Anxious thoughts and the worry station

When your anxiety level is high any anxious thought you might have takes
on a different intensity. For example a bizarre thought that would normally
never cause you any concern starts to feel uncomfortable and leads to
further anxious thoughts.

The reason this happens is because your anxiety score is high
and you are not feeling at ease with yourself. Compare that to when you
are feeling relaxed and happy. In that situation anxious thoughts hardly make an
impression and if they do, you have enough inner calm to dismiss them and
move on without reacting in fear.

Have you also noticed that if you are feeling exhausted and run down, you are much
more prone to worry.

That’s because your energy levels are low and you don’t have that same level of inner
calm and self assurance to deal with the anxious thoughts.

Think of it like listening to a radio station. When your anxiety level is high your mind tunes
into the worry station. The worry station amplifies any anxious thoughts you might have.
Like attracts like. By the virtue of being anxious your mind has turned the dial
away from Cool and Calm FM  to Worry and Stress FM.

But then when you are more relaxed and calm that station switches back automatically
and anxious thoughts have very little to no impact.

So the next time you are feeling anxious and wondering why your mind feels so
stuck on Worry FM, remember it is directly related to your overall level of anxiety
in your mind and body.

By taking steps to reduce your anxiety level you will be less troubled by anxious
thoughts and find your mental climate much more calm.  You will be tuned into
the station of your choice.

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