Setbacks Happen On The Road To Recovery

Have you ever wondered why people often experience setbacks when they begin to tackle their anxiety? Setbacks happen because, as you face your anxiety and the situations that make you feel uncomfortable, the avoidant/protective side of your personality becomes active.

When you decide to tackle your anxiety issue head on, the protective side of your personality would rather that you left well enough alone. Your protective side doesn’t like taking risks and feels better when you don’t put yourself in situations that make you feel anxious.

It’s the part of you that says:

“Let’s stay in our comfort zone today. At least we’re safe here.”

This part of your personality has your interests at heart, but you know deep down that a life cocooned from all adversity doesn’t lead to happiness. When you begin on your healing journey, it’s all new and it can feel like you’re moving into unknown territory. You quickly master areas of your life that were causing you problems.

Your protective side takes a back seat and watches with suspicion as you make this progress. Then, after a while, your protective side becomes more active for fear that, with all this progress, a great fall must be just around the corner.

As you move upward and onward, your protective side gets scared and tries to put on the brakes. This creates a conflict and fuels feelings of anxiety. The feelings can be very intense and might be similar to what you’ve experienced before-such as panic and general unease-or there may be new sensations never experienced before.

You might have been doing really well for a week, but then your protective side pops its head up and says something like this:

“Okay, well done. We’re not worried about dizzy spells anymore -fine. But what’s that ringing in your ear?”

“That sounds like trouble to me . . . LET’S GET WORRIED.

“No panic attacks in a week-great. But don’t be fooled. That means a really BIG one is about to pounce!”

These thoughts undermine your confidence. Suddenly you’re feeling vulnerable again, and the anxiety can return as your confidence dips and you obsess again about the way you feel. This kind of response is natural in recovery, and if you’ve experienced a setback recently, I want to show you how to best deal with it.

The first thing to remember is that setbacks happen. Try to never let a setback convince you that you’re not making progress. It doesn’t mean that all your progress has been undone. In general, setbacks are inevitable, and you need to have an accepting attitude toward them.

Secondly, setbacks form part of your healing. To move beyond the anxiety, you need to work with the protective side of your personality and teach it that there really is nothing to fear. When setbacks occur, it’s an indication that you now need to take your new understanding and work with your protective side, which is resisting the change.

You might want to think of that protective side as a small child who doesn’t want you (the parent) to take risks or do anything out of your comfort zone. Talk to this part yourself. Reassure it that all will be well and that it’s necessary for you to work through the anxiety in order to experience more freedom and happiness.

Setbacks can feel like a big step backward, but they’re generally followed by rapid progress on many levels if you engage fully with this protective side of yourself.

There’s an opportunity here for you to create a new working relationship with your protective self, and this will really seal your recovery. When you educate your protective self that you’re really safe and encourage it to take the steps with you, you become fully empowered to end your anxiety problem. All of your internal energies go in the same direction, and there’s no conflict.

Persistence will carry you through all setbacks and ensure your success.

Keep your confidence intact. Build it on the past, on each time you’ve succeeded.

Play those previous successes like a film in your head, again and again, each night as you go to sleep. All the panic attacks you’ve dealt with, all the sensations of anxiety you’ve felt and yet you still got on with it.

General anxiety disorder and, especially, panic attacks are probably the most frightening experiences a person can go through. In most cases, you feel like you’ve had a brush with death itself. That’s no small feat to deal with while on your lunch break!

Be proud of your experiences. You’re not a cowardly victim, but a survivor of a terrifying experience-and what’s more, you probably stayed at work or collected the kids from school. You continued living. Sure, there may be a few hairy anxiety memories in the past that you’d prefer to forget, but the underlying emotion to build upon is that you survived and you’re here now, alive and living a new day.

Build a wealth of memories, and they’ll be your resource from which to draw strength. Write them down, because that solidifies them and makes them more real in your mind. Read them to yourself regularly.

Be sure to keep a diary as written proof of the progress you’re making-the trips you take that weren’t possible before, the special days when you completely forgot you ever had an anxiety problem. You need to keep a record of these achievements because it’s easy for your protective side to negate the great strides you’ve made.

Confidence, just like fear, is contagious. Soon you’ll find it spreading to all areas of your life, giving you a quality of life even beyond your pre-anxiety days.

Always try to focus on the success you’ve achieved, and it will grow and expand in your life.

Persist with it. Turn a setback into an opportunity to solidify your real confidence. Regardless of what happens, you can handle it. Regardless of how your body feels, you’ll move through the anxiety and come out the other side smiling.

If you remain persistent, setbacks can be quickly turned to your advantage, and you’ll be strengthened by the experience.

Setbacks are delicate periods to move through, so you also need to be kind to yourself. Understand that they’re the result of YOU just trying to protect YOU. Be your own best friend. When you take your protective self by the hand and teach it that there’s nothing to fear, you’ll quickly march toward a greater experience of freedom.

Recovery is not a straight linear process. It will help if you try not to measure success on a day-to-day basis. Some days will be better than others-that’s just the way it is, so don’t get upset if you complete something successfully one day but fail the next.

Keep your eyes on the end goal, and persistence will carry you there.

What If My Anxiety Comes Back?

After a person has successfully moved out of their anxiety it is only natural, to at some stage, fear its reoccurrence. I call this the anxiety shadow. It is a worry in the back of your mind that the anxiety could return with full force and disrupt your life all over again.

Anxiety leaves such a strong imprint on people’s lives that it is normal to have such concerns. Fearing a return of anxiety is common when your life becomes stressful again and you worry that the extra stress will tip you back into a state of general anxiety. If you find yourself worrying in such a manner have faith that all will be well.

This worry is just a shadow of what has gone, it is based on the past not the future. Generally the anxiety shadow passes quickly after a day or two and you forget about it again. Remind yourself of the new tools and education you have. Take solace in the fact that your new understanding will lift the anxiety quickly again were it to return.

To your success…

Barry Joe McDonagh

P.S. If you have experienced an anxiety setback and want to get over it quickly, get the support and information you need in my course Panic Away. Stage 3 of the course deals specifically with overcoming setbacks.


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139 replies on “Setbacks Happen On The Road To Recovery

  • Victor

    Hi, I have been suffering for two months now. I can’t keep up in school and started a new job. The first week it happened to me I was really bad. I have now gotten to a stage that almost my thoughts don’t bother me as much but the sensations are debilitating. I wake up every night with tremors and vomiting that last about 6 hours. I hope to get better soon and look forward to the mini series as they get me through each day. Thank you so much!

  • Moipone

    I think I’m progressing very well about the emails that you sends me;
    in 2007 I had car accident i never wanted to be in a front seat while my husband driving, I felt that it will happen again and i would die, this thing has been playing in my mind since 2007, Secondly I had 3 miscarriages and with the 3rd one i couldn’t survive with the anxiety it was the severe one and on my mind i told my self that i dont want to have another child because my mind was fearing, everything was fearing in my life, even a plastic when fall down my heart jump, I was so scared of everything in life now. Couldn’t go anywhere. but you save my life.
    now i ready to do everything steady I’m fearing to do.

  • joseph

    your so right,when you say,a full on panic or anxiety attack can feel like your dying.ii’ve wound up thinking it could be something else,i’ve suffered anxiety most of my adult life,but my first real panic attack happened on dec 8th 2008. NOT FUN,i’ve had aprox 9 this year.Sure glad i found this site in time,your teaching me alot. thankx ……Joseph

  • lucesita

    im glad u sent me a email im 30 an i had anxiety for 7 or more years i felt like losin my ming goin crazy and hurtin myself i didnt no wich way to turn didn wana tell anyone but im gettin better please send me some more email thjank god for you

  • lucesita

    thank u so much even when i read ur article i knew you could help me i beenm sufferin for 7 years or more and i wouldnt wish this on my worse enemy i thought i was gana lose my mind thats why i think god for you plz send me more encouragin emails thank u so much

  • heart

    its good to know recovering is a process….it makes my disappointments go away….never ending thanks to you…

  • Alison McCann

    Thank you so much for helping me. I have been suffering with anxiety for a long time now. I have tried medications to no avail. I just feel like nothing. I have also got depression as well.

  • balaji

    thanks a lot now i have lot of confidence. i had suffered from anxiety so i worried about this class i pressured the thought to go away not come again but the thoughts never go it comes bigger the next time. As i was involved in the class i said now u can stay with me but i will give you just 20 seconds time
    with regards

  • Michael

    Glad I found this formula on the glad to see im not the only one, I thought I was ill while having these attacks and thought I was having a heart attack, and felt an emense sense of dread and fear, my legs shake and I feel like running out of the room. Too be honest it was by accident I found out it was anxiety attacks and always thought it was just me..I still suffer from day to day but can now see a glimmer of light way down the tunnel . x

  • salini

    thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am trying to implement your suggestions everyday. it is helping to make a hope in me that it is possible to recover from any kind of anxiety.



  • Susan

    I have been having panic attacks and feeling generally uneasy since I almost drowned over 10 years ago. I have tried stress management counciling and this helped for a while. Over the past 3 1/2 years I have had 2 children and each time my anxiety has grown, my GP has put it down to Post Natal Depression and offered me medication but I am really reluctant to take any drugs, especially since I’m breastfeeding. My youngest is 4 months old and I am so glad that I found this course on line I now feel that I am getting some useful advice and coping strategies that I can work with.

