Overcoming Anxiety in Social Situations

If you are usually more of an introvert in social situations, you may feel very uncomfortable – even anxious – when surrounded by extroverts. It’s not uncommon to feel a high level of anxiety in a new social situation, or when you don’t know anybody in the party. Still, there are several strategies for overcoming anxiety in social situations, and some can even ward off a panic attack.

Many people who experience panic and anxiety attacks on a regular basis are vulnerable to feeling an uncomfortable level of anxiety in certain social situations. Instead of avoiding the event, there are some things you can do to reduce discomfort.

One of the simplest things you can do to overcome anxiety in social situations is to simply allow those feelings of discomfort to flow through you. Instead of fighting the anxiety, learn to fully accept it and feel it. You’ll find that the more often you do this, the shorter the ‘session’. After a short period of time, you will no longer need to be apprehensive about feeling fearful or anxious in a social setting. You’ll simply acknowledge what you’re feeling, and flow with it.

With this in mind go into social situations expecting that you will feel anxious. By expecting the anxiety you less its impact and the frustration you feel.
This is all really about teaching you to accept the way you feel and through that acceptance you lower your resistance and struggle with the problem. Then you find yourself actually enjoying being out with friends or work colleagues.

Use these strategies to quickly reduce discomfort and feel more comfortable in any social setting.

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  • Laura

    This is great advice, I spent years battling anxiety and it is only when I changed my approach and started to accept my anxiety as part of me that I started to feel better.

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