Do you fear a panic attack could strike at any moment?

Sometimes people have the impression that their experience of anxiety is like being hooked up to an electroshock machine and that it just takes a flick of the anxiety switch to cause a flood leading to a full blown panic attack.

People in this situation often feel that are lucky to make it through the day without that switch been flicked but in the back of their mind they fear that it could happen at any moment day or night. They remain on high alert anticipating it. Anticipating the big one!

In fact most people who experience panic attacks fear it in this manner. It is natural for people to think this way as often the panic attacks come forcefully out of the blue.

The truth of the situation is however different. A panic attack does not lurk in the background waiting to pounce, it can feel that way in your mind if you are anxious but that is not how it really works.

Panic attacks are actually something we decide to initiate when we feel out of control. It begins possibly with a skipped heart beat or tightness around the chest, it is then that your mind fires off a thought warning that these sensations are very unusual and signal a dangerous event that needs urgent medical attention or else…

The thought that triggers almost all panic attacks is :

“This is too much , I cannot handle this,” Then the adrenaline starts to really pump.

“Ah I was right look my body is going into a fit…

“I am terrified by what is about to happen…HELP,- PANIC… !”

The severity of the panic attack is directly related to how you are feeling at that time.

If you are exhausted physically, mentally or emotionally then you are more vulnerable to feeling anxious.

After the panic attack has run its course, it is followed by a prolonged period of general anxiety. During this time the person fears that the panic switch might go off again at any moment sending them into another tailspin of high anxiety.

When you feel this way it is very difficult to force a relaxed state of mind through will power (as some other methods would have you do).

So what can you do to stop the mind overreacting to these situations and not initiate the panic attack? Well most of this is about your mind reacting to false signals, so the trick is to train yourself to recognize these false signals for what they and thus shatter the illusion that there is a danger.

There is something very powerful in human psychology and that is the power of giving yourself totally to something. By that I mean, when we make a resolute decision to go for something results are immediate.

In this case you are going for the goal of an anxiety free life. You reach a point where you are completely fed up with this condition and that mindset can produce a real breakthrough. Remember anxiety holds us prisoner because we give it authority. We give it control because it threatens us with terror/death if we do not obey.

Turn this situation on its head. Really chase after the anxiety. It is the anticipation of having a panic attack that keeps you in a general state of anxiety, -so end the anticipation.

There is an element of throwing all caution to the wind to make this fully effective. You abandon yourself to the fear of a panic attack. Sometimes the best way is to get really mad at the terror and say:

“OK come on do your worst- and it better be very strong because I will not have this ruining the rest of my life”

“My life and the people in it are more important than this false fear could ever be, so do your worst because I have had enough.”

The minute you really throw yourself at a panic attack it disappears. It disappears because what was keeping it alive was your fear of having one.

Now you are not afraid in fact you are actually demanding to have a really Big Bad One NOW

DO that right now!

To make this really work you have to throw yourself at the anxiety 100%

-No coming back

Don’t worry about having an off the scale ‘gigantic’ panic attack. I bet you have already had the very worst panic attack you will ever experience again. That is because the worst panic attacks are generally always the first few as you have no idea at all what is happening to you.

Ignorance in those moments is not bliss.

What I am trying to say is that there is no ‘ultimate’ panic attack waiting in the background that will finally push you over the edge.

Trust and believe that you will always be able to handle the anxious sensations each and every time. You will.

What you get by following my advice is confidence that you can in fact easily handle the anxious sensations.

Confidence is so crucial to tackling this problem. Anxiety can be likened to a fog that we must travel through in order to move beyond the fear of what may be on the other side. When we fail to move through it, the fear will linger and limit us from achieving all the things we would like to accomplish with our lives.

Barry Joe McDonagh

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Here is an example of how the full Panic Away course has helped others.

…learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years- I must tell you that out of all the items you can purchase regarding anxiety related products on the Internet, I learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years that I’ve had this condition. I had been on Xanax and Klonopin for about 10 years, but this December, I decided to withdraw from it thinking I didn’t need the pills anymore according to some of the programs I ordered claiming “miracle cures”. That’s when all my symptoms started again. I felt as if I had wasted the past 20 years trying to get better.That’s when I started searching the web for home based “cures”. I ordered so many programs I started to get confused from too much conflicting advice. Also, I was promised support but I am still waiting replies from some of the more expensive programs! You are a true gentleman, and I am going to post a very positive feedback on a website you might be familiar about called: Tapir?