  • michael

    thanks for the information and its a big help to try and understand why i feel like I do and its great to get this info free.

  • Mills

    I have been fighting Panic attacks off and on for years. On top of the Panic and Anxiety I have Low Blood sugar which fuels the fire.
    The 1st round of anxiety lasted about 5 years straight. No one new nothing about this medically. I became a hermit while the world moved on. Then out of no where for 2 years I was good. Then one morning I woke up BAM they were back! I was devistated. This has continued off and on for 17 years. My last bad experience was in 2001 through 2004. Then again out of no where I was good. 2 Weeks ago out of no where Bam! They are back! I was determined to fight this Demon. I have lost good jobs over the years, my husband has as well because of my nightmare. I fight till it seems I have nothing left. I was so happy to see this article about set backs, because there are times honestly I feel as though I can take one more step. I too do not want medication if possible. I have fought many years to be a surviver. It doesn’t get any easier. Thank you for all your help in keeping me in tack.

  • Tony

    Barry , I had a setback this week, a full blown panic attack having a dream about my families terrifying escape from the Tsunami. I have been very successful in my line of work and reminding myself of the victories over those years and remembering those instead of the bad times is really useful. I will write them down and read them out loud to myself for extra fortitude. I agree with what you say. Anyone who can live through anxiety and continue everyday living is a truly remarkable individual. It takes huge guts and resilience and those people should remember they’re not alone in their suffering. These e-mails have been a godsend for me this week. They remind me never to be complacent and keep doing the things that work. The gratitude, the water drinking, the 20 second countdown. Bring it on and what you resist persists. So much practical advice. Good luck everyone else reading this and keep going and stay strong.

  • Bri

    I’ve been suffering for most of my life. It started when I was 6 or 7 years old. I went to therapy and that seemed to help somewhat. 7 years later I had a huge panic attack and haven’t been able to recover from the fear. It’s been about 9 years and for the most part was able to handle my anxiety. I would avoid any triggers that would cause it and I would just deal with it . But last week I had a huge panic attack again, not just the general anxiety’s that I usually have. The whole feel like I’m going to die, my hands super sweaty, I can’t concentrate and am not making sense. I instantly knew what I was feeling and why I was feeling that way. Unfortunately I don’t have a strong support system because people don’t understand that I feel a very different sensation of fear then they do. I felt so alone, but after reading the last few Newsletters I am more aware of an ending. I can’t picture my life without anxiety and panic attacks, but I’d love to not have them… these newsletters are extremely helpful… some new and unheard tactics for my fight. Thank you.

  • Adri

    Thank you So much for this!!When I open my mail and I read your course I feel better already!!I would like to get the course,but live in South Arfica,and don;t have a credit card.How do I go about?

  • joseph

    Just last week i was on a mexician riveria cruise,wound up slamming into hurricane RICK!!!! my anxiety went to a whole new performance,O.M.G,so i used what info i could remember,and weathered through it.upon my return i saw my shrink,he doubled my dose of alprazolam,and added another.So i go to get them filled,,and suddenly thought,AM I NUT’S? what have i been reading this past while on this site?! SOOOO, instead i stopped it right their,went home cut the med’s in half,went on champix to stop smokeing.I have to get this condition under control,and i need a CLEAR MIND to do it,good information is key,and not to be in a numbed state of mind.I could not have done this a month ago.! we are all in the same state,let’s take a deep breath and read…

  • Sammi

    i am really struggling with this … although since reading these newsletters i haven’t had a full on attack which i was having everyday before i am still feeling on the verge of one 24/7 how can i get rid of this dizzy feeling nothing can take my mind off of it anyone got any advice????

  • lisa

    Just as i was wandering how i was ever going to be able to be the best possible wife and mother i know i have in me to be, panic away was introduced to me. This enlightened me and showed that general anxiety and panic attacks are more common than i ever thought. The more i read, the tears rolled down my face as the relief that there might just be an answer to changing the way i can function daily and getting rid of general anxiety i suffer everyday. I have always been prescribed anti depressants in the past when i’ve struggled to understand the way i get feeling but now it is clear, as i could relate to every symptom of generalised anxiety and panic attacks.I now feel more self aware which is a big weight off my shoulders now i can categorise myself and feel more positive about the future. Reading this answered alot of anxious thoughts which have always been unanswered by any professional….i only wished 20 years ago this information could have been passed on to me. My life would have made much more sense. I will work very hard to stop anxiety controlling me and my life ……i am desperate to feel the happiness that life has to offer, without battling to feel it! Above anything else i deserve to show my full potential as a wife and mother , Thankyou

  • Marie

    I have suffered from Chronic stress since 2005, I have had ongoing acupunture which helps me. I definitely feel that drinking more water and more exercise is also a great help. Also meditation is a great healer. My main problem is that family do not understand that I still suffer (not all the time) and can’t even contimplate driving on the motorway. Your newsletter is a great guidance in making me realise there are also a lot of other sufferers out there who welcome your guidance.

  • Trudi Pincombe

    Hi joe,
    there is a lot of practical advice and it is comforting to know that I am not alone in this state of anxiety.
    I guess it still means you have to work hard at it, sometimes I feel impatient and would like it all to be
    over, but its not going to happen overnight. I guess my anxiety was building up over the years but was
    triggered by house renovations and making bad decisions and ending up with things that are wrong, it
    has seriously affected my decision making and I break out in sweats whenever I have to decide on
    something, especially concerning the house. Is there anything in the book that would help me on that?

  • Dinah

    All great information. Knowledge is power and also understand how intricately and detailed the thyroid works with anxiety and depression is important. I highly recommend specifically reading THE THYROID SOLUTION to find out how incredibly involved the thyroid can be in anxiety and depression issues. Best of luck to all.

  • Joe Barry

    Hi Adri

    To buy Panic Away offline:

    Cheques or money orders for US$67 (for the digital download version)
    or US$127 (for printed version including delivery) should be
    made out to

    Barry McDonagh


    BMD Publishing
    1133 Broadway,
    Suite 706 New York,
    NY 10010

    On receipt we will post out your package, or email you the instructions on how to download the course, and how to avail of the private consultations.Please include your name, address, phone number and email details in the letter and send us an email once the letter is in the post.

    Kind regards,


  • Brian

    I really apprectiate this course. I feel much better in the past 2 weeks, more confident.
    I have not had any attacks. Kind of feel like my old confident self.

  • Lynne

    Massive thankyou for all your emails. I’m not sure what place i’d be in without them as no-one (GP’s) seemed to be able to help without pills. I don’t feel as panicy about going to sleep

  • Mark

    I cannot believe the difference I have felt in my body after reading a few of the mini-series.

    I had my first panic attack in 2007 and have been living with GAD ever since. I’ve been having recurring negative thoughts on a daily basis, always thinking that at some point, I will have another panic attack. My greatest fear is having a panic attack while hanging out with my friends, therefore, I try to stay away from situations where we go away for the weekend of stay a night over. My flight is to go home and be alone in my room so I’ve always tried to keep that option open in case of an attack.

    However, after reading the first mini-series (observe, label, watch and move on; OLWM)), 95%!!! of the negative, recurring, thoughts are GONE! I can’t believe it! I feel so confident and feel like I used to, before the panic attack in 2007. My mood is so positive.

    You are right: we continue to have GAD becuase we are told to “deal” with the anxiety/panic attacks AFTER they hit us. You have given us the tools to fight anxiety and panic attacks BEFORE they attack. I have even told myself to have a panic attack, or told myself I am going to die…and 0 anxiety! 😀

    I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely purchase the complete panic away set next week. I am simply amazed.

    Thanks you so much! 🙂

  • Guy

    I feel good today after implementing some of these techniques. I had a set-back yesterday, but got threw it. I’m so grateful for these e-mails, I don’t think I could have done it with out it. Good luck to everybody dealing with anxiety. There is hope we can do it.

  • Michael

    I’m always have antiexy at my work, my confident was always low, since i start with the mini-series i feel much better in handle situatioon at work. I wish it can stay like that.

    Thank you


    Hi! I had a lung operation in October 2009, I had serious complications with bleeding etc, and received 5 units of blood. I came home on the13 Nov, and to my horror had a severe panic attack on the 15 Nov and did not know what was happening to me, I really thought that the operation had gone horribly wrong, and that I was going to die. My doctor diagnosed panic attack, and prescribed medication for me take. I am very fearful to take this medication as I do not wish to become dependant on it. When I was released from the hospital I found this site on the internet and from the very first mini series I have already started the healing process. I cant thank you enough, as I was convinced that I was going to die. I look forward to read the next series on my e mail each day

  • Tasha

    i have not had any anxiety since the first time i read about u a few days back..n i feel more calmer and relax..i realized too that i did not experience any fast heartbeat which i use to experience whenever im getting anxiety..thank you so much for helping me with a great start..i’m learning to use ur techniques slowly and easy and im comfortable with the progress so far.well..i had a mild one earlier was scary thou but i manage to get back on tracks with what u assist me so hoping that i can travel again soon..thank you..

