"People Do Not Understand How You Feel…"

One of the Hardest Things About Having Anxiety and Panic Attacks, is that the People Around You Simply Do NOT Understand How You Feel.

You tell them how terrifying a panic attack is and they think you are just exaggerating. You explain the anxious thoughts you have and they remark, “Hey I get stressed too”. You tell them that you wake each morning with a sense of dread, and they say “Oh come on, who is a morning person?”.

They simply don’t get it.

The weekend is coming up and your partner wonders why you can’t just go out for dinner with friends and leave your fears behind? What they don’t get is that sometimes you think you will actually die the fear is so intense and that your mind is in such a fog that you won’t be able to enjoy yourself for a minute.

You wish they could understand this – and when they don’t you feel alone and depressed.

I’ve got two things to say about this:


Yes you have a problem that needs correcting. You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you didn’t. That’s why you surf the net looking for answers. That’s why you constantly worry if this problem is more serious than just anxiety. You worry about the scary bodily sensations and if you will always be like this. You get a jolt of fear at the thought of losing control in front of your friends or co-workers.

I know all this because I have been there. I have had the exact same thoughts and fears as you have had.

And you know what? It’s OK.

It’s OK because all of this is curable. All of the anxiety can be healed and no, you are not going to lose control or go insane and NO a panic attack is not going to kill you. It’s all OK because you are perfectly safe….


Forgive those that belittle your anxiety. They have no idea how terrifying it can feel. Forgive the doctor that dismissed your story and told you to just go home and try deep breathing. Forgive the friend who stopped calling because you no longer could go out. Forgive the boss who placed all that extra stress unnecessarily on you. Forgive them all because they just don’t know how difficult it is without having experienced it for themselves.


Stop for a moment and tell your anxiety you are actually happy it is part of your life. That might be the last thing from your mind right now but anxiety will become your ally, not your enemy. Believe it or not, this problem will teach you how to be a BIGGER PERSON!

Anxiety will give you the greatest gift possible, greater self awareness. It may not feel like that now because you are in the eye of the storm but you will come through this and out the other side stronger.

You will WIN in the end.

It reminds me of a conversation I had a few weeks ago with someone who had completed the Panic Away program. She said after so many years of anxiety and panic attacks she could finally see the hidden lesson and gift of anxiety. She now had a rock solid sense of confidence that had not been there before. She felt her old self again. She won in the end and you will too.

Let me show you how to win…

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To Your Success….

Barry Joe McDonagh
Author of www.PanicAway.com

484 replies on “"People Do Not Understand How You Feel…"

  • Carol Whittaker

    Thank you for offering such wonderful advice at no cost. Your care and compassion reaches those who cannot afford to get the care they require.

    Bless you.

  • ava

    Hey joe barry, I do feel alone sometimes,as if I can’t tell anyone how I really feeling because they brush of my feelings away as if they or even I don’t matter. I’ve come to terms with my anxiety attacks years ago when I was a child,but now that Im grown and I don’t have my mother to comfort me as often anymore, I’m starting to fEel a little out of control. Thank you for this email ’cause I keep telling myself it going to be okay,and I know it is… Peace

  • Julie Tufano

    Thanks for the encouraging email! I had a situation this summer where I experienced a long period of anxiety that was misunderstood in my business (my partners thought I was trying to slack off and not work!) I was trying to work but was unable to concentrate and was not very productive. I worked through this situation with some medication and your program. I know that I will struggle in some way with anxiety the rest of my life (it is the way I am wired) but have grown so much and have accomplished so much that it will not rule my life the way it once did! Thanks for sharing your story and techniques – it has made all the difference!

  • Hilary

    It has been over a year now since I purchased the full Panic Away programme and followed it faithfully. My life has turned around, no more prescription drugs and a full life again. I don’t want anyone to think it was easy, it wasn’t, but my family were supportive and the programme really works. I also don’t want anyone to think that I don’t have anxiety now, but I know the signals and I now how to deal with it and I understand my psyche much better than ever before.

    I have loaded the One Move Live and the Deep Release Relaxation audios onto my iPhone and although I haven’t needed to play them for many months, they are my companions. In fact, earlier this year I had a long overseas trip to manage by myself. I was 10 minutes into the first leg of the trip when I felt a really heavy duty panic attack hit me and almost had to abandon the next leg of the journey. I sat in the transit lounge listening to the Deep Release Relaxation audio and was able to continue my trip and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

    I’ve been meaning to say thank you but I’m so busy living, after so much misery that I just haven’t given it due thought.

  • John Evans

    Thank you Mr McDonagh for your last news letter.

    May I first say that to know that there are fellow anxiety sufferers out there
    makes my journey just a touch easier although I would not wish this on a single

    Over the past two years since I signed up to your newsletter you have expressed
    succinctly and sympathetically much of my own experiences and indeed at times
    I thought that you were writing about me.

    I felt compelled to contribute to this blog as part 3 of the last newsletter is where
    I am at now. We all have our own individual journeys with our ‘black dog’ but for me
    how you describe this attitude to panic and anxiety will hopefully be of encouragement
    to others. I am a man of new faith but will not evangelise. However, your point that our anxiety
    maybe a gift rings very soundly with me. If I may. I find that I am able to be much
    gentler and sympathetic in certain situations. My heightened sensitivity makes me
    able to see through a persons ‘survival shield’ when for all and sundry the brave face
    deployed depicts contentment but internally something else is happening. My inner
    battle dissuades me from being judgemental and any words I share are mostly
    thought through.

    There are times when my self analysis becomes tiresome and I often over think
    situations. However, I am becoming more comfortable with myself as the months
    and years go on and can more often than not laugh at myself. I haven’t beaten this
    yet, maybe I never will but for the first time in my forty odd years I have some semblance
    of peace about me.

    I hope and pray that others are sharing a similar journey and I implore you to keep up your
    newsletter which for me has been a great boon.

    With kindest regards

    John Evans

  • Dean Fenton

    Thank you for your message
    I would like to try your ideas 🙂
    Please feel free to continue to message me 🙂

    Dean Fenton

  • N.J.Bond

    Thanks for offer info the bold step that we alley our enemies . Needed concept it is one based on sound ideas .All conciouse and creative souls can use it to maximum advantage. It is the balance not eradication of certain things what we are always wrongly taught in our massified university opposites are opponents. You are kindling the creative thoughts rightly focusing on the current issue that this world is struggling . Further sensitive peoples problems are speicalised one you are attending it .Great.

  • Terri

    I just want to say thanks for your recent email. It has been a while….. 😉

    Anyway, I just want to say that your encouragement came at a great time! As life is changing quite drastically at home (divorce). The same day I received your email was the same day we got word that we have an offer on our house. Which means I will be taken out of my ‘safe place’ with my two children and going it somewhat alone. Fears of finding a new job (as I work for my husband’s family from home). People really don’t get it. It’s not just the anxiety we fear but EXACTLY how people take ‘us’ which severely increases the issue. There is a lot of judgment out there just like you said in your email. Fears of not being able to keep it together enough to take care of my kids without the safety net of a ‘whole family’. I appreciate your encouraging emails as it re-inforces that no-one is alone in this journey!

    P.S. I have read your book but it’s packed….


  • Doug

    It has been a long time since I have contacted you, this is because I have actually been going and doing, and trying to juggle elder caretaking, part time job, handyman jobs, and the mileage has started racking up on my vehicle.
    My breakthrough was when I practiced YOUR Series, and FACED the fear even when it felt like I was being enclosed and couldn’t get a full breath. My brother is in a nursing home about 30 minutes away from home and I decided I am going to drive there by myself and get him for a day of visiting at home. About half way there, (which was already out of my comfort zone) I started getting the nagging thoughts, and of course the adrenalin started to kick in causing the physical symptoms of not being able to breath all the way in, weakness in my upper arms, and finally the out of body thoughts came into play. I said OUTLOUD and in a stern voice, “GO AHEAD AND KILL ME BECAUSE I AM NOT TURNING AROUND TO GO BACK HOME!”
    I also started turning the thoughts around, if I die I will go to Heaven, and all this will be over FOREVER.
    It was that very day that I made my transition to becoming a valuable member of society, but most of all, a valuable vessel for my God to use to help others.
    There is a reason why we go through these battles in our minds, it is to build our character, to show us what we need to change about ourselves. When you love yourself enough to face the fear head on, and go INTO the fire with head held high, sword outstretched and ready for battle, it is THEN that you truly find who you really are and what you were meant to be.
    We are made in God’s image, and if a God of such magnitude and omnipotence can perform miracles such as, oh, let’s see, CREATING A UNIVERSE, then me, as His creation has the ability to do great things as well. God doesn’t make mistakes, none of us who are suffering or suffered from panic and anxiety disorder are mistakes, we are chosen TO BECOME GREAT PEOPLE. People who have come through the fire and be able to tell others that the fire did not even kindle upon our clothing.
    I know what thoughts rise up when you read things like this, “I don’t want to have to battle this anymore, I’m so tired of having to battle this everyday, I want this to stop.” The truth about the matter is, It is when you face it and battle it that you will be free of it. Trust me, I KNOW.
    Thank you Joe for your inspiring words that immensely changed my life. May God bestow riches upon you that you cannot even contain!


    Hey Barry many thanks for all your help, i’ve really taken on board the free advice you’ve offered me, and it does really work. I suffer from m.s. and my anxiety attacks are an everyday problem which is totally draining on top of everything else with this disease! I’m at university now and working through my anxiety everyday, without your wise advice I don’t think I’d be as far on as I am now, and you’re right about it making you a stronger better person, I’ve had to face alot of my fears and the anxiety is just a small gremlin now instead of a huge out of control monster! Thank you for providing a very valuable and appreciated service 🙂 Kind regards, Pamela 🙂

  • John Akapito

    Thank you for the encouragement. I haven’t had any attacks lately, but I am not going to stop learning about the anxiety for my sake and the sake of my loved ones and those who might need my help one day.

    Thank you,

  • Cait McCarthy

    Thanks for all your great advice,
    I was wondering why I hadn’t received a mail from you in some time.
    It’s good to know that someone understands and has advice to share.
    Good work.

  • Tony Taillon

    All you say is so true,ive been living with this condition for over 10 years and believe you me,if i didnt have my daily shot of Paxil (10mg),i think id be dead,lol,you know what i mean.Telling people this is not always easy,imagine telling this to a buddy,they look at me funny everytime i try to tell someone about it,as if i was strange or somethin,but im used to it now.I have had two major panic attacks in the past 2 years do to trips ive taken,and sometimes i feel anxiety the day after a small bender(i know i shouldnt drink but anyway).I think the two of them ive had on trips were simply the thought of maybe getting one,made me get one.You think everything is just fine and then BOOM,it hits you like a smack upside the head.Its a sickening feeling i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.I really try hard to work on myself and use tools such as your thoughts and others to help,and by God,you do help me.We are not alone living this and there is a lot we can do to improve our skills on beating this nasty beast,just reading people like you makes me feel so good.This is the first time i actually write to someone about this and it feels good,especially to people who understand,i really appreciate your thoughts on the subject and i thought i should let you know —- We Will Prevail,lol Tony.

  • Felipe

    I have read all the texts about panic attacks but would like very much not to forget me please !! Hope to receive more texts and information about dealing with my panic attacks. THANKS ALWAYS AND GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER !!!

  • j.

    Thank you for sending this to me today. I really needed to read your words. Sometimes I feel a new self-awareness can be a stress in itself. Yesterday was a wonderful day at home cooking, cleaning, feeling at peace, picking up my daughter at school and taking her for an after school snack and appointment. However, my new cell phone was on quiet mode, and I missed calls from my younger daughter who was waiting for me to pick her up and her friend at 5. I didn’t look in my purse til 5.20. I almost had a panic attack, but my daughter’s friend’s mother came and got them at school. I felt so stupid and guilty as I was 5 minutes from their school and just forgot to look at my phone as I thought I would hear it ring. My daughter, her friend and the mother were sweet and laughed it off, but I feel like it drilled a hole in my heart. Somehow time and forgetfulness give me great anxiety as I am a single mother and responsible for busy schedules for both my daughters.

  • Corneliu

    Thanks !

    Currently I am under treatment,but I am afraid that after that the attacks will appear again….So it is important to know how to protect myself…


  • Paul

    I bought your program about two years ago. I don’t know if I ever thanked you but I certainly should have. I have my life back and seriously I have directed anyone I meet with this problem to your web site. Strange but I’d never heard of this problem until it had gotten it’s grip on me. Then a few people I know have this problem but had keep it to themselves. Thankfully I’m not the type to take things lying down and looked for a way to beat this thing ,whatever it was. I am very lucky to have found your site, thank you again.

    Lately I have been slightly regressing in some areas but I keep using what I have learned and it helps a great deal.

  • Geri White

    Your description of a panic attack was right on!! No, people do not understand, and they make jokes about it. I am very careful who I share my thoughts with.

  • Sylvia Fales

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. I am in the general anxiety stage now,. Because of your program I am able to do things that I did not do for a long time. I have a ways to go but with your help I am going to beat this .
    Thank You
    Sylvia Fales

  • dave sowers

    Keep the info coming.I have “accepted” this stage of my life and don’t worry as much as I used to but deep down I know I’m not living my life the way I could…Struggle with the religious aspects of what I read and am told as well…


  • Beverley

    Lucky for me I don’t have panic attacks so bad that I can not leave the house or go out with friends, my issues are more work related. I feel if I am put on a spot at a staff meeting or asked to read something I will die. For me it is very physical my coworker say he is unable to tell I have heard this before but what I am feel at that time is exhuasting and certainly can not be very healthy. I seem to do okay most days and lucky for me we only meet about 6 times a year.

  • Jo Marlu


    Just wanted to let you know the information I have received from you has been very helpful and is always in my mind when dealing with my panic or anxiety. I still do not feel all that skilled or brave at inviting a panic attack but I am definitely less consumed by them. At the moment I am dealing with my 13 year old daughter having extreme anxiety and it is very difficult. Having said this though it is good to have the knowledge I have and the experience as I feel I can actually understand her and so that means I can support her well.

  • liz thornton

    Thank you so much for your Email.I am well and truly over my terrible distress following an appalling episode with my tooth implants.If my acupuncturist had not suggested I get in touch with Joe barry I think that I would have suicided!
    I knew that my teeth were the health problem and yet it was not admitted by the dentist concerned .I landed up with nightmares and difficulty breathing and then so frightened that I welcomed a car crash. I felt all those emotions that joe describes and it kept me sane.I refused anti depressants and went back to my old Yoga practise of drinking 1 tsp. himalayan salt in 500 mls of warm water.first thing in the morning.from an Ayurvedic perspective this strengthen the nervous system.I just felt that I needed one thing I do each morning that would keep things moving while I worked on my thinking .
    I am so lucky that as an ex nurse and Ayurvedic practitioner I resisted the wants of people around who thought that I should go the road of medication.I found joe and his support helped lift me out of that horrible dark place
    I bought the book although I was so excited with the emails that I had already come along way and it is wonderful that joe will share his experience free.I must have spent hundreds of dollars seeking help.

    Thank you Joe once again and good luck to all who benefit the way I did.

  • Michael Williams

    Barry,since we last spoke i eventually returned to work in june 09 until MAY 10 when i proceeded on 321 days pre retirement leave ,I went into total relaxation until recent when i do seasonal private work.I have made remarkable improvement with the change of environment but at some intervals i start getting the old feeling especially if i overeat.With this relaxed routine i feel more into my self but i will continue seeking your advice,it did help alot so i will be on line bye.

  • Brian

    OCD is a horrible illness, and in all honesty I don’t know if I would have overcome it without medication. Over the years, it was getting worse and worse, and my OCD therapist just didn’t seem to get it. Luckily, however, he did medicate me correctly, which I feel may be down to luck as much as anything else, but there you go. For people suffering from OCD induced panic-attacks, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I understand your God awful plight, however, that said, I actually find it near impossible to remember just how bad it was for me at it’s very worst. Supportive parents were an absolute Godsend, and I will spend the rest of my days trying to show them how much I appreciate it by keeping my particular case of OCD.

  • Barbara Wallace

    Thanks, I will look forward to your letters.
    Tonight I have to start trying to wear a cpap.
    Not to crazy about that.


    oh! i almost forgot to give you thanks for the good thing your program had brought to my life. but to a great pleasure, here you are sending me more tools to combat the biggest obstacle to my happy life: anxiety.THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for your program really did cured me: 80% since i still have those in a lighter mode which i am able to overcome whenever it attacks. and most important , I’ve gained my weights since my learnings from your excerpts. Thank you once again. I would be very happy receive some more from you BRO.

  • Mrs T Davis

    Dear Barry, I am still waiting to get your book. Has it been republished also the video .Hoping to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely T Davis.

  • Mrs T Davis

    This is to let you know i want to receive the information I didnt know how to reply to last email message. t davis

  • Christy Simpson

    I just wanted to say that this mini series that I got in my emails helped me so much, you will never know. I conquered my anxiety (along with the help of God) in 4 months. Ironically, as I started to get better the emails became fewer and fewer, and by the time my anxiety was completely gone, the emails had stopped. I am so thankful that there is help out there for people who struggle with something that is rarely talked about.

  • Suhas Sanadi

    Your words, intreprets that you really feel how anxiety tortures a person, really sometime I feel that I will go insane, free me from the anxiety at the earliest.

  • Marwan

    Dear Barry McDonagh,
    Thanks for continuing correspondence for Panic Anxiety attacks. Being a Medical Doctor Myself I can easily understand relapses in some diseases charechterized by relapses and remissions like Eczema (dermatitis), Arthritic pain and Peptid ulcer bleeding; But what I really found it difficult to understand is that A Panic attack after 3 years of remission can recur or relapse under a difficult or stressful situation.
    I am now preparing for my PhD with many limitations in accessories required to make My research satisfyingly successful at least to me. Here and at the very precise time when I am needing my whole Intellectual and physical activity to be at Maximum level, comes a recurrence of sever distracting dizziness without prior notice with Palpitation and chest tightness as if I am living inside an Horror movie and if any person talks to me I hear his sound with a loud echo that tmakes it difficult for me to follow the conversation.
    So I don’t really know what to do?! Should I quit my PhD project… What a shame and I can assure no one in the university knows what I am suffering from. Should I progress anyway and NOT think about obstacles?!.
    Should I tell My supervisor who will probably then think I am not qualified for the Project???!
    If you can help me please do not hesitate because I feel like I have started something assuming nothing bad will happen and then there it comes again Abdominal discomfort with severe dizziness.

  • Jenny Haddrell

    Hi Jo
    Thank you for your news letter it came just the right time, I have a very dear friend who has just been diagnoswd with cancer and it has depressed me and caused me a lot of anxiety so it was nice to hear from you (as always).
    Thank you for caring

  • Catherine François

    Your method has helped, specially if its a mild one. Should you care to give additional information I would be glad to read it. Quite frankly I don’t have a rosy picture of any part of my anxiety attacks. It has been a long strugle and I think they are partly the cause of my asthma. However, thank-you for your suggestions.

    Catherine François

  • ram

    thanks for your expert advice.surely i have also got more self awareness and feel a lot better as you told , i knowthat nothing is going to happen as our thoughts tells us.
    thank you

  • Adam

    You’re book and emails really are incredible. The way you describe everything is dead on. I have been dealing with panic attacks and general anxiety for about 4 years now. It truly is something that is impossible for people to understand. I have gone from feeling that I am about to die, that I am just plain crazy, to just extremely embarrassed. My whole life I have been outgoing and worry free and to have this slip up was very difficult to deal with. I have gone back and forth with medication and it really does help for times I am really struggling, but my goal is to be medicine free.

    Since I have had anxiety I have come across some friends and others who are also dealing with it. The first thing I do is send them your book. It is just such a relief to read and have someone explain exactly what is happening to you.

    Although the panic attacks are terrible and sometimes just mentally wear me down, their is something empowering about riding one out. Thankfully I am blessed with a wife and family who try their best to understand what I am going through. The way I see it is, if this is the worst thing I have to deal with in my life, then I am very lucky.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your work. It really is amazing!

  • Helena Loureiro

    Thank you for sending me this message.
    It is exactly how you describe it; it’s a feeling of pre- death, so horrible, so painful and they don’t understand us, no opne understands it unless they have experienced it.

    I will be thankful if you go on keeping in touch.
    Image, I live so far away; I live in Lisbon, Portugal .

    Best regards

  • Barry Joe McDonagh

    Marwan , I would suggest you stick with it and get as much support as you can from people around you. Tell people what you are experiencing and that will lessen to burden you are carrying. You will move through this and the inner sense of achievement will be even greater as you gain your PHD

  • Seema

    My Dear Joe,
    I really appreciate that u have wonderful ideas to fight a fear and anxiety attack. with your sincere help and that also, free of cost, helped me a lot to overcome my phobia. I hope u will continue sending me nice helpful mails in the future too.

    Thanx a lot

  • Steven

    Thank you for the past emails.

    It is nice to know I’m not alone in this, I feel like I’m so alone with this in the real world.

    Yes I have family & friend & girlfriend, but feel like I’ve worn them all out if I go back.

    I’m still searching for a cure at 38 year of anxiety even lost relationships with it, it’s like a demon that won’t leave me alone.

    Cried many days and nights alone.

    Thanks for the support so far, I feel like a lost soul at times even though I have heaps of confidence sometimes I see people in the world pulling me back.

    Soft sensertive loving caring

    Steven :0)

  • Jack

    This is exactly how I feel and how people around me feel about me. I have forwarded this to people around me, who have no ideas what so ever about anxiety and panic attack and hope they will understand more and think differently…

    Thank you! Please keep in touch.

    You have a wonderful holiday season coming up.


  • Jack

    You know how much happiness it feels like when someone really understands what you are going through and struggling with? A lot! And happiness will defeat anxiety…

    Your advice is truly help. Thanks so much !


  • Anne Howell

    Thank you so much for your e-mail I was very surprised to hear from you as it was 2007 when I first got in touch with you. I am a lot better now but I still suffer quite a lot with Anxiety and Panic I have to deal with it most days. However your e-mail has been very welcome as I have just had quite a bad week and what you say about partners and other people not understanding is so true. I have started to believe that having this will make me a stronger person please send me your e-mails as they help a lot and make you realise you are not the only person suffering, and it is very hard not to feel sorry for yourself sometimes.

    Many Thanks

  • Emma

    Thank u Thank u Thank u.. I’m so happy to find someone that share his wonderful thoughts with me. They are really working,,

  • J.Costello

    Thank you for your message i don’t feel so alone any more.
    I still have panic attacks that knocks me out cold at time’s but i’ll have to deal with them one at a time, i now no i’m not the only one with this i’m glad that some one know’s what its all about.

  • john

    Thank you for your resent E-Mail. Am still suffering anxiety and have been in therapy for 4 weeks witch I think is helping. Its always good to know that you are not alone in this problem and there are people out there who do understand and know how we feel ,

  • Sue

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks so much for your advice I haven’t looked at panic attack that way as you have explained it to me. The closest people around you don’t understand what we go through with panic attacks and it does me feel bad when there are things I can and can’t do with them for Eg I can’t just drive into town and meet up with them they have to come to my place and pick me up also we can’t park the car in a car park as I can’t go in the lift, so you get restricted and I feel back for them so i make excuses like I feel sick I can’t go out tonight but I just don’t want to burden them with my problems.
    But I like the way you explained that you can make the panic attack not your enermy – and the way you say it’s not going to kill you and it’s not dangerous, I’m going to a hyptnosist and I feel like I’m wasting his and my time and he tells me the breathing exercise.
    Anyway thanks again Barry,


  • Andy Novak

    Thank you so much Joe for the most uplifting support your most recent Newsletter gives me! Kindest regards from Andy

  • Amanda Burridge

    Thank you for the email i didnt know if you where still sending them! this one really hits home as thats exactly how i feel when its bad. i just want to be normal again and be the best i can be i would love to talk more and learn more ways to overcome and control my anxiety/panic attacks, im stepping up in my job role and want to be the best i can be and not have my anxitey in my way aswell its a daliy struggle..thank you again all the best.