Talk to ya, Andy






…I felt sooooo much better

I really appreciate being treated nicely over the internet for a change. Your book really helped me alot in a sence that I don’t fear those panic attacks anymore. The first time I started reading your book I was on an aeroplane and just before a panic attack as i was going to do a job in Switzerland and I didn’t know how is it going to go. As I read a couple of pages tears started coming down my face and I felt sooooo much better. I didn’t even mind the other people on the plane staring at me and wandering what I am reading… ______________________________________

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84 replies on “Do you fear a panic attack could strike at any moment?

  • alfa

    After two months of working very hard with the anxiety and panic attacks 2 or three times a day and one week hospitalized, I found a cure, The fist time I started reading your book online, was one week ago, after that I started feeling much better.

    Thanks for your help and support,


  • crystal

    I have tried the suggestion of “bring it on” to reverse my pyschologicaly induced panic attacks. However, now I have a new trigger. Shortness of breath. Sometimes I try to inhale and struggle to take deep breaths or even to yawn, I get dizzy headed, then start panicking that I am going to have a full blown attack. All this because I am not breathing well. Will keep trying the techniques as mentioned though. I have benefited from the label, observe, watch it pass technique and will continue to challenge my mental turmoil through “facing my fears”. Thanks so much!

  • John

    Am feeling a lot better following your mini course especially as i suffer from depression as well.
    thankyou for your great help.

  • danyelle

    These letters help me so much I look forward to them every day! Its been a week since my first panic attack and every day I look forward to these tools to help me with my anxiety! Thanks!

  • Mills

    My God you are so right. Thank you for being there for me and others that have this horrible nightmare, Thank you. It seems like every day when I open these lessons, it is the lesson I need for that day.

  • irma

    thank you soo much jope. so effective, so powerful , so helpful so easy to do… so good and so necesary. you helped me a lot in this bad times after the loss of my beloved husband. feeling so lonely, facing so many problems and on top of that anxiety and panic attacks everry nite everry day . but you made a diffrenece and for that I am so grateful to you dear man.

  • Corin

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou.You keep me going every day.Words cannot express how much your words help me through one of the worst times in my life.

  • Calculus

    thanks sir first and foremost…i’ll say it brief and precise…you have saved us from a lifetime of sufferings…

  • Anna

    Thank You so much for sending me your newsletters. I cannot afford your product right now, so I have been so blessed to have gotten your newsletter. They have really helped me feel less isolated with this condition. My one word of advice to anyone dealing with this is to accept you need help and find loved ones or friends you can be honest with and lean on them! It will get you through the hard times and admitting the condition can help alot.
    Thank You so much for your help.

  • Maria

    After receiving your newsletters I feel like I can finally overcome my anxiety and panic attacks which I have been suffering from for 5 years.I feel positive and have a different outlook on anxiety! Thank You

  • Vanessa

    thanks so much for all the advice and help – you have made a huge difference to my life – I thought I was totally on my own with this – no so! – was truly amazed to learn of all the people that also are traumatized by this horrible affliction – I know from my own point of view that this is definitely the worst condition I have ever had to endure – so once again thank you for being there!
    I really appreciate all your words! Vanessa

  • Jan

    I am having hospital tests at the moment and so anxious, hence the panic attacks began. The tests are on my heart, so you can imagine, every time i get a panic attack it makes me think its something worse and this in turn fuels it! I cannot afford your programme at the moment but the daily newsletters have really helped. Even though doctors have said they dont now feel there is anything serious to worrry about I’m still finding it difficult to break the cycle, but I’m getting there. Just last night an attack started but amounted to nothing and I just went baxk to sleep, so I think I’m getting there. I cann’t thank you enough. All the other web sites promise you the world but stop when you can’t pay out money, not you, you really care. Thank you so much

  • Jenn

    You have no idea how scared I was with the attacks I have been getting lately.I have actually
    just purchased your program for the second time, because the first copy was on my computer that crashed.
    I could not retrieve it back. I did not mind paying for it the second time because it gave me great comfort when I first started having the attacks. It has helped me so much to cope with my everyday life. I really am grateful for your support and your caring of others who go through this. Thanks again!

