How to Turn Fear Into Excitement

Can we turn anxiety and panic into a positive experience? Can we transform fear into excitement with one mental switch?

I believe we can and I am going to explain how it is done.

Anxiety/panic is an experience everyone tries to avoid and run from. Our instinct is to fight against the feeling and find some way to end it quickly so that we can return to feeling calm. All our mental and physical effort goes into trying to feel calm again.

I believe however that people get much faster results if they learn to turn anxiety into excitement, -rather than trying to create calm.

The reason for this is because being anxious and excited are actually the same physiological states for your body (the aroused state) so your mind can make the switch between those states much easier than it can between feeling anxious and calm.

So by turning your anxiety into excitement, you can quickly remove the fear factor while still feeling physically aroused. Because the fear has been removed you will then feel in control and a state of calm will come about naturally.

Let’s use the example of a panic attack. A panic attack is almost always triggered by bodily sensations. Maybe your heart starts pounding or your chest feels tight. Maybe you feel dizzy or your body shakes. You know very well when its about to kick off and in a split second your mind reacts with fear to these bodily sensations. “Oh no here we go again, I am going to have a panic attack, -I might lose control, -I might die”.

That initial reaction is so split second it is almost impossible to control but at least now you are aware of what is happening and NOW is your moment to stop reacting and to choose a new response. Instead of reacting with resistance and fear to the sensations, you are going to respond with curiosity and excitement.

Here are the actual steps you need to take so that you can quickly move from fear to excitement:

  1. Do not fight or resist the bodily sensations. (Remember, you are safe these sensations will not harm you)
  2. Befriend the sensations and anxiety you feel, -do not see it as your enemy, it is your guide.
  3. Embrace the sensations fully and observe them with a compassionate curiosity.
  4. Now PLAY with the sensations. Encourage the bodily sensations to intensify. Get excited by this heightened state of arousal. Push the energy out and run with it. Let your heart pound, let your chest feel tight, let your mind race, let your body shake. Do not try and control it, experience it fully and feel really excited and alive because of it.

By taking the above steps you are doing something completely different. You are no longer resisting but embracing and moving with the experience. This movement is one of pure excitement as you ride the wave of fear, instead of letting it toss you around.

Some people like to compare anxiety to a thrilling  roller coaster ride. Something exhilarating that they are willing participants in. By becoming really excited by the anxiety you feel, instead of resisting it, you immediately diminish the  power it holds over you. You are placed back in a position of control.

That is the secret to turning fear into excitement!

Author note: Credit goes to Mary O’Malley and Neale Donald Walsch for clarifying the dynamics of reaction and response.

188 replies on “How to Turn Fear Into Excitement

  • Margherita Cargasacchi

    Thanks a lot , you are very kind ! I feel better , i’m not stressed now. Thank you . M. C.

  • Naomi

    Hi! This is really cool because I started using this technique a few years ago, when I experienced PAs on a regular basis (mainly at night). I would lay on my bed and imagine I’m on a roller coaster. The feeling of the room spinning, my heart pounding and a slightly sicky feeling is just like being on a scary ride…it helped me then and now that I’ve read the article I know I’m not totally weird! Not so easy to do in the bus cos I’m worried about being sick. 🙁
    I have always been told to try and relax when I’m suffering with a PA but why not just go with the flow and enjoy! Weeeeeeeee 🙂

  • Fer

    Yes, I’ve tried your method and it works!!! Provided you feel strong enough to live the experience!!! So, go ahead, move on !!! Look for the right moment and the right place, that one that makes you feel worse 🙁

  • Barbara Lifter

    Iam 71 years not so old and have had panic attacks (not so in recent years) and anxiety very often since I was 26. Being free would be such a blessing. I no longer drive freeways as they are a great source of total anxiety and controlled panic.

  • Vicki

    I have had anxiety attacks, agoraphobia over 30 years now. I have had good times, but always had the anxiety. At times, medication helped of course. but i do know the feeling of thinking i should just give up and get locked up in some place! but i continue to fight it, definitly not always winning in the sense that i can leave my home without fear or anxiety, but i do it for short trips as needed, but i can’t alone, which makes me feel so like a failure.


    What an interesting way to look at your anxiety…I am going to promise myself to try…in the midst of panic it may be difficult but I suppose it takes training yourself to embrace the panic

  • Barbara Chavez

    What an interesting way to look at your anxiety…I am going to promise myself to try…in the midst of panic it may be difficult but I suppose it takes training yourself to embrace the panic

  • Tim Luscombe

    Barry, I have resisted commenting on all the good advice you have given me because i felt, at over 80 years old, I was not the normal sufferer you deal with. In fact, I started having serious attacks about 2 or 3 years ago and you have helped a lot. On reflection, I think they have been around for many, many years, but I did not recognise them , or admit to them, being panic or anxiety. Now I do and try to use your methods of coping with some success. Thank you. Tim

  • susan

    The only problem I forsee for me with pushing the anxiety outward, is that I am always so concerned about others witnessing these attacks, and I am heavily invested in hiding them, because I am at such a loss to explain what and certainly why it happens to me, to others around me who are goiing about their business.
    How do you suggest handling this dichotomy?

  • Jane Love

    Thank you for remembering us Barry. You messages of encouragement are really appreciated and your techniques are the best I have ever found. You REALLY know what you are talking about and it all helps. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have purchased your products and they are worth every cent.

  • nici

    i love everything about this program it is helping me in more ways than you can imagine,,, it is not a fast process to overcome, but has helped so much in so many situations… my new thing is to just say to myself… “yeah its my anxiety,, its anoying but i know it will pass..” that really seems to help sometimes,, but everyday i play more and more with getting rid of it… thanks so much joe!!

  • CherriFaye

    As of the past 4 months i have practiced some or if not most of your techniques. I have to say there is a major improvement in my panic or anxiety attacks. i have been jogging and working out for the past 20 years.It has somewhat slowed me down with my fitness in the last 6 months but i will not give in. The feeling i have now which tells me i am gonna have one is numb sensation in my fingers and tight chest. Is that uncoman to have that feeling in the fingers?

  • Jenny Durling

    I will certainly give this a try. I just finished reading Panic Away and actually think my main problem now has more to do with anticipatory anxiety than panic attacks. It’s the constant checking to see if everything is ‘ok’. I haven’t really figured out how to deal with this yet. All suggestions welcome!

  • dave

    I think thats a great idea of turning anxiety into excitement,I used your program and its taught me alot about anxiety. Thank You Barry.

  • Kimberly

    First, let me say that this is one of the best courses ever. I never could master the One Move, and for me, encouraging the sensations just made them worse. What I DID get quickly in touch with is that I’m too tightly wound-up. The meditation exercises were incredibly helpful. I struggled a lot at first, and had my share of set-backs, but was determined to kick this without meds. (My case went on for a long time, undiagnosed, because the symptoms were so severe, and I had cancer). At this point, I really think I have it beat. Have referred a LOT of folks to this program. Thank you for helping me to get my life back.

  • Paco

    Your advice couldn’t come in a better moment. While tapering benzos, today I felt the coming of a PA and it arrived, while it stayed I started thinking on what you wrote. It’s always difficult to embrace the sensations and be grateful at the same time, but not impossible and that really works. Now, after feeling terrible for a whole hour, I feel much much better. Thanks Barry.

  • Mohd

    Hi Barry,

    I think this is such a very good information. I think it has a truth in it. I remember long time before I had the
    PAs, I actually was really an adventurous guy, always looking for new excitement and new adventures.
    After having a family and I started stopping doing all that maybe the extra adrenaline has not been put
    up to good use and it may contribute to the initiation of my PA … This information can help a lot of
    people suffering from PAs … thank you …

  • Kt

    Hi Barry, there is not enough words to describe the help you have given me through your program. I have gone such a long way from that day of the first (or maybe second) panic attack that I almost feel like a whole different person now – You have given me so much and basically control of my life back. With such a beautiful program I would be selfish if I did not share my experience so for those of you out there who are reading this, this program really does work and it is truly amazing.