  • Jose paredes

    The most important think to remember is the panic attack is just a thinking IS NOT a reality. When you have a bad thinking jus think in good thing. Example o my goog tomorrow is my firts day in a new job what happen if I can control my self and blablablanla STOP think that tomorrow is going to be the best day in your life and all the people that is going to work with you are nice and you will be so happy.

  • Clifford Bestall

    I want to encourage anyone suffering anxiety attacks to stick with Barry’s program. I had a short but acute episode for around two months when I started reading his newsletters – this is starting to sound like an ad – and over a period of ten days I got to the point where I was challenging the anxiety to re-emerge. It didn’t. Cognitive behavior therapy really has a lot going for it. Thanks Barry .

  • Jean

    Hi Barry,
    I’d almost given up getting a response from you… thank you for remembering 🙂
    Just want to say thank you for writing and for inspiring me to keep on going.
    It’s true, many people who have not experienced a panic attack, have no idea just how bad a feeling it is… I was so certain I was dying. I almost gave up talking about it but when I came across others who have had one, it was such a relief to share and relate.
    So far, I have been well and the fight continues.
    Please do continue sharing your empowering tips with me, I greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks again.

  • Roxy

    Hi there!!

    Thank you So much for your last mail, i really thought you had disappeared 🙂
    I completely can relate to what you are talking about, unfortunately they are a fact of life, no one will even begin to understand until they have experienced it themselves, it’s kind of like a “feeling is believing” issue.
    I’m doing a lot better lately as i purchased a book called depression and anxiety free naturally book and it’s opened up a lot of doors for me as well as opened my eyes.
    I’m on a lot of natural meds now that are doing absolute wonders but every now and again i still feel helpless and start back at square one, i think it’s more the fear now of it coming back than actually having it, i need to somehow erase these fears from my mind and i should be fine, but have noooo clue how to get rid of such immense fear within me?

  • Linda

    Thank you so much! You are a blessing to all. Keep your beautiful message coming. Mental illness is real, OCD and panic disorder is real! Not only are you helping the victims of these terrible conditions but the families that have to see a loved one suffer. God Bless You!


    I for years have had anxiety didn’t even realize that it was what I was having at the time my anxiety was so severe I would completely pass out at times and there were times I was just fine I recently found out that the key people in my life parents, children and my husband these people were sub post to be my rock and I woke up one day said all my anxiety is coming from them the people around me and how I was dealing with them was causing my anxiety and there problems was even greater than mine they two have anxiety so much it caused us not to communicate openly due to fear of what would happen and now I don’t care what will happen we share any and everything together which makes us stronger. My husband had unipolar depression which he is being treated for now and is doing so much better his depression set the whole mood of our home. Our lives are doing so much better I can say how much your program help me get my live back in order.

  • alan wise

    since receiving your letters i have gained all the confidence i kneed.i still get anxiety spells but i can deal with them thanks for your support.

  • bee hilton

    i was going through my emails and yours popped up i clicked on and couldnt beleive what i read it was as though we were old friends as though you had known me for years,it actually made me cry,just to know that someone out therecan relate and understand how i feel .i so ashamed and closed in and alone even though i have people around it seems as though i cannot talk to them about how i feel,i have to put on a false front and people don.t get to see the real me it can be hard and very lonley at times,this is the first time i have ever spoke out to someone about how i am,but your letter gave me a little releif to know that i am not the onley one in this position it may sound mad but is slightly comforting in a way knowing i am not on my own.

    keep in touch

  • conquerer

    Hi Barry, I completely forgot about posting on this site when I was in the worst shape over my panic attacks. That was just about 2 years ago from now and I have a lot of great news and input I hope will help people who are in the same situation I was. First, right after posting on this site I decided to visit the doctor (after being in the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack) and all I was given was a prescription for Xanax. 2 weeks later I had another massive panic attack resulting in a second visit to the ER followed by another doctor visit. This time they prescribed me Lexapro, a long term anti-depressant that starts taking effect after a month of use, and a list of Psychiatrists. Then in there I decided that there was no prescription or appointment that would help me get over this, only myself. I knew this to be true, and after about a month I was able to gain control of my attacks and better understand the feelings and downward spiral thinking associated with them. At this point, nearly 2 years later, I do not have panic attacks anymore. There are still certain triggers that occur (heart flutters or skips a beat) that being on the initial negative feelings or anxiety but I can instantly disregard them by telling myself and realizing that I am perfectly fine and nothing bad is going to happen. I was able to achieve this state on my own without the help of prescription pills or psychiatrists, which I knew all along to be the case, and fortunately I am not addicted or dependent on any drugs or person to help me. I hope most of you here will experience the same outcome as it is the most healthy and reassuring feeling to know that you need nothing but yourself to set you free of all the unnecessary anxiety or panic attacks.

  • nena

    Thank you very much for your letter ,it builds up my self confidence and I’m feeling very good now.Not all the time but it’s much better than before.I still feel panic when I have to cross the street where are many cars,when I have to eat in a public place,but I go out and hang around with my family and friends.That’s my progress:)

  • Rafael Gutiérrez

    Dear Barry
    Thanks in advanced for contact me. your information has been very usefull to understand panic and anxiety. Every day I have learned to fell me good. I forgot how to live in an normal way. Today I have began to live and enjoy daily things as before I used to.
    I have read a lot of articles related with this, where you can find a lot of scientific explanations about biochemical changes that happens in the brain when anxiety is going on.
    Well I hope that all people be sure that we are not creazy and that can become normal again as I have been recovering my life again.
    best regards.
    sorry is my english is not so perfect but isn´t my mathernal language.

  • Anthony

    Thank You for sending the email, I come to understand that alcohol can play a real role in it, I began to understand that every time, I drink for a while, it goes and complicates the anxiety worse, I felt like I was going to nod out, its been 6 weeks since my last drink, and I still get my moments I had anxieties my whole life, but who wants to live with the intense thought of it happening again, Feeling dreamy like you are going to miss out on whats happening in your life, I haven’t went to see a psychiatrist because its the end of the year and I may have to meet a deductable, if I start now then next year I have to meet that same deductable again in January, I live on a budget, Health is more important, this email today I received I’m glad it came through, Please keep sending more updates, This has helped in understanding that I’m not going crazy

  • shaun hayes

    hello, thanks for writing back to me i am very gratefull. I would like to tell you some of my fears, I dont suffer from panic attacks at all but my fears cripple me. I have fears of where did we come from, how can i can better if there are no definitive answers in life?? Its like i say to myself what are we..? how do i no whats happening to me if we dont no where we come from? how do the words we speak function in our heads to mean what they mean? what are thoughts? its just a blank..its like i need these answers to get better… a real sense of insecurity… answers we cannot have..its disturbing thoughts on top of not knowing an answer then makes it really distressing… its like im possesed by something else its so upsetting i jus dony no where to look

  • Andrea Pahl

    I want to thank Barry personally for the free and very helpful advice about panic and anxiety attacks! I really enjoy reading the emails and it is SO wonderful to receive them free of charge. I am paying for student loans, medical bills and just like everyone else, trying to stay afloat with basic daily needs and have never been able to afford the “anxiety workbooks”, classes, programs and the like. I am so very grateful to Barry and find his information very easy to understand and incorporate into my daily life! I hope all the kindness, compassion, genuine help and understanding comes back to him 10-fold!

  • Claire

    I may not know you personally but from the bottom of my heart I’am so thankful for your help & the support that you have given me from the day I found out about your program,it has been drastically change the way I deal with my anxiety & now I can say I’m totally ok,no more panic attacks.Hope you continue to touch lives & help them with their struggles.Godbless you!!!

  • vicent

    thank you very much. your are alife saver of souls and body .keep on with that heart iam nowachanged person GODbessu

  • Joseph

    Dear Joe,

    Thank you for your email below, what you mentioned here is true. May be you too experience how difficult to fight anxiety. The first time I experience this is really terrible and I don’t know what to do. And I’m very thankful I found your site in internet which help me to understand what I felt and how to cure it.

    May the God bless you and wish that all person who have this problem may find you or your curing program.

  • Lularta

    Hello Barry

    i just want to take the time to thank you so much for the help given with your program i trully thought it was impossible i had been to all possible doctor visits but there was no hope for me until i came across your program and did wonders it started slowly but as you explained it step by step i was patient witth the step back and finaly made it on the other side of the cloud i feel grea tnow and believe it or not now i preform my duties of Senior HR Generalist with no problem.
    thank you very much… bringing one person from fear death to being strong again really a life was born again.

    take care and may god bless you

  • joey tomaselli

    Thank you so much for that email.When i first read what you had to offer i was at my worst and i have come a long way but it has been a long two years.It has made me a better person like you said i am a bigger person because of it.I don’t drink or smoke and i use to smoke weed i stopped all 3 things and dealing with life for the first time as me 100 % me.What you say is true poeple will never understand what i went through because everybody is different and might not understand what your going through.I would not wish what i was and still am going through on my worst enemy.And you have to really forgive all your friends for not bieng ther for you when you cant leave your house and be what you once were as hard as it is.I have more respect for life then before i know what i want more then ever and i dont let things get to me like i use to becaus of this.My advice to others is your not alone and that the sun will come up tomorrow keep fighting and love yourself because you are here for a reason and will overcome this.Once again that email you sent me made me think of my past 2 years and how hard it was and how far i have came and it touched me alot.It takes time but in that time be calm be safe and love yourself and others 🙂

  • Nicola

    Thankyou! You’re email has come just at the right time. Recently my panic attacks have become more problematic again and your words are just what I needed to hear. I know that I am fine and that my fear can not harm me but it’s hard when you are sat in your car feeling so scared and have all the symptoms engulfing you not to believe that this is not going to kill you. I just needed to hear those reassuring words coming from someone who has been there! Thankyou for being there to help others. I do believe that suffering as we do helps you to empathise with others and gives you strength to try and help. There are some positives even though not immediately evident. Please keep sending your news letters they aregreatly appreciated . Thankyou

  • Mark F

    Yes, your advice helped considerably. I was able to thwart attacks by simply staring them in the face and saying, “Go ahead and give it your best.” Just knowing that I could beat this and that it can’t control my life has made a real difference. In fact, I don’t really have any more panic attacks at all, now. Thanks so much for your advice.

  • Mike Neira

    It was good to receive your email. Joe, with Panic Away, I really do have my attacks under control. Check this out, on a yellow post-it, I have written…Observe-Embrace-Demand More-Trust stuck directly on the edge of my work pc monitor. I also have this post-it stuck on my car’s sun visor. My point? Complete success! My wife has even memorized the One Move technique to assist me.

    Thanks Joe. You just have no idea how grateful I am with your One Move Technique. It really is that simple, “trust”!

    Mike Neira
    Member since Sept. 2009

  • Jeffry

    Hi Barry,

    First and foremost, thank you.

    It’s brilliant how you turn your ‘once a problem’ into a successful business as well as hope and even cure to many people with Anxiety problem.

    I am 47 since last October and I had my first panic attack when I was 21. It was a dreadful experience for me not knowing what was going on. It happened when I felt the need to ‘burp’, so I did the ‘jumping jack hoping it would release the gas in my tummy. Then , suddenly, I felt that I couldn’t breath and the episode of my first panic attack started. I didnt know it was a panic attack. There wasn’t internet then and there wasn’t enough literature then I could have accessed to. Even worse, the doctors that treated me whenever I rushed to the hospital didn’t even mentioned the word anxiety attack or panic attack. All they said was there was nothing wrong with me physically and let me off by just prescribing some vitamin pills and ‘antacid’.

    It didn’t occur to me it was a psychological problem until months later when someone introduced me to a man who he said could cure me. So I met up with this man and and all he did was talk to me asking me about my personal problems…etc. He sound very sincere and almost immediately I sort of confided in him about my personal life. Strangely, he wasn’t even a trained psychiatrist or psychologist but I felt good talking with him. Almost immediately, I didn’t have any of those panic attacks anymore. Actually it didn’ go away, it kind off subsided into a general anxiety. I noticed that I’ve developed this unsual breathing habit.. sighing and ‘throat scratching’ whenever I was anxious or worried. It’s hard to explain this throat scratching thing. I’ll have to demo to you to make you understand. And I still do this up till today, consciously or unsconsciously.

    So, the episode of the panic attack ended then, until many years later in my mid 30s. I was then married with a daughter. Work was stressful, finance was in a mess.. the usual stuff. Then it was in the 90s and the advent of the internet. I did a lot of research and reading on the subject. It was then I discovered that there were actually prescribed drugs that people take to overcome this problem. Then also, I realized that there were many million people in the world who have this problem. What a relief !!! Was it? Was that suppose to make me feel better.?

    I did try Xanax. It didn’t help me that much. I mean, I didn’t get panic attacks very often with xanax, but the anxiety didn’t go away. I got divorced in 2001 and left my hometown to work somewhere else. I was ok till about 3 years ago. I got mild panic attacks and my anxiety got worst. For the first time I went to see a psychiatrist who prescribed me with combo of klonopin and prozac. That helped a lot… but i read a lot about people getting addicted. I didn’t continue with the medication.

    Right now, I still have GAD.. some days it very mild, some days it really bothers me. I still think about panic attacks. I am afraid to do strenous things or exercise because once I start breathing heavily I fear anxiety attack. So I am wondering right if this Anxiety problem or fear of anxiety will really go away for once and for all.To make things worst now is I have GERD. I don’t know if my anxiety triggers the acid reflux or vice versa.

    So keep on writing to me I appreciate any good news or hope anyone can give.Thank you again

  • Hamran H. Hatibu

    Currently Iam under treatment without impoment, but after reading how to eliminate a panic attacks
    and general Anxiety iam OK.


  • kiran shaikh

    thanks a ton, my life has completely changed after reading your mails and now i know how to deal with panic attacks all the credit goes to u keep up the gud work .god bless u.

  • tricia read

    hi barry thanks for giving me a bit of ease with the answer to anxiety and reflux when i have my bad days with reflux i feel worked up in side as if im going to break into an attack its a horrible feeling its gets me that low i just cry my stomache feels funny and the anxiety is preety bad dont no what to do ,does the reflux highten anxiety then i didnt no that im sick of feeling ill x

  • Geri

    Thank you very much for the email, comments, and also everyone else’s blogs and comments – they help me to realize I’m not a freak and not alone in this.

  • Lois

    Hi Barry, I appreciate your insight, comments and suggestions. However, my son is the one who has anxiety and I am often the person you describe that is not understanding. He is 9 and it is extremely frustrating to get him to do certain things. (often things he must do which are not choices-like go to school). Does your program help children? what do you suggest for children?

    thank you!

  • Bunny

    What a coincidence, I felt an attack coming on and just took some medication then I get your email. It couldnt have come at a better time. Thank you so much. Its so nice to know that someone understands what we go thru. As for the ‘forgiving’ you mentioned, I agree with most of it except for the forgiving the boss lol.

    Thanks again, your advice really helps.

  • angela

    thank you so much for your encouraging email- it came when i really needed it, days after a death in the family and people condemning me because my anxiety prevents me going to help and stay with people over night. they tend to think i’m just being selfish, they think things like ‘well we’re all busy and stressed’- they don’t understand its not the same thing.

  • Anna

    I have been dealing with my anxiety and doing well. My worst thing right now is the Symptoms. I wake up and feel great, get ready for work, go get in my vehicle and start to feel a little off balance. That is my worst symptom. Feeling off balance and having major tension in my neck/head area. I can not even think about getting hot cuz then I feel the panic coming on. I have a fear of going to the Dr’s and Dentist. I don’t know where any of this came from. Never have I had a fear of these things. I need help trying to figure out how to stop the things that linger everyday all day. Thanks

  • Rudra Precht

    Hi! thanks for getting back with me!
    My panic attacks started about 10 month ago. Yes, i thought I am going to die.
    Yes, I thought I am going crazy.
    Yes, most people did not understand what I am going through.
    I then discovered your page and started reading. Tears were running down my face because I felt understood, i did not feel alone anymore.
    I now don’t have panic attacks anymore, but still have general anxiety.
    I usually have it at bed time. I will almost be asleep when it “rips” me out of my sleep like a electrical shock.
    Its very uncomfortable but i deal with it.
    You did help me ALOT and i should do the exercises more……
    Thank you from all my heart, you have no idea….well, i guess you do 😉

  • Jacquie

    Thank you so much for your letter this morning. This is actually not for me but for my son, and believe it or not it has been helping him. This year he is doing great, but last year he ended up on the hospital. School it was the greatest problem. He could not just go inside, and it had never happened before. I do think like you said that people don’t understand, and for us parents is very hard because there is nothing much we can do but to listen and be there for them. Thank you once again for your help. God bless you.!

  • christine

    Hi and thank you for the email and please do keep them coming. It was reassuring to hear how you described the fear and how others who don’t understand it tend to perceive it. I can relate so well because my own husband doesn’t take me seriously and has told me repeatedly that I use anxiety as an excuse to get out of going places with him and that I don’t want to be with him, which is soooo unbelievably not true and the accusation hurts tremendously. I don’t know what I could possibly do to help him understand and how to get myself out of this mess. It’s a lonely and aggravating place to be. Any ideas, resources or support for people who struggle with loved ones experiencing panic attacks and anxiety disorder?

  • Mark

    Thank you for you letter,Yes if only other people understood what this is like they would be of more support I suppose (My wife being one) Thank you again for your insight-it helps!

  • gloria griffith

    Thank you for your emails. they have helped so much. I ordered your program and llook forward to receiving it. But i have to say your emails have been wonderful.

  • Dipak Basu

    Your communications came handy when I was down. I was able to identify what was causing the panic attacks and have taken some major decision, which helped me to a great extent in overcome the misery, at least for the time being.
    Warm regards,

  • Dee

    Thank You Barry for taking the time to help others.
    You are one of the “unsung heroes”.
    Wishing you all the Best!! , Dee

  • Erika

    Dear Berry. How glad I was you contacted me again by email. Sometimes you feel terribly alone trying to explain to your family what is happening and how stress (my husband just had serious surgery) sets off the anxiety at its worst. I know it is a chronic disorder by now – I try to deal with it as good as I can. Therefore, please keep your advice coming.
    I thank you so much.

  • Roni

    Thanks for all the information. Its very helpful to me and I always use your technics. Every time I get an attack I think back to your words. Thanks a million !!!

  • Liz

    Thanks for the continuous information……Its been very helpful. I haven’t rid myself of the anxiety altogether but i have total control over it now with reading your posts and talking to others with anxiety. Its been a long year but i am finally at peace and can enjoy my day to day chores and events. I haven’t had a panic attack in over 6 months thank to all your helpful information but stress is unavoidable completely for me as a single mother so there will always be some level of it for me. I have just learned to cope better and my anxiety is almost completely gone. Most day i don’t have it at all but once in a while a get a mild case of it.
    Thanks for all the information.

  • Bryan

    All this information has helped so much!
    My body does weird things when I have attacks and it scares me to death.
    It is good to know I’m not alone and that I can come out of this a stronger person.
    I owe you so much!

  • Jessica

    Thank you so very much for writting to me. I have had anxiety and panic disorder with clinical depression going on four years now..I just moved to a new state and my doctor thinks im crazy and wts to take me off my meds and just wants me to see a pysc. Im not to happy with that! But everyday I am getting better just hope it continues.

  • Christine Ross

    Barry,I just want to tell you how thankful I am to have such a knowledgeable person help me through this trying time in my life.Your course is amazing,and because of it I am recovering.Thanks again,you’re an amazing person.

  • Victoria

    I have recently divorced after 19 years. I had been crying out for help to my former husband and friends and I got was…”you’ll be alright!” and I kept thinking, “HOW!” One morning I woke up from a terrible nightmare and I was in fight or flight mode…I fled after an even more emotional scene from my husband ( He actually asked me how I could do this to him? Always about hm and his feelings.) after 3 days of no contact, I left my home town, battling attack after attack. My brother told my former husband to give me space, but I guess it hurt more to know that he would listen. I mean, it’s not that I wanted him to chase after me… it’s that I wanted him to finally take me serious that I was in trouble mentally. He saw what condition I was in when I left…I think back now, and I was out of control. How could he not be worried, how could he not just take the chance to make contact with me, to show me that he cared and would help me finally? After 3 months, I contacted him to say I would file for divorce papers, and he told me that he already had them. Now, this isn’t the whole of our story…we shared a long relationship full of some complicated hurtful things, so all was not rosy. We had ups and downs, and I had a husband who needed to grow up. I think he did the best he could. The irony of all this, is that I have so few panic attacks now! I can’t help but wonder. Was it the stress of our relationship that was causing me the attacks? I am in counseling for post traumatic stress disorder now, for childhood sexual abuse and my life has turned around. If you have issues in your life, and you feel yourself slipping away or being consumed by panic…DON”T WAIT FOR ANYONE TO HELP YOU!!! I can not stress this enough! Yes, that first step is scary. But I lost my home, family and quite a few friends, because I waited for someone to hold out they’re hand and say…Vicki, let’s see about getting you help. It’s a wonderful if you have those kinds of friends and family, but most people are uncomfortable hearing about emotional issues, and they really don’t know what to do for you. I place NO blame on anyone in my life at that time. But it still hurts, that I had to lose so much to find the help I needed, on my own. Bless you all and I wish you peace:)

  • Lucille

    I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for 26 years. Here also, no one understand. They compare it to a terrific headache they had the other day. Fortunately, I started a Chronic Pain Group which meets every two weeks. One week we have a speaker who gives us some feedback and the other week we have discussion and keep it positive.
    Many of your newsletters have given me more ideas. Please keep them coming.

  • Lauren

    Dear Barry,

    Your free excerpts have helped me immensely. A few months ago, I was in a stressful spot and only your words and advice seemed to help. I was out of the woods for quite a spell and all of a sudden this morning had a recurrence although I was much more in control this time. I’m feeling better now .

    I just looked at my mail and lo and behold, I found, after a few months, another message from you in my inbox! Mental telepathy, for sure. Thanks so much for being here for me…for all of us.

  • Shane

    These are such comforting words for me, as when you suffer from Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia, it can seem like a very lonely world. Indeed, I have never met anyone else who suffers from these horrible ailments. I just wish that I wasn’t trapped indoors so much, but I have some exercise equipment in my house so that I can at least stay reasonably fit.

