You Are Not Alone

If anxiety is an ongoing problem for you, you need to know that you are not alone.

Since my last newsletter the overwhelming  response was that people were very glad to know that they were not the ONLY ones in the world  feeling this way. They were not the only ones that were struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. They were not the only ones who felt afraid. They were not the only ones who feared they would never get over this problem.

Knowing you are not alone with an anxiety problem is very important because it can be hard to reach out and share what you are going through with others for fear you will be misunderstood or be seen as weak. Talking from my own experience I know that for men it is especially hard to reach out for help because that’s not what we are trained to do. Men feel they have to always be seen as strong.

Well, the good news is that through this newsletter you are connected to me and through me you can connect to many other people who are dealing with the exact same kind of anxiety issues as you. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

You can connect this very moment if you like and post a comment to this blog. and please don’t forget to connect  to me by becoming a friend of Panic Away on here :

You are not alone, we are here together.


Photo: The Angel of the North, a sculpture found in the countryside of the North of England
designed by Antony Gormley.

80 replies on “You Are Not Alone

  • Samantha

    Nothing seems to be working for me. I have been dealing with this horrible condition for 10 years now and quite frankly, I have had enough. It interferes with my work, my driving, my social life and quite honestly, I dont know what to do anymore! Its making me very depressed and I spend most of my time in tears! Wouldnt wish this upon anyone! 🙁

  • Therese Monette

    Just wanted to say TKU, did what you told me to do in your emails and I am now almost free except
    once in a while, a tiny little bit but I can brush it off.

    Tku again

    A young 82.

  • Lydia

    The Angel of the North is just outside Gateshead,in the Tyne and Wear region of the North East of England.It’s truly beautiful and awe-inspiring.If you can,go and see it,and visit the whole region,it’s a really amazing place.

    Thank you for making other people’s lives easier through your emails!

  • paula manning

    well thank you to all those people who got in contact as most will know i was so panic stricken with anxiety and agrophobia it was bad. well since then i have managed to move house, i go into town shopping everyday and even travel in a car. it has taken me 7 years to get outta my house and moving to a new town and getting rid of the past that i left behind has been amazing. the anxiety is stil there but its scared of e now as it doesnt scare me. hope this helps you all as im the happiest ive ever been

  • gwen conchar

    thanks for all your help .when i was going through a bad time in my lifei now go in to town with little fear of panic attacks .i have more good days than bad

  • David

    I went through what I considered a major time of anxiety leaving me less capable of handling stressful situations. I am now retired which gives me the blessing and benefit of not having to produce and live in the world of stress.
    Yet, I am persistant continue working. My desire to continue working is not motivated by financial needs but by my personal desires. Yet, in the last couple weeks, I have decided to starts gearing down and not being so busy. My primary reason for slowing down is both negative (to avoid stress and anxiety) and positive (to allow me to be free of responsibity).

  • Peter Loahitis

    Well, I just wanted to say that I have been having anxiety attacks for a while on and off! This will be in fact my thrid time I get them and I have had them now for about a year and a half. The good news is that after 3 times I know better now and with the help of a psychologist I can put my anxieties in order. I am writing this to you because I want to let you know that and this might just be for me but then again it might work out for you as well. The problem is when you are a newby at this is that we tend to think about the dieing and the heart attach and all the other bad feelings that we forget to remember how we got here to begin with. I for one have realized that life is very hard and if you have a family it is harder. You need to prioritize constantly and by doing so things will get better, also don’t be afraid to say no or I can’t to people because after all you are only human and you can only do what you are capable of. Doing things for others that deep down you don’t want to do only makes you more frustrated on the inside and if you are anything like me you will start to get angry which in turn turns into anxieties. Remember to help yourself first, you are the one person that loves you the most and if you take care of you everything else will fall into place. Don’t worry about not doing every little thing, there will be time to do something you missed next time, and if you don’t so so what it’s not the end of the world….be happy cause no one else will for you!

    Just a thought


  • Colleen

    What a DOUBLE bonus today has become. Many years ago I discovered that YlangYlang essential oil was a very good oil for me to calm me down during ‘panic attack’ times. If I was going to do a speaking engagement (HUGE challenge for me) even in front of my peers, I was a total mess doing the ‘what if’ thinking. Then I discovered YlangYlang e/o. At the time my hair was long and I’d take 1 drop of the oil and press it into the ends of my hair. Then when I needed a refresher I’d flip my head, as if flipping my hair out of my face and the scent would surround me and bring me down to earth a bit more. LOL What we don’t do and who knew .. no one, because my anxiety issue was my secret. Well, it was until my boss wanted me to go on the road and of course, I don’t drive on highways (one of my last fears to overcome).
    Today a co-worker returned from her vacation to The Phillipines and as a gift she brought me back a beautiful little decorated perfume bottle of YlangYlang. She did not know this was the oil that got me on track to becoming an aromatherapist and in turn the owner of an organic body care business !
    Wearing my YlangYlang I opened today’s email and here is your newsletter about being alone. Most of my life I’ve been alone and it has been very unnerving to have to tell a man who wants to date me that he will have to do all the driving because I don’t drive on highways. It doesn’t compute … a woman who owns a business should be able to do anything right? Not right. Everyone has a weakness of some sort and anxiety is mine or should I say OURS. At least I’ve overcome so many of my fears and can greet the public and go out and have fun without fear but the driving issue … it’s huge and remains unresolved.

  • mohanned

    im very proud of u barry, u always seeking to make us feel self esteem, and rise our spirits, my most porfounf thx to u and u groub of panic anxiety .

  • JoJo

    I have had panic and anxiety problems for more than 50 years…and something more, that has not helped my situation.Through the years I have learned little tricks to help me, but still cannot do certain things. Its very frustrating at times. If anyone wants to talk…I’ll be happy to talk with them.


    Thanks! It does help knowing I think my anxiety is being in a confused state of emotion of different ones in your life making comments or manipulation of what they perceive making you feel less Because I know in my heart the truth I need to trust in me and not others people are so heartless all about them.

  • Steve

    While I’m not sure I want my anxiety issues put up there on Facebook for all on my friends list to see,I would welcome a connection like this via regular e-mail….thanks Barry.