    Thanks Barry for all of your help.


  • Jean Richard

    Many thanks to you (and all the ones who share). Your words speak experience, with just enough humility and encouragement so that we all know you have been there and we can try your method with no fear.
    For some month I thought I was almost rid of anxiety, some light stuff here and there, but here comes a complicated family event and “THE trigger is pulled” . What to do know ? and your email came in with something to try. The tool works + the feeling or not being alone such a help .
    All my sincere many thanks

  • Ronen

    Hi, during the last years facing anxiety i had very few panic attacks. These days I manage to do almost everything i tried avoid in the past in order to face panic attack. I appreciate your suggestions they sound very helpful. It sure requires a lot to face your fear and look at it in the eyes…. Ronen

  • harry c

    i stumbled on this and it really works, the first couple of times i started and got scared and ran from it as i always do but this last time i stuck with it like i was on amy favorite ride at disney and i was amazed the control i took back. thanks for all your help hc

  • meg

    My problem is that I must desperately hide my panic attacks in front of people at the worst possible times, and there is no place or appropriate moment where can take a time-out, because timeliness and complete focus plays an essential role in my situations. I’m usually cutting someone’s hair, ordering dinner from an overwhelming or extremely limited menu in a restaurant, or fumbling around in my wallet at a check-out counter. Knowing that I am losing control of myself because people are watching me is overwhelming, and in a flash, I see myself through their perspective and get very embarrassed. To them, I just appear frazzled and a little disorganized, but I’m actually reeling and looking for an egress. I rarely have panic attacks when I’m alone (thanks to this program!) unless I’m scrambling to catch a train or to be somewhere on-time.

  • Joe

    I have made great progress since receiving the book/dvd! You mention briefly to make sure inner ear is not the original source of the anxiety. I think this is my main original problem; however, doctors here seem to be unfamiliar with this Could someone expand on this for me?

  • Rusty Sohm

    I am so thankful for your continued support and this latest advice has really nailed it for me. I have recently been going with the flow of anxiety and actually get exited in knowing the sense of accomplishment and calm once it passes. It’s for that reason that I have let the anxiety run it’s course and treat it as a rollercoaster ride that I know will end and when it does I will feel both exhilarated and calmed in knowing that I just passed through another panic attack… thanks

  • Rob Wilson

    Hi Barry,
    I have been suffering fron panic and anxiety for about fifteen years. It has cost me an awful lot in self esteem and money. I can remember the first day i experienced the sensation. It started when my job role was changed and ended in my leaving a company i had worked for for twenty five years. Ever since (except for a short period of employment) i have had panic attacks about working and failing at work.
    I have now started and left about twenty jobs all because i feel anxious about working. The strange thing is that i feel perfectly o/k about the interview process and usually get the job, but as soon as i know i am going to work things fall apart.
    It manifests itself with a sleepless night and worry about all the things that could go wrong, and ends up with me having an extreme panic attack and avoiding going to the job. I also make excuses why i have changed my mind about taking the post and leave before i have started!
    I thought i had tried everything there was on offer by means of a solution to my problem, which bye the way have all failed, these include: Hypnotherapy, councelling, medication, relaxtion classes, you name it and i have tried it. I was about to give up when i noticed your website and claims about being able to help anyone.
    For obvious reasons at the time this did not impress me. I then began to think, ‘ well what have you got to lose’. I have been using your programme for about a month now and i am definately feeling better about myself. The programme has given me tools which i never had before and this is very comforting, although the proof of the pudding so to speak will be when i try to return to work. Your unique approach is the complete opposite of everything else i have tried and i believe it has put me back in control of my future. i will let you know how i get on when i mange to secure another position.

  • Margaret Dickinson

    Yet again you are helping, I’ve already started telling myself I have been here before, I will survive this all thanks to you, yet more words of wisdom and they all really help, knowing there are others out there I am not alone and everything you say works is the greatest comfort of all. Thank you so much. xx

  • joe

    I appreciate the words of advice. Someday, I’d like to see myself respond better. It’s a long process, but am hopeful.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for all the helpful tips. I do take them on board but still struggle. I know what causes them but still can not conquer them. It is the most annoying and disappointing thing to ever happen in my life. 17 years down the track will I ever overcome them.

  • Sue Bell

    After suffering for about 20 years I used your programme and have virtually combatted PA’s I still use the back up if I am feeling bad for any real reason I dont put myself in the situation, but for the past 2 years I have been able to go food shopping and sit in conference meetings and that to me is a massive step. I can drive for about 3/4 hour on the motorway and this has been a real bonus. If I keep up progressing I feel that I will eventually eliminate the feeling as I have not has a full blown PA for 2 years due to using the technique thanks Joe, your a real star sharing with us.

  • Francis

    I’ve tried this from time to time, my main concern is not the bodily sensations. They’ve been explained to me (thanks Joe) and it helped alot. My Achile’s heel is when my mind starts racing. I realy feel like my spirit is going to break in half. Anyways good to ear from people living the same situation.

  • Felice Rood

    I feel I am the ‘queen’ of panic attacks, beginning when a woman fainted in front of me on a crowded NY subway train when I was about 18 years old and I can still ‘see’ this image 60 years later!! Nobody knew what it was ‘back then’ and even I didn’t know until I heard of Hope and Help for your Nerves. That ‘floating’ never helped me. I never took drugs. But taking care of my aged mother DID help somehow and I felt better for several years, even driving around trying to MAKE myself panic!! THEN, one day, my neighbor’s daughter came to the door telling me that her mother had died while driving home. BOOM!! Panic Back. My worst fear happened to my neighbor. We’ll ignore the fact that she had a bad heart and was almost 90. I am better tho, thanks to Panic Away. I often find myself laughing and saying, “Make it worse, Felice, Make it worse”!! And that does help. Laughing helps, it sort of diffuses the situation you are in. Thank you for these updates. You are our lifeline and it is appreciated.

  • Kenny Montez

    Dear Joe, I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to read your story, and use your methods and technique to combat this awful and sometimes debilitating disorder. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for many years, and thought there was no way out. I tried everything from medication, to self help books, and everything in between, and nothing worked. I was almost ready to give up. Until I came across your website, and believe me I was very skeptical because i’ve read many others before. But your story was different, it was almost as if I was reading about my own life,. it was so familiar. And what you went through was exactly what i was going through at that time. After applying your methods I have to tell you it absolutely changed my life. I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back! you’re a Godsend.

  • Heather Gentry

    When I first started getting panic attacks and anxiety about two years ago, I thought my life was over. Being 20 when it all started, made me feel hopeless of ever getting better. I have to admit this has been a difficult journey. Nearly impossible, actually. But with a few years and lots of months of practicing, I’ve realized that your secret is one of the best. THE BEST WAY TO GET OVER THEM AND LIVE WITH THEM IS TO EMBRACE THEM AND FEEL IT FULLY! BECOME ONE WITH THE ANXIETY, literally. Not only have we ALL been blessed with this experience to make us stronger, but we now can be thankful it is not the people we love and help people who are also suffering. Anxiety should never stop any of us from living our lives, don’t we (of all people) deserve to live our lives with great acceptance, confidence, and rewards. Each fear we face is a blessing. Trust me, my job was one of the biggest ones to overcome. Still til this day, anxiety is hard, and I still get attacks every now and then, but you face them and you walk with them and the more you get out and face (which takes superior self work) you will slowly get better an anxiety will be second nature. Look, none of us has died from an attack yet, right?? Live your lives! We deserve it! Xoxoxoxoxox to all of you!! HG

  • Keith

    This sounds like a good idea. I’ll be practicing this positive approach and seeing how it affects my social interaction.



