Is the Fight or Flight Response Draining You of Energy?

Are you dealing with exhaustion, fatigue and feelings of malaise on a regular basis? High levels of anxiety and frequent panic attacks could be to blame.

Many people who experience the unusual sensations associated with panic disorder soon learn that the physical effects of the adrenaline boost experienced during a heightened state of anxiety can take their toll on their energy levels.

Anxiety is simply a response to a danger or threat, and we all experience varying levels of anxiety throughout our day based on what our brain and body is sensing is happening to us.

We’re all equipped to experience the ‘fight or flight’ response automatically when faced with some sort of danger. Unfortunately, people who experience anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis get this rush of adrenaline far too often, leaving their bodies drained of energy.

Does this sound familiar?

When your body is constantly in a ‘crisis’ mode, it can be very difficult to have enough energy to do much else. You might feel emotionally and physically exhausted on a daily basis, or you might become very sensitive to people and situations.

Fortunately, there are ways you can get out of this malicious cycle. Identifying the bodily triggers of your anxiety or a panic attack is the first step. Next, you need to work on processing the bodily sensations so the fear around those sensations is removed.

In my book Panic Away, I share some specific strategies that can help you end the fear of fear and take control of your body. You learn how to process the anxiety so you’re harnessing the energy and won’t feel so exhausted each time you go through the cycle.

There will come a point when you can observe and embrace your panic attacks fully, enabling you to stop the cycle of fear.

Barry Joe McDoangh