  • Linda

    I have suffered with this condition since I was age 12 or younger, and now I’m 49. I used to suffer 25 -27 days monthly, but I can say thank you to God for His miraculous touch and healing, and though I’m not yet free indeed, at least I can now say I receive 23 -27 days monthly of freedom and only a week or less of these ungodly attacks. I finally can at least work part time in the public, and It’s also comforting to know I’m not the only one struggling, and that there is free support available and that medication or supplements or other teachings ( that are so expensive), aren’t the only way that will overcome this demonic, emotional and stressful condition. I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement, and may God bless you for reaching out to those in need.

  • aubray

    I have been struggling.with panic.attacks for.almost 6 years. This is a very long.time for.someone my age who should be.enjoying.her youth. However anxiety it has been a struggle. At one I resorted to alcohol in hopes that it would give me the freedom.without the anxiety, this however just made Tue attacks worse. I stopped drinking over three years ago. I quit smokingas well. It’s was somebody these simple changes that have allowed myself to start taking control of what I once lost, my freedom of living panic attack free.just quitting alcohol and ciggerrets alone has not been enough to rid them, exercise and eating.healthy has also helped. I use to get 3-4 panic attacks daily. It use to get so out of hand that I couldn’t drive and enter.into unfamiliar areas. Everytime I went to the doctor they insisted to have me put one meds. To me that wasn’t going to solve Tue problems just the symptoms….to me that wasn’t a solution just a quick fix. I kept asking myself was it worth it, and time and time again it.never.was. I have been almost panic attack free for over 2 years, though sometimes daily stresses….such as being a mom to 5 can sometimes make life frustrating……its not Tue same type of anxiety that I once suffered from and I can live my life once again. If you are struggling with anxiety but feel unsure of what the right answer for you is , ask yourself this question ‘how much is my life worth o me? ‘ if its worth something to you then makes the better decision when it comes to actually fixing the problem …..not the one that just covers up the issue. When you take care of your body it takes care of you. I know that its hard to this day and age but even a quick walk around the block helps enormously……….I’m worth something …………..are you?

  • Rina

    Seeing your name on my screen leaves a feeling of comfort and peace, thanks ever so much. Have afriend in New York New York right now, he promised to make an effort to acquire your book. Hold thumbs.

  • Annette Auty

    Thank you Barry for that message.You are correct, men are supposed to be strong and look after the family. Females have always still being assumed as the weaker of the sexes. ASSUMPTION, is a bad thing, or the word ASSUME, it makes an ASS out of U and ME. My problem is that the best way to avoid panic scenarios is to stay home, hibernate. My logic tells me this is not good, also, self preservation tells me that is cool. Take care, Annette .

  • Don

    Aside from the good and comforting advice offered on your Web site, I’d advise anxiety sufferers to give serious thought to the practice of mindfulness meditation. I have done so and it has definitely helped me to accept and experience difficult sensations, thoughts and emotions while SUBSTANTIALLY lessening the former feelings of dread. It would be well for people to actually take a course before getting started themselves, because mindfulness meditation training does have a number of subtleties that are not always obvious to the beginner. It’s also worth keeping in mind that this form of meditation is now being taught as a “stand-alone” practice in Western societies; in other words, it need not be associated with any religion or creed, although it is no incompatible with whatever religion a person may practise. The benefits are evidence-based, derived from long practice across cultural divides. There’s no hocus-pocus, but neither should one go looking for a quick fix. It takes patience and 15-20 minutes out of one’s day. And it’s well worth it. Over time, you begin to experience a difference in the form of a calmer and clearer mind.

  • Ashraf

    Is taking medication the best way to overcome anxiety, is the only best solution or there are sorts of training rather than taking medications? which is better?

  • Jennifer

    I have been dealing with panic attacks and anxiety for a few years now and it is the worst. It has limited my life in many ways from not being able to go out like I used to and it has affected my overall health.

  • olga ines

    So,etimes, when I have anxiety problems as well as panic attacks, I feel I am going to die. I do not know if any of you feel the same. I do gardening, I read a lot, listen to music, but as I live alone, it does not help , at least to me.


  • Joy

    I dont come here very often cos im not very good at finding the site ! but i am doing what is advised and it works ! not always but that will come with practice, thank you Mr Barry !

  • Marion

    I still have panic attacks but i’m learning to stop talk and put my mind unto visualizations.This somehow gets me out of the panic attack.

  • Francisca

    Hi! yes I do remember sign up, I’m doing much much better and you for your help it was very helpful the ebook I have read it.
    again thank you much.

  • Jasmina Kuzmanovska

    I have a problem for 3 1/2 years…i try to talk to my family but i think they cant help me…i get the biggest support but..At the begging even I didn’t understand whats happening to me,but now I think I know…i bought your book Panic Away….i read it..half of it but…nothing.A very important information is that I am only 26 years old.I was better one year ago but in february I had an operation HPV virus and everything went downhill again..I feel a great fear and anxiety all the time,even cant sleep..dizziness.Did many examination but everything seems to be ok…my blood and i examined my head twice..Of course I ended in the neuropsychiatrists office.I take pills for 3 years

  • Mwaka

    I had major anxiety issues that began in November of 2008 and ended in February 2009. They (panic attacks) saddened me but made me realize the power of the brain. I purchased Joe Barry’s e-book, it was worth what I paid for it to get my life back on track. I had no Idea what hit me but by reading Joe Barry’s book I worked through the excerses and I haven’t had an attack for almost two years. I went to a doctor who sent me to ER because the KG showed unusual patterns. All these were part of my attacks. My heart would beat fast for hours and I would have pain in the area around my heart.
    I saw a few more doctors some prescribes medication which made my condition worse, I went to a cardiologist who told me my heart was fine. Then I found PanicAway. It felt like a miracle to find this book. I recommend it to anyone going through anxiety.