  • Fernando

    Joe you emails and letter always shows at the right time, after one year i had a set back last week i almost cancel my business trip last monday but i didn’t i have you book and read it again and was fantactic , i realize that went you have much time without panic attacts you forgot how deal with them so after this set back i am preparing a check list of one move technique which i’ll have in my wallett with the key points of the One move technique Observe , Embrace,Demand more and trust so went i am traveling you can always have this information handy , went i got this ready i’ll share with you to see if you want to add something , i’ll call the Travel kit jejeje, , those panic attacts are not a treat to our body so they keep coming let’s have fun together jejejeje and one more thing i won’t say NO to go any event myself or with my family again as long God keep giving me health in my life



  • kevin o connell

    Thank you for all your work on behalf of anxiety sufferers. I bought your course two years ago in the middle of a very difficult time and am still not sure I would have got through without it. I keep it very accessible still.In particular the daily emails are a great idea because they will probably be the ONLY encouragement that anxiety sufferers are getting. To wake up to an email that is addressing your problem is a big deal. I am not ‘cured’ of anxiety but your course has told me how to regard it in a new light. It’s unpleasant for sure. But it is not in control of me, and I am not mad. That alone is good to know.
    Please keep up the good work. Many people are counting on it.

  • Mike Bond

    Many thanks indeed for your E-mail, Barry. How true that all rings! Wild horses couldn’t force me out of the house for a long time, but now I’m delighted to say I’m panic-free, which is why I have a website devoted to helping others and am one of your affiliates.

    Believe me, I value all you write, so please keep up the good work,

    Every good wish,

  • suzy

    thank you for your emails,i only just started reading them as i was too scared to read anything with the word panic or anxiety in it,but your words are soothing and helpful,and true,so thank you for taking an interest enough to write to me,it is helping me a great deal,and yes your right my partner doesn’t understand and is quite selfish,and quite frankly i am sick of him being unsupportive,it’s nice to know there are lots of other people out there going through the same thing as me,it is very hard to suffer this kind of thing and it feels like i will never get better from it,but your words have given me hope,so thank you.

  • Whitney

    Mr. McDonagh,

    I want to thank you so much for your mini series. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for the last 5 years but this past year as been the worst. My husband has been working out of town for the last 3 years and I work at home for a local hospital doing transcription. I am by myself way too much and going out causes great anxiety for me. I also have the added problem of emetophobia, the fear of vomiting. I think this is my main problem. If I wasn’t afraid of vomiting, I feel I wouldn’t have so much anxiety. I am always afraid of getting sick in a store or in the car. So when I get anxious, I feel nauseous and get a gagging feeling in my throat. I keep telling myself that I haven’t thrown up in 21 years so the odds are pretty slim of me actually throwing up when I get anxious. I really would like to start my family and have children but I am afraid of getting morning sickness and taking care of my kids when they get sick. Do you have any advice for overcoming this fear? I really want to purchase your program and get rid of these problems so I can start living my life again. I feel so alone sometimes and like I’m broken and there is something wrong with me. I just want to be normal again. Thank you so much for your time and all that you do for people like me. I know God has an awesome plan for me and with your program, I am hopeful to find out what that is. God bless you!!!

  • Victoria

    Just wanted to add that I too was helped by this program, which I found when I had my first panic episode early this year. The program helped tremendously. After much research, I found something else that has made all the difference in the world: magnesium supplementation. High stress over a long period leads to the ‘using up’ of magnesium, which the adrenal glands (and heart and a zillion bodily functions) need to function optimally. Once the adrenals are out of whack, they no longer control production of cortisol in the same way and often it will spike all over the place at inappropriate times. I was getting my panic attacks at around the same time every evening. Once I discovered that magnesium could help, I began taking it at the lowest dosage. And I haven’t had a panic attack since. I’m sure not all panic attacks are related to magnesium deficiency, but it seems like a cheap and safe alternative to try. Of course, I’m not a clinician, so can’t recommend anything, but this worked for me.

    Just wanted to share that in case it helps anyone.

  • Shaz

    Hi Barry, you won’t believe it i am undergoing a very stressful and panicky situation right now, and your sudden email appeared on my iphone. You have been God’s angel to me today. THank you so much, and may God shower you with much much blessings for your compassion and kindness. Understanding / empathy may be the biggest comfort or safety one can offer to a person 🙂 especially one who has an anxiety disorder 🙂

  • Sylvia Fales

    Dear Barry,
    I purchased your first Panic Away program. You have been a great inspiration for me and I am better but not cured. I now have generalized anxiety. I read all the information you send me and I hope in the near future I will be normal again. I have other issues that I am dealing with but I hope they will go away as well. Thank You for sharing yourself with us all.
    Sylvia Fales

  • pam

    Barry..I have thought of you many, many times these past weeks. I am so grateful for the new found relationship with the Lord that came about through my stress & anxiety that started about this time last year. The Lord brought me to YOU Barry, and the healing began. Just like your letter states, I am a much stronger and better person for going through the anxiety issues and coming out on the other end, free of the past issues. Thank you a million times over for your program!!! What a blessing! To all those suffering……practice Barry’s program, surround yourself with loved ones, and this too shall pass. BUT, it takes time…..it wont happen overnight, next week, or months from now…..be patient, it will pass.
    God Bless all of you!

  • Rebecca B. Valiente

    Dear Mr. Barry,

    Honestly speaking you’re such an angel and God given gifts for me, to everyone, to everybody
    especially those who are unfortunately suffering from anxiety or tremendous fears..! The first time
    I read your letters I was really touched and I made it a point to myself I will survive this fears,the
    same way you did… Because of your letters to me and with the help of our Lord God I triumphantly
    battled my fears, Thank you so much for everything!!! You’re an angel from God and communicating
    with you and reading your friendly advices and be your friend will be an awesome things to do… Will
    love to wait for your letters more, Thank you so much and God bless.. see you in facebook soon!


  • Vivian

    All, panic & anxiety attacks are not the way you have described them in your email to me.

    I have found that the few people that I have let know about my panic & anxiety attacks have been very understanding about it as they know others close to them that have them worse than I do and are house bound by them.

    I do not tell people about my panic & anxiety attacks and I do not let it show when I am around others. Usually the panic and anxiety attacks wake me in the middle of the night. It is like the blood is draining out of your body and your heart just races. Very frightening as I thought I was having a heart attack the first time I had a panic & anxiety attck.

  • Wendy

    Most people don’t understand how you feel in your head and then add the physical feelings and it is very scary. So happy to get your email with the testimonials from others. I look forward to receiving your emails. I would love to purchase the program, but at this time I am a single mother not working as my daughter requires oxygen 24/7. I want to be the best that I can for her. Thank you for thinking of me.

  • Ella

    I just wanted to say that I cannot believe that stumbling across something on the internet like this would work so well. I haven’t really told anyone about my panic attacks, out of embarrassment and have been having them whilst talking to people for years. I’ve become pretty good at hiding them, and thought that this was the solution. I even went to see someone about them and they just offered ‘coping solution’, rather than actually dealing with the root cause. After reading your book I genuinely feel that the previously terrifying concept of trying to deal with them is do-able.

    I’m getting married next year and have been DREADING the ceremony because I was absolutely certain that I’d have a massive panic attack during it. Now I know that if I do I can cope!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • angele

    thank you for the emails, my gosh, u r RIGHT on the money with everything! Its nuts! I always said, no one can help me heal but someone whos been there and conquered it themselves, and its true, you have been through it and conquered it yourself, and you are the ONLY one who has been able to help me! Thank you so much! you saved my life..Its still a struggle, but not half as bad:)

  • Richard "Buddy" Takasch

    Hi Barry, Yes people look at you like you are from Jupiter when you tell them about Panic Disorder. I told someone I have Agoraphobia, he did not even know what it was. God Bless, Buddy

  • Jr

    Barry Sir,

    Thank you so so much for this mail you sent. Its so encouraging and for the first time ever after all this has started happening , i have felt like i am not alone. First time ever i have felt that somebody somewhere understands my problem and there are many who have gone through the same. I will definitely take your advice and face the problem with a forgiving and a grateful heart.

    God Bless You Sir,

    thank you again.

  • azlina

    hi barry somehow what u have wrote to me makes me feel much better and gain my confidence bit by bit. i felt that whenever i read ur article i am back on track. thanks alot for sharing with me..

  • Louise

    I was pretty cynical about this sort of thing but have to admit that just these few free newsletter emails I have had have given me more confidence and help than £600 worth of counselling! I have also been on lowest dose meds and whether they are placebo or not have really helped so I suggest it’s worth giving them a go. The fuuny thing is when the anxiety starts to go away it’s amazing how quickly you forget what a big part of your life it was. It’s only when you relapse now and again that it’s reminds you. Thanks Barry!

  • Raynah

    Thank you very much for writing to me Barry. Your advise has been an inspiration to me. do not forget me.
    Love & prayers,

  • Jos

    Thank you. When I read the part about forgiveness, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. Why did I never think to just forgive all those around me that don’t understand me.

  • Berlene Roe

    Barry, I was glad to read about your program and your own success story. It helps knowing the one giving advice has been through this. It’s true alot of people don’t understand,including my husband. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since the age of 21. I’m now 54. That’s a long time!!!! I have gotten a little better thanks to Paxil and Buspar, but not cured. There are still things I can’t do because of the fear of having an attack. I’m looking forward to your free information. Thank you so much!!!! Berlene Roe

  • Lorna

    Hi Barry,

    Thankyou Barry for your wonderful words. Fortunately I am blessed with people who understand the harrible feelings I go through, and if they do not understand what I am feeling, they at least understand that it is important. I have become much more self aware since I first joined your community and I am now able to control my anxieties more and not let them overwhelm me. I still get panic attacks now and then but instead of it controlling me I control it!

    All the best

  • Lorrie Butcher

    You don’t know how perfectly timed this new installment was. Thank you for all your guidance, advice and help. I look forward to each and every newsletter…..

  • alison

    Thank you for your latest email. It always makes me feel so much more positive when I receive them and wonderful to know that I am not alone. I have been so much better since I received your course but am still not ‘cured’ yet. I still struggle when I’m asked to do anything out of what I consider to be my usual routine, even going for a cup of coffee with friends, but I’m not giving up and try to find the courage to just go and do it.

    Please keep the emails coming and thank you loads for what you have done for me so far.

  • Anna

    I am writing this because 1 year ago today I was suffering from extreme anxiety attacks. (I was in the process of tapering off of paxil, an anti depressant). Today, I am sooo much better! I have not tried your program Barry, but have been referring to your writings when I feel I need reassurance about my anxiety. I just want others who have this problem to know that there is hope and everything can get ALOT better and life WILL seem normal again! I made some lifestyle changes that have helped tremendously (mainly meditation and not being so hard on myself) I do admit that I went back up to regular dosage of paxil, but I really think that is just part of the solution. I feel like sometimes peoples bodies get stuck in anxiety mode and once you can physiologically and mentally get away from that mode, things will seem ALOT better. Get PLENTY of rest! Anyway, thank god for people like you Barry who help people who are suffering sooo much!

  • Katharine Lancy

    Things are much better now but the anxiety & some depression persist.
    I hope all your readers are aware that many drugs CAUSE panic attacks
    and removal of the drugs lessens the problem considerably. That was true
    for me and I’ve searched online and found others making the same comments.
    Be careful with new medicine.
    I have your program and like others I’m grateful for your help. Thanks,

  • vishal

    Barry, thanx a lot for such good advice, god. Bless.u,
    Its a very auspicious day as its our festival of lights,diwali, and u sure did lighten up my day.

  • Andrea Caswell

    I read your book about a year ago when my panic attacks were very bad. I was getting married and working two jobs and with all the planning the attacks were numerous times each day. I needed help and fast. After reading the book and following the steps the attacks just suddenly stopped. I have not had one attack in over a year. I recently had a c-section and just gave birth to a baby boy. Before the surgery I re-read your book to remind myself of the steps and methods. I did wonderful!!! My mother was in shock as I went in and out of surgery without one attack. My life is busy and hectic but the panic attacks seem to be an issue of my past, I sit here crying as I can not thank you enough for helping me and my family!!

  • nici

    i just wanted to say it is amazing how everything you say is so real!!!! the only thing i have a hard time is blaming myself somethimes more than others, because i know it is my problem and not anything anyone could ever understand… i just want you to know,, i was at my lowest point ever a little over a month ago, and i honestly wanted to die!!! the idea alone of having children scares me because i feel that i could never control what would happen if i were put into a situation where i couldn’t analyze what to do before hand…. i started your program, honestly not expecting much, but it is amazing how much i have let go….. i am able to work now without being scared all of the time!!! i can actually go to big stores and get further away from exits than i always was able to… sometimes its a little harder, but i always over come it…. i am just so so so thankful for how much your program actually worked, and just am in disbelief that it actually worked…. i was very skeptical, but everything was so incredible worth it… and i just want to tell you how thankful i am, i can honestly say you have helped bring life back to me!!!

  • carol cresser

    Thankyou for writing to me again Barry i appreciate every word you write and although it all makes sense i’,m trying my very hardest to get it into my head. Everything you say about others flippent comments is true i’ve gone through them all. But thankfully i am starting to feel much more positive and i will beat this thanks to you and your kind words of encouragement. It was a real uplift to receive them today as it hasn’t been a particuarly a good one. Thankyou so much again & GodBless you for all you do xx

  • Me

    Hey !! Barry! thanks for your e-mail, you’re the best!

    PS: I want a man like you in my life, where can I find him? 😀

  • pam

    Katharine Lancy…so glad you mentioned the issue with ‘drugs’. It is a fact! And using drugs does NOT get to the real problem, only treats the symptoms for a while until it has the opposite effect. I know, I have tried drugs initially, but I knew in my mind that was not the way to get CURED. Barry’s program is the answer. Thanks!

  • Phillip

    Thanks for what you do and have done. I read all the emails and all are helpful. I am doing so much better right now but have those days when the anxiety comes back and I wonder why. I am considering CTB also.

  • Thomas McGuire

    I bought the panic away program and I’m glad I did – it was simple to read and easy to understand – and it helped me feel a better about what I’m going through — I’m still dealing with my anxiety and panic attacks – and still using medication at this time — but I’m combining the two to try and beat this — as one of my favorite singer says “dont say why me. why me why not me” — this is my thing and I have to win — thanks Barry

  • Lucy Lewis

    Barry thank you very much for your email everything in it is how you said no one can understand unless the have had a panic attack. I have felt very alone what i want to say i have had a number of changes in my life in the last year and have had panic attacks and depression for coming up four years but in the last few months i can feel myself getting stronger and feeling better. I don’t think it will ever fully go away and that can be hard but not a bad thing as i feel i have learned something about myself and about other people. I just hope this is the turn i have been waiting for and i am on the road to better things please do keep in touch as there can never be
    enough information that can help.
    Many Thanks

  • alan warner

    HI THERE THANK YOU FOR OFFERING ME THE PANIC AWAY MINI SERIES .IMsure it will be of help to me.I have tried valium to relive attack it lasts for a period then somtimes it comes back

  • Brendalee

    Barry, My wonderful hubby signed me up for your e-mails, I have had panic attacks off and on thru my adult life, My age is 55,i have been ill with c.o.p.d. now for five years and when i get over welmed i go into a panic mode which triggers my breathing ,which makes it hard to breathe even with oxygen, I do take Xanax, It does help me alot and i really am not worried about addiction to them, as i take as directed.When you have a hard time breathing as it is>>panic makes it so much worse,It is good to see I am not alone,Thanks,

  • Chelsea Garcia

    Thank you Barry for that inspiring news letter you sent me. Its gotten to the point where I can’t go to the mall or big public places let alone the store by myself. I’m scared of the unknow and have small panic attacks even when I think about it.The upside is that I take my little sister with me to do errands. It helps to have company when I go somewhere. But now that I have an apartment and living in another town because of college it’s getting harder. I really do hope you can help me with this problem of mine. That would be great to not have to worry. I really approiate the time your taking to help me with this. Have a nice day and God bless.
    Thank you once again, and can’t wait for your next news letter.

  • Susan

    Thank you for that post. I’ve never looked at my anxiety/panic in that way before! You’ve given me a lot to think about and put into action. I too have great trouble with traveling and panic. Most of my children live far from me and I’d like nothing more than to visit with them and my grand children, but I don’t. I can’t make myself get on that bus or train (I don’t drive and I’m terrified of flying) and just go to see them. I’m disgusted with myself and this darned disease! I suppose though that once I’m more disgusted than afraid I’ll be ready to take that step.

    Bless you!

  • praveena

    Thanks a lot for giving this advice as I get some solace while reading this and knowing that I am not alone and there are many suffering like me. May god bless you

  • Alaina

    Hi Barry, I just want to say that I did try going to counceling only for that person to tell me what everyone else had already told me (and more expensive). I realized it was not for me. I read alot of your messages and they really inspired me. I have moved forward with my life, got a better job, and stopped associating with those who only caused me greater stress. I have been alot less stressed and have not had a panic attack since the last time I received a message from you. Things have become alot easier now with your helpful words of wisdom. Thank you so much. P.S. please do send me letters though. Everything helps.

  • Vicky Manning

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I have come to terms that I will have panic attacks the rest of my life BUT I will not let them stop me from doing what I want to do. I have tried some of the things you have given to help me through them and they help a lot. I think some of us are just more sensitive than others.

  • John Cone

    i really like what you said about how anxiety and panic can actually make you stronger if you learn to over come it. i really agree with that. thanks

  • Fredrik

    Hello Joe i got your email thank you
    my name is Fredrik i live in Finland
    so my english is not the best but i
    have been suffering from panic attacs now
    for 13 years and it whas away for 2 years now this summer i got it
    back 10 times whorse than ever before i have been thinking alot
    about takeing my life! and i am going to hypnosis and cychaiatrist
    and it does not help and i have tryed the Linden method it has helped a little but not
    egnuf so i do whant to fry your program now and i hope it will help me
    i also did add you on FB


  • Tina

    Thank You for your wonderful support, I do have the program and read it couple times a week, I deal with generalized anxiety and have been better these last couple of weeks. While reading your posts and knowing Iam not alone is very helpful. Lord Jesus has been a huge influence on me as well. I give myself to him. Try to anyway…Thank you again for your posts, I appreciate them.

  • Bernard-Alain

    Dear Barry,

    Thank you for this post.

    I will certainly keep this post and any future one for references.

    Since i have purchased the panic Away program,i am feeling great and life is completely different for me.There are still rooms for improvement,but i can now the end of the tunnel,just in front of me.

    Continue this good work.



  • asma qadeer

    thank you so much for becoming a healer in making me fight panic attacks successfully. You are a great help

  • Natasha

    Dear Barry,
    thank you for helping out with this problem. Yes, you are right when you say that people dont understand what is one going through when they say “i have a panic attack”. They dont understand what is like to “lock down” your brain and expect something bad is going to happen. But you do and thank you for trying to make everything easier for all of us who have the anxiety and panic problem. I havent really talked to anyone about it, you simply stop after a while because no one seems to understand, but it was good to read all your advices on how to deal with the problem on daily basis. Thank you for all the help ..

  • Debbie

    Dear Barry,

    I live in Fresno, California, however, I needed to be in Long Beach, California to take an exam for a job. Yesterday I took the Greyhound bus to L.A. that was to connect to the Greyhound bus into Long Beach. The bus broke down, missed my connection to Long Beach…had to take three L.A. city buses for hours to get to my destination–this could have all been prevented had my “significant other” who lives in Long Beach picked me up in L.A., but refused to pick me up in L.A. Anixiety? Oh, yeah…

    It continued this morning with me, using my significant other’s vehicle to go to the job exam–had a blowout on the freeway….Anixiety? Oh, yeah…

    I finally got back and was looking at my emails and saw your message…Timely? Oh, yeah…

    Thank you for your words of encouragement…thank you for affirming the way I feel right now…thank you for the hope that is here…Grateful? Oh, yeah…

    Have a beautiful day! Please keep me on your list!


  • Anne

    A very big thankyou for your free emails. I cant wait to read them as they are so helpful and comforting.I know now Im not alone and its not going to last forever. I cant thankyou enough

  • Ash

    Hi Barry,
    Thank you for a wonderful help and inspiration…I’m currently through a ‘setback’…Setbaks are not easy..but the good thing is I know how I got through before, and I just need to do the steps again, and read such articles like yours.
    Thanks again

  • Miranda


    I’m not sure if you read all of your comments a lot, because you get a lot of them, (simply because your advice is amazing), but I suffer from anxiety, yet, I’m on a pill that makes me feel numb, in a way. Its hard to describe but, because of this pill, (lexapro), I don’t know what I’m feeling all the time. I haven’t been taking it every night like I’m suppose to because I’m sick of feeling nothing, so I only take it when I’m in the dire need to. I’ve been on the pill since I was 7, and I”m 15 years old now, and I think because my body’s changing, its affecting me differently.
    Anyway, my point is, is that now I’m really starting to experience how anxiety works, I’ve suffered from anxiety for a very very long time, but because of lexapro, I haven’t had one in a while. So, yesterday, in school, I had a panic attack for 3 class periods straight..>.< I want to learn how to overcome my anxiety without the pill, but its so hard because without the pill, I'm very very prone to having an anxiety attack at anytime.
    I know I will be able to use your advice soon, and I know my best friend could use it too..I just thought I'd share this with you and see if you had anything to say about it, if its possible on this blog page. I really really appreciate the things you share with the many people who need to hear this stuff, you are amazing Barry!

    Thank you =)

  • Paul Rooney

    Hi Barry you are really helping me out the advice you are giving is working wonders for me i am not fully fine but its slowly working and doing better than any other treatment or advice giving to me i really want to thank you for taking the time to help me

    thank you very much


  • Shawna

    Wow and thankyou Barry. I did enroll in the emails and advice from you because I was I think, suffering from major anxiety especially during the night. It seems to have eased but I still do suffer from anxiety from having a social life. I get panicky when I know people are coming over or with the thought of making a new friend. Because of this I run away and don’t pursue any friendships now. I come up with every excuse in my mind not to get to know that person or not to go to that social event. I fear rejection BIG TIME and feel that I always have to be perfect…and then I PANIC! Your email sent to me today shows me that there are so many others that are feeling the same! I’m not crazy! LOL Thankyou and I look forward to more. It meant alot.

  • Juanita Hurst

    Every morning around 6 am, something awakens me,, with out exception,, every day… my heart is beating faster and harder, I feel very jittery and become very warm to the point of sweating. I am on 2% oxygen at night, have just had a sleep apnea test done with no definite results. I never go back to sleep after one of these episodes. sometimes I feel real shaky , like inside, … are these panic attacks??? If so why are they EVERY morning? it is Nov. 5, 2010 3:15 pm…….. any one else out there have these ffeelings every day? Juanita

  • chopra

    you get it right each time i get ur emails.
    iv been facing the situation since 3 years now.. with a past of drugs and alcohol, anxiety actually made me come clean of it all…
    its worth having it, its almost a blessing from god, perhaps we were the chosen ones to experience life more intensly.
    but its got the other side too, im 22, and im into hospitality industry, by profession im an entrepreneur and run restaurants. its big responsibility and cause of anxiety i cant move forward wid things. could you give me an insight of how to think right. no matter wtever i try negativity and anxiety strikes.
    iv already passed through the stages of feeling suicidal and iv visited a psychologist and psychatrist. but its been hectic. i dont know how patience pays… though i know it all, the sinking feeling and sweaty hands kills me throughout till date..

  • Lorena

    Thanks for your support. It is true that when people do not understand it just make you feel like another weighton top of that mountain you already carry on your shoulders. This newsletter is very helpful, it came just at the right time, since my grandmother passed away 2 days ago and I was feeling anxious, not that now I do not but I try to keep myself busy and try to be a support to my mom, that now will have a big change in her life and lives in another country, so step by step, day by day. Thank God my Mother and my husband do not make me feel bad on the contrary they are a support and my kids do not even know; somehow I have been surviving all these years, but I still would like to live a happier and healthier life.