  • Roy

    I agree with the previous replies .
    Since February 2009 when I signed up for your method, my ability to control anxiety and panic has been amazing.
    I tell others about it & it’s empowering even though they probably don’t understand. Your year-end post is a gift that I will use to continue to use to tweak & work with these previously misunderstood crippling sensations. I feel my life of 59 years is finally continuing to improve.

  • mark

    It sure sounds easy and believe me I am going to give it a try. Life is really a bear at times when you have to deal with this. I hope it works and Thanks for any and all of your advice. Have a Happy New Year. Thank you,Mark

  • Kat

    My biggest fear was being in an enclosed space where I can’t escape. I can no long drive as my ” fear” has become so intense – I know these feelings are irrational and I am embarrassed about what i have become! I used to be a confident person, I am now trying to get back there!
    I have tried everything, pills, hypnotherapy, breathing technique etc etc. My biggest fear now is that my childrens lives are being effected, I cannot drive them to parties, watch them in school plays or taken them to the cinema HELP

  • Renata

    Thanks for you help. it is hard to change that feeling in that split second before a panic attack, I will contnue to try

  • Erica Gooda

    Barry, thank you so much for your news letters. Your advice and methods have been very helpful and a great comfort. I will try out this method of turning anxiety into excitement. It is a creative idea and quite practical. Directing the energy which anxiety creates into something positive is definitely more appealing!
    Haapy New Year to you too! Thanks again!

  • Alejandra

    Reading everyone’s mail, I don’t feel like I’m the only one who feels like this, in a way it’s good to know there are many people feeling what I feel ,but in another it’s very disturbing to see how many people suffers panic attacks, and I’m wondering why????, I’ve been suffering PA since my eldest son was born 12 years ago, 5 years ago a had a very deep depression, it was so bad that I though about ending my life, now I can say with pride I’m better, I don’t have depression I have never taken any drugs, as for PA I get very anxious, and I start thinking and telling my brain that I’m going to have a panick attack, but most of the time I don’t.
    To everyone We will fight this and We will get better, and We will have a day of complete freedom of fear…

  • Susan

    I agree that fighting feelings is like putting gasoline on the fire. Acceptance goes a long way in reducing the fear. One thing that has never been said on any of the forums to my knowledge is the reason for anxiety in some people – myself one of them. It took me years and years to come to terms with this and with the help of a psychologist who is “not in the box”, I have finally learned to accept myself for whom I am. My ultrasensitivity to stimuli, starting as a child was a major reason for anxiety. Imagine being able to hear high pitched sounds like silent alarms or dog whistles. Imagine having such a sharp sense of smell that it can trigger memories – both good and bad. And imagine, going abroad and “feeling” things that no one else can – especially in European old cities. Western medicine calls this a disorder and Eastern medicine calls this spiritual ability. We are not trained to understand energies, but it does exist. Getting anxious when changing enviorments is not a disorder. Just look at animals when they change environments. They have to acclimate until they get used to other energies. Many people are not aware of this. Others are and try to ignore it but for those of us who are ultrasensitive, the key is acceptance and learning how to live with it. By the way, I am a health care professional and have found that a lot of us who heal and counsel, have this. Meeting with others and realizing I am not alone has been beneficial. I can also recommend homeopathic remedies, exercise, Bach custom made remedies (not the generic Rescue), fun hobbies, and any kind of body-breathing work – yoga really does work to my surprise. Susan

  • Ivailo_S

    I am quite new in the Panic Away program (experienced panic attacks since forever). Worried about meeting new people, talking with officials and so on I am quite excited and tested some of the techniques. I’ll try more in order to remove the unpleasant, paralysing emotions. I get into the circle of anxiety now virtually from everything. So this new approach I feel is my last resort to become free! Once and for all!
    My anxiety now is about the life situation I have. After painful separation and living in loneliness for 7 years, I am married and got my first child 2010. Everything is OK except that me and my wife live in different countries in Europe. My wife doesn’t want to move to the country I live and work in! We decided me to move back to her and then everything started. Fear that I would not manage the move, we would end in complete poverty and that I would be a complete failure as father. If somebody knows how to apply PA with this kind of problems please comment or give suggestions.

  • Heath Blackmon

    Barry, you the man. Thank you for all of your help especially this one it really works. By getting excited about it I cant seem to get it to return. It is like anxiety knows I am now enjoying it and now it seems like it does not want to stick it’s head out anymore. Thank you and I hope others with apply this tip.

  • matt rockers

    Thank you for the positive emails. They do wonders for my anxiety. Please feel free and continue sending them. Thanks again.

  • Joe

    I have had extremely positive results these last three weeks!
    You mention in the book about inner ear problems starting the entire anxiety process sometines – my doctors here seem unaware of this. I think this is what started anxiety for me – can you expand on this as a potential source of anxiety and panic?

  • rebecca bick

    Thankyou for providing a beautiful light in what can be a very dark place! you truly are an angel!!

  • Jennifer

    This post is bang on correct!!!! Excitement and anxiety are very alike in people “like us” that are hardwired wrong (as my doctor always refers to my disorder as). We truly are blessed because we are forced to learn about our emotions in order to survive the anxiety and in turn, we become better, more evolved human beings.

    Learn to sit with the moment and yourself…not run away or distract from it. Barry’s ideas are key to learning to live with being “hardwired” wrong 🙂

  • PD

    I have been using this program and got perfect releif from Panic Attacks.
    Thanks a lot for making people like me happy and relieved..

  • Alex

    I just want to say “Thank You”, for all your help and you service, although I still struggle with my panic attacks you program helped me alot. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • Tim

    As always, great information. Still struggle from time to time, but your e-mails and tips are welcome and appreciated opportunities to try new things and to remember the basics.

  • Laurie

    After reading your post, it makes so much sense to use/train your mind to turn the physical feelings of anxiety into excitement. New Year, New Me….Thanks I’ll give it a try!

  • Robert Dimech

    Hi , i brought your book about 3 years ago now, i thought oh what the hell i will give it a go. I was at the end of my rope with this panic crap, i had quit my job due to this and knew i had to get it sorted. I read your book and tried my best to belive in it, it was hard, but the more belived in turning the panic into a positive thing the soner i became better. it was as simpile as that after all this time of fighting the panic all i needed to do was go with it and enjoy it, it works after just 1 year i resumed work and now fly all over the world.
    I never thought that this was going to get out of it, who would of thought just a differnent way of thinking would change my whole life. I suffered for 7 years, done cources, read books, nothing worked, untill i read your book and done what it said, GO WITH THE FLOW, enjoy it, now when i get a symptom or feeling i try my best to make it come on and its gone in a heartbeat, i dont even get to enjoy it anymore, not that i am complaining. At the end of the day you just need to belive that it works and it dose.

    Rob, Sydney,Australia

  • Pedro

    Thanks, I have your book ” Panic Away”
    It really helps.
    Your tips are also very good.
    You have to go with the flo!!

    I am not having attacs for some years now.

    Thanks again.


  • Lori Carey

    This makes sense…and I may be trying it out today, as I have several confrontations to make today…which I HATE! Thanks so much…I’ll let you know how today goes.

  • Debbie

    Didn’t know this many people dealt with panic disorders and anxiety. Felt like I was one of a small group. Nice to know there are others out there that can help me cope (not that I would wish this on anyone). I have become agoraphobic due to panic attacks. Not much fun especially since I started out loving life and hiking, biking, kayaking, traveling, etc. Now I am basically home. I think I need a personal coach to get me to the next level. Time is passing by so quickly and I have nothing to show for it. Certainly not living to my potential. Ask myself this question every day. . . If God wants me to share the word, compassion, and joy for life, then why do I feel like I am in a box?