    Thanks Joe Barry,

  • Bill

    It is my understanding, after reading comments by so many people, that different things work for different people, …and most importantly…it is usally not one thing that solves the problem of panic attacks.
    Its my understanding that a lot of people get real relief from taking a cold shower, and showering the head too. I also know that breathing deeply can help a lot.(I do this myself) Some people take B-12 and get good results. There are those who swear by taking nicinamide! ( i am now taking this.) Also L-setyl-carnitine is thought to work well.I myself take powdered lithium, just a 1/4 of a easpoon in a half glass of water will give you relief…it does me anyway.
    I also like listening to music, i prefer the old standards, or even the big band music…some of it has singers, which I relly enjoy.
    I sincerely hope that those of you who read this wil get some relief…

  • Kim

    Hi All,
    I don’t know really where to begin. I started having major bouts of anxiety, stress, and slight depression after my divorce 3 years ago. I remarried and moved 1000 miles from my home. I have been plagued with severe financial problems, no health insurance( I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, and severe endometriosis but can no longer take any pain meds due to high liver enzymes), problems with my ex, and my husband’s ex, stepchildren, and being away from my own son who is now 18. I have low energy and never want to get out of bed when I wake up. We only have one vehicle, which my husband needs for work, so I am stuck at home until my husband gets here at 7 PM. I get lonely and feel that I have no purpose. I worry about everything! I feel that I have lost the spark of life. I always feel restless and when I lie in bed at night, that broken record begins to play as I go over all my worries and things that might happen. The practical side of me tells me that I am really blessed with a wonderful husband and family and life is way too short for all this worrying, but I can’t seem to stop the noise. My dad is exactly the same way. I use to despise his frame of mind and constant negativity, and now that is me. I don’t want to live like this!!! I do want to live but I am afraid this chronic stress is going to kill me. People tell me to let things “roll off me” but I don’t know how to do this. Hope is slipping away. I would give anything just to be normal. I would appreciate any suggestions and lots of support.
    Thank You!

  • Mezza

    I have suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia for 15 years now. and have almost tried everything. Im not as bad as i was a few years ago, although I am still scared to venture out and about on my own, if its more than 10km from home, but what helps me cope day to day, because it is a day to day challenge, is talking to God, and knowing He will help me if I do go into panic mode, and to leave my fears in His hands. Also reading Norman Vincent Peale books did wonders. Good luck to all of you.

  • alain lucien

    Barrys method , Magnesium and B vitamins and Seredyn ( natural-I will recommend everybody ) helps a lot. Don’t forget about some Ginger for nausea , dizziness. And, a very very very strong wish to win…the battle…and the war…right after. Every step forward means a win…be a hero every day. Every time when it comes, be a hero…think you are a ” hero ” and you HAVE TO WIN the battle.

  • Joy

    Now I am able to manage my pancik attack when I feel it’s coming. My only problem is the insomnia that goes with it. I have been sleepless for more than a month. I don’t know if I really am. But everytime I go to sleep I cannot really get a very sound sleep as I wake up almost every hour and the moment I wake up I feel not rested well. What is wrong with me

  • Alison Petrie

    Hi, When I was diagnosed by my GP with having panic attacks in 2000, I thought “Thank God it has a name.” Then I was given the book, “Living with IT,” written by Bev Aisbett. I then understood what my problem was but I could not find a solution to, ‘How to deal with these horrid attacks.’ In 2006 I accidentally came across the site Panic Away and bought the book imediately as I knew that this was the answer to my prayers and I was so right. Today I just have slight attacks but I can manage them without any dramas whatsoever. I found that knowledge of what panic attacks really were, understanding them and knowing that you were not the only one with this problem, was the beginning of my recovery. I have been able to help other people manage their attacks and advise them of the help and support that Panic Away provides for people like us. My daughter died suddenly on June 1st 2008 at the age of 45, and I remember after taking the call, that she had passed away, sitting here at the computer, when I was overcome with this explosive feeling of PANIC. I really thought I was going to lose my mind but I remembered what Barry had written in his book about defiusing an attack, taking control and do not react to the fear. Within minutes I was calm and able to function normaly. I hope people will take heart in realising that they are never alone in dealing with these awful attacks and that there is always help and support available. Be kind to yourselves and I pray that you will find peace and contentment. Thank you Barry for your life saving book, ‘Panic Away.’
    Regards, Alison.

  • Shannon

    I started having panic attacks around the age of 14 and I didn’t undertsand what was happening to me at that age and so I would always hyperventilate and they would get worse and the only thing that would calm me down is my parents rubbing my back and helping me to deep breathe. But they also didn’t understand them and so we kinda just dealt with them as they came. Then as I grew older they kind of just went away for about 15 years and magically reappeared one day! I can’t even say how many nights my poor boyfriend had to spend in the ER with me because every time I would have an attack I would run to the hospital becuase I thought “that’s it, I’m dying. I’m having a heart attack.” But I can so happily say that after reading barry’s book, it completely inspired me to change my life and any time I would feel an attack coming on I would grab the pages I felt most helped me and started reading. It really worked and I also knew that I WASN”T IN DANGER AND I WASN”T GOING TO DIE. That was the biggest comfort from reading the book. I have been free of any major attacks for about 2 years now but I still think about them sometimes but I know what to do if they come creeping up on me again….so don’t lose hope.. It does get better and you can lead a very normal life with help and confidence and NO FEAR.

  • Maureen

    Thank you so much Barry,
    You seem to pop up whenever I haveing a really bad day.I have suffered extream anxiety and panic attacks and off now for numerous years,leaving me feeling very lonely isolated and haveing no one to turn in desprate times.I have seen doctor’s psycologists,all sorts of professonals,tryed all sorts of medication,but nothing could ease this desperate state I was expericing.

    Till one day I acknowledge enough was enough there had to be some way of finding a way to cope.
    I contacted a hypnotheripst who visted me at home as I was unable to go to him.It was a very enhanceing and emtional experienced,I Had a futher two sessions and started to believe I can see a light at the end of the tunnel,

    I Found my coping strategy my life saver,meditation,self hypnoises 20minutes a day paul mckenna
    I truely recommed the flow programe,living in the moment,our body is so good in what it dose we forget we all have a calm inside,we just need to find it,

    I do still have bad days as always anxiety always pops its ugly head up at some point, but more good days
    than bad days,I had a panic attack in bed the other night it was just as frightning as alaways,but the diffrence was i REMEMBER my three C’ CALM CONFIDENCE, COURAGE,its just a panic attack it will go.