    Thank you very much for your time and advice,


  • Doug

    Dear Whitney,

    I know what you are experiencing. I was led to tell you that you already have recognized part of your problem, BEING ALONE TOO MUCH. You MUST get the fire in you to help others in need, and you usually don’t have to look very far to find people in need these days. Search out people in your surrounding neighborhood and see if you can assist in some way to help an elderly person do daily tasks, or even to just visit and sit with them for awhile and have a cup of tea, (decaf a must)…baking cookies and giving them to people in nursing homes, or making gift fruit baskets. The choices to uplift another person’s day are endless. You know what your talents are and you should be utilizing them my dear!
    God gave you special talents that He doesn not want you to hide under a bushel, but He wants you to go out and show the world what you have got and just how good at it you are!
    Yes, God does have a special plan for you, and it is by faith, and taking that first step to change things is when you will be on the path to make the changes you want to change within your life. He said He will never leave you, and even when you feel the anxiety symptoms come so strong that you feel like you are going to throw up, stand strong and say, NO, I WILL NOT MOVE FROM THIS PLACE. I WILL LEAVE HERE AT MY OWN DISCRETION, AND FEAR HAS TO TAKE A BACK SEAT.
    Maybe chewing gum or keeping mints with you to pop in your mouth will give you a boost when you taste the flavors in your mouth, which will take your mind off of throwing up. I wish you the best and I know you can make it!

  • Eugene Newton

    Hello, Thanks for the email, that’s going above and beyond. Getting on your website has helped me tremendously and many thanks for doing such great work. I only have one thing to say and it’s going to sound weird but it’s true, at least for me. Reading the things on your website helped me understand the what was going on and it helped a little in controlling it. However, I have discovered a strange link in the severity of the attacks and drinking diet soda. It sounds a little strange but the first time I had an anxiety attack was in the heat of the summer and I had drank gallons of diet cola. One of my best friends had just committed suicide and I had what I thought was a heart attack or stroke or something. I spent three days in the hospital to no avail. Nothing was wrong with me. I continued to have these incredible attacks and would spend my evenings sitting in the hospital parking lot in my car. It was at this time that I read about a possible link between aspartame and anxiety. I quit drinking everything that contained aspartame and my anxiety slowly went away. A few weeks later I decided to drink diet pop again because I really like it and I thought by not drinking so much it wouldn’t effect me. I was never so wrong. After a day or two drinking limited amounts of diet soda my anxiety attacks came back with a vengenace. I have since sworn off the stuff and have had virtually no attacks. I have no idea if this will work for anyone else but it’s worth a try. I’ve been panic free for a couple of months now. I hope this continues. Even if it doesn’t help what have you lost? I would have everyone try this just to see what happens. The combination of knowing what is happening and how to deal with it with finding something that seems to be a catalyst has seemingly freed me from this nightmare. Thanks again for your work. Sincerely, Eugene

  • Shawna

    Victoria, I feel for you dear! I went through the same thing with my ex-husband who just thought of himself. I was very badly bulimic and he knew it and just didn’t care. Now I know that was me asking for help…and asking for re-assurance that he cared! I am asthmatic and if I had an asthma attack I remember driving myself to emergency every time….and I couldn’t breathe!! I suffered major anxiety attacks where I was almost paralyzed. I couldn’t think and my body would shake. He would tell me to chill out and its all in your head! I went to my Doctor and he prescribed me Xanax. I threw the prescription away and began a process inside myself somehow where I got stronger and a little angry. After 13 years I stopped loving him (gee,wonder why LOL) and left and the anxiety to that degree went away completely. I too have suffered from sexual abuse but mine has been different. I wasn’t handled but my sister and brother were but I was blamed for it growing up and that has affected me in many forms. You see, my sis & bro had a different father and it was my father that abused them. So growing up my sis called me a wierdo and all sorts of names because I was ‘his’ child. She brainwashed me all growing up that sex was BAD and I was bad and I was a kid who didn’t even know what sex was! I could never understand what she meant. As I got older I learned of what my father did and why she hated me and put me though all that growing up. I don’t blame her but it has caused so much damage subconsciously to my adult sexual life and other things. I’ve thought of getting hypnosis therapy because it goes so deep but I haven’t yet. I guess I have blocked so much of it out that now I can’t have the sexual life that most normal women have and I am overly protective to the point of hurting men’s feelings when they show love to a child. With sex I’m just not really ‘there’. I say no, no instead of yes, yes type of thing. Anyways I read your post and wanted you to know that I ‘heard’ you and am with you. ;>

  • Matthew M

    Its so true! People don’t understand and its frustrating trying to explain how it feels. I have Panic Disorder and would love this program.

  • Michele Losse

    Dear Barry,
    Your message could not have come up at a better time. I have been suffering from anxiety on and off for 4 years, and this was triggered by a job I didn’t get and was doing for a while. It took me a while to accept my new boss and we had some issues we resolved last year. I got back to normal and after a long holiday in the summer the anxiety came back. As you said the physical symptoms are strong, and I get obssessive thoughts which are hard to get rid off, especially at night, always analysing something my boss said perhaps in a sharper tone of voice than normal. It’s always about her, and I know I still feel resentful and my pride finds it hard to accept this position. Yet on good days when the anxiety goes, I can’t understand why it happens at all! The worse are the physical symptoms such as headaches and knots in the stomach or feelings of panic over nothing. Thanks for your message.

  • sharif

    You just changed my life. You are blessed for people those who are having a panic attack for years after year.
    Thank you so much.

  • Fausto

    I love to read your words, your emails and newsletters are very positive, and make things seem so easy and so practical they have helped me alot, even i never read your book “One Move”, but the mini curse was very usefull. Thank You Again, and keep sending positive vibrations with panic away emails, they always come in the rigth moment .

  • Issa

    Dear Mr. Joe Barry, thanks for sending me a newsletter again, and telling me that I’m okay. To tell you the truth, I am healed and my panic/anxiety attacks were gone. I followed your basic instructions about the 7-11 breathing method, I searched and searched the internet and found that if you have panic/anxiety attacks, you have to have a peppermint candy all the time and I did all that. To top it all, I went to see a doctor, not just 1, but 3 doctors, and all of them, would not say that what I am experiencing at that time is a panic/anxiety attack, they had me gone through several tests, like heart ( ecg & ultrasound), lungs (I cannot remember the test name), and all the blood tests to check my sugar, cholesterol, etc. after knowing that everything is okay (except for my cholesterol, but it’s under control now), they all correlated my panic/anxiety attacks to pre menopausal symptoms… now I am okay, sometimes mild dizzines comes but it only means that my menstruation is coming… Thank you very much again for your help, I had been practicing that 7-11 breathing and drinking lots of water everyday. Please continue helping people. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • samantha

    Dear Barry, Your panic away program has relly helped me. Panic attacks were something that crept up on me and got worse and worse over the course of a year and i came across your program and when i read it i cried. You explained all the symptoms i was feeling and i instantly felt relieved, i also showed it to my husband which gave him a greater understanding of what i was feeling.
    I still feel slight generalized anxiety but it doesnt control my life now.

    Thankyou for your follow up letter x

  • judith lapierre

    dear barry, thankyou for the contact. i appreciate all of your help. i wish to have all of the information i can aquire. many in my family suffer so badly. my brother is in such bad shape because of anxiety i fear for him. two daughters have severe anxiety. my mother suffered for years. she has passed away now but it breaks my hear to realize just how much she suffered. yes you are right. nobody can understand these feelings if they do not suffer with this problem. i am working on myself daily. thanks to some of your info i have learned to accept the problem and work with it. i am not as bad as i was. i am a work in progress. i also print info to give to my brother. keep it comming!!! sincerley judy

  • Gladys

    Thank you for taking your time to help others.
    I dont think that even my therapist could use better words than you, and that is because you has been there too, you know how desperate we fell.
    Thank you and please keep helping us .

  • buck978

    I’ve had GA for a long time. Doctors, drugs, and therapy seem to help, but if you don’t have it, you don’t understand it! I know one day, I’ll be in control. June, I’m going to Ireland, so I set a goal for myself to be on the mend. Thank you for your very timely remarks, and hope!


  • kellie

    I would just like to say that I haven’t experienced any panic attacks for 8 months now & I can’t express how different life feels, before when I was having panic attacks I felt uncomfortable around people even talking to people in the shop, now I don’t feel like I am stuck in a box and am free to be myself, I had always been a people person and for 2 years my panic attacks had taken that away from me, Some people may ask “how did you overcome this” well for me it was recognizing when they started to happen, had anything happened to me, and the answer was “yes” so I confronted the situation told my friends and family, went back to church & that’s when I felt freedom, it didn’t happen over night but after the days, then weeks, then months went by without having any panic attacks, I can say now that I am free from them, of course i still feel nervous when I have to present a presentation infront of a group of people but that is normal, at least I can drop my son off at his school look people in the eye and feel comfortable talking with them and not feeling like I want to escape, I can call up my friends and say lets go out as before I avoided going out, I can go to the shop and buy chocolate, milk etc without feeling uncomfortable, Panic away did provide some useful tools before I confronted my situation, everyone circumstances are different, but I do believe that there is a light at the end of that tunnel – keep moving forward – Kia kaha (stand strong),

  • Lindy

    Good Morning Barry, I received your first email this morning and your comment about us being able to eventually be grateful for the anxiety was quite timely as I took up painting as a hobbie about 5 years ago… which turned into being more therapeutic than anything as I found I was able to draw emotions from deep within and then allow the strength of the colours of such emotions and the images release onto the canvas. Now, just five years on, I’ve sold 67 paintings and have just been approached by the Senior Registrar of the Mental Unit of a local large hospital to interview me about my journey with agoraphobia and to publish my art, the story associated with the art and a bit of my own story into the British Journal of Psychology. I’ve only just begun to appreciate that my art can have an impact on another person and I must say, it’s a wonderful feeling. Maybe it lead me to this point. I’m also writing an e-book on my story into and through my journey which, otherwise, I would never have contemplated doing so who knows where it will all lead ehh… I look forward to receiving your newsletters. I just that ‘little bit more’ to get across the line into ‘normality’ (whatever that means) and then they’ll be no holding me back. Regards, Lindy

  • Sherry Steinback

    Hi Barry,

    I hope that this letter really finds its way to you. I am a 57 year-old woman, who has suffered from panic attacks since I was 26 year’s old – maybe even before that, and didn’t know what they were. My mom was a victim of the same thing, and died at 66 year’s old, after a miserable life suffering from panic attacks. She thought she was losing her mind, perhaps even suffering from a mental illness. As you say in your letter, as if suffering from the panic attacks isn’t bad enough, no one around you can possibly even begin to understand how you feel. They cannot relate. And, it makes the isolation of this even worse. As a child I never understood her, never had anyone at my school events, or watch me play sports, or sing in the choir – she couldn’t leave the house. I never understood until I suffered my first panic attack while driving at 26.

    You know how it goes – you yell at yourself, think you are losing your mind, and suffer a terror that makes you think you could drop dead on the spot. And, sometimes, dropping dead on the spot would be just fine, if it released you from these feelings.

    I am writing you because I accidentally stumbled across your website. While typing an email to a friend, on gmail, when I put the word panic in my email, the link to your site came up along the right-hand side of my email. Curious, I thought I’d check out one more website – one more claim to “cure panic attacks” – and was extremely skeptical. I have managed to live my life, getting rides from everyone, avoiding situations that made me panic, (just about everything) and panic attacks ruled my life.

    I am amazed, and very happy to tell you that I suffer from panic attacks no longer – and I no longer fear them. I didn’t sign up for your material right away, but I did receive your letters. Each one touched me – it was unbelievable to me that someone finally understood. Even in ways that psychiatrists and counselors never did. (I sought help there too, but never stayed with it, as they never truly understood.) So, I signed up to download your materials. I read them at one sitting, and so many things were such a comfort. Like, I wasn’t going to die, I wasn’t going to “lose it”, and the events I thought I was afraid of, i.e. driving, etc. wasn’t what I was afraid of at all – I was afraid of being afraid. Oh my gosh, it seems so simple.

    As I’m sure you are aware, putting it to the test was not as simple. You must conjure up all the courage in the world to take that first step. But I heard your voice in my head, reassuring me. There was good times and bad times, successes and failures, but I was undeterred. I yelled out loud several times while driving “bring it on!!” However, experiencing each small success was so wonderful, it made me keep trying. My life is so different today. I am freed.

    Words fail me when I try to say thank you. How do you thank someone for giving you back your life? There are no words that are good enough. All I know is that you deserve a place in heaven for all the help you are giving people like me, and all the hope you are giving people like me.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Sarah

    I deeply appreciate your emails Barry. It is so helpful to know that I’m not alone in my struggle, and to see someone who is so dedicated to helping others power through this awkward, strange process. Sometimes it helps to think about the Chinese symbol for “crisis” and how it has the symbol for “opportunity” embedded inside of it. It doesn’t feel like the panic attacks are an “opportunity”, but deep down I know that they are — in a counter-intuitive kind of way.

  • Michele Maxwell

    Hello Barry!
    My anxiety started at a very young age, I am now 39. I have never had a full blown panic attack, more of a chronic general anxiety/social anxiety. Physically, it has affected my vocal quality. I sound strained and feel a tight uncomfortable feeling in my throat. I went to an ENT specialist who scoped me but found nothing. I feel it is a symptom of my anxiety. Have you ever heard of this? It is SO frustrating! Since I already feel socially uncomfortable most of the time, this vocal strain makes matters worse. My husband is very patient most of the time, yet I am sure it frustrates him when I isolate. I want to be free like I felt before all this. Any advice? Yoga and deep breathing do help but it is deeper than that. I am very critical of my self, like I often feel guilty even when innocent. Hypnotherapy has helped some but I can no longer afford it…so expensive!
    You are a blessing to many and thank you for your kindness and empathy.


    thanks..for your careness..your mail make me feel so much more positive .thanks a lot for such good advice, god. Bless.u,Please keep the emails coming ..

  • Gerry

    Barry, “THANK YOU” for standing behind us all. I especially needed the pep talk today. I work in the high stress of retail managment and it’s about got the best of me. Oh yes, the majority of my friends have already abanded me. But, I’ve came to terms, with friends like that – don’t need-em anyway – not that kind. Im already over that part b/c I consider myself as being a better person in the aspect I don’t have to prey on someone’s vunerability, or cheat just to get what I want. That in itself makes me thankful I chose not to be that way. I’ve been suffering panic attacks since I was 22 – and am now 56. Through this time I’ve gotten through some things of my own but it’s like I’m still a “blind babe in the woods.” The fear of driving is my biggest. Yes, I do overreact and think way outside the box…

    A few years ago, I decided in going back to school to complete my degree. I came across a diet supplement that I’m sure got me through – otherwise I don’t know if I could have did what I did. FDA pulled from the market for having a small quanity of ephedra in the supplements. The company continued to manufacture without the ephedra and sales declined b/c everyone was looking for that little jolt. I prefered to had them without the ephedra b/c for about 30 min. I’d get jittery like having a cup of coffee. Other than that, they become an everyday supplement for myself. They also contained other natural herbs with B complexs and12 essential vitamins and minerals. I never got sick. I went from having two colds a years to none for the whole seven years I was taking them. I had no stomach problems and no “panic attacks.” FDA put them back on market one last time before removing them completely. People were using them with other medications like heart. Others tryed to manufacture same formular by using bitter orange and other caff properties in place of ephedra. This did not go over. I purchased a bottle and It felt like my head was going to exployed. So, after the orginal company went belly up – I went belly down. My panic attacks returned and my stomach became over sensitve again. After I could no longer purchase, I stayed sick a whole year with colds, and all kind of ailments. It was tough b/c I’ve tried every vitamin sub on market and it either makes me sick to stomach or cramped it. I tired to contact company to see if they’ed consider going back to the formular without ephedra and refused b/c the majority would not purchase. Might have just answered my own question about something. The first time I had a panic attack I was severely using an highly additive diet pill which now is ban. After my second attack and that is when I was driving – I stopped cold turkey. That’s when all my panic attacks and other phobias started to come out. Back then, doctors though you were crazy and did little but try and plaster you with antidepressants. But the first one I tried to take made me feel worse than I did. I refuse to take anymore. It’s the “not being in control” response. It’s highly possible what I found in the last supplements I gained the power of control. I had the confidence in myself in a healthy way.

    I understand that it’s through a change of cognitive thinking we pull ourselfs out of the sand trap. I’m more than ready to make some serious changes. I have a first grandbaby coming in May, I need a job change, and would love to move to another area. We stay at our old jobs b/c we reuse to move from the comfort zone – no matter how hard or stressfull it becomes. The time is here for me – I’m ready to win the battle………

  • Trish

    Hi Barry

    Just want to say thanks for your mail….You are right of course forgiveness is the most powerful approach when faced with people who have little or no understanding of anxiety and panic. Self awareness grows as a result of the pain experienced. Accepting the feelings and embracing them instead of trying to run away and squash them is already having a tremendous positive effect for me

    Thank you

  • ted amberg

    Barry, thank you for your emails,, they are helpful. However, I was recently diagnosed with cancer and have
    not had a panic attack since my diagnosis; go figure. I believe there is a lesson here but Im not quite sure what that lesson is right now. I will be interested to see if the attacks return if i survive this thing.

  • damian somerville

    thanks Barry for the news letter.I have just finished my 5 years of study in medicine and at the end of the final exams i got anxiety and panic attacks again and i also had glandular fever symptoms re surface i was exhausted. I month later and now i am back on top of the world and i have realised that alcohol does not agree with me it only makes me worse. life is great although the year has been a bit off at times. im doing my internship in a hospital in sydney now and will finish in march. Mate if you ever come to Sydney there are plenty of people out here who would love to meet you and listen to you. i was treating a young boy in clinic yesturday and his father turned to me and said that he was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety at the moment and i explained to him how your method had treated me.
    Kind Regards
    Damian Somerville

  • adam

    thank you so much, keep the emails coming as they are a great help and great support through it all. it came back after a year, but i am getting better with dealing with it. thanks again!

  • Benny

    Thanks. I refuse to take drugs to help this, I’m afraid they will just mask the problem instead of helping it. I also have two very young daughters and I don’t want them to see me drugged up or I don’t want to be “medicated” and lose time with them. I figure, either I will win, or the attacks will. I’m afraid I’m losing.

  • Brian

    Hi forbthe first time in 12 months I feel some connection to your words and I would like to thank you for them – thankyou

  • alex sparago

    Thank you so much for your care and concern and understanding ,its truly a great relief and godsend
    to read your messages and feel understood and know you have been throught it and you are here to help guide myself and others through stressful times.I just want to say thank you and god bless you.

  • shery

    Bary, Thanks thanks a lot.his each n every word is lighten up my day.he really researched very well about anxiety and panic attack.God bless him.I am grateful for his help.

  • Lori

    This email came an such an opportune time for me. Today is a better day but I have been experiencing panic attacks over the last month that had been away from me for several years. The encouragement and “light” made me feel not alone.

  • Ronan R

    hi barry thanks for the e-mails there much appreciated and really on the mark and i really hope 1 day i will beat this horrible thing.I dont suffer as much with panic attacks but always feel on edge and have a lot of endless silly mind chatter and feel sick most of the time but i know that theres thousands of symtoms to depression and anxiety sometimes i feel like i have all of them anyway keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • Sue

    It is like you just KNEW I need this email today! 🙂 I have been struggling with this a lot lately because sometimes I think my boyfriend thinks I’m just being dramatic. He IS supportive – but because he has never had the displeasure of having panic attacks – he can never know the true feelings that I feel. Thank you for everything! I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t found this a couple months ago!

  • toni

    Thank you so much for all the advice, it’s so comforting to know that someone else understands and that there are many other people out there that feel the same. The great thing is knowing that I am not going crazy.

    Many thanks.

  • Rich

    A nice surprise reading your mail to me Barry, thanks for that, have been through the mill for 18 months now, feeling like am coming out of it slowly 🙂

  • Lynne Healy

    Thankyou for your email really does help me to know other people suffer from this as well. Sometimes I think I am the only one – have good and bad day. You really have to help yourself though and get on with life to be fair to your family and friends.

    Thanks once again

  • Tom Sheppard

    Barry , this program Absolutely Works ! It is not for the faint of heart though. When I first used your method I was on the floor having trouble breathing and blurring vision and pretty much told my wife I loved her because I thought I was truly about to die. I didnt die. For many months I gagged every morning because of the awful fear within me. I hated the general anxiety and constant ” checking in” .Finally I accepted it , got used to it ,and quit caring about whether something was wrong with me. I did have pills as a back up in the beginning but there is a half full bottle that I plan on never using again. I probably read your book 8 times while learning to apply your method and your emails truly helped too. Thanks so very much !!!

  • sophia

    Thankyou so much for the newsletters, i read everyone of them, im so glad someone gets it! and i feel like im not alone in this. Everyday is a battle with my fear and just leaving the house is a nightmare, but i gaining some understanding and thats more than i got from any doctor. thanks again

  • Summer

    i just want to say thank u!!!! it has been so much help every thing u have sent me. i did not want to take pills, and knew it was my own thoughts that can get out of hand. i have learned to deal with them. when one starts happing all i do is say to my self “u are ok, u have gone threw worse in your life and gotten threw it, your ok” and i haven’t had a full blown one in over 2 months:) thank u sooo much!!!!!

  • eman

    thank you very much i really cant bileive that there is a person can understand me you describe exactly what im feeling , and what im thinking every moment i cant tell you about my feeling when i read your email you are right when you say no one understand you that was my problem no mother ,father sister husband friend nooooo body i really feel alone but now nooo i get back my confidence im haaaaappy how kind are you thanks for god and sure sure i would like to be your friend on facebook my dear you really help me from die to the life agian i want to cryyy please take care how we need some one to be beside us in our life i cant forget you i will never forget you you are the person who help me after a very long hard time and suffering

  • theresa

    thanks and blessings to you. i am so in need of help that your email was an answer to a very desperate prayer. it feels as though my world is crumbling and nobody can understand what has happened to me, including myself. may you be blessed a million times over for you hearts willingness to reach out to those who don’t know how to ask for help or who to ask for that matter.

  • elizabeth

    dear BARRY. thank you for writing its good to know someone understands how i feel and that you take the time to write i really apreciate it . i am trying to deal with my fears and problems day by day . and i ask GOD to give me the strength to live a normal life thanks a million for everything may GOD bless and keep you always LOVE ELIZABETH….

  • Bhanmattee

    Dear Barry..I must say you are a God’s send, and many thanks to you for this program and very good advice ,your emails ,and other people comments to read .I thought i was the only person in this world who has Anxiety and Panic Attacks. you have help me remove that FEAR considerably. May God’s richest blessing always be with you and your family Happy Divali greeting ,you did lighten up my life and others so keep up the good work .God love you ………byeeeeeeeee

  • krissy

    I am very grateful for ur program that you graciously gave me. I’m still struggling with my bad thoughts however. Ur program has givin me some hope with the attacks themselves but like I mentioned my thoughts still get the best of me some times. Thank you again for ur program & the testimonials

  • Fe D Laconsay

    dear barry,

    thank you so much for your inspiring words of encouragement. i helped brighten my day as i am just experiencing symptoms of panic attacks. my friends say they are just in the mind because they have
    not experienced how it is to have attacks. sometime i feel alone when no one understands me. it’s good that your letter helped boost my morale that i will be able to overcome it and i am not alone.

    keep your emails coming. God bless.