  • Martie

    Thank you for these details.I don’t particularly want to be on medication, but after I tried going without, I realized, medication and these mini courses, for now go hand in hand. I can really relate to many of the responses people have made on this Course. It’s definitely a roller coaster ride. But I’m hoping to be on the “Kiddies” one soon.

  • JB

    These are so helpful. It’s like they say exactly what I need to read each day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and best of luck to everyone here.

  • carlos

    Still cant fight my fear… when my anxiety attacks my blood pressure rises…it all started when my wife rush me to the ER twice w/ high blood pressure of 180/110… i fear the most will happen that i will leave my wife and daughters in a very short time…so i took my psychiatrist advise to take clonazepam rivotril 3X a day in 1mg per meal… i really want a normal life again and not thinking of my BP again… i hope you can help me to get better and off the MEDS.. thank you and GOD BLESS you for all the people you have cured.

  • alex

    honestly you are such a good man Barry reading your e mails its like reading my mind in very clear way ,i think you are an angel god send you to people who you well help and they well have new life cos of you .keep up the good work and the reword well be in the end

    much respect for you Barry

  • Aussie Kym

    Thankyou so much for understanding, its sometihng that the doctors cant do…yesterday i had a normal day, no anxiety what so ever, i thought it was the best thing ever and that from then on i wouldnt have to deal with it anymore, but unlucky for me i had a setback i woke up during the night and started to have a panic attack, i do not know what i was panicing about but i managed to tell myself i was safe and calm down and have a reasonable sleep. When i woke up i straight away had the anxious feeling in my stomach, it is still here and it is what prompted me to come online and read your email to boost my confidence, they are making such a difference and every email seems to follow in the same steps that my anxiety is going which is a comfort as well that the information i need is here to help me get through my tough times. again thankyou!

  • brad

    After reading all of these emails i have to say they are very well thought and said but im such a skeptic person for some reason, and i find it very hard for me. but that doesn’t mean im going to give up, not a chance

  • Lanie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,,, how i wish to see you in personal and hug you,,, I am feeling better and better now,,, (and you tackled about protective self and the comfort zone,, those things are true),,, i’m only 19 years old and experiencing this kind of feeling like i am crazy,, i’m afraid of death… noises.. i’m afraid to come out of the house,,, i’m afraid when i’m away of my mother for i feel like when i’m near her i feel very safe… i have so many thoughts that i fear,, i can’t sleep at night thinking of those thoughts… but after following your,,, somewhat kind of a therapy…. my behavior changed and i feel happy again,,, feeling free… thanks to you,,! I’m looking forward for more of your advices…. take care and God bless you always…

  • Ali Naeem

    I have been reading your daily emails and the corresponding pages for the past few days but not leaving any replies as I wanted to first try your advice and see if this is really going to work for me. It sure seems to be working as the information you provide is so logical, meaningful and effective for me. Today I decided to leave a reply mainly to convey my heart felt thanks for this particular note on setbacks you write about. I have been following your advice for the past few days and all seemed to be working until today when I suddenly felt a setback. Just now when I check my emails, as if you somehow knew what had happened to me earlier today, here you are! Talking about setbacks. There is no way I could have know what got hold of me today if not for this new information you have sent today just at the right time. Thank you once again for becoming my savior.

    I have been having general anxiety for about three months now. To be frank, at first I did not know what GAD is, let alone any clue of what could be done about this condition. My problem first started with a ringing in my ears or inside my head (I couldn’t really tell where the continuous swishing comes from) combined with a tense neck/upper back area. I sometimes felt as if I always have to make a conscious effort to balance myself while standing and walking. Then I started feeling as if my legs are weak and fatigued most of the time. I felt as if I kept swaying while walking. But only now I know it was all in my mind as no onlooker could see me swaying. I have lived up to the age of 48 now as an active healthy person without any serious illnesses up until now.

    Thinking I may be having an ear problem, I first went and consulted an ENT specialist. The doctor diagnosed my condition as Tinnitus and said that it is not a serious thing to worry about. Even after taking the medications he prescribed, my condition never improved and on the contrary became worse as I started worrying constantly. Then came the stomach upsets, abdominal pain, muscle twitching on the legs and arms sometimes, tightness in the chest area at times, and what have you! I became so confused and frightened and decided to see the same doctor once more. This time he decided to do an MRI of my brain to make sure there is no tumor or anything that may be the cause of the ringing in my ears. After studying the MRI scans and an Audiometry test results, he said there is nothing wrong with my ears or brain. When I read the MRI report, I also could see everything seemed to be all normal but under the “impression” section at the bottom, I saw one line saying “Patchy T2W/FLAIR hyperintensity in bifrontal white matter, possibly focal demyelination”. I asked my doctor what that means and he said its only a technical term and nothing to worry about. I believed him and tried not to worry. But WORRY I did as my condition never improved. When I saw the same doctor for the third time, he referred me to a neurologist who after studying the MRI scans also assured me there is nothing wrong with my brain.

    I could not help but kept seeing one doctor after another because I felt so awful as my condition never improved. After many blood tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy, thyroid, liver, kidney functions – all seemed to be normal. I kept worrying and thinking there must be something terribly wrong with me because I continued to experience all kinds of ailments. The quality of my life have became so poor and unbearable to the extent I am so withdrawn and fearful most of the time. Since all the doctors I have seen thus far have been saying there is nothing physically wrong with me, I keep wondering why then am I feeling the way I am feeling – bloated, tightness inside my stomach and chest, palpitations at times, hot breath, warm skin (although my body temperature remains normal), a confused mind never being able to think about anything else? One time my condition became so terrifying, I thought I was going to have a heat attack and was rushed to the hospital. When an ECG was taken and to my relief turned out to be normal, I became calm. That’s when I started to believe my problem may lie with my mind and that’s when I decided to surf the web for information.

    After going through so many websites I realized I am not alone. I continued to study and I stumbled upon one striking video clip “Panic Away” which I found so helpful to explain my wife and family what exactly happens to me. Until then, I could not communicate to my loved ones in a coherent manner what goes inside me. At that moment I knew I have found someone who must know the way I feel. I am so thankful to you for helping me understand what my problem may be and how I may be able to regain my self.

    So I have decided to write to you to let you know how thankful I really am for the work you are doing in helping so many out there who’s lives are being tormented by this terrible condition of the mind.

    Thank you again and again

  • tony

    18 yr old daughter moving out 1 day and buisness trip next day.needless to say the panic and anxiety are trying to win but im trying to use the techniques ive learned here to manage it.thank you for letting me know i can succeed.

  • jane muthoni gikonyo

    Hey Barry!

    Only God the Creator knows how helpful you are to pple like us who had almost lost hope in life.
    Our full life is back and without you, our hopes could have taken us to another world.
    Thanks. My panic and anxiety attacks started november 14th 2009. So many tests have been done on me but
    am ok and not sick. When I visited your web, av even withdrawn from Xanax i have been taking and am feeling relaxed at least. When the feelings comes, i just give it a chance and within no time, its gone.

    I hope with your guidelines, my life is gonna be different from now.
    Thanks so much. Only would like you to assure us that there is no danger in those attacks as they are very strange.

    Thank you again.


  • Annabelle

    … It is my 3rd day receiving emails from You!! i am applying every tips and techniques you are saying in your letters. And i know God is good for he gave you to me… Thnk you for adding knowledge on me about what i really have!! thinking what youve said that theres is no bad thing that will happen to me everytime symptoms occurs making me brave!! it is really gaining my strength to struggle… And i will always will with the help of you and our GOD!!! Please continue sending me your letters thank you so much and more power!!

  • Khan

    thanks a lot for the useful information. I am in the same boat as all others out there. It all started in 2005 when I was at work. I use to think a lot about the future and was smoking like anything since nothing was going in my favor everything I put my hands on seems to fail but if I do the same thing for others it worked and they made good progress. Anyways, my first panic attack came out of no where when I was at work with full blown palpitation, dizziness and sweating. I wanted to kill my self and hardly could go to sleep. somehow i fight with these thoughts and the condition and survived. For a while like 2 years i was ok since i moved to a different state and my luck was on my side and everything seem to work for me. After a period of 2 years sunddenly i start to think what if i loose everything i have and my panic attacks and anxiety came back. initially i tried to fight with it but when it started to affect my work and daily life i decided to see the doctor and he prescribed me lexapro 10mg. The pills made me feel good for a while but after 6 months my condition became same as before. when i went to see the doctor he increase my dose to 20mg, it worked for a while, however, i start to feel the side effects of this medicine such as insomnia, weight gain, blurry vision and less interested in sexual life. Finally I decided to stop the medicne and now I am coping with it on day 2 day basis. It is effecting my professional life and I can’t really go to public places or work for long hours. I am reading all your articles and trying to follow whatever i can and first i want to bring into practise is start drinking lot of water everyday then slowly and gradually i would like to join a gym and start doing some exercise atleast 3 times a week.

