…when I started reading I felt this feeling of relief physically wash over me,

Dear Joe, please do use my testimonial, I myself have spent a lot of time reading everyone else s testimonials, it is reassuring to read that you are not alone with these anxieties and that there is hundreds of people who have gone through the same difficulties as you and are now back to there former self. I myself feel very lucky as Panic Away was the first book I read. Friends of mine have suffered for years and it is only since I have recommended
your book to them that they feel you can overcome panic attacks and anxiety instead of learning to distract them.

I had my first attack in September 06 which didn’t really affect me that much because it was driving that set it off, my second happened at home in October, this is the one that really affected me as I didn’t associate
them only in the car, I them had a third attack whilst I was at work. I was having such a difficult time during the Xmas period, I worked myself up so much that I was desperate to understand what was going on with me. I had been to the doctor a couple of times, I came out feeling very angry as all that she could do was offer me medication which is really not what I wanted, I also went to see a mental health worker, she was lovely but I still didn’t understand panic and I wasn’t getting on very well with the information she gave me, she referred me to a councilor which I had my last session on Friday, this was usefull, I know what triggered my attacks, and it is good to talk, but this in no way has helped me overcome the panics and anxiety.

I downloaded your ebook in between Xmas and new year, when I started reading I felt this feeling of relief physically wash over me, I now understood all the symptoms that I was experiencing and felt I could now be free of the panics which I haven’t had once since and it is now May 13 07, I also read about the exact anxiety that I was having, this was great I now knew that I wasn’t going mad. . My heart felt thanks to you Joe.


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