic attacks/anxiety and depression since I was a little boy. Your techniques are simple, yet profound. I wanted to extend my GRATITUDE TO YOU ! For having such a huge heart with sharing info with people who Yes !
    in this economic time…may not be able to afford your services….it’s a true blessing from God….with God all things are possible….I have sympathy and empathy for every person on this site….I will be writing a NY TIMES BEST SELLER within the next 2 yrs….callled…..”I Wouldn’t Wish it on the Devil ~ A Doctor’s Biblically triumphant Battle over Panic Attacks/Anxiety & Depression”….I’m sure that your work will find it’s way into a chapter or 2 :))….been my dream to write this book for 7 years now !! Thanks again ! May God richly bless you and your family during this holiday season !

  • Martin

    I never thought of gratitute as an antidote for anxiety, but I believe it is possible and I will try it. You seem like a kind person with a very kind face. Thankyou .

  • margot berry

    thankyou for your email on thanks giving sounds good and makes sense as i have a lot to be thankful for hope it clears my mind

  • Joe

    I’ve only been viewing these sessions for a few days now but I’m already starting to see an improvement in my recently discovered GAD conditions. For years I thought there was no help for me but after researching this topic on the internet and reading everyone’s comments, I know that I’m not alone. I’m looking forward to continuing with these sessions and will continue to improve my knowledge of this condition.

  • suzette

    Thank you again for great tools for free. I never imagined this happeneing to me I’m a very strong individual that always was depended on by a lot of people,til it hit me with a vengence and have had a tornado going on inside of me it all started with a lot of stress then depression then anxiety and then the MONSTER of non stop panick attacks. I’m afraid of everything this is so not me. Even xanax doesn’t work for panick attacks it just makes me groggy. I am glad for people like you who are actually trying to help us without paying. Its nice to know someone really understands and cares. Thank you again suzette

  • Klara Hrusovsky

    Hi Barry, many thanks for your wonderfull advises. About our hearts and gratitude. I do it because I love my Lord and I praise Him. I have noticed myself I have more peacefull mind than before. Thank you once again. Klara

  • Barbara Stevenson

    not sure if thjis is were to reply to you I found this site awhile back about the day before Thanksgiving i had a panic attack its been along time since ive had one. Ive been on medication some time now. was angry cause it came back but when i started to read your site It helped me so much i was able to spend a good Christmas with my family. I like the idea of saying come on bring the symptoms on saying go ahead to the panic attack it really worked i use it all the time as my coping now. thank you so much all of it has really helped me so much/ I even told my therapist she said I never heard of it that way she was surprised. Thank you for letting know my my feeling arent threatening. and wont hurt me I keep all Ive learned from this site in my mind. bless you thank you so much.

  • lesley

    thank you , so so much . i will be truly thankful to u . my panic attacks have been extremly bad but since i started this program it has had a massive effect on them . i was on very strong medication . but your method has been more affective . thank you from the bottonm of my heart

  • Susan

    Barry, thank you so much for your program, I just started it this month and am finding it a great help. For me it has always been the fear of the body sensations (heart related…) and overcoming the lie of it. GAD has been my daily struggle and I’ve had panic attacks on and off for many years. I have confinence in this program and am looking forward to a great success. Thanks again for all. Susan

  • Sangita.

    All i can say i am getting better day by day,reading your artical and doing what you are asking me to do thankyou .and a big god bless.

  • Sangita.

    Hi Barry,thankyou for all your advise.i must say i feel so much better reading about the panic away,ad the anxiety,thankyou for all your support,god bless.

  • Robin

    I dont suffer terribly, just up to important meetings etc at work i get myself worked up to a terrible state. Awful recurting thoughts etc. Im glad i stumbled your site and you know what, it works. I recently have ben having ‘is this it’ type thoughts, as in boredom with the monotony of life, even though i know hiw lucky i am. Thr thoughts just keep coming. Instead if wondering and trying to block ive embraced them and let them in. They then pass quickly and are already becoming less frequent.

    Realise your not going mad…… its a bluff…..


  • Meaghan

    I grately appreciate your posts you send out regularly, they are tremendously helpful!!!!! I do not feel alone trying to deal with my panic/anxiety attacks.