    For all my friends out there here is a little technique i want to share that have learned from the net when i was doing a research recently and it worked for me so it might work for you too. when you have the sensation of panic attack do this trick. “FOLD YOUR LEFT HAND FINGERS IN THE PALM LIKE YOU MAKING A FIST THEN CHECK FOR THE POINT WHERE YOUR MIDDLE FINGER IS TOUCHING THE PALM THEN WITH YOUR RIGHT HAND THUMB PRESS THAT SPOT TIGHT FOR 1 MINUTE” this would help you in diverting your mind and over coming the panic attack. if this works for you please pass it on to others out there with same problem.

    thanks for all your useful information it feels great to know that i am not the only one there are people out there who are going through the same problem including my eldest brother. May God give us strength and spritual knowledge in fighting with this problem and overcoming it sooner or later.

  • Marlin

    Hi Barry, I’m from Aruba.
    On 19th of December 2009 I got my first anxiety attack. I thought I was dying.
    But the doctors told me I was hyperventilating. After that I got it once more on the 5th of January 2010.
    Ofcourse I thought at first that the doctors were wrong. After looking on line for what I have I found out that I have panic attacks. I’m doing acupunture and taking 1 pill at night. That’s it. Because during the day I try to use your technique and it is working. Thank you very much. God bless you.

  • Mike (pepper)

    OK Im starting to see maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.Thank you god for giving barry the tools to pass on such advise.And thank you Barry for doin what you do as it is priceless.Ive slowly gotten worse evry yr since 2005.My attack literly made me feel as if I was slowly dying inside I feel know only o couple days into panic away that IM alive still more then dead. THANK YOU FOR THE NEW HOPE!!

  • Caroline Chard

    Hi, I would like to say thank you, I too have been suffering with panic attacks since June 2007. I have tried counselling, acupuncture & hypnosis and they have helped but have not given me what I wanted, a solution.
    I have been recieving your emails for 6 days now and you are so accurate about the feelings and how they affect you. I have been doing the 20 second countdown and drinking more water and just reading the emails everyday inspires me and I love being able to read what other people experience. Sometimes I still think that perhaps I have something wrong with my heart and I am too scared to have all the tests, does anyone else feel like that or is it just me? Once again thank you so much.

  • teresa

    Like others I came about your website by accident going through anxiety which I have had for many years, had controlled it with ZOLOFT which was helpful but have been off them for past 1 and a half years.
    Going through stressful time at the moment which has brought back my anxiety attacks. Trying to stay off meds. Your daily emails have been very helpful and I have been putting them into practice. Would like to purchase Panic Away to refer to as I feel knowledge of this disorder will help with the cure of it. I am 47 and would like to start enjoying my life and go on holidays without feeling guilty and without worry that something bad will happen because I dare to feel happy.
    Thank you for your caring, It must feel good to be helping so many. I hope you have a good life as a


  • Devon

    Thank you so much for your blogs I just learned I have anxiety and this past month has been one of the hardest times of my life, I have been to the emergency room around four times this month and just being there made me even more anxious…. I am thankful that in a world where everything is about money you are making a difference in a lot of lives…..Thank you again

  • Carol

    Thank you so much for the emails. They have really helped me deal with my panic attacks which lately seem to have been worse. It’s good to know that people can live with a panic disorder and not let it control their lives.

  • jen

    hi there i have been suffering from panic attacks for the past 7 years and there not fun at all. I thought i was crazy until i found this site and see how many people actually suffer from this. I find this to be helping alot and hopefully the light at the end of tunnel is in the near future.

  • Anne

    Every other day seems like a setback. Some days I think everything is normal but I am not. Everything looks the same but I feel different. Like the cloud passing over the sun. I love these emails they always remind me I am not alone. Continued thanks.

  • shailesh patel

    hello,here shailesh from india,glad to say that even a your mails helped me most.Now thinking of placing an order for Panic has miraclous effect.god will give u long life.thanks ones again.

  • mahmoud m. s

    Now after that essay i would like to thanks you enough , i am grateful to you ,
    thanks alo for being postive thinking , but what can i have improvement from my experience .

  • caroline cordy

    Hello, I would like to say thankyou so much. I am 31 years old and having been suffering with panic attacks sine i was a child. They got very bad when i was 25 and i suffered a break down. Which with the help anti depressents and my family i came through it about a year later. They got really bad again about 12 weeks ago an di just cant do it again. So i seatched the internet and found your website and signed up for your mini course. In just two weeks it is helping me so much. The panic attacks are less frequent and i am dealing with them differently. Its hard but slowly things are improving. I am still managing to work and also going out and driving. Night times are still bit of prob but still alot better. Iam sitting here writing this and feeling ok…………..Amazing. Thankyou again.

    Kind regards


  • lito combalicer

    i am taking steps one at a time and it feels great i wish i can soar like an eagle again soonest and bring my life back.
    thank you sooooo much!

  • Terrance

    I woke up this morning is this feeling i was loosing my breath and this happens frequently. So this morning i invited this feeling in and observed and labeled it and moved on to relaxing. and it worked I’m going to buy your program to get rid of this once and for all thanks for all your info .

    Regards Terrance

  • Salwa

    It is very amazing how u can take the time to write all this information that helps everysingle person that has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety disorder….ive been suffering for the last 4 years i was diagnosed as bipolar and know ive been stable for the past 6 months…. anxiety comes every once in a while when am gonna do somethhing i havent done in a while…. i stayed home for about a year didint want to go out always scared that i was going to faint or get a panick attack so now am trying to go out but to calm places where i can be calm….
    reading this article just relives me even if i dont practice what u say it still makes me feel so good that there is someone out there that really understands and shares it with the rest of the people that suffer from it..
    i want to thank you..
    Regards from lebanon

  • Susie

    I think i am starting to make progress slowly, but it seems to comes and goes all the time at the moment, i get like different feelings and thoughts. Some days i feel worse than others, but am still working on it.

    from Susie

  • F

    You have such a way with words its magical only someone who experienced this first hand could relate to conditions as well as u do. Your advice is priceless and i wait for ur mail every day.. god bless u and keep up the great work !

  • jenny

    wow,wow,wow, thank you, thank you thank you ssssoooooooooooooooooooooo much. been suffering for the last 30 years. wow i feel good, thank you so much.

  • Bob Arora

    Dear Berry

    Thank you for the information on Panic away. I have read your daily mails and the corresponding pages and have started pracitising it. I have been suffering anxiety attack throughout the last 18 years but have never come out of it despite of the all the hard work. I am sometimes confused of the diagnosis or kind of given up on any natural cure for this (besides prescription from the doctor). Reading all the emails directed to you, i am now going to give this a serious try. I’m looking forward for more of your advices and really hope this works cause i am still skeptical about the success with my experience in the last few days. I am waiting for the day to be cured and like yourself would want to extend a helping hand to all the people sufffering this. God bless you and your family all the way.


  • robert fyfe

    Thanks ever so much,These e-mails have been fantastic,i am learning so much and getting so much better,yes i do have setbacks but i’m glad i’m persistant,cause i’m just goin to keep on truckin,and get better,i;ve bin sending these e-mails to friends,and they greatly apreciate them thanks so much.your a life saver,

  • jenny

    been suffering 4 thirty years now. wow wow thank you soooooooooooooooo very much, having good days, more than bad wow never thought that would happen 4 me. thank you.

  • Mary

    i am 31 and i have never once had a problem with anxiety. then…all of a sudden…BLAM! i started to think that my life was never going to be the same. food didn’t taste good. my friends were no longer fun. things that i once loved seemed boring. with the help of this minicourse i am almost fully recovered! the best part is: i have a new tool in my toolbox. thanks so much for your generous work here!!!!

  • avantika

    Thanks alot for this help. I’ve been suffering from anxiety continuosly for a few months. I had my first panic attack when I was around 16. Which continued for about half a year. It was fears about a particular person in my locality. Though I knew it was just my imagination I couldn’t get over the obsessive thoughts. But I made it through my anxiety. But last november, I was working hard for my exams. Suddenly my old fear started pouncing back. That gave way to various other fears(Some including fears pertaining to religion). I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and my life started fallind down around me. I was so happy before that. Irrational fears started gripping my nerve and the fear of the “unknown” started making m life a living hell. Many times I was pushed over the edge and thought of ending up my life. I knew what I was thinking was stupidity but still I couldn’t overcome. Later I spoke about it to my friends and strated researching on it. Thats how I came across your blog. Thaks sir for this help.

  • avantika

    Thanks alot for this help. I’ve been suffering from anxiety continuosly for a few months. I had my first panic attack when I was around 16. Which continued for about half a year. It was fears about a particular person in my locality. Though I knew it was just my imagination I couldn’t get over the obsessive thoughts. But I made it through my anxiety. But last november, I was working hard for my exams. Suddenly my old fear started pouncing back. That gave way to various other fears(Some including fears pertaining to religion). I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and my life started fallind down around me. I was so happy before that. Irrational fears started gripping my nerve and the fear of the “unknown” started making m life a living hell. Many times I was pushed over the edge and thought of ending up my life. I knew what I was thinking was stupidity but still I couldn’t overcome. Later I spoke about it to my friends and strated researching on it. Thats how I came across your blog. Thanks again sir for this help.