  • Emilie

    I come from a long line of anxiety sufferers. My grandmother, my mother, my two sisters, and in most recent years; myself. I am happy to report however, that I have not had a panic attack since Christmas 2009. I still do have anxious moments from time to time as we all do, but I do feel empowered and I no longer feel like a prisoner in my own skin. Thanks to Panic Away, I have come to realize that fighting against the fear is like trying to climb out of a slippery old well; exhausting and almost impossible. By accepting the fear for what it is, what it can and most importantly what it cannot do to me, I stopped being afraid of being afraid. I now embrace the sensations that my body produces I no longer try to hide them or struggle to make them go away. I can now do the things that I always dreaded doing such as driving for long periods of time, flying, and going to a new place by myself. I definitely need to say thank you, for opening my eyes to a life that I never thought was possible. My advice for newcomers is to trust the information given to you, and trust that your body and your mind can handle it. You will be okay and you are not alone 🙂

  • Rhea

    I still have some issues with anxiety, but they have significantly lessened after reading up on your book & subsequent tips. I appreciate the support, if in an indirect way. Thanks:)

  • Lauren O'Connor

    This is really great advice. I feel changing one’s state of mind, no matter what your situation, is key! In trying to lose weight, people are always feeling “restricted”, so as a nutritional consultant I advise my clients to think instead of the wonderful opportunity to try new foods and new combinations.

    Cheers! and Happy New Year!,

    Lauren O’Connor, MS, RD
    Registered Dietitian
    mom to Ailish and Julia O’Connor (DOB 7/17/08)
    Follow me :

  • Elaine

    Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement. You really do understand this problem whole heartedly. I am so grateful for your advice and the emails always seem to come at just the right time when I need an encouragement top up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Mickey

    It aint as easy as it sounds. I’ve used Joe’s programs now for 2 1/2 years and what a fight this excepting has been for me. I have General anxiety all the time except when I sleep, it’s only been in the past 6 months that I have seen it grow weaker and weaker. I attended college classes last summer and looking back I don’t know how I did it, my anxiety was at level 8 daily all day but I knew I had to do something with my life. Between God’s strenght and knowing that this is temporary I keep my head down and keep moving at some point it has got to go and I have accepted it fully into my life now so don’t know why it’s still lingering but so be it…dry mouth, the feeling that my mouth has been frozen the pulling sensation in my core, of balance, burning sensation in parts of my body… all so physical. It made me totally change my life to a place I would never have gone on my own so I thank it for that. It striped me mentally and physically so for the last 2 years I have been working on building myself back up….I’m a personal trainer now. Helping others helps me. So Joe keep up spreading the word about anxiety you gave me some tools that helped but…. to all. it’s your battle so suite up and warrior on anyway you can.

  • Marilyn Marx PhD

    Hello all,
    As a 79 year old former psychotherapist, this notion of the exquisite similarity of the feelings initiating anxiety and excitement had occurred to me years ago and I used that information with patients for many years, quite successfully, as it made sense to so many anxiety sufferers and was another way of looking at dealing with a very uncomfortable feeling. So happy that its still in circulation. And much support to those who decide to use it. You’ll be glad that you did.


    I am always feeling better reading your mails. I find so much interesting information in your post.Thank you.

  • Monica Haley

    Your ‘Panic Away’ has really helped me in the past, so I’m going to give this a go too! After all, there’s nothing to lose. Thanks Barry.

  • Loumi

    Interesting suggestion. When I experienced my first panic attack I was on a freeway on my way to work. No idea what was happening to me. I stopped by the road thinking I was simply dying (losing consciousness and dying) like my father died. Rolled down the window, trying to get more air. After a while, it stopped. Because I was afraid this was only a signal and would happen again, I drove to the hospital wanting to know what was wrong with me. I sat there for many hours (I was not bleeding so they were hoping I would get fed up and leave) but I didn’t. When I finally saw a doctor and explained to him what had happened, he said that because it didn’t last very long, it was simply a panic attack and suggested that the next time, I should simply sit down on the floor so I wouldn’t be afraid of falling down and hurting myself. I was shocked! What kind of a suggestion is that when it happens to you while driving in the middle lane on a freeway?

    I have since read a lot on the subject. The next panic attack happened again while driving in the middle lane on a freeway; it was dark and raining. I started talking to myself, saying everything was fine AND STARTED SINGING ALOUD. IT WORKED! I had two panic attacks after this one but then I knew what to do, and no thanks to that doctor at the emergency.

    Thanks for informing us on this important issue.

  • Micki Peluso

    This is one of many wonderful concepts–some working better than others. For instance someone told me to count, or make my mind do other tasks as it can’t do two things at once–be in panic and recite the Gettysburg address. But mine can lol. I can think of one than one thing, a great mult-tasker so this no longer works. My panic/anxity disorder actually stemmed from a real disease or disorder called CFS(Chronic Fatigue syndrome). It was one of the first symptoms and immediately affected the heart. I learned to handle it enough to function and lost it completely after literally dying several times from two fatal heart attacks. After actully dying–which is usually at the base of all anxiety and fear, I no longer feared it. Now ten years later I am getting the attacks again and have been found to have Lyme disease which causes CFS and the anxiety is back–except this time since I do have serious heart disease and atrial fibrulation, it’s impossoible to differentiate one from the other. Rather than live in my own ER suite, I just try to ignore the attacks and if it’s really heart attack I will know sooner or later. I don’t know how else to handle it’s return.

  • Rajiv Kapur

    I tried out your advice to embrace the panic attack rather than to fear it. It worked.
    Your regular advise on coping with PC’s is really appreciated.
    You are indeed a gifted person with a big heart and good communication skills to pass around this wisdom.
    Thank you.

  • Brad

    I can totally relate to Vicki. Been 20 yrs. and suffering. It helps to know there are others who’ve experienced the same thing.

  • Rafia

    Hello Mr Berry,

    Happy new year!!!!!!!Wish you all the best in your wonderful suggestions for the people.I am sure they are benifited by your amazing ideas and tips for dealing with the panic attack by taking it as excitement.


  • Hunter

    Good advice. A few years ago I tried a technique on the same principles. Once you are in a state of panic the techniques you have learned tend to disappear from your mind and it is difficult to implement them. What I did was when I started to feel the anxiety increasing I would say to them very positively “Right, come and get me.” Guess what? they wouldn’t come!

  • Aleksandar

    Thank you! I have panic attacks mostly before a presentation or sometimes with no reason whatsoever, than I get cramps in my lips and jaw and I am not able to continue speaking, so it freaks me out every time and I have to make an excuse to go to the bathroom to wash my face and count to 10. Thant is my main question is how do you do all this and not loose control while you are in public place?
    Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

  • N.J.Bond

    Excellent way to explain intricate matter at psychic level topics. You can try spiritualism in long future it seems so well.

  • Andrea

    Yes, I think you are on to something. I have never done very well with excitement- turns into a bunch of nerves. That is the weak link. Turning fear into excitement is the key. Forcing a calm down is doing an about face rather that going through the process. Thanks for the new perspective.

  • Harmony

    That was very easy to understand, right now, i cant wait to get into that nervous fearful state just to try your theory out, i hope it helps me because its really understandable.
    Thanks again for all your help.