  • john whittingham

    hi barry thanks for the info as a newcomer to your site but what i want to no first if you can tell me if ive got anxiety my symtoms are . it will start of in the stomach and travel all the way up into my head and it leaves me with goose pimples on top of goose pimples it will travel up the left hand side and i keep having it allday l fully understand if you cant answer it but i thought it was worth a try

  • lynn

    thank you so much for your emails they really help me i hope to buy your course soon when i can afford it.
    i have suffered for years and only after reading your emails and comments that people have left realise that i am not alone and that other people have these horrible thoughts and sensations aswell
    many thanks again

  • Hans vanderklift


    Thank you for all your info.

    My anxiety is caused by feeling guild and anger.
    How can I label these categories ?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • omar

    2 days into the course and i am a different more confident person, the way i used to be. When trying the gratitude excercise, the only gratitude that came to mind was the sense of relief your work has given me to be normal again and really understand what has been going on with my health over the last 2 years. It made me smile and i will practice more and more hourly not just each day. thank you again and keep up the great work,


  • A. Soliman

    Thank you so much. I am really out of words to express how much I am so happy that I have found you, I have been in this GAD for 6 years nothing worked for me nothing helped me. This last years was only fighting againest myself because I knew deep inside that it was all an illusion what am I feeling so I had to take my daily life normal and just keep fighting againest what I feel or think and it eated me. but after I readed your advices and following this short course ( this is the 2nd one I get to my email ) I learned how to stop fighting and just in some how listen more to the thoughts and feelings without being afraid from them and I have to say the last 3 days have passed really different even if the change is small but this time I feel that it is different. am so thankful again. and I wish you all the success in life.

  • Anne

    Hi, have been suffering with anxiety on and off for 5 months now and this time it seems to have really gripped me. Some days anxious thoughts grip me and it’s like I am cut off from the work. Your description of mentally checking in and the anxious fog describes perfectly what even happended to me as recently as an hour ago, I’m going to try the gratitude exercise but in the meantime thankyou for reminding me that I am not the only one who has ever experienced this. Good luck to everyone trying this method.

  • Ms Simpson

    Thank God for you. I’d suffred many years and read this and the tears that had een bottled up finally came out. It’s like a new beginning for me. I’m happy you shared this with me and look forward to a brighter and better day. Praise the Lord and thank God for you and your program.


  • dorne

    Thank you so very very much-not one of my counsellors have ever used this technique and it truly is a gift from god.I first got severe panic attacks when i was 27 and didn’t know what it was-i thought i was having a heart attack and i was going mad-in the end i got a very good counsellor who helped me find the reason behind it all-my insecurity from my bad relationship-i slowly got better but recently in aug of last year it returned after the neighbours from hell moved in next door to me-playing loud music,arguing constantly and swearing and hitting each other and their child,just before this i lost my dog of 22 years to cancer as well so within wekks of these neighbours moving in i started getting the attacks-i am now staying at my mums house and reading the info you sent me helped me so much and i was getting over it but i had a setback last week-i started a new job and worked far too many hours on top of my other job and was rushing around everywhere-i came back to your course and it has given me the willpower and strength to get back on track and see things clearly again and i am going to keep applying everything you have said-i am so grateful to you and also knowing that many people on here have had them too and reading what they have written makes me somehow feel not so alone and in the fog-may you be blessed forever for what you do to help people-my deepest and sincere thanks.x

  • rashidah

    Sir, thank you very much…. i am on lexapro and xanax and it seems that since i’ve been reading your emails, i am very sure one day i will not be taking those drugs anymore, less frequent dizziness and no more stress headaches nowadays and i am starting to enjoy my life….always looking forward to your emails……

  • Dragana

    Thank you so much. I am feeling much better and can’t wait to start a new life without fears.
    Looking forward to see your next message.
    Warm regards.

  • Colleen Passman

    Receiving your e-mail everyday has really been helping me. When I read them, I feel the knot in my neck going away. I am so grateful that I found you.

    Thankyou so much.

