The 20 Second Countdown

Why everywhere you look are top psychologists and doctors still teaching outdated methods for treating general anxiety and panic attacks?

It seems every time I do a search online there is yet another anxiety “expert” rehashing the same old ideas. Brown Paper bags, think happy thoughts, do your breathing etc. I am sure you have come across them a million times before already.

How are people supposed to solve their anxiety issue if they are continuously exposed to these techniques and methods that only teach people to cope with anxiety. Just coping is not good enough. Real solutions are needed.

I want to share with you something that does work. It is a very simple way to help end the fear of a PANIC ATTACK. (In later emails I will address feelings of general anxiety)

This is a very good exercise for people who want something practical to focus their attention on when they feel the pressure of a panic attack building.

Its very simple and easy to remember. Here goes…

The 20 Second Countdown

When you feel the sensations of a panic attack building do the following.

Tell the panic that it has 20 seconds to initiate the full panic attack. 20 seconds and no more. After the 20 seconds are complete it must stop making empty threats.

You are allowing 20 seconds for it to fully manifest but not a second more.

Whatever the bodily sensation is that you fear, it must happen within that 20 second time frame.

-If you heart is going to explode then it has 20 seconds to do so.

-If you are going to lose control, then your mind has 20 seconds to do so.

-If you are going to faint – 20 seconds! But absolutely no more time than that.

You get the picture.

By setting a specific time frame you establish boundaries of control. You turn it into a game where you call fear’s bluff. If it were a poker game, you are asking anxiety to show its hand.

This works because it establishes a sense of control within your mind and body.

You think to yourself “I am not prepared to spend my time worrying about this. I’ve had enough. I am going to be generous and give it 20 seconds but after 20 seconds and nothing has happened then the opportunity has officially passed and I am going to go back to what I was doing.”

Then start counting -but nice and slowly, don’t rattle it off as fast as you can. Really tease it out like you did when you were a child and you never wanted to reach zero. Teasing it out is the key because it allows you to feel generous and that you are giving anxiety every chance possible.

Deep down you know there is really nothing to fear.

To really help tease it out, break the last few numbers into fractions.

2…and three quarters…
2…and half………………
1…and three quarters… (last chance anxiety)
1…and half……………… (I really cant wait any longer)
Sorry too late we’ve reached the end.

By not rushing through the countdown you will feel your confidence soar because you are demonstrating real control and authority over your anxious thoughts and bodily sensations. You are saying “look, I am really trying to give you all the time I can to unleash X,Y, and Z, I am being very generous here with this countdown.

Count your way to freedom. Count your way to confidence.

If you find this type of exercise useful then click here to learn more,

Keep an eye out for the next email… If it does not arrive check the spam folder -they tend to hide there sometimes times.

Barry Joe McDonagh

P.S. If you want to get started on the Panic Away course right now click here and you can download the course in the next 5 minutes. Join with me and let’s end the vicious cycle of anxiety and panic attacks today.

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200 replies on “The 20 Second Countdown

  • Jim

    It’s nice that you give some hands on examples that us panic sufferers can actually use. Thank you for caring.

  • Ellen

    I can control the panic attacks I cannot control the dizziness I have all day from the anxiety. Do you know if anybody else feels this dizziness and outterspace feeling.

  • maria

    Just wanted to let you know how happy it makes me to receive your email each day, they are helping me already.

    God Bless you.


  • Dee

    Ellen, I can soooo relate to the dizziness; it is becoming very bothersome, and I fear something more serious maybe going on. I had a brain scan years ago, but this dizziness has been relentless now for a few weeks. Not really a “spinning” dizziness, but a feeling that I am “wobbling”, and at times feel I want to pass out? Good luck to you!

  • Ruby

    Just knowing from what you have sent so far that medically nothing will happen if ‘panic’ decides to rear its ugly head, is the best news I’ve had! Lessened my feelings of anxiety already. Thanks for caring.

  • jason

    Ellen I too can relate to the dizziness, brain fog, i get pressure in my head i had a ct scan and it said i had a blot clot, you can imagine the panic attacks i was having, i was praying and had other people praying for me the doctor said they would do an mri, the mri was done and just showed sinusitis, and my pyschiatrist said that my pressure in my head and dizziness was just due to anxiety and panic attacks,

  • Xavier

    Dear J.B

    At my panic came when I where just sitting on my chair then friends rush me to the hospital.
    The Doctor said I just hyperventilated so he gave me Oxygen and a few minutes later I feel OK again.
    After that I always fear that it will happen again. The 2nd attack is when I am reading and I feel the
    burning sensation inside me and make me panic again then my parents rush me to the hospital
    the doctors check my heart,blood and lungs but they found nothing but even I heard that I still cannot
    calm myself I always have panic attacks.I was searching through the internet how to fight panic attacks
    then I found your advice. Thank you J.B

  • Dee

    WOW, Jason! You must have freaked? Did that have you in the hospital? Glad it all turned out GREAT on MRI… I am headed to the doc this afternoon regarding mine! I am sure I will get the same ole’ diagnosis of ANXIETY…. which is always reassuring, but I really would feel better with a CT or MRI! Good day to all!

  • Iris

    Ellen, I also cannot control my panic attacks.Everytime i suffer my panic attacks my heart beats fasts and I think I’m gonna have a heart attack…my husband will gonna rush me into the hospital and the doctor will get me ecg and any kinds of laboratory but its all normal the doctors said to me that I am suffering an anxiety….

    Just last week, i read how to deal panic attacks in Panic Away and i feel better and now i know how to deal with it when they will strike me.Just read panic away news letter! It will really help you. Have a nice day.

  • Martine

    This is day three and already am I seeing results. I’ve been suffering from GAD for about 2.5 months and was stuck in a loop. This was affecting every aspect of my life. I wasn’t as active with the kids fearing that I’d get palpitations. I just wasnt interested in being intimate with my spouse and I was just overall not happy and everytime someone would talk to me I’d bring the anxiety and the symptomes in the conversation. I have a great support team but now with these email newsletters I’m getting the tools I need. I’d love to be able to afford the book being a stay at home mom money is the sacrifice I’m doing to be with my kids. These emails are the light I was searching for. Thank you

  • Zola

    Thenks , so much ! I just lost my job , and can’t afford the book. I ‘am so glad for people like you , who like healp us with panic attacks.

  • Nick

    This works straight away!
    I’m taking it slowly but am seeing results. I totally shut down an attack before it even had a chance!
    The most powerful thing you can give someone with anxiety is control, its empowering!
    I cant wait to be fully anxiety free.
    We can all do this people!

  • heart

    ive read your complete course…and now experiencing setbacks….im a hypertensive person…thats why im so worried everytime my nerves pumps up into my head…im afraid that this palpitation may lead to stroke or heart attack…but im only 30 and have a light weight…theres a time im alive but the next day im dizzy again…this is so tiring…

  • Jan

    Feel Just like you. I am having investigations for an irregular heart beat at the moment and have got so anxious, this is why the panic attacks have happened i think, but when my heart starts racing I think its because something is getting worse or I’m having a heart attack. Been to hospital twice with them! like you nothing had changed on my ecg from what I was initially being investigated for. Am hoping that once I get results from tests I will be ok and the panic will stop, or at least I will know what they are and be able to cope now I’ve found this web site. Good luck hope you feel better very soon

  • Jan

    Can’t afford to buy the whole course at the moment but the newsletters have become my life line. I’m hoping in the next few weeks, when I get medical test results through I will calm down and the attacks will stop but until then I’m depending so much on this website and the sharing with other people to get me though. Thank you so much

  • Corin

    I have been experiencing panic attacks out of the blue for several weeks now that tend to last all day sometimes.I find it so tiring,get palpatations all the time but the worst thing of all is feeling as though i am going mad.My brain feels scatty and i feel forever in a dream.I am scared something is wrong with either my heart or my brain and i find myself not being able to concenrate so much on my children whereas before i was very active and full on. thankyou so much for your e-mails , they are my one saviour at the moment and the thing that keeps me going.My sincere best wishes go out to all the people in the same situation as me right now.

  • nancy

    OMG Corin it is like you are looking into my life the only different is I have been happen to me for almost three years now. I came off all the meds that they put me on since they dont really work you have to be on them for ever and ever. I have spent thousands and thousands behind my palpations and somethimes I may even get three attacks a day. They leav me feeling really out of it . For the past three weeks it has been the worst it has ever been. Like you I now feel like I am going mad and as my husband had to work out of state I had to move in with friends. I thank you for the time you took to send your little note just knowing that someone out there is going throught the same thing is helping. I will remember you in my pray and hope that this too shall pass and we would be able live our life as we did before.

  • Lou

    I have had panic attacks for as far back as I can remember. This forum and the emails have helped me so much, I only came across it last week and it has been a lifeline especially reading that others have the same things going on. I have had an ecg done today because I’ve been getting palpitations and chest pain.
    You are fantastic, the way you explain things is easy to understand and I am definitely going to invest in the full course. I think it will help me when I’m driving because I dread being stuck in traffic alone. I have to ring people on my mobile just to talk and shake the dreaded feeling of terror off.
    Thank you and God bless everyone who reads this and is fighting their corner.

  • Rob

    Iam 31 yrs old and this has been a long road for me its been going on for alittle over 8 years but i found this website and finally going for some therpy.. im totally sick of the anxiety syptoms and i have all of them but the fatigue! from the “i cant breathe to choking sensation” all the time! several test later and im totally fine! im hoping i cotinue to gain knowledge from these news letters that have helped already just with three of them. i am a total fan and hope for total recovery.


  • Calculus Davis

    I’ve jaz read the third newsletter…i couldn’t believe that i was actually laughing…laughin in a sense that, with your ways, i felt it through my heart that it is really that easy to lessen or even eliminate panic attacks permanently…i couldn’t wait more for the next issues…i really can’t express how much you move my life…thank you so much…

  • Sammi

    I have only been getting panic attacks for just over a week now but since my 1st one i havent been able to get rid of this dizzy feeling i havent had 1 day where i feel even half myself i seem to be dizzy all day and get awoken all night every night with mini panic attacks. i would like to thank you though for giving me hope of being back to my normal self soon 🙂

  • Trudi Pincombe

    my panic attacks are due to having made bad decisions and the consequences. I have had
    therapy but I am still struggling, especially in the mornings. I am happy to try anything and your therapy
    seems to make sense.

  • tiffany

    I have only got a newsletter 3 times now and yesterday i actually controlled an anxiety attack I went to a place that made me feel really uncomfortable and when my heart started pumping faster I just kept telling myself that it could not hurt me and it just went away. So, that helped me alot.

  • Sooraj


    It simply superb. I will call your mission a teaching. Many thanks it is more than fruitful.

    I reside in the pearl of Indian Ocean. – Mauritius. Not so many people are aware about your site. I shall make known over here.

    Thanks again

  • Soni

    Thanks it has helped to somewhat control the panic attacks but the whole day i feel as if i cannot walk.
    I even fear to walk down a staircase if i m alone and tehre is lot of headache… Any idea how to get relieved???

  • elaine

    My panic attacks returned two weeks ago after having been nearly panic free for around 5 years. It has left me terrified that I am at the beginning of a long road again. 5 years ago was awful….I thought that I was losing my mind… but I didn’t and it’s not going to happen this time either!!! I am re-evaluating my life and stress levels every day. I have asked family for help with collecting my child from after school club as I was so stressed rushing through the dark winter weather to get there on time. I would spend the afternoon at work feeling the panic rise about being late. I’ve also cut down on the few glasses of wine that I used to think helped to relax me……it doesn’t!
    Supermarkets and shopping malls are so scary some days but my mum will come with me if I feel uncomfortable. Having support really is helping me to get through this. One good thing about the situation (every cloud has a silver lining) is that I am re-learning how to relax and stop feeling under pressure to do everything myself. Everything that happens in your life CAN make you stronger! By news letter 3 I have realised that accepting this is happening and challenging it is the way to regain control of my life. I am determined that this time I am in charge. Everyone stay brave and keep going…….there are wonderful things out there in the world waiting to happen for us all!

  • ylli

    I am 61 years old.I have 3 years suffering from stress and panic attacks which cause me headache,muscle and joint pains as well as vogus nerv pain. After a lot of treatments by doctors I felt a little beat better but the stress and panic attacks still not got rid at all.As I didn’t feel better by using prescription and non-prescription drug then
    I decided to overpass the stress,panic attacks as well as pains doing meditation,exercises as well as yoga 20 minutes thrice a day.Also I walk every day along the seashore 6 km and doing this I hope I’ll feel better. I stopped taking all prescription and non prescription drugs and I hope to have benefits by news letter 3 which I think will help me to regain control of my life.

    Thank You

  • Ajay

    This is very helpful, I was having this type of attacks. Just two days back I came across your website and things seem to be under control now. This is really working.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Nevenka

    I was panic attack free for nearly 8 years now and it just happened again-to my horror- 3 wks ago while I was driving my husband from work. It was worse than ever, dry mouth,chocking sensations and an absolute loss of control -my thougths were beyond my control- I actually stopped the car in a middle of the road and ask my husband to drive as I thought I was dying. I was grassping for breath and almost forgot how to breath, could not feel my body and thought I was being paralised as I could not move my legs. I felt really embarassed and didn’t want my daughter to see me like this as I was talking nonsence, feeling really confused and almost had an out of body experience. It was by mistake that I found your website and felt imediatelly drawn to read more. Your words are so sincere and true and it makes sense coming from someone who’d experienced panic attacks and is now free, in contol and helping others. Your approach is totally different from everything I’ve read so far. Can’t wait to read another news letter. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and my sincere wishes for everything you do in the future.