    I now live in the is for living IM getting there slowly,but positively,
    now I know Im not alone with this,your news letters are as always reasureing and thank you for shareing it with me.To all others who are experincing this horrible condition,there is a light at the end of the tunnel
    anxiety is something we live with,dont let it control you,

    Thanks for letting me share with you.


  • Pam Moresby

    When a panic attack occurs it is like the end of my world, and yet I come through it.
    I will share this, as I do not want anyone else to feel all alone as I often do.

    Panic attacks are from uncertain issues. Not knowing who to trust, or which person to believe…
    It is standing on shaking ground.

    In my experience a person you can trust is consistent, will do what they say they will do and be very about their wants or what they don’t like. However, in seeking understanding for this, you must also be very clear about what you want for yourself and where you want to go from here.

    Honesty is the best policy and the more lies that are said are as a web for the liars, eventually. If you are honest you never need to remember your last lie, although most will never admit they ever did.

    Don’t expect perfection, just take one day at a time, and that is what I do. Trust reason not your panicky state. Honest trustworthy people are always consistent.

  • Rhoda

    I suffered panic attacks for over a year, and it feels like dying and i thought its better to be dead, i am afraid to die though. I search in the internet about my situation and i am so glad that i found the site of Barry. It helped me a lot, I’m doing better now.

    Thanks Barry, you are heaven sent. Keep it up.

  • Kimberly

    Hi everyone…I know exactly how yall feel. Ive fought this for right at 10 years and it went away for about a year and then popped back up. Im at the worst of it yet but still fighting the best that i can. im to the point of where im scared to even leave my house. I cant drive anymore, i wont go in stores and i go into seizure activity when im in a bad panic attack. Im scared of everything, especially of feeling lost and I feel lost most of the time even when i know where im at. Im currently on paxil and klodopin and they work sometimes. My panics have turned into a non stop thing, sometimes i feel i cant go on, but i could never leave my beautiful children. they are what i live for and i will do whatever i can to overcome this to be a great mom. its sad i cant even take my babys to the park….great huh. just glad to know im not alone.

  • Gaylea

    Ive had panic disorder for nearly 5 years. For a few years i was confused about what was actually wrong with me. I thought I had allergies or stomach problems. Once I was diagnosed I was put on medication, just half a tablet a day but now am on 6 a day. Sounds bad but it helps. Just lately thru your emails I have discovered that breathing properly is a huge part of healing. Adrenalin rushes caused me to be sick the next day, but even those I can monitor the intensity of the attacks by being a step ahead after having a stressful day. I have had positive results from your emails and its comforting to know that there is support, so thanks to you and also I am a person of Faith that God also has had a hand on my shoulder, once I asked him that is. Asking for help is the first step then let the healing begin…..

  • Mike E

    Hi All.

    I suffered very badly with anxiety and was off work sick for about 2 years. I really went through some bad times and could not even leave my house. I went to my GP, got onto a CBT course and now, 4 years later im 99% ok. Have not had a panic attack for 2 years and have learned to deal with anxiety when it crops up. I strongly recommend CBT. It really made a difference to my life. Have faith in yourselves people. you CAN GET OVER IT !!!!.


  • Atanas Nanus

    I had major anxiety issues that began in November of 1990 when my father died and I went to a doctor who prescribes medication which made my condition worse. I went to a cardiologist because I have sufferd from my early chilhood but after 40 years I got a real diagnose ALCAPA syndrome and every cardio surgeon told me that I have to make operation as soon as posible. Then I found PanicAway book like a miracle but hardly help to me because I am very exhausted with obssesive thoughts of my insecure future. I can not going through anxiety whitout any help.

    Atanas Nanus
    Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

  • Ted

    Thanks for your e.mails and good messages I am still having anxiety attacks but have found great help in your panic away programme especially the one move technique and the visulisation things I am interested in the comments made by Don re the mindfulness meditation I will be 82 at end of december so still hope for me as long as I keep up the exercises you advise and would like to find out more about that meditation that Don mentioned Thanks again for your emails and help Have a happy festive season all the best Ted



    I am sorry you are suffering so badly from these episodes. I was having panic attacks on a daily basis for 24 consecutive years. I dont want to go into details, but I became like a zombie and could not break the paradoxical cycle of ‘irrational,’ but ‘real’ fear and symptoms. I have been panic free (almost- because it is a normal response in some situations) for the past 2 years. I now believe the reasons for my attacks were twofold.: the first being environmental (an unhappy relationship), the second being a tendency to ruminate over the future and other people’s perceptions of me( an endless self -critique). What broke the cycle for me was ending the environmental challenge (divorce) and doing something which drove me to the brink of a panic attack,( driving a left hand drive car on the wrong side of the road for 3 days) but after completion, seemed to dissolve my inner fears. Self belief is a great part of the solution. Forget about everyone elses shit for 23 hours and 55 minutes each day. You are only here once! My only other advice is: Dont drink, smoke, or do drugs or meds if you can avoid it ( try and reduce if you cant). They are part of a self fulfilling prophecy; IE- they dont help!!! I think that we always think our condition is unique and that we are slaves of our own fears and inadequacies.But everyone experiences these plethora of emotions, albeit in different ways. I think panic is a fine tuning problem rather than a pathway to madness and despair, but you have to take control- the sad truth is people can be sympathetic, but dont realise how serious the symptoms can feel. Always remember- a panic attack can never kill you… But you can , and should, kill it.

  • joan

    i feel the same way.
    i was just diagnosed with depression along with my anxiety. i feel like i cant enjoy life anymore, and i drives me crazy because i want to be happy and worry free. i want to be happy about going to work and parties, but it just turns out to big a big mess of worrying and not feeling happy enough to go. i want to be normal to be able to take care of my child.

    have you found anything that has helped you

    (im on facebook too/joan cincotta)

  • lisca

    Barry i also want to thank u for all you’re help.I’m so glad that i signed up for you’re Panic Away.I really thought something was very wrong with me, until i read all the mails you have sended me and all the Reply’s here on Panic away.I wish i could have had that book but I live in South Africa, so it’s not possible to get the book for me.But by reading Panic Away really help’s me a lot.I’m on medication but it’s not always really helping, sometimes it just keeps on getting worse.And as u said now one understands what’s happening to me.