  • krista altamimi

    Dear Berry, Thank you for the e mail it helps more and more as I read each e mail you send. There is an old saying , theres nothing to fear but fear it self.You have helped many people to find out that is what anxiety is a fear out of control. MAY GOD BLESS YOU VERY MUCH SIR FOR HELPING PEOPLE WITH THIS ISSUE YOURS TRULY KRISTA ALTAMIMI

  • Ingrid

    Hello,am getting them panic attacks nearly every week ,am traing not to think of them but off course its easy to say as done,I don’t know why am getting them and am feeling down oll the time.Now am pregnant with my second baby am very exited,but just am scared what something is gona hapend to me or my baby.I wish just waik up 1 day and they oll stoped and i dont need worry about nothing,just enjoy my life 🙂

  • manuel

    Hi,my first panick attack was in 94.Last year i suffered another.It depressed me and had sleepless nights.Currently your advice of not going insane or die has improved my situation.My worry is how to be happy and concentrate on my studies.Thanks

  • Rhia

    Hey guys, I really wanna stress this…. THIS WORKS!! what i do is, when i feel dizzy or un easy, i clench all my muscles together as if i was a little kid in a park! clench them up and let go, and do a little ””eeeekk!!” of excitment in your head…… it completly changes the fear to excitment,
    Please try this , its this only thing that works for me!!!
    Good luck every one

    Rhia x

  • Cat

    Thank you for your knowledgeable words. The only thing about experiencing excitement instead of panic is the fact that I experience my attacks while driving. It is all I can do not to put my car in park and get out. I have a fear of killing someone because I won’t be able to control my panic attack while sitting at a red light or driving the interstate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Amber Dawn

    It makes sense that your body experiences anxiety and excitement in the same way, but how do you make the paranoia go away? I’m on medication that takes away my excitement, but the paranoia is constant. Basically, what my meds do is prevent the physical attacks which help to make the paranoid thoughts go away sooner. I can’t live without the medication, but I’m not really living with it. So you see, it’s not the physical that ails me. It’s the scary thoughts that won’t go away. How do I get rid of that? I would appreciate any advice short of “It’s all in your head.”

  • jen

    I’ve always wondered why I can sometimes go to one extream emotion of panic and fear but then be overly excited, thinking I was a bit well crazy. I do this on occasions when forcing myself to stay positive in a situation without even realising I was helping myself .

    Now that I understand how and why the body and mind can so easily switch this way, understanding about the illness is a key word.

    I just gave it a go, brought on some of the feelings, imagining I was in a place I knew an attack would happen, then played with the feelings and emotions. Now I can’t stop smiling, I am actually looking forward to my next attack to get the ride and just well give it a go head on.

    Thank you Barry, have the best new year too. Thank you for your generosity of time and effort in helping people like me, I think I speak for everyone of us when I say your words really do help. It’s like a lease of hope for us all. x

  • Debbie

    Thankyou so much for this email. I love recieving these emails and this one has come at a particulary good time for me as out of the blue panic has come back into my life after being free for approx 2 & half years. Will give it a try. Thankyou.

  • Claire Wasley

    The emails really are a help and make me look at my panic in a different light.
    Thanks so much.
    Looking forward to the next one.

  • Shane

    I very much like this concept, that can be put into practice. Up until now, I’ve been trying to change the fear into aggression, but I’ve only been doing that because I actually precieve myself to be in danger when in the panic attack state! Making myself feel aggression instaed of fear helps alleviate the fear, but also prepares me for action If I need to defend myself.

  • angela richman

    it makes good sense to respond this way. i have used a similar technique when i feel like i am going to have a panic attack, in which i say to the attack COME ON THEN< DO YOUR BEST!!!

  • abdul

    Thank you so much.I’ve been suffering from panic attacks all my life,especially now because i live in a foreign country. I felt so stressed and out of control andthat i will die. I’ve read your article before but it didn’t meant much for me.But today I’ve got a strong panic attack and I applied it.I feel that i’m a bit in relief now but i’m not quite sure if that will still work for me.I need your consultation if possible. Thanks!

  • chopra

    iv almost practiced all theories and all sorts of exercises and meditations…
    its been 3 years of this unwanted feeling always prevailing..
    i turn my anxiety and fear into excitement almost all the time, but as soon as i am done with one task or perhaps finished doing something. and get free, that is the time anxiety hits back making me almost feeling miserable. does this feeling prevail, will there be an end to it besides just dealing with it.
    my psycologist says i observe things very microscopically and being anxious is a part of my personality.


    are there any cases in which anxiety finds an end in peoples life rather than them always dealing with it?

  • Elliott James

    Thanks for this Barry. I am currently undergoing CBT and though, with a combination of that and your newsletters/emails, I am starting to feel more confident. Unfortunately, I have recently experienced a few lower level panic attacks again. They are lower in intensity in no small part because of your help and advice. Thank you so much. I will definitely gives this “Fear into Excitement” method a try. Regards, Elliott James.

  • Janice

    I will try this. I have been having these panic attacks for a number of weeks now, about the same time every morning and they are very frightening for me. So much so I dread going to sleep at night because I know that I will have an attack that will wake me up in the morning. I really need to see if this will work.

  • Kathy

    Hi…I have suffered anxiety since the age of 8 and I am now 43. When I first came upon your website I was sceptical…thinking that it was just another person on the internet wanting to make a buck out of other peoples misery. But your posts keep popping up and I read them. They comfort me and give me tools to help myself. I am an artist and find comfort in drawing and painting bright colours but have realised that part of being an artist has allowed me to avoid situations which cause me anxiety – and then this leads to deep loneliness. It’s good to know there are people like you trying to help. Thank you.

  • Donna Benton

    I have gained a lot by reading and putting into pratice the e-mails I received. I do have one question.
    Out of all I have read I still find no one discussing the panic attaches when one of my family goes out of town. I have panic like no other. My head and eyes feel like they are going to explode if I do not see the one that is gone. These will last longer than any other I have had.

  • dennis salazar

    You know barry, you really are a gift of GOD to us. Ived tried the ” turn your panic to excitement” and it works for me. I still have the panic attack but now I can handle it.. because of you barry. Thank you so much and may GOD grace you and your family with so much blessing for helping people like us. Thanks Barry

  • dennis salazar

    To all people who gives time listening to Barry, continue to listen and practice what Barry’s saying. It really works. Practice it and it will surely helps you. Challenge your anxiety to come and it leaves.Don’t lose hope, anxiety is a coward it will never insist as long as you welcome it.

  • Nick S

    I read your Panic Away program about a year ago and just wanted to thank you for what was, in my case, the only really useful advice I received in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks… doctors prescribed me heart medication to ease the symptoms and well-meaning individuals recommended all sorts of coping techniques but as you correctly said in your program, I didn’t want to cope with the problem, I wanted to beat it and your advice helped me to do that… it really was like you said, once I truly embraced the sensations, I was no longer afraid and it was almost like a fog lifted… it didn’t happen over night but I went from hardly leaving the house and feeling constantly on edge to functioning normally and enjoying things again… thank you for sharing your experience and helping others to overcome anxiety disorders… I have since visited many online forums and recommended your book/ technique to others suffering as I did… and will continue to do so.

  • Sophie

    Have just joined your program and from the first day of facing the panic attacks I have not had one since. Im still getting the palpitations but am going along with them. I feel that I have made a huge improvement already! thank you so much for all your help.

  • Renata

    I agree with everything what´s in this post. I did exactly all those steps and I don´t have 4 years panic attacks.It´s such a treasure to have this knowledge from you. I can overcome even other problems much easily than before. I feel much stronger. Happy NEW year to you Joe and to you friends here 😉

  • metaljoe

    This is crazy, I refuse to take medicine for my panic attacks because I feel that if i can beat them without it’ll it will make me stronger, and just yesterday the same idea popped into my head. I was thinking to myself “what if i just take the fear out of the equation and am left with the excitement part.” Now that you’ve said it I’m ready to give it a shot. Your the man Barry.

  • Dawn

    I wish I had known these things 30 years ago……especially that anxiety and excitement are basically the same thing. I have dealt with anxiety in my own way for so many years that many of these ideas don’t work for me but I keep trying. It is just nice to know someone who doesn’t downplay emotional distress.


  • rajiv

    your understanding of the issue is brilliant & your commitment to help is exemplary. Please keep up the good work.Adulations.