  • elpitha

    i dont even know what to say everytime ive felt my stomach ready to kick off (thats how my panic attacks start) i do the method from the first newsletter , i really dont know what to say this is excellent thank you so much !!!

  • Wes

    I’m with you Ellen. I’m having more dizziness than anything else. Also, there’s a pressure in my ears and I’ve had tension headaches. Maybe you can relate to my story below. Best of luck and God Bless.
    I will try to 20 second rule today. My first panic attack happened while I was running several months ago. The pressure began in my head and then scared my body (apparently resulting in a panic attack, shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, going mad). Today, I mainly have a ringing of the ears and can really feel my head when exercising…making me think somethings going on with my head. Sometimes I get myself dizzy from talking. Then, I feel the shortness of breath, etc. Is this the case with anybody?


  • Marcelle

    Day 2… I am stuck to your emails like glue! Hope this works… I feel a bit better. I am hanging on to your words.. Trying to follow your concepts. Hold thumbs!

  • marcos

    I used to experience almost eighteen years keep and coming back anxieties sometimes i could not sleep, eat, concentrate and others with reasons … big thanks for providing as great positive advised and guidance sir ..

  • claire

    hi, i too can relate with everybody that has experienced the feeling of dizziness. i have had panic attacks since i was a child and i am now 30. i hate the dizzy feeling and i too can experience it when i am talking to someone. i have 3 children and it is restricting the things that i do with them, i so much want to do the things that normal mothers do with their children, but i feel asthough i have to gear myself up just to take them to school which is around the corner. i really thought i was on my own with this dizziness and i find it comforting that i am not the only one and i hope you do too, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE XXX I HOPE YOU ALL RELIEVE YOURSELFS FROM THIS AWFUL CONDITION XX

  • Marcelle

    Wes, Claire, I also have the terrible dizziness!! Oh its just horrifying when it happens! It feels so comforting to know that what I experience is not THAT uncommon… actually not uncommon AT ALL!!! Look at how many people suffer from the same symptoms! Wow, I don’t feel alone anymore! Seeing others fighting against this STUPID anxiety disorder makes me hopeful! I do believe we can all overcome this! Good luck everyone!

  • ylli

    Hi. Many thanks for your panicaway newsletter 3 which I do highly appreciate.Axcept your helpful advices I do every day at 4 o’clok PM exercises as well I walk every day evening 6 km on the sea shore.Really i’m feeling
    better. Thank you ever so much.

  • Liza

    Im happy with the email i received evryday. It helps me alot and hoping all this feelings will gone and I’ll be with what I am before. Thank you for your help. I appreciate your daily emails.

  • danah

    reading your mails other people feel the dizzyness too it helps to hear this it has taken over my life . i will try your 20 second method please keep the mail coming i need this, there must be a way danah

  • Jan

    Hello, dizziness is my main symptom, its gets so bad i have to hold on to a wall to get me home, i dont go anywhere on my own, the last time i tried on my own, about a year ago,i fell to the floor, cried like a baby and had to phone my husband for help. so i totally understand everybody who is suffering the same. I shall try the advise in this letter, heres hoping!!

  • danah

    ellen and jason i also am dizzy all day i am taking a lot of zopiclon whichis ambien in the usa and also mirtazipine which is called remeron in the usa i will try bit by bit to lower but anytime anybody comes or leaves especially my husband i get panic. when i take something like a calming pill, oxzazepam, or the natural valerian i am calmer. i try lesson one labeling my fear, i think im afraid of people in general but only a few months ago i was doing everything. ive had some bad experinces in the far past and recently. i find it hard to trust myself because of the dizzyness and headaches. i am going for a brain scan wed.i will have to wait a week for the results. i totally understand this feeling of being dizzy all the time and am amazed that this could be me. i am trying the count to 20 method but being like this i dont always know when to count. i will hope and try. i dont want to take pills. thank you for writing you mail. i feel so alone sometimes and i live overseas. this gives me some connection . thanks danah

  • Debi

    Wow it truly is so helpful just to hear you are not alone. Like many others I have had 2 MRI’s and many heart related tests. Thankfully they were all ok… but the symptoms of dizziness, feeling of doom, a wave of fear engulfing my entire body come and go. I suffer alot when I am driving my car and oddly enough in church. The more they happen the more I avoid being in those places. I am thankful for this web site and being able to connect with others who truly get it and understand. I am putting these methods in to place daily! Thank you

  • Isabel

    Hi everyone,I just came back from the emergency room because of a major panic attack. Vomiting, dizziness, heart palpatations, sweating, all of it. They gave me a shot and sent me on my way. They told me to follow up with my psychatrist but all he does is prescribe me medicines that don’t help. I have been reading your e-mails and already have hope. I am going to use this advise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • stacey

    Wow,, I thank the lord for finding this site on the internet,, i have being experiencing panic attacks and anxiety for so long now i can not even remember my first attack.
    Two days of finding this site and already i feel better and more in control of my life,, something so simple and yet so rewarding,, Just being able to leave the house its amazing.
    Thank you,thank you sooooo much!!!!
    P.s my mother also suffers from anxiety,, so i will definately be passing this on to her.

  • Dannielle

    I, too, have the dizziness more then the other symptoms. I found your website yesterday, bought the course (can’t really afford it, although it’s a very reasonable price, but can’t really afford NOT to buy it). I read half the book I downloaded and by the time I went to bed I was confident I could take on a panic attack. I was actually looking forward to one so I could take it on…and I woke up with a lil one in the middle of the night and stopped it in its tracks. I slept so good last night and felt good this morning. However, as the day went on, I did battle genearl anxiety, but did not have any panic attacks. I don’t feel as afraid of them anymore and feel empowered with the tools I’m learning thru your program and newsletters…keep them coming! I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to being myself again…today I caught a glimpse of her again! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Jim

    I thought all of my symptoms were physical – so I had every test known to man. I discovered that I am one healthy dude, but my symptoms remained (DIZZINESS – fatigue – anxiety – tingling in arms and legs – swollen glands in my neck – heart palpitations – etc). I recently saw a friend and began to cry hard (unusual for me) and felt no symptoms for two days after. I then knew it was in my head. I found this web site yesterday and have already seen a positive results. I need more information so I need to buy the program, but yesterday was AWESOME!!!!! A full day of feeling great. What a blessing!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!! I can’t express my gratitude enough!!!! I know I have more work to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  • ann

    … My poor kids worry all the time. I have been to the emergency room about 6 times but it gives me comfort knowing im not dying or Im not having a stroke or heart attack.But now that I found this sight I will by all means try everything I read. I usually have one a week, but since I have been coming to this sight, its been over a week and nothing. The fear I feel is not so bad. I have been having panic attacks for about 5 years now. So many people don’t understand what we all go through, all I every hear is don’t worry stop thinking, its all in your head, well until they have one, they will never understand the feeling. What a great place for relief and being able to talk to people who dont think you’re crazy. Thanks

  • Amanda

    Half the battle is to stop thinking that your body might turn on you, you might have a heart condition, a brain tumor, somehow your body will find a way to kill you. It won’t. IT WONT. I am a Med. student. Just like you can’t hold your own breathe till you pass you. Your body wont turn on you.. For those with dizziness, you give your body a work out every time you have an attack. Even general anxiety raises hormone levels equivalent to a brisk walk. Your dizzy because your brain is tired. It sounds redundant and ridiculous but keep doing yoga and meditation, every day. panic attacks can occur bc extremely anxious ppl develop shallow breathing (another reason for dizziness) the Air your breathing is no sufficient so your body sends the signal which can be hyperventilating or a full blown attack. Dont just count and breathe, get some exercise, do yoga, breath for a purpose. Its been a year for me with cyclic attacks. I have hopes one day to fly and hopefully this newsletter and support will help me to reach that goal..

  • Zhana

    It’s worth trying, though it may be hard at times.
    I get scared when my heart is beating fast, I can’t breathe or I lose coordination at times…
    But no matter how many panic attacks I have in the future, I won’t give up, I’ll still try and with God’s help some day, will win this battle.
    Don’t let panic attacks make you feel like you don’t belong to this world anymore, because you get scared of the public or scared to go shopping (because of panic attacks and anxiety) and do things that you enjoyed doing before you got anxieties.

  • tom

    It sounds crazy but the countdown thing does work. A woman that I met while in group therapy shared this trick with me and i used it once while in line at a gas station there were several people behind me and felt it creeping up on me.I guess you could say its grabbing the bull by the horns and showing him who`s boss. The woman that shared this with me said that a true Irish gentleman taught her this.I knew when I started reading this news letter that she was refering to you.You are an amazing fellow. Truly blessed.Thank you!

  • christina

    I will definetly try the count down next time i feel a panic sensation creeping up… usually at red lights! Im fine driving untill i come upon a red light,but it is seeming to be getting alot better!!!! 🙂

  • Melissa

    It feels so good to know I’m not alone…I thought waking up at night panicked & afraid someone was going to break into our home was just crazy; I didn’t relate it at all to the anxiety I have on a daily basis. Now, I know, that is also a form of anxiety. And, yes, I have also experience the dizziness, headaches, restricted breathing, etc. I just thought I was nuts! This is so helpful; thank you! 🙂

  • suzette

    I can so relate to the dizziness and a spinning sensation. I feel like something is squeezing my whole head and it feels like a fire burning throughout my entire head. I feel like everything is a fog and it panicks me more.I walk and pace the floors all day long and I’m scared to sit still. I haven’t slept properly going on 3 weeks now. I am so tired just non stop panick chills hotflashes my pulse is so strong it throbs in my head and heart and I can’t sleep because when I lay down I hear my pulse in my head and. Fell numbness and tingling all over my bodyI am constantly shaking and panicking its on stuck mode. scared to do anything. I know I have to eat because if I don’t I could die and or end up in a mental I just force myself. I’m scared to be alone scared to be around people. Thank you all so much for ur input on ur panick it does help me to know I’m not alone.
    Thank u barry joe for helping us who can’t afford ur program so helpful.

  • Gabriel

    Ive always been really anxious, but never had a panic attack and symptoms that come with it until muy uncle passed away a month ago with terminal cancer.

    Its made me really paranoid about my health, the constant dizziness really scared me. Im 18 and not willing to let it defeat me.
    Im not taking the medications presrcribed, Im going to do it all naturally and im going to keep going out! I had a breakdown about the dizziness because its so uncomfortable, and your concentration is always scewed, i thought i was going crazy.

    I just my disorder as “symptoms, anxiety, panic”, i found it so helpful to just relax about the symptoms and know that i wont die, and its all ok!

  • isabella

    I have been experiencing general anxiety for a few years now. It has recently developed into the form of panic attacks and I feel my health is threatened. It’s so scary because these thoughts are not just “in my head” but I’m really feeling and experiencing them! It makes it so easy to believe them. They are the worst when I’m driving alone late at night. I have thoughts that I should drive to a hospital, but I end up working through the pain. I always have second thoughts that “maybe this time it’s not a panic attack and maybe this time my fears are true.” But every time, it always passes and I come out fine. I have been to my general doctor many times, a neurologist, and I’ve even left work early one day. I’ve found that the symptoms move around. First they will be in my head, then in a few weeks my chest, and so on. I always feel tired and a sense that I am “not really there.” I’ve wasted so much time and money with doctors because every time they always tell me everything is fine and I’m perfectly healthy. I always feel relieved, but it doesn’t take long for the next worry to come back.

    It’s effecting my life and keeping me from doing things I really want to do. But I’m determined to beat it and I know we all can! These exercises have been helping with some attacks, but I need more time. I want to do this natural and without any drugs (I started getting them bad once I went off birth control). What helps me most is talking to people who are familiar with the attacks, and know how to talk to me when I’m having one.

  • Nando

    I have only last few months been getting bad panic attacks, however your advise is simple but vey very effective thank you

  • rhea

    i have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for about 7 months now and am only 18, and i toatally hate them i just want them to go away as they have totally changed me as i ill admitt i am scared of them and i cant control them and i really want to as i just want my life back the way it as before i had these panic attacks and anxiety. Everday i seem to worry and feel trapped and just basically horrible somedays i dont even ant to leve the house, does anyone else ever feel like this?? i hace been the doctors to ask to see someone to help me with them but i have been on a aiting list for 5 months now so am going to pay to see someone, I really do wana learn to not be scared of anxiety and panic attacks as i ana control them and not let them control me, but how do i do this? i am going to try this technique when i next feel like am going to have a anxiety attack and i am taking everything on board what your saying,, thank you. xx

  • Andrea

    I am brand new to the course and have been experiencing panic attacks for about 1.5 years. I have researched online for several months and even consulted doctors. I found myself resorting to the idea of behavioral therapy, with great reluctance. I believe medicine and therapy have its place, however, as a rational person experiencing a an irrational disorder I have proceeded forward with much confusion.

    I found this website to be a thoughtful caring companion who understood my internal struggle. Even when talking with my very supportive family and friends, there is a degree of this affliction which they undeniably cannot understand…that which took this intelligent, rational, daughter and girlfriend with a teaching degree and adventurous, exciting lifestyle into someone who would rather be a hermit connected to safety.

    I am now learning to confront my fear of losing control or spontaneously developing a heart attack or mental illness and flow with the progression of feelings in order to overcome the panic. I highly reccomend the course materials and book to anyone who is trying to manage their panic without drugs and unnecessary therapy. Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom.

  • Jim

    I am responding to Rhea’s comments above. I have been dealing with Anxiety/Depression for three months now – VERY SEVERE. I found a book that has CHANGED MY LIFE – The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle. I strongly encourage you to read this short book. It is nothing less than AMAZING!!!! You do not have to suffer anymore – please get this book!!! THANK GOD I FOUND IT!!!!! I don’t know what I would have done. Life is good again!!!! My wife tried to get me read this book at the beginning, but I was stubborn. What an IDIOT!!!! Don’t waste ONE minute – go get this book TODAY!!!!! My best wishes to you and all those suffering from this terrible condition.