  • Arash

    My pproblem is that for instance…i go to a party at night..but when i return and try to think about it..i fell the paarty DIDnot exist at all
    i mean something says to me …hey there was no party at all
    this feeling is really bothersome

  • Rachel


    Dont give up! I have had this condition in more than 10 years. Its a part of who i am but i can deal with it. I can make it go away but sometimes its too strong. What kind of treatments did you try? For me, acupuncture helped me a lot and im trying relaxations exercise. Most important i have always done thing that scares the crap out of me. Live with it and it’ll slowly go away. Well, im still fragile when it comes to stress but i think that its good that my body stops me when im too intensive.
    Anyways, dont be afraid, embrace it!

  • David

    Hey, i used to suffer so badly from panic/anxiety attacks. I’m 22 years old, I suffered for around 3 with them. I’d have about 20 a day, I had no confidence in myself, I felt like I was going crazy, I didn’t know what to do and it really brought me down.

    The best thing to do is STAY AWAY from any sort of drug even prescribed drugs. They wont help you in the long term, I never used them and I’ve not had a panic attack in 2 years.

    I used to think I was going to just pass out, and I was so scared of passing out I would have panic attacks, My job was working on a till in a busy shop and had them all day while working.

    I play in a rock band and I perform to a lot of people, I used to have panic attacks on stage when I didn’t feel comfortable but now I’m so confident in what I do that all the thoughts I used to have don’t come back to me.

    The only real advice I can say is, stay strong. It will get better. You could wake up one day and it will be gone. Fill yourself with confidence. Everyone is good at something. Be confident in who you are, what you do and remember, what your thinking are only thoughts, harmless thoughts that will not harm you in any way. There are NO physical effects to anxiety AT ALL. Just remember that and you will get through it.

  • Jenna

    It seems alomost as nothing is working i am taking vitamin b tablets as well and my heart doesnt beat so fast really any more but i have alot of problems with swallowing or feeling that I have to all the time and i dont feel to leave home i just feel so foolish around others and feeling so anxious for nothing.My friends that i tell understand but i just dont know it seems to be worse than when it first started and I just dont know what to do I am not enjoying my life as i used to and this affects me in some roads that i have to pass that I dont want to I really dont like it and its feeling I need to get over and I try very hard but this is becoming unbearable

  • Kathy

    I started have panic attacks a little over a year ago. I’d heard about them, but didn’t realize how physical and mentally disabling they are! Somehow I managed to find this site…Panic away. The articles were extremely helpful and I really didn’t want to depend on scripts the rest of my life. One thing I read changed EVERYTHING for me. It said “no one has ever died from a panic attack”. When I felt one coming on I challenged it…(come on give it to me…lets see what you got cus I know I’m not going to die!!) I haven’t had a full blown attack in MONTHS!!!!! Thank-you Panic Away!!!

  • mel

    its been awesome to recieved words from someone i havent met. Yes i am still struggling from anxiety everyday…. ive been going thru a lot, and my family has to be blame…. I cant cope even iam trying.. and its not easy.

    But thanks for all the support and good words fom you
    god bless, hope i will passed on to these situation…

  • Angie

    Hi Everyone!
    This is my first time recieving this newsletter, however, I wish it was long ago that I recieved this. It feels nice to kno that I am not alone. After I had my first daughter, I started off with post partum depression, which some how I assume led to Panic anxiety. I was on medication (zoloft) for about a year and went off. My daughter is 3yrs old, I am trying to stay off the medication. When my attacks first started I was having small black outs, once while I was rushing around… I panic when I walk around in large malls, I avoid crowds. My heart sometimes pounds and I feel like I’m dying or having a heart attach. It takes me a while to calm myself down, its hard to keep telling myself that its only a panic attack. I’m really glad that this email (newsletter) was sent to me, I feel a lot better knowing that I am not alone.

  • Angie

    Hi Everyone! I just recieved this newsletter, and am so glad that I did. Wish I did sooner. I have been having panic attacks (anxiety disorder) for a while… since a year after my uncle passed in 2000. It wasnt that bad at first, it didnt happen very often. It seemed to have got worse after I had my daughter. It was first post partum depression and then was anxiety disorder. I was constantly worried..that something was wrong with me, it was at a point where I would black out for a bit…once while I was driving. I felt it coming on so I started to pull off to the side and hit park right away. I cant do the large crowds cuz I start to feel like I cant breathe, even going to big concerts I feel a bit sick before I go even to the point where I almost cancel out. Took me a while to keep telling myself that its anxiety, or I’m having a panic attack. Sometimes my heart would pound so fast that I thought I was having a heart attack. I’m glad that I got this email….I’m really glad that I’m not the only one. Sad that we are going thru it, but glad we’re doing it together.
    Hope this post makes it out, I tried once already but it didnt show.

  • Mary

    When I go to church on sundays the priest always says this saying before communion,Keep us free from all anxiety as we wait in the coming of the lord. I sit there sometimes and wonder why for ALL of my life I had anxiety and depression.The depression I can controll, but the panic attacks come from out of the blue and any time. I have learned a great deal about them in my life and I just figure every person on earth is givin some form of cross to bear. Some people have Diabetes,some people have incurable cancer, some people have no legs, and some people are homeless and have no one on earth to love them. We all have our own unique personal inner tribulations, its how we accept and handle them that is the journey. I hope we all can make this journey together in faith,strength and forever hope. To all of you, I wish you a cure for all your suffering.

  • Annie

    I deal with anxiety as well and it sure is a pain in the behind. So glad for this forum! Really makes me feel not alone.