  • Christine

    Jan, I can identify with you. I too was having all sorts of tests on my heart and getting more and more anxious. At times I thought I was having a heart attack the palpitations were so severe. When all the tests were completed and I was told there was nothing wrong with my heart apart from an irregular heart beat, I should have felt elated, but I didn’t. I was in such a state of anxiety that it was as if they had told me I had a serious problem.
    Just a few days of reading this newsletters has made me feel a bit more in control. There is a way to go yet, but I feel I am getting there. Thank you, -you’re one in a million.

  • Rameena

    i got cured by your mini courses but still im buying the program. i cant even start to explain how u helped me through the worst and first real problem in my life . u helped me and had the greatest effect on curing me .i will
    thank you for all my life really ..

  • Rob

    It is rare in this day & age to get free advice on this horrible condition as a lot of sites are just after your money.Thank you for caring & keep up the excellent advice as it does help

  • Ellana

    Thank you for your everyday emails, these help ALOT. It seems you are very sincere in what you do and I know that we all appreciate it. Thank you again.

  • joanne

    The more i read your email the better it gets.with my panic attacks its the fear of being around loads of people that makes mine come getting that i cant go out shopping or ever go and have a coffee at my mates house.In my head i just think that” i should`ent be here” or ” this is a dream” or ” what am i doing” and it all does`nt feel right,that then when i start to feel my heart racing and then a panic attack starts.i used to think i had a heart problem or i was dieing from some this what others sense befor it happens to them? but i just want to say thanks as these emails that im reading are helping so much and that i dont have to think that im gonna die,like i did befor,as i can live cuz its not an illness and im not going to die and im NOT alone anymore,their are others out their just like me.well i hope we all get their in the end and thanks again for these emails.All my love to you and others thats suffers the same.joanne XX

  • christopher mc laughlin

    Thank you Barry.I have just ordered the material at the weekend and have been putting to use the techniques you are teaching.I have been suffering from night sweats but more than that severe bouts of blushing for the last ten years.This had a major effect on me as i always tried to avoid situations like going out for a meal with my wife and family.Eventually i even let it effect me shopping,sending the children instead.I have tried numerous therapies on which i have spent a small fortune but they never worked.This is a total different way of dealing with this than any thing i have ever come across.I will be committed to this 100% as i would like to give my children and my wife back the person they know i am instead of being nervous and irritable.If i could speak to anyone about this it would be great.Thanks again.christy

  • William

    I have been having panic attacks all my life ,since I have been receiving your emails I have been about 30% better,Its just that as I try each technique it gets better but then after a couple of days my mind seems to get used to it,my main problem is upon waking up in the morning ,there is dizziness and also when I am sitting at My PC,I have been diagnosed with Chronic G.A.D.and your emails are helping me immensly,Thank you for the Improvment so far .William

  • Tracey

    I have been suffering panic attacks for 2 months now, from out of the blue. I do feel very much like they are taking over my life and I vomit constantly with the anxiety. I am determined to beat this as I have 2 young boys who need me. My inititial feeling when one errupts is to panic and cry but I am trying to control this. I have been put on medication for the anxiety and blood pressure and I am gradually starting to be able to read again as I lost all concentration. I look forward to all your correspondance and it helps me knowing I am not alone in this. Thanks ever so much Tracey.

  • Toba

    Hi, everybody! I’d like to share with all of you my personal story.
    when I was 16 years old I started to suffer terrible panic attacks, with all it entails. ex: dizziness, tongue doesn’t work, jelly feet, scared to sit in class, I was a total disaster, after what seemed an eternity, I finally learned of the “thing” called anxiety. with lots of support from my beloved family and friends, I slowly but surely started crawling out of this mess! I kept in begging god to show me the way and help me find the light at the end of the tunnel.
    when I finally regained my self confidence and all, I felt a very strong urge to let all panic sufferers know, that with perseverence, enyone can get over this! just let go and let god!!
    Now I’m expecting my first child, and cause of my anticipation and deep thinking I had little setbacks but they didn’t scare me at all, I just read through Barry’s e’mails ( thanks tons Barry!!) and quickly overcame it.
    Lots of luck to all of you, believe me one day you’ll see, you can do it!!
    tip: it pays to sign up for Barry’s e’mails, they really help and seeing that other people also struggle helps elleviate a lot of the suffering!! good day!