  • Ann

    My panic attacks started about 4 years ago very scary i felt so ill i downloaded the Panic Away book and it really helped me ,i had been free of the attacks for 3 years and thought i had finished with them but they are back with a vengence, my Mum died in sept and then my dad died in november i had cared for them for 25years ,and although i felt i was coping very well with it all i have started again, i dont want to go to the doctors the will only give me pills so i have got my Panic Away Book out and i hope i will be better soon dont feel so alone knowing that there are other people with the same problems .
    Good Luck to all of you

  • Carol

    Fantastic—- cant believe i found your site by accident only day two but feeling much more in control . Thankyou so much for your emails x

  • Sangita.

    This has helped me a lot,a big thankyou,and godbless to you for helping all of us with your help,keep up the good work,god bless you.

  • ROM

    cant believe that so many u guys have same symptons i have for the past 5 yrs, feel lucky to find this website.
    i now we gonaa make it people,thumbs up

  • Kimberly

    Hello I suffer from panic and anixety attacks bad it got to the point my dr wants me to take medication that does not help. I dont go anywhere unless it is first thing in the morning or after midnight to the 24hr stores. I have been suffering with these for alot of years and nothing has helped. I am going to try this out I have faith and I hope it works as I have a baby I want to be able to take outdoors etc and not worry about the attacks comming and taken over. I want to Thank you for helping me try to over come this nasty attacks.I want to live my life normal again not live only in my home as I bneen doing for years now. Thank you for taken time to help all of us.

  • Jennifer Favelle

    I have been suffering panic attacks for the last 15 months. At first they were occuring every 3 months or so, this was put down to menopause. My first time was in a rather large shopping complex in Bali which frightened the life out of me!!!! My doctor perscribed a low dose of blood pressure medication so that when I felt the sensations of a panic attack comming on they weren’t as severe. However, this is not a cure to the PROBLEM and they weren’t always less servere. Two days ago a friend told me she had come across Panic Away on the internet as she was doing some research into panic attacks. Her partner also suffers. The following day we both purchased your book. One day later when I have had dizziness, tingeling in the arms etc…. I thought I’de give it a go and let these sensation know that I had aknowledge them, to give me the best they had to offer, and to make it snappy because I had work to do. I was truely amazed that in a few short minutes the sensation had passed. I am no where near close to being cured but I now feel positive that finally I have found something and someone to help me overcome these god aweful panic attacks once and for all! Thank you ever so much..

  • lucie

    Thank you so much for your helpful emails, I look forward to them everyday. They are making a difference already, even though this is only my second. thank you.

  • Hue

    Hey, I just want to say that panic and anixety has chang my life a lot, but you have help me chang my life back so thank you so much. Thank you again and again. Thank you

  • elisabeth

    just joined the programm and am so grateful for it.
    with me too the dizzyness is my main fear and obstacle to function as I would like to.
    but maybe in this programm there is hope for all of us!

  • Reyn

    Hi All.. This is all new to me. in Fact it has been creeping up on me for about three years now and did not know what it was. Funny thing is, Now that I know what Anxiety is, I have given it life. I really am Thankful to have found this Subscription. I read it everyday. Psychologically, it seems because I feel armed with solutions to counter the sensations, I dont get them as much anymore. I can ride the subways with little effect. I am currently building the confidence to get on an Airplane. Mind you, I used to fly at least three round trips per month for business. Go Figure!!. I will try the countdown method; it just seems to make sense. Good Luck All..
    One More Thing, Though I have prescription Meds, I have Not taken them cause you know you can handle it yourself. If you could avoid these drugs, please do so by any means. This Newsletter has been Extremely Helpful..
    Thank Q!!!!!

  • Gracie

    I have not had the opportunity to try your suggestions, I can however, say that this is the 1st sight that offers more than the normal suggestions. I am also greatful to hear other people speak up. At work no one has gone through what I go through so it is difficult for them to understand. I’m known as the crazy one. Then I wonder if when I am actually go to die, if it will feel just like these panic attacks. Well I’m not happy to know that there are so many of us out there but it is nice to know I’m not alone. That you for this website and I will continue to seek you out.

    Thank You.



  • Sandra

    Yes I have the ringing in the ears. Thankfully haven’t had the rapid heartbeat, but blood pressure is elevated and on medication for it. Also, the feeling of pressure in my head and dizziness–not a spinning sensation but it hits if I bob my head up and down. It is a feeling of unreality–like nothing makes sense anymore and my whole life is running out of control.
    I thought all this was due to my two sisters dying suddenly within five months of each other last year due to heart disease. Have gone to the hospital twice and had a cat scan, heart and lung xrays, an MRI of my head, a sonogram of my neck, and numerous blood tests. Am glad I had it all done, because it showed my heart is fantastic and nothing wrong with my head except sinusitis which is now gone. Yet the dizziness and burning sensation and unreal feeling remains.
    This last Sunday kind of woke me up, because it all hit me again and I stopped to think about how it really felt at the moment. The over-riding feeling was one of loss of control over everything since my sisters died. That is when I made the connection of panic and anxiety. These newsletters have helped alot, and have actually felt the best since I read the first one on Sunday night. Am hoping when it is gone the blood pressure problem will be also, since I got a clean bill of health otherwise. Best of luck to you. Sandra

  • Sandra

    I became sick on October 1 and was in the hospital. But the ringing in the ears and dizziness and head pressure and burning sensations got worse when I got the call that my sister died. So I think my sinusitis and eardrum problem became complicated with the other symptoms and I couldn’t tell the difference between them. It was a total shock that my sister died, and that is when the feeling of unreality started–all of this has kept me off work until now. My work is high-stress, and I just don’t feel I can handle it right now–not with everything else that is going on. I am the youngest and now the only surviving member of my family. Hard to get my head around that. So I believe it is trying to get its bearings like an outstretched rubber band that needs to bounce back. These newsletters are helping immensely–thank God. Wishing all of you the best.

  • mark

    ye i feel the same,some days don’t leave the house and have a terrible fear of having a panic attack when i go out because i have 1 every time i go out. i feel light headed and just weird all the time definitely taking everything on board. and i’m only 18 as well. thanks alot for all this advise appreciate it very much

  • donna

    I have recently started having panic attacks and suffering daily anxiety and can honestly say they are the worst thing I have ever experienced. I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease in November which causes my hearing to fluctuate, tinnitus and vertigo. It also causes anxiety and depression in itself as there is no cure for what I have and no warning when the vertigo attack is going to start. I have noticed that now I am not so much suffering from vertigo but from the fear of having an attack. I feel I am in a vicious circle which is taking over my life. I feel useless as when I am having a panic attack, which is most days, I can’t look after my children who are 5 and 1, and that I am a burden on my family. I am only 30 yet am nearly at the point where I only leave the house to go to work. An attack always starts with my tummy churning and then I will start sobbing with fear, frustration and anger. I also feel that the worst is going to happen. I have no control over my body or mind when one starts and had started thinking that i needed locking up. I can’t afford the book, but just reading everyone else’s posts gives me some relief that I am not going mad. Thankyou

  • fiona

    it’s so amazing to read all of these messages and see that what happens in a panic attack is not so rare or weird, and it’s helping so much to see how much everyone seems to understand! i’ve been having panic attacks ever since i was about 12, i didn’t know what they were but i just thought i was about to be sick. to this day every time i get one i’m afraid of throwing up, it makes going to parties really difficult, as well as going out to dinner with friends or to other people’s houses and it’s really affecting the way i eat lately.

    i started getting really bad in the last couple of months, last christmas eve i had to leave church halfway through midnight mass with my (angry) family, shaking and in tears because i felt so trapped and terrified, and ive started getting shortness of breath too. school is starting to get scary and i’m petrified of developing some form of agoraphobia. my parents don’t understand and think i’m being stupid and my friends think i’m attention seeking so i have to fight it on my own, im guessing this is a huge problem for loads of other people but now i don’t feel so alone!
    these newsletters and all the comments are already making me feel alot better, thank you all so much! i wish everybody the best of luck, get better soon, thank you!


    I have had anixety off and on for years just when I think I have concord it it returns. I have tried breathing, reading everything I can about it. I read the bible,pray,exercise, scream hollor jump up and down and this time I cannot seem to let it go. I have had enough. I just started to get the newsletter and I am gonna give them a try. I cannot afford the book right now but look forward to the newsletters. I have been on meds befor and I do not want to be on them. I want to fight this beast off myself hopfully with your help. I do hope we ALL find our way out of this darkness we fall into and be able to live a more carfree funfilled life. God Bless

  • Nicole

    I have been suffering from GAD and panic attacks for some time now. I came across your website 2 nights ago and already I can feel my confidence building. I know I still have a lot of work to do but this is the most relief I’ve felt since my panic attacks started. Thank you for the newsletters…they are truly a godsend!

  • Nicholas Augsburger

    I’ve been suffering with panic attacks for 10 years. They come and go. but lately they have been very extreme. I purchased his course and started to use the techniques and feel alittle better each time. I still Suffer from them but they dont last as long. I hope this will help me finally take control.

  • Terry

    I had my first panic attack at 28 yrs. I truely thought that was it, I was having a heart attack and going to die. I’m 54 now and since March 07 have been to the emergency approx. 5 times with panic symptoms. I didn’t know what it was, but after having the EKG’S, blood work and being told I am fine, I go home until the next attack. In December the ER Dr. suggested panic attack so it got me reading more about the topic. Feb. 6, I had a severe panic attack out of the blue when in the grocery store. My husband had to drop everything so we could leave. I thought for sure that was it again. Ever since that day I have been going through HELL! Everyday anxiety symptoms, attacks our of nowhere. I’ve been to the Dr. and although not officially diagnosed, he is almost positive they are symptoms of anxiety. He sent me for another EKG, and is ordering an eco cardiogram and dopplers. I can’t rest until I know for sure it’s not my heart, or possibly my head. I am dizzy everyday, my chest feels nervous and tight all the time. It’s making me depressed and I find myself just crying for no reason. Two weeks ago I was painting my house, decorating and all happy, then boom, my life is turned upside down. I HATE IT!! I am going to try the count to 20 technique next time, because I’m pretty sure right now there will be a next time. I do aerobics 3 mornings a week and resistence 2 mornings and now I am having to stop that. Last night I got a headache which is very rare for me. My ears felt plugged and it felt like an elastic around my head. Has anybody else experienced that? I really think I am going to lose it. I am praying that Panic Away can help me, because this is driving me crazy. Good Luck to everybody out there suffering with the same stuff.

  • amanda

    i have been having anxiety for almost 2 years now and its really taken over my life. It all started when i took a cna class and had to get a tb test well i almost passed out i had the ears ringing and sick feeling and i could not see everything went black and i got real hot well now i am terrified that i will pass out. i cant drive unless i talk to someone on my cell phone or someone is with me and i dont go anywhere unless i abouslutly have to. im engaged and its suppose to be the happest time in my life but thanks to my panic attacks its awful. i cant do anything that i use to do i use to love life and having fun but now i hate doing anything or being around anyone. i found this website 2 days ago and i feel some better and my church is praying for me. so with the good lords help and your newsletters help i will get over this and starting living the life that a 20 year old should. i hope and pray that each and everyone of you all get better and all of you are in my prays. thank you and good luck.

  • Christian

    I’m 18 as well, but my panic attacks started when I was 17. I had my first panic attack when as part of a treatment I got a paladar expander in my mouth which didn’t really let me move my toungue freely. I don’t know why did this caused me to feel panicked but by the time I didn’t know what I was feeling, it had never happened before. A couple of months later, one night I went to bed, I noticed I was thinking too much. When I tried to stop those thoughts, I really couldn’t, and as simple as that, it triggered a panic attack. From there on I started having fear of going to bed ’cause I would have one, and because of that fear I had some at night. It happened to be as soon as 2 or 3 nights ago, the night before I checked for help and found this site. Since then I haven’t had one, and I am very thrilled for these advices! If anyone can help me on discussing the causes of my panic attacks (because I find them odd) I’d be thankul.

  • Liza

    Dear Barry
    Im so thankful for your help. Why is that sometimes eventhough I feel no anxiety for a week and Im now so happy but later it will come . Is it setbacks? But still Im happy with the books and emails I received I keep on rerading and happy that it will cure my anxiety but I want that it will totally get lost of my self. I love your emails and the sharing of experience for those who have also anxiety it also helps a lot. Thanks. Barry

  • Adriana

    Ive been getting these feelings of anxiety for a while now….in fact today I went to work and I was feeling happy and fine. I left work and all of a sudden started to feel so sad and spacy….While I was in the supermarket it started to feel the tension headaches and dizziness. This feeling is the worst but I am trying to hard to get rid of it….by reading these newsletter it really helps to help me calm down. I cant wait till I am officially done with this.

  • Jenny

    Since around Thanksgiving of 09′ I have been battling terrible anxiety and panic. It was living hell! I have since learned that there is a possible medical issue which is called adrenal exhaustion. Your diet can greatly attribute to anxiety and panic attacks. Your body can only take so much stress, before it bottoms out! So if you find your anxiety reoccuring every day, I would highly suggest going to a nutritionalist to see if you are depleted of vital vitimans and minerals. I have been taking an adrenal builder called Adrenal Essence every morning. But, only take 1/3 of the capsule mixed in cranberry juice in the morning after breakfast to get started, to see how your body adjust to it. Look it up online and read the ingredients to make sure the herbs won’t effect any medicine you are taking. Also, you need to eat every two hours, after Breakfast, Lunch and a healthy snack an hour or so after Dinner, like a banana. Eating small snacks throughout the day helps keep your adrenals balanced. But, let me just say, if you have been experiencing severe anxiety non-stop with little sleep, it will take your body a little while to get back on track. Your mind will race to dark places sometimes, but know your body is trying to balance itself out. Have a good family or friend support group to pray with you and encourage you while you are healing. Again, it takes time. Drink lots of water, cut out all caffeine and sugars/aspartame/high fructous syrup from your diet. Go to a whole foods store and stock up on Potatoes, Organic Eggs, Avacodos, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Carrots, Fish, Chicken, Blue Corn Chips, Hummus, Apples, etc.