  • Aleksandra Davies

    happy new year Barry. thank you for your wonderful messages filled with goodness of your advice. i wish you all the success. i wish we had money and i could buy your audio material, yet your e-mails are pretty good. best regards. alex

  • Linda

    I have read the panic away book, listened to the one way method( which is similar to the Ride the Wild Horse) and see validity in it. It certainly helps to understand resisting fear or panic makes is far worse and that letting it ride brings release. thanks for putting it out there.

  • Steve

    The last post you sent seems to me to be very much like, if not exactly, the panic away technique you describe in P. Away book. I believe it it the “21 second technique” that sounds so similar. Is there a difference or is it basically the same?

    Since buying/reading the Panic Away book about 2 months ago, I have tried to bring on panic attacks which I have suffered from for about 20+ years. The problem is I have not been able to induce a panic attack to try the new techiques. In analyziing why, I think it is because of the increased confidence and safety I feel should I experience a panic attack; nothing to fear, etc. Bottom line is that I feel this is a very positive development so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

    I also suffer from feelings of disassociation (feeling isolated, cut-off, disconnected, sometimes splitting) which Barry refers to as depersonalization. I think there is a difference in terms of feelings experienced as well as intensity. I used to experience disassociation in certain situations with no apparent underlying feelings of anxiety which is another difference. Would you believe I have not been able to induce these feelings, much like what I mentioned above? I too believe it is because of my increased self confidence and feeling less fearful so I guess I should not complain–at least up till now!

    Anyone suffering from feelings of disassociation as I described them above (Barry lumps the feelings into depersonaliztion), please let me know if you agree with me and also, how you have dealt with your feelings. Do you employ any of the techniques mentioned in the P.Away book or do you do something different?

    Barry says basically to ride out the anxiety/disassociation and return to a normal state in about seven minutes. Only problem is what does one do when there is no underlying anxiety prior to the disassociation, which I believe is a short but intense panic attack? Please, anyone feel free to comment if you suffer from the same feelings of disassocition which are referred to as depersonaliztion in the P.Away book. Thanks.

  • Heather

    I know I have ingrained anxieity about facing certain things that were instilled in me as a child & remain with me, I want to face up to them as I feel they are holding me back & have affected my life. But when I face them its like going over the edge & the anxieity is tremendous. I want to find away to unlock & reverse this & have wondered if hypnotherapy could help ? I have tried to face up to them & if you tried to explain some people would say what are you worried about, but I think everybody has some fears, Ive met grown men have a fear of spiders & I have been able to help them over come it yet if I looked closely at a spider I think yes I can see why the scare people, But its that point where you can let go & carry on,,,,,,, Maybe this year I will find away around it.

  • Jose

    Barry I really like it, sounds great,The thing is,to remember this and apply, that is something I will put my effort next time, by the way, how to control my cold as ice hands? that is so ugly, sometimes I don’t even want to shake hands for that reason, I know is social phobia, how to avoid that?thanks in advance, and you are doing a good job,my best wishes for you. Thanks.

  • Darren W

    I really like this idea, and I totally agree that dealing effectively with anxiety, in the end, requires a paradoxical approach in dealing with it. However, this approach seems effective for those who already have some basic handle on thier anxiety, NOT as a starting point. Thsi can take you from “coping” to mastery, but only if you have already achieved the coping stage. But hey, everyone IS different, and your audio offers solid ideas end perspectives.

  • Hanan

    Reading about turning anxiety to excitement I was very convinced , and thank you very much for working so hard to help the sufferes. Wishing you the best

  • sangitha

    thanks Barry u r a gr8 gift to mankind u r doing a tremendous job on improving life quality of millions of people God Bless U and gift u with much more power intelligence and strength to work miracles in this direction

  • Audrey

    I have had panick attacks most of my life, I dont get depressed over them, they have made my life limited, I have always thought that if people can live with other things like dibeities ect well I can live with this. I have lost my husband of 41 years from brain tumors 6 months ago, it was only four months he had after he was diognosed . To me what can be worse than that. All I really want to do which is so normal to everyone else, is to be able to get it my car and go for a drive without having a panic attack, So now is the time to start to take control of my life. I have read other peoples comments, so if they can do it so can I. thank you for your letters, so now it is time for me to start to put the advise into practice. It is so comforting to know that there is so many people out there with the same thing, and it is not just me. Kind regards Audrey.

  • marion

    Your approach to eradicating Panic Attacks are unique and really so simple. A common sense approach with a rational explanation to fears that are often intensified for no real reason. I have used some of your tips with others with good effect. I look forward to receiving more helpful advice. Thank you

  • oscar

    Hi. I have has these panic/anxiety attacks for a long time now. The doctor has told me that I had the worst of anxiety attacks he has seen. So I started looking online because I knew there had to b ohter people going through this also. I came across ur site and it has definately helped. The doctor also stated to know that these feelings of over excitement will not kill you, bt rather make u feel tired as ur body just went through a vigorous workout..thank you for ur words. I look forward for the medical input on this problem. I am in the medical field and it really helps to have medical input. Besides all this Jesus as ur savior, knowing that brings peace and even going through this, reading this information can really help and make the difference. Thank you again. God bless you.

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for your informative emails you have sent me on how to gain control of my life and not let anxiety overpower me. With me learning how to control my anxiety, now allows me to help work on my relationship with my husband. Anxiety will not control me anymore.

  • Angela Hutchings

    It’s so reassuring to find other people who suffer one way or another with anxiety or panic, I have done for so many years now. It just seems to be that as you get older things get worse rather than better. Barry you have been very helpful and I have a book at the moment called ‘Battlefield of the Mind’ which is also good. I wish everyone luck with getting free of this awful condition.

  • Robyn

    Haven’t had an anxiety attack in almost two years, and your emails played an enormous roll in that. I still read them as they come in, because the more I know about anxiety, the farther away it seems. Having overcome anxiety attacks without medication or medical aid, I am able to help others understand and reduce their anxieties. This would not have happened without the wisdom you so generously share. Thank you!

  • Robyn

    I’ve discovered that the best way to deal with panicking around others is to talk about it. Just say, I’m having a bout of anxiety, it’s something I’ve been dealing with for a while but something that’s not always as manageable as I’d like.
    You’ll find that most people have encountered or experienced anxiety themselves, and will not be weird about it. Letting them know what’s happening takes you from feeling isolated to feeling sympathized with, and it allows you to excuse yourself, get some water, or sit and breathe for a while without having to hide it from company. It also takes the mystery and drama away and allows yourself and your company to treat it as a normal, medical issue.

  • lunapie

    Thank you for your insight on panic disorder. I have had pa’s w/ agoraphobia since my mother died (I was 16, now 35) and anxiety from abuse as a child. I am agoraphobic at the moment and I have to leave the house eventually…Right? My car just got painted and it’s just sitting there…Don’t know why I let fear best me. I am seeing a psychiatrist and therapist but nothing seems to help me and they keep diagnosing me with more problems. So I will try this method and for all others , you are not alone. And I guess since right now I feel weird I’ll just go with it…I’ve never heard of that approach, as others have said, usually they want you to be calm and fight the fight or flight symptoms. Now I know that sounds silly as I type it. Anyway, good luck to everyone and try to be positive, believe me I know it’s hard. But worth it.

  • lunapie

    Thank you for your insight on panic disorder. I have had pa’s w/ agoraphobia since my mother died (I was 16, now 35) and anxiety from abuse as a child. I am agoraphobic at the moment and I have to leave the house eventually…Right? My car just got painted and it’s just sitting there…Don’t know why I let fear best me. I am seeing a psychiatrist and therapist but nothing seems to help me and they keep diagnosing me with more problems. So I will try this method and for all others , you are not alone. And I guess since right now I feel weird I’ll just go with it…I’ve never heard of that approach, as others have said, usually they want you to be calm and fight the fight or flight symptoms. Now I know that sounds silly as I type it. Anyway, good luck to everyone and try to be positive, believe me I know it’s hard. But worth it. 🙂

  • lucia

    hi joe,so glad to hear from you it’s been awhile and i got to say i am doing much better than a few years back.i finallygot to go on the plane with some difficulty but i do not give up the only thing i can not seen to do is go underground parking lots,i just can. but i do not give up i fight to get better and of course the doctors aways have a quick fix but i refuse to take these i try to relax and enjoy life with my kids and husband cause it’s hard when we feel we are alone in this,but when i started to talk about it i wasn’t alone .so thank-you for all these are giving us i feel better but sometimes when i go through some rough period it hits me.but i am not giving up on getting better and free of this……………….