  • Heidi

    Barry, very happy to hear from you again. I thought you forgot me. Read your email and is the same thing I tried to deal with people and they do not understand about panic attacks, to the point that now I do not care what people think or not understand about panic attacks. I want to conquer and I know you can help me.
    My biggest problem with this panic attacks is being alone and doing things on my own.
    ALONE I do not do anything, not even drive the car!!!!! I did conquer and accomplished to sleep at night and staying at my house ALONE!!!!!
    First of all I want to tell you that I am in the USA 11 years and here I found out what I had and was Panic Attacks…wow. what a relive….
    I come from South America, Bolivia o.k so forgive my misspelling ok
    My regards and please help me overcome and face it.
    Sincerely Heidi

  • Chantal

    It’s amazing to me that out of all the days for me to come across this email it was today. I was doing ‘ok’ with trying to stay positive and control my anxiety/panic attacks. I very recently started a new job and yesterday I was at work and I felt dizzy and an anxiety attack was coming on. I had not told anyone about my health problem at my new job. Then I woke up this morning and I was alread in full panic attack. It was terrifying! I ended up telling my new boss and we are going to speak about it soon. I don’t know what will happen…! The email I received from you today was EXACTLY how I feel! So true!!! I have a good friend of mine that also has been dealing but she has hers more undercontrol. Myself…no to much! I am ok if I am at home or running errands. However once it comes to me working….OMG! The fear, thought of dying (I am more afraid of dying in my sleep so then I am afraid to go to sleep-other than that it’s the feeling of having a heart attack), people finding out, thinking I am crazy, losing control, feling sick…I could go on and on. No one really understands completely. My family and husband have been trying to be supportive and understanding as best as they can be. But no one really understands. I do feel alone. I am exhausted because of all of this. I feel like I will never be myself again. Like I will never see my dreams and goals come true because I will forever be fighting this. It’s absolutely heartbreaking for me! I take my medicine (and try not to rely on pills too much since I would love to have kids in the future – IF I can get this under control) and I do my breathing. I try to think happy thoughts, change my thoughts. Sometimes I just get so mad and angry. Why me?! I have been having my attacks since June 2007 and they started when I was at work at my previous job. I was doing ok for about a year, still struggling but just making it through…then I relapsed BAD a year later. Then my misery REALLY began. Oh my story just goes on and on….and is STILL going. I need HELP terribly. I don’t want to only rely on pills though. I want and need the strength to get through and past all of this for good.

    Feeling lost, scared, misunderstood, worried, confused, exhausted, angry, sad, ETC…..!!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you. What I have written here is only a very small piece of what I am going through but it’s a start to explaining and hopefully hoping, looking and searching for HELP and understanding…for compassion.

    I must thank you though for your words in your email….saying that It’s OK and to Forgive and so on….it is reassuring, a bit comforting, brought tears to my eyes and a small bit of hope to my heart. Even if just for a quick moment.
    Fighting to win this battle….and to do the right thing so that my future can and hopefully will be brighter seeing dreams and goals come true over time. It honestly almost seems hopeless though… with where I am at now and what I am dealing with.
    Thank you! Keep in touch with me please. Looking forward to hearing from you again and getting the help I desperately need and want!

  • Cyra

    Indeed a great help, first I praise God for having this site secondly to your anxiety which lead to a great book like this and to my anxiety which lead to forgiveness and being thankful with everything, some of your advice are biblical and I believe God doesnt want us to be anxious but to be free. As Jesus said in John 10:10 The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy but He came so we might have life and have it to the fullest. We people with anxiety can be free indeed as Jesus set us free. God bless you and may you help more people as well.

  • marilyn

    thanks for your wonderful advice barry. please help how to deal with the guilt that brings about my panic atacks. you see barry I live with my grandma who is 87 yrs old who suffers from anxiety and personality disorder. Every weekend I dread to wake up saturday morning because she throws a fit when I want to go out and bites her fingers and wants to kill herself. my panic starts friday and lasts all day saturday. Im a 24/7 caretaker and student and doesnt hAVE A LIFE!!!! my heart beats soo fast, I hear voices, I feel like I.vc ant get through the day because the phone is ringing with ppl screaming at me for no reason…what to do!!

  • Aleksandra

    I am so please to get such a wonderful letter from you dear Barry,you know how we feel and think,this is just amazing.I couldn’t win without medications even I try so hard.I am taking 3 different medications for anxiety and believe me I am doing good,my worst fear is now past,this was elevator.I was using stairs for 3 years till one day but I was on antidepressants.I call my pills life savers and I will take them all life.I am taking Cipralex 30mg,Wellbutrin 300mg,Clonazepam 0,5mgx 2 a day.I have no side effect thanks God except dry mouth and I fell very relaxing.I become more positive and I am building my self esteem .I get step by step but so far I didn’t fail.Thanks to Cipralex.I hope all of you can win without meds!In my journey I didn’t have any support so I finally figure out I am only one who can help myself.Once I start feeling sorry for myself and stop expecting from people help my attitude change and I become mad on myself.I prove myself and others I can do it without anybody help.First time I step in elevator,my nightmare I was so so happy,there is no words to explain.For someone is funny for me mean victory!
    If I can do it,you can do it too!

    Love you Barry!

  • Tina Ståhl

    Thank you so much for your concern Barry.. And your information is most valuable, although I haven’t had any panic attacks in a very long time now, which I must say is no coincidence.. but a result of an ongoing process and hard work with myself for years really. I’d still like to receive ur news Barry, if I may, and I wish you success in your most helpful and unvaluable work..
    Again lots of thanks Barry..
    All the best… Tina

  • sally

    God bless you Barry for your help and comforting words. I am greatful for you and what you are doing for everyone who needs this help.

  • Rick Sluss

    Hi Barry: Thanks for getting back to me about the panic attacks. I look forward to learning more about it and how I can deal with them more effectively. Bye for now. Rick

  • Marianne

    Hi Barry,
    I am not usually on the computer at this time of the day, but it was meant for me to read your email I so deeply needed to read and be reassured, that I am okay. With today’s society and the added pressure of balancing work, and personal family life, dealing with anxiety is a extra burden. I have been using your one technique for last months and I can’t bless you enough, how much more relaxed I am. But I have alot of stress in my life and I feel the horrific anxiety levels raising again and you are right, I will be okay and I won’t lose it, but no one around me, understands, because they haven’t experienced my level of anxiety which has lingered around me for many years. It’s my faith that carries me through each day and it’s brought me to you, thank you for your advice, words of encouragment and making me feel ‘normal’ as no Doctor here cares I am so much looking forward to your next newsletter.
    God bless,

  • ramon


    Thank you so much for staying in touch with many people…..and for free!!
    This is something I need to appreciate!

    Regards and Godbless!!


  • ayesha

    thanx a lot. this is exactly what happens with me. most of the people don’t understand. i so happy that this problem will not lead me to another other problem. i have started taking xet 5mg and the doc has told me to take it for 3 years and i will be cured. i just pray to God that this happens. i want to see the world but because i have IBS along with anxiety, i have become home bound. that really hurts. i hope things will improve soon. thanx a lot once again.

  • David

    hi yes the emails have been great, I’ ve found them very useful from day to day when my anxiety levels have some been bothersome, along with personal help from family and friends i no longer feel anxiety, thanks for your help barry, i feel a whole lot better

  • sangita

    thanx for your personal mail.it has indeed given me some relief.i know longer dread any sickness or a disease which i thought it to be perhaps. thanx for encouraging

  • sandra

    I have saved all the hints on a file, so when i am going thru an attack i can click on & calm down with the hints to guide me along into calm & easier breathing plus it will take my mind off of myself while concentrating on the saved texts…………but since saving many messages i have not needed to go to them, as i have not had an attack! only minor breathing tickles which dont go crazy- so maybe my subconscious has read all the hints and decided it can cope without the full blown event taking over controll…so far so good……..

  • nadege

    thanx Barry for that inspiring message. it is true that some people don’t understand but i was luck that my closest frends were able to understand me especially one frend that im living with right now was very supportive. im glad that i don’t have panick attacks anymore and i dont worry about the bodily sensations anymore but i still worry about things in life, i can spend whole day worrying about one thing and i would like to change that, i think i still have anxiety and would like you to help me again. Thank you very much.

  • Shah

    I want to say only one thing. This website + book has changed my life. any one who suffer from panic attack just read the book panic away or stay connect with this wesite…


  • anna lopez

    Thank you very much for writing to me Barry. Its been very helpful…hope to hear from you again soon….Godbless you and more power to you!!!

  • zizo

    Thanx a lot for ur supports i feel you are the only one who understand my situation and fears
    nd hope that i’ll get well soon specially that i’m suffering since long time

  • Graven

    Dear Berry,,, i hve been going 4 a heart treatment for a years n since the beginning of dis year i was told dat its aNxiety n started treatment again with all diffrent stuff on medicines but couldnt improve much,,, Frankly,, after a few days of subscribing ur free programe i feel much more alive n earning baCK ALOT of my confidence,,, n thanks 4 writng,,, God bless You,,,n thank you n ur team.

  • Renee

    Thank you so much, I will look forward to reading your News letters.
    I wanted to tell you that your program has helped me more then anything elese Ive tryed.
    I went years with panic attacks. And now I just welcome the panic and tell it to come and get me and It stops it in its tracks. Ive had panic attacks for over thirty years now and nothing has worked.
    So I want to Thank you for giving me my life back. Now words can tell you how greatfull I am .
    I still have anxity but it never mounts in to a panic anymore. Anyone reading this you need to tell your panic or symptons to come on and just do what it wants and get it over with. Get mad at it. you might have to say it aging and aging but just say it and beleive it cause it works. I always say to it has anyone ever died from it? NO NO NO Not ever. I should know cause Im still here after thirty years. Anyway God bless all of you and mostly Barry I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Renee Brown

  • pulane

    i thank you for the response, after so long, i am happy to read from you.

    i want to tell you i great i am doing at the moment. i have a strong support system at the moment and its the best thing ever. looking back, i do realise how close i almost came to breaking down, and right now i am so grateful i am ok. i am thankful to God, to you for this awesome site, to other survivors and their stories and comments.
    God Bless us All.

  • Sherine

    Dear Barry
    Thanks for your personal mail. I have enjoyed reading all your mails in the past. My anxiety started last Jan and its was really bad bodily sensations. I am separated from my husband and my children are married and away. I do feel very lonely and wonder who will be there for me as I am getting older. I know my girls will be there but they are very busy and i don’t really see them much.. I am on a tablet called paroxetine now that has helped a lot and I am much better. I still feel a bit nervous a times . I would like to give up the tablet sooner rather than later. My finances are not great and I have to be careful.
    Many thanks

  • Jeanine

    Thank u so much for the info!!! It really did help, i ws desperate for help and thought I would just try my luck and I was pleasantly suprised!!! So thank you very much!! Please dont stop helping people!!!!
    You are truely an inspiration!!!

  • mani

    i received your email at a crucial time, i was burning from humiliation as a result of an incident a few hours earlier. i am a loner in its full sense i have no friends and hardly go out of my house i have retired from govt.service.since then my life is simply drifting.i am having negative thoughts all day and i feel that negative energy flowing from me.the problem with me is that nobody takes me seriously i feel humiliated where ever i go.i know that it is not intentional but that is the way it goes.what shall i do?

  • dan owinyo

    Thanks Barry, It gives a relief just to note that you do understand the case of those who suffer angiety. It gives comfort and courage just to note that even though people do not understand the pain of anxiety, as you do say, there is light at the end of the turnell and for sure i now believe we are gaining strength as compared to previous attacks. We do forgive and we give many thanks, for after going through the painfull attacks, being excluded by almost all, we do understand much more about anxiety and its side effect and for reality we do have words of comfort and a story to tell to uplift the health and well being of many in the society. In other words for those of us who have gone through the pain of anxiety at the end of it all do posses the gift of healing the broken hearts and comforting the lonely and all those who are in one way or another are unfortunate in the society.

    many thanks and may God bless you.

  • Sue Douglas

    Thanks for your email….I am having a hard time with anxiety, its ruining my life, I have so many thoughts going through my head, and feel Im not contributing to any joy for my family and just letting them down, most of the people writing on this site say it helps them, am I not trying enough, Im so sad as I have a good family, and I know I worry them. I dont sound positive do I. I cant write any more as I feel exhausted.
    Thank you for your email I appreciate what you are doing

  • Jenna

    Thankyou, your newsletters always seem to come at an appropriate time to help the person I am supporting through their anxiety.

  • Rebeka

    Thanks for the info Barry its so true people dont realise how awful panic attacks and general anxiety are. Sometimes you wish people could have them just so they understand. Its great to know there are others out there who suffer or have suffered in the past, and that its controllable or even curable. Im looking forward to starting to achieve this.

  • Alan

    Hi ‘
    I came across your website purely by accident and I am glad I did it has been a difficult time for me I have had anxiety attacks on and off for years they have spoilt my normal ok life on many occasions,and it can be so very difficult to shake them sometimes days(not good) sometimes things seem great then something happens and the fight starts up in my head. One thing seems to lead to another and I am a normally rationall person,I have started to take on some of those answers to it all and it has made some differance allready.OurCity has recently suffered a 7.1 mag. earthquake and so far over 3000 aftershocks, some mag 5 thank god no one died in a population of 600,000. so can you help me, the fear and anxiety so real and these regular jolts are so real the fear is real and a so is the ground shaking under you, they will diminish with time I know but the anxiety is a problem. how to deal with that eludes me. thanks Alan.

  • Lallitha

    I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your advise is inspirational and comforting. I have learnt so much from your advise. I even printed out a few copies of how to cope and kept it in my dresser. Im so shocked at how many people feel just like me. I am grateful for your assistance.

  • Dr Bedar

    thank you so much for your help. i really find it helpful ad i would like to keep hearing from you. you have been very knowledgeable and inspiring. God bless you.

  • Chris


    Thanks. I haven’t been able to do anything lately, I wish and pray these anxious feelings would go away forever. I lost my job because of my anxiety. Lost.


  • Kim

    Thank you so much for that email… It really helped me this morning! I am going on 15 years now of this!!
    My faith in CHRIST is the ONLY thing that gets me thru!
    You are such a blessing.. I have nobody who understands, or they think they do….. but they don’t….
    Famous words of family::: “Just don’t think about it!!” “Why are you thinking about it?” When I hear this it makes me want to scream! LOL Forgiveness is the best way you are right. Harboring all that anger is damaging and I believe only adds to the anxiety in some way..

  • Kim

    Hi j”,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I am the same way. My son is 24 now..& I was a single mom too when he was young.
    Love & Blessings

  • florian carazo

    thank you very much for your concern,may god bless you.its a good advice and i really need it. feel relieve now and hopefully i can conquer my fear

  • Deana

    Thank you so much for the info I am taking
    Xanax 0.25 daily to come me down cause
    It came a point where I couldn’t control it
    Or eat anymore. But I am hoping it’s only
    A short time

  • marie concett

    thanks so much for the great advices you gave me, it helps me a lot, oh god knows how much. yes i would like to contiune receiving advices for anxiitey problems. god bless u always.

  • catherine leyden

    thank you so much for taking the time and effort to send me all those invaluable informations.I do appreciate the fact that you do not insist in payment of any kind.However I would be very interested to receive a book with all the anwers to this awful problem rather than aCDV.
    I like to read rather than watch.Would this be possible and in this case how do I go about obtaining it ?
    Many thanks again ,
    hope to hear from you soon

  • marie concett

    thks 4 being that person who understand what i was going threw. my family didnt understand, but i forgive them.
    thks alot. enxiouty helps me to become a better person.

  • Kananelo

    Thanx so much for your newsletters, they made a whole lot of difference in my life. Right now am writing this while on holiday in Zambia Victoria Falls something I never thought I would do. Am more confident and am able to deal with stressful situations much better. I realise now that am not sick am just getting stronger and all of us who have been thru this are the strongest because we had fight the battle from within

    Keep me posted

  • Maddie

    Thank you is just not enough to say, but thank you…. you have giving me and my daughter hope, and solutions, you are so right, the program does work, it has been so very eye opening for us, and yes I feel a new me being born, and I love life, and yes I know I am a better and stronger person… I know you know what you are talking about, it’s the expressions you use, I know you have been there, that allows me to trust, and I watch me and my daughter go from scared people, to people who are willing and brave, and the gains have been wonderful….
    we have had so many AHA moments we had to laugh,(through the tears) with each passing day we are more and more ourselves….. Now the sounds, colors, smell, and just the movements of life are such a joy…… I will be forever grateful….

  • sdamamme@yahoo.com

    i just want to say thank you so much burry and god bless you
    bury it hard to Ber im in struggle and despair for the last thirty year’s
    my life is gone as waste my its negative comment and i hope im not discouraging any body
    is just how i feel about my self

  • Nimshi

    Thank you for your sweet words its like a soothing song dear Barry. I know there are so many people who suffer from this and your are doing a massive humanitarian work i should say. You are so GREAT! Keep it up!

  • Lynne H Cook

    Thank you for your program, I am still struggling with panic issues. I have read the information in your program and it has truly helped, but I do believe if you receive additional support from your family it would really help you have the confidence that you along can not give to yourself. Thanks to you, I have not started on any medication. I am looking forward to your upcoming information

  • Chere Thompson

    I really enjoy reading your emails that you send out. When my anxiety was really bad, your emails helped me through a lot of it. My anxiety and panic attacks started after a car accident that I had. I think I went through a big period of post tramatic stress. But of coarse doctors will never tell you that is what is going on. They said I as having anxiety and panic attacks, and put me on a product called Alprazalam (? not sure of the spelling). I worked for a little while, but then didn’t work. Was still dealing with a lot of anxiety so the doctor decided to put me on Cetalapram 10 mg. It worked for a little while and then I started having trouble pain in my head. They said it wasn’t from the meds and to keep taking it and try uping the dose. Tried that and that was a nightmare. I was so sick. Decided to see a Nutrionist and she got me off of the medications and onto a natural supplement. Which made a world of difference. I am know taking a natural supplement called DSF. That works great. Helps keep my body more relaxed. I still get a little anxiety from time to time, but nothing like it used to be. It would be great to get rid of it completely.


  • Rashid Javed

    I stopped predicting a panic attack. More than 50% of my problem soved. Do not predict anxiety or panic attack. This is your prediction that starts this attack.

  • Anette

    Dear Barry, I meant to write much sooner as I bought your One-Move-Method program last year in May. It was 4 days before one of my many flights. I had developed flight panic a few years back in Germany and it seems the fear grew stronger over time. My work and our living situation requires me to fly so I knew I either give in – which I find unacceptable!!! or to do something about it as we all know how terrible fear can be. So I bought the online version, read through it and two days later I had to fly. I tried it and already when I read your program, I had to laugh about the bold and yet so easy approach that I almost could not wait to try it out. And….it worked!! I was so confident and knew that whatever happens on this plane, I will not die, I will not suffucate, I will be JUST FINE. What a relief to read your sentence that the worst panic attack is behind us as it was the very first one we had. I truly want to thank you as you have transformed and changed my life and my outlook. I don’t know how others feel, but the thoughts in my mind were such as ‘what if this gets worse and worse with every year’, ‘what if I reach a stage where I cannot leave the house anymore’. Just thoughts, however, we all know how powerful they can be – that’s why I was in this mess. Anyhow, I have prayed for you and hope, others make the step and learn from your experience and users like myslelf. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. One other thing that happened along with being able to fly without medication and fear is that I stop thinking about fear. It just is not a big topic anymore as I know I will be just fine. Great concept!!! Is your program available in German? My sister-in-law has anxiety attacks and she needs to hear from you (not me) how to end the cylce. Sincerely, Anette

  • Anie Stevens

    Dear Mr. Barry,
    Thank you for making me strong, thank you for your advises and the support you provide through your email letters. With all my heart I appreaciate it so much your kind help that your provide to all of us who experience anxiety or panic attack. I wont forget you and May you have a wonderful blessed day everyday and God Bless You and Your Family. Thank you again.

    Anie Stevens

  • Lj Wilson

    Dear Barry,
    I do thank you for an email every so often.I signed up for the mini series and then ordered the whole course. The audios have been particularly helpful. The best thing is that it gives me hope and it is nice to know that I am not going crazy.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks Barry…your email came right on time, strange how that happens. I didn’t even realize I was suffering from panic attacks or anxiety (well, did realize I had anxiety, just not to the extent i do) until recently. Your email described perfectly what I deal with on an almost daily basis. My husband stays up late…computer is right next to the bed, new set-up. Anyway, he never understood when I tried to tell him how I felt and about all the fear but, lately, he is up while I am sleeping in the bed next to the desk, and he said he really is starting to understand the extent of the problem after watching me sleep. He says it’s like I am not even sleeping and says there’s alot of talking, movement, crying, fear ect…going on all night. I’ve told him for years how nervous I am when I wake in the mornings. He told me he tries to comfort me by talking to me and massaging me while I sleep but, It’s not going to take care of the problem and help me start to heal. I am looking forward to learning
    more from you. I feel like it is a God thing that I recieved your email when I did.

    Thanks so much,


  • kel

    Barry. Thanks for your email. I wish to receive this 7 steps to help me in my general anxiety. I had meet some friends who had the same problems with me and i thanks god that they understand how i feel and i feel less lonely now.

    Although i still not clear of anxiety, i been trying hard everyday and i wish one day i will become the person i used to be in the past.

  • Klio

    Thanks for the kind concern and your new mail which has given me lots of pleasure. I have been to every place you describe, I know and I do not fear that I am not OK, I have forgiven, have appreciated the good things in my character that stemmed from this dreadful experience I have had for 15 years now ! After a 7 year personal psychotherapy program, 2 years of group dramatherapy and still on medication (cipralex 20mg daily an d 0.25 xanax) I can cope very well and I have an almost normal life, BUT, I cannot even think to travel alone to places farther away than 60 miles from home and most of all I cannot visit my son who studies abroad if am am not accompanied by either my husband or my 74 year old mom!!! This makes me feel imprisoned and frustrated. Only the thought of THAT feeling of drowning, nonexistence and insecurity keeps me away from so many things that could make me happy!!! Ouff!

  • nasser

    thanks you helped me very much, by sending me this letters. but i am trying to be free of medicines because i have been on (cipralix 10mlg) for about 4 years, and in the last year i dropped the amount to 5mlg. but in the late 3 months i started to fell the attacks again. after reading your e-mails i felt better and they encouraged me to stop the medicines.

  • Jess

    Thank you so much for sending another letter out. When I had first realized my problem, I went crazy looking for free solutions and help, and I came across your email services. Every time I got one, I could feel the panic lifting off my shoulders. What was even better is that over the summer, we had to take a trip to another state.. a few days before we left, I recived your letter about the Fear of Flying service, and read them all. They helped me so much. I had stopped receving letters for a while, and my anxiety wasnt such a problem. Within the last month it has been starting back up again, and I had your emails in mind. I reread them, but had hope there would be more.. and then I saw this. It was exactly what I needed to hear, it’s exactly what has been happening. And its all true, and so helpful.
    Once again, Thank you, and God bless you for helping all these people, including me.