  • dolly

    thank you so much for these mini courses. my panic attacks started about 2 months ago, and i thought i was facing death each time. i went to the ER 3 times thinking i had heart problems. but with your great advice, i am almost cured! your words are really motivational and it makes me not scared of anything. because fear is the key to having panic attacks. i no longer have that fear, and i feel like i can conquer anything. thank you again! 🙂

  • anthony

    my man my man my man!this is what im talking about.just when i begin to go full blown psycho,i start thinking back”now what was it barry said to do”.impending doom and feelings of death start to take over and im like o.k. this is the one were my wife or someone is going to find me later……..but i get through it.the counting down from 20 taunting the beast to take your life is working interestingly enough. i tell it too come and get me? my p.t.s.d. or panic or anxiety disorder whatever we call the demon has rocked my world,however discovering you my friend has allowed me to fight this bull**** disorder drug free thus far.thankyou for existing!

  • Hilary

    I can not thank You enough .I dont know how is it possible but by only reading Your emails i feel much calmer and i havent had a panick attack in 3 days.I look forward of Your emails every day.i finally can live a normal life.

  • Glenn

    Thank you Barry. I have always been a shy,self-concious person for as long
    as I can remember.
    Working in a hospital can be very demanding at times.
    I recognise my fear to similar of that of electric currents.
    Sometimes i feel people are understanding my thoughts.
    Using your technique I’ve found that I can now understand
    how it triggers and am now letting go.
    Re Glenn. Sydney Aus.

  • Justina

    Thank you does not even begin to describe the words that I have for you.This program has offered me peace of mind that I never thought I was going to have again. When you are agoing through anxiety it is the sense of overwhelmingness and 10001 thoughts in your mind at once that really push you oever the edge. Even after readying up to page 30 I felt I was already better.Why?Becasue I faced my fears! I let those thoughts come and did not resist anymore! yay! no more fights with my inner self! Even people at work notice, “wow Justina you turned over a new leaf”, and yes I did!!! No more fear!!! You can do anything when you are not in fear! Fear is paralyzing!! I write in a journal to monitor my progress and let out thoguhts as they come, this has been very helpful. I saw a psychologist two times throuout this entire process, she was very helpful at helping me deal with the different personalities that I had to deal with at work, heavy academic scheduale workload that led to mental, emotional, physical exhaustion (I had all 3!) that I didnt realize at the time was casuing me distress, so she was veryyy insightful with that, but it was this face your thoughts/fear concept that really sealed the deal and pulled me out. Also my incredible will and desire to survive. I am definitley a survivor even in my weakest moment I still new I was going to get out of it in a healthy matter…. thank you for your help and support, these are life long skills.

  • alan warnerf

    ive been on tranquilizers for the best part of 40 years.And it started when i was walking down a street and couldnt understaND what was happening to me.Theoc put me on librium and then ativan to calm me down. then i had a nevous breakdown and was on carbamazipine for 12 years.No my best friend has died and it has started again.The doc has taken me off carbamazipine and on anti depressant.Which i think ARE working but have to wait 2weeks before they actually kick inSo i read about this course and it seems good and its free .I have tried the letters and they work very pleased i decided to try it. Thank you very much for your help alan

  • sharon


  • Devon

    I am panic attack free and my GAD has faded, I have to be honest I was skeptical, but from the first mail I knew this was something like no other, you have saved me from years of suffering and given my daughter her mother back… thank you from the very pit of ny heart, and for people on here still suffering, just believe that you will get through this as I was you 2 days ago on the vergr of a nervous breakdown and thought life was over as I knew it but I said ” ENOUGH” and that was it.. I was back to my normal self…Believe me you will get through it…. Barry you are really one in a million….