  • maria theresa t.venus

    good day to all! my panic attack started 2007. i’ve consulted to a lot of doctors,the medicine helps but its getting and getting worse. i even have anorexia and feels im going crazy. my cardio’s wife have the same problem with me she referred me to her neuro psych doctor. i took lexapro for a year and taken xanor once only for major attack. now i sometimes feel the anxiety but i fought it back by looking at my 4 children and praying harder to god…my husband also helps a lot by making me feel im secured and love me unconditional. i also feel relieved just knowing this blog and feel that i am not alone. by reading your comments im going to buy a book of barry to make me a panic free person. don’t give up just pray harder and trust to god…

  • t.c

    too reply too samantha and everyone else,i got panic attacks when my sister was killed in a lorry accident[she was my BUDDY and my freind]something ” VERY “special we had,and then she was “GONE”,broke my heart into a “MILLION” pieces,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway its here and you “GOT” too deal with the blooming thing[10years],mine almost as you say tried too stop me driving going out ect,ect,ect.sometimes im “PETRIFIED”…….THE THING IS I WONT GIVE IN ,I WONT, IF YOU DOOOO YOU MAY AS WELL GET IN BED AND STAY THEIR TILL ITS YOUR TURN,i dont know when mine will go but “I” WILL keep trying ,,I AM ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE,SCARED FRIGHTENED,PETRIFIED,FEELS LIKE IVE LOST CONTROL,FEEL ALONE,NOONE UNDERSTANDS,HOW DO YOU FIX SOMETHING YOU CANT “SEE”,its really nice too know that i aint the only “ONE”,althi dont wish it on anyone but feels ok your not by yourself…….

  • Marge Kasprzak

    I’ve had panic attacks for about 30 years and I finally discovered from reading alternative health books
    that if you really try hard to think positive thoughts all the time they will go away. Before when I got them
    I started with the “what if” now I just think to myself I’ll be fine it will go away it always does. I know it
    sounds simplistic and too easy but really your mind does control your body more than I ever believed.
    The power of positive thinking isn’t really just nonsense.

  • emma

    i suffered anxiety from preschool age and tried all different forms of therapy and natural remedies and found myself slipping into deep dark depression. 2 years ago i went to my doctor and said enough is enough! give me some medication please! he took one look at my persona and suggested a type common for depression. this had an incredible effect on all 4 of my anxiety disorders, helps me sleep perfectly every night and i only get occasional panic attacks maybe twice a year. i haven’t been off them for two years (i’m 22) but i have found that i grew up immensely and have been able to retrain my brain pretty well – better than cognitive brain therapy which i did 3 times. this might not be a fix solution (and maybe not for anyone else) but it has allowed me to enjoy life again

  • mohanned

    hii i have been suffering form panic attack for year and half , and im undergone xanax and cipralex, tx god everything been working well, and not mentiong your barry your mails always making me feel im not not alone
    and there is somebody who realy understands wht i m being experinced , thx again and thx for group pf panic attack who are always helping people with anxiety and panics, regarding free lessons and tips which helping us cope and overcome the bodily sensations ths we are experincing . alot of thx

  • Nick

    Hi there for me its been a life long problem, with having child anxiety and fear as young as 5 I am now in my late 40s…. I have tried many things and had many spells in hospitals and other places. I am often quite worn out with it all. But besides that I keep on trying to go on and have some hope at times, and try to get out of my home when and as I can and face situations as much as I can. hey nice to see so many posts and nice to meet you all…..

  • SHAL

    Barry is a valuable gift from our Creator. He made me know that I am not alone in this un pleasant state of sickness and gave me great tips in order to survive.
    Thank you !!!!!!

  • Tonya

    All I hear is how we’re not alone in this. I’m smart enough to figure that out, now how in the world do you fix this horrible problem. Mine’s been going on for my entire life. I was abused mentally and emotionally, as well as physically as a child and teen. I was raped at 16. I’m now 30 with a 9 year old, married for almost 10 years too. But I can’t leave the house. I’ve had a migraine for 4 days now, which robbed me of any holiday activity. I can’t talk on the phone anymore. I push everyone away, and can’t even go to church for fear. I have bipolar disorder, I’m a freak, and different, and always rejected. And I feel everything to the extreme, my passion is always 150%. When I love, I do so with all of me. When I’m angry, I can’t see for rage. And when I am hurt, I just want to die. I’m sick of living in fear of the rejection of othes. I don’t even know why I care. Yes I crave love like nobodies business, but I’m realistic and know most people only think of themselves. I bend over backwards to help, for love of the other person as well as hope that I’ll find love in return. But what I get is taken advantage of until I make myself sick with fear of stopping whatever it is I’m doing for someone else. I believe in God, and I believe he’s coming back. But if he doesn’t hurry up and get here, I fear I won’t be here…or make it at all. All I think of now is death and ways to escape. I’ve tried every vice known to man, and turned to God and still can’t do that right. I know my Lord, but I have no incling of self worth, so it’s hard for me to even go to him out of shear discust of myself. I don’t know how many suicide attempts I’ve had in my life, my first was at 11 when I tried to blow out the back of my head with a shot gun. But I’m too much of a chicken to do anything anyways. I pray for death, because I’m drowning in fear, anxiety, and misery. I don’t know if you have an “answer,” because I’ve tried everything…but if you don’t, please don’t get my hopes up…just tell me there’s no way out. I doubt I check this site again for an answer, my email is listed so you can contact me there. Thanks for listening…

  • michael

    Its nice to see so many posts and i have been suffering from anxiety for a few years now and at times i felt it would overwhelm me also i felt so alone and its only when i see this site there are so many others just like me. I went to doctors who really didnt understand and hadent the time to listen and who’s answer was to put me on meds which only helped temporarly. The real answer is in our own strength and giving ourselves good messages and going through our discomfort on a daily basis if need be to keep functioning in this world and it does get better over time.
    thanks Joe

  • Andreas


    Thank you very much for the support and the advice
    that is always spot on and very helpful.
    This is an ongoing battle and it is true
    that feeling totally alone through it is
    something that makes it a lot worse to bare.
    We are not alone though as you have proven.
    We are never alone. Knowing this, together
    with cognitive behavioural therapy, a friend to talk to,
    meditation and a good diet of healthy foods and vitimins
    can really turn the tide towards a much better life.