    Again, read all about adrenal exhaustion/fatigue and you will start to feel better that there is more going on than you realize and you will overcome this in due season if you will take care of yourself! God is the ultimate healer. Read Psalms 103:1-6 everyday and believe that God will see you through if you trust and obey his Word!



  • jeanette

    I literally cried and cried the other day when I discovered this site. I’ve been through a rough emotional patch lately and have been having attacks as a result. I was seriously thinking I was going crazy. Self doubting that I can “handle life”. And going crazy thinking “why is this happening” or “what’s the root of this cause”??? Knowing what I know, I know that emotions lend so much to the physical body. When you’re out of balance emotionally, you’ll become out of balance physically.
    It sure is scary having an attack. I had on in the middle of teaching kindergarteners (I’m a substitute teacher). Luckliy for 2 kind aides, I was able to leave and get myself together. And thanks to a wonderful principal, I was able to go home and rest.

    Thank you all for being such a support. I honestly thought it was “all in my head”.

  • yashiro

    i had anxiety since 12 25 but never spoken to my parents for fear of being yelled !! when i used to tell how i feel,the first response is ‘what`s happening to u,whats ur stupid prob etc etc…’ or when attending wedding, i should heard some nasty comments( u were like a silly guy standing etc etc ) usually my panic attack starts from the stomach then my throat is like blocked n later on flushing n sweating over the face ( was i in sahara desert??) these start when esp people r starring at me or talking to some girls esp who i dont know or when being among a crowd!!wanted to take medication but i think im too young! after looking in my past..i have found out that it was due to my introvert personality i think( the result of being a good guy..shame on me). i have tried respiration techniques but didnt work!! the newsletter i was receiving was very nice indeed!! already in practicing but as a student i cant afford the program…so i will seek the little knowledge!! i hope to have a girl one day after striving hard to get out of this darkness!! thx a lot for everything!!

  • carlo

    I havte been having the panic a ttacks since 2 years , it had started one night when i had illegal fun drugs “hash” which i do only socialy and after that i had wine , after that my heart kept beating for 4 hours thinking that this feeling will finish soon because i have not smoked since long time , but actually it went even worse and i thought for sure i will die from the mixing of alchool and drugs.,my wife took me to hospital at 4 am ,they have done ECG and blood samples to see if it is heart attack ,but they said it is anxiety. i thought things are over and that was only because of what i have done last night. The nightmare of that day is still stuck with me, i have been on medication for the past 6 months , i do feel better but i still feel anxious when i meet new people or going out of my safe zone like long travels . i have been receiving the e-mails and i think from the first lesson i already think it will work . thanks for the help

  • Kaitlyn Hubbard

    Thank you for the email.When I read your blog, I thought it was super good!!!!!All the stuff that drives panic attacks away are always the same and sometimes dont work at all.But when I read your blog,it sounded like a new and better way to get rid of panic attacks!I will try anything!!!Even if it kills me.Thanks again.

  • Patrick

    i have also had the panic attacks for almost a year now.Have taken depression tablets,potassium,brain tonic etc and nothing helps.
    Thanks for the site and i will certainly try the countdown and the course alter when i am able to

  • Ty

    I wanted to explain my symptoms and let everyone know this works. After the birth of my second son, bent over to give him his bottle and BOOM, out of nowhere was this stabbing pain in the center of my chest. Only lasted a second but panic set in. Rushed to the er and after testing was told reflux, but nothing about panic symptoms. Three months later was roofing a house a throwing shingles up on the roof and noticed a strange feeling in my upper chest area, panic again, same story at er, reflux. The only difference is to this day I get strange upper chest pain around 3rd rib area on both sides that feels like I can message it out. Keeps menon pins and needles all the time. Needless to say, keeps my anxiety through the roof. All this has been over a 5 yr period. Been to countless Dr.’s and can’t get a diagnosis. Heart, lungs everything checks out good. 2 months agoni ran across panic away and just reading the newsletter has helped me get through all this. Panic was trying to kreep in today and I used the 20 second rule and kicked it tale. Has anyone else experienced the same type of chest pain? Going back to Orthopedic Dr. Next week. Thank u for helping with my panic symptoms, who knows, maybe my chest pain is all panic related and it will start going away.

  • michelle

    thanks,reading all these emails and newsletters lets me know im not alone….thanks so much and please keep them coming they really do help,,,,,

  • Mike S

    I just want to say thanks for the tips about dealing with my anxiety. My anxiety has been present for roughly 6-7 years; I hate it but witht your tips I have been able to embrace the anxiety and panic attacks and defeat them. Sometimes it takes a few days or weeks but I am feeling I have more control. My biggest issue is how to shake the anxiety first thing in the morning. I often wake in the middle of the night all wired with anxiety and wake up jittery and nervous. I end up reading or rereading your entries to gain control again. Do you or does anyone have any other advice?

    Mike S

  • Lynsey - Glasgow

    I have been suffering from panic attacks since just before Christmas. I have had a couple of big panic attacks since then. Everyone kept asking me what I was worrying about to bring them on, thinking there was an underlying problem I wasn’t discussing. The only thing I was worried about was having another attack, this seemed to bring on the symptoms and then before I knew it I was having another one. I have been put on beta-blockers for my heart palpatations by the doctor who has diagnosed a heart murmour, I’ve got a hospital appointment next week to get some tests done on my heart. After reading everyone’s testimonies and seeing that my symptoms are very similar to a lot of other peoples I’m confident that there is nothing wrong with my heart and that I’ll be able to come off this medication soon. I’m waiting on my shipment of the full course material, but after reading the first few newsletters and online testimonies I’m already feeling much better and much more confident that nothing bad is going to happen to me and that if a panic attack comes on I can work through it. I’ve already seen a reduction in the number of attacks, so I’m hoping by the time I’ve read through the course material and put it into practice the attacks will all be a just a memory from a difficult period in my life. Good luck to everyone who is dealing with this, power through and things will get better!

  • susy

    hi everyone and i do too suffer from this condition and all i could say is that is really bad and drives me crazy and i just pray to god to heel me and everyone that suffers from this condition….. god bless you all my friends….


  • Rossi

    i started having panic attack symptoms when ii was around 15 yrs old…i had palpitations and some chest pains. I went to get checked out at the docter, he sid maybe they were cause by hypothyroidism. I was on like 3 heart medications and i ever felt any better. More test were done and i my thyroid gland was fine so was my heart. I kept thinking that the dosters were wrong! How could i feel so horrible and nothing be wrong. I started to do some reserach. And found out that my symptoms were a cuase of Anxiety. My parents didnt understand Anxiety. My father use to say “just dont think negativly and it will go away!”Guesz what the symptoms never diid.It sucked beause it class out of no where my heart use to beat really loud and fast and i had tingle sensations and coudlnt breath,messed up school days for me.My first encounter wit one of those evil attacks was one night ngiht my aunt was dying my hair,when she was washing the dye out,for some reason i started to feel that i was in danger,not dangerous danger but that maybe the dye would get in to my eyes!!I couldnt catch my breath, the room seem to spin! i my hart was gonna explode!The fear of it being a heart attack made it worst!…I was scared to dye my hair for awhile.I started to dedicate my time to research all about anxiety about why and how it happend. I came across your awsum advice and turned out to really help.That was both good and bad..Good becuase i am finally finding great ways to relieve my thought to b serious symptoms….buh bad cause ii am having to face a battle against myself.I am only 16 and i want to ba able to live the life any other 16 yr old would wit out having to worry about when anxiety will strike next. Thankz so much for the help.You are really helping.

  • shellie

    I have been having panic attacks for a couple of years now, not even sure how long actually. Like many people on here at first I genuinely thought I was having serious heart problems and I eventually went to my doctor about it, and got a full array of tests. Despite the fact that all of my tests were normal (bloodwork, EKG, and halter monitor). I couldn’t help but continue to feel that I had some serious health problem. My doc did suggest anxiety as a possible cause, but at first I didn’t take that seriously. After reading the stories here, I think I have changed my mind. I did not know that anxiety could cause such real physical symptoms. I get heart palpitations accompanied by sharp chest pain that also extends into my neck and sometimes my right arm gets a pins and needles sensation. It is a horrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It is such a vicious cycle, because once the symptoms began, I would become more anxious and I would make them worse. I don’t think that I have generalized anxiety though. I seem to be able to pinpoint my anxiety to specific causes be it financial stress, or lately family arguments have been triggering them worse than I have ever experienced. It is awful. But just reading this, and knowing that other people are experiencing the same thing is a real comfort to me. I also cannot afford to buy the book, but I have looked forward to getting these emails and continuing to learn more about this condition. I feel like it has been a huge help in my attempts to control it and someday hopefully I pray I will be free.

  • norman johnson

    I am a university professor, a mathematician, diagnosed with panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder about six months ago. I was in the psych. hospital for about a week, since I thought I was going crazy. After all sorts of tests, they put me on xanax + therapy —-this helped but I could not think or do research and my memory was very bad. I thought I would lose my marrage. It was all I could do to meet my two classes at the university. I have been trying to get off the medication and now I am down to 3/16 of 1 mg per day —still afraid to get completely off. I completely stopped the counseling and almost the medication –since I think this was hinding my real recovery. I had a very hard panic attach three days ago –lasted more than 24 hours. I finally signed up for the course and leaned the one move method and it is working for me. But, I spend almost all of my day worrying about whether I have the energy it takes to keep inviting the feelings in. The worst are the nights —but now I have the one move. The 20 second variation is just what I need to try. Please send me your insights and advice —I am almost crying writing this.

    Stay well,


  • teresa

    I have had such comfort in the last few days from receiving back to back emails about taking control over panic attacks. I had my first major panic attack about 26 years ago, while sitting at a stop light. It scared me horribly, and I literally thought I was going crazy. It has affected my life for so many years. They do come and go depending greatly on life’s situations, however, I have severe problems driving. That is one issue i would love to resolve. Lately I have been struck horribly with attacks due to a lot of life’s pressures, and was contiplating getting on medication, but then came across this site. I have cut out drinking coffee, which seems to help trigger attacks, and have been eating better, also exercise will always help too. These exercises and different thinking patterns have really really helped me the last few days, I am so grateful that God has lead me to this site. Hoping to buy the book soon, if financial situations become better, but just having the emails has helped tremendously. Thank you!

  • carol

    I really think what you are saying makes alot of sense but as i’ve only just started i’m still finding it hard to believe in anything. Thankyou for caring enough to share these ideas……………i am suffering from real bad anxiety attacks which are worse when i awake in the morning. I am trying out all of the exercises & i will beat this one way or another. Yours has made more sense than anything else i have read so having read the success stories i am going to be positive about it and i WILL NOT LET IT BEAT ME! I can’t afford the book at the moment but the daily emails are proving invaluble Thankyou so much for this.

  • Brittany.

    i absolutely know how you feeling when i am in the midst of a panic attack then that when the out of space feeling come and my mind starts spinning. its just a matter of you tell yourself that nothing is going to happen. this isn’t how yiur going to di. and you have been through this may many times and alwayas came out fine. simetimes you need someone else to tell you these things for you to actually believe them

  • cheryl

    OCt 09 I was told I suffered from Sarcoidosis which restricts your breathing, unable to catch my breath scared the day lights out of me. Happy to report the Sarcoid is clearing up but….. I now suffer from the PANIC ATTACK MONSTER. From Oct 009 until March 10 I have had 12 visits to the ER I know the think Im crazy by now. I just feel better if im at the hospital just in case something does happen I will be right there. Well just to tellyou not a day goes by I dont have a panic attack, that is until now,(thank GOD!) At one point I had the attacks a little under control but I had a incident occur with my daughter that scared the crap out of me and wouldnt you know here they ( PANIC ATTACKS) come again biggier and worst then ever. I could take the meds but I dont like to depend on meds, and I really hate the way they make me feel. I dont want to sleep my life away I want things back like they were before. I went to this site and there is where I found my answers three days and the attacks I do have I able to control them not them controlling me. So I just would like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!


    This is for shellie… Same thing happens to me. I cannot go ffod shopping alone, or sometimes at all. I pretty much cannot do anything by myself. I also get that pain in my i have a band around it. I am told that it is all muscle tension and anxiety. I have ordered the panic away, and hopefully it will help…

  • Nicole

    It is so nice to hear Im not alone in the panic zone..I have always been full of anxiety since I was a child but last year in 2009 may, I had a full blown panic attack and was drving, had my son in the car I had to pull over get out and start walking around like a person who was dying I happend to stop at a medical school and I called my friend and she came and took my child. The ambluane came I thought I was dying of a heart attck I was only 34. I went to the hospital on the way I thought the ambulance people were looking at me like I was crazy or a drug addict. When I got the the hospital I of course was fine and exausted for the attack.I was told not to drink any more caffine..I havn’t since. But afer that day I havnt been the same. After the big attack it was followed by smaller attacks cause I was wooried it was going to happen again. I couldnt even drive in the highway ..but I faced my fear and did it anyways.Some months went by and I was fine until a week ago My parents came to visit and It was my idea to drive to the beach I wasnt driving but all of a sudden I felt the sensation after going so long without one I was about to go in full panic mode nut I was so embarrased to do it in front of I breathed and some how managed to not go in full panic mode..but I was so tired after..its sucks the life out me..I found this website and am going to order the program and I read where it said tell yourself to have a panic attack and yesterday I had an interview it was the fourth one with this company andI felt as I walking in to the office to sit down a panic moment come over me I escaped that one I told myself to have one..then shortly after I was going to the highway same feeling I told myself to have another one..I didnt and then a little later in the day in the car with my parents I fear cause I dont want to panic like I almost did I told myself to have one and didnt..I dont know why I went so many months without one and then boom I almost had one and am obsessing ever since.I guess its the fear of having another one..this panic problem is so hard on my body and mind I Really hope this program can help!!!

