I have never written in response to a program that I have ordered to help me with panic attacks, but I wanted to let you know that in 3 days I feel better than I ever have after months of therapy and some other online programs.

I have dealt with panic attacks that seem to strike every year or two for over 15 years. Usually once they get started I tend to spiral into deep depression from the aggravation and sheer fear of having them. Things don’t seem to resolve until I go to counseling and get on yet another cycle of medication.

This time I skeptically ordered your program in yet another attempt to do it without medication and counseling. While reading your book I found myself nodding in agreement and even laughing out loud at some analogies and descriptions, because they were so simple and yet so pertinent with how well they related. I found myself being able to implement the steps even as I was reading it for the first time. My body starting sending the signals of a panic attack while I was reading and I was able to follow along with those sensations as I read.

By the end, I realized my panic attacks are like those unruly, undisciplined children that you see ruining family lives on those Nanny TV shows. To continue with the analogy, I had been trying to ignore them, run from them and hide from them and that only gave them permission to keep ‘attacking’. They would use any little anxious thought and it would escalate. By the end of the book, I felt as though I had confronted these ‘children’ and established boundaries and now I feel a world of difference.

I won’t say that I feel 100% in only 3 days, but merely taking the approach in your system has resulted in near instant results. I used to feel so drained and numb just anticipating the next attack, but from the morning after I read the book until now it feels as though a huge weight has been lifted and I don’t worry near as much about the next one because I know I can nip it in the bud or ride it out if need be.

Thank you,