    Blessings and Love


  • anne mclaughlin

    I’m sorry for all the people out there “suffering” anxiety and panic attacks, but it’s a relief to know I am not alone in going through this! I had a major attack in July 2007, and I can honestly say it has RUINED my life! I am extremely limited in what I feel I can do. A year ago, I couldn’t even walk to my local shop. I did buy the panic-away E book, and guard it with my life. I “know” a lot of it is in my head, but that’s the hardest part-trying to convince myself I won’t die, because, you know, I haven’t died yet, have I! I can’t go far from home-my place of “safety”, and I personally have to drive. If the car won’t start, I go into panic-mode. It does truly ruin your life. No-one, not even family understand what I go through! I can’t/won’t use lifts or travel in a bus. I have to be in control. I can’t go on holiday, even to a caravan 2 and half hours away. The “further” I get away from home, the worse I get. I can’t go on main roads, and being “trapped” at red lights or roadworks is a nightmare, so I “avoid” these possible scenarios. I have faith that one day I will “get” the plan, and I will be “cured”. I pray that we ALL achieve this peaceful life once more. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. I pray to God that we ALL get through this living hell. Thankyou for baring your souls, and trusting in each of us who has read your thoughts and knows “exactly” what you are going through.

  • Felicia

    Hey Tonya,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you have been through abuse in so many forms. I know that it is been really hard on you but….please, don’t do anything rash. You do believe in God, right? Well, I do too =D
    I just want you to know that even if you feel that it’s the end of things, even if you truly believe that there’s no way out and there’s no hope in your life anymore, there’s still our beloved Jesus, Saviour, who you can turn too. He can make things alright again. He can turn bad things around. And when there seems to be no way, He’ll always make a way, and through Him you can believe in miracles too! 🙂
    So pray to Him alright? Tell Him all that you’re feeling. Trust me, He’ll place all your burdens upon His shoulders and give you peace like you’ve never felt before. =)
    You said that you crave love? Do you know that our God is a God who cares for us and loves us more than others? 😀 Do run back to our Loving Saviour, and believe me, He’ll accept you, just the way you are =D
    I encouarge you to go back to church again, and to let your close friends and loved ones help you go through this. I believe they love you, and they really want to help you, so trust them and seek their help alright? 😉
    I really hope that you’ll think through seriously what I’ve typed here. I want you to know that as a Sister of Christ, I care for you, and I look forward to hearing from you again. =D
    Best Regards,
    Felicia :p

  • John

    I agree with ROBERT MCKAY: Drinking is a real problem in sparking attacks in me. The pitty is, i do like to have a drink but have found that by managing when i do has helped greatly. Ie. planning ahead. if i know i have to do something (which i’m pretty sure will bring me to the brink of an attack… which is almost everything) i stop all drinking at least four days in advance. I get my system clean and that has reduced the vomitting sensations i used to have.

    Of course, managing is not curing, but it has helped me.

  • John

    Anne… hold in there! I suffered my first attack in the middle of a grade 11 classroom. out of the blue. it ushered in nearly fifteen years of hell for me. I told no one, i avoided it, and by avoiding it i avoided life. a few years back i moved country and the attacks got so severe i really didn’t know what to do. i have hit the lows we all don’t like to mention. I’ve looked at the possibilty of just ending it all to make it go away. I felt helpless.
    Now, although by no means through it, i have learned to manage it to some degree. One thing, don’t drink. I used to and it was about the worse thing i could do. alone that has reduced my ‘vomitting’ sensations. apart from that, i ride it out. I’ve accepted i’ll always have an attack but if i just hold in there i’ll pop over the hump and the physical sensations fade.

    Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.

  • Ami

    Anxiety is the worst feeling ever and i hate it. I just want it to go away forever and never come back. I’m better than i used to be, but the fear is always there and thats the hardest thing to get rid of for me. Some days i’m ok, other days any little symptom and i think its all starting again, and then it lingers for weeks and weeks. I bought panick away a while ago and it was brilliant, i’ve had CBT, hypnotherapy but nothing gets rid of it permanently. I just want to be normal again, feel happy the way i used to without being scared of what is around the corner all the time. I was ok for about 6 months, but then recently it started again, i dont know if anyone else gets this, but i just felt like i coulnt concentrate on anything, my neck went stiff and i felt my head was shaking, even though it wasnt pysically shaking. Does anyone get anything like this.

  • Mary

    Hi again,its Mary. I know words sometimes can’t even touch a painful feeling that a person experiences sometimes in their life. I do know that when you feel anxious or are in middle of a panic attack, you have to talk to yourself so hard, like you’ve never talked to yourself before. You have got to go deep inside the most inner recesses of your mind and heart and pull up your self strength. Its there, you just HAVE to dig so deep sometimes, and that can’t be any harder than what your going through in the first place. Panic is a terrible thing and hard to handle so try using the energy to dig deep deep inside you and Talk to yourself. Try to self treat yourself, with the help of others who you feel really do listen. You can live a full life with panic disorder but it will not ever be easy, its just something you were given in life. Everyone in life has tribulations, this one is yours. You know the story about if everyone put their own basket out in a big field, and you got to choose any basket you wanted, well you would pick up your own, cause you already know what your basket holds. Someone elses basket may be far far woese than yours.