  • Susie

    Hi Barry,

    i do fear that a panic attack will come on any moment like for example 2day when i went to a big supermarket i thought a dizzy spell will come on any minute as it felt like it but after all it never came on then again i thought maybe it will come on, but it didn’t, as its too far to escape to go out the doors so i’m glad it didn’t come on in there. I love the part when i get adrenaline like am more active lol and well.

    From Susie

  • Colette

    Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your emails, I had my first Panic attack in my late fifties, after treatment I was 5 glorious years free, then a year and half ago they returned with a venegence, I read all your emails and follow your advice and things are getting better. it is like being in a big dark tunnel and then you can eventually see light, sometimes you have to regress to progress, again many thanks for your support.


    Barry I think your comments have been Brilliant over the last couple of months and everything you say is very true you have really helped me and continue to do so BRILLIANT M8.

  • Mike

    Hi, you have helped me so much. The smallest things I could never do with out having a panic attack. I have been living like this for 16 yrs. You are exactly right when you say force yourself to have a panic attack because it completely defuses the fear. Thank you so much

  • marlene bardela

    eu tenho sindrome do panico, eu tenho medo de sair a noite, andar de carro, já faz 6 anos que não saio sozinha, tem que ter uma compania, as vezes vou para um sitio durante o dia , na ida fico tensa dimais , minhas mãos ficam suando frias, pensamentos negativos, se acontece de ter que voltar a noite, nossa é o fim do mundo , ai sim a situação fica fora de controle, é muito medo para uma só pessoa, sem contar a depressão que me acompanha, faço uso de medicamentos controlado, faço tratamento com psiquiatrico. piscologo….mas tenho fé em deus , oque não for dele , serei liberta, eu esta lendo sobre ansiedade , adorei , com certeza irá ajudar muitas pessoas……..continue assim, boa noite bjss

  • Janet

    Hi Barry,
    I have not yet bought your book but am receiving your emails every day. I have been suffering this horrible affliction for several months and hoping that it is gradually beginning to back away. Anyone who has experienced a panic attack and lived with anxiety will know how dreadful living with this condition is. Reading your emails makes it quite obvious that you have a great understanding of this condition and compassion for anyone who chooses to contact you and without forcing the purchase of your program by keeping in daily contact and offering such helpful advice. I am very grateful and would certainly recommend this site to anyone who needed it.
    Kind regards

  • maniola

    thank you again.I will have a good night sleep for bring me joy tears.blessed be you.

  • Jerry

    I have had the course for about a week and a half. I have had this problem for almost a year and in the short time that i have had your advice on how to get this under my control i feel more like me than i have in a year. Still got a little way to go but at least i feel like now i have the tools and understanding to reach a full recovery. Thank you so much for everything you have givin me, hope when i felt all hope was gone God bless you.

  • chrissy

    I bought the book almost a week ago. I felt I could have wrote all the scenarios. I cried because I finally felt totally understood! I have had this so called disorder for 22 years some years worse than others and lately it’s been unbearable. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I was shaking and felt I wasn’t in reality and I was so scared.I am feeling so much better already, I can’t believe it. Today I was in a traffic jam and felt trapped and started to feel anxious and I told my panic to give me the worst and I felt so much better that I felt great after a few minutes. I dont’ feel 100% yet but I’m confident if I do what the book says I will be 100%. I am now trying to work through getting on a long haul flight in 30 days and not feel claustrophobic and terrified that I will have a panic attack on the plane. I am just telling myself so what if I do! BRING IT ON! Thank yo soooooo much!!!

  • marie

    barry, i am a person who has always had to deal with the stresses of life, pretty much by myself. the death of my husband-to-be when i was in my twenties. a marriage that was consumed by the alcoholism of my husband, and most recently the death of my mom, and the problems my son has been having dealing with his father, or lack of one and his own anxiety issues. so the anxiety of course has decided to take another prisoner. well, after coming across the website, and signing up for the e-mails, i am sure that i will “cut the head off the snake of fear” and bury it so that i can live my life out the way god has planned it and i can help my son to live his life to the fullest. thank you for showing so much concern for us fellow passengers on this journey we call life. i will be ordering your book soon but i do feel my confidence coming back with just the e-mails. i recommend this mans work to anyone who is a “prisoner”. BREAK FREE!!