  • noname

    im working my way up and its really working so far. I am soo happy. thanks so much!!! I know in a little while I will soon get my confidence back. I have been suffering so much

  • Peter

    to post 34 Ali Naeem…thank you for posting your symptoms…I have been having similar feelings especially the hot breath/skin without a rise in body temperature…after reading your post I immediately felt better and felt I wasn’t alone…to post 38 Caroline Chard…I’ve had those feelings as well…pain/discomfort in my chest especially quick pinching/zapping feelings leading to me think there must be something wrong with my heart but I recently had an EKG done among a variety of blood tests and everything was normal…like Ali I felt much more calm afterwards…to Barry…thank you for putting this information out there…it is very helpful looking the emails over every day to build up the strength and confidence to believe that GAD and panic attacks can be overcome…to everyone else…keep fighting!…there is a light at the end of the tunnel and WE WILL all reach that light with dedication and determination!

  • Happy Feet

    I first suffered a panic attack 30 years ago which got worse with each child I had. My eldest is 27 and the youngest is 16. I spent years thinking I was going mad. I had counselling and pyschotherapy which helped while I was having it but I never thought I would be free of it. I couldn’t understand it and any attempts to overcame fear nearly always resulted in disappointment and tears. I refused to take medication but after 18 yrs I needed to try something! My GP referred me, yet again, to the Mental Health Services in our area and I met a counsellor who changed my life. She was a straight talker who had suffered herself. I could see it was time to break the cycle and I agreed to talk to a psychologist who wanted to look at my diet. I also agreed to take anti-depressants. With the combination of a better diet, more water, less sugar and prozac, my life began to change. In the last 12 years, I have lived alone, remarried, worked full time, holidayed abroad and lived a full life. I have also shopped alone – which was my worst panic situation. The only thing I couldn’t overcome was supermarket shopping. I could not and still cannot stay at the check out with a trolley full of shopping. Then Tesco on-line surfaced – so, on the days that I didn’t have a fellow shopper, I ordered on line. I couldn’t see the point in getting hung up about trolleys and checkouts when I had achieved so much. Sadly, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in May 09 and passed away in September 09. This has rocked my whole being and the panics crept back in. I lost the confidence to face my fear and slipped back into bad habits. The panic email about confronting your fear, ‘bringing it on’ and the 20 second rule reminded me how I got out of my miserable way of life. It really does work and I have gone back to the basics – healthy diet, plenty of water, reduce alcohol intake, good nights sleep and lots of natural daylight. Get out in the fresh air when you can. Luckily, I did not slip back too far and I can still manage to get to work. I have a wonderful family who appreciate me for what I am and although I have some way to go. I feel good in my own shoes.

  • manjola bishka

    only before some days i read this wonderful material.i was happy when i learned that this panick attaks do not cause any harms to me.thank thank gave hope to me.i love you.

  • Joan Lepore

    Barry, Thanks so much for the mini courses. They have hepled me so much to understand what is happening to me. I never realized that there are so many others coping with the fear and anxieties that I have. It made me feel, I wasn’t alone, and gave me some confidence that I will be able to get my fears under control. I have read and re-read the material you sent me. I have found the 20 second countdown very calming. I’m taking one day at a time.
    Thanks again. Joan

  • Jan Moore

    Thank you for you info – have not had a panic attach in a long time – a few weeks ago someone really hurt my feelings and suddenly I felt worthless – went to department store the next day and suddenly felt like being around all these women shopping I felt the attack coming on – went home and got on computer – went to anxiety on computer and found you – thank you for helping me and all these other people.

  • Janie

    Hi Barry, i have been doing really well, but a couple of days ago I had some thoughts going on in my mind and as I almost finished having my lunch, I had a small panic attack. I was with my husband and two children. I tried fighting off the sensation and started doing the 20 sec. countdown but only got to 10 and then bang it happened. I raced to the bathroom and threw up. I was disappointed in myself. But reading your lesson made me realise that I am doing well and having a set back is OK. I will move on. I have cut my Xanax 0.5,mg to only 1/2 a day. But on that day I had the panic attack, I took two halves.

    Thank you again for your encouraging newsletters, keep up the excellent work.


  • andrea

    Hi, thanks for the e mails I am finding then really helpful its nice to know I’m not alone with these feelings. I had my first panic attack along with an asthma attack in January whilst having a chest infection which i was given two weeks work of steroids for. It was the so scarriest feeling I’ve gone through, I felt like i couldn’t breath, dry mouth, dizzyness, diorrhea, felt cold, could think about anything else but panic, it lasted a few hours and passed but left me exhausted. I was fine for about a month then got toncilitis and was prescribed anitibiotics, after about four days I felt a little bit wheezy so I took my inhaler, but then started feeling the same as before panic, I think I though that I might have another asthma attack and all thoses feelings came back but this time it lasted longer and then turned to feeling worried, nervous, could not eat, could not relax, I went to see a nurse who told me that it was a fear of having another panic attack because i felt porly, she told me to tack deep breaths in throught the nose (count to 4) and out through the mouth, which do help with the dizzyness, I am also taking herbal Kalms (tablets) which relax me a little more. I am taking each day a time and trying to think possitive thoughts.

    Thanks again

  • lee

    i do appreciate your invaluable tips… i’ve already felt reinvigorated and will try to go through… many thanks…

  • Samuel

    Thank you for your emails or the course which contains basic steps which are very important to my life of panic attacks.I have arleady started feeling well and confident. Keep up the good work and look forward to more courses.


  • carol

    thank you so much for your help am feeling much better all sympathy to fellow panic attack sufferers

  • Ana A

    Thank you so much for your help!
    this helps alot im trying to recover from them and I need all the help I can get.
    Knowing that im not going crazy is a great feeling

  • Jill

    I have been suffering with panic attacks and anxiety for over 15 yrs. I have seen too many therapists, doctors, and counselors to count. Like most people with anxiety, I’ve read numerous books, articles, and spent money on medications. I saw Barry’s panic away article and clicked on it to read it. I figured it has been so long, why not keep looking for some answers. I’ve been receiving these regular e-mails, and tons of testimonies. It’s amazing that in just one week, I feel confidence building. The words are right on the money. FINALLY, someone gets ME. I was so sick of people not understanding, not having the symptoms I have. These are so accurate, I feel like he’s writing to me. Thank you so much for these e-mails and basic tools to use. I’m putting them to the test every day, and they are working. I look forward to reading the next one. I’ve tried so hard for the past 15 yrs. and now, I myself understand more.

    Thanks again: Jill

  • Anne Honey

    Well i have had anxiety for around 10 years now, as i look back i feel i have missed out on so much living. I was blown away on some of the readings, thinking to myself, WOW this makes sense to me. Last week i had to travel to a job interview i was held up in road works and felt a panic, i used the “Im going to give you (Panic) to 20 do your best, before i knew it traffic was moving again and i felt on top of the world, I then entered into a four panel job interview which took around two hours, half way through i felt tired and may have been “Mr Panic coming on, i quickly remembered the traffic i had conquered on my way and BOOM i was back in the game, i am now waiting to hear a reply from the interview, but i feel i have already succeed within myself . Thank you so much, i am finally finding my freedom of being me.

  • Suzanne

    I’m glad that a friend told me about you. I’ve been having anxiety for meaning years. For years they kept giving me meds to take. Then I dicised to try reading books an get some help from my church. I just started in a womens group an going to church on sundays. Plus reading the bible an reading your course on anxiety an panic attacks. Thank you so much for sending them to my email. I was wondering about life coach that can really help me get over my fears. Its getting bad when i go to school now. Becuase I’ve been having to manying of them so I leave an I don’t want to go back , becouse I feel so scared an nerves of having it again.

  • Anne Honey

    I have been offered a new job, higher pay, more stress, but good supports, today i feel some what anxious about moving from my current position, but i feel that my fear is normal, i am very comfortable where i am, but i need to go forward. Panic Away has offered me so much promise, i feel i can deal with so much more that comes to me. I am for ever grateful for this program

  • jide

    thank u bro u have helped me in more ways than ul ever know .keep up da gud work!jay.and i am sooo cured thanks 2u man!

  • janet carrell

    Dear Barry, you’re the first counselor in 42 years who has walked me through my GAD and massive panic attacks (w/O a drug prescription). Thank you for your course and this website–how very helpful to know that what we suffer is common. God has never let go of me and, I know that he led me to your site of healing. thank you so much for your caring work. Janet

  • Akram

    Thank you so much , because of your mini-courses I really believe that I’m doing better after years of anxiety.

  • Stefani S.