  • Jenna

    Hi Shellie
    I have suffered from severe anxiety my entire life.I am not 25 years old with three kids and a great husband.I have been married 5 years now and when we were first married my panic seemed to taper off for about 2 years which was great.Since then a number of circumstances in life has bought them back with vengance.I myself dont feel the heart attack feeling but I instead end up sick and constantly feeling like I am going to lose it.I read your email and know exactly what I you are meaning by how you feel.I just wanted to suggest something.I myself am a work in progress but one thing I have found incredibly helpful is meeting and talking with other people who have the same experiences with anxiety and panic.It is so hard for anyone who has not suffered from it to understand and it also helped me realise other people have this not just me.It helped to take the ultimate dread off the panic attack.The other thing I am just starting to learn is to stop beating myselp up.I dont know about you but I have a tendancy to hate how I am, wonder why I was made this way and think that there was no hope.I first have realised that I am amazing no matter how much this sucks i have a lot to offer.Find what you feel you have to offer.Dont push yourself to much but start to do things that make you feel that there is more to you then what we define ourselves as, especially when we have panic attcks and anxiety.I for example love to sing and i love to make my kids feel great by singing to them or reading a book or writing letters of encouragement to people or baking for helps to balance things out.I hope this helps in some way.God bless

  • Jenna

    Hi my name is Jenna.I am 25 and have been panic attacks and very general anxiety my entire life.I was interested to read your email as I know exactly what you are talking about.I feel the same way.I feel as if I am going to be sick and it affects a lot that I do.My family never really understood when i was a teenager.I used to not want to stay anywhere because of it.Now though my family understand.They realise it is not something I choose to experience.I have sought a lot of help since I was about twenty and i honestly wish I had been able to it earlier.This is a great program and there is a lot of great information out there to thing I find that helps the nausea is a hot water bottle.It seems to give me some comfort.Drink chamomile tea if you can.The other thing I would suggest is finding a cousellor or a support person that understands outside of your immediate family.It is horrible to experience and I really feel for you but if you go out and start to get the info and support you need then hopefully your family can be educated.A support group would be good.Later you could maybe invite your parents.It will get better, honestly!Things change and it wont control you like it feels it does now.Also God is awesome and he never made us this way.I dont know if you have heard of footprints, the poem but he hates that we feel this way.I hope you get something from this.God bless.

  • Pete

    Keep going I know how you feel. I have been dealing with anxiety since I was 11 years old. It makes me cry when I can’t do things with my kids. I am sick of it and so is my wife. I can’t go on long trips without spending a week on psching my self up. I can’t travel on buses. I can’t fly. All I do is get up in the morning go to work and back home. Home has become My prison. I want to live again. I don’t want to be ruined by this disease. I have all the symptons, dizziness, headaches, heart aches etc. I think I am going crazy. One thing that I have worked out is to challenge the attack. Just like the 20 countdown. Thank god I found this website.

  • Pete

    Oh man when I read these comments I cry. I cry about all the things that are said here. I have realised that this debilitating disease has affected my whole life. It is so draining living with it. Keep the posts going everyone. You may not realise but talking out loud about it really helps. I think it has a lot to do with pressure. Life pressure, worries, stress. It is a disease that has been created by our society of wants more than needs. It is the pressure of modern day survival. Paying bills, mortgage, health, kids, school and success. 20 seconds everyone. If we keep feeding it, it will keep growing just like a cancer.

  • Lynsey - Glasgow

    Hi all, just received some lovely messages of hope and wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Its been about a month from my first testimonial and I’ve read a lot of my course work and I’m pleased to say that I haven’t suffered many attacks. I’ve seen such an improvement in myself, even my family have noticed I’m getting back to my old self. I’ve adopted many of the methods in my everyday lifestyle and feel much more confident in dealing with this condition. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve thought I was going to have an attack, particularly when I’ve been doing something which has resulted in an attack before, driving for example, but I really feel more in control and sure about my approach to prevent a full blown attack. In addition my heart tests came back fine from the hospital which is another weight off my mind and further fills me with hope for my future. Keep pushing through everyone, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    To Jenna – many thanks for your kind words and recommending a read of footprints in the sand…..never a nicer word written or a truer word said! x

  • Elise

    Pete, I understand exactly what you are going through. Reading your message is like what my life is like every day. I am so tired of this panic controling my life. I pray to God everyday to please help me over come this and I came to this website. I am thinking positive and I hope and pray that this program will help me gain control of my panic attacks. I am so tired of spending money on false hope products that do not work. The word of GOD SAYS THAT HE HAS NOT GIVING US A SPIRIT OF FEAR. BUT OF POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND.

    Love and prayers

  • Lori

    wow! it is a comfort to know that lots of other people out there feel or have felt just the way i have. it gives me a sense of normalcy.

  • josie

    Hi terry, l have been having the same syptoms as you dizzy all the time etc, l will try the 20 seconds next time hope it works for you.
    take care

  • Nicole

    Thank you all for sharing your stories!! Again I feel so much comfort knowing im not alone.I am close to purchasing this program. I am taking one day at a time. I just want to knock this out of my system. I want to be able to travel on a plane like I used to, My son is young so I dont want him to miss out on adventures and vacations as he grows.But how do I do it??My husband want to go on a cruise..2 years ago I would of jumped at it..but now the thought of being trapped on a ship for a few days freaks me out.Why? when I should be realxed and enjoying a vacation?? I am fine If i know i can escape somewhere..why all of a sudden am I afraid to let someone take control ie..driving, flying, cruiseships?I have had a wonderlife life I even traveld to morocco right after sept 11th, back then it didnt phase me..I think pete said it good life has done this to us..all the murders, crime, tradgedies,world disasters, terrisom, child predators, hear this stuff everday and it has to be affecting me or us somhow.I just want to get on a plane like I used to and be ok that im not flying it and let someone take control..

  • claire

    hi im the same as everybody else had my first panic attack last june 2009 went 2 a&e thought im going 2 die, just to be told i was haveing a panic attack then sent home. i felt really embarresed. Then thats when i went to supermarket and had my 2nd panic attack and i never left the house 4 about 2 weeks after that, i was scared that i would faint when i took my 2 very young kids out,managed to take them out but still cant take them anywhere that not my comfort zone like on a bus. its the shakeing the really gets me that i hated it because it always makes me want to run out the shop!! i been copeing with this for nearly a year now but i dont want just cope i want 2 beat this once and for all!! ive just recieved the first emails and tonight am going 2 the supermarket myself even if a the dizzyness and shakes come im just going use the tips.wish me luck!!

  • claire

    hi claire,i know only too well the feelings you described. i have had pannic attacks on and off most of my life,i am now 31 with 4 children. in the last 5 or so years i have had panic attacks nearly every day !!! my daughter is asking me all the time “why dont you ever take us in to town mum,everybody elses mum takes them into town ?” but the truth is i carnt because of this awful fear of fainting or worse.i’m sick of making excuses now and i am trying to conquer this awful condition but sometimes its a job leaving the house to get my children from school.i hope you managed to go to the supermarket and you continue to beat this fear.good luck for the future and hopefully with a bit of support we can all beat this !!!

  • Loretta

    Reading everyone’s stories has really been helpful. I have had panic attacks on and off for over 10 years. I can go months even a year without an attack. Just over the past 3 weeks I started having them again. When I had the panic attack I was surprised and forgot all my techniques on how to deal with them. I drive for a living and was having a hard time driving. I made myself drive to let the fear know that I was in control. I was so scared at times and just wanted to stop and give in but I didn’t. I used the counting technique to calm myself down and it worked. I just read about asking a panic attack to start…I tried it and I was amazed nothing really happened, felt a little tingling in my arms but it went away. I hate the feeling of not being in control almost spacey feeling. About 12 years ago I went to therapy for my panic attacks and the dr had me come up with a statement that was comforting to me, we wrote it down on an index card and when I need comforting I would read it. I still carry that index card with me and got it out the other day and read it, it made me realize that I can control them I just need reminded. It is comforting to know that we are not going crazy. Best of luck to all of you who are just learning to deal with them there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Barry for the daily emails it is very helpful.

  • Nancy Reardan

    Your help over the last couple of months has helped me “outgrow” GAD. Thanks for your generous communications.

  • Dannielle Tassell

    Barry, I wanted to thank you again and let you know how I’m doing and about some discoveries I’ve made along the way that might help some of you out there like me. I was having PA’s and GAD pretty bad last fall and thanks to panic away, I was able to get the PA’s under control (I haven’t had one since last December and even then it was mild in comparison) but the GAD was still plaguing me. I was mildly anxious all day and light headed often. It was very exhausting. I’m a tax preparer so being so involved in my job was helping but only a temporary fix and night time was still a struggle to get to sleep. I found myself having to mull over tax problems, etc. to “trick” my brain out of thinking of scary things and eventually drift off, or sit on the edge of my bed and do the exercises Barry taught me. However, often I would wake up once in the night, shortly after I’ve fallen asleep, slightly disoriented and with my heart beating and then would have to repeat the process to get back to sleep. Very exhausting, I was not sleeping well.
    However, about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I came upon a book that talked about how sugars/artificial sugars and processed food cause all sorts of havoc with the body. I knew this, but as I am trying to jump start my weight loss again, I thought I’d give it shot and really apply it to my life for a change. Imagine my surprise when within a couple of days without sugar or processed foods, my anxiety dropped way low! I started on a Thurs and by Saturday, I felt amazing. Now I have more good days then bad and almost don’t even think of the anxiety anymore. So this, along with the techniques taught by Panic Away, have given me my life back (and I sleep so much better now)!
    Your diet really does make a difference, to help put your mind back in balance. I detoxed my body in 2 weeks and now have started reintroducing certain foods like breads/tortillas or beans, etc back into my diet to see how they make me feel. It is a sacrifice, not having my favorite candy to munch on or my favorite bread or cereal, etc. but the sacrifice has been worth it not struggling so much with the anxiety anymore. I urge you, take a look at your sugar intake (candy, sodas, starches like breads and corn, cocoa, sugar substitutes) and see if you can link it to your anxiety or PA’s. I found a nearly direct corrolation between them. For example, I fell off the wagon a lil this morning and had a bowl of raisin bran. Raisins, as deyhdrated fruit, are loaded in sugar. And now I’m not feeling as good as I did when I woke up. I had this problem when I had 3 small bites of my friends Birthday cheesecake (and i mean small bites) last Friday. Shortly afterwards, I was feeling a lil lightheaded and not as good as I had been. Maybe it’s me and my response to sugar, but according to the research I’ve done, I’m not alone. This also helps people with ADD (me and 2 of my children gave this) and a variety of ailments from diabetes to heart disease. More good fats, less crap, complex carbos, fresh fruit and vegies, protein…common sense, but when applied, amazing! I hope this helps someone…I know how badly I needed this lifeline and can’t thank my friend Su who introduced me to TBM and this diet/way of life, and to Barry who helped me deal with PA’s and brought them to a near halt! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • Lainey Parker

    I understand how you feel. I too was on Xanax and talk therapy. I also helped me……but, I took my self off of the Xanax because it made me worry more and I almost got addicted to it. DON”T take yourself off of it cold turkey. You will have serious withdraws from the Xanax. I have learned that when I start to feel like i’m going to have a panic attack I go into a quite room or go outside and I count. I count as high as I need to go until the feeling is gone. If that doesn’t help massage your face, under your eyes, your forehead, your cheeks,your nose, everything. It works for me. Don’t cry. You WILL get through this. It just takes time an effort, But you can do it.

  • Tosha

    Hi, wow,reading everything here really show’s me that I’m not alone. I have suffered severe panic attacks most my life, Im 38 now,and I’ve been on 2mg xanax,3 times a day, It works,BUT my head’s in a fog all the time, not to mention I’m blah and no energy ALL day long, therefore it interfere’s with my everyday life, my children, husband, house hold duties, et cetera, and since i’ve been on that dose (maybe im wrong here) I’ve been depressed, so I’ve started weaning myself off them, even one less a day and i feel more alive, alert, and not so depressed, like i stated above, i could be wrong where depression is concerned. When I have an attack I get dizzy, things breathe, and i feel like im not connected to the world per say, I feel like I’m going to go crazy(which is the worst for me and therefore makes the attack that much worse), my heart races of course, and there have been times(embarassing i might add) that i’ve ran all over as if im trying to run away from myself, ha I know, and then i will ball up in the smallest place i can until it passes,eeww, i HATE these attacks and am so scared of going into public and acting like that, soooooo, Im going to try the things here and hopefully it works!!!!! Good luck to all of you, and thank you Barry for the emails, and this site and all the help you are providing us all.