  • jason fraser

    Thank you so much Mr. McDonagh,
    I’ve been practicing faithfully the anxiety control 20 second countdown. eventually ending my panic attack… I’ve been weening myself off of the two generic prescriptions of celexia, and ativan… which is slowly helping myself regain some of my confidance as well. I still sufferw from the panic attacks when I slip into an overly-depressing day through financial build up, missing my loved ones, or over-eating… but like you’ve convinced me, I still manage to pull through. I am not on facebook anymore, but thanks to you constant email newsletters I feel as though I’ve already found hundreds of friends because of you… it’s nice to feel like I’m not alone anymore 🙂
    Thanks, Jason

  • Michelle

    Hi Barry,
    Thanks for you email, seemed to come at just the right time. I have a couple of
    extra really stressfull things to get through this week including taking over the
    managers possiton at work whilst she’s on leave. Woke up today feeling very
    wound up after not worrying about this respnsibility for a month. It’s good to have
    some possitve imput, becuse no one else understands how hard this is for me.
    thanks for being a caring person.

  • kitkat

    Thank you so much for you valuable advice. May God bless you forever.
    Every word has has helped me immensley. I am learning to control my fear and it is working. The only problem is that I have high blood pressure and diabetes and when I do get the attack, I feel as though the blood is going to go out of my ears and nose and I start shaking and gasping for air. Please help me deal with this situation. I do not take any medications because both are usually well controlled through food and exercise.
    Thanks a million.

  • Sanja

    Dear Barry,
    thankes you a lot for this letter, it came to me just in right time. This few days I feel so bad. I do not have panic attacks, I suffer from forced thinking and obsessive thoughts. My worst thought is that I am mentally sick or that this my problems are going to be the bigger and in the end that I will loose my reason. Please tell me does this your advices relating to this my problem. I certainly thank you very much and God bless you your book was very helpful for me and I believe that my suffer from these problems is not in vain, but I thank God for it and I believe that this will do a better person from me. Please continue to send me letters.

  • Peter Twomey

    The roughest times are always at home. When I’, busy, at a store, or at work my problem is much more managable. But, put me at home and the anxiety rises. Even the thought of going home makes my anxiety rise. Any thoughts? Anyone lese have this difficulty?

  • Lily

    I am 21 years old and have been battling with these feelings since I was a child. I was so desperate when I came across Panic Away. I was ready to try anything. I thought the whole thing looked like a scam. Even his name sounded a little fabricated. I am an educated person. I have a 4.0 and take my work very seriously. I don’t fall for scams. I was really very hesitant to spend the money on his book. It is quite expensive, but I am so grateful that I found it. I have not had a single panic attack since I started reading the book. I love the emails on days when I forget that there are so many people who feel the way that I do. I appreciate life so much more now that I know what it is to truly live. I know that many do not even think to try to find help until much later in life, I can’t imagine trying to deal with the pain everyday for the rest of my life like so many told me I would. I still have days when the dread starts to creep back in. Today has been one of them, but I just continue the techniques, read the emails, and do my own personal therapies, like yoga. Many of the women who attend my yoga classes have similar anxieties and problems that they have been battling for ages. Not one has found something so successful. They were all very intrigued by Panic away. I would say that it is a must read for everyone, panic sufferers or not.

  • Kim Pike

    Hi there,

    Thank you for sending me the E-mail on panic attacks.
    I have suffered them for 2 years now following a split with a controlling partner.
    I am making a recovery but still not quite there.
    Will be nice to recieve excerpts from panic away.

    Best Wishes


  • Jennifer

    Thank You Barry for your Newsletter, it something I needed to hear, I had been feeling the anxious and nervous feeling, and wondering if I was going to have those feelings for the rest of my life, I even thought maybe there is something else that was causing this, but I know it is due to the anxiety, because I only feel these feelings when I focus on them or think about them, so thank you Barry for giving me more insight, it is always comforting and helps me to understand what I’m feeling and what I need to do to get myself through this, Thanks with the wisdom that God has given you to share with other’s.

  • Debby

    wow thank you Barry.
    I received your mail right now with this excellent advice. Before I opened up your mail, I was having horrible thoughts about going insane and nervous.. about to have a panic attack.. and there was your mail.. poof.. there.. for me to read.
    The relief after reading your words? I cannot thank you enough..
    I am in the beginning stages of your course and cannot wait to learn more. Thank you. hugs

  • Nelly

    I want to thank barry joe for his wonderful words of advice. It is very comforting to hear. I cant thank you enough. God bless you.

  • Maria

    i wake up afraid… i sleep afraid… throughout the day i try my hardest to be relax to not be afraid but the fear within is overpowering i’ve had amazing people tell me im strong enough to overcome it but i fear i fear whats on the other side of this…. ive had panic attacks and manage to control them and when i feel at my highest point i break down in fear is it the feeling of courage of independence of responsibility that breaks me… i dont know all i know is im tired of being afraid im tired of falling into this cycle i will break it because you and my family give me courage because i have decided this fear will not take another day of my life

  • ophelia

    wow!! gosh you had me in tears with the help and all that you said is so true. You are so nice to care for me and what I need. I can assure you that through your sending me what you do…I will never give up!! In fact your so correct on what you know as if you are with me or something its amazing…you do give me hope. I thank you with all my heart and most of all for thinking of me in helping me through this….my goal is to write a success story and I know I am almost there…I will master this if is the last thing I do. A million thanks to you Barry. You are a angel!!


  • Joe De Faria

    Hi Barry,
    Thanks for your continues support.I have been a lot better since my last ordeal a year ago.
    Being in the construction buisness there is no job security,because I built a new house &
    bought a prestige car it trigged my problem.Putting your therapy into motion I now enjoy
    my car, which I was about to sell it back & loose $20,000,I try not worry about were the next
    job will be.But some times my body goes into a nervines feeling,which I have learnt to cope & deal
    with.Thanks once again.

  • val

    hi,Barry,thank u for your care and advises.it is so good to have somebody,who make your life better.thank u for warm attitude.

  • fam

    you are doing a great job…….. man, you are one of the best author, keep up the good work and send me some great tips…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  • ervie

    thanks a lot Barry! you’re a blessing to people like me. I’m doing quite ok now, I’m taking medications and still read your advices. wishing you good health so you can continue to help others…

  • J Hunter

    Hi Barry,

    Thank you for your weekly newsletter. I was diagnosed with anxiety about 12 months ago. Didn’t know what hit me but it was a very terrifying moment in my life. I had had 3 weeks away from work and like your newsletter said that is exactly how I felt. I aliniated most of my close friends as I was too tired to go out and was terrified of all the bodily sensations that i felt every time, I thought of the worst but since I signed up with your newsletter I have tried to deal with every situation by putting into practice what I have read. I still have my moments but at least I can now deal with the situation. I look forward to your newsletter every week.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

  • Alvalene

    Thanks again and again for the reassurance, it is so good to talk to someone who understands. I have heard the words ” PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER ” so many times by those who don’t understand. You have been more help to me than you can imagine, and I am so grateful to you for your help.

  • Linda Harvey

    I want to thank you for the help you are providing for me and others who suffer in this way. I have found it refreshing that someone totally understands how I feel. You are a good man. God Bless

  • kumar maharaj

    dear barry thanks a lot for your precious advice its really recomforting and i have full confidence in what you say its really great to have a friend like you i weish you could visit my country sometime you are most welcome at my place keep in touch regards.

  • annette

    Hello All
    It makes me feel so good to read these posts and to realize I am not alone with my fear. I am so sorry so many people have to deal with this beast, but it is also good to see so many are healing with your program.
    I especially have had to deal with people that do not realize how much I suffer with panic. Only people who suffer KNOW what it is really like to lose all control. To be confined in my apt because I am so engorged with fear, to lose out on social engagements because what if….. Addictive medication almost killed me, it works so well but coming off it was something I hope never to go through again. Now I take an anti depressent (celexa) and an anti seizure medication (neurontin) to keep the anxiety at bay. But as others have said, these are also not the answer. The meds make me feel yucky. And again I am getting addicted to another med. Not as addicting as the benzos were but still a med that will cause problems when I stop taking it.
    Your emails are welcomed, and I am getting better slowly. I am not seeing a therapist because it seemed that his goal was to prove to me that I was not having panic and that what I was feeling was normal.
    Bless you and all the lovely folks that respond to your mailings.

  • Neil Mcfarlane

    THANK YOU BARRY for emailing me and i just want to tell you that i really appreciate your response. You’ ve assisted me with being a bit more comfortable with this condition and i would like hear more of your advice so please feel free to continue emailing me.

  • Linda

    Thanks Barry, I needed your email. My anxiety has not gone away. I have not looked at your program in months and your email reminded me that I need to find it and use it again. Your kindness is very much appreciated. Now I’m going to find the program and start back on it!!

  • reese

    Thank you so much for emailing me it means more to me then you know.. there really need to be more carring people in the world like you.;) thanks.

  • lbrahim

    i cant married and i lose all my friend becouse the social phopia and also cant travel becouse of the airport!! its destroy my life .. thanks for the great words

  • Gabe


    Your latest e-mail was a blessing, since it gave me assurance once more that everyhing will eventually be better (I was having one of those anxiety moments when I received your e-mail). I just need to try harder and follow your advice. All of your e-mails have been very helpful and I greatly appreciate what you’re doing.

    God Bless you.


  • Comet Mekonen

    Thank you so much for helping me with my panic issues, some of the methods you teach me have been instrumental in helping me reshape my life.

  • Julianne

    Thanks for your email, haven’t heard you for a while. Your newsletters are so reassuring and helpful but I wonder if I am gonna go through the rest of my life like this. I live alone now and I hate it. Since I had my first panic attack about a year ago I find that I hate being alone. When I’m in company I forget I suffer from panic attacks because I’m more relaxed. I don’t have severe attacks like some people who are afraid to leave home, I’m the opposite….I hate being at home. It’s really hard not working and having to be in a house all day, but I find that keeping busy really helps. I know someday God will heal me, just got to trust Him and have Faith. I will be praying for my fellow panic attack sufferers also.

  • Tony Kwan

    Dear Barry

    Your program was my first companion since I was inflicted with Anxiety Attack since April 2010. It has always provided me with so much assurances that I am fine, I will be alive, I have nothing to fear, I will grow stronger day by day, I will definitely recover, I am not sick, I am a fighter , I will still wake up well and good the next day inspite of what goes on in my mind. Your program has indeed help me a lot especially the 3rd stage of recovery – PERSISTANT SEALING RECOVERY. It has helped to constantly remind me to grow in strength and confident which I did.

    Finally, I recovered in August 2010 , after 4 months being a “SURVIVOR” and I won the race. By constantly reading your program on a daily basis, I gained strength and recovered.

    PANIC AWAY PROGRAM – It will always be my companion besides my faith in my GOD.

  • ester cantong

    I wish to thank you for your patience in sending those informative E-mails. I really learned a lot and benefitted from it. Please know that all information you’ve been sending me has been shared to my friends.I really appreciate your help. It was also useful in my profession being a guidance counselor.

  • dorina aurellana

    Thank you for the benefits of your efforts. I’m so excited before when i found this site which is very popular especially to agoraphobia or anxiety disorder you know, if i’ll go to office and meet by chance by my office mate or friends somewhere i feel nervous then i can control it now because only myself can control this. I never taking any medicine to relieve my pain. Thanks to you it works! God speed.

  • Liza

    Thanks Joe,
    Thank you for your latest email. It always makes me feel so much more positive when I receive them and wonderful to know that I am not alone. I have been so much better since I received your course but am still not ‘cured’ yet. I still struggle but one move technique helps me alot. And thanks to this new email this also helps and give us courage and confident . You are really a big help to person like us. I want to received more emails from you. I love it so much. Liza

  • Heidi

    Dear Barry, thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging newsletters. Looking back, I think I started having anxiety about 3 years ago when I occasionally felt shortness of breaths. I had many doctor visits, but no one found out my problems. About 8 months ago, I had my first not once but multiple panic attacks. Within a few weeks following my panic attacks, my life was completely upside down. My anxiety was completely out of control, which I thought my life was going to be over. I was going crazy and thought I was going to die in any seconds. I eventually had to take time off from work because I was afraid to go anywhere with the fear that I would go crazy in any moment. During a 2 months period when I was out from work, I took medications as well as received countless counsels from different psychotherapists, but my situation seemed to get worse instead of better. After going through like hell for about 5 weeks, I decided to read books and looked up online for anxiety information, which I happened to come across your website. Within 4 weeks, I read through 10 books as well as many online resources related to anxiety. When I began to educate myself more about anxiety, I found out I was diagnosed with agoraphobia. Then I started to do learn how cope with my problem such as breathing correctly, practicing meditations, doing yoga, and training my mind to think cognitively, lastly but not least, trying to slow down myself a bit by getting more sleep and not to be too harsh on myself. Amazing, within a few weeks, I was able to control my anxiety without the help of pills. I was able to go back to work shortly afterward. From time to time, my anxiety still comes back especially when I am under stresses. Sometimes, I still get depressed and wonder why it keeps coming back?? However, I think I am getting better and better each time when I had to re-deal with my anxiety.

    Again, THANK YOU so much for what you have done for all of us and those who are dealing with similar problems. Your encouragement words remind us that it is ok to have anxiety and that can only make us become stronger people.

  • mohanned

    thx again fir your concern ,it helped alot, at least i feel that i have someone who are realy understands wht i been experincing . all i want is just keep on communicating with me always ,so i feel that im not lonely

    most porfound thx

  • Melissa

    Hey thank you very much. You’ve just made me feel better about myself haha. I wasn’t going toread it because anxiety is the last thing I want to be thinking of but as I kept going a smile started to appear on my face. Once again thank you. I don’t feel lonely as I used to. Thank you 🙂

  • Arup Kumar Bhattacharya

    Dear Sir,

    These are really very helpful to me. I am greatful to you and extend my heartfelt gratitude for your valuable support. Please keep guiding me in future also so as to keep my anxiety under control and learn more from you.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Stephan

    Barry, thank for this website and informative information you send through to me, I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride since last year November thoughts of dying, fear losing control, strange symptoms right through my entire body…..it was sometimes scary what anxiety could do to your body. I’ve been placed on medication for 4 months by a psychiatrist and therapy at the psychologist. Your post know and then kept me positive to look ahead for a better future and to become a stronger person through this all. All has been going okay the last couple of weeks and could only get better.

  • marck

    Barry sir, your really great I feel on top of situation every time I read your E-mail, yes keep it up GOD SPEED and more POWER sir…

  • Adams

    You have really helped me through your texts.My panic attacks are almost gone .I am knowing battling with being sometimes over anxious.
    God bless you.

  • Haiasblacky

    hey thanks sooooooo much for ur messages acutally when i be share to u that is for someone i know he is a football player and me too am a student we have same things about panic that is why i entered to ur website for i get less panic and him too if u can help us in this i would be so thanks and glad for this …

  • Haiasblacky

    Thanks alot for u messages no it is ok if u send to me but i would tell u that when i enter to ur web site we have a painc cuz am not alone i have someone with me have same things am a student i havea painc when am talking in front of many students and but the other one has a pain he is a football player he has painc while he is playing am glad if u can help us for this

  • Manish Naidu

    I want to thank Barry personally for the free and very helpful advice about panic and anxiety attacks! I really enjoy reading the emails and it is SO wonderful to receive them free of charge

  • Tammy Gibbons

    Thanks Barry, I am so grateful for this. I am generally well but want to try your new technique. As I have a little problem here and there. Also I am still trying to convince a very religious friend to at least try your methods.

    Her family keeps telling her she is depressed but I am sure what she discribes to me is anxiety and GAD.

    I am so thankful for Panic Away. I thank God!

  • kathy vertrees

    Thank you for contacting me. I feel good that I have not been forgotten. I still suffer from anxiety everyday with a nervous stomach and butterflies. Think too much which brings on more anxiety. I know I am OK – I’ve been living through each day but there are lots of reasons why I am so anxious. Not real sure of my self, worry about relation with husband, etc. Afraid to be by myself because I do think too much about things.

    Thank you so much for contacting me. Look forward to receiving your excerpts.

  • Aileen44

    Barry thank you for all your help with your e-mails. At the begining of this year i had my first panic attack and i didn’t know what was happening i was on my own and i felt like i was going to die. As the time went on i was suffering from more and more attacks and they were becoming more frequent. I was getting up to four attacks in a day. I was taking lexotan and prozac which my doctor prescribed for me. I was highly addicted to lexotan and felt if i didn’t have these tablets i would get an attack and die. I found your emails very helpful in my recovery i have not taken any medication in over three months and i have not had a panic attack in three months. I had three sessions of hypnotherapy which i feel i am cured from panic attacks, i can go anywhere now and i have more confidence than i ever had. Your help gave me light on the days where i couldn’t face people and gave me hope and there is help and cures out there for panic attacks, i found everyday a struggle, Thank you

  • Michael

    Hi Barry,

    Thank you for remembering me. I really need some support. My life is up and down. I need to be headed in the right direction.

    Thank you.

  • Simone Tara Glare

    Hi Barry,
    Thank You for taking the time to connect with me about Anxiety,
    Its refreshing to know I’m not alone.
    Ive been suffering with Acute Anxiety for 13 years, I’m on prescription medication, to ease the dread of my panic… My whole family on my mums side has some sort of mental illness, i through my depression and anxiety have in the past resorted to self harm, which i’m totally not proud off.
    I found through out my life having an anxiety disorder, makes it hard to have healthy relationships, Ive just met a man that i love so deeply and i wont let my anxiety win…
    its amazing how many people actually suffer from this horrible illness…
    I will look forward to hearing from you again, and I’m interested in your methods of becoming anxious free, that will be the biggest gift i could ever receive apart from the lord…God bless you…..

  • Annlouise

    Hi Barry thank you so much for your letter, it helps me so much I am doing alot better at the minute which is good, i have lost some friends because they thoguht i was FAKING the attack and just wanted attention but there gone and its a big weight off my shoulders. You make me belive in my self and that i will get over this thanks.

  • Gary

    God Bless you Barry,i,ve suffered this crazy sickness for 40 years and everything you wrote is so true,and to others out there i want to say it won’t kill you but it is at times make you feel like your in a pit of hell,but i well tell you also that the more you work on yourself and fight back it well not eat you up,so get up and fight cause this is the way you well win.and please do what your doctor says,Barry as openned a door here so take advantage and listen to him.God Bess you all.please keep holding on,you can win.Gary

  • Manuel

    Thanks for all the support that you bring to the people as you said it´s hard almost imposible to find someone that can understand you, this is more than support group , in my case I´ve learned many things to control my selft and make my life normal at least learn to live whit this sometimes, I feel much better and I hope many people whom visit this page can put panic away from a long time !!!!!

  • Grace

    Dear Barry
    I’m very grateful for the wonderful encouragement i received from your letters. It was actually a sister that had the panic disorder. She can now sleep in her house with her children. It was bad but she is getting over it. Thank you very much

  • tina

    thank you so much for writting to me,i really appriciate that..i make use of all the advice i get from you and ithas helped me so much,i found your website exactly 2weeks after my first panic attack which landed me in E&A and i thought it was a heart attacks since i never heard of the word “PANICK ATTACK” before then..it was all strange to me i did not believe that i will ever feel okey again and those were the worst 2weeks of my life but after reading your emails i got to understand what i was going through thou nobody else around me did,i became the expert of myself..am so greatfull and plz keep on writting it gives me hope..i still do get the panic attacks and enxiety but with your information i know how to deal with it when it strikes..al thou i still feel like am goin to die each and every day..and i thank God almighty for giving you the courage and heart to help others.

    i usually get nightmares about dead people could this be part of my enxiety or is it because of the LEXAPRO that am taking?

    GOD bless you

  • Kim

    If I had a million dollars to give you barry, I so would!!! From reading your articles, and through prayer I have improved soooo much!! You have made my life so much more enjoyable!! I always look forward to reading your emails. Thank you so much for your advice, you truly are an amazing soul!!

  • Claudine

    Bonjour Barry,

    Last night i had a major panic attack, i had not had one in months…not of this intensity, my body would not stop overeating, my arms were numd, my head dazed, my stomach had trembles, and bad nausea…to tell you the truth i have no idea where it came from, i was sitting working on the computer and bang…i felt the hot flashes and trembling in my stomach…it got bad to the point i called 911….usually i can calm down, and talk myself down…but nothing worked, i even took 2 calming pills and nothing…i started lowering my Effexor Xr since the 14th of oct 2010…but all was going great…last night is a mystery to me, and really scares me…is there something wrong with me, oris it really just anxiety coming back, but stronger…when i think all is moving forward to better days, i get hit with a ton of bricks.
    I would really appreciate and need your imput on this Barry, and is this normal…
    Thank you for all your help ! ! !

  • Silvana Harris

    Hi Barry Since I first got your letters, I have come a long way, in the beginning I was having everything you told me I would have and feel, but now 8 months later I can actually see the other side of the storm,
    I still have my anxiety on off but thanks to you I now know how to control it, and it pretty much goes away quiet quickly. Also my panic attacks are gone completely I feel like a different person, as I’m no longer scared to go anywhere. So thankyou so much for your letters they continue to change my life, and yes please send more.

    Silvana Harris

  • Shiralee

    Barry thank you so much for taking the time out to offer such encourangement to us all.Even though you are so far from me in South Africa i really feel as though there is someone close who understands. May you be blessed with great things.

  • Louise

    Thank you for restoring my life back to normal, until I had reached and read your panicaway website,
    I reallly didn’t understand what was going on. I blamed menopause and thyroid problems and had no idea that I was living in a totally anxious state. Thank you for all your insight, information and care.
    I am now back to driving my car and feeling “normal” once again. Love and Light to you Barry, you have shown me how to take charge of my life, when I was truly lost! Thank you for showing me the way. 🙂

  • Nikki

    Hi Barry, Thanks for your email. I had forgotton I had contacted you, and so glad to hear from you. I have ended up going on Medication somthing I didnt want to do, but in the end had no choice, if I wanted to continue to leed some sort of normal life. I still hate going out, socially I have gone from being the funny outgoing girl to someone who is home bound and has nothing to talk about. I try and hide it from most people, but my closest friends know. I had to tell them because they were wondering why I wasnt attending dinner parites etc. Barry Id love your help, turning 40 in Feb and dont they say life begins at 40. Any readers that live on the south coast of NSW id love to hear from you. Nikkix

  • Tyler

    Wow, ur anazing. I can’t thank u enough for the help and ur creative way of thinking to help people out with this scary and real experience. Lucky for me though, is my mom has them too, so we both are there for each other in those scary, desperate times in need. I literally have lost my strange phobia I had 8 mos. ago THANKS TO YOU!! God Bless!

  • Tyler

    Wow, ur amazing. I can’t thank u enough for the help and ur creative way of thinking to help people out with this scary and real experience. Lucky for me though, is my mom has them too, so we both are there for each other in those scary, desperate times in need. I literally have lost my strange phobia I had 8 mos. ago THANKS TO YOU!! God Bless!

  • Yesefa

    Hi, I must say it hasn’t been easy at all trying to go through life with anxiety and the loneliness that comes with it.Having to wind yourself everyday to be able to go through a normal day.Being faced with the misconceptions and insensitivity of the people around you.Fighting everyday to regain control over your life, to try to smile to even manage a hollow laughter…It truly hasn’t been easy but you are right.
    It has made me a more understanding person,making me more able and willing to listen to the needs of others.It’s even giving me a new path in life- not being able to get help from anyone around is something I’ve faced.Not everyone will be as lucky as I am to find you.The question is,”who would be there for them”?
    I have been beaten,crushed and belittled by GAD but I STILL have one thing… LIFE and THAT makes a difference…because, so far as I’m still alive, I’ll keep fighting,fighting for my rights.My right to happiness and a healthy life,a peaceful soul,a life free from worry(it is not free of worry but free from worry),for me to wake up and be happy to be alive and to look forward to a beautiful day!That’s what I’ll keep fighting for so that I’ll be there for others when they need me.
    I may be down now but so far as there’s life,there’s hope for the future…thanks Barry for being there!