    Colleen Passman

  • carole

    hi i have only just started practicing the technics i am hoping with your help i will have normallity back in my life at long last thankyou

  • Saved

    Thank you thank you thank you, and thank God for you, this is exactly what God has tought me to do, Im so happy to find this in your site also. Yes – be thankful, be grateful for even every little thing in your life. So it is, I feel very warm now and very very thankful for ALL the things and situations and people in my life. I feel so great now! 🙂

  • Kim

    Thank you so very much for all this useful information. I am really starting to feel ten times better, and through your newsletters I am learning so much about finding inner peace.I am learning how to be panic free, and I truly believe that God has sent me to your site. Words alone cant not even begin to say how much I appreciate you and your site!!!

  • sunil

    Simply great.I thank u for helping me to overcome my psychological imbalance and get rid of many negative thoughts.I wish u a healthy life-

  • DRE

    The last few days ive been ready your emails and they have been helpful…..the icing on the cake is all the feedback you recieve is very conforting. Its weird how my ” bad feelings” go away… Thank you

  • Mrs T Davis

    Dear Joe,I would like to obtain your book. Is it sold in Australia? Your letters are very helpfull,but i would like to read the book and several of my friends ,yours sincerely Teddie Davis.

  • Aurea Suarez

    I will try this technics and hope that this will help me conquer my panic attacks and anxiety disorder so I can stop going to my Doctor and I can discontinue taking a lot of medicines.I have been through this for 5 years and no medicines can cure it…the medicines just calm me down but it keeps on going almost everyday…

  • Jon Allen

    I was raised a Methodist, learned Transcendental Meditation, and now, the bare essence of all my prayers and meditations, the heart/gratitude exercise. I believe that no matter how a person expresses their own spirituality, it is tremendously beneficial, and one of the great losses of our modern times is the prevalence of regularly practiced spirituality. It is a cornerstone to spreading the peace that we as humans are capable of.
    Peace be with you.

  • Kay

    Thank you. It may sound crazy but I am greatful for the panick attacks that I have been having. I am becoming more intouch with myself. Don’t get me wrong today when I went to the OB/GYN and had to have a biopsy i thought for sure I would have an attack. I have been using all of your techniques, they are a god sent as are you. I am greatful for people like you in the world. I wish for all of the people that open their hearts on your blog to be at peace. What helps me the most is not being afraid of the attack itself. Honestly If I feel it coming over me I welcome it and if I truly am welcoming it it NEVER happens. I don’t know if anyone has heard of taking vitamin b and staying ABSOLUTLY AWAY FROM CAFFIENE. I don’t know any of you, yet I know were you have been.

  • Geraldine Whiley

    I cant believe it! I have been looking at these emails and thinking wow what sense they make. I too have suffered with panics attacks that became extremely intense after the birth of my second child 7 years ago. I have been on and off anti depressants in that time and recently had CBT which helped plus I have been studying for a contemporary Fine Art degree which has helped me feel more confidence and proud.
    I was doing well up until my dear sweet lovely Aunty Dolly died just the week before christmas which set me back and my panics returned. I had been so confident about travelling which had been a major problem (I could not even get on a bus or train Last year) that I booked a trip to New York with my University before she died. But now I was not so confident. She knew I was going to New York and was proud of me for doing so well. She had also suffered from panics. She was only 62 and had never been out of Ireland. We used to talk such a lot about everything and anything and now she is gone. I had some suggestion therapy and managed to get to New York with positive thinking and a Diazapan after a slight wobble on the way to Heathrow
    This email said that we should have gratitude and it helps so much. I often thank god for something as little as a car park space. I think of Dolly and I want to cry but I am so grateful that she was mine and she will always be in my heart. I have just noticed on my 6th email from you a connection with University in Galway Ireland which shocked me Dolly lived in Shantalla, Galway city It seems although she has died she chats to me still Thank you

  • Michael in Louisiana

    I purchased PanicAway @ 2 years ago. When i first started it really opened my eyes and helped me to face this disorder called anxiety. I started daily devotions with my bible and began writing down my thoughts and feelings first thing upon awakening and i was feeling a new sense of empowerment … but … i stopped doing any of it, because i felt better. Now after having a panic episode on a recent flight i am right back to square one. I say all that to say this, do not stop fighting continue the healing process and do not do as i did and let your comfort zone fool you. I know how bad my anxiety and panic makes me feel and i also know as you will know, there is a number of ways out of this disorder and the first way out begins with YOU.