  • April


    thanks so much for your posting. I just found this site today and it really helps to know that others are going through this. The panic attacks just started a couple of months ago, but I just realized last week what they were. I’ve been so freightened and have too wanted my family members to take me to the emergency room. I just started taking meds and it really scares me. I don’t want to be on the meds forever. I want to find a way to get my life back. I’ve ALWAYS been a really strong person and had a very active life. I’ve been so confused about how all this started and it scares me that I might feel like this forever! I read about Panic Away and I am considering purchasing it. Today I read the email that says to only give the panic attack 20 seconds to come on and it has helped me. I feel like it just might give me the power to take control. I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost control and I think that’s what I fear the most. Since I saw that you stated a scripture in your posting, I assumed you’re a Christian, if you don’t mind, maybe we can keep each other in prayer. I know that God has the power to give us complete healing! I hope you’ll reply to this posting. Thanks! If anyone else wants to join in on this prayer chain, please let me know and we’ll keep praying together! God Bless!

  • Anna

    Hi Guys,

    I have just started having these panic attacks, and the foggy brain feeling and dizziness, and diconnected feeling from the worl is the worst, what make it worse is that the doctors have advised that I need to go on antidepressants to get over this, but I dont want to start taking pills..

    I hate this feeling and am in constant fear that im losing my mind and never going to get my normal self back…I feel lost!

    I will try these techiniques and hope to GOD they work, coz I dont know how much longer i can live like this…

  • ken

    Thanks for answering my request for the 20second countdown. I will use this if needed and let you know the outcome. Thanks Barry

  • Laura

    I am 16 and am at school and I am about to take my GCSE’s (very important exams) and it’s a very crutial stage at the moment. I am anxious all day, and I fear panic attacks all day also.It’s a constant voice in my head that I cannot escape. I found this website yesturday, and today in school was a bit better thanks to the panic attack lesson one. I will try this lesson out tomorow. One question though, does anyone else feel like running to the toilet all the time and feels nervous about doing so that it sometimes causes the panic attacks?

  • Serena

    Wow! I have been taking Lorazipam when I know I’m going to be in a situation for panic. I want to get off the meds. I read from a book entitled: God’s Promises for your Every Need. I read the Bible Scriptures dealing with Sufficiency. 2 Corinthians 3;5, Philppians 4;15, Romans 8:37, John 15:7 and Psalm 103:2-4 are just a few. This REALLY helped on a 2 hour trip one way. On the way back.. I was so exhausted, I went ahead and took ONE pill. This was a milestone for me, because previously, I had taken two pills both on the way there and on the way back. I decided to research on the internet and I just found this site about 3 days ago and already it has helped. I have panic attacks when riding in the back seat, dental apts.,etc. They tell me it is a control thing. The first thing I learned from this site was to tell the attack when it is coming: Come on, give me the Panic. It WORKED! I am so thankful for this site. I cannot afford the book at this time, like many of you. I will also try the 20 sec. countdown. It IS Wonderful to realize 1) nothing BAD will REALLY happen to you due to a panic attack 2) YOU are NOT ALONE in this.. many others are feeling EXACTLY like you and 3) Finally someone decided to give us REAL help! Thanks alot! I can’t wait for the next newsletter. May God help us all to OVERCOME!

  • aron

    i took my 1st panic attack on the 2nd of june 2010. i was more scared than i ever have been. i am scared that i am goin to get 1 again. very scared. i think about them and feel as if they are going to come back. when i think about them my breathing goes weird and i get frightend. i just want to know it all the things you said that can help panic attacks are true. i am scared of them ever comin back. plz help. thanking you. aron grant.

  • Vicki

    Telling myself to “bring it on” has really helped! I will try counting when I feel another coming on, I have GAD and it has been a battle for 20 some years. Reading all your emails has made me realize how many people are affected by this. I will think of you all out there as we work together to battle this terrible illness. I am so glad I came across this website and reading the newsletter always boosts my dealings with anxiety.

  • Joe

    Hello Jenna,

    I want to share my experience with anyone who will read it. I’m now 47, in May 2007 my wife of 6 years took a trip to a comedy club out of town with some friends. For some reason that is still not understood (I know the reason) she collapsed and split her head open and have to have emergency brain surgery. I got a call at home from one of the friends, she told what had happened and where my wife was. She was about an hour and a half from home. I drove to her, not feeling panic or anxiety, just immense worry, this injury was life threatening. When I arrived at the hospital II found my way to her friends and waited while she was still in surgery. One of the ladies who was with her gave me her cell phone to hang on to and told me to read the text messages. I did and immediately went into shock, panic and the most extreme anxiety anyone could possibly imagine. The text messages on her phone were from that day, there were more than 20 of them from a guy she was cheating on me with. What I read was so shocking, humiliating, horrifying…just simply a nightmare. As I write this, 3 years later, I am going through the same sensations, my heart is in my throat, I can’t stop shaking my leg, I’m nausious, I’m sweating, dizzy, and extremely jumpy. I can barely write this. As the days and months went by I found out that everyone I knew in her circle knew about and they were so eager to explain in detail, the events, they sent e mails that the two of them had written back and forth…most of which I can’t post due to content. It turns out this had been going on for almost a year, how did I not know? This made me feel even more foolish, what did I do wrong? I panicked, panicked and panicked each time the thought crossed my mind which is every day, to this very moment. I got a confession from the guy and an apology…I replied to his last text by saying to the effect of how would his wife feel about all of this. His last text to her read “I love you more than life and I cannot wait until we are finally together, I love you, miss you and have a good night.” They saw each other earlier that day at the “hojo”.

    Simple words, sights, sounds, events, smells and every other sense I have take me back to that moment, the moment that forever changed my life, my 3 kids and my overall self worth…and trigger the most intense panic/anxiety attack you can imagine. I have been to the ER severall times since, hospitalized for what they thought were strokes or heart attacks. My speech has been effected, my ability to focus, motivate myself, take initiative have been robbed from me. I’ve lost my job which I loved, I had been in the printing industry for 26 years. Needless to say I’ve been on medication ever since and I hate it, every time I take it I’m reminded of why…and then here we go again. Just a few days ago I found this site and for the first time it seems there may be some hope for me. Actually, as I’m about done writing this, I’ve done the 20 second exercise and it has helped. It has also helped just writing this out. I have not been to a phsyciatrist…this is as close as I’ve came to it.

    Has anyone been through this type of experience that brought on the panic/anxiety? If so, please share your experience with me…if I sound like a freak or a basket case and there seems to be no relevance, I apologize. God Bless.

  • Danny

    I have been dealing with my GAD for over 10 years now and it just seems to get worse and worse. This poses a problem for me that is this something that is really treatable and will it ever go away? I do have the Panic Away program and it has helped but the fact of the matter is you have to help yourself also. I was doing all the wrong things like drinking, smoking, burning the candle at both ends along with a very stressfull job that i currently have. Think of it like this you have a glass and the glass is already half full from the normal everyday life. Then you add the stress of your job, smoking, drinking, or any other habits you have or addictions this glass will over flow and result in panic attacks or GAD. If you take away all of those things that fill that glass and leave room for other things that will come up daily the glass rarely tends to over flow and cause the issues. I have been doing research and this is the best course I have came accross but you need to believe in yourslef and that things will get better and i am still working on that myself. I challenge you all to take a few things in your life that you can do without that fills your GLASS and let it go. Try it for a week and see how much better life is when you dont have everything on your plate at one time. It is a long term process for people like us but the great news is we can beat it and we will beat it.. over 40 million people suffer with some form of GAD!! Which means that is a ton of glasses that are FULL lol.. lets start to empty those glasses and make the right choices in life and see what happens. Panic Away is 100% worth its money in gold and would recommend it to anyone anytime. Thanks yall

  • Andrea

    Dear Joe,

    I read your post today and I wanted to reassure you that what you’re going through is both extreme and familiar sounding. Though I couldn’t begin to diagnose your situation and feelings I can say that many of the symptoms you detailed are the same as how I felt during my worst panic attacks.

    The worst one I ever had was almost two years ago and was extremely debilitating. I am not aware of any stress or pressure, anxiety or nervousness or otherwise that I might have been under. I was cleaning the house, walked upstairs to the loft to clean up after my cat..and felt so odd suddenly. I am always a bit grossed out to clean the cat litter so I thought “I’ll do this later, I suddenly don’t feel well”, then headed back downstairs. There are only about 12 short steps to our loft and by the time I was at the bottom I was on my knees. In less than two minutes I went from “normal” to hot and feeling like I would collapse. Heat and sweat took over my body. I felt a heaviness and pressure on my chest and by that poing was CRAWLING toward the entrance to my house. I became panicked and anxious because I was home alone. The heat and pressure continued to sweep over me and I thought “This is it. I am 27 years old and I’m having some kind of stroke or heart attack”. I became so hot that I lay there, now off the carpet where I had been crawling and laying on the wooden floor to the entrance because it was cool. I thought I must be going crazy. As the heat came over me, I thought I must cool down or I might have a seizure. I actually reached for my phone, called my brother and begged him to come be with me. He stayed on the phone with me for the entire time it took him to reach my house. My thinking was that if I was going to die, I wanted someone to know what had been happening to me. The things we tell ourselves! I then literally climbed into my refrigerator after crawling into the kitchen. I thought this must be the fastest way to cool down…and that my brother was going to find his sister dead in the fridge…

    Skipping to the present, I now know that was my introduction to panic attacks. I survived that episode, I always have and reckon I will continue surviving them. I was prescribed medication at one point (that I never took) because I wanted to rest assured that my mind is stronger than this “condition”. I have read the book and participated in these posts and I have to say that although this path continues to be a struggle I have regained control. I have sought out the good things in this life and walked away from negative people and situations. I have strived to move foward with my career in more supportive environments and taken up yoga- which has been AMAZING for my anxiety.

    You have been through a trauma and your body is reacting. RIGHTLY SO. Your body is attempting to eliminate all of that stress and hardship you are facing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. At some point on this path, I had to reconcile “If im going to die from this condition, I better be doing something great!” So with that, I have decided to live my still quite young life (28 years) pursuing anything and everything- especially if it scares me and confronting this anxiety as it comes.

    The truth is that it is still scary when I feel an attack coming on. But, now, I am able to diffuse the attacks and take control back. You will be able to as well! I think it’s great that you’ve started on this path, found like minded people and taking baby steps by sharing. Celebrate the life you have ahead of you, relish your children, seek out the future- find something you LOVE to do and jumpstart your career again! You will get lost in the life you’re living that anxiety will have less and less of a place to creep into.

    Gooooooooood luck!! You can do it!

  • leni

    hi,same experienced..i have always panic attack everytime i will go out…im afraid to ride on vehicle and go to market without comapanion..but,when i saw this website and starting reading about anxiety and panic attack…i am slowly applying it to myself,especially the deep breathing,drinking water and 20 seconds countdown,and it really works …and i wish that my anxiety will be cure…hope so,god bless

  • Mary

    Hi Joe,

    I can really identify with all you are experiencing.
    Out of the clear blue sky,at the awful age of 64 my husband of
    41 years had an affair- not a short one or simple one night stand
    but a two year deal complete with setting up a household for his
    “friend”. The girl was not even as old as his daughter.
    My whole world collapsed,I lost the will to live and since then am
    a complete waste of a human being.My panic attacks now come
    every afternoon when that lethal phone call came and get worse when
    each end of month comes-the time I found out. I am a very private person.
    I have told no one and now 6 years later I feel the same as I did on that awful day.

    The only way I have found to ease the attacks is by taking a half a valium. I only take this when I
    no longer can stand the panic. Please don,t think I am a valium junky. In the last 6 years
    at most I have taken 12 tablets.
    I am going to try all that is suggested because the only other way I can see to stop this is not to
    wake up.

  • Greg

    I’ve been getting panic attacks for about a month now. The first one was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life- I 100% thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die at age 21. I am overweight so I have been worrying a lot lately about what could possibly be wrong with my health. After the first one, I knew what they were but that didn’t make them any more comfortable. I found myself entering every situation thinking about what would happen if I needed emergency help, who I would tell, how long it would take for help to arrive, if I would survive the incident, etc. I have been having dizziness off and on for a while, strangely enough I get dizzy in my own apartment but I still didn’t want to leave. Yesterday I seriously sat in my room all day not wanting to do anything, even though I was still feeling general anxiety all day and had 1 panic attack. It was just where I felt I had the most control. I came across the site last night, stayed up reading part of the book, and had some of the most relaxing sleep I’ve had in a while. I woke up today feeling confident that I am in control of the situation and my anxiety level is WAY down although not 100% gone. Haven’t had a panic attack yet, though I have welcomed them on a couple of times. Yesterday I wanted to do nothing but sit in my room and not talk to anybody, but today I even suggested going to a movie with my roommate and we are headed that way in just a little bit. I’m going to finish reading the book tonight and probably reread it a couple of times. I’m looking forward to having my life back.

  • nina

    I have been having panic attacks for about 7 years i’ve been to a councillor a phsyciatrist hospital a few times with panic symptoms and have a drawer full of anti anxiety pills which i wont take because i’m terrified what they may do to my brain!. Im so glad i’m not on my own and reading your stories have helped knowing i’m not on my own. I’ve took on board the 20second advice and i’m going to try it out….What have i got to lose.

