Best Strategies for Handling Morning Anxiety

For many people who suffer from panic attacks and experience high levels of anxiety, mornings can be a particularly stressful time of day. Some people find themselves always getting up in a frantic state, while others feel very depressed and experience a heightened state of worry upon waking.

If mornings are particularly difficult for you, you need a strategy for getting your day off to a healthy start. I talk more about starting the day right in my book, Panic Away, and you can start implementing these strategies right away:

1. Start with a light stretch. Stretching will help increase circulation to all your major muscle groups and help you reduce some stress and tension. Stretch your arms and legs lightly before you get out of bed so you become more mindful of your body and can increase oxygen flow.

2. Think about things you’re grateful for. Take a deep few deep breaths and focus on a few elements of your life that you are truly grateful for. This can be a person, place or thing, and all it takes to change your state of mind from anxious one to a positive one is spending a few minutes being grateful. You’ll notice your mood state changes pretty quickly once you develop this habit.

3. Journal for at least 30 minutes. Writing a journal is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and get in touch with your feelings. Writing your thoughts can help release some of the negative thoughts and make you stronger to face the day ahead. It is a mental release as you do not feel the same pressure to obsess about what is on your mind. Once it is on paper you will have a better perspective.

These are just three simple strategies you can use to handle bouts of morning anxiety and get through your day on a more positive note.