The First Panic Attack

People experience their first panic attack in different ways. For some it happened at home or others it was while they were in a stressful situation. I have created a cartoon video below for you to watch that describes a typical first panic attack. This animation includes elements that are common to most peoples first panic attack. Does this ring a bell with you? You can tell your story by leaving a comment below.

2 replies on “The First Panic Attack

  • antwan abdul

    first i will just like to mention that this animation could not have been more spot on. I recently had my first panick attack one month ago. It struck out of the blue. I am a fifteen year old male and when i experienced my first panick attack, i felt the exact same way. After receiving normal blood test, i felt a sence of relief. However i still struggle to maintain my exhilarating life i once had. The thought of panick attacks just take my joy away. Thank you for this video! Very precise.

  • Douglas

    Amen, I revisited this site because I had a 5 hour energy and was feeling a little jittery. I had to remind myself about how Panic strikes, and it brought me back to my first panic attack. Hospital visit, they tested my heart, LOL. everything. Great reminder. Thanks guys.

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