  • abdallah

    thank you so much for this tip, which i am going to use immediately. your materials are excellent and i am still reading them slowly so i can understand them. i had been in this situation for the last 20 years, but started to be stronger one month back . i am sure i am gana over come this difficult situation very soon

    thank you once more

  • Liza

    Dear Joe,
    Thanks for always sending me some comments from people with the same situation as I am. It helps me a lot and ease my anxiety. I am always praying that all these things well be gone because of your one move technique. I love the one move technique. Guys try that. It really helps. Send me always comments. Thanks Barry

  • robert

    im 23 and hv bein havin deys panic and anxiety attacks for over a year!tis just horrible de toughts dat pass trough my head and de feelings im having!!had all de tests and nothing but my over imaginative head is de problem!wud luv if i didnt hv dis issue but it wont ruin me any more its held me back long enough!tis a great comfort dat other people out deir are on a simaliar boat!best of luk to all!,ur info and methods on all dis is very much appriciated…keep dem coming,tanks very much.rob

  • Janine

    Well found your site a couple of days ago and am eager to see how it goes. Iv suffered from Anxiety for most of my life on and off. Im at a point where im very limited in what I do in my life, I dont drive, I find it hard to leave the town I live in and have issues being on my own in certain places. Im just glad i having a very supportive family and fantastic friends but i guess there has to be a point when you need to let go and be able to deal with it on your own. If someone gave me one wish in life it would be to be fear free so i could do all the things that i would love to do but dont for the fear of the “what if’s” iv read many books seen many people and am currently taking effexor but am still not at a point in my life where i feel free. I love reading your techniques its great to see some new and refreshing techniques (Tools when having an attack or thinking that you might). Well see how we go over the next few weeks. Chow!!

  • Verity Pollard

    Ellen, I also suffered the dizziness all the time. Sometimes when laying down, it would feel as though I was ‘dropping’ (like going down in an elevator). It was horible – like a constant form of vertigo. I’d be sitting at the table trying to eat a meal, so physically tense because I always felt like I was ‘ off balance ‘ or ‘ on a swing.’
    It is all part of the anxiety and the physical tension. I was doing lots of relaxation, but still that frightening ‘off balance’ symptom remained until I really started getting the anxiety under control. I found it was because my neck muscles (along with everything else) were so constantly tense and in spasm. There was nothing wrong with my neck though – it was simply the result of a very tense and anxious body.

  • Kasia

    Only some time ago I realized, that I might be one of the people who suffer from anxiety and panic attack. Couple of months ago I went on the party, and the next day I felt very bad and weak..I thought it is a simply a side effect of having few drinks…but the next month it happened again, while I was traveling by train to attend one of the dance auditions (I felt very weak, sweaty, and extremly shaky- which was the worst part, becouse I couldn’t control it!) .Next day I went to the hospital, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. This same story happened next month,after that I realized, that it’s not a medical problem, becauce my hart was pauding like crazy, straight away I got swetty hands,cold feet,fast breathing,diarrhea and the body shake of course!
    My doctor prescribed me valium…but I’m not a,, medicine taker” person, so I started looking for a diferent solutions- that’s how I met psychotherapist and visit him twice already.
    Now I’m looking at this web and trying to convince myself that this method will work.
    This attacks are very scary as I’m trying to stop shaking….by breathing…and now, maybe I’ll try counting down method. I’m really hoping that this will help,as I used to be happy, very energetic person, and now I’m spending most of my time at home. I’m crossing my fingers for everyone!

  • Visia

    The worst panic attacks are coming in the night. This is what I am experiencing from time to time.
    It takes me half an hour to get out of it. Next time I will try the 20 Seconds Countdown because it is much
    faster than 30 min.
    Thank you, regards.

  • david

    hi all,
    reading these posts really helps me and gives me courage, i am passing through a difficult moment in my marriage, and the past 4 months have been awefull with anxiety, at first i didn t know exactly what it was, my throath would nt swallow, vomiting, nausea, than it was anxiety, i am on medication now, its been 4 weeks, at least i am eating and sleeping, it was difficult for me to accept the medication, but i could nt cope with the fearfull thoughts. i have bad days, but at least i m in control. meditation is helping me a lot also. still i can t watch horror movies, and some places makes me jumpy….

    peace love and health

  • Clarence

    i found myself in the ER because i thought i was have a heart attack. only to be told it was anxiety. so they said see your family doctor. last night i awake 4:00am feeling dizzy tightness in my throat shortness of breath racing heart with tingle sensations. i thought i was going to die. i call 911 i was going back to ER. but when they came. the feeling was gone. so this moring got news letter. just reading all the peoples having the same . makes me feel so much better. i’m not alone Thank you.

  • Amy

    I am so glad I found this site! I have been dealing with depression and panic attacks for years, but with medication to help control it. Recently after a job change and problems in my personal life, I have started it all over again. I experience alot of the same symptoms (chest tight, uncontrolled crying, shortness of breath, heart beating fast, feeling dizzy/faint) and I am now trying the 20 second count and telling it to come on because it will not hurt me. Thank you Panic Away and all of you for letting me know I am not the only person out there who feels like they are going to die or lose their mind.

  • Liza

    Dear Barry
    Thanks so much for the program, at first I think that was not so mean to me, but later on as I read the book again and testimonies of others I feel I got the cure, Im feeling back to normal though sometimes its pops up but now we dont have fear coz we know this is passing and all are illusions. Thanks for readings. You are a big help to many people who suffers anxiety and panic attack. Thanks. Liza

  • angele

    I get the all day dizzyness as well! I am so happy i am not the only one, now i know its nothing serious!! wow what a releif, but yes its so annoying!

  • angele

    I am in tears right now, reading this, there are people with my symptoms, i have chronic anxiety it has completely ruined my life and practically dabilitated me, its HORRIBLE!! and i am only 28! I have had this all my life but it has gotten so much worse, and so has the dizzyness and pains in my body..These emails have helped me control them somewhat for the 1st time in as long as i can remember, I find myself able to leave town now, and its been years! Therapists are garbage to me, they made me worse, but you my friend are an angel, thank you::)

  • Mel

    It’s really comforting to read all these posts! It was so easy to think that I was completely alone in my feelings and struggles. One of the hardest parts (for me) is remembering back to all the years past when I functioned without anxiety and did so many of the things that (now) just seem impossible… Something as simple as meeting a colleague for lunch in a restaurant is an act I now avoid like the plague…. Pretty much all types of meetings with others in a work situations bring-on terror. I understand the truths that panic and anxiety will never hurt me or cause me physical harm, but most of my fears stem (not from fear of physical harm) but instead revolve around the fear of blatant humiliation and the potential repercussions. That fear of “what will the other person think” when they see me squirming around the other end of the table, visibly shaking and breaking a sweat… It seems to really revolve around my inability to disguise or suppress those symptoms that seem to give-away my internal turmoil along with my exaggerated fear of what others will think when they see me struggling with them… Many of these people are counting-on me as being a capable business partner or colleague. I honestly think that I could “kick” this anxiety if I had a way to tell myself that other peoples perceptions would never harm me or my business relationships (much like the realizations that no physical harm will come from the panic attacks). That seems to be a much harder thing to come to terms with and any suggestions would be welcomed!

  • Mellow

    i am 21 nd hv been suffrn 4rm anxiety since july ths all startd wit alot of fear for my life due to an incident that happend over nyt and my panics started.i hd difficulty n breathn nd at time souldnt sleep then later couldnt swallow,eat nd ws choking to evrythn includin my own saliva.i thouht i was sick so went to the hospital only to find out tht there wsnt anythn stuck n my throat or anythn wrong wit me and tht i it ws only anxiety.ever since then my whole life changed,my slipn pattern changed,wake up early thn before,feel sick every morning,the diziness,havn 2 think alot,sweatin,chest tightness,ponding heart nd so on.i hav changed doctors thinkin th 1st one wsnt doing his job only 2 find ot the same thing.i hav panics almst evryday nw nd its disturbing my evryday life,i dont enjoy things as much as i used to and evrytym i am alone or hurt or nervous or anxious it gets realy worse.been reading Barry’s guides and all and hopin it will work out 4 me.i am trying the 20secs technique now!

  • Robert W

    It is inspiring to read the suffering that others have as I feel assured that I am not alone with these feelings. This helps me feel normal…why? Because for the last few years I have felt alone and misunderstood. Now I feel like part of a community of fellow sufferers and not some isolated freak.
    I will add these little tips have had already proved remarkably effective for me and I cannot believe how simple they are.
    Thank you from my heart !

  • william ball

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I have been haveing attacks every sees I was 18 I don’t know how or why but all I know is something I look at my 2 mouth old little girl and start crying cuz I can’t fully take care of her its so heart brakeing there has been so meny times I went to the ER and there can’t tell me a thing cuz thay don’t know I’m hopeing this program works so far it is but iv been sick to so I don’t fully know yet but I find talking about it really helps so if you wanna talk plz let me know it helps me so much

    Thank you and god bless

  • vlad

    Hello everybody
    I am experiencing Panick attacks again after some years. I had rough times in last year but I have learned how to overcome this.
    SECOND . You will finish 99% of this ONLY when you will forget about this. And when you have it again.. more rare… it will be really weaker and weaker. IGNORE and forget about it
    THIRD. when first symptoms appear , try do something else
    If anyone wants to know how I succeded 99% , with no pills , just write me on

    As a conclusion of what I have read…. reading your comments… I have the feelings of a panick attack.. so I end now.. and focus on something else… like TV .. Cartoons… whatever… IT HELPS>

  • Ally

    I am having a really hard time at the moment trying to control my anxiety. I’m almost 21 and have had it since I was 14. I learnt to control it through mindfulness around 2 years ago but it has become really bad over the last few weeks again. I can’t sleep, and if I do manage to sleep as soon as I fall asleep I wake up with a surge of anxiety all through my body, it is to the point where I am truely afraid to sleep and I don’t know how to get past it. I get intense cramming over my body, dizzy spells, heart pounds, tight chest, and nausea. I get these a few times daily. And when I don’t have anxiety attacks I’m constantly feeling completely disconnected from my own body and im always really in zoned out and tend not to be able to talk to anyone cause I’m so stuck in my own thoughts. i find this disconnected feeling impossible to get past. Does anyone else feel the same??
    Also Just to add that last night I actually slept eventually thanks to all your stories, it made me feel alot less alone.
    Kindest regards,

  • Kristi

    Its good to know that there are others out there that have this same issue. For some reason, my panic attacks are only triggered by winter driving. I am terrified of getting in an accident. I am a small town girl that moved to the big city about 3 years ago. I am still not totally comfortable with all the traffic and I think thats what scares me most. If I know I have to get into a car to go somewhere, even if its somewhere simple like the grocery store, I have a panic attack. To make matters worse, I have an hour drive into work one way! It makes the drive to work almost unbearable. There have been so many times I would pull over and just cry it out, because its the scariest thing to experience when your alone in your car. I went to the doctor who put me on Xanax to help me cope, but that is only a quick fix. It does not take care of the actual problem. I am going to give “Panic Away” a try and hopefully it will work for me. I want to get my life back and be the person I used to be… I’m just not myself…

  • Melissa

    I have been suffering from social anxiety which brings on horrible panic attacks all my life. For the past 3 years I had been taking Ativan to control it. I am now at the point in my life where I am ready to have a baby. You cannot be on Ativan when pregnant. So since the end of August I have been trying to stay off of it. I have been going through hell and back. I have been feeling like I cannot breath, tight stomach, dizzy, and feelings of a heart attack coming on. Luckily my manager at work could relate to this as she had the same issues in the past. She agreed, with my doctors approval, to allow me to work from home until I “felt” better. I am now suffering with huge anxiety about going back to the office!!! I feel like this is consuming my life. I am still not pregnant and and still working from home. I need to be able to get my life back to normal and just go to work in the office…but I keep reliving the fear of a panic attack when I do go back and it is terrifying to me : (

  • Michelle

    i have had panic attacks(i didnt know this until ,my DR told me), all i know is i get dizzy spells and i loose control, and this only happens wen i am driving, and this is scary because i am afraid i’l get into an accident and worse driving with my daughter, and everytime i get into the car, i am already worried of what if i get an attack? i think even if i wasnt going to have an attack, just because i have thought about it then i am going to have it, this is a terrible sickness and i dont even wish it for my worse enemy, it stops me from living my life, how can i move from a healthy normal person to a sickly person just like that. as for being dizzy, it is the worst that is happening to me, sometimes i even wish i never wake up so i can just get a break from this sickness

  • Margaret Dickinson

    Thanks for the 3rd e-mail, am feeling more confident in myself knowing there is a way out of this and that I am not alone. I love coming onto this site and reading other peoples stories, even though it feels like I am reading my own story. God bless all of you, especially Barry your help has been tremendous. x

  • desres

    First i want to wish everyone here a very happy & healthier 2011
    I have just been diagnosed with panick attacks had 2 very bad ones started 2 weeks ago so spent my xmas & new year going between hospitals emergency & for extensive test’s to be told i have panick attacks & i couldnt believe what they were saying how can stress cause such a serious episode where i thought i was having a heart attack …twice !! thought it was all over
    Anyway i have researched this so much & seems like apart from changing my lifestyle which looking back i needed to .. just became a workaholic, work for myself, live alone & never taking time for myself & shutting the rest of the world out & couldnt be bothered .. these attacks have given me a big wake up call & i am determined not too let my thinking rule & ruin my life .. the hospital gave me tablets Lorazepam i threw them away bought some Omega 3 & was already taking vit B & today got some natural herbal calm tabs & thats all i am going to take, after what i have read on here & other sites its seems to be mind over matter .. it took me until yday to get over the shock of the attacks but now i feel good like it was my body just giving me a kick up the backside & saying hey wake up & enjoy your life !! .. i am doing breathing techniques, back to exercise & ready to take my life back 100% & hope others feel the same way ..thanks to this site for making us all stronger & taking our future in our hands good luck to all x

  • a mother

    hi,, i don’t know how to thank you .. your newsletter is not only help me but also help my family,my kids are also disturbed by my anxiety attacks,, they were suffereing as much as i was.i can’t afford your book but your letters help me alot.God bless you

  • Wes

    Thanks for the tip…I take Ativan and it helps to stop the attacks but I’m tired of taking it….I have all the symptoms…tightness,dizziness,shortness of breath….it is terrible in the car and I used to love just driving and being out and about…now it seems like only once or twice a week I can go somewhere by myself….I will try all of these methods and continue to workout…I am 32 and overweight ..I workout alot and ny weight really varies month to month…anyway thanks and I am goin to beat this I know I will

  • renata

    Heloo everybody…I’ve been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety attacks for 6 years. When its started i was so lost, i was thinking I’m going insane…nobody new what is wrong with me, they check my heart…and u know this part.I was not able to go outside from my house for over a year. I was afraid to face people, i didn’t work….with the medications and psychotherapy i get well and for 4 years i was ok. Last 4 months i don’t take a pills and it start to happen again. Now they gave me patrol and my head is just in the clouds….Rule of first 5 days. In 2 weeks i need to get to my job, and i need to fly….And i decide that this time Panic will not lock me up in my own world, no matter how hard it is!!! I just hope that it will not catch me at work. But u know what…my life will not finish even then! And this book and my therapist help me to realise that. Thank u for the letters, i never find something similar that is so hopeful like this. I try to buy the book but they dont have it in my country.:::(((
    Hold on everybody…think how strong u are to fight with this every day, and u are always a winner!!!! Even when u think u lose battle, remember u never lose the war!!! Don’t give up

  • JM

    Wow, I just came across the website. I too, am very grateful for this newsletter. I cannot afford to buy the book right now but just hearing all of your stories is helping me cope. I had my first panic attack around 2 months ago. It happened while driving on the freeway. It was terrifying – there was road construction so there was no shoulder on the road to be able to pull over. Since then driving has been the hardest thing. I have had to alter my plans in life. Nothing in life seems the same right now.