    First, I want to thank you for making these articles available to everyone for free. It’s hard to find this awesome advice without a price-tag. I’m only 18 years old, a senior in high school and I had my first panic attack in the beginning of March 2010. I noticed that it was around the time when I had started a new form of birth control and a higher dose. I was on birth control for 2 years with NO side effects, before this one. It first started in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up feeling like I couldn’t breathe. It was probably just a bad dream and anyone without anxiety would have probably just fallen back asleep, but I couldn’t. I ran into my moms room begging her to rush me to the hospital because I thought I was dying. My mom, knowing it was only anxiety, (I don’t know how) would not take me and helped me calm down, although I could not stop shaking and felt sick to my stomach & dizzy. After that night, I had the same trouble almost every single night for the stupidest reasons. For about a week and a half I just accepted it and decided I just wouldn’t sleep if I couldn’t. Then it started hitting me during the day more so than at night. I constantly felt dizzy and sick with no appetite, always thinking something was wrong. I felt anxious at every waking moment and always felt like I was going to faint. I couldn’t sit through class and I would always end up in the nurse or going home early. My way of escape, for as long as I could remember was simply going to the gym and relieving all my feelings by running and working out “hardcore.” Then my worst nightmare happened, as I was running on the treadmill my heart started to pound and I felt out of breath, which is completely normal when you’re running 3 miles. I started to panic at the feeling and jumped off the treadmill as fast as I could, and went straight home, feeling anxious and scared the whole time. It was at that point that I had a fear of the one thing I loved to do, the one thing that made me feel 100% better. I had trouble going to work because I’d get anxiety and feel like I would faint and I missed so much school. I knew I had a serious problem. I couldn’t just stop my pack of birth control because that could’ve caused worse side effects. By the end of April when I could finally be done with the pill, I was eager to throw it away and get back to my life (my nighttime anxiety had stopped after about 2 weeks of it). For about the first week I was off it, I felt slight anxiety, but nothing major like before. As each week progressed I felt better and better. I started feeling myself again and could get back to the things I loved doing. I did have anxiety with a couple things, but nothing to the extent that effected my life before. When I had no anxiety, I wouldn’t fear that it would come back, I would think to myself, “I should have anxiety right now, doing this, but how come I don’t?” and at that thought, I would bring the anxiety upon myself. (IS THIS NORMAL?) I started a new internship last week, which involves me commuting every morning in to new york city. I drive, park my car, and take the train to my office. My first week, I felt anxious but only because I knew it was normal to feel nervous when starting something new. The feelings were not to a serious extent and I was able to make it through my day perfectly fine. After stopping the pill, my cycle was all messed up so I had no idea when i’d be expecting it. It was last week that I got it and realized that right around my time of the month, my anxiety shoots through the roof. But I knew why I was anxious, therefore I didn’t have a panic attack and managed to get through my days. I also noticed that I would get anxiety when I drank coffee (which is another thing I LOVED, and could no longer do.) So I cut coffee out, which made me feel loads better. Then, on Sunday, just the other day, I was feeling so good, and felt so good all week that I thought, “hey, what’s a cup of coffee, or frappe?” BAD IDEA. I experienced a panic attack due to the fact that my heart was racing, I felt dizzy and thought I was going to faint. It was my first panic attack after 2-3 weeks of success and thinking I had conquered it.
    This upset me more than anything and suddenly I feel like my problems have all come back and I took 10 steps back to where I was a month or 2 ago. I’ve been receiving your e-mails since the first week when I experienced my first panic attack and they helped me. I save all the e-mails and when i feel anxious, I read through your e-mails and they calm me down and give me the reassurance that I need. Yesterday, after my first panic attack in a couple of weeks I called out of work because of the fear of anxiety, and went to church and had a somewhat good day. Today, i knew that i was forced to go to work and i had to do everything in my power to get myself here today. I hit traffic, and felt anxious. I got anxiety about going on the train. I had anxiety when i got to the office. but now, after a cup of chamomile tea, and reading through your e-mail about setbacks, I once again feel free and like I can breathe. Thank you a ton, and although i’m making slow progress I want to buy your program when i get the money for it. I would love nothing more than to speak with you personally because of all the questions & concerns I have. Thanks a ton for your e-mails, keep them coming!

  • abdul

    Hi,Barry,i appreciate your contribution and giving people hope to the road of cure , you’re wonderful person .

  • Marie Lester

    I am so pleased to hear people saying they are reluctant to take drugs, in my experience, they do not assist in improving anxiety attacks. They do however make you drowsy and totally unwell. I therefore continue to drink lots of water, regularly walk during the week to keep my spirits up. I also do not drink coffee and now only have 2 glasses wine a week. I first had my attack due to stress in 2005 and am still recovering, I am now living life to the full and enjoying whatever comes my way, this does not mean I am over attacks, but that I can manage them better, sometimes my eyes feel funny and strange and I get pains in my neck and head, but I would urge everyone not to give up. I personally recovered with the use of acupunture which made my body stronger and able to deal with the whole process better. Having been made redundant last year it is difficult to work sometimes as I seem to panic more if I am in a stressed position at work (HR Department). I will not let this defeat me and will make a promise to myself to always be strong, exercise and call a friend or family member when an attack happens as sharing the situation does help. Never expect other people to understand, unless you have been through the motions with stress / panic / anxiety, others can’t possibly understand how it feels.

  • Yesefa

    Thanks a lot Barry,for giving everyone free access to these articles. I would never would have dreamt of having such an opportunity as this one.I’m still yet to go for counseling but this has already given me a reason to live, to take my life back- out of the control of fear.
    Because of you I have hope for a better day!

  • Daniel

    Hey everyone!

    Wow, words are insufficient to convey my gratitude. I have been reading the follow-up comments to each newsletter and they have helped me immensely so I have decided to post my own in the hope that I’ll be able to help others like me. I am a 22 year old student from Scotland and I’m studying in Spain at the moment. I’ve been suffering from panic attacks for just over a year but they seemed to have been getting worse since getting here and I just assumed that everything would go back to normal when I got back home to Scotland, but I had two really bad panic attacks and sought the help of medication for a while to help me achieve the most basic of daily tasks, like going to the supermarket or bakery without panicking. I constantly felt shaky, as though my head was spinning, I had sweaty palms and I just wasn’t able to enjoy myself at all. I knew that I couldn’t depend on medication forever and after discovering this program I’m feeling great! I even went to a bakery where I had a bad panic attack a few weeks ago this afternoon and which I’d been avoiding ever since, told myself that I was going to be okay and it was! Don’t let yourself get knocked down if you have an attack whilst following this program, pick yourself up and keep going with it because there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all! I’ve even found the simplest of things, like smiling and laughing more, to be a great help in changing your bodies emotional balance, and now I’m smiling and laughing more than ever! 😀 Good luck to you all!

  • Sheila

    Am making huge steps in my social life and this couldn’t have come at the right moment! Very helpful tips to overcoming anxiety. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Janet

    Thanks for your information. The anxiety makes one crazy and is very scary. I have been to the emergency room several times over the last 10 years thinking I was dying. Life can be complicated and yes, learning how to live through the anxiety is a spiritual adventure for me. I am trying not to take a drug to control this, but I have found one that helps ease me out if I am feeling panicked. Anxiety seems to me to be a product of many things one of them being we are very sensitive people. I am thinking much of what I experience is a push to walk the spiritual path. I seem to be propelled to a higher and higher purpose: To know my divinity, my connectedness with the all that is. I can still have fun too. Barry, your gift to us will be returned to you with great abundance. Thanks,

  • Eda

    this miniserie about setbacks is the only problem that i must control. i am better now couse of your miniseries. they have helped me so much.i was suffering of panic attack for about 6 months,i am only 21 years old. thank you very much. if you have any information about how the setbacks, i will be happy if you send me,you will help me so much. thank you again

  • farieda

    I thank you for you emails. I have been suffering with general anxiety & panic attacks since August 2005. I can say that it has been to such an extend that I feared leaving my home. I have been receiving your emails now for thte past 6 days and can tell you that I it has helped me a great deal. I just came from lunch now and had to share my experience with you. I went on lunch and travelled by public transport to and from town. Went into shops, stood in queues etc, alone. I did have a panic attack. Thank Allah for letting me come across your website. I have been retrenched from work now as well, but it didnt set me back, it actually gave me hope that there is something better, before I wouldve had panic attacks and anxiety attacks but your advice has helped me a great deal through the grace of the Almighty. Thank you, once again

  • ann

    I am still receiving your e mails and I am printing them up to keep. Thank you so much. I think I have learned to face them and not be frightened of them (most of the time). I still need reassurance from my doctor but on the whole I have my life back
    You are a wonder Thank you so much

  • Ann

    I believe all of us on this site need to get out of ourselves (me included) and do something for others. I live alone, have a few friends, but this anxiety is something that is not understood by someone else, or hardly ever. I have one female friend who is used to having panic attacks, so she understands. I am going to sign up with our Literacy Outreach to teach someone to speak English (probably a Latin person of either gender). That will put me in touch with others, and get me out of this ME situation.

