Depression with Anxiety

Click play to hear Barry explain this anxiety sensation.

Depression is a very large subject. I will mention only how it ties in with anxiety.

When someone has been feeling anxious for quite some time, the experience can become very frustrating and lead to feeling depressed. If you never suffered from depression before, but did so after your anxiety disorder began, then it’s most likely the anxiety that’s causing you to feel so down. Depression, in this context, is driven by thoughts of a future full of anxiety and restriction. A once carefree person feels bound. In addition to having to cope with new restrictions, an anxiety disorder often comes with health fears, which contribute to further feelings of despair.

If you tackle the anxiety, you’ll see a marked improvement in your overall sense of well-being. As your anxiety problem clears, the depressed state turns to one of hope. Hope is the antidote to depression. It gives you a reason to keep pursuing your goal of an anxiety-free life. Persist with the program and your anxiety will lift. As it lifts, so too will feelings of despair and depression.