    I, like many others in this site, have what seem like more random panic attacks too. One of the older posts on here mentioned having them in church. I also have had that experience. I am dizzy most of the day everyday and for me the late afternoon-evening is when the worst sets in. Maybe that is because that is the time of day when my first attack happened.

    I am not glad that many of you have the same symptoms (especially dizziness) but I am glad that I am not alone. I am sure many of you are reading the posts and they are mirror images of your own struggles. That is how I feel. I am going to try the 20 second thing too. I believe that there is hope for all of us. Although I go to bed and w but all I can do is take it 1 day or even 1 hour at a time. 🙂

  • Lia

    I have been suffering from anxiety/panic attack for a long long time now..I went to see the doctor every other day as i was always worried about my health. There was nothing wrong with me but i was feeling constantly ill and thought i was having heart disease or something..But apparently i was not having any heart problem and my heart is in a perfect condition..I have learned somehow to control the attacks in my own way and yes it helped a little. However i am growing tired of condition as it has been disrupting my life all this time. I am now ready to take charge of my problem and be rid of it. Reading all the problems all of you are facing has helped me to understand better and that i am not alone in this…Lets fight this together and pray that IT will go off and never to return so that we can lead our lives better. I am tired of leading a tired life with all the breathing, dizzy, tired, feeling faint, palpitations, mood swings, scared, phobias, tears and miseries…I have had enough of all this controlling my life and i owe it to my kids and husband to be a good and healthy mom and wife..! TIme to live our lives and be happy and healthy..!!!

  • Liza

    Thanks so much for your emails. I really thank God that emails help me a lot. I am happy that I know I am not alone but sad to know that lots of people are suffering like me, but we will never loose confidence we know this we are the controller of this anxiety. And we are the owner , we will always be strong and ask God the complete healing to us sufferers. Thanks

  • scott

    i cant believe i stumbled across this website when looking for ways to end panic attacks, i havent even purchased the course yet and already the tip emails and people’s comments are having a great impact on me overcoming panic attacks, i was carted off to a hospaital 4 years ago thinking i was having a heart attack and it was nothing more than a panic attack! ” get a grip ” not that easy for people like us though where panic can effect the way we approach and tacle day to day tasks! anyway i would just like to say i hope everyone can benifit in some way from this and get back to there good old self!

  • Ed

    Hi to all.

    I am a fellow Anxiety sufferer, it is the worst of all feelings, as such I can not put it into words

    I have just purchased the Panic Away kit.

    I will be reading and listening to all the information provided to me.

    I am looking forward to the benifits it will bring to me.

    It is so comforting to read all the comments on this forum, to read the help it has brought to there suffering.

    I will update how I am going… Good wishes to all.. 🙂

  • fahima

    thank u so much for all now i dont feel lonely i used to thank i am diying or having something bad in my life

  • tedros

    i realy thank the publisher of this course my panic has started before 2 months i didnt know what was going with me,i have been 2 times in the hospital of thinking i can have a heart attack but the doctors told me i am free of any heart problems ,i got crazy my welbeing was going worse diznes,stomch burning,heart palpitations,filling of a im going to die,so much filling of fear wich i dont know haw it emerges,but from the past 2 weeks i stared to have this course thank Jesus i cant even remember haw i get this cousre i think i am going to free of this attak.thank u again

  • Stephen

    I have been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks over 10years now. I am from Africa and it was really difficult finding out and knowing what was really wrong with me. The best doctors could offer was to prescribe anti-depressant drugs which i found not helpful at all. With all the medications, i could not concentrate for 10minutes since my worry over the condition kept increasing day by day. So i got help to search on the internet and that was where i discovered what i have been going through. Indeed, the disccovery gave me about 15% relieve and since i could not afford any of the services rendered on the internet, i resort to involving deeply on the freebies they offered. Although i made a way somehow but the fear from the panic attacks kept me always on toes.This was until i discovered panic away and after the free mini course, i finally realised what i could do when there is an attack. One thing that impressed me is the ”Bring it on” approach. After the seven mini courses, i can boldly say my fear about the attacks has subside greatly and the knowledge he shared have been very helpful. Thank you Panic Away.

  • kristy

    I have been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks for about 13 years now. Started in college! I was on a low dose of Paxil for 12 years and went off of it about a year ago. I did ok being off of it until this last month. I have been experiencing the most severe panic attacks I’ve had in years. my heart races, breathing gets funny, i panic while driving out of the blue. i have to constantly tell myself i’m ok. it drains me. I have numerous ones throughout the day & they take so much out of me to get through them! considering going back on meds. just started getting these emails and hope they help! any suggestions/commentsz??? sooo stressed over this : (

  • John

    Mel, I have experienced the exact same thoughts and feelings. Have you had any success managing or eliminating the feelings of self doubt that manifest themselves during business meetings? I focus on the fact that I am a responsible, caring, and competent worker with good judgement especially when compared to many of my peers. The Panic Away mini-series has been enlightening and very helpful. My anxiety persists but not as intense. Let me know if you have found any success managing your work anxiety. God Bless.

  • Alexandra

    wow you have described my symtoms. I been having headaches, pressure in my ears and dizziness feeling of faint. I also had the panic attacks like 15 times in two months but it happens to me when im asleep I wake up out of nowhere and i feel my heart racing shortness of breathe tingling in my hands and legs and finally can not move. Just had one last night and i got scared manged to call 911 and remember to take long short breathes and my heart started to slow down then afterward i feel like im going to faint, and nauseous oh yea and cant stop burping. By the time im at the hospital all i feel is the dizziness and i get the nurses and docs mad at me for not taking the meds. I have a gut feeling meds is not the way to go. I was getting extremely worried I had somthing wrong with my head like tumor or i even read about parasites, even though i have had an MRI and CAT scan and came back normal. I just want to be sure it is Anxiety Attacks and not something else but after reading al these comments i feel better. I to felt i was not going to be able to take control over my life I have two little ones and I hate the feeling of not being able to take control.

  • Simona

    Thank you so much for helping all of us. You are a gift for all of us who experience panic attacks. I’m so glad I discovered you!

  • GLF

    I have suffered from anxiety for many years now.. Hard for me to put a exact date on it. Much from childhood, More from Adulthood… Now, I am pleased to say that This is the Exact Answer to my thoughts and prayers… Wish it were Simple, but it is not. However, it is Treatable and without Meds! Today. I Thank Goodness that I do not have to take meds to treat my Anxiety and Panic Attacts… I was ready to start SSRI;s again, but with the help of a Good PHD, DO. I am trying a natural approach and this is where I THANK PANICK AWAY!

  • trinarn

    Wow..I thought I was alone in battling anxiety/panic attacks. I started having panic attacks in june of 2011. I woke up to my heart racing and I panicked. I thought I was having a heart attack so I called 911 andwas taken to the ER. Long story short I had numerous test over several months (ekg, stress test, echo, wore a holter monitor for 2 days, a event monitor for 2 wks, CT scan of brain, chest and abdomen, MRI of brain, reg of brain and cardiac lab test) thank God all is normal!! I’ve experienced a number of symptoms since..dizziness, lightheadedness, numbness and tingling in hands, legs, feet and face. I was put on lexapro months ago which I’m now weaning myself off b/c I’m not sure that its helping. It has been a battle. I was told by my MD / psychologist that stress can cause anxiety to flare up.. this has been a battle for the last 6 months and I want it to end! I have read and googled so much that I’m tired. My therapist has helped me tremendously but to know I’m not alone and that other people are battling in this fight helps me to press on.. thank you for the daily emails that are so helpful.. I’m considering purchasing panicaway. God bless JB and all of you as we strive daily to conquer anxiety/panic attacks.

  • Kerry

    Thank you so much Barry For your emails they have helped me so much,I suffer panic disorder and agrophbia. I have been doing all your methods and wow they work,I’m no longer frightned of panic 4 year old son is now getting to go to the park and I’m picking him up from school,I’m starting to think I may be normal very soon.your a hero Barry.

  • Kerry

    Thank you so much for your wonderful service you have given me. I have suffered so bad with panic attacks and panic disorder with agoraphobia. I’d just like to tell the world that with just your emails and people’s comments I’m 90percent cured, and now leading a normal healthy life which I thought would never happen again. It feels like a miracle. I’ve only he’d emails for 3 weeks. Can not thank you enough youre my guardian angel my prays have been answered.

  • Jambay Gyeltshen (Bhutan)

    Dear Mr. McDonagh,

    Firstly thank you for your wonderful program called Panic Away Mini Course. By going through your program I feel much much better. Also I have been following your advise like acknowledge that you are safe, label the sensations and then tell the sensations that scare you, to get worse. If you are sweating tell your body to sweat more, if your heart is racing, tell it to race faster. Move into the experience rather than against it.

    Further more I need your kind clarification on the following;

    1. Do you lose appetite during the period of attack?
    2. Do you suffer sleepless night?

  • jmb,

    Thank you Barry for emails,they have been a great help and
    comfort to me. I have suffered panic attacks all my life;
    50 years in all. It started at my first communion in the church,
    I was petrified to go inside the church after.I never told my parents.
    I suffered alone until about 10 years ago; eventually told my doctor
    what was happening to me.He prescribed tranquillizers,they numb,
    the sensations to an extent,but once the effect of the tablets ware off,
    I am back to my anxious feelings and worrying will I be able to drive,
    to the shops without feelings of loosing control,or will I panic over the ,
    simplest thing,like not been able to remember a name.I dont want to give up,
    on looking for help,so I will definitely purchase Panic Away and hope it will
    stop the panics for good.In the meantime I am getting so much help from
    your emails and reading other peoples comments.
    Again Thank You so much Barry

  • Waheeda

    Yes dear, i feel this way, im firstly thanking for the help i can from this site. My panic attack began 2 years ago after a huge tension within family and i started getting breathless, it felt like heart attack. i was put on pills lexotanils which in the begining did not help much until i was diadnosed hypothyroid, and it showed it had really fallen. i was then put into the 50mcg roxine, and it started getting matter. but i still didnt gain the confidence of walking alone or minimize my lexotanil , i did alot of prayers which is still helpful, and i thank God ive learnt to minimise my tablets of anxiety, i tell myself to think the good things, and tell myself if the attack is coming let it come, … such thoughts, after one whole year, my mind began to get little better, my thinking little positive , and at times i can walk some distances all alone with less anxity tablets but i feel im dizzy and might fall, and when this thought comes to me, i start thinking of anything that makes me smile, as i walk to my job place( A special needs teacher). or say a prayer and tell myself dont fear youre not alone God is with you, until i finally reach the gate and when i see my coleagues it all goes better and with time i get busy and forget about it all. This month in my new job, my boss really understands my situation, and she encourages me to think positive about myself, my job(rewardin) as i serve the challenged children, she understands when im very tired and need some time off.. A good environment and people who understand you can also help improve this conditin, rather than ppl who fail to understand you can make this worse. ive experienced both the situattions.Though when im walking alone and feeling dizzy, i start massaging my forehead as im walking trying to ignore the fact of how im feeling.. coz the same dizziness disappears when i meet someone i know on my way.this shows its fully in our control we just have to learn how to do it.. im still practicing and will update on my experiences.:) pls feel free to exchange views.

  • Brad

    Hello all!! I have used these techniques with great success in the past. I suffer from GAD and an occasional panic attack but I now control them. I fly on a helicopter as a medic and I am a firefighter. My anxiety never interferes with my jobs, oddly enough! It hits when I am calm and doing nothing stressful! Recently I have been feeling odd sensations in my chest, like a skipped heart beat but I know it isnt that. This sensation creates gas and I begin to burp a lot after the sensation quits. It hits and is gone as quickly as it appears. Has anyone else had this type of sensation and if so, what have you done to fix it?? Thanks a lot!

  • Deeds

    YES! I get the same sensation in my chest, followed by a couple of big burps! I thought that I was going nuts, but I gotta admit, it’s GREAT to know someone else has the same symptoms!! Good luck to you 🙂

  • Elena

    I am so grateful to you for all your newsletters.This information makes me
    feel stronger and keep my anxiety under control. My great fear is public
    transport, especially metro. I hope your 20 sec. technique will help me
    there in the tube.

    Thank you so much!

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