  • Janie

    I will be incorporating this wonderful technique in my daily routine. I have tried it once and it makes you feel at peace within yourself which feels great.

    I have been doing this course for over a week and I feel better, more confident and I have cut down my Xanax 0.5mg to only 1/2 daily. I see my GP regularly so he can see how I am going.

    Thank you, once again, God Bless!
    Janie (Australia)

  • Joyce

    I have been suffering from panic attacks begining of Year 2k. I really taught I’m going to die, Luckily I have good friends that help me through those difficult period. As my parents are not educated they taught I am having mental problems because each time the doctor said that I am perfectly fine.One of the physcologist recommned me to see the physcriatic and she gave me luvox. I stop taking when I got better but the attack can a second time so I continue with the medicine,
    Recently I got another attack and was send to ER and again doctor check my heart and said I am fine. Thats when I got fed up and check out the internet if I can find some people with the same problem to discuss with me this sickening problem. I am so glad I found you. You must be god send. Thank u so much , I now know how to handle my attacks. Thanks again.

  • michael clarke

    This is first class so why not publish the course in book form n ot a download I’m sure a lot of people would be willing to pay,the advice is really that good,
    best wishes,

  • jen

    You are truely God sent. Thank you so much for this information. I also find that prayer and meditation helps a lot

  • rafael

    Thanks so much I went running this morning and i drive back home on the freeway when i drive i feel a panic attack and i control with a count down exercise and everething come normal after the exersice back home with a secure feeeling tks so much joe and god bless you.

    regards / rafael

  • pamela@2008

    thanks so much i am beging to feel alot better about my attacks when i lost my mum i thought i was the only one that had them was so scared at one point going to the shops but now bit by bit it seems my life is getting back on track and i can do more things with my son which makes me feel so good now and knowing my mum woul be so proud of me thank you

  • wolf

    Thanks and thanks for years i have ben chased here and ther for help and refusing pills needles to say nohthing helpt till now thanks again send moore

  • Kwan Yue Meng

    Thanks GOD for directing me to your Panic Away website. As I am beginning to experience general anxiety disorder especially FEAR of minor irritation of not being able to get out of the situation quickly.

    Just by reading the introduction to your Panic Away Programme I know god has already helped me. I am trying to practice replacing the fear in my sub-conciousness with LORD JESUS CHRIST, I KNOW YOU WILL TAKE AWAY MY FEAR AND ANXIETY. I HAVE CONFIDENT THAT YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF ME.

    Thanks Barry

  • Mario

    Thanks alot man foreal it’s great that you offer your great advice for free also so foreal dogg thanks

  • Noreen

    After a breasr cancer scare (benign) loss of my job after 12 years son wrote off my car husband after 33yrs got found out by me having an affair (not the only one apparantly) being an abused wife all these year s and all the other stuff life hands out to you and the biggest problem never saying no to any road to one I landed in hospital as my system crashed completely so much to the point I couldn’t even string 2 sensible words together which terrified me even more, I have experienced panic attacks before and decided that they were never ever gonna get me again. You people that are suffering at this moment my heart goes out to you as it is a long and hard road to travel but surround yourself with everything positive get rid I repeat get read of anything that is negative and talk about your condition you will be surprised how many are suffering you are not alone, as far as gratitude try giving a stranger a bit of gratitude each day or just a compliment you should see the smile it brings to both yours and their faces,Good luck it does get better X

  • maniola

    thank you from the bottom of my have been the subject of my gratitude art lately.i have not left a reply before because i wanted to see my changes.I am better now and i am trying for more.I hope soon I will recover and never fall the victim of this devil.please send more messages to me.thank you my friend.

