My family was in shock and so was I. I felt normal again…

Well, some GREAT news! You sent me the e-book on Dec 12th. I read most of the book up to Last Saturday, and went shopping with my step Dad to 7 stores, one of them I drove myself and walked into the store by myself. I almost turned back around, but no, I said you will not win! My family was in shock and so was I. I felt normal again. I just confronted my anxiety with the "one move" and said out loud, "I am not afraid of you anymore, I know you are here and that is fine, but I do not need you anymore."

I finished your book today December 17th, and applied the TFT, which is awesome, took my notes and I also have been using Bach remedies for at least 9 years. Larch is great and so is the Original formula Rescue Remedy. I also, try to eat an alkaline diet and drink alkaline water as much as I can!!!!

I am getting courageous now to just live NO MATTER WHAT and enjoy life the best I can and my family is over joyed! I notice too after Saturdays long day, about 5-6 hours of shopping in BUSY stores, I had mental dark thoughts and symptoms that re-emerged that evening, I guess as a cleansing, maybe.

So Thank you soooooo much! Words cannot express my greatful heart for your help and generosity!

I intend to be so free of anxiety, that I will not need any flower essences or friend to help me through it, no matter where I am, I can do anything and overcome anything!!!!!!

You MADE my Christmas…. Now everyday, I am on a routine, exercise, water, alkaline foods, TFT, and prayer and THE ONE MOVE! I know soon I will be doing my entertainment business ventures again and this time, I will be able to handle the entire business!!!

One step forward, two steps back, but NOW I have hope. And that is worth everything to me!!!!

Kindest Regards,