No More Panic Attacks in the Supermarket: Panic Away Success Story

One of our Panic Away members shared her amazing success story with us. She would suffer from panic attacks in the supermarket. When someone gets a panic attack in a certain place, they tend to avoid that place or situation. This won’t help your anxiety. Instead of avoiding the supermarket,  she forced herself to go back. Read her story here:

 The last time I went to the supermarket I had a really bad panic attack. My daughter had to get me my tablets and some water and that was so I could stop shaking enough to drive home. Well, I went today and I made myself go back to the same place again. I just said whatever happens, happens. And…. Nothing happened. I did everything I needed to do. I felt a bit anxious so I just said to it, do your worst but I couldn’t even make it happen. I even stopped for a coffee to be sure, although I made sure it was a decaf one lol. Good progress for me, another fear overcome.

Sometimes we have to face our fears if we want to overcome them. This member went back to the place that caused her to get panic attacks and she accepted that she might get anxious when she arrives: ‘Whatever happens, happens’. She took control over the situation and overcame her fear. What a great success,  congratulations.