  • dennis salazar

    thank you barry. I tried the “Bring it on” technique and it works with me. The hardest thing for me to do is HOW to block the anxiety from coming in because if it started to endulge me that is the bigger problem so I wanted even before it comes I want this anxiety to be blocked right away. It works with me well and I thank you very much for that, You don’t know how you’ved helped me. in my heart i truly thank you very very much. May God empowered you with good health and great power to help others too. You are a blessing to mankind. In filipino words MARAMING SALAMAT SA IYO…

  • Fausto

    i have been addicted to Serenal, Diazepam, lorazepam and all the pam´s that exist for 5 or more years, i went to psichotherapist, psichologist and all the psich´s that exists. I learn Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, Do-in, NLP, i praise and praise to God ! (And i´m not a religious person) And yet my anxiety still there, till the point i went in depression, and start using Trazadone. But enough is enough. And i became sick of medical, or alternative therapy´s, so i start a while ago by my own, reducing the pill´s. (it´s hard, i went thinking, because the addiction, of the body and mind), But days ago a receive your invitation on youtube channel, i don´t know how (Maybe God exists, and sent your invitation), and i start to see your videos, next i submit my mail to your site, and start the mini-course, and for my suprise, i start to see the true reality, and quickly in the mail´s you sent, i understand, practice and feel a better relief since many years, so to finish, even the mini course may help, so i recomend to everyone this practice, and i would like to say THANK YOU AND MANY BLESSINGS, (and yes now i believe in God)

  • Amy

    I accidentally found this website and realized there are sooo many people suffering the same thing like me. Thank you for your free newsletter and thanks for your share. I will practise the routine you taught me. Thank you again! 🙂

  • Moira Lang

    Dear Barry

    Thank you so much. I found your first email very helpful since it reminded me that the last time I discovered doing the things I was afraid of (because it caused the anxiety) caused my heart rate to slow down and set me on the way to full recovery. I refuse to resort to drugs. This time my trigger was associated with lying in bed, so trying to avoid attacks was very tiring! So on your advice I went to bed and welcomed the attack which settled after 5 minutes. And since then I have been improving daily. Now it’s virtually all behind me.
    I’m a retired doctor (age 73) the worst kind of patient. Now I’m spreading the word about your website.A million thanks

  • Ruthie

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your helpful emails and exercises you so freely have offered…I love all that I have experienced thus far…I can not at this time afford your course but by the grace of God, you have figured a way to help people as they suffer from all the tremendous anxiety and fear…I feel so blessed that I have found you and that your tecniques have helped so much….I felt so desparate and alone and now I know that many people suffer from the same things…..I love the water tip and the gratitude tip…Mind and heart connection..Everything is relative….Bring on the panic works well and the 20 second countdown too…I feel gratitude for you from the depts of my soul, God Bless You

  • christine

    My gratitude will be to you next time I touch my heart….you are a special individual.
    I’m so grateful for your messages and exercises. Yours is the best e-mail everyday for me.
    I’ve even passed them to my mom, who has had this her whole life. She calls it her inner demon.
    I am in the medical field and I have NEVER had any doctor help and guide the way you have for anxiety.
    I’m still working thru it….keeping fingers crossed…its been a long journey!

  • Lynnette

    I downloaded your wonderful scheme only 6 days ago and have left responding/leaving a comment until now for one reason only…I am so much better but I didn’t believe the effects of trusting and embracing would last longer than the euphoria I felt after reading your wise and helpful words. When I first stumbled across your website I was desperate to find some sort of help as I had that day experienced 2 full-blown panic attacks whilst driving and feared for my life. Previously i have had to stop driving and pull into a lay by and call the police (rescue services aren’t interested if it’s not the car which has broken down!!) to help me. Another time I called the 999 serives convinced I was about to expire (sounded so familiar when I read other people’s accounts of similar episodes) only to get the all-clear….which I didn’t believe and trawled the web to find alternative reasons for the episodes!! ( Sound familiar again?) My GP was very helpful, empathetic and put me on beta-blockers for short time (which helped) and advised relaxation, counselling, CBT and exercise. None of these prevented the 2 episodes which resulted in my desperately searching for an answer. Then….BINGO!!!! Panic Away appeared on my screen. It all made perfect sense….and still does….I use the Driving One Move technique every time I get in the car and so far I have managed to meet, embrace and diffuse episodes….miraculous in its simplicity….Alongside all of the good advice I use the Gratitude exercise every morning and focus on the good things which tangibly reduces my anxiety level.
    I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and my fellow ‘anxiety-processors’ for their comments. Also appreciate the daily e-mail contact. Next hurdle is to do a car journey of over an hour. I am confident that I can do it…….THANKS A MILLION!!!!!