  • Ali Naeem

    On first of January this year I responded by writing as follows: (comment No. 34 above)

    I have been reading your daily emails and the corresponding pages for the past few days but not leaving any replies as I wanted to first try your advice and see if this is really going to work for me. It sure seems to be working as the information you provide is so logical, meaningful and effective for me. Today I decided to leave a reply mainly to convey my heart-felt thanks for this particular note on setbacks you write about. I have been following your advice for the past few days and all seemed to be working until today when I suddenly felt a setback. Just now when I check my emails, as if you somehow knew what had happened to me earlier today, here you are! Talking about setbacks… There is no way I could have know what got hold of me today if not for this new information you have sent today just at the right time. Thank you once again for becoming my savior………………………
    ………………….. After going through so many websites I realized I am not alone. I continued to study and I stumbled upon one striking video clip “Panic Away” which I found so helpful to explain my wife and family what exactly happens to me. Until then, I could not communicate to my loved ones in a coherent manner what goes inside me. At that moment I knew I have found someone who must know the way I feel. I am so thankful to you for helping me understand what my problem may be and how I may be able to regain my “self”.
    So I have decided to write to you to let you know how thankful I really am for the work you are doing in helping so many out there who’s lives are being tormented by this terrible condition of the mind.
    Thank you again and again……………………
    The above is part of what I had written on new year’s eve this year – to show my gratitude to Barry for his work to help people like me. Since then, I have been reading through all the responses by people like me.
    I have decided to write here once again because I want to share my happiness with all who have written here. I wish to let others (like me) know how helpful Barry’s advice has been for me. During the interim period (since I have written here first) my journey on the road to recovery has been progressive. Six months on, I can say I am cured almost completely. I have come out a better person – one who knows how it is like to live with and without GAD. Thank you Barry.

  • Caroyn Snuggs

    Dear Barry,
    I have just finished reading Panic Away and I am very hopeful. I have General Anxiety Disorder and have been on medication for the last year. However, the anxiety didn’t get bad until one month ago and I had a crisis and was hospitalized. I am currently taking tranquilizers but I want desperatly to get off medication. I am so thankful for your E-mails it gives me much courage. I have always been a high achiever in life and this feels so much like failure. I want my life back and I am praying that your courses will get me there. I am willing to work hard and apply all the techniques. My husband is very sick and has a terminal illness and that too is a complicating factor. Again, thank you for what you are doing. May God Bless You. Carolyn

  • Katie Brandt

    I find it is useful to address the negative comments in my head, thank them for presenting themselves and tell them that I am moving on and not dwelling on the thought

  • Marie

    I am now over my panic attacks but wish to share the joy with others that there is hope and life after panic attacks. It has not been easy for the following reasons – employer did not understand neither did family, thought I had gone mad, worst thing whispers in the office when I returned or people not talking to me. I am now a better person for this as I will never walk past someone having attack but will totally understand and talk to them. Life is for living and not for existing which is what a lot of people do when they have experienced panic attacks. I do feel I have aged from this experience but am making the most of who I am now. I am not working at present feel could not take pressure any more, even though this is a huge obstacle for me, I will achieve my goal and have now just completed a complete Microsoft Word package of Word, Excel and Powerpoint to enhance my opportunities. Keeping busy helps and especially exercise, many people experience difficulties in their life, to get a second chance is everything, go for it now and enjoy life.

  • Sally

    I did not even realise I had been having panic attacks until recently, I truly thought they were allergy reactions! I could not breath, my tongue would swell etc but this is probably because I had a few frighten attacks like this in the last year.

    your emails are so empowering and could only beso if you really understood what they were.

    thank you for turning yur experience and help into guidance for us all.


  • jeni.

    Thankyou so much for road to revovery but its my confidence that has gone and I need to change everything everytime of an attack. I had a big one 2008 and my confidence is lost will it come back.i stuggle sitting in rooms where i have an attack this is not normal is it. What tips can I learn. Thanking you so much what you have sent me is fantastic. As this letter says i need to move on. I do try.

  • jake

    these emails are great.i too dont want to take meds, all those crazy side effects.
    i suffer with panic attacks and gad. 17 years ago i tried to sit in a room everyday and try to make my panic attacks come to me. the first few days were bad , but buy the forth or fifth day they were more tolerable , by 2 weeks later i was not afraid of them anymore.from then on whenever i was going somewhere where i might get a panic attack i would try to get the panic attack out of the way.within a month i had no more panic attacks.
    my panic attacks came back so i will try this again,will keep you informed on how it goes

  • ray

    thanks barry for the free newsletters,they have helped alot.
    i am now going out there and trying to confront my fears. i was fearing going anywhere where i had an attack
    now i take a deep breath and just go and confront these places ,sometimes its hard but in one week i can go to many different places including a packed baseball stadium.everybody out there you will have better days if you try to confront your fears , just always say to yourself i can always back out if i want and before you know it you will get better

  • burhan

    thanks a lot u r my hero this cource has helped me a lot till now but i am not really sure that if i have anziety of drepression but still i feel by giving confidence we can do it thanks barry joe

  • Kate

    I am finally on the road to recovery after getting your book! Honest to goodness, after so many trips to the Doctor, ER and Therapists….finally God has led me to you. I couldn’t take the anxiety and panic attacks anymore. I am not at 100% yet, but everyday I am trying and can see the light at the end of the tunnel – FINALLY. I respect anyone with anxiety and panic….for we are brave everyday….and we are great people. I applaud all of you that are on your journey.

  • marck

    Yup really for twenty (20) years I experience depression it begins when a strong earth quake slam our city wherein i was trapped inside the collapse school bldgs. for almost three (3) hours, in my mind the whole world eroded i can’t help my self but to pity experiencing after shocks, again same experience i felt when I enter in a soldiery service and until now i am experiencing big set backs when i encounter hard problems… million thanx for the e-mails yov’e sharing wit me its nice to know that I am not the only one experiencing and encountering this depressions and anxieties.. yes life must go on believe in your self you empty your mind replace it with good thoughts and achievements …. . Barry Mcdonagh thank you very much

  • Kyle

    Thanks so much for the daily advice, sometimes i think im going crazy so afraid of it, it all triggered since my 1st oanic attack in 2008. i found your website and daily advice so helpful and very encouraging. thanks a lot barry.

  • steph

    i am with you Charline Chard.. I am constantly worried about my heart and I keep telling myself its all in my head and my anxiety and if i exercise, eat better, and calm down it will go away. nonetheless i had an EKG the other day and all turned out great- im only 21 . since my HR gets very high sometimes for no reason as well as while working out.. very quick into the workouts, she said i could see a cardiologist for a stress test if i wanted, just to be sure nothings wrong. after insurance id be paying around $600 so i have put it on hold for now hoping its a combo of out of shape plus anxiety and that if i keep working at both my problems will stop.. but i feel that i may just break down and have it done just to have the reassurance nothings wrong and it is in fact all in my head.. just wish i didnt have to pay $600 for that. I had my first panic attack at age 10 though i had been suffering from GAD for some time before that.. i never realized it, of course as a child, until i was rushed to the dr for my panic attack as i thought i was dying . after dr informed me of what it was.. my entire middle school career was nothing but filled with debiliating anxiety. i finally forced myself to stop and live and high school was totally normal and great. when i went away to college it hit again.. i transfered to a school closer to home after the 1st semester and hadnt a problem since. until i graduate.. december 2009 and moved from VA to SC for a job my husband took. 1 year later i am still unemployed and working on attending grad school. the past few months is when the anxiety has really struck, which is why im sure its anxiety causing my problems, not a real heart problem, but you never know i guess? trying to work through it because i do not want to deal with this again. lately ive had more attacks than i ever did before even in my worst anxiety so i am trying to rid myself of it now before it gets out of control. hoping these emails help.

  • Ann Mitchell

    I have panic attacks, and do not like taking meds. I am taking 200mg l-theanine each night, and it is really helping. It’s an amino acid that helps calm down your amygdala, part of your brain that gets very sensitive with initial panic attacks, and keeps on repeating these until it gets calmed down. Try the l-theanine – it can’t hurt, and it might help.

  • rebecca

    tank you so much barry i have suffered with panic attacks ever since i lost my sister nd brother they went away for a while with medication but i did not want to get addicted to the medication so i stopped taking them and low and behold the anxiety came back i find these feelings are a lot worse after a night of drinking. i really want to get to the stage where i cant remember what an anxiety attack was like. your site and your emails have been brilliant and hopefully wit a bit of work and confidence i can get better tanx again xx

  • Carol Quattrone

    Thank you so much Barry for all your help, I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for years, I am 63 now, they were really bad when I was 30 years old, it was the most horrible feelings ever. I went to three different doctors and really got nothing out of it, my husband was a huge help, any confidence I have today was from my husband’s help. When I came across Barry’s site, it was when I was taking a trip to Italy for my sons wedding, I was so anxious because I was never on a plane and I did not like staying away for a long period of time. This was 4 years ago, I read all Barry’s courses and believe me I am here to say he helped me through the whole trip, I had no anxiety at all following his advice and it helped me up to this day. Believe me I am a much stronger person then I ever was, and I had anxiety and panic most of my life, I thought I would always be that way, but that is not true, you do get better. Thank you so so much for all your help. Carol Quattrone

  • mrsdualcitz

    Im 46,and have had PA since 1986,or since age 22.YES,when you get a bad one,you LITERALLY feel like you are dying.If I had to list everything IVE tried,I would have you both laughing,and I would take up WAY TOO much space!
    The fainting feeling,choking”I kind breathe(the absolute worst!),losing control ect.Worst attacks are in a CAR!
    Not to mention they dont make sense.I could be on a plane,where there is horrible turbulence,everybody is freaking out,and I am calm as heck!
    Then again,Ive been att a grocery store,where a PA has grabbed me by the seat of my pants,and I had to tell an “attendant”(I was raised that way!)”Im sorry I must leave all my stuff in the basket,I need to leave”!