  • Sona

    Wow this one was the best so far. All the things you say are so true and very helpfull im so very thankful of your help Barry. And thank you for takin your time to email me back with such positive approaches with panic attacks. i have improved alot in the past year only because of trying new things and expeirencing with these Panic Attacks. But as i go it gets less and less frustrating, I actuaslly haven’t had one in months, but still my mind is always racing with thoughts. If you can please help me with that I would highly appreciate it!! Thanks for all yur help, Im glad we have someone on our side who feels what we feel and understands what this expeierence is like. Thank You!!

  • sharlean

    I think its a good idea but i just dont no how to do it, my main problem with painic attacks is that i feel like im going to faint and i try not to let people see me having an attack. i get attacks when people stand to close to me so i find it very hard to stand and talk to people, it affects my whole life i carnt speak to my kids teachers after school i carnt meet and talk to friends in the street and i hate new situations im to scared to work just incase someone wants to stand and talk to me, im so scared of people thinking im mad 🙁



  • Lizzie

    Brilliant technique! I’m not suffering from panic attacks any more but it works for me when when I feel general anxiety building up.
    Thanks Barry, your tips are really useful. Keep them coming! 🙂

  • Mary Singleton

    Some years ago as a professional pianist I discovered that I could turn my almost disabling performance nerves into excitement and this made a huge many able to ever and surely I did performances. I didn’t ever think of using this technique for panic attacks. How stupid of me. It really can work and so I could relate to your recent email.

    I found it almost uncanny that your latest e-mail was about meditation as I have recently been looking into this and discussing it with friends prior to getting started. This has not been because of panic attacks but as a result of attending a pain management clinic but obviously — if I stick to it — there will be a crossover.

    Thanks to receiving your program some time ago I have been dealing very effectively with panic attacks.

    Thank you so much

  • Mary Singleton

    Some years ago as a pianist I found that I could turn almost disabling performance nerves into excitement thereby looking forward to performances and enjoying them rather than dreading them. So I KNOW your idea can work for panic attacks although I had not thought until now of applying the same process. Stupiid of me.

    Thanks to your programme I now deal well with panic attacks and they are fewer and not at all frightening.

    I found it almost uncanny that your most recent email is about meditation just at a time when I was thinking about getting into this. This is not for panic but as a result of attending a pain management clinic. There is a crossover though as chronic pain is definitely worsened by anxiety.

    Thanks a million for your continuing support.

  • SUZY




  • SUZY



  • prashant saini

    its gr8 to hear ur motivating advise frm time to time .it really boosts my confidence to wave off this imaginary fear.

    lot of thanks to u…

    and continue with ur work..

  • linda

    Thank you for all the good advice. Bought your book about 2years ago and still refer to it when my symptoms stir. Do you have any advice or tips on how to handle insomnia? Tried pills , meditation, etc, nothing seems to work

  • christineRainville

    Thank you Barry
    God Bless you for sending out your information for all to read who are interested. I pass this on to my son in hopes that it will help him out..your very kind.

  • Pamela

    Thanks I will try this method, my main fears are driving, being in a lift or any enclosed places and going out, but I do get on with my life but miss driving so much,I will try the excitement method sounds good to me.

  • Annette

    I wish I could do away with my panic attacks. I am so scared of my heart beating fast and hyperventilating that my exercising is now nonexistant. I can’t walk far from any safe place. I have tried the exercise of recognizing the panic and ‘going with it’. It does help 80% of the time. But when it comes to walking away from my safe place…no go. It just helps to vent. Thanks for listening.


    I love these articles, they have helped me tremendiously. I have been dealing
    with anxiety and panic for years. Its good to know that I am not alone and there
    are others out there who have had the frightening experience of Panic Joe’s
    program is so simple. I have had cognitive therapy, counseling with a
    Therapist (and some have been extremely helpful). I have been on medication
    for years and my biggest fear is being on them forever. I have a great desire
    to be able to get off anxiety meds eventually, but I also have a great fear of
    getting off because
    of side effects. At least with the Panic Away program,
    it gives me hope that things will change.

    Thank you Barry for sharing the knowledge that you have learned in your own
    life to help others.

  • Tanya

    thank you so much for your emails, they were just right in time when I felt overwhelmed. Your explanation and tips are very simple and encouraging! Thank you for sharing!!! I agree that you just have to go on with your day, things that you’ve planned to do no matter what and step by step the anxiety symptoms will get less and less scary. The only thing that is true in all this story is that a person suffering from PAs or anxiety is absolutely normal, healthy etc and can do whatever s/he wants to do!!! How many people die from PAs every year??? Right, ZERO!!!

  • Ana Maria

    …That was the most important lesson for me, to not run away from anxiety but to embrace and run with it…and thanks for writing those most reassuring of words, “you’re safe”…

  • J white

    Hello Joe!
    Magnificent advice!! Ive been abiding by your steps when i feel a panic attack come on and its more reliving to know nothings really wrong with me. In fact since your helpful guidelines i quit my meds and no longer need them to help me stop my anxiety attacks so again i thank you Barry!!!

  • J. harland

    I have suffered with debilitating Panic attacks for more than 30 years. I have missed out on so much…Doing things with my kids, travelling, jobs and much more. I have seen all types of cousellors etc.and know that the panic won’t hurt me but I still can’t overcome it. I will try to try this method but if it doesn’t work I feel that I am out of options and I don’t think I will have the desire to live with it any more. I have set a deadline of the end of summer for some type of hope that I may beat it, otherwise it will defeat me totally. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

  • Shiraz

    I think this is SO true – for the first 34 years of my life I was an adrenalin junkie: parachuting, skiing, karate, racing, hitch-hiking, theme parks, horror movies – basically anything that got the heart pounding. My life took on a more sedate pace at around 35, and at 37, completely out of the blue I got my first ‘panic attack’. The event was extremely overwhelming and frightening: I had been sitting watching a comedy with my wife when I suddenly felt my heart race and my head feel dizzy; my throat felt as if it was closing and I was convinced my tongue was swelling; I had difficulty breathing, and I suddenly started to feel SO ALONE, as if no-one or nothing could help me. I felt separated from my body and trapped in my head at the same time. If only I had thought at the time my heart had first started to beat rapidly that my body was missing the adrenaline rushes that I used to have! If I had accepted the sensation I wouldn’t have fought all the physical and mental symptoms that rapidly followed. And when my body eventually calmed – as it always will do – I was left in a state of fear of the same experience occurring again. And this led to a horrible state of constant anxiety, and regular attacks, that came from me not accepting. I have now accepted, and have started an active life again, and feel SO much better.

  • Shiraz

    J. harland – I know how you feel even though I went through the Darkness for only about 14 months. Believe me, and the many others who have conquered this – acceptance is key. You are not alone. It’s such a pity that there’s such a taboo around ‘mental health’. Just know that the problem will heal itself if you just accept it and let your wonderful body deal with it – when anyone of us breaks a bone, we don’t expect it to heal overnight and we don’t keep fussing about when it’s going to sort itself out; we know that if we keep poking at it we’ll probably delay the natural healing process. Same for the mind: don’t keep checking on whether you’re feeling anxious, or fearful, or depressed. Connect with what’s around and allow feelings to pass through you.