  • omar

    Thank you so much for the emails that pop us just in time! I have now figured out what my anxiety is a cause of. I’m finidn g it very very difficult to deal with my issue though and no doctors have been able to help. I wish there was someone or something that could just point me in the right direction. Until then, your technique has helped get me through this daily struggle I endure but still fight. Thanks again, no way i’m ever giving up on myself.

  • Shavonna

    Thank you soo much for your helpful and relaxing techniques they’ve truly gotten me thru sum rough times. I don’t know where I will be if I hadnt read your articles. I truly appreciate your sincerity and I would continue to read about this and hopefully in the I will be a very happy person. thanx and God Bless

  • Katie Brandt

    Tony Robbins said, “When you are grateful, fear disappears.” You hit it right on the head with this exercise – thanks Barry!

  • alice

    i just read how gratitude lifts anxiety away. it makes a lot of sense and i just practiced it. it does work!!! im going to practice it every day because im excited to feel the full results from it. thank you so much, you are helping me a lot with your mini series. im living by them. they give me hope and reassurance!!!

  • darshani dissanayake

    Thank you so much for your emails.They are really helpful.I have to say one thing they make me a very happy person and they help me to live without any tension.Thanks a lot again and god bless you Barry

  • Mariena

    Thankyou so much! I found your website by accident and you have helped me with my anxiety a lot. I did not want to be medicated so thankyou for all of your advise that doesn’t require taking tablets that temporarily block reality!!! Anxiety attacks are so horrible that I do not wish them upon anyone and you have been my saviour. Your free mini-lectures are so convenient as i am a poor university student. God bless you xoxo

  • Trish

    I just tried this exercise to see if it would quiet my nervous stomach and tight chest, despite having taken my prescribed anti-anxiety med’s this morning. Once I focused on my “gratitude” & closed my eyes I could feel my stomach relax, felt my heart rate become more regular, breathing was easier, able to take deeper breathes, and the tightness in my chest greatly reduced! So simple… Thank you!!

  • Claudia

    Hi I think that your info. will be part of my daily routine… I am still at the beginning but it sounds very interesting.. I’ll continue to follow your advice.. I need it. many thanks..

  • Nicole Magmess

    I wanted to let you know what a Godsent it was for me to find your site! I had not has a panic attack in about ten years and just last week I awoke from one not being able to breathe or move. My body felt ice cold and my head was spasming and I wasn’t responding. So I made a trip to the emergency room where they ran a lot of tests on me and they claimed I had severe anxiety. I take 0.5 mg Lorazapam three times a day and I am getting tired of taking them. I learned here about gratitude and the power of positive thinking. isn’t it fun when we can do something nice for someone else and you feel really good in your heart? I want to keep giving to others because that is what is giving me the strength to be me. This is just an everyone here are such angels! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • voltaire

    thank you so much SIR ! it is straight from my heart that you really bring back my true life !! the e-mails im receiving from my subscription are all true. then applied all of these to me ….thank you so much!!

  • Abdallah

    I can definetly recall what Barry meant that true gratitude can truly leave a positive outlook. I recall several events that happend in my past where a misfortune struck me which I though would leave a major effect on my life but turned around that I was ok. I felt so thankful that I could feel the positive energy that made me happy. In order for this to work, the gratitude must come directly from your heart not your lips. Like barry said, “shift your mind to your heart” and you will truly forget your worries.

  • Elaine

    Thank you for all the info you have sent me this week as a new person into the programme, I can relate to almost all of the testimonials on how GAD and anxiety panic attacks can cripple you. I hope to be Xanax free and back to being myself after 16years with your help. Thankyou Barry for your help so far.
    Regards Elaine

  • TINA

    I was reading this while playing with my two years old son and just looking at him made me realize how happy he makes me feel and how greatful i am to have him by my side all the time through my anxiety…thank you for your emails..its gradualy changing my life..THANK YOU SIR.

  • mahmoud

    thanks a lot to you my friend especially to theory of connection between mind and heart , my family was very bad and i have child abuse , please keep contact with me via e-mail .

  • xiaoyu

    really thanks for you suggest …even i can’t get away the bad feeling binded to me .but it helps a lot ….