  • Darko

    I want to thank you for all the advices and tell you that you helped me so much really…

    i think there is just a little of anxiety to be resolved and to be perfect…


  • Barry Astrauskas

    Hi Joe,
    Barry here. Please keep in touch with the e – mails cos they are of some help to me. It has been some time since u last messaged me, but u being in touch recently has come at a time when i am more Anxious at this time of year. Not because it’s Christmas….but because of the dark nights.

    I am a Gulf War Veteran too and i am speaking to people about my combat stress. But my combat stress and the Anxiety attacks at times are different from each other. I could be sitting at home watching the t.v and then i feel anxious for no apparent reason.

    I know that Anxiety is all in the mind but i feel that at my age ( 36 ) i should not be going through these problems. I should have not a care in the world, but i wish that was the case. So Joe, please keep in touch with good advice and support cos i feel it’s what i need just now.

    With Compliments….


  • Mike

    Thanks alot for these newsletters i feel almost 100 percent better because of it it made me relize i am OK! Thanks again!

  • justin

    hey barry thanks so much for that, it really helped me you are a great friend and are a awesome person i thank you for all you do. may god bless you in all you do… you are helping to make a differents in peoples lives everyday..

  • Marcelle "Marti" Scott

    My daughter & I down loaded the book. And honestly I have only skimmed over it. My daughter found you by accident. But of all the CDs & books I have ordered. I can’t believe how easy you made it for me to stop panic. I’m doing at least 80% better. I suffer from agoraphobia, but I believe that will be gone soon also. I’ve been going places with my daughter I thought I would never go. Staying alone is no longer a problem for me. And it’s so simple. Just invite it, who would have ever thought?
    When we ordered the book we didn’t realize we could have gotten the rest for 20.00 dollars more. If I could order the rest for the difference, I would love to have the CDs & such.
    But at any rate thank you. You have helped me & my daughter more than you’ll ever know. Never thought it would be so easy!!!! God Bless you!

  • Janie

    Hello, thanks for thinking of me. I am half way through your program I purchased and it is an eye opener. Since May 2010, I started taking Lexapro, 1st 10mg and now on 20mg and I have my life back. I have never felt better. This medication balances the chemical imbalance in the brain and it sure helped me. My fear of life is gone, I can entertain with ease and love it. Your program and my courage and ambition for life is all positive. Thank you, God bless, keep up the good work.


  • Jane

    Dear Barry
    Thanks a lot. Whenever I feel low, I keep reading the testimonials. Feel sorry that there are so many suffering from this problem. But God has heard our prayers as he has sent you as a friend to help others. God bless you with a very long life so you keep helping inspirng people all over the world. Thanks a lot. God bless.

  • Mazhar Ali Khan

    Thanks for your email. I appreciate your help and guidence and request you to keep me on your mailing list as your sugessions are always very helpful for me.I read them carefully and pray for your happiness.

  • Milette Cruz

    Dear Joe,

    Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate so much your program. It helps me a lot…but I need to tell you that my panic attack go back from time to time but it’s more manageable..Thanks for your help.

  • Renee de Smidt,South Africa

    Thank you for your email,
    I will appreciate more help regarding my panic etc.
    Any advice is welcome,
    Thank you

  • Marj

    Thank you for your emails, especially the recent one. I am so encouraged and grateful to hear a consoling advice from you. Truly it’s a nice feeling that there are some people understand what I am experiencing. I am not alone. Realization that I say to myself, “No one can understand you, unless they already experienced it.” I am only 18 years old, a student, and I usually get stressed out in my studies (I’m in college with a stressful math subjects at school) and the effect is, hyperventilation then panic attack.. I experienced those since when I was 9. It will occur at least twice a year before, but recently it occur almost everyday last 3 months ago.. it’s really hard to forget what I experienced at school, at home and sometimes in a mall before.. All I can do is to cry because of the loneliness I am feeling. Being Anxious really hinders me from being happy about my life. I should not let it conquer my life. Thank you very much for all the advice again. It really also helped me overcoming those things little by little. It’s a relief. May God bless you ALWAYS and Forever! 🙂

    Thanks a lot! Godspeed!
    -Marj ^_^

  • usu

    thanks for your valuable information and possiblities in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. I will aprreciate to get further support in this area

  • steven

    Thanks Barry, your newsletters and coarse material is so motivating. I’m getting on with my life, just getting out there and dealing with my anxiety better. It’s still bothers me at times but knowing that I’m not alone and have the support is a huge boost, thank you.

  • Nenad Mešič

    Barry I tank you for jour briliant words.My english it’s not so god but I will try.My panic atac started almos 2 years ago and i tryn to defet it I’m in a good progres.I wana to say you that your work is worthed a Nobel Price for peace.The panic atacks it’s like my worst nightmere. I don’t wana get infected enymore like I was in first month of my ilnes.It was a hard but I geting progres now.The time it’s heal the wounds.Thank you.-Nenad-

  • James

    My anxiety had been growing, and it had erupted a few times into full-blown, shivering-cold-fear-of-death-teeth-chattering-fists-clenched-shallow-breathing attacks. I was going one day at a time, one hour at a time, hoping the attacks wouldn’t hit. I’m a school teacher, and dreaded the sensations that would hit me throughout the day, the sensations that struck fear in my mind.

    Then, I found your website, your words, your logic about this anxiety. And you helped me put anxiety in it’s proper place……a figment of my imagination. And, now I’m free.

    Yeah, sometimes, I get stressed and feel the old friend creep into my life, but with your ways, they quickly fade away, and peace and calm come back to me.

    Thank you, Barry. You are so blessed to have helped so many people. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • A.Prabhavathi

    I am very much thank to u, i am suffering lot of problems and facing difficulties in my personal work ,yet now i didn’t sucess in my life so many times i will be anxiety .when i read Ur notes .its vey useful to me.

  • laura

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks you very much for writing me again. I value every letter you send me, I love reading them. It’s like you really know how I feel. They make me feel good to know that i’m not alone feeling these things. Pls keep writing me.. Thanks!!! You are God send.

  • boss from iraq

    hi dr.barry..
    i think that the word (thank) isnt enough for you and your staff
    you are the best person who knows the meaning of panic attacks
    may ALLAH bless you as you helping the wounded spirits.

    kind regards

  • busa rabia

    thanks for the amazing advice,and its really nice og you to help out and do it just for the good of it because you understand, atleast people that have panic disorder know there are people like you out there that understand and give out newsletters like you did!! it was a big help and like youve said the panic gave me strength and im stronger giving out the fact i feel more experienceed with pain because ive lived with pain for more then 3 years, lived with fear; and by becoming part of the news letter it gave me more help..thanks alot

  • Astrid

    Hi Barry Joe,

    I want to thank you for all the wonderfull tips, words, and mentoring you have mail me.
    It was a great experience, you did helped me and others arround me, with this problem.
    Thanks again for all those letters who was a great relief.


  • Helena

    First of all, I want to thank you for your e-mails, and your dedication to help people.
    I am 38 and GAD with panic attacks were diagnosed about six, or seven years ago, It started with some stressfull period in my life, my doctor prescribed me Xanax, and I started to go out, with reduced symptoms. I started to work again, to go shopping, to go out. But when I look back, I think that can`t say that I free myself from Xanax. All these years I carried it in my bag. Yes, I am perfectly aware that panic attacks won`t kill me, but I still not have enough courage to say googbuy to Xanax. Actually, last year I had some merriage problems, and my going out fears started again. Dizziness, sweating, heart bitting, calculating when Xanax has maximum influence on my symptoms to safely go out. I am perfectly aware that I`m not ill, but still I have very strong negative anticipate thoughts what would happen if I go out, or if I stay longer in a walk. Yes, I`m going to weddings, caffes, market, but I`m avoiding busees, or, everything I can avoid. Than, I`ve heard for you, and I strated to practice your counting technique, and it works, but still with Xanax…
    I`m asking myself what is the clue: to solve my merriage problems, to become satisfied person after so long, and it will solve my panic attacks.. Or, first to solve this GAD and stressfull symptoms when I`m going out. Somehow I think is very connected… although I`m educated, succesfull bussiness women and dedicated mother….
    Thanks once again for your effort to teach others what you have been struggling, too.

  • Andrew Turner

    Barry, i thought i wanted to finally reply to your posts as they supported me greatly and just to see the case studies on your website, blew me away. I had seen numerous doctors and specialists as my symptoms were varied and not one of them suggested anxiety associated with panic attacks. I was on my own in Europe when, after arriving in Prague i had the panic attack from hell. I went to the hospital, the fifth visit for me in the previous four years, and yet again i got the same results. So i doctor googled it and found your website, thank you, thank you. What a blessing. It was a gift and the beginning of my transformation. I now know that my anxiety is/was a gift as i am more body aware. My anxiety came from grief or lack of it and i had shut down emotionally. Upon doing your exercises and taking on my symptoms i had a major cathartic experience(s) and i went into breakdown, crying etc, if you will, for several weeks. If i had not gone to Europe and totally out of my comfort zone i may have still been struggling to this day. But i am not and thanks to you and your method of treatment/awareness i am a better stronger person today,more than ever. As they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and anxiety doesn’t kill it is a gift, thank you again and again, yaahoo

  • Barbara

    Dear Barry:
    Thank you for your e-mail. Please continue to e-mail me.
    I’ve been tormented by panic attacks since 4 years and completely burnt out because of tremendously stressful events in my life that hit me both spiritually and physically. I’m afraid I’m loosing my internal strength that has allowed me to cope with my rapidly deteriorating physical condition caused by my severe anxiety, for which I couldn’t find cure/help despite many desperate medical attempts.
    I try to keep my hope, and I pray….
    With all due respect and gratitude,
    Ps: English is my second language.

  • shaharyar

    thanks sir for your valuable advice,its really helpful not many people are lucky enough to find your advise in my city,i share with my friend about your tips& advise,
    thanks a lot,

  • kamal khatiwada

    Thanks for giving me positive advice. i don’t know i am ok or not but i am feeling at least some positive things. Many times negative feelings atticks on my mind, but i am starting to control over them.some bad dreams and frostation still attacking me………..and i am the citizen of one poor country so i don’t have proper internate access.i want to read your treatment advice but i have not enough money so if it is free of cost i want to read it once .

  • margaret hanley

    Thank you for emails and the awareness you have of panic /anxiety attacks.It is a great comfort to know the awful symptoms of panic are so common and not exclusive to me.keep up the good work and keep sending the emails.Margaret

  • Julio Reyes

    Thanks for your email, its hard to understand that the panic attacks are not harmful and the problem is not a dead sentence. please keep us in contact your words are really helpful to maintain courage.
    God Bless You.

  • Julio Reyes Mendieta

    Thanks for your email, its hard to understand that the panic attacks are not harmful and the problem is not a dead sentence. please keep us in contact your words are really helpful to maintain courage, i really apreciates your comments. God Bless You.

  • Lynne

    i ran across barry’s site while in the middle of a panic attack. before i had even read the info on the home page, i was feeling better. i ordered the program, practiced it faithfully thru a few more mild attacks and in what now seems like an overnight miracle, the attacks ceased. i have not had even an inkling of anxiety since. this program is quick, clear, concise and most importantly, IT WORKS! thank you so much, barry! letting you know that you changed my life is an understatement.

  • Monica

    “People Do Not Understand How You Feel…”

    The above statement says it all. Many years ago I experienced severe PA’s over several months. Had no idea what was going on with me. Those around me just didn’t understand, this included family and friends.

    Comments, were like, “Oh, just get over it”, “pull your socks up”, “shake it off”, “it can’t be that bad?”, “what’s your problem?”, “you must be hiding something”, “what don’t you want us to know about?”, “you’re such an upbeat confident person, what’s the matter with you?”, “you’re just being silly” “there’s nothing to be scared of”…….

    Went to see someone who was extremely helpful. He managed to get me off meds in a short period of time and I actually overcame my PA’s for 15 years.

    A few years ago my brother started experiencing PA’s and ended up losing his job because of it. He went through counceling and meds (still on them) and has improved dramatically.

    Until he walked a mile in my shoes, he never understood how terrifying this all could be. Guess what I’m trying to say, is no one can fully understand unless they have experienced it for themselves. (Not that I would ever wish this on anyone).

    Doctors know the symptoms and hand out the meds based on those symptoms, just to put a bandaid on the issue but never wanting to deal with it. The most experience they have with PAs or anxiety is from medical books and journals.

    When I first started with PA’s my doc just kept pumping me full of meds. Told me I was under stress and take some time off of work. I was so over medicated, I did not know who I was and couldn’t even leave my house. The solution, more meds………

    Well, my 15 years of being PA free ended a couple of years ago.

    Just wanted to give “thanks” to Barry for the opportunity for all of us to communicate with each other and for the moral support. This wasn’t around 15 years ago. It makes a big difference not feeling so alone and not being misunderstood.


    Thank You Barry for the newsletter. It really help me alot, and I want to continue getting your emails. Im still having a few anxieties, but I learn how to control it, because of all the positive thoughts you have given me. God Bless you always.Thank You!

  • Ken Robinson

    Thanks for writing and by all means send me anything you want, cause I’ll read with great interest for everything you say definetly makes alot of sense. It’s been more than six months since the panic away program has come into my life and thankyou. My many attempts to help my anxtious times to not become a major event has definetly been helped by all your informative ways to ask for more and to embrase the moment. Thanks for helping in the fear factor and thanks for giving me the tools to understand. Ken

  • Cindy

    Everything that is said in these newsletters is exactly how I was and still sometimes feel. I am coming out a stronger person and they made me realise one thing. Iv all the violence and abuse I have put up with in my life from a young child, out of all that the biggest fear I carried around was my own. I am my worst own enemy. The past cannot hurt me now but my own fear can if I let it. These emails is what kept my going insane I think. So thankyou so much. If it wasnt for your help I dont know what I would of done. Noone else understood and I though I was going luney. Thankyou.

  • Lorena

    I want to thank you for your program, when i had the anxiety attack i didnt know what was wrong with me i though i had something or i was going to did and i was scare. untill i saw your program and tryed it. it help me a lot and maed me understand what it was. ones again thank you.

  • madeline pannell

    thank you so so much for panic away, i have felt wonderful since joining,i am very happy now, at first when i felt unwell, i just kept reading your emails over and over again,and did what they said,and now i can cope with nearly everything, once again thankyou.

  • Grace de Leon

    hello barry,
    I have had panic attacks since 2003 and was under medication (xanor and seroxat). I took that until 2008. I was okay all throughout that time. I was able to enjoy my life and be healthy (I joined a gym and ate healthy). From 2008 until june 2010, I was able to be free of panic and medications. But this july 2010, I got a lot of depressing and terrifying news, one after another. I thought I could handle it but I am starting to also feel tightness on my chest that won’t go away unless I drink painkillers. I am also having palpitations and starting to be afraid of everything. I have normal blood pressure but I am afraid that this constant fear and anxiety would elevate it and kill me. That is my fear for now. I am also doubting myself if I can do it without medications as I have done for 2 years now. Honestly, I don’t want to be under medications again. I hope to do it naturally. But this constant fear of me dying because of high blood pressure due to anxiety and stress is paralyzing me. Help me be enlighten.
    I would wait for your response. Thanks.

  • Tala

    Thanks for the lovely and helpful email i recieved , its been pleasure reading it for more then once as it eased me alot . i am not good in expressing myself in writing but thanks again i really appreciate your reply .
    Best Regards, Tala

  • Astha

    Barry, Its been wonderful Recieving ur Mail. Thanks so much for such a wonderful advice for free.
    Im thankful to u as it is really helpful. Doesn’t matter where i am but had helped me.
    Thanks Once again,

  • pradeep

    Dear Joe Berry

    whatever you shared here you just win my heart. I don’t know whether you manage to read this comment or not, I would like to share other colleagues that I have the same amazing fears and distress unreasonably..I had almost lost the power and will to live. As Joe said, anxiety is part of our life , as day is complimentary to night anxiety is complimentary to happiness..we have to accept it rather than rejecting it. It will definetly make us even more strong and powerful.
    Good analysis and suggestions Joe!
    Thanks from heart.

  • anthony littrell


  • phides mburia

    hi Barry,
    may the lord God bless you abundantly for your generous and wise counsel.
    i have learnt a new thing today, that i should accept anxiety as part of me and move forward.

  • Claudine

    Thank you Mr. Barry. This course has helped me so much I have been able to help others. I feel like I have more control over my life and am not afraid to go out anymore. There are still times when I feel overwhelmed (like in a large crowd, or surrounded by loud noises) but I can handle myself fair enough.
    I just had to say thanks. I know you probably hear this a lot, but, you have made a great difference in my life.

  • consuelo tolentino

    thank you for you advice and for reaching out.hope to here more from you sir joe berry.thanks alot consuelo

  • Jane

    It wasn’t the aspartame (although that is carcinogenic), it was the caffeine in cola. ALL caffeine causes anxiety and depression. Diet plays a huge part in anxiety. Also ALL pharmaceutical drugs can cause horrendous suffering with anxiety and depression and should be avoided even antibiotics especially things like Flagyl which is horrendous. Even over the counter medicines can do it. Also most people’s yeast/bacteria balance is out because of antibiotics and you should drink lots of probiotic drinks like Yakult and eat a non yeast/sugar diet of meat (not processed), vegetables and eggs for a while.

    I began having panic attacks at a very early age and I have learnt so much about how to look after myself. Don’t drink or smoke either, VERY bad for anxiety.

  • Anne

    Hi there Barry.
    I dont know how to thank you, i am 33 years old, ive had anxiety since i was 21. I look back on life, an my god i struggled. No one understood, at first i didnt understand me, before i had anxiety i lived life to the fullest, id challenge myself and tried new things, when i got anxiety that stopped. I remember going to the doctors for the first time about it, they didnt really know much about it either, which made me feel worse, they tried giving me tranqulizers, which “freaked” me out more. I was a solo mum, i couldnt go to the park, or enjoy my daughters performances, this is the part of my anxiety i really do regret….it effected my daughter.
    Over the years, ive tried self help programs, reading info on anxiety etc… none of these helped. I felt that this was going to rule my life for ever. As my daughter got older, i was working full time, this was also a struggle, i am a social worker, i often found myself in situations thinking, “How can i be a good social worker when i have a “mental health” problem that i cant resolve”?
    Then i got offered a new job, meaning new pathways, and advancing in my career, i remember thinking, i can do this, but i am scared, as my anxiety is going to fault my performance. This is when i found your program. My god someone else is actually explaining anxiety as i know it to be, there is someone out there that understands it… I read through your program, and became excited, this was new.
    I entered into my new job, i went to my interview, i survived with the help of your program, i didnt panic, i felt it coming on, and told my anxiety to bring it!!! Huh and it didnt, it actually worked.
    So i got my job and i was doing well with it, around three weeks ago, i had to do a presentation infront of around 30 people in a small room, no windows and it is summer. All the ingrediants i needed for a full on panic.
    Around 10 min before going in, i became anxious, i had sweaty palms, and a dry mouth. I was thinking, well if it happens ill just walk out. I got into the room, we had to do a round of introductions, this went well, i became comfortable, i stood up and done my presentation, i made sense and i didnt freak out!!! it was a success.
    I know that my anxiety can come and visit at any time, the difference within me, is that i am not afraid of it.

    Thankyou so much for my new life….

  • Con

    Hello bazza,I honestly can’t remember sighning up
    For your news letter, buy anyway.
    It’s quite amazing that you are offering free advice for
    Us unfortunate people who have this panic disorder.
    Because let’s face it there’s alot of people out there
    Trying to make a quick buck with cures(ass holes).
    I’ve been a victim for 25 years and only got help,so
    Called professional 3 years ago. A psychiatrist who
    Prescribed LEXAPRO, have been on it since.
    It has worked,has it fixed the problem, NO.
    I don’t experience random attacks anymore but
    If I fly or find myself in a place I’ve never been before
    That would probably bring it on. Hence the fact I’ve
    Never travelled over seas.
    What do you think,Barry.
    Is there a cure?????

    Regards Con

  • Katrine

    Thank you for your newsletter – it reminded me that it has now been 3 years since my last full blown panic attack and I have you to thank for it. The techniques you taught me has meant that I no longer have to live my life in the shadow of anxiety. This is a gift – thank you.
    All the best to you and to the others out there who know what a panic attack is like.

  • Lisa-Marie

    I am a psychologist who works primarily with children but I suffer from anxiety myself. I wouldn’t describe my attacks as full-fledged because of my training in CBT, I know enough to know I won’t faint or have a heart attack but it’s still distressing to feel you’re losing control of your anxiety. I skeptically downloaded the program thinking “Here we go again, another pop-psychology method with no proven results” and was astonished how it worked for me and I think I can introduce it to kids rather easily using the metaphores of the waves and rollercoasters. It’s really helped me also de-pathologize what I was going through…There’s a special kind of self-loathing that comes with the fact of being a trained mental professional and having issues yourself. You feel like you need to cure yourself in order to be good at what you do and if you don’t, you feel ashamed. I hope what people get out of this program and these blogs is that there really is something about mind over matter and that the human brain is astonishing. It may plays us bad tricks at some points but usually it is just as clever in finding a solution…



  • Irene Menendez

    I want to thank you. Over two years ago I ordered your book Panic Away book. Before that I could not fly in a plane that did not have a row in the middle. It had to be a wide body only. I would have to pay extra to make sure I was on such a plane. I always made sure I was the last passenger on. That way I would not have to wait as long for the plane to take off. I had to take Valium before I flew. After reading your book over and over, practically memorizing it, now I can get on any airplane and be first on without a problem. I can’t thank you enough. It really works

  • Tatiana

    Hi Barry, thank you very much for your “follow up”. I used to look around at people and think to myself – how come they are all normal, and I am so unfortunate to have these panic attacks and anxieties. After reading these stories I feel not that isolated. There are other people around having fears of using elevators, being in planes… I’m still working on my problems, but your “Panic Away” course helped a lot. Thanks to all people for sharing their stories – it helps to evaluate my fears better.

  • Archie Wilson Jr.

    Hello brother,

    I purchased your program when it was a .pdf book only. You know the one with a person wearing goofy looking goggle’s as they sky dive. Was that your picture? Have had victory over Panic from the moment I began putting what it says to “Practice”. When I forgot, I would re-read and practice again. Victory is mine!

    Afterwards I purchased a new improved hard copy as a present for a friend. However I recommend suffering victims purchase their own copy. The free advice is great, the site is awesome, but purchasing the material gives an extra incentive to put the MOVE on panic.

    Now I also can wear “goofy looking goggles” with confidence!

    Many thank’s,

  • Christine

    Aha! You *are* real 🙂 LOL…Maybe. I tried to email you and respond to your latest email but it kicked it back to me. So here I am on your blog comment.

    This is actually the first time I’ve heard from you since I purchased your Panic Away program, I think a couple of years ago…

    I have read through the material several times and have found it quite helpful. In fact, I find it is a wonderful adjunct to my “spiritual practice.” Parts of your methodology sound very similar to “eastern” philosophies of awareness, and being present to the fear and anxiety as it arises, allowing it and meeting it as it is. I was wondering if your background includes any kind of eastern practice, such as Buddhism, as I seem to pick up on this in your writing? And are you a “therapist”? Do you actually see clients?