  • Karen

    I have suffered with panic attacks for 11 yrs now. Got my first one driving on the highway going 65mph in the middle lane so of course i have not been able to drive the highway or even something that lookes like a highway! And lately, 12 days ago, i developed them while driving home from work on the back roads. I drive an hour each way to work and back because of having to stick to the back roads, so now I’m basically screwed!. I started getting your mini courses and I want to thank you so much for them! I couldn’t believe something so simple would make any difference, but it does! Can’t afford the course right now (helping my son, daughter in law and their 3 kids, two of which are 2 yr old twins, who live with me). So these mini courses are a Godsend! Thank you so much. I truly feel like this terrible 11 yr old ride will finally end.
    Many thanks!

  • abdallah ashamrani

    this is the best i have read on all your letters …i did practice it and found it very practical …i am very much thankful to you

  • abdallah ashamrani

    each time i go through your materials i found them helpful and feel myself in a better condition…this is amazing!…many thanks

  • albrecht

    Panic attacks is something that never occured to me. You can imagine how totally shooked up I was when I had one. I was totally in shock and that feeling of unease kept me captive for days.
    One day I went to a yoga practise. We had to do exercises…the teacher said…and now you can ask something of great value, something you want badly. Just keep it to yourself and focus on it during the exercise. Now I ‘m not a big ‘believer’ but I told my greatest desire: I want to be calm again. I want to be myself again.
    Later that evening when I arrived home, I googled ‘panic feelings’ and immediately…your site intrigued me.
    Was it the answer from above ? I don’t know but it is a strange coincidence !
    So I learned not to be afraid of fear anymore. I made huge steps forwards ! Thanks to you !
    I also would add that doing sports is also a relief for your body. I didn’t do any sports for several months, but now I feel the benefit of swimming or just walking !
    Thank you for everything. Greetings from Belgium !

  • arif mahmood

    thank you so much for starting this is good for all life was not good,full of afraid,but dont now a then.

    God may bless you.

  • soma

    I have struggled with this almost 10years now , Your news letters are helping me immensely My problem is I cannot drive to the road speed level 35mls an hour. I am reading your news letters I think my mind is clearing up, My spouse is no help what so ever always put me down. I will purchase the book when I get enough money. I am so excited.

  • Anita Paul

    Hello Barry,
    I purchased your program i.e. ebook etc. first week in November I believe and have been much more in control of my feelings of anxiety and panic experienced since August 2010 but still need some more help.. Please let me know if your offer to have a one on one session with you is possible.

    Thank you.

  • Caroline

    Hi Barry..

    You have! to translate your work in a.o. dutch!
    In this country also (as everywhere in the world) suffer many people from panic/anxiety disorders.

  • Ken Robinson

    Dear Barry : I bought your program some six months ago and thanks for the tips cause the results are fantastic. My anxiety started over ten years ago when I was 45 years old and at the time I thought I had heart problems and mercury poisoning from dentist fillings according to my holistic doctors. After going through years of cleansing programs with no improvements with my heart arithemic palpitations my GP suggested I see a shrink so I did. Turns out that all my problems were stress related and I was having anxiety related palpitations which gave me the cause but not the cure. As a result my GP gave me some ativan to calm me down and for once my heart problems seemed to be under control. As time went on it only seemed to be a bandade solution and then one day I had a blown out panic attack and rushed to the hospital cause of course I thought this is it . When the ER Doc told me that it was a panic attack all the fears started in like you explained and nobody had an answer other than you might need some other meds which I refused. Needless to say over the years I have tried lots of ways to improve the lack of confidence in my health and have had limited results until I read your site and bought your program.Thanks for the wake up call buddy cause you have given me many tools to move forward in life to remove fear and gain my confidence back . Understanding fear alone has been the greatest tool and once you tackle it head on you`re over the hump. Hope to meet up with you some day if you are ever in my neck of the woods cause once again there is pleasure in meeting people and sharing in stories. Ken

  • Carol Quattrone

    You are the best!!!!!!I follow your program constantly and tell everyone I know about your program. Have a Merry Christmas You deserve it. Carol

  • marcosanod

    exactly I’m proud of you sir Barry after almost 20 years of suffering, First attack my mind lapses voluntary hospitalized my self of course my complaint as follows lack of sleep, negative thinking, over fatigue, low self stem, paranoid, very much anxious, persistent of nervousness, lack of concentration, head ache…. I am thinking if I could have enough sleep… tell comes a time I can relax my self and float through breathing technique giving one self enough space for meditation even as simple to feel the fresh air and appreciate the flowers, petals and leaves that gave wave when blown by the air……. appreciate the sun set and sun rise…. mark ..

