"I had agoraphobia and couldn't even walk out of my house"- A Panic Away Success Story

The Panic Away coaching program has changed Kathleen’s life. She was suffering with agoraphobia, and led a very isolated life. After taking part in Panic Away’s coaching program, Kathleen began to appreciate life more than ever before, what a great success that is!

  “I had agoraphobia and couldn’t even walk out of my house. Now I go to town with my husband. Picking out my own food is a joy! I appreciate life on a different level now. I still have things to overcome but I know from the support I get from the coaching program I can do it. Big thank you to Michelle and all my friends I have made through this program”

 Well done Kathleen. What’s so unique about this coaching facility is that we focus on getting results in the shortest timeframe possible. Therapy should be direct and to the point. In fact we are so sure that you will start to feel a difference in just 7 days that we offer a free 7 day trial.

  For more information on the coaching program and the free 7 day trial please visit:  http://www.panicaway.com/private-coaching-client