  • LeeAple

    Thanks for such a nice article. It really helps to develop self-awereness, which is step number one on the way to our true life – love, abundance, truth and freedom.

  • Linda

    You are a Godsend! The world is full of anxiety and frightened people. I work as a psychiatric nurse and my heart goes out to all the people writing in about their panic. Please, please get in touch with Oprah and see if you can’t go live and tell your story and talk about your book. You could help thousands of people this way! The world needs your help! Thanks for sharing such wonderful tools of survival! God Bless you.

  • geena

    hi barry! thank you so much for this website. I have been suffering this panic attack and GAD for 7 years now since after my spinal cord operation.(laminectomy) i begin to feel this several months after the surgery at first i thought i was going to have a heart attack. and i feel so many things inside me specially the pains, in my stomach. sometimes my mood is so high and abruptly go low then the panic attack gets in again. then i read your article I feel good after i read the comments.I want to get rid of this to live a normal life and feel that happiness again! thank you so much! ur the answer in my prayers…. GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Ophelia

    This was so helpful!! I will keep practicing over and over….One thing is for sure, I am thankful for you. Your appreciated so much for helping others like me. All my best to you sir…

  • Anna

    I followed your excerise of gratefulness and mediation. It was truly amazing in that when I closed my eyes and began thinking about about what I was grateful for – the color went from fiery red to a soft deep purple and I began to feel more relaxed. I am definately going to continue this excerise on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing this with me and all the other folks who share this problem of anxiety.

  • Cat

    Just received a wonderful email from Barry that reinforces the gratitude approach and it worked like a charm. Today it came at a time when it truly was needed. I’m going through perimenopausal symptoms and the anxiety it creates takes a lot of work to combat. I have found with Barry’s words of encouragement I can get through the rough spots a lot quicker. Thanks Barry.

  • Marie

    Thank you so much for your amazing work. We are all put on this earth with different gifts to offer and you have been able to share your gift with us. It is just so reassuring to know we are not alone. It was like a light bulb went off in my head when I read your book and I knew the old me was still here I just needed to take control back and stop being scared of anxiety! Thank you!!!!

  • Felice Rood

    Today I was in Walmart. It was very crowded. I tried to force myself to have a panic attack. Normally I am so anxious in that huge store and can’t wait to get out and always make sure my car keys are very handy in case I have to run out. But today – I smiled throughout the store. “Bring It On”, I said to myself as you have suggested. The panic kept itself well hidden. Thank you for these wonderful and helpful ideas. It’s better than snapping the rubberband on my wrist which is a very painful way to try to get out of a panic attack. Ouch.

  • mohammed

    man i have been sick for tow years . i have gone to doctors , i asked people . i searched in internet ( Arabic websites) and yhey couldnt help me . and it is so waierd . just after reading your article for 10 minutes , i feel
    so fuckin normal , every thing is going very well .relationships , family, work , every single thing is just fantastic
    what I feel now is that I am back 2 life =) , man I ll never forget you as long as I live

    best wishes ,

  • thomas

    My problem has come out exactly @ this year i am 25 yr old young man,
    After the problems started with i felt my self very bad because i was somewhere leader around my friends.Actually what happend is my nervousness has came out in meetings and felt so stressed when i was with my closed ones.End of the day i came to my room and started praying to god that i am not this and i want to be like what i was.Abefore aftter lot of browsing ,with gods blessing i guided to this web site,start learning hw to overcome such situations.Today i feel so glad i can practice the subject and win.More than that i want to go through the entire book,my self get stabeld and get my friend/people around me.

  • bo2011

    Thank you so much, your miniseries have changed the way i feel about myself and it’s like you know how i feel everyday and just have the right answers …. 🙂 Thank you again ….

  • richard rose

    thank you soo much for these mini courses your giving me i really appriciate this ive had cronic anxiety for 2 months and i am the type of guy if i would have never had this i would be the type to say quit being a wimp exetra exetra but it brought me down and now i realize what people really go through it plain sucks if i never have another attack or just get rid of it i will be the happiest person in the world but i know its gonna take alot of training i dont have but i will do it and these mini courses and doing wonders THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH . with regards richard rose

  • Mynor Silva

    Dear Barry McDonagh,
    I’ve been reading these mini series and they have helped me out alot, i truly believe now one day soon ill be free of this anxiety. I tried this excercise and it was incredible, i started to think of all my family, friends and my dog and i startred tearing up then i started laughing and feeling like my self again,it was AMAZING! most of all you sir are amazing im so glad i stumbled upon your website and subscribed to these emails.
    I definitely feel stronger now, more confident than ever before. I somehow think this was supposed to happen, to help me become a better person, im almost glad it happened to me (i know weird right?). Thank you from the bottom of my heart Barry, your an angel.

