"I am waking up happy to live another day" -Panic Away Success Story

One of our Panic Away members has shared his success story with us. Blake was suffering from OCD, hypochondria, anxiety and panic attacks and it affected his happiness, relationships and enjoyment of life. Through the Panic Away program he is now enjoying his anxiety-free life! Blake’s OCD is almost gone after only two weeks and his general anxiety levels have completely reduced! Continue reading if you would like to know more about this fantastic success story:

Hello Barry. I wanted to give you a huge thank you, and share my success story with you! My story began two years ago when I was 18 and fresh out of high school. I was a care free person who would of never thought I’d have an anxiety disorder! I started having which appeared to be a mild case of OCD that spiraled into a place in my life I never thought i’d be.

I would perform small rituals such as checking my wallet to make sure I had my credit card in there, checking to see if the door is locked, stove, etc. It got where I performed more and more rituals, and lead to another anxiety problem, hypochondria. One worry would lead to another, and i’d be trappe,  in and out of rituals and worrying, The anxiety only got worse and worse. It affected my happiness, relationships and my enjoyment in life. About three months ago to this day, I had my first panic attack.

I started having a tingly sensation in my left foot. I figured my foot was just falling asleep. Than out of nowhere “bam!” I started breathing all weird. I quickly exited the classroom into the hallway. A few minutes later my girlfriend came out to check on me. I told her I think I am going to pass out. I started feeling unusual bodily sensations I have never experienced before. Lightheadedness, numbness, tingly sensations, you name it. I went to the E.R to find out nothing was wrong with me! I was so confused and already second guessing the medical test.

I was so certain there had to be something wrong with me.

My family did not understand and would get mad at me when I had one. “You just need to relax”, or say hurtful comments. Nobody understood what I was going through.

I came across Panic Away. I thought it was some scam, and figured it was one of those “overnight cures”. However, I always came back to your page and read the testimonials, and reviews for about two months.

I signed up for you’re free demo and emails. You seemed like you legitimately cared, and were being honest about everything. About two weeks ago, I ordered the program. I anticipated it every second until it came in the mail. When i popped the DVD in, I felt a wave of relief and happiness rush through me before even knowing anything. The book, and extra material were so helpful. I related to everything, and the intro where you described how a panic disorder and GAD develops was so similar.

It was just like you described my experience entirely. Just two weeks later, I am almost the old self that has been hidden in me for so long. I can drive my car, and am no longer scared of having an anxiety attack in one like I did a few times. I do not fear having a panic attack anymore, and even get excited when one is about to happen because I have all the right information to get through it, just like you said.

I am on the track to recovery, and have such a sense of daily calm. OCD is almost gone completely, panic attacks, and GAD is already gone! I am so relaxed and have never been so happy.

I am waking up happy to live another day closer to being 100% anxiety free, and I am almost there. For people currently living in dread of panic disorder, this may sound strange, but I am so happy I had that first panic attack three months ago, which felt like eternity. It made me address things and to live a healthier life, and appreciate it and be more happy and brave than I have ever been!

That one hundred dollars I spent wasn’t just on a book, I bought my old self back. Thank you so much Barry for not being some Internet scam con man, and giving me myself back, and my life back! I am happier than ever, and it is all because of you!

Congratulations Blake. You deserve all the credit, as you are the one who did the work and believed in yourself enough. You are a true anxiety hero!

Your story is an inspiration to everyone who is going through the exact same fears and anxieties. As you point out it is so easy to get caught in the ‘anxiety trap’ but thankfully with the right approach you can free yourself from that trap and get your old self back.

Well done.