    Ive seen specialist.I do believe,no matter what people say,that PA are a chemical imbalance to the brain.ANXIETY however,with some of the same symptoms,are controlable. I ,know my body enough,to know the difference b/w the two!

    My Dad had horrible PA.He died young,at,59.I miss him dearly,but what Im grateful for is that the Brain tumour that killed him,pressed on the part of his brain,that made gim EXTRMELY CALM!

    My only hope is that my children(a son18,and a 19 year old daughter,WILL NOT,inherit these! )My daughter,has already inherited my horrible,sometime deadly allergies!

    So yes,I do take a low dose of medication every day.I never surpass the dose.But why should I suffer?I have suffered enough.It does Not make me dwosy,keep me from working or doing my Charity work,or it has not kept me for what I am the MOST proud of,being the best Mother I could be.(yes,I quite meds while pregnant!)

    Good luck to you all!

  • surespathak

    thanks for the all the mail that r really helping me in some way or another,, keep it up that gr8 work!,godbless

  • Laura

    I am going to a bio feedback person and reading these emails. I would think i am on the road 2 recovery. overall im not as nervous walking around, hope it gets better.. And hope u all feel the same..

  • Daniela Mihalik Salma

    Dear Barry,thank you so much for this mini course.I write down some of the parts in my diary to help me bild my confidence.I am going on a one week trip and I am determine to win this fight agains anxiety!
    Thank you and I wish you all the best.
    Daniela (Serbia)

  • Nigel Stephens

    Thank you so much for your emails – I feel like I have just got my life back.
    I no longer fear panic attacks.
    I have taken your advice from everything I have learned from these emails and your website. Almost
    straight away, my anxiety levels started to drop – and now a week later, I feel happy again, without
    even the slightest concern that I may relapse, knowing that I have some tools to deal with the problem.
    The advice on rehydration was particularly helpful for me. Thanks again for your help.

  • Mohammed Asif


    I am much thank full to you for the your encouraging emails and tips to handle anxiety sent everyday … I have been suffering from anxiety for at least 8 years now and honestly speaking I din’t know it was anxiety until 2 months back.. the normal symptoms I had were hypertension and very hi palpitation.. i have been under medication for past 2 years now but whenever I get these attacks all my medicine will have no affect…

    It is unbelievable I am feeling much better and the confidence of being safe is wonderful… I am seriously looking forward for taking this course and live a normal life.. the Articles sent everyday are so amazingly encouraging and I am sure the product will be a complete heal…

    Asif (31, Male)

  • Nats

    I am going thru a setback right now have read this article thrice already will do what you are saying and give feedback.thanks so much for these great mails

  • leyanne

    thank you so much for your emails i really appreciate it.i look forward to gettin up every morning to reading the next step in your mini serious.i hav been doin really well for the last week its the depersonalisation that gets me the most,but they are not lasting as long as they used to now it only happens in situations that i had them in before so it is obvious im getting them because i think im goin to get onewas doin really well but had a set back two nites ago when i had a panic attack,i started losing confidence.i now understand that it is ok to have setbacks and i will continue to fight this till the end.i am not a victim i am a survivor.
    thank you again u u are a godsend..

  • Julia

    I too am so grateful to you Barry for your encouraging and alternative ways to view and handle anxiety.
    No person is exempt from anxiety and panic! I have suffered with generalized anxiety and the odd panic attack for many years on and off.So did my mum.
    I work as an experienced Specialist Nurse Practitioner in General Practice;appearing calm confident and in control and with a special interest in Mental Health!!Unable to help myself however.
    3 years ago I lost my mum to cancer and when signing the death certificate found myself shaking and panicking to the point that my signature didnt resemble mine.Several days later and still very anxious I went back to work…..that is when my problems really began.
    Doing my first blood test of the morning I was shaky and the patient commented and not very nicely ;after that I put myself through 2 years of fear and worry of doing the tests in case I shook and often did….that escalated to even taking stitches out or anything that needed a steady hand… anxiety levels were through the roof but I continued facing it every day.This impacted at home too.not good in my profession; I knew my feelings were irrational and not founded on anything other than my mind working overtime. I guess it had turned into a kind of phobia of shaking and people noticing!! I tried the deep breathing…”get a grip” exercises and things got worse.I left my full time job and did a bit of agency work and smoking cessation where I felt safe and decided not to put myself through it again.(My protective side finally won I think!)

    Recently however I have started a part time job at a village surgery as a minor illness nurse;again a safe option and I am so calm and focused in this role… but the occasional blood test or suturing have been inevitable….leading me back to the same fear,anxiety and panic.I was almost at the point of letting this protective side win again then I researched and found you!
    I have read and re read your advice in your wonderful emails which are alternative but so sound!.I have talked to my protective side not to interfere again(until now I didnt even know it existed but it so makes sense!),discovered gratitude,water and not to fear the anxiety but to just accept it..I think the not fighting it bit made the biggest change in me.

    Today I removed stitches…..anxiety on scale of 1-10 about 5 and NO panic,no comment was made even though I felt shaky.
    I then decided that my next patient required a blood test..took a deep breath and did it for the first time in almost a year…anxiety scale 0.I left work a very happy nurse.

    Im sure I will have relapses(and will read how to deal with them!) but want to say a huge thank you for guiding me and giving me the confidence that no one else has.If I cant cope in the future I will definately sign up for the whole course!

    Im not normally a horoscope reader…but for some reason did this week and it said..”you have been steeling yourself for the possibility of some heart wrenching change.The change that is about to take place in your life is essentially a change of attitude not of circumstance.Your eyes are about to open wider and as they do you will see that all is due to be much as it was before,only better.”(Daily Mail Saturday16th July) How bizzarre!

    That about sums it up and Thank you so much Barry.

    Julia(52yrs) UK

  • mary rose

    thank u so much !.im from Philippines .. may i asked if theirs any Bookstore here in Phil. can buy the panic away book?

  • theresa

    these articles are very interesting ! i am realizing i have had panic attacks for at least 40 years and didn’t know what was wrong with me . my husband kept rushing me to the hospital many times and by the time i got there the symptoms had all but disappeared . the emergency doctor just gave me zantac and sent me home . no signs of heart palpitations and they didn’t know what it was . went to doctor who sent me for all kinds of tests ,but nothing showed up even with the stress test . my daughter finally diagnosed my problem and i talked again to my family physician .she gave me medication to see if that was the problem ,then i checked the internet and learned about breathing techniques to help me . i am still suffering at times and am trying to control it without medication . sometimes i think it is hopeless . i enjoy these articles very much !

  • Monica

    Hi Barry,

    I’d like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This is my first day at work after 3 months of suffering GAD. I work in a mine siutated about 2000 ft high up the mountain and first started exiriencing tightness in the neck and throat area leading me to think I had chest problems. After everything the doctors could not do anything to help and I prayed to JESUS and he led m eto your website.
    Reading your emails I’ve tried them and they have worked wonders, not to mention all the confidence bossters that you’re newsletters come with.
    I have told the Anxiety that today is the day I get my life back and praise the Lord I feel so confident and much stronger!!

  • paul byrne

    Barry, thanks a million for the emails, i really appriciate them.
    it’s great to know that someone can explain exactly what we’re
    going through.i find reading them a great help. once again thank you very much.

  • Brad Earl

    I am curious to here how many people that suffer from this condition start like I did. I have heard that going to get a hair cut, talking in front of a group of people, driving, flying and fear of taking exams. These common fears let me know that my condition is universal. I am know 55 yrs old and found that there is no quick fix and through life experiences, you can learn that all the avoidance rutiens that you have learned can be reversed. It is almost like listening to your voices in your head and doing the opposite. This takes courage and will power but it is well worth the uplift that you receive. But you have to understand that life is a ongoing thing and you have to understand that feeling good is on a continuim that has a positive and negative polarity. What goes up must come down and you cannot command that you should always feel good. You can however discover JOY ! and this feeling can shine through but you have to get out of the way.

  • Sok

    Thank you so very very much for your daily e-mails. It really helps, and this topic about setbacks is probably the most important for me to read it all times, because setbacks always come to me very often. Although progress seems slowly to me, but at least I feel that I am not alone, and there are many people out there, like you, to understand me and help me. God bless you, Barry.

  • karishma

    thanks barry for all that u are doing for people having this threatening attacks……this is the 6th email i’ve got ,and im just feeling MUCH BETTER…….i thought i would never find someone who could understand what problems i suffer….but god is really great,ifound this site and came to know about so many people who suffer from the same condition…Thanks a lot…god bless

  • girlie

    Thank you so much for the emails that i received. The knowledge that i learned from Panic Away made my recovery faster than i thought. My life is easier and happier now. I feel i am beginning to be free step by step from helplessness to a life of hope. Your advices are very wise. I believe I could live again the life I enjoyed because Panic Away teaches me not to be afraid of panic attacks. A panic attack vanishes the moment it is being hunted.

    Again, thank you. May many more people find your site so that they will be greatly helped and relieved.

  • Frank

    I feel like the program is working. I do have some anxiety with a new job but I am coping with it.
    I had a rough time yesterday after not getting much sleep the night before, however today seems to be going well.

    Thanks for all the support.

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