Sir, if I could please take this time to let you know how appreciative I am that I found your Panic Away! You are an Angel!

I have been struggling with GAD for approximately 3 years now. My first 2 I spent on Zoloft which did seem to bring me comfort..enough that I tried to cut it cold turkey.. and almost did good for a whole year, but for one stupid reason I brought it back. I guess I never fully understood it and that may have lead to its return.

Then, I found Panic Away, and God bless that I did! I love how you teach to not be afraid and to accept the thoughts and feelings and challenge them! Simple, but Genius! It also helped me TREMENDOUSLY to know you had the same anxiety of consciously monitoring your breathing! That was my biggest fear, and the way you taught to challenge it and accept it, was loads of relief!

I believe I’m on my 2nd week of recovery being on the Panic Away program and I’m so grateful to say that I’m at least 97% better all thanks to YOU! I unfortunately caught a chest cold and I’m in the midst of recovering from that, but I was so uplifted to see you even covered a section on that because the cold was mimicking my sensations. Thats why I couldn’t say I’m 100% yet, but I know the journey won’t be much longer and the end to this nasty venture is just around the corner.

Again sir, Thank you so much for your inspiring knowledge and teachings! Forgive me if I embarrass you when I say your an Angel, but you sure seem like one to me! I wish there was a better way to show you my gratitude other than just writing an e-mail. I hope that I will not have to bother you in the future for anymore anxiety problems.

Thank you sooo much again!

Sincerely and tremendously Grateful,