  • Yolanda

    Hi Barry, I’m Yolanda from Indonesia. I have purchased the program this month. So, how can I have one to one session with you? I really need it. I hope I can have a session with you soon. Thank you.

  • Teena

    Hi! Barry,

    First of all, i’d like to Thank the Lord coz it was answered prayer!!! It’s been 2 yrs. that i’m struggling w/this panic attacks…when i read some of the testimonies… our burden is almost THE SAME!!! so i’m not the only one suffered…then one day i saw ur link on you tube…i kept on searching U…and.this is it!!! i always read ur mini course.and you have helped me so much!!!
    so i’d like to thank you Barry for everything u’v shared to me…my husband will get d whole program just for me…and I will share it those in needs….God bless u and ur family as well…tnx sssoooooooo much barry. Loveyeah!!!

  • AmyM

    I am just starting the program. It has already been very helpful and I have high hopes for the future – for the first time in a LONG time. I had, quite honestly, given up.

  • saravanankumar

    Dear sir,

    i read your all parts .now how i can get your panic away products. because am now leaving in Nigeria. ple tell me how to contact with u. i need your product very must. ple save my life,

    thanks & regards

  • Devyani

    Thank you very much sir after reading your newsletter. I am feeling much better. .Right now I cannot afford to buy your product but really want to. So thank you very much ” God Bless you”

  • carol larkin

    Hello barry i would like to thank you for all your info re panic attacks, mine started over 30 years ago they dissapeared for a few years i never thought they would return but have done so with a vengence, its like having them for the first time again i felt very depressed at the prospect of what i was going to go throgh again, but after reading your articles i know what you are saying is correct and i can see a light at the end of this long dark depressing tunnel, i will in the near future be purchasing your package has soon as i can, but in the meantime i will keep reading your articles they are going to be my lifeline and stop me from sinking, thank you from the bottom of my heart carol.

  • Laura Salinas

    I want to thank you for caring for us I started having panic attacks 8 years ago when I was with my husband which I got them because I was always stressed because I was being abused mentally and physical but they stopped for 2 years which started again but worse its to where I think I forget to breathe and I try my best to get those thoughts out my head then I’ve noticed that everytime I burp all day my chances of getting an attack are higher Im just tired of feeling this way and at the moment I do not have any money because I do not have a job but as soon as I do I will buy the program thank you again for listening to us.

  • uwa

    I cannot remember when last I felt this good and laughed so hard from knowing that I was not having a heart attack or stroke, knowing that other people suffer these same too. Am very relieved to know that am not dying. I feel better already but still worried that it might be short lived.

    I pray that I get money soon to order your email but meanwhile I have enjoyed your mini mails. Pray that we all get solutions to our problems through this programme. Thank you so much.

  • Patty

    Confident people have anxiety too.
    The fear that the life you love and thoroughly enjoy may somehow go away does this for me.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I believe it was my missing piece.


  • Trish

    Hi Barry,have had severe GAD since july 2011 and i feel i have been living in someone else’s body.Everyday is a battle to get through and i constantly look at the clock wishing it to be bedtime so i can lie down.I feel i have stolen almost a year from my daughters life as i am too afraid to go out.I hope to purchase your book in the next few weeks as i am broke and jobless at the moment but i have cried reading your emails because i have felt so alone with this horrible sickness or whatever u may call it.Thank u so much for the really helpful emails.I am really excited for the first time ina long time that i am going to recover from this …thank you 🙂