  • Melios Christofi

    Dear Mr. Barry Joe McDonagh,

    I will not starting by telling you how bad was when I had PAs. A year ago I bought your book. I finished it in a night! The last five years my longest jurney was from my house to my mother (about 3 miles!!!). Now I am working for Cyprus Airways as a flying attendant!!!! Thank you for changing my life!!!!

  • V.S. Ramadass

    Dear Barry,

    You have really focused on a wonderful fact and enlightened it.
    When I face such occasion, I would apply your technique.

    Thank you.

    V.S. Ramadass.

  • Jayne

    I would rather have a panic attack then continue to live my life in constant fear of one. Ive had enough!!!!!The fear of waiting is more scarier than the attack itself. I have lived through pa’s really scary at the time but recently I have started getting excited when I feel anxiety or a racing heart cos I now think here we go.. Let’s try out this new technique I’ve learned. The anxiety comes and goes in waves but i feel better cos ive tried and tested it.. I think Im fine these are just sensations that i used to react too .. When i get when i come back into the relaxed state i think … Your fine don’t get scared just laugh.. Pump faster heart.. Cos I’m not bothered.!! I think Dont add scary thoughts to the scary feelings and the pa never seems to come cos I’m no longer scared I guess. I’m still slightly wary that I may not be strong enough one day to face a big PA but I’m hoping if I continue to think this way It will never happen !!

  • Deana

    Panic away has really decreased my panic attacks to where I can atleast sleep at night now, when before I would wake up in the early am and be in the middle of a panic attack, BP 154/90, skaking, hot then cold.. I guess my main question is What actually causes these body sensations to arise to begin with; out of nowhere? I can be totally fine, walking, driving, watching tv, talking and it just hit me out of nowhere to the point my vision gets blurry, I feel dizzy and faint, BP shoots up, heart palpitations, my ears feel full like my head is caving in and I cant hear and ringing in my ears! I just cant grasp what it is exactly that causes these sensations to begin with? Is it neurological, chemical, hormonal? just wondering if someone can help me out!! Thanks

  • steveo

    Hey all! A little late to this post, but yes, the sensations of tingling and numbness are normal, some more so in others id suspect. It happened to me once really bad, but not not always. Its just your blood flowing to your organs and going into that fight or flight response barry speaks about, making your body work at max capacity. God bless you all.

  • Cynthia

    Thanx very much, I’ve had panics for 16months and had a high blood pressure as well which goes high each time im anxiouse or having an attack, it put a lot of fear in me. Your course helped me but asa I Iremember my pressure I panic, what should I do now? Moreover, I get pain on my chest after panickng

  • PKM

    This is quite correct and the appropriate thing to do, befriending with your emotions, sensations and all that hell rather than fighting it and intending to have the opposite.
    This would be eye opener for all of us who are long term sufferers of anxiety and panic.
    my problem is the panic that I feel with the people’s attention on me..may be it a presentation before a group or talking to a group or just doing something before others gaze and attention.
    A mere thinking or hint sends my heart pumping hard and fast. let me try to go with the wave rather than against it. Really exciting.

  • Mickey

    Deana, Mickey here and I have the same thing and I don’t know what causes such intense physical issures either. I have had no one from Panic away explain this to me either. Maybe if we bug them enought someone will answer our questions. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!!!!!!!. I found just going with it makes it go a way a litte sooner and the physical issues have deminished alot for me over the last year. I’m sooo glad you posted this comment cause between you and me I think either no one else has this or they aren’t posting that they do. Feel free to respond to this if you want. Two heads are better than one…lol
    Wishing you peace and love

  • MARY

    Mickey, panic attacks do not come out of the blue, if you asked me I would have said the same, but if you keep a dairy making an entry everyday, when you read back for the previous 7 days you will find the answer there, it is a gradual build up of stress you will be surprised as it will be so apparent. I have given myself permission to have a panic attack and when I feel one coming on I give it 20 seconds to come so I count down very slowly and it has only that time to come and if not I tell it time is up, it works, and the terrible part of panic attacks is it is OURSELVES and noboby else that is stopping us doing what we want, us and us alone, hope you find this helpful

  • Shiraz

    You are NOT alone; loads of us have been there. I’ve not had a panic attack for about 8 months now (yippee!), but the notes I made at the time remind me how terrible these feelings were. They were really scary as they just seem to come out of the blue. My first attack was whilst I was relaxing watching a comedy with my wife, so I was really thrown. BUT – I has some underlying issues, and the attacks could be put down to various stresses: my parents no longer seemed to be around for me (they were always travelling to far flung places for long durations), I used to sleep very little (stayed up late watching horror movies), I used to drink a lot of coffee and had a very bad diet, I had stopped exercising, I wasn’t bothering to keep up with friends. SO: basically, I didn’t realise, but there were a lot of stresses bubbling under the surface and I had spent a LONG time ignoring them.
    We all get ‘panicky’ at times, and I used to get that way before the panic attacks came on, and I still get jitters occasionally, but there’s a massive difference between a panic attack and a passing sense of worry.
    Have a good look at your life and habits, and see if there are any things that may need resolving – and it could be as simple as lack of exercise.

  • Ana Maria

    @Cynthia, @Mickey: from what I learned from the program, when your body perceives a threat, whether real or imaginary, it prepares itself for the “fight or flight” response; that’s the reason for the intense physical sensations…

  • deepak anand

    i am getting this article very late. i am suffering from panic attack from 8 year.i got it earlier i don’t feel panic attack is dangerous diseases.i think it is untreatable diseases.but people like you makes it like entertainment.
    god bless you keep it up.we panic attack people is very thankful to u.

  • Susie

    I agree with Mary….You know who cares what other people think….get it out there tell them your having some anixety….It’s going to make you feel better and thats all that matters….If they dont
    what…life goes on let them deal with it not you…..good luck.

  • Akanksha

    Sir, panic attacks usually occur all of a sudden. when I read your mail I felt as if I was talking, our thoughts are so similar, it is a gradual build up of stress but you can put in words and help me just remove all my fear in a jiffy. It is really helping me part with all the panic I had in my mind. Thanking you is a very small statement, I actually wish I could meet you and give you such a huge hug and a ever lasting one which would continue for eternity. Thanks a crore or may be more.



  • Julanne Weisberg

    Jan. 18 2012 Hi Barry and everyone! this was outstanding! I have been practicing turning fear and anxiety and panics into excitement much more often and it does work. In the beginning of this program I was still trying to “calm down” and it really didn’t work. I still do some deep breathing just to center myself but then address the sensations!
    This program has opened me up to who I really am like nothing else I’ve ever experienced!
    Thank you so much and many blessings, Julanne

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for your emails and for your work in overcoming anxiety disorder and for taking the time to help so many people suffering with this.

    I have been learning not to focus on what others might be thinking of me and instead focusing on how I can help, serve or observe them and detect their needs and feelings. Being “other directed” is the way to elimate obsessing on one’s own thoughts and feelings.
    I like the idea Steve about turning fear or channeling or diverting fear into excitement and perhaps we could couple that with being excited as to how we can help another person or ask them to talk about themselves thus taking the focus off of oneself, which I have found to be the biggest root of my problem since age 19, 45 years….now….I’m sick of wasting my life and not having fulfilling relationships so I am commanding my condition to leave me now in the name of Jesus Christ and commanding my spirit to lead this mind of mine and be focused on the Savior and how I can serve Him and also others and thereby serve Him. Blessings, and keep up the good work Steve…thank you so much for this forum to share.
    It is truly a blessing to everyone,

  • Kendall

    First thank you for the emails. I have had panic attacks for the last two years to an extreme. For me I was always outgoing, fun and personable. Now I have a very hard time even leaving my home. I have read your emails and have been able to start changing my thinking patten. It’s seems to be helping a lot. I’m 25 yrs old and am glad to hear that panic attacks can be controlled and left behind. Thanks for the support!

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