  • aggie2020

    Thank you for your e-mails. I truly appreciate receiving them. I think what I find the hardest is the fact that this is something that comes back. I am presently weaning myself from medication I should have stopped taking years ago. So your articles are coming at the right time. I know I can do this and that I can beat this. Thank you again and keep up your good work. It is helping thousands of people.

  • mike

    This is awesome. I recently started having panic attacks and stress and didn’t know what to do about it. This program has made me feel comfortable and calm again. I’m so thanksful for it!

  • Mandy

    Retrospectively, there were times I do get heartwarming sensation while having some happy thoughts, and it definitely put me at ease for that moment, but didn’t realise it’s a sort of technique. It’s amazing this is gonna help in my anxiety. I’m so gonna do this as often as I can. Hugs!!

  • Lucy

    Dear Barry McDonagh, I am healed by my panic attacks regarding your mini courses and the video where you speak short, but very effective. I am aware now that am not alone with this problem. By reading newsletters I felt comforted. By mistake I deleted lesson 6 and I’d like to have it. Please if you can resend. I am very thankful to you and God that hearing my prayers opened a door. The door is your mankind attitude to sufferers. Thank you. You are a real man.

  • Rhoda

    thanks Barry for your daily updates, i normally long to open your updates, i developed auxiety immediately after i delivered my 4th baby. before i subscribed to your mails , i did not know what was happening to my body, but after reading your mail i clealy understood my problem and for this am greatful. now am no longer scared since i know my problem and i know soon i will be well. many people suffer from auxiety and they do not know.



  • Noreen

    Hi, Barry and to all! I have suffered panic attacks badly, since 2009, they have got progressively worse! I have analysed my life, going back to as far as I can. Have four children, all flown the nest, and doing well, all went are going to Uni. Nobody understands these horrific panic and fear attacks, at all, no Doctor, no psycho, have tried to get the councelling, but to no avail! I was on Zopiclone, a sleeping pill, stopped it cold turkey two weeks ago, I was on buspirone, stopped that two weeks ago, cold turkey, when I read the withdrawal going cold turkey it wasn’t surprising why I felt so ill!

    Four weeks ago, was my last drinking binge, I decided I had had enough, can’t take any more, and so drank myelf into oblivion with the meds, anything I could get my hands on to just black out! Yet, still I woke up and just vommited for a week, all day,

    I am now going to AA, I have lost my driving licence, I was out of my mind with the meds and alcohol, wasn’t driving the car, had, and was trying to open the door, when an off duty policewoman made a citizens arrest.

    I had to attend Court for the first time in my life after spending a night in the cell, I have probably lost my job, turned up for work, very unsteady on my feet etc, wasn’t allowed to work, and wasn’t allowed to drive my car away, and was taken home. Since, there is an on going enquiry. I have been trying to sell the house, but have no energy, most of the day, i am just frozen to the spot! I am still on citalopram, but reducing off that now. I am struggling in the dark, to take vit suppliments, as I struggle to eat, live on horlicks, with my panic attacks I used to be sick, the pains in my arms legs, neck, just debiletating, so confused, feel like I am going round the bend, keep telling myself, the withdrawal from the meds, is still having an effect but haven’t drunk! I don’t want my children to have to say their Mum died because she was an alcoholic! the drink got out of contol because of the sheer strength of the panic attacks!!!!!!! it’s all a vicious circle, don’t know where to turn for advice, but have found Barry’s mini series a help, it’s all good practical advice, but it still doesn’t help me, sorry, folks, just so desparite.

  • Odhran

    Honestly cant thank you enough, 2 weeks ago i thought i was losing the plot, with this mini course and particularly this post coz ive been doing this already and its been working but to see it written down makes me know that i’m getting better.



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