    My personal experience is that “panic attacks” and “general anxiety” have not been “eliminated;” no matter what system I use. But your program offers a really good understanding of the “anxiety loop” and provides a way to be with the anxiety as it occurs without ‘panicking’ 🙂

    Thanks for your email. I look forward to more 🙂 Christine – aka – “Colleen” 🙂

    PS – please don’t feel like you have to publish this, but I wanted to respond to your email…

  • Desaree

    I want to sincerely thank you for not only checking up and emailing fee advice, but for defining anxiety like no other program. I have been anxiety free, but to be honest, sometimes I get scared reading advice because I don’t want to remember how it was to have it. But you make it easy to read it and understand that it’s nothing that can’t be fixed and cured. It’s now a reminder that everything is and will be okay. So I thank you for being so understanding and publishing your advice.

  • alison

    just like to say a big thank you…. the second i finished reading your book i have not had another panic attack ever!!!!!!!!!! ive had the build ups but accepted them and encourage them and then they just go away. so i thank you again and encourage any body that suffers to give this a read i have passed my book on and it has helped 3 of my friends…. life changing ………..

  • linda

    hi barry
    I really have to thank you for your panic away program. I had only recently started having panic attacks (inc hospitalisation for chest pains) when i subscribed to your plan and i cant tell you how much it helped. The attacks, which were seriously starting to concern me and affect my daily activities, pretty much stopped once i put your steps into action. I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I still feel the anxiety creep up on me at times but now i have the power to send it packing and its a great feeling!! So thanks again for your help and not letting this tiny part of myself take control of my life. I wish everyone else suffering from the same anxiety the peace they deserve.

  • Guy

    thanks for that wonderful email. I really appreciate the words and wisdom you expressed. And please don’t worry about the name – David is actually my father and he ordered the book for me which I loved. So my name is actually Guy! 🙂 I have suffered from panic attacks since I was 9 years old and genuinely appreciate the honesty and respect you give to people who suffer from such things. The timing of that email was astounding and I look forward to reading it several times over.

    All the best with the next season of your endeavours and bless you heaps,


  • julian

    i would like to thank you for the panic away program , it made a huge difference to me , i cant say the panics went away but what i read made a huge difference to me , the problems i had now become rational and by have that understanding made dealing with it so much easier .
    a great program and a fantastic was to rationalise what was happening . i went from shutting myself away to being able to just get on with things .
    for that it is impossible to say thank you enough , i wasnt mad but just someone dealing with lifes problems and now getting on with things and able to eal with them .
    a thousand thank yous for brilliant work


  • Martha

    Thank you very-very much for your newsletter! I am in dept to you for your help, you book has helped me enormously, my panic attacks stopped a year ago after practicing your methods! These days, due to personal problems they are back…. I am determined to not let them ruin my life again. Thank so much for your useful advice and help. I wish you all your heart desires! Martha

  • Ruth C

    Hi Barry,

    I read and try the one move from panic away. I’ve try it and gotten a bit better, but I’m not there yet. I’ll keep trying because it makes sense and I hope to get rid of anxiety and panic attack forever.

    Thank you,

  • Anne-Marie Reid

    Barry, you are a rock that is there for us all! Your advice is priceless – it is unavailable anywhere else from those who should be helping us and getting paid to do so!!!!

    lots of love


  • Carol Quattrone

    Thank you so much for all your advice over the past few years, I have used your advise and they have been succesful. Right now, around the holidays I feel a little anxious but I know I will come through it.Thank you so much.I used to be so terrified of my anxiety, but now I say bring it on I am not afraid. I also talk to people who are going through the same thing, their is no better person to talk to then a person who has been their.I do take Zoloft and it takes the edge off, but your advise was the best. Thank you so much.

  • Lynne

    Con…a “cure”? imho, the first thing you have to do is stop seeing yourself as a victim and know that the “cure” is inside you. it’s all in the way you THINK. when you realize you are not feeling good, stop and notice what you are thinking about. practice changing your thoughts and your feelings will change. over time – and be patient, it’s a process – all will change for you. you can’t look for it in the external world. it’s not “out there”. you are worthy. you are loved. best to you.

  • Shari

    Thank-You, Barry ! You gave me my Life Back. For that I will be Forever Greatful. To many years spent in agony and now I can enjoy My Family and My Life again . So many people out there are suffering needlessly, so whenever I can, I tell them about Panic Away ! I can’t Thank-You enough…God Bless ! My Family Thanks you too ! =)

  • John Grace

    Thank you for your extraordinarily insightful words, Mr Barry. In fact, they could not have come at a better time for me. While I can live with the name of “Jodi” of course (These things happen.), I have recently been doing some sums, and so considering ie. worrying about, what might happen in my future. I now realise that I had been allowing my worries to consume my unfortunately somewhat limited brain function (I experienced a serious medical event in early 2009.) and this has not been helping. For my peace of mind, it is important for me to know that I am at least doing something positive, in fact several things, one of which might one day lead to a solution to my problems. Now that you have helped me to get my thinking straight, this task is so much easier.

    In respect of THEY SIMPLY DON’T GET IT!, how very right you are. I have long been endeavouring to deal with the frustration that has resulted, so very often, ever since Friday the 13th of February, 2009. So much so, I have coined a term for the condition of so much ignorance that exists in society, and that term is having the condition of Yogi-Bearitis. This is because so many people who I have come into contact with, and tried to explain how difficult my life is these days, think they are experts and so they “know” all about the difficulties that I have to deal with and, because these people are such experts (Yeah! Right!) they think I must be exaggerating and things can’t really be all that bad. In other words, many people who I have come into contact with have been severely afflicted by the condition to which I refer and so, sadly, they have been smarter than the average bear! ie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6nW6WxEev4

    Like many other things these days Mr Barry, I don’t know how I ended up on your mailing list, but I am so very glad I did. Please keep the wisdom coming.

    Thanks again.

  • John Grace

    I recently sent the following email to a friend who works with people who are having a very difficult time in life. I think, or at least I hope, it says how I feel about your recent email Mr Barry.

    “I am Forwarding that email I received a couple of days ago from someone who, in my humble opinion, is a bit of an expert in a field that, in my experience, so many people know so little about. Apparently, a long time ago I signed up for something or other and, frankly, I had forgotten all about it. His article refers to problems that are a bit more heavy duty than mine have been for a very long time now, since my own event. However, the principles that he refers to are absolutely appropriate.

    While this man’s interest is about things that can generally lead to people having worrying thoughts, from my point of view his excellent article could be specifically in respect of a mindset that is necessary to combat the challenges that are caused by brain injury. In any event, perhaps there may come a time when you need to help someone who is experiencing a difficult situation, whatever the reason may be. Should this be the case, it is unlikely that you could do anything more positive than letting them read over the article and show it to those who are close to them, and then perhaps referring them to this man’s web site. I hope the article might be of help for someone else.”

  • HappyD

    Hey thank you for your program! I laughed at the thought of being “cured” because I never thought that could happen. 4 years ago I read your methods twice and have never looked back! Truly remarkable, thank you thank you thank you!

  • Ishmail

    Greetings Barry,

    I am an Attorney of considerable reputation and I live in Malawi – Africa. I had gone through a tough time whilst in univeristy as I had lost my mother whom I loved so much and worse still I was withdrawn. I fought my way and managed to graduate 4 years later. So I said to myself that I will work hard, much hard, and much harder and achieve success above my contemporaries and amazingly I truely achieved my aspirations. Life was all good, so much work – Lots of money, untill one night after I knocked off from work late at night, the most unusual and unanticipated happened to me and what felt like a few minutes towards the end of my life. I felt unprepared for death and had time only to repent and pray so much to God. By God’s Grace, amazingly I survived. 8 months later, it happened again and thereafter more frequently.

    I panicked heavy, flew to Johannesburg only to be told that I was suffering from stress. I only come to know of the term panic attack when an American Doctor mentioned the terminology to me. I decided to search on the net and found your website. I immediately asked my freind from UK, Maria Oliver to purchase your book and she did. I read the book twice. I read all your mini series and various tips and applied them.

    I must confess I literally failed to challenge the panick attack but instead I had put my trust in God and
    prayed for God’s help and had the hope and confidence that the attack will not harm me.

    Today, I still feel something in my body that feels like a panick attack that has lost its strenghth. I get
    unexplained headaches, tightness of chest muscles and your e-mail did me alot of good. I have faith and I pray to God that one morning I will wake up just as normal as before.

    Barry, Thank You So Much.


  • Jennifer King

    Please help me control this. I had a massive panic attack last January and ever since then I fear having a heart attack or stroke I guess it is because they symptoms are exactly the same. I check my pluse all the time everyday it is so annoying. My life used to be great up until a year ago I could go anywhere and do anything. Now I am anxious and stressed al the time!!! When I go somewhere I’m always on the lookout for a hospital just incase. I don’t think having lupus helps the situation any either. Please help me get rid of this fear!

  • Leeana Hughes

    Hi Barry
    I have never before bought into anything like you offered on the internet. I have always been too unsure of how genuine the person or information is!! So it was out of sheer desperation that I turned to you for help. I can honestly say I thought I was going insane – only my husband really knew how bad I was as it was affecting our social life. The mere thought of going anywhere that I anticipated to be crowded, therefore hot and with no clear exit would put me in a spin!! Only one of my friends knew about “my moments” as I called them, I was actually too embarrassed to tell other friends as I thought that they would just roll their eyes and think of me as weak!! I have always had a very outgoing bubbly personality, life and soul of the party etc and I knew I wasn’t weak – but then you start doubting yourself too!! On one occasion I was standing in a queue at the post office, I was next in line when the “feeling of dread” rose up my legs and I just knew I was going to faint, so I left the queue (before pretending I had forgotten something, as I was so embarrased because I was next to be served)!! Once in my car I felt safe, so I chose flight instead of fight!!
    It then started to happen when I was in work, I couldn’t even drive home one night so had to ring my poor hubby to come and rescue me – but he drove straight to the medical centre!! Of course what could I tell them other than my heart was racing, I felt faint and extremely tired like I had hit a brick wall and then promptly burst into tears (again this was just not the type of person I am so I was wondering what the hell was happening to me)!! They thought I was either having or had a heart attack, then they gave me a pregnancy test, then they told me I was depressed!! Well, I was happy because it was alot better than being told you’re insane and carting me off to a padded cell!!! I refused point blank to being prescribed anti-depressants, but I knew I needed help!! So Barry, that is where you come into my life my friend – I read and re-read your advice about thinking happy memories when “my moment” is coming!! That in actual fact I was never going to faint and that by telling myself that I was stronger than “my moment” I could fight and not take flight!!
    I now lead a normal life again, I have my own business and can cope with situations that before sent me running. I must admit every now and then I get the feeling that “here it comes” but I know I am so close to never having it!! “My Moments” are now “My Moment here and now, I am alive because I am breathing and my heart is pumping!!
    Thank you Barry

  • vinita

    thanks alot sir,
    your ideas helped me alot. As i was on medicines before,but after using your techniques ..i have stoped taking my relaxy medicines even.Once again Thanks alot sir ..i have still negative thinking in my mind but i m trying to get rid of it also…my panic attacks and fear is less but sometimes in a car or while driving i catch the fear..but yaa i am reading and watching your cd’s and i know i will end up with my panic attack.

  • Deb

    Hi Barry, Thanks for offering this mini series. It’s a great, no fantastic thing you’re doing. When my panic attacks first started (a year after my twin started having them) there wasn’t much information out there. I
    find comfort in knowing there are others out there that feel and suffer as I do. (Not that I’d wish this on anyone) But to not feel so alone. I’ve learned some techniques of my own, as I was literally housebound. (Before my attacks started happening, I would drive everywhere and was very independant) Becoming housebound, and me having the only “get out of jail card” was devastating! I can drive somewhat now, and also don’t need to be accompanied by husband..(as my secure/safe person) But there is still places I won’t go and feel “unsafe” and too far away from help. I still want to become secure/safe/relaxed in my own skin.
    You’re an amazing person to want to help people. I look forward to your mini series.

  • Rosemarie

    I can remember anxiety attacks to various degrees, at a very early age. Probably as a consequence of seeing my dad shut in train doors, at the age of 3. My dad was safe and unhurt, but in the eyes of a 3 year old that was my visual experience of seeing the train doors close on my dad and the train departing with my dad still on it. All I felt was sheer terror, I can visualise that experience today with such vivid recall as if it only happened a few seconds ago. Counsellors have said that I probably suffered with some form of post traumatic stress. Explaining that panic attacks can occur later on in life, which may be provoked by a smell, or some similiar stimuli that I experienced at the time when I first experienced the outset of trauma.

    I am now 47 and have lived with panic attacks for 37 years or more of my life. Fluctuating to full blown agoraphobia, and being isolated to one room, and at other times being able to do art with other people who have special needs, to working in a shop, and bringing up a family.

    My frustration is, my fear is mainly with travelling. In my heart I want to travel but in my mind I have this overwhelming fear, one of dread and anxiety. When I know I have a journey to make which isnt within my comfort zone, I find the anxiety is draining and time consuming.

    On the other hand this enemy which has consumed my life has also given me friends, very special friends, and also a compassion for other people, that I dont think I would have had without experiencing panic attacks.

    I sometimes wonder whether my panic attacks have been my friend or my foe. Restricting my life in some areas and enhancing my life in others!

  • Uday Wig

    Dude you are soo close to what one is going through, hw is it possible that you know exactly whats happening when even close family is not understanding.+

  • kel

    I been to this site and comment for 2-3 times. I come to say about my problems and distress about this attacks which cause my life to be worrying and scare something bad will happen. Im feeling better now than before. I cant say im fully cured but at least im not so worry and scare of something bad will happen to my family. Those unwanted anxious thoughts has dismiss. I not sure if it will come back to me but i just hope im be back to normal as i have now.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Anna

    thank you for offering this advice for free. I am doing well, but had a little panic attack yesterday out of the blue. Not stressed, not worried, just boom it was there. I will follow your instructions and hope it helps me out through this time in my life.


  • gabriel

    Hi Barry,i just want to thank you for offering this advice for free…i am glad that i found you,your a big help to me..im still taking medecine rivotril and remeron for 3 years now..i hope someday my panic attack will gone forever…thanks again barry…


  • Steve

    Dear Barry, I have had for the past 3 and a half years an anxiety disorder. SAD social anxiety disorder. I had to drop out of highschool because I could not accomplish anything with this disorder.I remember the day when i had my first panic attack. I didnt know what was happening to me. Two years later I found out I had anxiety. I just recently got the Linden Method and Attacking anxiety and depression with Lucinda Basset. I found that the Linden method works the best for me I have also tried the Attacking anxitey program but lost interest after the 10th week. I have tried many different exercises to help cope with my anxiety and so far the number one exercise is the your own head to heart exercise. I first thought “what a joke this isn’t going to work.” but I was wrong after trying it once i was amazed at the results. it was lessend my anxiety dramaticaly I have also tried rolling along with the feelings but it just doesnt work for me. i want to thankyou for sending me the emails which i have just recenty opened. (ps. i never really check my emails any more) im currently taking a SSRI called sertaline. I decided to take pills because i need to find a job and since im living with my dad now i have to pay rent. i appreciate you being there with the uplifting emails. and will continue to check them more often, with practice makes perfect. I will continue to do the head heart exercise and incorperate it with the linden method. ( even though it tells you not to combine other programs) and I will practice everyday til im completely relieved of this condition. Again thankyou for sharing your techniques with me I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Sincerely Steve

  • Emelita Cruz

    Thank you so much Joe for your concern…very grateful for your emails because it helps…hope to receive more…God bless your mission…

  • Cat Deakin

    Thankyou, so much, you changed my life last year, the panic attacks were conquered instantly. i am still struggling with the anxiety and i know its a long road but i am more than confident it will fade away 🙂

    Keep projecting yourself out there for those who havent yet found your cure. 🙂

  • Louise

    I am struggeling with panic attacks for more than twelve years.I went to diffrent kind of docters.They all say that it is stress.I’m on medication,but i want to get of the medication.I just want a normal life.Can you please help me.

  • Milla

    I am interested in purchasing your program. Could you pls tell me how to go about doing that? I am from Papua New Guinea.

  • Jessieboy

    Yes, I am interest to learn more about the 7 part mini-series on ‘How to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety’. One lesson gets emailed each day. Again, thank you very much for your great help improve my life everyday from 20 years of pain & confusions.

  • Carole

    Thank you for the previous emails that helped as I read them. It is like a jolt through your whole entire body when you experience anxiety or panic. When you are driving seems to be the worst time to have one creep up on you. When you have to pull out of traffic to stop and breath and tell yourself everything is okay. The feeling of doom is incredibly terrible when it strikes. I am interested in the next set of emails received. So true the ones you talk to about it who have experienced it understand, the ones who have never had a panic/anxiety attack just tell you it’s all in your mind and look forward to something else. I am interested to learn more throughout the next 7 part mini-series on “How to end Panic Attacks. Thank you for this information.

  • Sa Nad

    Many many thanks for your emails and posts – they really help me a lot. One of the things I’ve learned to do is BREATHE ! Slowly in and then slowly out. It does help.
    Thanks again
    Kind Regards

  • Hilary

    I suffer from daily anxiety from the time I wake up til I go to sleep. Some days they become full blown Panic Attacks and I must resort to taking a Xananx to get through the day. I have suffered this on and off for 12 years. I refuse to go back on an SSRI. I am hoping this will help and am open to trying it!!!!

  • Hilary

    I have daily anxiety and panic from the time I wake til I fall asleep. Some days are so bad that I have to resort to taking a Xanax. I am open to trying thus and hoping it is beneficial to me. I have struggled with this for 12 years and refuse to go back onto an SSRI. Reay looking forward to the information you will provide over the next 7 days!!

  • Larissa

    I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks probably all my adult life, not knowing what it was.
    Doctors had me on depression medicine for year. I finally said no more. I had a lot of side affects
    from the medication (Lexapro). Gained weight, lost hair, could not sleep, had sores ion my nose and more.
    Finally, last December, when my anxiety was so severe that I could not take a deep breath 24/7 and it
    felt like I was dying. I was full of fear and my Blood Pressure went through the roof.
    This lasted for several weeks. Then a relative of mine discovered a Holistic doctor, actually an Acupuncturist
    I went to see him crying all the while I was in his office. He told me that he can cure me with Vitamins and
    Acupuncture. It would take one year approximately.
    the bonus was that I stopped taking blood pressure medication which I was on for the past 10 years.
    It has been 8 months and I feel at least 75% better. I only get mini attacks that last a few minutes. But due to my financial issues, I have not been seeing him for the past 2 months. Today I feel fear and have
    anxiety on and off all day. My BP is up and down. I am very concerned.
    I am hoping that your course will help me to get totally well. Thank you. LD

  • Keet Neville

    I look forward to learning your methods of handling anxiety. Many people seem to have benefitted from them.

    Thanks again

  • Shahieda

    As a counsellor in private practise, I feel that I will benefit from this for my clients.
    I used to experienced nocturnal panic attacks (not much info about that available) but it was due to my hyper-active thyroid. When I started my thyroid medication, the panic attacks subsided. So please, can I appeal to everybody who has panic attacks, to have a medical check for any underlying medical conditions. This is often overlooked!!!!!!

  • millicent essilfie

    thanx sooooooo much,that was timely… being having this attacks years now,thanx for helping out… may God Almighty bless u.

  • Ashley Abercrombie

    this program has really helped me, i’m still battling a little bit of anxiety but i’ve deffinately learned how to cope with it.

  • Alex

    I have good days and bad but lately its been getting harder. I have alot on my plate at the moment and feel like im fighting the battle alone. Your emails inspire me and let me know that I will be okay, this will not get the best of me and I can overcome it and move on to llive my life to the fullest…in the meantime though its still a struggle and I just want it to go away. I am so ready to do whatever it takes to get over this once and for all, I have too much to live for and I’m ready to live again!

  • Mike


    Im about to turn 21 and have been living with panic disorder for about 4 years, up until now my best friend has been good ol’ mary jane as it helped suppress many of my symptoms and cleared my mind of the “fog” that it’s constantly enveloped in. More recently my constant panic attacks and worries have affected my overall living more than usual, causing me to make mistakes at work, constantly fight with my girlfriend, and worry about everything all the time no matter what. I feel as though my mind is stuck in this overwhelming panic/worry state and im starting to wonder if i’ll ever make it out….i feel like i can overcome this daunting sickness over time but then doubt myself right after as if i want it to stay, as if its my physical “other half.” nobody around me understands what im going through and i just wish they could be in my body for just 5 minutes and see what its like, sometimes i feel like im just gonna lose it and go insane and i fear when that day will come. so far nothing has helped, the mary j just makes it go away for a while and i even have attacks when i use it. recently i got a prescription for BuSpar (buspirone) and hope on everything that it helps. my biggest fear is being left all alone because nobody can deal with me anymore, in my mind its as if loneliness is sure death for me. im very appreciative of this blog and the panic away program and although i am not able to afford it am going to subscribe to the emails and hope it helps, THANKS SO MUCH TO BARRY AND ANYBODY THAT MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP. sincerely, mike

  • masi

    hi. i am persian.i dont know how i appreciate you.
    i think god sent you for me to healing.
    than you very very very much.

  • francis macharia

    Thanks for giving me hope inspite of this horrible expirience, some times i feel as if my end has come, but the big question is why is it that doctors do not have knowledge of this traumatising feelings nor the solution? what about medication Mr Barry. God bless you.

  • Cristina

    I am suffering Panic Attacks for years and I really want to you teach me methods to handle anxiety.

  • Curtis

    Hey there I just wanted to say thanks for all this info! I personally don’t have panic attacks etc. but my girlfriend does and so I checked the web for more info cause we weren’t sure what exactly it was! I don’t think she knows I subscribed to these emails and unfortunately she decided she needed to first get some stuff straight in her life before she could date so i guess that’s over but I still love her a lot and I hope she can get over these attacks someday! Thanks again and keep it up there’s many people that need hope!!

  • Anna

    Thank you for all your support. I seem to get better and then BOOM out of the blue I get that feeling of dread, that I am going to faint or pass out. I need to go get a physical (it has been 2 years) but am scared the Dr will find something really wrong. I just need to deal with this so I can move on with my life. My life has came to a stand still for over 2 years now. I am doing a lot more things now than I was, but I want to conquer my fear of going to the Dr and dentist. I used to enjoy going and being told how healthy I was. Very frustating!!!

  • Aleksandra Nikoloska

    Thank you very much. The program is working. It’s educative and comforting at the same time. It helped awake my will to go through all this. It’s not easy. There are the set backs that scare me very much and throw me into despair, but I was aware of everything that’s happening thanks to you. I’m not completely cured, but I hope to be. As any other person I have days when the blood sugar goes down or the tension is variable and it becomes an occasion for worries that are prompt to become panic attacks. You help me so much deal with this and be myself again. Thank you very much.

  • Ernie Barde

    Thank you very much I’ am so grateful to you Mr. Barry and find this information very helpful and comporting it gives me hope and inspiration that I can end and overcome this agony of my life. I just kept on reading your amazing articles and I am interested to learn more your next 7 part mini-series on “How to end Panic Attacks” and again thank you very much and may God Bless you always.

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