  • Joy

    Hi Barry,

    I had my first panic attacks back in 2009, then they went away because I purchased some natural remedies that were suggested to me (i.e. vitamins and herbal supplements) since I was told that the symptoms I had were hormonal/adrenal imbalance related. I had the most incredible feeling of doom and gloom, that I was going to die, that I was having a heart attack or stroke that no one could diagnose, I was dizzy beyond belief and had tingling down my left arm and numbness in my left jaw. That threw me into a severe panic mode and I did end up in the emergency room, going through batteries of tests, etc. only to be told that all was normal, except I do have a heart murmur which I’ve lived with all my life, but that wasn’t an issue. I made it an issue. Then the attacks went away and just recently came back again due to many stresses in my life. I ended up calling 911 the first time it happened and the medic told me that I had the classic symptoms of a panic attack. I was given Xanax which helped but I don’t like relying on
    drugs. I googled natural remedies for panic attacks and then saw your website. What you said spoke directly to me and I signed up for your newsletters which I’m so greatful for. I can’t afford the program but I hope to be able to soon. I still have much dizziness so I try to follow what you say in your articles or as much as I can glean from each article and apply it. I haven’t taken the Xanax in two days, have felt the symptoms start to creep up but I actually yelled at my panic out of frustration, and it seemed to subside so I do look forward to more news from you. I also ordered more of those vitamins and herbs which did seem to help me as I am perimenopausal and I understand these panic symptoms can also, at least for women, be a sign of hormonal or adrenal imbalance so I’ll see how I do…Thanks, though, for relating so well to those of us who have been feeling hopeless and so terrified…..

  • Prahlad Lamsal

    I m really happy that I found your website. It is really helping me. Something methods like not reacting to the panic attack or thinking that other things are more important than the panic attack really helps. Thanks a lot for your helping ideas.

  • tin2

    after reading just ur first and 2nd letter…i am a;ready awakened that my situation now is just caused by the fear in my mind…when in fact i shouldn’t….im so thankful for ur letters because it is really effective…please always send me letters…i really want to feel good and have a normal life again…God bless.

  • Marie

    I literally felt a panic attack come on about ten mins ago, throat felt like it was closing in, sweaty palms, the usual but hadn’t got to the shakes etc but i normally do! Anyway tried straight away your teachings and genuinely got angry at the bloody thing ha and i mean within 3 minutes it had gone! I felt i could breathe freely and I’m now writing this panic and shake free! It’s the first time i’ve tried this and already it worked!
    I cried a little….it’s a big step though! THANK YOU 🙂

  • Alfie..

    As well as the brilliant advice/information Barry is conveying on his webpages I am also reminded of Yongey Mingur Rinpoche – ‘The Joy of Living’ which is a fantastic book about a young Buddhist who suffered from panic attacks as a boy. Yongey Mingur also has clips on YouTube talking about how to deal with Panic/Anxiety. Like Barry explains in this newsletter about saying to your Panic/Anxiety when it manifests itself is to say ‘Come on – do your worst’ i.e. I accept these thoughts/feelings come to me – I am not afraid of it anymore. Or, as Yongey Mingur explains in his YouTube clips ‘I am the boss not you (the panic/anxiety)’. I have tried this technique when I begin to feel worked up, heaviness in the chest, thoughts racing and simply say to it ‘I accept these thoughts/feelings – come to me and pass through’. Once you have done this the thoughts/feelings seem to diminish because you have not created fear of them but accepted them and they simply pass through. I would like to thank Barry for being one of the 1st to finally bring to the fore simple, workable techniques in overcoming Panic/Anxiety. As Barry says you do need to persistent and try different things to ensure you live your life to the best of your abilities. Never give up!

  • bozhidar balkas

    i am 81 y o. i had my first very strong anxiety attack wheni was ab 7 0or 8 y o.
    afteer i lost my wife this january i get ab 1 or 2 strong attacks, say, on a scale from 0 to ten; the after shocks last for an hour or two or longer. i am waitning now for your book.

  • bozhidar balkas

    i did by the panic away book. i have already started using other methods to lessen my anxiety; among them mindful meditation, cbt, deep breathing, etc.
    i intend to study your book and practice what it wld teach.
    however, neuroscience also urges we embrace our feelings-thoughts-images, but does not, as far as i know, urge us to ask our anxiety to be become even more severe in order to cure or lessen anxiety.
    any thoughts about the discrepancy? thanks

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