  • Jason

    Just read your post and I fully understand where your coming from. Before my panic attacks started (25 years ago and for no known reason) I used to travel on coaches, car and train and I had a good life, but from my first panic attack I couldn’t use lifts, trains, buses, coaches in fact I couldn’t use any transport where I wasn’t “in control” and after 25 years I still cant, and yes if I get stuck in traffic jams I used to get full blown panic, but now just a slight panic. I’ve come to understand that a lot of my anxiety is caused by “not being in control” hence not being able to use cabs that have locking doors, not using buses or coaches or trains because the doors close behind me and although in reality I could get off by pulling stop cords the only transport I feel panic free in is my car, but only if I’m driving, because I’m in control and I can stop it and get out…. weird I know, but true. I went on a bus the other day and it sounds stupid, but I felt elated because “I’d done it”, slight apprehension especially when it got stuck in traffic but I just kept telling myself I could get off if I wanted, but to give it another 5 mins and by doing this I got to my destination. I’m going to try the train shortly, then a coach!! I’ve given up on lifts, but did drive through a very long tunnel in Wales last month…quite panicky but once again, I did it. I’ve learnt to live with my anxiety and panic and altered my life…perhaps not for the better…but at least I’ve got a life back. I get angry with the docs etc who just want to fill you with drugs and always blame your childhood, but these “attacks” come from out the blue and I’ll never know why, so as I said, I’ve learned to live with them and life’s not too bad I guess. I don’t have the problems any more with my “safe haven”, but it took a few years for me to be able to venture down that motorway, but I’m panic free now if I travel large distances because I know nothings going to happen to me…it took a while as I say to convince myself, but I did. Anne, if I can do it, you can…have faith and persevere x

  • Michael Linton

    Being an anxiety sufferer myself, I have noticed a recurring theme amongst the many posts on this thread!! It seems alot of people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, simply dont like or avoid “highway” driving. Having had my first panic attack whilst driving down a major freeway four years ago, its nice to know that I am not alone when it comes to certain avoidance behaviours in relation to anxiety. My job doesnt allow me the luxury of being able to pick and choose where I drive on a daily basis. Being out on the road all the time had inevitably forced me to deal with any underlying concerns I had about travelling those same roads again. Repetition is a wonderful thing when it comes to anxiety and panic attacks. By repetitively exposing yourself to situations that make you queasy, uncomfortable or even fearful, it somehow lessons the effect anxiety has over you…you simply become used it. In the end you realize that you can drive further, you can get on that plane or drive over that bridge. Its like anything in life, the more you practice, the better you get!!!

    I still live with anxiety everyday and I still avoid certain places or situations… but I know that the more I push my own boundaries, the less of a hold anxiety has over me. Im not sure if I will ever overcome it…….. but Im certainly gonna have a red hot crack at it. One day at a time!!

    God bless everyone and stay happy.

  • diane

    hi my name is diane, i’ve had anxiety for 8 years, i still get down with it at times, but i cope with it at times. my problem is i cant take tablets as i feel i’m going to get the side effects of the drugs an terrified of getting ill i really dont no why, i’m also scared of eating certain foods case i have an allergy off them, as i got an allergy from penicillin tablets, i want to get my head around all this and build my self esteem by doing the things i cant, all at this time i was in a very bad relationship so i no this as something to do with the way i’m feeling, i’m not in it now, i’m with a wonderfull partner so i really want to enjoy my life now, thank you

  • vicky

    Hi Guys
    Its so nice to know your not alone with this horrible condition..
    I’ve suffered with anxiety on and off for 10 years, at its best I have control over it, at its worst i think i’m going mad or going to die.
    I am the mother of an 8 year old son, have a fantastic family a lovely husband and great friends, alot of my friends seems to suffer with some kind of anxiety aswell..
    So the quetion is, why do i suffer from anxiety, i’ve been to councelling on a number of occasions, sometimes it has helped mask the symptoms for a while other times its been of no use at all..
    My physical symptoms nearly always seem to start with tiredness, my head starts to feel muzzy and I then feel light headed and what i call woozy, then sure enough other symptoms start, sometimes as mild as heart racing for a while or maybe feel a bit shaky but sometimes the physical feelings are so strong, heart feels like its thumping out of my chest, short of breath,feel inwardly shaky,droaning in my ears, hearing heightened, pain in my chest, pains in arms especially the right arm, then bingo, the thoughts start, am I having a heart attack, will i pass out, thoughts start racing and feel like i’m going mad…
    I’m not depressed, in fact quite the opposite, I love laughter, love smiling but this really can get you down.. I want it to stop, I hate the fact I wont go to the cinema in case I cant get an end of aisle seat, would really love to get on a plane, I havent flown for 14 years, would love to get in the car and drive where ever, altho i will drive its usually only short distance…anxiety seems take over your life sometimes and i want it to stop..
    This outer person everybody see’s, appearing confident, laughing all the time, happy go lucky, i want to feel this person all the time, not just put on this act..
    funny thing is is that I can help anyone and talk them out of an attack, People always seem to come to me with their problems and I help as much as I can.. I’ve read up so much on anxiety and seem to understand it but still seem to suffer….god its annoying
    And if anyone is wondering, I do talk as much as I write

  • Ted

    Hi Barry thanks for your e.mails I am still having trouble with anxiety but gradually managing to think positive thoughts and push negative away I am 82 years of age so all your help is great thanks Regards Ted from New Zealand

  • mary

    Hi, I have replyed before, but I have a short story for you.

    I hurt my neck at work and went on disability, I am not supposed to lift more than 10 pounds. Well when I do something like gardening, etc. my neck will hurt. So one afternoon I had a severe pain in my neck, worse than ever. I started to cry and tell my husband something was wrong. Well the I immediately took a Xanax and went in my bedroom. I started to get nausias and I threw up. My husband was trying to get me to relax, but I was screaming and yelling to go to the hospital and I kept yelling no to him. I finally made it downstairs and trying to get out the front door, but my poor husband again was trying to keep me inside. While all this was going on, all the neighbors were out front sitting in their chairs and talking. They heard everything. They actually thought my husband was beating me up. I threw up in the front yard right in front of them and then my husband loaded me up in the van and off we went to the hospital.
    Did I care what the neighbors thought. NO NO I didn’t. I was just trying to fix myself and I truely don’t care what people think about me. I try to fix myself and not worry about other peoples opinions. We did explain later what happened tho. So worry about yourself and get yourself fixed even tho you might occasionally get
    into a situation in front of other people. Life goes on and God always gets you through these things. Look at how many panic attacks you had before and think about how they passed and you carried on. So just try to always carry on. There are millions of people just exactaly like you and in the same situation like you right now. Gods Blessings. from Mary P

  • Jason Blake

    I would love Panic Away to hold a social event
    where we can actually meet with other sufferers.
    It’s brilliant to have a forum where we can read
    other peoples experiences, but it would be great
    to actually meet and talk face to face, possibly
    forming friendships with other sufferers.

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